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"Who Am I?" The Life and Work of a Chinese Medicine Master

An episode of Healing is in your hands - Empower yourself through holistic healing

By Erik Harris & Kim Fleck
We invite you to join us as we share our stories, laugh, educate, inspire, and provide you with tools and information so you can make informed wellness decisions in your life and put the healing power back in your hands. We offer information about various holistic therapies, meaning we consider the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

We have engaging segments like our meditative moment, healthy lifestyle tips, distance healing and more.

Our guests will share their expertise, stories, and insight into many aspects of holistic healing, and tools that worked for them. Tune in!
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More places to listen

Finding beauty and courage through life’s challenges with George Herrick
Our guest George Herrick is a life coach, a recovery coach and a visual artist. He has also been in long term recovery. George leads meditations, facilitates retreats, and builds beautiful rock sculptures called cairns. He has been on his own wellness journey with cancer and shares some of that experience on this episode. Learn more about George Herrick at georgeherrick.com or on his Facebook page, where you can see photos of some of his cairns. Get in touch via email: georgeherrick330@gmail.com. Facebook & IG:  Healingisinyourhands Twitter: HealingIsInYou1 Snapchat: at feral20 and earthwalker11  Production of Healing is in your hands is by Andrea Muraskin with musical interludes by Craig Norton. Remember to subscribe and tell your friends. And if you have a minute, rate and review Healing is in Your Hands on Apple Podcast or iTunes.
October 9, 2019
Holistic Mom raises her kids with a healthy lifestyle
Our guest Heather is a holistic mom who raises her kids to eat healthy and live earth conscious lives, navigating food allergies with aplomb. Not only is she a talented chef and Instagramer @essentialwellness_heather, she's also wild food forager, and a graduate of level 2 Dharma School with the Naughty Shaman Center for the Shamanic Arts in Glastonbury, CT.  Follow HIIYH on all our social platforms Facebook & IG  @Healingisinyourhands Twitter @HealingIsInYou1 And of course on Snapchat at feral20 (Kim) and earthwalker11 (Erik) Production of Healing is in your hands is by Andrea Muraskin, with musical interludes by Craig Norton and Hannah’s Field. Remember to subscribe and tell your friends. And if you have a minute, rate and review Healing is in Your Hands on Apple Podcast or iTunes.
September 18, 2019
From Darkness to Light - Recovery Through Sound Healing
Kelvin Young is a sound healer and has been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for over ten years. When Kelvin discovered sound healing it had a profound effect on his life. He has since studied sound healing with master sound healers, studied holistic stress management, and obtained a recovery coach certification. Kelvin’s story is featured in the upcoming documentary Uprooting Addiction. Kelvin serves on the board of directors of Eat the Sunlight with Kevin Reese, a non profit organization that teaches children healthy eating habits. www.eatthesunlight.com Connect with Kelvin on Facebook and Instagram @sacredsoundhealingllc www.kelvinbyoung.com
August 28, 2019
Compassionfest for All Things Vegan
For this episode, Kim and Erik take the show on the road to Compassionfest, an event that aims to  "unite like-minded people that believe in the values of being just, kindness, equality and compassion." Held annually in Hamden, CT, the festival is a hub for vegan food, cruelty-free products, animal rights advocates and "wellness peeps." Here's where to find the fine folks you'll meet in this episode: Tynne Love, clinical herbalist and owner of Herbal Deva. Find her on Facebook  @Tynne love clinical herbalist  and Instagram  @Tynne_love , or email  breatheoutstress@gmail.com  Jo-Anne Basile, executive director of Connecticut Votes for Animals  Calvin Cline and Rachael Ricker of Naturally Custom. Find them on Instagram @Naturallycustom and Facebook @naturallycustom, or email  info@naturally-custom.com. Kelvin Young, sound healer (and upcoming guest on this podcast!)
August 14, 2019
Cinder and Salt Beach Cleanup Sparks Interest of Local Families
This episode was taped on Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT.  Erik and Kim talk with previous podcast guest Rachel DeCavege who is the owner and creative director of Cinder and Salt, where style meets sustainability. Rachel makes clothing using sustainable practices and is an advocate of earth conscious living.  Rachael organized this beach cleanup and partnered with Tony Marino of The Rockfall Foundation located in Middletown, CT. Rachael shares big news about being named one of Hartford Business’s 40 Under 40 for 2019. Erik and Kim chat with local beach clean-up participants with their children and share their reasons why aquatic animals and conservation efforts are important to them.  There’s lots of beautiful ocean sounds including a quiet beach meditation. You can find Rachel at http://cinderandsalt.com On Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @cinderandsalt And the Rockfall Foundation can be located at the http://rockfallfoundation.org
July 31, 2019
Connecting Animal Companions With Their Loved Ones-Intuitive animal communication and training
On today’s episode, we welcome Roslyn Brault to the podcast who has 30 plus years working with various animals.  Ros is a pastoral counselor and an intuitive animal communication consultant. Her specialty is with working alongside animals and owners to build a harmonious space for all. She also provides intuitive dog training lessons and wellness reiki services for people and their animal companions. This episode will pull on the heartstrings of animal lovers for sure.  Erik and his wife lost their beautiful dog Shades a four months ago and Kim lost her “soul cat”, rescue Siamese, Yum-Yum  (age 14) on June 23rd and her senior kitty Basil (age of 18) on April 27th.  This episode serves as a beautiful reminder of how animal companions play such a beautiful and rewarding role in our lives. We dedicate this episode to Shades, Yum-Yum, Basil and all our animal companions that have gone before them. We send endless love to the Rainbow Bridge now and always. Blessed are those who have had the opportunity to share their heart and life with an animal companion. Below are links to learn more about Ros Brault and the many services she provides for humans and animals. Intuitive Pet Care and Training, LLC. https://www.intuitivepetcarellc.com/ Since the taping of this podcast Finnegan (Kim’s rescue dog) did in fact win in the category “It’s All About Work” in the Best Dog In The World contest in Washington, CT. We are so proud of him and honored to be one of his sponsors at the event.To see some of the event’s highlights and Finn in action, check out the Best Dog in the World facebook link below.  https://www.facebook.com/bestdogintheworldcontest/
July 17, 2019
Kitchen Magic with Erik and Kim
Cooking for healing can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn't have to be! This episode is packed with information to help you take back your healing power in the kitchen, from gadget recommendations and meal prep tips to online ordering services that make healthy food affordable. See below for links including discounts for Healing is in Your Hands listeners! Gadgets mentioned in the episode  Vitamix Omega Juicer Instant Pot Excalibur Dehydrator Slow cooker, rice cooker, citrus juicer, mandolin  Food Gurus and Cookbooks  Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor, Crazy Sexy Juice, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and more  Life Changing Foods by Anthony William, the Medical Medium  Kathy Hester, author of Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just For You, the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Instant Pot and more  Thug Kitchen vegan recipes and cookbooks Online Ordering Services Thrive Market - organic and non-GMO foods at up to 50% off store prices Go to http://thrv.me/healingisinyourhands for 25% off your first order.  Read this 2016 blog post on campaign to allow the use of SNAP benefits for online retailers like Thrive.  (Unfortunately the USDA is no longer allowing Thrive to accept SNAP because they don't sell fresh produce - but we will keep you posted!  Misfits Market-  Subscription service for fresh organic and non-GMO produce that’s a little misshapen but no less delicious. Go to http://misfitsmarket.refr.cc/kimberlyfleck for 25% off. Production of Healing is in Your Hands is by Andrea Muraskin, with musical interludes by Craig Norton and Hannah’s Field. To learn more about Hannah’s Field listen to our episode from March 6, 2019. And if you want to learn how Erik makes oxtail bone broth in the slow cooker, check out our December 19 episode, “Is This Soup for You?
June 26, 2019
2019 Wellness Trip To Ireland with Dr. Ming Wu & Kim Fleck
In  this episode, Erik chats with Kim and Dr. Wu about their recent  wellness trip to Dublin, Ireland in April 2019. They discuss what the  trip entailed, Dr. Wu’s documentary showing, the amazing people they met  and the techniques that they shared with the participants. This entire  trip was originally organized on Snapchat by Kim and came to fruition in  April. Sounds like more trips will be organized in the future to the  Emerald Isle. Dr.  Ming discusses the idea of being carefree and having effortless power.  He explains how to apply these practices to your lifestyle and not just  use book knowledge. He stresses how fear and stress cause real problems.  Erik,  Kim and Dr. Wu also discuss the power of Dr. Wu’s most recent tool, the  Quantum Energy machine and how it can go deeper and help with serious  blocks. Dr. Wu explains how Tong Ren, Qigong, and Quantum together with  herbal treatments, etc can be utilized together to make a huge  difference in his patient's lives. He calls this natural healing,  opening, using smart chi to allow the body to heal itself.  There  are wonderful testimonials from some of the people who attended and a  hilarious meditative moment by one of the participants who demonstrate  for all of us how laughter truly is the best medicine. Here  is the link to Dr. Wu’s website where you can find links to all his  social platforms and learn more about upcoming events and his online  teaching programs. https://wuhealing.com/ This  link is to the online closed Facebook group for Ireland Workshops feel  free to request entry Dr. Wu and Kim are excited for their next trip in  2020 and want to connect with as many people as they can in Ireland and  the UK.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/438533319991129/ Below  is the link to the episode "Who Am I?" The Life and Work of a Chinese  Medicine Master, with guest filmmaker, Caleb Vinson of the documentary  Who Am I?  * Who Am I? ~ winner of the award of merit from the Impact Doc Awards* https://anchor.fm/healing-is-in-your-hands/episodes/Who-Am-I--The-Life-and-Work-of-a-Chinese-Medicine-Master-e2e085 To hear the episode, Love From the Inside Out, with our London guest, Karen Geraghty  Click here:  https://anchor.fm/healing-is-in-your-hands/episodes/Love-From-the-Inside-Out-with-Karen-Geraghty-e34j07
June 5, 2019
Be in Wellness Panel Discussion-how to use holistic healing for chronic pain conditions.
In  this episode, Kim and Erik hit the road and are part of the Be In  Wellness panel at the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, CT. Kim is the founder of this panel and they invited Erik to join them as a wellness speaker for the month of May.  Erik  discusses how holistic healing helped him on his own journey and how people can create a healthy lifestyle and heal chronic pain conditions.  This was a special event as it fell on our friend and former Be In Wellness  panel member, Dacia Jackson's birthday who recently passed away on  November 6th of 2018.  A special meditative moment is at the end of the episode in her memory. You can watch the entire event live on the Healing Is In Your Hands Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/healingisinyourhands/videos/584459508705687/?modal=admin_todo_tour Background info on Erik: Erik  has been on a journey with holistic healing since he was a teenager  where he has used a variety of holistic healing modalities to heal  himself from spinal injuries, Lyme disease, and digestive issues. It is a  comprehensive approach using diet, exercises, meditation, affirmations,  supplements, herbal remedies, qi gong, Chinese medicine and more! This  healing approach focuses on the individual, working with the body, mind,  emotional, and spiritual levels to find the healing within!  https://www.chiforhealing.com/ Remember to follow us on all our social. Facebook @Healingisinyourhands Instagram: @Healingisinyourhands  Twitter: @HealingIsInYou1  Snapchat: feral20 and earthwalker11
May 15, 2019
Earth Day Everyday! Eco-initiatives With Cinder & Salt Where Style Meets Sustainability
 This  episode was taped on Earth day! Erik and Kim talk with Rachael DeCavege who is the owner and creative director of Cinder and Salt, where style meets sustainability. Rachel makes clothing using sustainable practices and is an advocate of earth conscious living. She uses reclaimed ink to  make her screen printed clothes and has zero waste in her shop! She even  has an eco-line of clothes with sayings like "Earth Day Every Day". In her flagship store she makes displays out of trash! She invites people to bring specific trash items like bottle caps, bubble mailers, wax label sheets and snack bags. She is making a huge world map out of the bottle caps.  We had a great talk about the use of straws and sustainable alternatives that she provides at her store. Rachel also organizes beach and street clean ups in the summertime. In a future episode the Healing is in Your Hands team will be taking a field trip to participate in one of the beach clean ups this summer. No  matter where we come from, we are all together on this planet and like Rachel says there is no Planet B!  Listen for an exciting update from a previous guest. Craig Norton’s Rhythms of Life documentary on Facebook www.roldoc.com  Listeners, we want to hear from you and how you are using sustainable practices in  your life. You can use the Anchor app to leave us an audio message. Or, use your phone’s voice memo app to record a message and email it to us at healingisinyourhands@gmail.com. You may hear yourself on a future episode of Healing is in Your Hands.  You can find Rachel at cinderandsalt.com  On Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @cinderandsalt
May 1, 2019
Holistic seasonal allergy remedies and Spring detoxing tips
In this episode, Kim and Erik follow up on the winter wellness episode by talking about seasonal allergies and spring detoxing tips.  Learn the root cause of seasonal allergies and why they seem to be affecting  more and more people every year. Erik talks about the benefits of eating  wild food. Learn more on our forage walk episode. He discusses specific wild herbs, mushrooms, and Chinese herbal formulas that ease allergy symptoms. Learn what a Neti pot is and why it helps with allergies. Kim and Erik discuss how oil pulling, a detox foot bath, fire cupping, guasha and more can help detox your body from winter to  prevent allergies. Tick prevention using aromatherapy, herbal tinctures, and other tips are also discussed. Check out an article Erik wrote for Natural Awakenings about lyme's disease.  Learn  the benefits of bitter greens and sprouts in the spring. The meditative moment connects you with the energy of spring! Hear the birdsong, a babbling brook, and immerse yourself in the abundance of nature all around you.  Sprouting recipe: For sprouting use a combination of alfalfa, red clover, fenugreek, radish, or any other sprouting seed. You can also sprout nuts and beans but for this recipe we are looking for phytonutrient greens.  You can use sprouting trays but the easiest way to spray is to get a metal sprouting screen, a plastic top, and a 32 oz. Ball Jar.  Add 2 tablespoons of sprouting seeds to ball jar. Fill jar with Filtered water and let sit for 8 hours or overnight. Strain the water and let jar sit upside down in a bowl. Cover with a cloth and keep out of the sun. For 5 days add water and strain really well and put jar back in the bowl.  On the 6th day let it sit out uncovered in the sun so the sprouts can green up.  Do not add water on the 6th day so the sprouts can dry out a bit.  In the evening pull sprouts out of the jar, put in a container, and store in the fridge to be eaten within 5 days.  You can find erik at https://chiforhealing.com Contact erik@chiforhealing.com Follow on social media @chiforhealing and snapchat @earthwalker11 To schedule a free 15 minute consultation go to https://www.chiforhealing.com/ct-healing-services/ To purchase products discussed in the episode go to https://www.chiforhealing.com/product/tick-prevention-kit-tinctures-bug-spray/ https://www.chiforhealing.com/product/bug-spray-essential-oils/ https://www.chiforhealing.com/product/allergy-tonic-tincture/
April 17, 2019
Eat the Sunlight with Dr. Kevin Reese
 Tune  in to this engaging conversation with Dr. Kevin Reese. He has helped thousands of people reclaim their health through his books, seminars,  and programs. Before becoming a known authority in Holistic Health, Dr. Reese was an unhealthy radio personality for CBS where he interviewed  celebrities, hosted concerts and was known as a "shock jock." After becoming chronically sick and ending up on heart-monitors at only 28  years old, he decided to follow the path of natural health by  transforming himself through the use of fruits and vegetables. After a  12 year career in broadcasting, his new passion for health motivated him to leave radio and earn a Ph.D. in holistic health and nutrition.  Following  a decade working with sick clients, authoring five books and being invited to speak at various venues, Dr. Reese was inspired to create a  nonprofit organization called ETS Health Inc.  With the mission  to prevent future generations from chronic illness, heart disease, and  obesity, EAT THE SUNLIGHT aims to make health fun for children through  books, music, and podcasts. Believing in the power of education through  entertainment, Dr. Reese has uniquely combined his showbiz and health  careers, to give parents the tools they need to teach their children the  benefits of healthy living. On this episode we delve into more about his background, his unique doctorate, and his teachings. We learn about the mission of Sunlight Sonny and what Kevin envisions for the future.  You can find Kevin at www.eatthesunlight.com On Facebook kevinwreeseofficial On Instagram eatthesunlight On twitter eatthesunlight On youtube kevinwreese
April 3, 2019
Soulshine Salt Cavern
Picture  yourself relaxing on an anti-gravity chair, rocking your white socks,  head back, listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean.  Your mind drifts off as the stress of day releases from your body and mind. You are at rest in the comfort of the salt cavern, your body interacting with the salt that surrounds you. The salts are providing your body with the support it needs in that very moment in time.  Your session ends and you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.   Amazing right?  Well  not only is it relaxing but it’s healing too. Erik and Kim welcome  guest Lisa Radzunas who breaks this salt cave phenomenon down for our  listeners one Himalayan salt granule at time. Lisa  discusses how she came to be the owner of the Soulshine Salt Cavern,  which recently opened up at the Red Barn, in Durham, CT. Kim and Erik  have a good laugh over white socks and Lisa fills us in on all the salt  cavern has to offer. Sit back, relax, clear your head and let’s talk salt!  The Soulshine Salt Cavern is located at 352 Main Street, Durham, CT 06422. *In The Red Barn* connect at www.soulshinesaltcavern.com On Facebook soulshinesaltcavern On Instagram soulshinesaltcavernct
March 20, 2019
Hannah's Field - Conscious Music, Food and Conversation
Erik and Kim welcome their first musical guest into the tree house - Hannah's Field. Hannah and Andy are a gypsy reggae band from CT that have a lot to share with the world besides their groovy music.  They crafted their sound “in the fertile  artistic landscape of the Pacific Northwest”. Portland, Oregon which is “an  area argued by many to possess the last true remnants of the hippie  movement”. Their music’s “organic feel urges listeners to embrace the  same sort of free spirit and open mindfulness championed by the  counterculture of flower children”. (-Trevor Dye review) website:  http://www.hannahsfield.com  (Best place to explore for bios) Newest music video:  Sacred Cacao   I've had some beautiful cacao ceremony experiences (a cool one in Hawaii--during yoga teacher training).   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy_7blwh64Y Revolutionary Soldiers video:    Title track from our newest musical release:    about how our creative energy  is a power tool   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XxNB2Jnwo4 Consciousness Conversations:   We've been doing this on Facebook Live---there's a lot more somewhere in facebook land:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkVzket5fUE&t=14s Super Snack Sunday:    Our first episode of a 6 part mini series released on You Tube-- A healthy & delicious recipe & some organic roots music live   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg6_9tkAmKE&t=18s
March 6, 2019
Winter Wellness-Self-care tips on how to boost the immune system to prevent colds and flu.
Winter Wellness-Self-care tips on how to boost the immune system to prevent colds and flu. On this episode Kim and Erik discuss using Chinese medicine and  holistic healing for immunity, what a wind gate is, how symptoms  determine what herbal remedies to use, treatment protocols, and specific  tools that can be used for treatment and prevention. Erik  also shares a "Meditative Moment" of Qi Gong moving meditation.  You can find erik at https://chiforhealing.com Contact erik@chiforhealing.com Follow on social media @chiforhealing Follow Healing is in Your Hands on all our social platforms: Facebook & Instagram:  Healingisinyourhands Twitter: HealingIsInYou1 Snapchat: feral20 and earthwalker11  
February 20, 2019
Love From the Inside Out with Karen Geraghty
Is love healing? You bet. And we’re not talking about just romantic love. A chef, blogger and actress, our guest Karen Geraghty has a life purpose of bringing love to the world. Karen has dual citizenship in the USA and Ireland and currently resides in London. Her blog, Yankee Doodle Paddy is a way to stay connected to all things American and Irish while exploring the deep connection she has to her American motherland and her Irish soul-land. In February Karen hosts the “Month of Love” on the blog, where she invites guests to submit their stories of all sorts of love. (It’s not too late - Karen takes submissions up until the end). Kim, Erik and Karen discuss self-love through health challenges, finding community through Snapchat, Karen’s Woman Crush Wednesday blog feature celebrating women chefs, and her upcoming Woman Crush Wednesday cookbook. Plus, Kim and Erik talk about their submissions to the Month of Love, and we ask the question 'Who would play Erik in a Lifetime movie?' Donate on Karen’s GoFundMe page for the Women Crush Wednesday Cookbook. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs scholarship program.  Try the recipe for "Healthy Breakfast Bars" aka Portable Porridge.  Read Kim's stories "Love from the Inside Out" and "Love is a Four-Legged Word," and Erik's story "A Christmas Engagement" on Yankee Doodle Paddy. Find Karen on Snapchat at blissbakery. 
February 6, 2019
Modern Spirituality with Kristina "Anandi" Luce
Spiritual teacher Kristina Luce (aka Anandi) joins Erik and Kim to discuss developing a meditative practice in our fast-paced world. The conversation touches on reconciling science with spirituality, the power of mantras, and of course, meditation. There is some beautiful and powerful sacred singing at 27:40 and 42:20. (If you are driving we recommend you pull over!) Find Kristina at spiritualvoyagers.com, on Facebook, and LinkedIn. Follow her YouTube project, The Human Experiment.    We want to know how you use meditation techniques in your life. You can use the Anchor app to leave us an audio message. Or, use your phone’s voice memo app to record a message and email it to us at healingisinyourhands@gmail.com. We’d really love to hear from you, and you may hear yourself on a future episode of Healing is in Your Hands.   Healing is in Your Hands is produced by Andrea Muraskin. Music by Craig Norton. 
January 23, 2019
Visualize Your Life with Angela Mendes
Life coach Angela Mendes joins us to talk about vision boards and other ways to counterbalance the human fight-or-flight instinct and manifest our intentions. Erik and Kim also share their experiences with vision boards over the years. (If you’ve ever thought about doing a vision board with your romantic partner, listen to these words of wisdom first!)  Angela has a background in education and international communication, and she works with clients all over the world in English and Portuguese. Learn more about Angela at upanji.com, and follow her on Instagram @upanji.  Healing is in your hands is produced by Andrea Muraskin. Music for this episode is by Craig Norton. 
January 2, 2019
Is This Soup for You? Bone Broth as Medicine
Bone broth - a bone-based soup simmered on low heat for a very long time - plays an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in hosts Kim Fleck and Erik Harris' healing journeys. Kim and Erik discuss Chinese Medicine theory, sourcing ethically produced and clean foods, selecting herbs, and setting intentions. Kim speaks about her commitment to animal advocacy and her struggle with accepting a necessary meat product into her diet. Plus, a live cooking demonstration and a meditation performed over the soup. To learn more about Erik’s work with herbs and wild foraging, check out episode 3: Fall Forage Walk. Visit Erik’s website, chiforhealing.com to browse his herbal formulas.
December 19, 2018
A Meditative Moment to Hold You Over Wellness Peeps!
It says in the Tao Te Ching, "Forcing a project to completion, you ruin what was almost ripe." Today we were planning to publish an episode on bone broth as medicine. Appropriately enough, the Healing in Your Hands crew has been experiencing some seasonal illness. We did record an episode, but we had technical difficulties - and we didn’t want to hand our listeners a piece of unripe fruit! So for today, we’re sharing a meditative moment on its own. We’ll be back next Wednesday, December 19 with a full episode on the magical medicinal world of bone broth. Healing is in Your Hands is excited to welcome a new sponsor: The Wu Healing Center. The Wu Healing Center provides world class Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Qi Gong in West Hartford, Connecticut and Maynard, Massachusetts. www. wuhealing.com. Go back and listen to episode 2 to learn all about Wu Healing Center founder Dr. Ming Wu and hear from some of his patients and students (including Kim!)
December 12, 2018
Healing Rhythms with Craig Norton
In this episode, we’re exploring drumming as a tool for healing. This is something you can literally take in your hands - you don’t need to be a musician! And it’s even more powerful when a group of people are drumming together. Our guest Craig Norton offers community drum circles throughout Connecticut. He leads participatory drumming events in schools, libraries, museums, wellness programs and more. Craig also plays percussion in a variety of bands including Cosmic Hue, Bodhi Groove and Kalidasa Kirtan. He has studied or played with Babatunde Olatunji, Mickey Hart, Angelique Kidjo, Glenn Valez, and Arthur Hull, among others. Craig’s upcoming documentary on drum circles, "Rhythms of Life," is expected out in February 2019. You can watch a preview and contribute to the documentary at www.gofundme.com/rhythmsoflifedoc. Learn more about Craig Norton's work with drumming at handsondrumct.com Healing is in Your Hands is produced by Andrea Muraskin
November 28, 2018
Wisdom of the Earth - Medicinal Aromatherapy with John Odlum
Essential oils can facilitate healing, pleasure, and if used improperly, they can cause quite a bit of pain too. This week we explore this fragrant world with Master Medicinal aromatherapist John Odlum. John is also a massage therapist and energy healer. He created his own healing modality called True Belief healing that helps people let go of blocks and beliefs that no longer serve them. He’s based in West Hartford, Connecticut.  We’re not sure if it was the oils we were sniffing or John’s delightful personality, but we could not stop laughing. This episode is not safe for work, so listen to it on your way home! You can learn more about John Odlum at tru-elements.com  Healing is in Your Hands is produced by Andrea Muraskin. Many thanks to Craig Norton for providing music for this episode. Listen to more of his music here: https://soundcloud.com/craig-norton-2/ 
November 15, 2018
Fall Forage Walk: Edible and Medicinal Plant and Fungi
There is medicine in your backyard or local park. In this episode, Erik leads a group of foragers on an expedition through Tynan Memorial Park in Middletown, Connecticut. Edible and medicinal plants and fungi abound, and Erik shares some of his best practices for identifying and preserving the wild harvest. Specimens include mugwort, autumn olive, honey mushrooms, chicken- of-the-woods, and more. Plus, Kim gets an education in how to use a digital recorder and what fruit leather is! Today’s meditative moment is inspired by nature. Visit us on social to see photos of some of our findings and follow our future adventures! Facebook & IG: @Healingisinyourhands Twitter: @HealingIsInYou1 Snapchat: feral20 and earthwalker11 Healing is in Your Hands is produced by Andrea Muraskin
October 31, 2018
"Who Am I?" The Life and Work of a Chinese Medicine Master
In this episode we discuss a new film dedicated to the life and work of Ming Wu, a doctor of Taoist Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and Tai Chi master working in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our guest is filmmaker Caleb Vinson, who traveled to Dr. Wu’s hometown in southeast China for documentary. Dr. Wu has been a healer and mentor to both of our hosts. Erik apprenticed with him for five years, and Kim is featured in the film along with others of Dr. Ming’s patients. The film’s name “Who Am I” speaks to the deep level of self inquiry Dr. Wu asks of his patients. As we discuss in this episode, this type of healing requires meaningful commitment from both doctor and patient. Visit whoamifilm.com for more information and for details on screenings in New England this fall. * "Who Am I " ~ winner of the award of merit from the Impact Doc Awards*
October 17, 2018
Our Healing Journeys
Erik Harris was immobilized by back injuries and out of work at the age of 23. Kim Fleck became sick at age 34 after moving to CT., lost all of her hair in 2011; a reaction to medications for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease and ended up with a permanent ileostomy. Western medicine kept them alive, but they were far from healthy. Then they each started down a different path. In this first episode of Healing is in Your Hands, co-hosts Kim and Erik share the astounding stories of their journeys to wellness, with a few laughs along the way.
October 3, 2018
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