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Heal Sh*t

Heal Sh*t

By Tiffany Ellis
Whether it’s big T or little t, trauma impacts us all and it’s like that invisible friend you take everywhere with you, only Trauma doesn’t always know how to act! Heal Sh*t podcast helps you understand your life experiences, recognize your trauma and heal. The conversations are real, raw, relatable and transparent.
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My First Love- Lo's Story (Part 2)
Welcome back to the Heal Sh*t podcast! This week we talk about Lo's first high school relationship that lasted from the time she was ages 14-30! She talks about becoming a mom her first year of college, the trauma of having to make adult decisions when she was just a kid and how this relationship shaped her life in ways she couldn't have imagined. It's important for us to say we are not giving relationship advice but we are sharing our experiences as teenagers because we believe there is something to be learned from our experiences. Remember, even if this isn't your story, it could be the story of someone you love, lead or like. Understanding their story allows you to show compassion when necessary and that's what healing is all about. After you listen to the episode, be sure to journal about your thoughts and all you've learned and if you have questions about the episode, you can DM us or join us live for the after-episode discussion on Tuesdays on FB. Oh, and if you're looking for a great journal to capture your thoughts, grab your copy of the Once Upon a Pod journal, created specifically for this kind of work. Link to purchase here: You can also follow us on Instagram where we host our giveaways, engage with our listeners and announce updates for our community. Link to connect is found here: Are you a part of our YouTube family? We just started this channel but is going to give what it was supposed to gave! Link to join: We love you all so much and we thank you for taking this ride with Heal Sh*t podcast. Oh, and don't forget to rate, subscribe and leave us a review and if you REALLY love us, spread the gospel. (share this episode with others in your community)
October 17, 2021
My First Love
Welcome to Season 2 of the Heal Sh*t podcast, dedicated to healing my high school self. This episode is the official, official first episode of the season and we hope you like some of the changes we've made. In today's conversation, I am joined by my Resident Co-Host, Jennifer "Lo" Logan, and we are discussing our very first relationships. Now, I'm sure you're probably wondering why we've decided to talk about this but our childhood experiences shape who we are and the choices we make more than we even understand. My first relationship taught me a lot about my self worth, my self-esteem and honestly, the relationship I didn't have with my family which later evolved into other forms of trauma and I want to talk about it with you. If you dated in high school, this episode is for you. If you have ever felt unworthy in relationships, this episode is for you. If you are currently raising a teenager, this episode is for you. And if you ARE a teenager, this episode is dedicated TO you. We will unpack this conversation Tuesday after it releases on social media so be sure to follow the platform on IG @Healshitpodcast and we will be starting our YouTube channel soon so you can tune in and watch the conversation. And if you want to journal through this journey with us, you can purchase your copy of the official Heal Sh*t Journal called Once Upon A Pod available at Want to connect with our hosts? Tiffany on Instagram:     Tiffany on LinkedIn: Lo on Instagram: Also, very special shout out to Shorne 2SC Callahan for our original music and the work he's doing to produce the very best sound experience for our listeners! I love you all so much and I am grateful you are choosing to take this ride with us because healing is your birthright and sometimes you've got to feel sh*t so you can heal sh*t so HEAL, SH*T!
October 10, 2021
Welcome Back, Welcome Back, WELCOME BAAAACCCCKKKKK!
It's safe to say I have missed you all way too much but no need to worry because the Heal Shit Podcast is FINALLY back and this season we are talking about healing my high school self. Before I get into explaining why this is even a thing, I need you to tune in to this episode so you get the context and the assignment. Oh yeah...and tell your girl trauma grown folks are speaking and you need her to take the iPad and have a seat over at the kids' table. (You'll understand soon enough) #growingupblack We have so much to catch up on and discuss but I already know you've been waiting so let's get started. Make sure you listen to this episode in a quiet place and when you're done, grab your Once Upon A Pod journal (purchase on my website) and jot down your thoughts on today's conversation, which we will discuss on live. One more thing...Be sure to follow me on social media- links below. This way, you'll never miss a message...Especially the ones meant for you. I love you so much and we will speak soon... LinkedIn: Instagram: Website: Tiffany
October 3, 2021
It's Not Goodbye...Or is It?
Hey girl, hey! We know you have been wondering where we have been and guess what- here we go! Tune in now to find out what's been going on with Heal Shit the last two weeks...
June 28, 2021
Black Men & Depression
On this episode of Heal Shit Podcast, Tiffany is joined by Jason Phillips, MSW for a conversation around Black men and depression. Jason Phillips is a psychotherapist, life coach, and college professor who advocates relentlessly for prosperity and wellness to strengthen individuals, couples, families, and communities across the globe. He is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences, mental health forums, and podcasts including nationally recognized Therapy for Black Girls Podcast. He has been featured in Voyage ATL, RallyUp Magazine, and Thursdays with NAMI. He has over 10 years of experience in the mental health and coaching profession and is considered an expert in evidence-based treatment and strategic goal setting to foster success. Jason Phillips is the founder and CEO of Peace & Prosperity Coaching. You can join him and Tiffany this Tuesday at 8:30pm EST for a live discussion on Instagram covering this week's episode by following @pods_and_pr or Jason at @jphillipsmsw. You can also email your questions/thoughts and comments to We can't wait to connect with you! Tiff
June 14, 2021
You Just Want Attention!!!
In today's episode of the Heal Shit podcast, Tiffany and Shanta are joined by Tiff's daughter Lani and the ladies decided to have a conversation around whether or not children actually need therapy or if they're just doing things for attention. This conversation is going to be sooooo good! Don't forget to join the ladies this Thursday at 8:30pm EST for a live discussion on this week's episode. Connect with them now on the Heal Shit podcast Instagram page by searching @healshitpodcast Hope you enjoy this episode! Tiff & Tay
June 7, 2021
Let's Talk About Them Mamas
On this episode of the Heal Shit podcast, Tiffany and Shanta get really personal as they discuss mother daughter relationships as well as their own relationships with their mothers. Tiffany brings her daughter, Lani, on to the platform to discuss their relationship as well as the challenges that came with being a teen mother. This multigenerational perspective gives you a lot to consider as they explore why these relationships are often times so tumultuous as well as start talking about ways to better navigate the dynamic. This episode is only the beginning of a much bigger conversation that needs to take place. You can join the ladies for part two of this conversation Thursday during the live discussion, So What Had Happened Was, on their Instagram page which starts at 7:30pm CST/8:30pm EST. There you can ask your questions, chat with other members of the community and engage with Tiffany, Shanta and Lani live. We hope this episode helps you start healing your shit! Tiff & Tay
May 31, 2021
Growth Work VS Healing Work
Hey girl, hey! In today's episode, Tiffany and Shanta discuss the difference between healing and growth work as explained by Iyanla Vanzant during her recent Breakfast Club interview. To watch the full video of the interview, click the link below: We can't wait to discuss this video, today's episode and so much more this Thursday during our live conversation we call So What Had Happened Was which goes down on our Instagram channel at 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST. This conversation is interactive and it's a time to connect with us, our community and get answers to your questions about all things growth, therapy and healing. Thank you for rocking with us week over week! Tiff & Tay
May 24, 2021
Healers Need Healing Too, Sis!
This week on Heal Shit podcast, Shanta and Tiffany discuss the very real fact that even healers need healing too! After Shanta had a recent scare involving her own anxiety, it got her to thinking, intentionally, about her mental health and the fact that even though she does this every day, anxiety and depression simply don't discriminate. After you're done with this episode, get ready to join the ladies Thursday for a live discussion called So What Had Happened Was on Instagram at 8:30pm EST/ 7:30pm CST on the Heal Shit podcast page. We can't wait to see you! Tiff & Tay  
May 17, 2021
Hey there! It's week 2 of Mental Health Awareness Month and this week we are focusing on forgiveness. Now, in case you're wondering what forgiveness has to do with mental health, let us break the news- everything. Forgiveness, or a lack thereof, can often be the root of some of our deepest pain so we've decided to talk about it. Of course we will break down the layers of this subject later this week during our live discussion on Instagram Thursday at 8:30pm EST and you should share this episode with a friend who might benefit from the content. You can also email us your thoughts at Can't wait to see you! Tiff & Tay
May 10, 2021
How Did We Get Here
This episode of the Heal Shit podcast may be triggering for some as it addresses suicidal ideologies. Joined by Cookie Gonsalves of Ladies of the Phoenix, Shanta and Tiffany discuss Cookie's mental health challenges last year which led to her attempted suicide. As we dig into Mental Health Awareness month, this episode addresses motherhood, trauma, wellness and a few other aspects of mental health we feel are important to discuss. We will be meeting this Thursday on IG live to discuss this episode and answer your questions live at 8:30pm EST/ 7:30pm CST. Be sure to connect with us on Instagram at @healshitpodcast or email your thoughts to If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK, or text the Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741). Both services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline for additional resources at Tiff & Tay
May 3, 2021
Say That Sh*t Sis!
Have you ever had to have a difficult conversation but just didn't know how? Are you avoiding that difficult conversation right now for fear of the fallout? Keep it real...We have all been there! We understand that healing is going to eventually bring us to a place where we have to bite the bullet and have conversations we really don't want to have but they're hella necessary and that is the reason for this episode. So...we are going to tell you why you need to have the conversation, what not having the conversation does and then HOW to have that conversation you've been dreading. After you listen, take your notes and meet us over on the Heal Shit podcast page for a live discussion on the episode where you can share your thoughts, ask questions and even take part in the discussion. We call that convo So What Had Happened Was #SWHHW and it goes down every Thursday at 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST. You ready to heal shit??? Tiff & Tay
April 26, 2021
It Ain't My Fault- Or Is It?
This episode might step on a few toes. The ladies are back with a new episode and this time they are discussing the need to become your own person after you've been raised and/or socialized to think and behave a certain way. This episode might be triggering because it is going to challenge you to start thinking about things you've been socialized to see, believe and accept as normal and some of these things might be things you've always known or believed. This episode addresses trauma bonding, building healthy friendships and assessing your family dynamic, to include the relationship you might have with your parents. Y'all, this episode is good and it is definitely an episode we will need to unpack this Thursday during our live Instagram discussion called So What Had Happened Was at 7:30pm CST/8:30pm EST. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Email us at or slide in our DM's.  Can't wait to catch up! Tiff & Tay
April 19, 2021
Check Your Check Engine Light- Stress!
April is National Stress Awareness month and has been since 1992. Sponsored by The Health Resource Network (HRN), a non-profit health education organization, Stress Awareness Month is a national, cooperative effort to inform people about the dangers of stress, successful coping strategies, and harmful misconceptions about stress that are prevalent in our society. During the episode, Shanta and Tiffany explain the difference between good and bad stress, discuss ways to eliminate stress and if you have to deal with stress, provide tips on managing stress. Join the ladies on the Heal Shit podcast page on IG throughout the week as they go a little deeper and the ladies will also be available to answer your questions live and discuss the episode this Thursday at 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST on IG live. You can also email your questions to us by sending your messages to Thanks so much for your support! Tiff & Tay
April 12, 2021
Our Favorite B Word...BOUNDARIES!
A very necessary element of any healing journey is boundaries and today, Shanta and Tiffany discuss them- the different kinds, what they look like and how to start setting some in your own life. Boundaries, as defined by Berkeley are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships. Boundaries help each person figure out where one person ends and the other begins and help to define what you are comfortable with and how you would like to be treated by others. Shanta and Tiffany talk about some of their own personal boundaries as well as how those boundaries are helping to regulate their personal stress, just in time for National Stress Awareness Month. A recommended reading on the topic is Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab. Don't forget to follow the Heal Shit podcast on IG @healshitpodcast and join the ladies every Thursday at 8:30pm EST as the unpack the podcast episode and answer your questions live. You can also email your questions to Thank you for rocking with the platform! Tiff & Tay and the Heal Shit podcast team
April 5, 2021
Women's Empowerment or Whatever It's Called...
You asked and we answered!  This episode gives you our feelings on women's empowerment along with ways to identify when you're actually being empowered versus when you're not getting the love you deserve. We also talk a little about female centered friendships, managing expectations and how to connect with the right people. We will also be discussing this episode Thursday at 8:30pm EST on our IG page live via @healshitpodcast. All you have to do is tune in! We hope you crush your week. Tiff & Tay
March 29, 2021
Kirk & Kerrion...Chillllllleeeeeee!
Okay- So we discussed this topic on the Heal Shit podcast page live last Thursday during So What Had Happened Was (link to convo: ) then we had some time to think about it and we wanted to come back to the table to continue the conversation. We have feelings on the topic for sure...along with the situation involving Sharon Osbourne and we wanted to make sure we shared those thoughts with all of the community, in case you're not following us on Instagram. **side eye from Tiff & Tay** Some of our followers weren't aware of either situation so we have included the links for reference. Sharon Osbourne Video: Kirk Franklin Video: We believe there is room for reconciliation and/or restoration but...Listen to the episode! Oh, and share your thoughts after you've had the chance to hear it. And if you're not following us on social media- WHY? On IG we are @healshitpodcast #parentalabuse #kirkfranklin #therapy #healing #parenting #sharonosbourne #workplacetrauma #diversityandinclusion Tiff & Tay
March 22, 2021
Lies I've Been Told
On this episode of the Heal Shit podcast, Shanta and Tiffany talk about the lies they've been told- whether it was lies from other people, which caused self doubt, or lies they've told themselves, which could have caused self destruction. The ladies talk about narratives that have been downloaded on them as well as ways they identified those narratives and how they replaced those narratives with the truth. It's a great episode to help you start challenging some of your inner thoughts. After you've heard the episode, Tiff and Tay would love to discuss it with you on IG Live Thursdays during So What Had Happened Was #SWHHW at 8:30pm EST. This is a weekly segment hosted by Shanta and Tiffany and they dive into current events, pop culture and the week's podcast episode, plus answer your questions right there on the spot. They also bring guests on to talk about the topic with them and their community! It's an entire mood. If you have a question but don't want to join the live, you can DM the Heal Shit podcast page at @healshitpodcast on IG or you can email Thank you for being the dopest part of our community and for healing with us! Tiff & Tay and the Heal Shit podcast team
March 15, 2021
Healing From Workplace Trauma
In this episode of the Heal Shit podcast, Shanta and Tiffany briefly talk about their experiences with workplace trauma as Black women in professional work spaces. They dive into microaggressions, macroaggressions, John Henryism, Responsibility Bias and so much more. They even share tips and tricks on navigating the nonsense you can use today. The book referenced in the episode comes from Minda Harts entitled The Memo. To purchase your copy, click the link below: They will be discussing this episode Thursday, 3/11/21 at 8:30pm EST live on the Heal Shit podcast Instagram page. To be directed to the page, click the link : You can also email your questions to We can't wait to hear from you! Tiff & Tay and the Heal Shit Podcast team
March 8, 2021
How You Healing, Sis? Part Two
How You Healing, Sis? Part 2 is the second installment of the Healing series where Shanta talks a bit more in depth about her personal healing journey. During this episode, Shanta touches on imposter syndrome, being the first in families to break barriers, self love and challenges even therapists encounter as they are healing. She also provides useful tips on ways to begin your personal healing journey when it's you versus you! Check out this episode and part one and then meet us over on the Heal Shit Instagram page every Thursday for a live discussion at 8:30pm EST. Each week, we break down the weekly episode, answer your questions live and talk about all things healing. You can also email us your questions at We thank you so much for rocking with us week after week! Tiff & Tay
March 1, 2021
How You Healing, Sis? Part One
How You Healing, Sis? is like asking how you're feeling but focused more on healing. It is our way of checking in on one another to see how far along we've come on our healing journey. This is important because we understand what you're currently dealing with will often impact the way you see life and/or respond to situations and it's critical to be aware of where you stand. On this week's episode, Shanta checks in on Tiffany to talk about some of the challenges she faced in 2020 to include the sudden death of her 28 y/o brother, the pandemic and the marital challenges she and her husband faced. Tiffany talks through how those situations impacted the way she navigated her transition to a new city and how she currently responds to life in an open, honest and transparent way. This episode gets deep. Tiff and Tay will be discussing this episode this Thursday on the Heal Shit Podcast IG page live at 8:30pm EST and would love for you to take part in the discussion.  If you have questions or comments, send them to or DM us at @healshitpodcast on Instagram today! Heal Shit podcast has nothing but love for you ladies! Tiff & Tay
February 22, 2021
What's This Healing Sh*t?!?
In this episode of the Heal Sh*t Podcast, Tiffany and Shanta talk about everyone's favorite buzz word...HEALING! Healing, defined as becoming sound or healthy again or alleviating one's distress or anguish seems to be the goal for 2021 but how do you kickstart your journey? The ladies break it down for you along with a few other key terms you need to know when talking about your mental health. They talk through triggers, trauma and personal accountability. Yes- actually taking responsibility for you, your thoughts and actions. There's so much great information packed in this episode so take a listen NOW and then share this episode with a friend or 10! Oh...And don't forget to follow Heal Sh*t Podcast on IG at @healshitpodcast so that you have the opportunity to join in on the live discussion about the episode for the week every Thursday at 8:30pm EST on IG Live. See, we don't just talk about healing, we walk you through it. Like, subscribe, share and thank you for rocking with Heal Sh*t Podcast! Tiff & Tay
February 15, 2021
That Freaky Deaky Sh*t!
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and as lovers of love, it was only right for us to record an episode about intimacy, sex and all that freaky deaky sh*t that keeps the fire lit in relationships. This conversation is so good! We touch on love languages, scheduling sex AND we are joined by a very special guest, Dr. Amanda Nicholson. Dr. Amanda “Mandy” Nicholson is your, not so conventional Southern Belle who enjoys her Sweet Tea with a side of conversation about intimacy building and Black women’s sexual identity development. She is an international speaker, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and Sexologist. Her passion lies in helping Black women of Faith find their voice in and outside the bedrooms so that they can have the sex lives they desire. Dr. Amanda resides in the Metro Atlanta area, where she sees clients in her practice, In the Nick of Time Therapeutics and coaches Black women of faith in the Prude’s Guide to Intimacy coaching program (which will relaunch Fall 2021). Email: IG Handles: @theamandanicholson / @theprudesguide YouTube: The Prudes Guide to Intimacy Website: Books: Good Christian Sex by Bromleigh McCleneghan Righteous Discontent: The Women's Movement in the Black Baptist Church, 1880 - 1920 by Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham I didn't get to talk about the Song of Solomon and pleasure in the Bible but I highly suggest that people read: The Song of Songs (Soloman): Love Lyrics from the Bible translated by Marcia Falk We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode and we want you to stay connected with us. Head on over to IG now and follow our page @healshitpodcast where we meet on IG Live weekly (Thursdays) at 8:30pm EST or you can email your thoughts and questions to Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to the platform. Tiff & Tay
February 8, 2021
Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves...and Sh*t!
Welcome to the first episode of the Heal Sh*t Podcast. During this episode, Tiffany & Shanta explain why they started the podcast, how they met, a little about what you can look forward to and why you should subscribe. Y'all...this episode is so good AND it gives you a little sneak peak into this season's content. After you're done listening, be sure to share this episode with a good girlfriend who you KNOW belongs in this tribe (even if they already are- Hey girl, Hey!) and don't forget to subscribe. Oh...and send in your questions, thoughts and even your feelings on the episode so we can connect with you Thursdays during So What Had Happened Was #SWHHW on the Heal Sh*t Podcast page every Thursday at 8:30pm EST. You can find us on IG via @healshitpodcast or you can reach us via email at We love you ladies so much and thank you for rocking with US!! Tiff & Tay
February 1, 2021