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Healthcare Crossroads

Healthcare Crossroads

By Ozark Institute Powered by Oncospark
A podcast showcasing the connections in Healthcare Data, Compliance and Patient Care
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Unpacking the Global Package
In this episode I invite my special guest Christine Hall CHC (AAPC Instructor) CPC , CPB, CPMA, CRC, CEMC, CPC-I  to discuss the Global Package. We will discuss the proposed revisions by CMS and the history of it since 1992. Are we ready for a revision? Let's find out What changes have technology and advances in medicine brought us? Are you getting involved and sharing what challenges your practice is facing? Specialty Specific Global Care for Orthopedics and Dermatology Is your EMR up the challenge? Using Subject Matter experts to improve operations and discover missed opportunities costing your practice Could revising the global package lead to better patient care? Check out some great resources: Global Package FAQ Global Surgery Indicators RAND Report CMS-1751-F Contact for more information on improving your operations with coding and revenue challenges
September 22, 2022
Physician and Coder: The Dynamic Duo
In this episode, we sit down with my friend and fellow podcaster Terry Fletcher and discuss the relationship between Physicians and coders. This is a significant relationship that helps utilize both the clinical and business sides of medicine. This partnership ensures compliance, and accurate revenue and allows the physician to focus on patient care while enabling the coder to make sure the revenue is solid. When physicians keep their hard-earned income, the practice can flourish and patients can continue to receive services. Terry and I will discuss: Expectations of Physicians and Coders Eliminating communication gaps with the assistance of Practice Management Having difficult conversations with physicians How consultants have become effective educators Increase your revenue and decrease denials with an effective denial management program that consists of Data Reviews, Audits, and Education with Oncospark! Contact for more information. Check out more episodes from our special guest Terry Fletcher at the CodeCast Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, and many more platforms
September 14, 2022
Decreasing the Prior Authorization Burdens
Are you feeling burdened down with the Prior Authorization processes? You are not alone. In this episode we will chat with Manish Jain, Co-Founder and VP, Business Development of Oncospark and get his insights. We will answer: Why do insurance companies require authorization? Are internal process issues delaying treatment? Tips for organization, demographic errors, treatment changes and miscommunication in scheduling vs approval Can you truly automate the authorization process? We will look at different kinds of authorizations such as: Medication Infusion Surgery Diagnostic testing Check out to augment your process.
August 31, 2022
Behind the Curtain with an Auditor
Join me and special guest Betty Hovey, BSHAM CCS-P CDIP CPC COC CPMA CPCD CPB CPCI as we look "Behind the curtain with an Auditor"   What is behind more audits in 2022?  What does a lack of Audits say about your organization?  Is Compliance your priority?  What does an Auditor do?  Why are Auditors vital in Healthcare? Schedule your next audit by emailing
August 20, 2022
MPFS Indicators
Check out me with my friend Pam Vanderbilt as we talk about Medicare and Modifiers. We will discuss the MPFS Indicators and why all in the Revenue Cycle need to know how Medicare processes claims, because Guess What? "Coding can change based on these Indicators"
July 29, 2022
Communication Barriers in the Business of Healthcare
Join me and my special guest Leslie Boles, BA, CCS, CPC, CPMA, CHC, CPC-I, CRC as we discuss the shift that needs to happen in the Business of Healthcare. As the Co-Owner & President at Revu Healthcare Leslie and her team offer comprehensive regulatory compliance solutions to healthcare providers, hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare entities. In the past 10-15 years there has been a progression of gaps in communication between physicians and coders. Has technology played a role? What happened to good old-fashioned educated conversations? Do your coders and billers have access to the Physicians and Clinicians in your practice? We will also look at what Physicians are facing and how we can help them succeed.  Burdens physicians face in patient care What can we do to be their advocate? Compliance issues we have seen in the documentation before and during PHE How administrators can bridge the gap between coders and billers and encourage open communication Do you know your EMR? Technology tools enhance a successful practice and do not do all the work Check out Code Interceptor Video and visit Oncospark to see all their technology solutions that may be the solution for your practice or facility.
July 20, 2022
Are you just a Medical Coder?
This week we dive into the Revenue Cycle as it relates to Medical Coding. We encourage all to think about how their role as a Medical Coder is a peice of that Cycle and how we approach that role will effect all members of a Healthcare facility. Ultimately it effects the patient. Do you know you are more than a Medical Coder?
July 13, 2022
Breaking Down the Global Package for ENT Services
In this special episode I am joined by my friend Barbara Cobuzzi MBA CPC COC CPC-P CPC-I CPCO CENTC CMCS. We will catch up with her and see what she's been up to. We will break down the Global Package for ENT Services and discuss Common issues in ENT Audits Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries Modifier 58 vs 78 Appropriate use of Modifier 59 and CMS X(ESPU) Contact her at You will also want to check out our ENT Virtual Summit On Demand
July 06, 2022
Unpacking the Global Package
In this weeks episode we continue our discussion from last week and discuss the purpose of the Global Surgical Package. It is a lot to discuss so we will break it up into 2 episodes.  This week we will review:  Modifier 57  The Medicare Physician Fee Indicators  What is Included in the Global Package Interpreting 0, 10 and 90 day Packages  You can learn more about these modifiers as it relates to Orthopedic Services at our Upcoming Virtual Summit July 13-14 and earn 15 CEUS! Sign up today! Register Here 
June 29, 2022
Modifier 25: A Story of Compliance
In this weeks episode we are joined by Sonal Patel, CPMA, CPC, CMC, ICDCM. She is a repeat guest and we are very excited to discuss Modifier 25. It has been in the news lately and a very controversial Modifier for years now. We will discuss: Modifier 25 Definition News from Commercial Payers OIG report from 2005 Using Authoritative Guidance Check out these cool references: OIG Report CMS Global Booklet Fact Sheet CMS Processing Manual Check out the Podcast Paint the Medical Picture Check out our Upcoming Ortho-Care Virtual Summit where we dig into Using Modifier 25 for Orthopedics This episode qualifies for a CEU for our All  Patreon Squad Members. Become a member today at
June 22, 2022
Replay: Telehealth challenges during the PHE and Beyond
We are on Vacation this week. Check out a replay of one of my favorite episodes with my dear friend Christine Hall
June 17, 2022
Are you a Patient Advocate?
In this episode we will chat with Jared Walker, Founder at Dollar For where the goal is Advocating for patients to eliminate medical debt. We are all patients at one point in our life. The Burdens to provide healthcare are great for providers and healthcare staff but the burden for patients are great indeed!  According to Jared " Many patients are involved in payment agreements and going into debt for medical bills they do not have to pay" Let's discuss: Charity Care Patient Advocacy Medical Bill Education Being a proactive patient Want to volunteer? Join NOW as a Volunteer and help Dollar For continue to #crush medical debt  Jared and I will both be speaking at the Healthcare Advocate Summit September 7-9 in New Orleans. Get your Tickets:  
June 08, 2022
Podiatry 101
We have a great Bonus Episode for everyone with my special guest Jessyka Burke. We discuss the ins and outs of Podiatry Billing and Coding Challenges. Routine Footcare NCCI Bunion Coding Hammertoe Know your LCD Policies
June 01, 2022
Are you a Healthcare Advocate?
In this episode we highlight why we are all here in the Business of Healthcare. To provide access to care for the patient population. It doesn’t matter what our role is, we have an obligation to fight for the patient so they can get what they need to improve their quality of life and in many cases save their life. I had the privilege of speaking with two Healthcare Advocates and I am sharing that conversation with you all. Elizabeth Johnson and Melissa Paige join me today to talk about how they became Patient and Healthcare Advocates and how Healthcare Advocate Summit came about. Learn more about our guests: Elizabeth Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer for MedicoCX, a group of independent specialists unified by patient centric access to biologics in a timely and cost effective manner, as well as a co-founder and the President of NAMAPA, National Association of Medication Access & Patient Advocacy, Inc. Their goal is to empower healthcare advocates by providing a collaborative community focused on resources to navigate medication access and support. Melissa Paige is the Co-Founder of HealthCare Advocate Summit, and the Co-Founder of NAMAPA. She is  Recognized as an expert in patient access programs and navigation. She is a Prolific public speaker and educator. She uses her Leadership skills to oversee and coordinate process improvement projects that enhance business models and redesign workflows for improved efficiencies. Her passion for the patient and this drives her to break down access barriers and seek avenues for the highest quality care. The Healthcare Advocate Summit is LIVE in person September 7-9 in New Orleans. Grab your Tickets Today and support this very important event.
June 01, 2022
Is your staff up to the Challenge?
In this week's episode I dig into the heart of getting your providers paid. Many of the breakdown starts with the data collected at the time of the appointment. In my career I started at the front desk. The most important role beside the Physician! I will walk you through my career from Receptionist to Consultant
May 25, 2022
What's the Law got to do with it?
In this Bonus episode I am joined by Kimberly Clayson of Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss as we give you a preview of the legal issues facing the industry and some insight into No surprise billing that she we give us at the Orthopedic Conference.  What is No Surprise Billing? What it means for Orthopedics? Upcoming topics for the OrthoCare Summit Join us and get your Tickets
May 19, 2022
What Triggers a Behavioral Health Audit?
Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 6! We are happy to invite our first guest of the Season Laurie Bouzarelos MHA,CPC on the show today to talk about Behavioral Health audits.  Laurie Bouzarelos, MHA, CPC is a health care consultant with a special interest in supporting the unique business needs of behavioral health practices. Laurie works with psychiatrists and behavioral health providers to improve practice revenue and address compliance shortfalls. Laurie helps providers understand their revenue and facilitates operational changes to meet managed care and government payer requirements and state and federal laws. Areas of focus include managed care contracting, documentation improvement, EHR templates, coding accuracy and medical billing. We will discuss the recent OIG audit that was done in NY and what we can learn from it. Read more Our focus will be on the areas of: Treatment Plans Frequency Documentation Incident to requirements Time documentation Telehealth Know the OIG Workplan
May 11, 2022
The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of LCD Policies 1 CEU
In todays episode we dive into LCD policies, Coverage and Evaluation and Management tips for Diagnosis Documentation. It is so important to understand the impact that Medical Necessity and Coverage guidelines play in reimbursement. Outside of direct care providers many patients rely on their insurance coverage to get the services they need. By accepting assignment on their behalf and submitting their claim we can aid them as professionals to continue getting these service and to be reimbursed the highest amount available. We can do this by understanding: Current Active LCD Policies Prior Authorization Criteria vs Coverage Guidelines Documenting Risk and conditions that effect the risk Timely Submission of accurate claims with supporting Documentation Medicare Coverage Process Patient LCD Disputes LCD What's New Report LCD Q/A Diagnostic Colonoscopy LCD Do not keep writing off claims for preventable Prior Authorization Denials. Get started with Authparency Watch it in Action! Earn a CEU for this Episode by becoming a Patreon Member
May 04, 2022
So you Wanna be a Medical Coder
In this Episode I welcome my colleague and Fellow Physician Educator Crystal Watters. Remote vs Onsite jobs Passing an exam doesn't guarantee a job Social media ettiqite True value of CEUS Apprentice Credentials, do we need them? What does having a credential tell a prospective employer? Different Credentials Earn a CEU for this episode by joining our All Access or VIP Membership
April 27, 2022
The Truth about Anxiety Stress and Success
In this final episode of our 4 part series with Behavioral Health I wanted to close out with awareness of Stress and Anxiety awareness.  April is #stressawarenessmonth and we discuss the damage prolonged stress can have on our mental and physical health. 🔸️Stress and Anxiety Awareness 🔸️Final Rule and Behavioral Health 🔸️Exam Anxiety Exam Anxiety Tips Do not miss our Specialty Conference series! We have specialties: OBGYN Pediatrics Cardiology Oncology Orthopedics Find out more at
April 20, 2022
The Clinical Side of Behavioral Health
Let's discuss the Clinical side of Personality Disorders. I have a special guest Paul Sheesley MA, LPC,LCPC,LCADC a clinical Psychotherapist and Consultant specializing in Personality disorders and Substance Abuse. We will discuss: Personality Disorders Presentation of these disorders Effect on Family and Society Risks Early Detection Effect on Anxiety, Depression and Overall Health Paul's Bio: Paul Sheesley, is a mental health practitioner with almost 20 years of experience in the field of clinical psychology and human behavior. He equips high-powered professionals, prominent couples, and families committed to healthy interpersonal relationships with personalized support, tailored treatment, and necessary steps to regain a balanced self that positively impacts all areas of life. Paul Sheesley, is an expert in the treatment of narcissism and borderline personality disorders and offers a specialized use of schema therapy in the treatment room. Schema Therapy is a systematic approach that draws on the cognitive-behavioral, attachment, psychodynamic, and emotion-focused traditions and conceptualizes patients who have personality disorders. Located in Washington, DC and Maryland his practice is available to assist clients and loved ones experiencing  personality, emotional, and behavioral challenges associated with such challenges common in BPD and NPD. Check out our Amazing new Prior Authorization tool for Behavioral Health Services and many other service lines at This Saturday we welcome our Industry Leaders and attendees to the Pediatric Summit where we will dig into some Behavioral Disorders for Pediatrics Register Here
April 13, 2022
The Behavioral Health Crisis: Social Determinants of Health and Risk 1 CEU
In this episode I am joined by my colleague and friend Barbara Shaw, CPC, CPCO, CDEO, CRC, CEDC . W will discuss Risk adjustment and Social Determinants of health as it relates to Mental Health Services What is Risk Adjustment? Important reminders about SDOH Risk Adjustment Documentation  Mental Health and SDOH Join the Risk Adjustment Masterclass created by Risk Adjustment leaders and educators. Ask us about our special programs for Hospital Employee education  This episode qualifies for 1 CEU for our Patreon Squad Members. Jump over to
April 06, 2022
The Behavioral Health Crisis in the Workplace
In this episode we begin our four part series on the Behavioral Health Crisis. I will be sharing my thoughts on mental health in the workplace. I share what I have learned in my career and the things that have contributed to my professional growth. We can all improve in our way of dealing with others at home and in the workplace. Mental Health in the workplace Communication between departments A Leader vs a Boss Growth opportunity suggestions There will be CEUS offered for certain episodes. Please join the Patreon squad to support the show at Learn more about #authparency and schedule a Demo today! You will also enjoy our April Webinar on Billing for BHI and telehealth during and after the PHE. Register HERE for your staff or for your facility. Learn about Leadership
March 31, 2022
Virtual Education is here to Stay
In this Episode I'm joined by Sarah Ragan. A seasoned coder and auditor. She's a great educator and mentor. Today we talk about the benefits of Virtual Education and why it is a valuable way to get our education. Value of Education Virtual Education before and after the pandemic Benefits of Virtual Education on the community Networking Value Learn more about our Virtual events HERE Connect with Sarah Ragan, COC, CPC, CPMA, CRC, CFPC if you need a speaker for your next event! You can learn more about the opportunities to become a  Certified Instructor HERE Does your Organization need help streamlining your Prior Authorizations and increasing revenue while decreasing unnecessary denials? Visit for your FREE Demo
March 23, 2022
Oncology Discussion: Surgical, Medical and Radiation
Join me and my special guest Stephanie Thebarge CPC, CPMA, CPPM, CPB, CEMC, CHONC, PESC talking about all things #Oncology We discuss the differences in Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology. We discuss the necessity of a proper understanding of Guidelines, Payer requirements and the natural desire to be a good reseacher. This specialty requires a desire to know all you can about how Oncology drugs happen and truly caring about the patients and being a #patientadvocate Do not miss her #infusion presentation at #Healthcon22 "Breaking Down Billing for New Drugs" #session 3G Learn more about #authparency at You will not want to miss Hyperoncology Summit 2022! Medical Oncology Infusion Rita Genovese Radiation Oncology Jordan Johnson, MSHA, iMPaCT Surgical Oncology/CPT/ICD10-PCS Jennifer McNamara CPC,CCS,CRC,CPMA,CPC-I,CGSC,COPC Risk Adjustment Barbara Shaw, CPC, CPCO, CDEO, CRC, CEDC Evaluation and Management Betty Hovey, BSHAM CCS-P CDIP CPC COC CPMA CPCD CPB CPCI Want to sponsor or sign up as a virtual exhibitor? Download our Prospectus
March 16, 2022
March Madness and Modifiers
In this Bonus Episode Kimberly Jolivette Williams CPC CPB CPMA CANPC CCC CEMC   is my special guest.  Its March Madness with Modifiers and we are here to talk about our favorite ones and some very important tips and guidance.   *Always check your state and local plan websites for Modifier guidance  Why do we use modifiers? Modifier 24,25, and 57  Modifier 58,78,79  New F Modifiers  Modifier TC,26  Modifier 50 and 59  Modifier List Medicare  Proper Use of Modifiers 59 & –X{EPSU}  OIG Modifier 25  OIG Modifier 59   CMS PHE Modifiers  UHC  Do not miss our upcoming Conferences that are Virtual, On demand and have CEUS!  Visit our Conference Page Earn 1 CEU for becoming a All access or VIP member of the patreon squad at
March 11, 2022
From Coder to Instructor and our CPC Exam Tips
In this episode we will be joined by our special guest Mia Reddick-Smith, PMP, MBA, CPC-I. She has over 16 years’ experience working in healthcare revenue integrity and project management with enterprise system implementations. She is a results-oriented professional leading development of reimbursement and charge capture programs as well as executing organizational operating and financial objectives. Currently she teaches medical coding/billing AAPC® CPC prep courses. As someone with a vision of processes and workflow development, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the  health care nomenclature and systems, along with capacity to manage healthcare technical projects/programs to develop strategic products.  We will sit down and discuss:  Coding as a Profession  Going from a Coder to Instructor   Bridging the gap in departments for Billers and Coders  Being successful in the CPC exam with our special tips  Self study vs Results driven Instructor coaching  Connect with Mia  Get more Continuing education at our upcoming Specialty Virtual Conference series on Pediatrics April 16, LIVE and On Demand  Register Here
March 09, 2022
Be Successful in your Appeals Process
In this Episode I invite back my friend and fellow Podcaster Terry A Fletcher BS CPC CEMC CCC CCS CCSP CMC ACS-CA SCP-CA, QMPM. She is the host of the #codecast podcast. In our years working in the business of healthcare we have seen so much fraud, waste and abuse. Much of the waste is simply not understanding the appeals process. So much money is left on the table by needless Denials and decisions not to appeal. This is a #donotmiss episode  CMS Appeals Process  UHC Appeals Process  Using ERISA Appeals Process  Clerical Errors and Reopening  Become a Patreon Subscriber to get CEUS at Listen to the Codecast Podcast on your favorite podcast station Do not miss Terry and our Special Guests at the Virtual Cardiology Summit May 21-22. Learn More
March 02, 2022
Navigating Workers Compensation, Tricare and Auto Insurance Billing
Join me and my Special Guest Jessyka Burke, BSHA, CPC, COSC, CASCC as we dive into the world of billing for Workers Compensation, Tricare and Auto Insurance Billing. We thought these are areas of Billing that often get misunderstood or billed incorrectly. It takes organization and constant follow up. We give you the tips to be successful. Getting organized Know state guidelines  Different types of military insurance Challenges in getting visits approved with Tricare.   Suggestions for Billing Auto claims Tricare Breakdown Tool Schedule a Demo of our Authparency Software Solution: If your Orthopedic practice is 60-70% Workers comp you will want to listen to this episode and do not forget to Join Jessyka and I at our upcoming Ortho-Care Virtual Conference July 15-16 Buy Tickets We have a special 10% off for our listeners with CODE ORTHO22 ✔️ICD10-CM Guidelines for Orthopedics ✔️Documentation for 2021 E/M for Orthopedics ✔️ICD10- PCS for Musculoskeletal ✔️Fracture Care: Closed vs ORIF ✔️Arthroscopy: Shoulder, Knee, Ankle ✔️Total Joints ✔️Appeals and Denials ✔️Spine Coding  ✔️Podiatry ✔️Hand and Wrist ✔️ASC Billing ✔️Pain Management ✔️DME ✔️Stay Legal with No Surprise Billing ✔️Office Procedures and Injections ✔️LIVE Giveaways ✔️Expert Speakers ✔️Virtual Networking
February 23, 2022
Your Role in the Revenue Cycle
Everyone has a role to play in the Revenue Cycle. Its important that we understand each other's role to work better as a team. Join Vanessa Moldovan and myself as we discuss: Overview of revenue cycle What is the difference in billing vs coding? Job responsibilities of a coder vs a biller What other roles in RCM can a coder be utilized in?  Ways to improve communication Simple errors and how communication can improve these  CMS Status B Guidelines OIG Coding Guidelines Join our Virtual Conference Series to help educate your Coding and Billing staff Register Today
February 16, 2022
Surgery Coding: Dissecting an Operative Note
I get many questions about how to read and dissect an operative report. In an effort to answer some of those questions I have decided to talk about the process in this episode. Operative Report Elements Getting Organized Understanding the Medical Necessity Learn more about Surgery coding for OBGYN Services at our conference Saturday 2/12/22 Join our Annual Patreon membership to get CEUS for select episodes.
February 09, 2022
Telehealth challenges during the PHE and Beyond 1 CEU available
During the Public Health Emergency our world in the Business of Healthcare is constantly changing. One area we see constant movement in is Telehealth Services. Today my special guest Christine Hall and I will discuss this topic and some reminders on Coding based on the current IC10-CM Covid 19 Guidelines.  What is the difference between Telehealth before and after the PHE? How can practices to be successful in making sure the claims get out to the right POS? For the Telehealth services there is a Telehealth Services List. How do we understand these different categories? What changes occurred in 2022 for Behavioral Health  how will this benefit this service line? Under telehealth there are all these waivers and allowances. How can practices get organized and maneuver through all the changes? What are some reminders when reporting ICD10-CM Covid 19 based on the guidelines? Official Guidelines for ICD10-CM 2022 COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) Billing Medicare FFS Response to the PHE on COVID-19 ACP Resources for Practices Check out the Authparency Website Watch a Demo 
January 12, 2022
Be successful with Evaluation and Management in 2022
I'm going to make E/M coding easy for you in 2022 and review how to use the official AMA®️ MDM Table to level your codes. Plus key areas of Strategy for your practice. There will be 1 a CEU for this bonus episode if you are an All Access or VIP member. Join the membership at CPT® is a registered trademark of AMA Work on your 2022 education plan Understanding 2021 guidelines before more changes occur in 2023 Helping providers stay current with Internal and External Education PHE Waivers and allowances Using the right modifiers Tracking Denials Audit Strategy Watch the Live Video to view the slides and comment with your questions: Check out these cool references: How to Use the MPFS Look-Up Tool 2021 AMA® Guidelines Implementing CPT® Evaluation and Management (E/M) revisions Check out the Authparency Website Watch a Demo 
January 05, 2022
Risk Adjustment: Data driven Healthcare
In our first episode of Season 5 we are hitting the ground running with a popular topic. Creating a Risk Adjustment Education experience for Coders and Facilities will be so valuable for the Industry and help improve the quality of patient care. The data we collect and the education we provide as Risk Adjustment educators and coders helps to accomplish this.  How to improve your Risk Adjustment Team  What does it take to discover the financial Impact of your Risk Adjustment program integrated through data solutions?  How can a Risk Adjustment education program Reduce Coding Errors and ensure Complete code capture to account for proper reimbursements, manage costs of high-risk patient populations, and provide a high quality of care?  What is the value in bringing in Subject Matter experts to educate Coding staff on Risk adjustment?  Check out the Authparency Website Watch a Demo  Contact for more information on our Upcoming Risk Adjustment Experience. Support us by joining our Podcast membership. You can save up to 16% off your membership by paying annually.  Visit
January 05, 2022
An Orthopedic Review and what's new in 2022 1 CEU
There are many new changes to Orthopedic Coding in 2022. I will discuss those changes and how to be successful in reimbursement for these services. I will talk about the challenges I faced as a new coder and how I have been successful in Orthopedics. New  2022 Guideline revisions Fracture Care and Modifier 54 New Spine codes for Laminectomy Understanding Fracture Care ICD10-CM Guidelines Understanding NCCI guidelines and PTP Edits Understand Modifier 25 in 2021 and beyond Get a CEU if you are an All Access or VIP member CPT® is a registered trademark of the AMA NCCI Chapter 4a AAOS on Fracture Care  Reference: CPT Changes 2022 AMA (C)
December 28, 2021
Stay Compliant with Copay Collections
Did you know that Copay collections are required when you enter into a contract with an Insurance payer and that Routine Waiver of copays is against many Federal laws and regulations Including the Civil Monetary Penalties Law (CMPL), Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), and the False Claims Act? Today we dive into the Laws and the regualtions so we can be compliant. What is a Copay? How to Understand Cost Sharing The Anti-Kickback Statute and Copays The False Claims Act QMB Status Check out these great resources: Why can Copay Waiving be Illegal? UHC Administrative Guide False Claims Act OIG Special Fraud Alerts Support the Show 
December 22, 2021
Radiology Reimbursement: Documentation and Modifiers
Today we will discuss the various guidelines for reporting diagnostic services, Radiology Documentation requirements and Common Modifiers Objective: Section IV of the Official ICD10-CM Guidelines CMS IOM 100 Guidelines for Documentation LCD Policies Data Component of E/M Services Review To earn a CEU for this Episode you must be a member of the Patreon Squad. You can join our Basic, All access or VIP memberships and get your Annual CEUS by listening to the show Please see these helpful links mentioned in the podcast: Breast Imaging LCD Medicare Claim Processing Manual 2021 E/M Guidelines Check out Ozark Institute Powered by Oncospark Get CEUS for todays episode by becoming a Patreon
December 15, 2021
Navigating the Credentialing Maze
Today we discuss the Maze of Provider Credentialing and Important reasons to Credential your Facility and Provider with an Insurance company. Objective: Using PECOS and CAQH Importance of Payer Contract Negotiations Updating Provider Enrollment Inhouse or Outsourcing Please see these helpful links mentioned in the podcast: PECOS Enrollment Checklist CAQH Proview Resources UHC Credentialing Information Understand  No Surprise Billing Is Balance Billing Legal?
December 08, 2021
Know your EOB and Denial Codes
Do you struggle with EOB Language and Denial Codes? Do you know how to understand the NCCI Manual or how to use an Encoder? All of these things are crucial to understand as a coder or a biller. If you are a Office Manager or Physician you will also enjoy listening. Reach out to us if your clinic would like to look at our Data Analytic tools to streamline for practice flow and maximize payment EOB Breakdown Common Denial Codes Reviewing the NCCI Manual Be encoder Savvy Learn from Industry leaders at our 2022 Virtual Conferences Feb 12,2022 we come together with Experts Shannon Deconda CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CEMC, CEMA, CMPM, CRTT and Betty Hovey BSHAM CCS-P IP CPC COC CPMA CPCD CPB CPC-I as we learn more about the Reimbursement challenges for OBGYN Services Visit and check out our Upcoming events on Eventbrite Earn a CEU if you are an All Access or VIP member at
November 24, 2021
The Anatomy of the Medical Coding Career
Today I will be talking about my career path and how to navigate your career path in a similar way. I give you my take on the main Coding Certifying Industries AAPC® and AHIMA®. I am certified in both and I love them both for what they offer to help coders and billers. Lets discuss: Options for CPC-A CPC or CCS? Other Career Options Technology and Coders Maintaining a positive attitude To obtain a CEU for this episode please join our Patreon squad at Check out our upcoming Conferences at Eventbrite Visit our website to sign up for our CPC Course starting 1/3/22 at
November 17, 2021
Bonus: Maternity Global Billing and Anesthesia
Listen to our Bonus Episode of Life as a Coder featuring the one and only Kimberly Jolivette Williams CPC CPB CPMA CANPC CCC CEMC as we discuss Maternity Billing and Anesthesia. There will be 1 CEU available for All Access and VIP Patreon Squad members. Join at
November 06, 2021
Interview with Tech Giant Bettina Hein
Join me as I Interview Bettina Hein. Bettina Hein is a serial software entrepreneur that has built technology companies in both Europe and the United States. She is most recently the founder of digital health startup juli, her third software company. She is also the founder of Pixability, a video advertising company in Boston. Prior to Pixability, Bettina co-founded SVOX, the Swiss-based speech technology company which was acquired by Nuance Communications (NUAN) for $125 million. Bettina has received numerous awards and recognitions such as the 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Award, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, L’Oreal NEXT Generation Award, and The Boston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Award.” Bettina holds an MS degree from MIT, a law degree from the University of Constance, and a business degree from the University of St. Gallen. Bettina holds two software patents and is the co-author of Video Marketing for Dummies. She is also a “shark” on the Swiss version of Shark Tank called “Höhle der Löwen Schweiz.”
October 27, 2021
Spinal Fusion Coding CPT and PCS
Spinal Fusion coding can be complex especially if we do not understand Spinal Anatomy, Coding Guidelines and Payer Requirements. CMS and AMA can differ in their interpretation of documentation and bundling of Laminectomy and Arthrodesis. Do you understand all the elements of an  Arthrodesis Procedure. Lets Talk about it: Spine Anatomy Arthrodesis Components Bundled Procedures Co Surgery PCS Guidelines for Fusion Leave a message
October 20, 2021
Global Billing, Modifiers and GI Examples 1 CEU
Modifiers can be confusing since we have so many of them. There are CPT® modifiers and Payer specific ones to navigate through. Today we will focus in the most commonly used ones with the Global Package and how to know when to apply them We will pick on the 59 modifier and give examples of GI procedures that are commonly denied and how to interpret the 59 modifier or X Modifiers.  Modifier Purpose   Global Modifiers   Surgery vs E/M Modifiers   Modifier 59 and GI Denials  Helpful Links:  59 Modifier for GI CMS  Modifier 53 for Colonoscopy  NCCI Manual Chapter 6 Digestive CMS Proper Use of Modifiers 59 & –X{EPSU}  Join our Upcoming Specialty Conferences and Events in 2022 on Eventbrite Earn CEUS for Listening and Become a Patreon Squad Member: Leave a message
October 13, 2021
Getting to Know your ICD10-CM Manual and No surprise Billing
As a Coder or Biller it is very important that we all understand the proper use of our Coding Manuals as the improper use of them can impact claims payment and increase denials of we do not follow the guidelines. The more we understand the manual and how it can help us, the more efficient we can be. We will discuss: Introduction Code Structure Symbols and Colors Appendices Section Tips No Surprise Billing and OON Negotiations We have some helpful links below to help you navigate ICD10-CM 2022 Official Guidelines No Surprise Billing CMS
October 06, 2021
Bonus: Coding with Authority and Orthopedic Reminders 1 CEU
In this episode we will talk about coding with Authority and the importance of using the right resources when we do research and when we educate physicians. We will also talk about some items to remember when coding for Orthopedic Services directly from our 2021 NCCI Manual from CMS. Know the Authoritative sources for coding and reimbursement Know when changes happen and keep up to date Getting to know the NCCI Manual Chapter 4 Coding reminders for Arthroscopy and other reminders Here are some helpful Link so you can do research on your own: 2021 NCCI Manual Chapter 4 E/M Services Guide CMS Complying With Medical Record Documentation Requirements Documentation Matters Toolkit HCPCS Quarterly Updates CMS Orthopedic ICD10-CM Join us for our Upcoming Events on Eventbrite! Register  Earn CEUS each month for upcoming episodes by becoming a patron:
September 23, 2021
Prior Authorization Transparency and Effectiveness
Learn the importance of Prior Authorizations and how to protect your practice revenue as well as help ensure your patients are taken care of. We will discuss: Common Pitfalls Need for Communication Written policies Staff education  Check out AuthParency for an amazing Tool and Platform to organize your Prior Authorizations Contact me for more Info Join us for our Upcoming Events on Eventbrite! Register  Earn CEUS each month for upcoming episodes by becoming a patron:
September 15, 2021
Keep your Eye on Ophthalmology and Optometry Reimbursement
Ophthalmology and Optometry Coding and Billing has its own little niche that has many areas to be aware of: Coding and Billing CPT/ICD10-CM Injections EM vs Ophthalmic Eye Codes Surgical Coding Complexity New Codes 2022 Prior Auth  Cornea Transplant with ASC  E&M or Eye Codes? How to Choose Which to Use Eye Code Checklist Coding Complex Cataract Surgery Cornea Transplant Info Glaucoma Coding for Stents Diabetes ICD10-CM Decision Tree Join us for Virtual Healthcare Summit 2021 this weekend 9/10-9/12/21 20+CEUS with 15 Industry Leaders: Use code Welcome10 for 10% off
September 08, 2021
Breaking down Evaluation and Management 2021 with Betty Hovey
We want to introduce our special Guest Betty Hovey Of Compliant Healthcare Solutions. She has over 30 years in the healthcare field, working with small and large facilities. Betty worked for Karen Zupko & Associates as a senior health care consultant performing audits; speaking at conferences; and providing onsite physician, coder, and other staff education. She also worked for AAPC as the Director of ICD-10 Education and Training. She co-authored manuals and presentations, held training sessions and gave presentations nationwide on ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS. She also managed and educated the 45 ICD-10 expert trainers for AAPC. She served as a member of the national advisory board for AAPC from 2004-2007 and was an officer on the board from 2005-2007. She is currently a Council member on the AHIMA national Council for Excellence in Education, a Board member on Quality MD, and Board member of the Editorial Board for BC Advantage. We will Break down the 2021 Changes and how to use the Guidelines to interpret documentation. ● Data Section Interpretation ● Physician Education ● Risk Documentation I also encourage you to follow her on Linkedin and Network with her: Betty A Hovey, BSHAM, CCS-P, CDIP, CPC, COC, CPMA, CPCD, CPB, CPC-I Visit her website: Join her at Virtual Healthcare summit for her Discussion with me on CCS Exam preparation and CDI Integrity Buy Tickets
September 01, 2021
Bonus: Risk Adjustment Exam Tips
We will review the different areas of the Risk Adjustment Exam and how to network to get your first Risk Coding Job Objective: How to Become a Remote Risk Adjustment Coder Different Risk Models Provider Documentation ICD10 Guidelines Here are some helpful Link so you can do research on your own: Medicare Risk Manual AAPC Risk Exam Information I also encourage you to follow me on Linkedin and Network with me: Jennifer McNamara CPC,CRC,CPMA,CPC-I,CGSC,COPC AAPC Approved Instructor Purchase our On Demand Risk Summit 2021 Leave us a Voice message: Join the Patreon Squad and earn CEUS:
August 26, 2021
ICD10-PCS Basic Structure
Let's learn the basic Structure of ICD10-PCS. It's so fun to code PCS.  ● Root operations  ● Approach  ● Device and Qualifiers ● Examples Want to learn more? Join myself and Betty Hovey at  Virtual Healthcare Summit 2021 September 10-12 and earn 20 CEUS Did you know you can earn CEUS for becoming a Podcast Patron? Become a Patron and Join one of our low cost  Memberships
August 18, 2021
Cardiovascular Coding: ICD’s, LCD’s and the Dialysis Circuit 1CEU
In this episode we will break down the coding guidelines and discuss examples for Pacemaker and Defibrillator coding. We will also talk about the NCD/LCD policy for AICD and of course I will give you PCS coding tips. We will review the codes 36901-36909 and break down the guidelines  JOIN Virtual Healthcare Summit 2021 September 10-12 with 20 CEUS  This Episode qualifies for 1 CEU for our members so Become a Patron and earn CEUS Memberships
August 11, 2021
Industry Perceptions with Dr Hale Hedley
In this episode I decided to Interview a Physician. Dr Hale Hedley is a Physician and Entrepreneur. Dr. Hale E. Hedley received an undergraduate degree in business with high honors from the University of Maryland. He went into the legal field as a graduate with honors from George Washington University School of Law. As a licensed attorney in Florida he worked at a large multi‐state law firm practicing business, litigation and property law. He maintains an active law license and works as a consultant for medical‐legal (defense primarily) cases and business startups. To solidify his plan to practice medicine Dr. Hedley attended and graduated with honors from Georgetown University School of Medicine and went on to complete the University of Florida/Shands Jacksonville Emergency Medicine Residency Program. He maintains board certification from the American Board of Emergency Medicine and actively practices at a number of hospitals – primarily in southern Georgia and Florida. Besides the traditional workplace, Dr. Hedley has always engaged in entrepreneurial activity. He started a novel concept with online legal forms in 1997 – that is still around todayHe is part of a rapidly expanding online healthcare compliance system for small to medium sized healthcare concerns. Join Dr Hedley at Virtual Healthcare Summit as he talks to us about Musculoskeletal Anatomy. Purchase tickets at Get your compliance in check with Epi Compliance and take the headache out of your compliance process.Right now, Life as a Coder podcast listeners can save 20% on their subscription by visiting and using the discount code OZARK20. You work on your business, let EPICompliance take care of your compliance. Help support us so we can keep making episodes and join the Life as a Coder squad at
August 04, 2021
BONUS: Vaccination Station and What’s New in 2022
We have our first Bonus episode talking about common coding areas that are misinterpreted for coding exams and common denials. Plus Join us as we dig into some new guidelines that are out now for 2022 and go into effect 10/1/2021. Review: ● Vaccination vs Immunization ● Coding for Administration Components ● Coding Per Vaccine ● ICD10-CM 2022 ● JOIN Virtual Healthcare Summit 2021 September 10-12 with 20 CEUS References: How to Code for Immunizations and Administration Commonly Administered Vaccines for Pediatrics Vaccination FAQ Official 2022 ICD10-CM Guidelines CDC Vaccine Information Become a All Access or VIP Patron and earn CEUS: Memberships
July 29, 2021
Step outside 2021 Evaluation and Management
Let’s discuss the other areas of E/M that may have been forgotten by many in 2021. We have been overloaded with 2021 E/M guidelines but let's not forget those other important areas of E/M Guidelines. TCM(Transitional Care Management) AWV(Annual Wellness Visits) Observation vs Inpatient Admission Same Day Discharge Two Midnight Rule and New RULE IPO Update Split/Shared Guidelines Here are some helpful Link so you can do research on your own: Earn CEUS each month for upcoming episodes by becoming a patron: Earn CEUS each month for upcoming episodes by becoming a patron:
July 28, 2021
Is Working from Home Working?
Many work from home and can be very productive. Some employers have concerns about moving to this platform  What the Data shows  Not all are cut out for Remote life  Tips for remote working productivity  Please see these helpful links mentioned in the podcast:  Become a Patron and get MORE CEUS!  Working from Home Productivity Statistics
July 21, 2021
E/M 6 Month Checkup
Let’s do our 6 month Check up and see how we are doing with the New 2021 Guidelines   Review:   •Differences in Data Elements for each Level   •Provider Education   •Interpreting Minor and Major Surgery   •Chronic vs Acute   •SDOH   •Specialty Examples  
July 15, 2021
Are you Following LCD Policies?
Are you familiar with how to use LCD Policies? Review: •Using your MAC Carrier •Provider Education •Examples of what is in a Policy •Coding Articles Become a Patron and earn CEUS: Memberships
July 14, 2021
Creating a Culture of Compliance
Are you creating a Culture of Compliance? Join me and my special guest Mr Jose Delgado of EPI Compliance. EPI has an excellent program and service to help practices and facilities create and maintain an effective compliance program. We will Interview Mr Delgado and ask him these questions: ● What are the common areas you see in healthcare where compliance is lacking? ● What do healthcare facilities often misunderstand about compliance? ● Why do we need compliance? ● What makes for an effective compliance program? ● What are some basic steps facilities can take to create a welcome environment for compliance? ● How has EPI compliance been successful in creating a compliance culture with their clients ? ● What should clinics and facilities ask themselves when considering a compliance plan for their facility? SPEAKER: Jose A. Delgado Jose A. Delgado has a wealth of experience in business development, growth and management. For the last 20 years, Mr. Delgado has focused his experience in the hospitality, healthcare and finance industries. Jose possesses a natural love for debate, entrepreneurship, and a desire to innovate the healthcare and financial industries. Drawing from the hospitality and industry, Mr. Delgado has brought in the importance of several facets of business that are traditionally overlooked like customer care/experience, human resources, business management, business culture, marketing and branding. From healthcare, Mr. Delgado quickly realized that having a real understanding of Compliance and the intersectional relationships between the many governing bodies that are found in the healthcare industry can keep providers in business. Mr. Delgado has always sought to create value in the healthcare industry and shift the focus away from its current antiquated business processes into the opportunities that the Information Age provides. Do you want to get your practice set up with an effective compliance program that will save you time and money so you can focus on taking care of your patients? Contact us at to get your practice onboard with our successful compliance tools. Download our FAQ Information and Pricing Donate $1.00 to $10.00 a month to support us. You will get early access to episodes and access to Bonus episodes that come with CEUS.  Visit to Donate and get CEUS. If you donate within Anchor please email to register
June 28, 2021
Welcome to ICD-10 CM 2021-Updates and Review
How are you Adjusting to the New Guidelines? Let’s talk about the updates and new codes Guideline Revisions New Codes: 490  Let's Review some of my Favorite New Updates
June 24, 2021
My favorite ICD10-CM Guidelines
I am a very passionate coder and I absolutely love ICD10! Today I will break down some of my favorite tips and guidelines. Our Agenda: Guideline Sections Diabetes Guidelines Coding for Neoplasms in the Index and the Tabular 7th Character Basics Z code Tip break “Breaking down” Fracture Guidelines Do you want to learn more about ICD10 CM and ICD10 PCS? Join our summer ICD10 Class designed to enhance your ICD10 Skills and to prepare you for the CCS Exam! Visit for more information Always familiarize yourself with the guidelines. READ READ READ!! 2021 ICD10 CM Guidelines 2021 ICD10 PCS Guidelines
June 21, 2021
Medical Coding Career Tips from a Recruiter Point of View
We have a very Special Guest Interview with Kyle Johnston, VP Client Services, Weller Healthcare IT Services that is here to help all Coding Professionals enhance their career and to help new coders create their footprint in the Industry. Our Agenda: How can a new coder land a job? What are the highest paying coding roles? What is the benefit of working with a company that specifically hires coders versus being a coder directly employed by a physician practice or healthcare organization? Should coders with no experience apply to positions that require multiple years of experience? Is there any advantage to coders utilizing social media in their job search, like Facebook and LinkedIn? What are some of your best tips for resumes, specifically for those either brand new out of school or new to coding due to a career switch? How can a coder get in touch with recruiters?
June 14, 2021
Getting to know your HCPCS Manual
Get to know the very important HCPCS Level II Code book with us. Getting to know your code books is so important to be an effective coder and biller. We will Discuss: Use of Level II HCPCS Modifiers C-codes G-codes J-codes S-codes NCCI Manual-Appendix CMS Information AAPC® Resources for HCPCS
June 07, 2021
Breaking down the CCS exam with AHIMA
In this episode we will break down the CCS exam from my point of view. I tested and passed at the end of April and I had no Inpatient coding experience, All of my knowledge came from a prep course and my experience on the professional side of coding. We will review:   Coding Systems and Books Used DRG Tips Understanding Query for the Exam Eliminating answers for PCS and the Structure   Make sure and join us this summer for our course on PCS and Inpatient Billing guidelines for the CCS exam. I have listed below some helpful tips and Resources   100 Tips for ICD-10-PCS Coding: Tips 1-10 The Coder & the Compliant Query   MS-DRG Tips   Join our FREE Webinar on 6/30/2021 and use code CCS21 and get 10% for our Inpatient Coding Workshop Available 7/15/2021 at the low cost of $129. All listeners get this discount on our course.
May 24, 2021
Compliance and Risk in a Telehealth World
Listen as we discuss the modern world of Telehealth Services and the concerns over compliance   Objective:   What is Telehealth? What are the Pros and Cons of Telehealth? How has it changed before and after the PHE? Identify Privacy Risks Proper Technology Requirements EMR Requirements Compliance and HIPAA Compliant Coding for Risk Adjustment What is the Future of Telehealth after PHE   Please see these helpful links mentioned in the podcast: List of Telehealth Services | CMS   Telehealth - JF Part B - Noridian ( How to get or provide remote health care   AMA quick guide helps doctors boot up their telemedicine practice | American Medical Association (  
May 17, 2021
Be Compliance Plan Savvy
Listen as we discuss the 7 key elements of Compliance Plan, There is alot of information out there on compliance plans. We will simplify what new practices need to know. Objective:   7 Elements of a Compliance Plan Why is it Required? Making it Simple and Easy to Follow   Please see these helpful links mentioned in the podcast:   FREE Compliance Checklist OIG Compliance Portal
May 10, 2021
Talk Compliance with your Physician
Listen as we discuss the key elements of Compliance and how to help your Physician understand its importance.   Objective:   What is Compliance? What are the different Laws in place that Physicians need to know? Providing easy to understand compliance.   Please see these helpful links mentioned in the podcast:   Compliance Overview-AAPC® OIG Education Materials  
May 03, 2021
Common GI Billing Mistakes
We want to talk today about Common Billing Mistakes encountered when billing for Gastrointestinal Procedures. We will discuss common areas such as:   Modifiers Coding Bundles Patient Education Documentation and Medical Necessity LCD Policy and Denial Management   If your Practice needs Coding assistance or Physician education please Book an Appointment with Jennifer   We have a new GI E/M 2021 Guidelines Course Starting in June and all Podcast Listeners can sign up by emailing and mentioning CODE: COLON and we will give you 10% off  
April 26, 2021
Enter Health Information Management with the Right Credentials
Which organization fits me best? Do I want to work for a Facility or Physician Practice? Do I want to invest in a degree program or an express entry into a coding course? Will I get a job right away?   Here are some helpful Link so you can do research on your own:   I also encourage you to follow me on Linkedin and Network with me: Jennifer McNamara CPC,CRC,CPMA,CPC-I,CGSC,COPC AAPC Approved Instructor   Thank you to our Production Team at Highland Productions  
April 19, 2021
Stressed Out: The Silent Killer
Are you stressed out? This Month is Stress Awareness Month and has been since 1992. Let’s review why we need to be aware of Stress and its effect on our bodies. I will talk about my struggles and how it has affected my personal and work life. We will discuss the term” Pandemic Fatigue” and how we need to adapt to the stress that the pandemic has had on us and may continue to affect us for quite some time.   Special thank you to our Music editing and Podcast Producer team at Wannabe Critic Production   Our resources for this podcast are:
April 12, 2021
My First AAPC Healthcon
It was my first Healthcon from AAPC and I was invited as a speaker this year. It was a tough year in 2020 but in 2021 we were able to safely come together and experience the best that AAPC has to offer. Their education platform is top notch! We learned so many new things.   Top Events were:   E/M 2021 Guidelines Telemedicine  Risk Adjustment   There were many who had to adapt to last minute changes due to speaker unavailability and we are so in awe of their sacrifice and being there to help things come together. Thank you AAPC for this opportunity and the privilege of representing you at HealthCon 2021! Can’t wait for 2022!   All listeners get a chance to receive a special Giveaway! Follow us and Share our podcast to be entered in our drawing for a special Webinar with 1 CEU of your choice from our Webinar Series! If you wish to receive special recognition as a  ‘Life as a Coder” Patreon I encourage to donate $1 to our membership and receive all the perks as a member and special “Shout outs” from me
April 05, 2021
Podiatry Challenges with Routine Foot Care
Episode 6:     Routine Footcare is a great reimbursement challenge for many Clinics and Providers for both the Clinical Staff and the Billing Staff. We will discuss what Routine foot care is as well as how to navigate the CMS Policy regarding these services.   Objective:   What is Routine Footcare? How do we get reimbursed when we can prove Medical Necessity Discuss the Diagnosis Sequencing Review the Layout of the LCD(Local Coverage Determination) Policy from CMS   All Listeners will get 10% off our recent OrthoCare Virtual Summit in March for our March Madness deals! Visit our website for additional educational webinars and courses. Our team is also available for Provider education for Podiatry if your clinic needs assistance in auditing or appealing your routine foot care claims.  
March 22, 2021
Recipe for Successful and Profitable Clinics
Welcome to the Life as a Coder Podcast Series brought to you by your friends at Ozark Coding alliance LLC. Discussing your life as a Medical Coder. Offering Coding Tips and Advice for Coding Students and Professionals. Join us every Monday! Join me as I Interview my fellow podcasters and women who inspire me.  I welcome Terry A, Fletcher BS CPC CEMC CCC CCS CCSP CMC ACS-CA SCP-CA, QMPM and Sonal Patel, CPMA, CPC, CMC, ICD-10-CM as we talk about what New Clinics can do to start out successful and what Billing and process errors to avoid.   We will learn more about our Podcast Icons and what drives them to be successful in the Industry.   Listen to CodeCast with Terry A, Fletcher BS CPC CEMC CCC CCS CCSP CMC ACS-CA SCP-CA, QMPM every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts   Listen to Paint the Medical Picture with Sonal Patel, CPMA, CPC, CMC, ICD-10-CM every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts   Objective:   Common Mistakes Financial Impact on the Practice Success Outcomes
March 15, 2021
Networking skills for Career Development
Welcome to the Life as a Coder Podcast Series brought to you by your friends at Ozark Coding alliance LLC. Discussing your life as a Medical Coder. Offering Coding Tips and Advice for Coding Students and Professionals. Join us every Monday! Join me as I interview Industry Icon Melissa Freeman RHIT, CDIP, CCS, CCS-P, CPC-I, CPC, COC, CRC.   She will help us understand the Industry landscape in our current environment and talk about the ways new coders need to adapt. We will discuss networking tips and ways to stand out and use LinkedIn effectively to market yourself and impress recruiters
March 08, 2021
Career Development Strategy in 2021
Welcome to the Life as a Coder Podcast Series brought to you by your friends at Ozark Coding alliance LLC. Discussing your life as a Medical Coder. Offering Coding Tips and Advice for Coding Students and Professionals. Join us every Monday     Career Development Strategy in 2021 is    As part of my 2 part Interview Series I’ll be interviewing Industry Icon Kimberly Jolivette Williams CPC CPC-I CPMA CANPC CCC CEMC on how she has been successful and what changes she has seen in HIM. Medical billing and coding is established as an in-demand profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical coding is among the 20 fastest-growing occupations. We will share our tips for: -Navigating the Landscape -Offshore Competition -Credential in Specialty to stand out -Networking and Mentorships -Develop Short term and Long term goals
March 01, 2021
Documentation Alert: Time to Sign
Let's get back to Compliance and educate our providers on Signing the Documentation and why it is so important.
February 23, 2021
MDM: Data Navigation
Join us as we talk about the Data Elements of the New MDM guidelines for 2021. We will review the definitions of each Category and offer tips for success in Navigating this element of MDM. If you are a Visual learner we Invite you to visit our website and Join or 2021 E/M Office Training course with excellent training and tools provided by the AMA®   We also will be presenting Auditing tips for MDM in 2021 as part of our March Webinar Series. All you attend get 10% off the AMA® E/M Compendium.  Register Here
February 08, 2021
MDM Still drives the Bus
Lets talk about MDM! • Updated MDM Tables • New Definitions • New Categories New Course on the Upcoming changes by Ozark If you are Interested in Joining our November Course to learn the new changes, it comes with the training manual and Cases to review for Documentation from the AMA® Register at Get your 2021 CPT Manual with CPT® Assistant App for only $115 or the CPT® Manual for only $89 when you sign up Read the Official AMA Guidelines Here
October 12, 2020
Employment Opportunities for New Coders
We will discuss some of the challenges for New Coders as they look into the Industry Job Market and What they can do to Improve • Job Searching Skills • Resume Tips • Interview skills • Using LinkedIn to Network   Grab our FREE Webinar at Go to Virtual Coding Summit: Mental Health Coding and use Code: Ozarkblitz at checkout    
September 29, 2020
Mental Health in a Remote Role
We are launching our first Episode on the Importance of Mental Health. This is a timely topic as many are experiencing mental health issues related to being isolated more than ever before in the PHE environment. Learn How Mental Health can be attacked How can we Stay Mentally Healthy?
September 21, 2020