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By HBCU News
We discuss everything about HBCUs. From sports, greek life, business, campus activities, and so much more.
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HBCUstartups Interview Episode 17 - Featuring Shionka Mcglory Founder of Mocha Books, LLC


HBCUstartups Interview Episode 23 - Featuring Jordan Calderon Founder of StratDev Digital Marketing
In this episode we discuss all things digital marketing with Jordan Calderon the Founder of StratDev Digital Marketing.  Mr. Calderon is an expert in digital marketing and the amazing thing is he's a current student at UC Santa Barbara. We learn about his journey growing his business all while managing a remote team during a pandemic. If you're looking to grow your customer base during this time or simply position your brand on social platforms this episode is for you.  To learn more about this business visit the link below. Link: StratDev Digital Marketing takes a millennial approach to SEO, website development, and social media management. We are backed by an expert marketing team and transparent marketing strategies to take your business to the next level. Our marketing team has helped companies such as LA Tech Network, VB Media, Dr. Digital, Eggplant Condoms, Keller Williams, and Pet My Ride by attracting new customers and inbound leads. StratDev is best suited for small businesses that are struggling or not capable of running digital marketing campaigns/upkeep, and are searching for a reliable digital marketing partner. We're experienced with building and scaling SEO, web dev, and social media campaigns to increase revenue while using the latest technologies.
November 30, 2020
HBCU News Episode 13
In this episode we discuss the future of HBCUs, business, and all updates regarding the coronavirus.
April 13, 2020
HBCU News Episode 12
In this episode we touch on sports, current state of college campuses, and we highlight some new initiatives taking place in the community.
April 04, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 22 - Featuring Caitlyn Davis Founder of Shop By Cait The Great, Be Great Shop, & Cait The Great Cosmetics
In this episode we speak with Caitlyn Davis who owns 3 businesses yes three!!! She is well rounded in business and started her journey as a college student at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.  Caitlyn Davis, affectionately known as Cait The Great by her friends and followers. Is a proud alumna of THEE Florida A&M University where she graduated with a bachelors in biology. She is a social media influencer and an entrepreneur. Currently owns two apparel shops, @shopbycaitthegreat and Shop By Cait The Great offers unique collegiate (specifically HBCU) and custom apparel. The Be Great Shop offers shirts and household items that emphasize making greatness a lifestyle Also, she has a cosmetic line entitle Cait The Great Cosmetics. Follow her on Instagram @caittheegreat__ Click the link in her bio to support her business today.
March 30, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 21 - Featuring Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons
In this episode we speak with Dr. Candice Hargons about mental health, race in America, and business. Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons is an assistant professor of counseling psychology at the University of Kentucky (UK), where she studies sex, social justice, and leadership – all with a love ethic. Additionally, Dr. Hargons is the founder of the Center for Healing Racial Trauma. She is an award-winning qualitative researcher, teacher, leader, and healer. At UK, she directs the RISE2 Research Team (Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexual Enrichment/Race, Intersectionality, and Social justice Engagement). Dr. Hargons is the creator of the Black Lives Matter Meditation for Healing Racial Trauma, which has been featured in the Huffington Post and used by universities across the US. Her work has also been featured on the Liberate Meditation App, Therapy for Black Girls Podcast, and the New York Times. You can follow her on Instagram @dr.candicenicole
March 29, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 20 - Featuring Tawana Haith Author of Death Tangle: A Widow’s Memoir Of Survival
In this interview we dive deep on relationships, maintaining perspective, and raising a family in uncertain times. Tawana Haith is a knowledgeable educator who has a passion for telling real stories that take place day to day. She wants people to know that their is a rainbow at the end of every story you just have to fight through the storm. We discuss her book on what she went through in her late 20s in terms of marriage, raising her sons, and dealing with people who only see her story from their perspective.  You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook under Tawana Haith. On LinkedIn you can find her by searching Tawana Empowers. To purchase her book visit this link below. Link:
March 27, 2020
HBCU News Episode 11
In this episode we talk about the power of social media. From D-nice, to online house parties, happy hours, news, and connecting students to resources social media is a gift. Tune into this episode to hear everything we cover and how you can use these tools in your life professionally. 
March 24, 2020
HBCU News Episode 10 - Coronavirus Update
In this episode we speak on all things Coronavirus and how it has impacted the HBCU community. We share various resources for students, alumni, and faculty. Please take the time to share this important information. Stay safe people. 
March 18, 2020
HBCU News Episode 9
In this episode we talk about HBCU sports, businesses, and a few things taking place on the college campuses.  Please subscribe and share today. 
March 18, 2020
HBCU News Episode 8
In this episode we discuss the big news that North Carolina A&T State University has left the MEAC to enter the Big South Conference. We highlight a few entrepreneurs as well that are doing great things in their community. Follow us today @hbcualum and @hbcustartups to get more updates in the HBCU community daily we hope you enjoy. 
March 02, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 19 - Featuring LaPorsche Jymi Founder of Headwear Haircare
In this episode we speak with LaPorsche Jymi who is the CEO of Headwear Haircare. During this conversation you will learn more about how the product works and restores hair for women. This business is doing great community work in Indianapolis as well teaching young girls how to sew that are in High School. Headwear Haircare is cutting edge they sell various Satin Lined Baseball Caps & Ski Masks that are great to wear on the go. Various designs and brands can implement their brand on the products as well. Please visit their website today at Follow them on social media today @headwearhaircare
February 28, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 18 - Featuring Tiffanie Jones Founder of The JCS Project
In this episode we speak with Tiffanie Jones Founder of The JCS Project. We speak on everything education and resources for college students. The JCS Project provides free care packages to college students. Yes FREE no cost! This organization is giving students necessary items to get through each semester. Please support this business today at Follow them on social media @thejcsproject
February 13, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 17 - Featuring Shionka Mcglory Founder of Mocha Books, LLC
In this episode we speak with Shionka Mcglory Founder of Mocha Books, LLC. Mocha Books, LLC is a bookstore that is based in Tulsa, OK. Throughout this episode we speak on the importance of kids learning how to read. Also, we learn that Tulsa is on the rise in terms of business. As you all know this was the city that consisted of the 1st Black Wall Street in America. Shionka has some great goals for her business as she's currently working on a mobile service where she will go deeper in her community with great books. Please follow this business on Instagram @readwithmochabooks  Visit their website today at
February 13, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 16 - Featuring JoJo Founder of Keys to Greatness
In this episode we speak with JoJo she is the the Founder of Keys to Greatness. She teaches kids in her local community everything about music. Her main focus and love is the piano which hints at the name. Yet, at her studio kids learn how to play a variety of instruments. Some kids even learn how to sing which is awesome. Listen to this episode today and take a dive into music education. Follow her business today on Instagram @justmissjojo We are wishing this business much success another thing to note is that we have been helping her grow her social media presence online for a while so you get to learn more from one our clients hear at @HBCUstartups. 
February 13, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 15 - Featuring Beverly Boyd Founder of D’Toxify at Your Service, LLC
In this episode we feature Beverly Boyd who is the Founder of D'Toxify at Your Service, LLC. She promotes optimal health and wants people to take better care of their body. From foot detoxes, V-steams, and facials Beverly does it all. When providing service to her clients she stated that speaking with them about their issues in life is a way for them to decompress as well. Beverly aspires to be a future esthetician with the mindset she has now she will get there. Follow her business on social media @d_toxify If you're in the Atlanta area schedule a service today at
February 07, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 14 - Featuring Mariyah Bryant Founder of The MFactor LLC
In this episode we speak with Mariyah Bryant who is a proud alumna of Morgan State University. We cover sales, LinkedIn, and branding yourself online as a whole. Mariyah provides great clarity on how to position yourself online to bring opportunities to you. You don't want to miss this episode take a listen today! Follow her business on social media @themfactorllc  Visit her website today to learn more about her services
February 07, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 13 - Featuring Nydia Givens of The Nu Vision Empire
In this episode we speak with Nydia Givens of The Nu Vision Empire.  She is a proud graduate of Winston Salem State University.  Nydia shares her passion for her company in this podcast you feel it.  She wears many hats but you can tell she has a huge focus on education and mental health. We discuss many things in this podcast take a listen to learn more about this entrepreneur. Follow them on social media @nuviempirellc
February 07, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 12 - Featuring Kamani Henson Founder of K Moisture Cosmetics
In this episode we speak with Kamani Henson Founder of K Moisture Cosmetics. Kamani is a current student at Lincoln University of PA. Her brand creates natural products to help your skin and hair stay hydrated. She has various products that help you feel confident. In this episode we discuss supporting HBCU entrepreneurs and being smart about the products you use daily that are put on you.  You can follow the business on Instagram and Facebook @kmoisturecosmetics I'm wishing this business much more success! 
February 07, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 11 - Featuring Teshena Cameron
In this episode we speak with Teshena Cameron the Founder of Tantrum LLC. She makes various children apparel that looks great! The cool thing about this business is that she makes some custom designs. We talk all things fashion in this podcast and working with children in business. To learn more visit Follow the business page on social media @tantrum_llc
February 07, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 10 - Featuring Nicole Kearney Founder of Sip & Share Wines
In this episode we take a journey learning all things about wine with CEO Nicole Kearney of Sip & Share Wines .In January 2019, Sip & Share Wines released 7 Words Wine Collection, all vegan wines. They also produce a series of limited production wines. Sip & Share wines is great because they have a healthy option of wines while still having the same great taste. This company is business operated with various family members which is awesome!  Nicole shares her experience in the wine industry operating a business as a black woman founder you hear some of the good and the bad which we all deal with. This business is great because they are actually in the community and want to give back by empowering others.  If you need some wine or want to have her team host an event this is the business you want there Nicole's enthusiasm is contagious in this podcast. We will definitely have to get some wines for our next HBCUstartups party! Visit their website today at Follow them on social media @sipandsharewines Cheers!
January 24, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 9 - Featuring Co-Founder of BatteryXchange Desmond Wiggan
In this episode we speak with Co-Founder Desmond Wiggan about his company BatteryXchange.  Desmond is an alumnus of Winston Salem State University.  BatteryXchange is based in Charlotte,NC. This tech startup makes charging your phone on the go so convenient.  Have you ever been out and couldn't find an outlet or you don't have your charger with you? Well BatteryXchange helps you solve that issue and it's easy to use all you need to do is follow these simple steps below. 01 — Download Our App Go to your Google Play or Apple App store and search “BatteryXchange”. Select download and fill in all the necessary information within the app upon open. 02 — Locate A Kiosk Once you’ve logged into the app, select kiosk search. The app will locate the nearest kiosk in your area and direct you to it. 03 — Scan and Connect Once you’ve located a kiosk, simply pull up you Charge & Go code within the app. Hold the code in front of the kiosk and unlock our portable battery pack. 04 — Walk and Charge Plug the power pack into your mobile phone and #LiveLifeCharged! Once you’ve gotten the juice, don’t forget to return the battery pack to a kiosk that’s most convenient for you. This is  a great tech startup and for all the businesses that put on events we advise partnering with them! You can follow this company on Instagram @BatteryXchangeInc Visit their website today at
January 23, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 8 - Featuring Glenver Terry CEO of Heavy On It Accessories
In this episode we speak with the Founder of Heavy On It Accessories Glenver Terry. He is a current student at Fort Valley State University and a native of Georgia as well. Glenver sells high fashion phone cases that are attached with various high brand names. It reminds us of a what Dapper Dan did with Gucci, Louis, and other high designer items with his own twist. Glenver is doing a great job of getting his college community involved to help promote his brand. This is exactly what HBCUstartups is all about supporting your local community. You can follow his business on social media @heavyonitaccessories Visit his website at
January 23, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 7 - Featuring Erica Baker Founder of Black & Bilingual
In this episode we speak with Erica Baker Founder of Black & Bilingual. Erica is extremely passionate about education and you hear it showcased in this interview. When asked about why she started Black & Bilingual she wanted to show that people in the black community do speak various languages across the globe.  She promotes her brand by offering various apparel that sheds a positive light on this. Black & Bilingual shares testimonies of various people that speak various languages on their social media pages. This company is great and does various service projects in their local community in Atlanta.  You can follow them on Instagram @blackandbilingual1 to stay up to date with their company.
January 15, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 6 - Featuring Partners Kathy McCoy & Trachel McCoy of Couture BR Boutique
In this episode we discuss all things fashion with Business Partners Kathy & Trachel of Couture BR Boutiques. This business has everything from jewelry, dresses, sunglasses, and other accessories for women.  Kathy & Trachel run a family business both graduates of Southern University in Louisiana. Kathy is the mother in which she taught her daughter Kathy about all things fashion.  Both of these partners explain why it's important that HBCU Business Owners support one another and give back to the community which served them. They want to partner with more organizations to host fashion shows and get their products directly in front of their consumer.  One thing we found interesting is that they want more young girls to represent themselves professionally while still having quality designs that match their personalities.  They have great African style prints as well in all types of styles. You can follow them on social media @couturebr_boutique. Visit their website as well at Support this HBCU Business today!
January 11, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 5 - Christian Sargent CEO of Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix
In this episode we speak with Christian Sargent CEO of Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix which is a healthy substitute for pancakes for vegans and for people who want another alternative. We discuss health eating options in the black community and our ways to access better food. Christian is from Gary, Indiana and she speaks on the importance of buying locally in her community. She wants people to know that her business is ready to compete with the company Aunt Jemima who holds the majority of market share in her industry.  Christian knows that this is a big goal but she wanted to point out the fact that Aunt Jemima isn't a real person. Also, that this character is being used to target the black community and that no one black owns this company. Christian states that she will be the person to promote Vicky Cakes for the fact that she is a real black woman and that her identity is not imaginary.  Lastly, we touch on how black culture is being used to make others wealthy and that we need to apply this same system to our own businesses. Changing the mindset first is what Christian aims to do which is aligned with everything we do with @HBCUstartups. We are excited to see this business grow! Follow them on social media @vickycakespancakemix Visit their website today at
January 11, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 4 - Jovante Ham Founder of Melanoid Exchange
In this episode we speak with Founder/CEO Jovante Ham and learn more about his app Melanoid Exchange. He's created an app that connects various black businesses from their phone. We discuss his book the Hood Scholar where he dives into his life thus far. Jovante Ham is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and you hear him talk about his community and how he is trying to make it better.  Melanoid Exchange is close to hosting their first equity crowdfunding campaign where people from the community can support and invest in the apps success. Jovante stated "It's important that the app is for us and by us as black people."  You can follow his journey online @melanoidexchange Download the app on your local app store. 
January 11, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 3 - Shelby Parris The Hip Hop Author
In this episode we dive in deep on psychology and the black community. Shelby Parris shares his books and what his future goals are for 2020. We discuss sports and what is next for a lot of great athletes. Pursuing your passion is about first taking the necessary steps to operate in your purpose and Shelby Parris can show you how to do it. You can purchase one of his great books at Follow him on social media @thehiphopauthor
January 10, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 2 - Gift Egbelu Founder of Gift Time Rugby
In this episode we discuss all things Rugby. From the culture in the US, Africa, the Caribbean, and so much more. Gift has a lot of passion for the sport of Rugby and you hear it in this episode as he combines his passion for media with the sport. He is even creating opportunities for various HBCUs to compete against one another across the country. Gift shares how he got introduced to the sport and how it brings him joy today. Listen to this interview to hear how you can support his mission and you'll be surprised a lot of black people actually do play Rugby. You can visit their business online at  Follow them on social media at @gifttimerugby and @hbcurugbyclassic
January 10, 2020
HBCUstartups Interview Episode 1 - Jonathan Bertrand Founder of Global Touch Foundation Inc.
In this episode we learn from Global Touch Foundation Inc. Founder Jonathan Bertrand on all things social media. We dive into bullying, your brand, etiquette, and how social media may be giving you a disorder. Attention is important to us sometimes as humans but can it become toxic? Listen to this episode to hear more about this great foundation and what they are doing to impact future generations to come.  You can reach them online at
January 08, 2020
HBCU News Episode 7
In this episode we discuss HBCU basketball, entering the new school semester, Hampton University in Italy for Rome's New Years Parade, Business Owners, Professionals, Scholarships, D9 Founders Days, and so much more. This is our first episode in 2020 so take a listen and tell a friend. If you're interested in being interviewed on our podcast we are opening up the application process now. Send an e-mail to Have a great week everyone!
January 06, 2020
HBCU News Episode 6
In this episode we discuss The Celebration Bowl, HBCU Funding, Businesses,  Rhonda Foxx for Congress, and so much more.
December 23, 2019
HBCU News Episode 5
In this episode we discuss the Celebration Bowl, Permanent Funding for HBCUs, The Presidential Race & How It Impacts HBCUs, Business Owners, The HBCU Best Sellers List For Authors, and so much more. For sponsorship and ad opportunities on our podcast reach out to
December 09, 2019
December 4, 2019
December 04, 2019
HBCU News Episode 4
In this episode we talk Southern Versus Grambling. Future HBCU recruits, funding, and how young talent can change the future of HBCU sports. We highlight two amazing HBCU entrepreneurs. Also, we speak on campus safety and getting ready for finals season. 
December 04, 2019
HBCU News Episode 3
In this episode we talk about the Oscars, HBCU Creatives, Black Panther. Judge Khalil, Spike Lee, & More.
March 19, 2019
HBCU News Episode 2
In this episode we speak on Kamala Harris 2020 Campaign Announcement
January 31, 2019
HBCU News Episode 1
What we discuss on this episode: 1.#StandWithBennett 2. Kamala Harris Presidential Bid 3. HBCU sports 4. @HBCU 20x20 & @XoxoDjDot
January 14, 2019