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Heal. Transform. Thrive

Heal. Transform. Thrive

By Leah Merriweather
Learn how to shift from suffering and surviving to joy and thriving. Find out how to tune to abundant health, love and happiness.
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Trapped Emotions & the Holidays
We all know holiday season can be a joyous time as well as a very stressful time. Ever wonder why the holidays can bring about icky feelings and you simply don't know where they're coming from? These feelings could be due to trapped emotions. Listen in on this episode to learn more about what you can do to bypass this stressful time to experience peace and joy.
January 4, 2020
Who's Trapped Emotion is it Anyway?
There are 4 ways trapped emotions occur in the body. In this episode, we take a deeper dive in finding out whose trapped emotion is it anyway?? Let's explore!
January 4, 2020
Trapped Emotions & Your Money Story
Let's talk about Money!! In this episode, we explore the affect that trapped emotions can have on your money story and how they may he a contributing factor in blocking the abundance that is rightfully yours. I also need to make an EDIT: I mentioned subliminal messaging and stated that they are recorded at a low vibration or frequency. The correct way to say this is they are recorded at a low volume.
January 4, 2020
What are trapped emotions?
This episode talks about the affects of trapped emotions and how these energy imprints are vamping tour life force energy, keeping you in a low vibration.
November 21, 2019