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The Healing Room with Nick Keomahavong

The Healing Room with Nick Keomahavong

By Nick Keomahavong
Nick uses his experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Buddhist monk to bridge mental health with spiritual health. True healing requires the convergence of the body, heart, mind, and spirit and this podcast gives you an exclusive look into human suffering and allows you to witness the transformative process. Sit back, listen with an open heart, and be inspired by those who have the courage to share openly and with vulnerability.
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The Healing Room Podcast Ep. 2 (Suicide, EXTREME Thinking, Depression, Mental Health, relationships)
Welcome to episode #2 of The Healing Room Podcast with Nick Keomahavong. Today I have an Anonymous guest. On this call, we discuss depression and suicidal thoughts resulting from extreme "all or nothing" thinking. When we talk about mental health, there can be a stigma around it...but we are exposing this to let people know that if you are experiencing hardship, you do not need to be ashamed of it. Get the support of friends or loved ones, or a mental health professional if needed. This is a raw conversation that I had with "Anonymous" and we hope this can help anyone in a similar situation or with a heavy heart.    If you are an extreme person and have the mentality of "go hard or go home," then this episode is for you. Take time to find balance in your life :)  Feel free to leave a comment to show your love and support :)
April 4, 2019
The Healing Room Podcast Ep. 1 (The Death of a Father, Meditation, Spirituality, Anger, Relationships)
Welcome to the first episode of The Healing Room podcast with Nick Keomahavong. My first guest is Ryan. Ryan works in politics, lives in Los Angeles, is a spiritual seeker, meditation teacher, and overall good guy. In this episode, we talk about the loss of his father, the obstacles of meditation, how to deal with anger, challenges of relationships and life lessons.    The purpose of The Healing room is for you to learn from the wisdom and experience of others.  LIFE IS HARD! Life can be lonely and challenging. I've found that when we hear the experience of others, we can learn from them, we can feel connected, and it sparks a sense of hope that we ourselves will and can get through this.   Please feel free to share, comment and like below. We would love to hear from you. To be honest, this podcast was so fun to do. I LOVE IT!!! I hope you enjoy it as well :) 
April 4, 2019