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The Health REBELs Podcast

The Health REBELs Podcast

By Health REBELs
Health REBELs is dedicated to paving a new path towards health and fitness. A path without diets and without extreme workouts. A path where fitness is an expression of self-love and self-actualization, not loathing and self-hate.

Every facet of the modern lifestyle is pushing people towards lives that are unhealthy and unhappy. This podcast is here to show you how to rebel against the ordinary lifestyle and fitness advice to steal back control over your health and happiness.
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March's look at the Holistic Wheel. Ep.84

The Health REBELs Podcast

March's look at the Holistic Wheel. Ep.84

The Health REBELs Podcast

"I am Iron Man" Tony Stark's key to lifelong health. Ep 98
Let's nerd out today and build healthy habits. Strap in nerdos, we're talking about the Avengers. Join the FB community at Music provided by LesFM
May 11, 2022
Health vs Fitness. Ep.97
Fitness should improve health, right? But there's a very important distinction that separates them, sometimes irreconcilably. If you like my purpose behind health, I invite you to book a call to learn more about how you can improve your health. and join the community Music provided by LesFM
May 04, 2022
Simple test to determine if you're craving is emotional or physical. Ep.96
Our cravings can be psychological (an emotional need) or physiological (a body need). But how can you tell which is which? Today's episode gives a simple test you can use. Join the community Music provided by LesFM
April 29, 2022
The two pathways of cravings. Ep.95
Cravings have two causes, a mental pathway and a physical pathway. When you learn these two secrets, you can control your cravings. Join the community Music provided by LesFM
April 27, 2022
If you're going to make healthy habits stick, you should be ready to burn the first. Join the Health REBELs Community. Music provided by LesFM
April 18, 2022
True purpose behind nutrition. Ep.93
We always use and focus on nutrition for one, borderline toxic function. But nutrition does something greater. Learn the true purpose of nutrition today. And then join the Health REBELs Community for more perspective shifts, tips, and support. Music provided by LesFM
April 15, 2022
The truth behind "When Opportunity knocks" and how to have more health opportunities. Ep.92
You know the expression, "When Opportunity knocks..." But what's the truth about getting opportunity to knock? Is coaching right for you? Book a call with me and find out and make sure to join the Health REBELs Community on Facebook. Music provided by LesFM
April 13, 2022
Secret reason why habits accidentally stick for some. Ep.91
Some people struggle to maintain healthy habits changes, and some people do it easily without effort. Why? Why is it so natural for some, and how can we all make it stick? Join the Health REBELs Community Music provided by LesFM
April 11, 2022
Why Fitness(TM) alone won't solve our health crisis. Ep.90
Every marker of public health has been in a tail spin decline for the last 30 years. Medical advances have never been greater, yet our average health has never been worse. And we're trying to solve it with a tool that can't solve that problem. Join the REBEL community on Facebook Music provided by LesFM
April 08, 2022
What is positivity, really? Don't be so ridiculous. Ep. 89
There's some outrageous exaggerations and misconceptions around positivity. I'm a big fan of positivity, but we have to speak candidly today. Join the positive Health REBELs Community at Music provided by LesFM
April 06, 2022
What is life (biologically)? Ep. 88
When we can boil down all biological life into one simple formula, we redefine what healthy looks like. Are you promoting life... Or destroying it? Join the Health REBELs Community Music provided by LesFM
April 04, 2022
The Crucial sequence you MUST follow to accomplish your goals. Ep.87
There are not only 3 classes of goals most never have identified, but a specific order that you must go through in order to have your best health and fitness outcomes. Learn the inescapable sequence you must take part in, or suffer the consequences. Join the Health REBELs Community Music provided by LesFM
March 30, 2022
You don't have to do what others do to get what they get. Ep.86
There's a myth that your actions (what you do) lead to your results (what you get). But that's not exactly true. There's a hidden middle step that when we uncover it, we discover we don't need to do what others do to get what others have. In fact, this hidden middle step may even block us from getting what others have when we try to do what they do. Join the Facebook Community Music provided by LesFM
March 09, 2022
Be more like Pareto, less like Fabio. How to get 4x results with 1/4 the effort (really). Ep.85
Everybody tries to live their life like Fabio to get the romance cover model physique. But... You end up doing a LOT of junk that doesn't actually do that much. Live more like Pareto to be more efficient and get more bang for your buck. And join in on the next live Coffee Chat by joining Music provided by LesFM
March 07, 2022
March's look at the Holistic Wheel. Ep.84
What is the Holistic Wheel? WHY is the Holistic Wheel? And what does it do for us redefining healthy living? Wanna learn more about the each part of the Holistic Wheel? Join the Health REBELS Community at Music provided by LesFM
March 02, 2022
Four ways Ben Franklin reveals how to live your best life. Ep.83
Ben Franklin is a personal role model in my life. And today I'm going to look at some actions Ben Franklin took to become his ideal self and share with you the 4 key elements of his success. Join the Health REBELs Community music provided by LesFM
February 28, 2022
What to do if you hate exercise. Ep.82
I know... We haven't been the kindest when we told people to exercise and a LOT of people just straight hate exercise. But... You kinda have to do it to be at your healthiest, so what do you do if you hate exercise? Maybe you join the Facebook community music provided by LesFM
February 25, 2022
Why your waistline is the LEAST impressive benefit of exercise. Ep.81
Everyone thinks they should exercise to get a smaller waist. That's all we talk about!! And honestly? That's a real disservice because you won't believe how incredible activity truly is for you. Join the Health REBELS community at music provided by LesFM
February 23, 2022
What's the difference between traditional personal training and Health REBELs? Ep.80
Today I open up about the coaching practices at Health REBELs and I contrast it with what I did for a decade as a traditional personal trainer. The differences (as you can tell from the episode length) are actually staggering! If you love what we're doing, you should join the Health REBELs Community :) Music provided by LesFM
February 21, 2022
Do you suffer bad sleep? Or just sleep inertia? Ep. 79
There's a concept called sleep inertia most people don't know about, and I want to share 5 of the factors that contribute to it. I'll also share a self-test you can run to see if you are actually well rested or not. I referenced a chronotype quiz. You can take Dr. Michael Breus's quiz at and if you want to get content like this before anyone else, join the free Facebook community music provided by LesFM
February 18, 2022
This trick will give you more motivation to exercise. Ep.78
Feeling low on motivation? I got news on how to change that! Join the FB community music provided by LesFM
February 16, 2022
What's the best supplement? Ep.77
People always ask, so here it is. Join the FB community music provided by LesFM
February 14, 2022
Uncovering the secret behind my greatest races. Ep.76
I was driving and reflecting on something my mentor taught when this realization smacked me like a sack of potatoes! There was a common theme that connected my greatest races and separated them from my average races. Join the FB community music provided by LesFM
February 11, 2022
A powerful tool to keep you moving forward. Ep.75
A tool inspired by Socrates' dying words. A tool I use each month with my clients. Given to you today for free. Let me know what you think of this one in the community. Join the FB community music provided by LesFM
February 09, 2022
Another look at the REBEL oath. Ep.74
I firmly believe the REBEL oath is the most powerful framework for identifying healthy habits and shielding against toxic BS. So let's take a deep look at it this month. Join the FB community music provided by LesFM
February 07, 2022
The needless danger adults take. Ep.73
We don't allow children to make this mistake, yet it's overly common for adults to run head first into this danger. Heck!! People even gleefully celebrate this recklessness. Today we're going to identify one of the biggest dangers to your health (and money, too!). Join the Facebook community music provided by LesFM
February 04, 2022
The most important focus! Ep.72
This shift in focus is possibly the greatest tool you can use to go from cycles of burnout to lifelong healthy habits. And join the FB community over at music provided by LesFM
February 02, 2022
Why husbands lose weight faster than wives Ep.71
I hear frustrations all the time that "my husband doesn't even try and he loses way more weight than I do!" It's not fair, but I've identified 3 factors that contribute to this. When we understand it, we can explain and accept. But more importantly, one of the reasons is something EVERYONE can benefit from. Tell me what you think of today's episode by joining the Facebook group music provided by LesFM
January 31, 2022
The truth about my workouts. Ep70
You might have some ideas about how I, as a fitness professional, workout. This is probably influenced more by fitness magazines, social media, and tv though. So today, I peel back the curtains and confess the truth about my own workouts. It may surprise you. To join the Health REBELs Facebook group, visit
January 28, 2022
Do you have a slow metabolism?? Ep.69
It's something we hear often with weight management. So and so has a fast metabolism, they have a slow metabolism. But how do you know if that's true? Join Facebook group Music provided by LesFM
November 10, 2021
She exclaimed "HOW CAN YOU DO THAT!?" Ep.68
I was hanging out with my sister when something I did absolutely appalled her. Join Facebook Music provided by LesFM
November 09, 2021
Is organic food better for you? Ep.67
Don't ask people on the internet! There are people who VEHEMENTLY claim organic food is divinely gifted, and those who say organic is insignificant. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle (albeit, closer to one side than the other). Join my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
November 05, 2021
YIKES! I made a (common) mistake. Ep.66
I hate to say it, but I made a common mistake. A mistake I coach people to avoid (hey, we can't all be perfect). Learn from my mistake... and then join the Facebook community!! Music provided by LesFM
November 04, 2021
The two major types of workout plans. Which is right? Ep.65
Exercise plans fall into one of two categories, and they both get different results. Are you on the right plan for your goals? Join the Facebook community at Music provided by LesFM
November 03, 2021
Excuses... a new perspective. Ep.64
Excuses get a bad rep, but I actually love them!!! And I'd also love if you joined the Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
November 02, 2021
The value of Mentors. Ep.63
A mentor is absolutely crucial in almost every endeavor including health. I don't know why people would try to go it alone. Message on Facebook or email Music provided by LesFM
October 26, 2021
Apply person finance's most powerful tool to health. Ep.62
There's one tool in personal finance that will grow your wealth to remarkable levels. And, if used in health, can have the same effect. Send me a message on Facebook or email Music provided by LesFM
October 24, 2021
Interview with my client Amanda. Ep.61
Amanda did some amazing things in her 12 week program, and I wanted to bring her on to share her story a little bit. Learn how a shift in perspective has helped Amanda build excitement, get incredible results, and keep it going for over a year now despite starting in a holiday season. Share a message with me on Facebook or email me Steven@HealthREBELs.US Music Provided by LesFM
October 22, 2021
Let go of the goal while working towards it. Ep.60
We self-sabotage all the time. We look at the goal, see the difference and work needed, then out of despair we self-destruct. Well, here's the key to ending that cycle. Music Provided by LesFM
October 21, 2021
Please DONT DO THIS! Ep.59
I was scrolling on facebook and my soul broke. Please don't break my soul.... But you could pick me up with a message on Messenger or email **Music Provided by LesFM
October 20, 2021
Nutrition Lessons on my 1-year Rescue Anniversary. Ep.58
I adopted a rescue dog, Honey Dog Queso-Hicks, 1 year ago today and I learned a lot about nutrition through new experiences. Today I want to share some of those lessons with ya. Send me a message on FB or email me at Steven@HealthREBELs.US Music Provided by LesFM
October 19, 2021
Different ways to work with me to build healthy habits that STICK! Ep.57
Health REBELs mission is to drive American obesity below 30% by 2040 through healthy habits that stick. And to do that, there are several resources I make available. Which one is right for you? Send me a message or email me Music provided by LesFM
October 18, 2021
Nutrition by addition: The opposite of diets Ep.56
Diets are straight up bad for your health. They promote restriction, deprivation, and stress. So what is the healthy opposite of diets? Nutrition by Addition. Send me a message on messenger or email me Music provided by LesFM
October 17, 2021
You don't need to be an athlete! Ep.55
A big common error in Fitness is trying to make everyone be an athlete or copy athletes programs. But if you're not trying to win the Superbowl... Why? Music provided by LesFM
October 16, 2021
The tragedy of errors: A brief history of modern fitness. Ep.54
I'm a history nut (as you'll see) and looking at the history of fitness actually shows how fundamentally mistaken most of it is. Send me an email Music provided by LesFM
October 15, 2021
Does it count as a workout? Ep.53
I often hear people say "that's gonna be my workout today" when that... That isn't remotely what a workout is. Tell me about your workout or email me music provided by LesFM
October 14, 2021
My niece's birthday and (guilt-free) birthday cake!! Ep.52
Big birthday week! Celebrations, pizza, cake, THE WORKS!! So how to I maintain a guilt-free and lean waistline? Drop me a note on messenger or via email Music provided by LesFM
October 13, 2021
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! 32 going on 23 Ep.51
Woo!!! It's party time! Let me tell you my secret to not noticing I'm getting old. And then send me a birthday wish on messenger or email Music provided by LesFM
October 12, 2021
In celebration of LOW INTENSITY exercise. Ep.50
Know pain, No gain. Music provided by LesFM
October 11, 2021
John Madden's GENIUS insight into lifelong Healthy Habits. Ep.49
John Madden was a prolific football commentator and broadcaster. He rose to be the voice of football for over two decades and even got a video game franchise named after him. But... With that much time in front of a mic, he had a few gaffes. One in particular got shared and joked about, but there's some genius in it I want to unpack. Send me a message on messenger or email Music provided by LesFM
October 10, 2021
Health REBELs Core Values. Ep.48
Without a navigational beacon, whether a compass, north star, or GPS, you'll get lost. And the Health REBELs Core Values are my navigational beacons on the journey of helping people build lifelong healthy habits. Music provided by LesFM
October 09, 2021
What is life? A biological definition and the impact it has on Healthy Habits. Ep.47
It's not Saturday Night, but we are LIVE with a new approach to what life is. We'll look at this question on a cellular level, and then talk about the implications it has on healthy habits. Wanna chat with me? Send a message or drop me an email Music provided by LesFM
October 08, 2021
Good food vs bad food Ep.46
DONT EAT BAD FOOD!!! But what is bad food? Chat with me or email Music provided by LesFM
October 07, 2021
Podcast vs Coaching. What is the difference? Ep.45
I got an email from a concerned Health REBEL that I was invalidating my coaching by offering so much in this podcast. In this episode, I share the purpose and application of all the services I offer. Wanna chat with me? Send me a message or send me an email Music provided by LesFM
October 06, 2021
Three incredible lessons Lori learned in her first month, A client interview Ep.44
Lori has been in my signature coaching program for about 5 weeks and we connected to chat about her experience, her lessons, and her rapid transformation. During our conversation, she dropped 3 incredible knowledge bombs about lifelong healthy habits I wanted to share with you. Enjoy! Chat with me via Facebook Messenger or shoot me an email Music Provided by LesFM
October 05, 2021
The key to success and happiness Ep.43
The most important principle in fitness is actually... The most important principle! Beyond fitness, but to health and happiness. And that key factor is talked about in today's episode. Chat with me on Messenger or email Music provided by LesFM
October 04, 2021
Maybe you DONT know what works Ep.42
SPIT THAT CABBAGE SOUP OUT! And challenge your beliefs as well. Maybe even send me a message at or email me at Music provided by LesFM
October 03, 2021
How to become unrecognizable through transformative health Ep.41
"oh my god, Steven, I can't even recognize myself!!" That's one of my favorite sentences to hear 😁 It means that my client has transformed their health and created a radiance that is visible to the whole world. And you can do it, too. Send me a message or email me at Music provided by LesFM
October 02, 2021
October REBEL Oath Call Ep.40
Let's review the REBEL Oath, the ultimate guideline to lifelong healthy habits. Message me on Facebook or email me Music provided by LesFM
October 01, 2021
What is Health? Ep.39
A lot of people will claim their workouts or their diets are healthy. I coach with the focus of building lifelong healthy habits. But what is health? We'll explore that and give you the REBEL's definition. Join the REBEL community Music provided by LesFM
September 30, 2021
What my dog taught me about activity Ep.38
I have a rescue dog, and there are some unique challenges sometimes to her being her best self. And there are challenges to US being our best selves, too, aren't there? What can you learn from my pooch? Music provided by LesFM
September 29, 2021
Powerful tool to be stronger than cravings and temptations Ep.37
Sometimes cravings and temptations feel too powerful. They make us eat extra food more than we need or food that has little nutritional value. Today I give you a super simple 3 step tool to steal back control. Join Facebook Group Music provided by LesFM
September 28, 2021
Whole Body or Body Part workouts? Which is best? Ep.36
It's very common for people to do what's called a "body part" workout split. But is it the best choice? Join the FB group, REBEL! Music provided by LesFM
September 27, 2021
What the heck is a "Positive Mindset"? Ep.35
A lot of people talk about a positive mindset, but what the heck is it afterall? It might not be what you think. Join FB group and share some positivity Music provided by LesFM
September 26, 2021
The biggest mistake people make when starting healthy habits Ep.34
I know you are excited! (REBELs are "E.xcited about their potential" afterall...) But don't make this super common mistake and set yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success in the Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 25, 2021
The 1-2 punch for lifelong healthy habits Ep.33
My #1 priority as a coach is to help people build lifelong healthy habits which open the gateway to living your true self. And I do this with a single 1-2 combo. Join my Facebook group Music provided by LesFM
September 24, 2021
I am absolutely in LOVE with this excerpt right now!! Ep.32
I've been reading a classic book written way back in 1968, and this paragraph keeps slapping me in the face. I had to share it with you and relate it back to what Healthy Habits **truly** are. Also, if you haven't, join my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 23, 2021
3 ways to eat healthy with your kids. Tips from the World's best Uncle Ep.31
The biggest nutrition complaint I get from parents is "Eating healthy is hard. My kids don't like any healthy food" Well today I enlisted the help of the World's Best Uncle to give you three tips to eat healthy with your kids. Join my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 22, 2021
Quick tip! Build a healthy plate when you're out of the home Ep.30
Got an event you're going to? Eating at a restaurant? Surprise trip to your cousins? Eat healthy(ish) even when you're not in full control
September 21, 2021
Secret to Healthy Habits? Get a hobby! Ep.29
Yeah! I said it! It might surprise you to know, but one of the unhealthiest thing I see people do is not having a hobby. It's not the fast food, it's not carbs, it's not extreme workouts... It's the lack of hobbies. And I'll prove it! Join the Facebook Community Music provided by LesFM. Hey! I referenced an article in this podcast, check it out here.
September 20, 2021
Are you lying about your goals? Ep.28
Most people lie when they tell you their goals. They don't mean to. It's just a reflex that's been programmed in. But getting clarity on the goal will be absolutely crucial to lifelong habits. So let's break it down a little. Join my Facebook group Music provided by LesFM
September 19, 2021
The 6 (or 7) categories of resistance exercises you need to have a balanced workout plan Ep.27
When you create a workout program, you want to ensure you have a balanced plan. "You're only as strong as your weakest link" and having imbalance in your workout routines can potential lead to injury. At the very least, imbalanced workout plans will hold you back from getting as much benefit as possible. Come check out my Facebook group
September 18, 2021
The best advice I ignored for 15 years Ep.26
I wonder what I would have done, what I could have accomplished, where I could have gone, if I didn't overlook this advice for 15 years. If you take this advice, what might you accomplish? Tell me about it in my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 17, 2021
Should you get 10k steps a day? Ep.25
For decades, we've built up this story about how you need to get 10k steps each day. But is that true? Why might you want to, and why might you not want to? I'll unravel the history, the research, and my experiences with clients as we figure out what the deal is with 10k steps. Join my Facebook Community
September 16, 2021
My top focus as a health coach Ep.24
Today I share what I'm best at, my top focus, and the four ways I accomplish this with my clients. Join my Facebook group Music provided by LesFM
September 15, 2021
How to shut off your brain to fall asleep Ep.23
The number one complaint I get when coaching clients on sleep is "My brain won't shut off" and there's one common tip I always give them. Now I'm giving it to you. Join my Facebook group Music provided by LesFM
September 14, 2021
3 item checklist for flexible healthy eating Ep.22
I haven't counted calories since 2014. I haven't had a structured meal plan since 2012. I personally hate all of that because it mentally drains me and I don't think it's a long-term sustainable habit. Instead, I have a simple 3 item checklist I use to make healthy eating simple. Join my FB community Music provided by LesFM
September 13, 2021
Two more blindspots trainers have Ep.21
Back in episode 18, I shared some blindspots personal trainers had that kept them from understanding what fitness really was. Well, I didn't say enough because I'm back with more today. Two more blindspots trainers often miss. Join my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 12, 2021
Is this why you get sugar cravings? Ep.20
Twenty episodes down and now we talk about everyone's favorite source of fear... The evil "Sugar" demons. As we know (or at least, have been blasted repeatedly) sugar is bad, so sugar cravings must be bad. So why do you get them if they're bad? Today I hit you with a different take on the origins of sugar cravings. Is this why YOU get sugar cravings? *** HEY! Want a free book? Join my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 11, 2021
Why people hate exercise (and why I love it instead) Ep.19
Most people avoid exercise and workouts because they hate it. And for good reason!! If I had been given exercise the same way that most experience it, I would never do it. But I was lucky enough to have an uncommon experience, and I want to give you my perspectives to flip the switch. Email me and hang out in my Facebook group Music provided by LesFM
September 10, 2021
Why Personal Trainers dont understand Fitness Ep.18
Shots fired! But as a personal trainer for over a decade, I had to dig my head out of my bum at some point. There's a lot involved in health and fitness that runs in the background in life that many trainers are unaware of that can work for you (or against you). Come hang out with me on Facebook Music provided by LesFM
September 09, 2021
Support and Accountability. Ep.17
I'm gonna let you know, absolutely, you cannot go it alone. Nobody in human history has ever succeeded this way. Hey! If you feel like you need more support and Accountability, maybe coaching is the right fit for you. As a listener of this podcast and for checking the secret show notes, I'll give you 50% off your first month of coaching. Visit to book a call and see if it's the right fit. Music provided by LesFM
September 08, 2021
Stress Management. An absolute must Ep.16
Stress can have a huge impact on your health and fitness in two different ways, and most people overlook stress management as a healthy habit. Come hang out with me on Facebook Music provided by LesFM
September 07, 2021
Sleep! A REBEL priority Ep.15
Activity and nutrition scores all the headlines but SLEEP wins all the awards in the background. The underdog of healthy habits, I'll explain why sleep is so important. Come hang out in the Facebook community! Music provided by LesFM
September 06, 2021
Nutrition. A new REBEL way to approach healthy eating Ep.14
Nutrition, gosh I hate it. It has been twisted and misrepresented for decade. But as a REBEL, we Break Free from Common Standards. And we'll break free from a lot in today's episode. Join me for a coffee chat over on my facebook group Music provided by LesFM
September 05, 2021
Activity. It doesn't do what you think it does Ep.13
Activity is the big flashy rockstar of the health and fitness world, but for all the wrong reasons. REBELs use Activity differently for a healthy lifestyle. Join my free Facebook group at Music provided by LesFM
September 04, 2021
Mindset (MOST crucial component) Ep.12
We're starting the Holistic Wheel, the 6 components of Healthy Lifestyles, with Mindset. Why is mindset so dang important? Find out. And then join the Facebook community at Music provided by LesFM
September 03, 2021
A balanced approach to Health and Fitness Ep.11
A REBEL Breaks Free from Common Standards. Yesterday we discussed the common imbalanced approach to fitness and how that leads to burn out and falling off the wagon. Today we break free from that common standard and focus on a balanced approach using the Holistic Wheel. Join my Facebook community at Music Provided by LesFM
September 02, 2021
An imbalanced approach to Health and Fitness Ep10
The most common fault I see is people going on their health and fitness journey with a flat tire caused by an imbalanced approach. And eventually, this causes people to fall off... Join my Facebook community Music provided by LesFM
September 01, 2021
L.ove yourself and act accordingly Ep.9
This one is the final portion of the REBEL oath, and it serves to disqualify most of the fitness advice on the market. Health and Fitness is about self-love, but instead we've often fallen for self-deprivation and self-loathing. Love this episode? Then you'll love my Facebook community! Music provided by LesFM
August 31, 2021
E.xcited about your potential Ep.8
This is THE SECRET to health and fitness! This is the secret to sustainability, this is the secret to success, this is just THE SECRET! Need help? Email me and come hang out with me in my free Facebook Group Music provided by LesFM
August 30, 2021
B.reak Free from common standards Ep.7
This is my favorite part of the REBEL oath, and it is the central purpose behind Health REBELs as an organization. If you want the same miserable results everyone else is living with, stick with what they're doing. But if you want to be uncommon (which sadly includes healthy and happy), then you have to break free from common standards. Come hang out with me on Facebook Music provided by LesFM
August 29, 2021
E.nergize Yourself Through Healthy Habits Ep.6
Today is great! We get so much done in such a short time. We're going to define the three energy buckets every person has, we're going to tell why energy is one of the top measures of health, and how to individually determine if a healthy habit is beneficial to you or destructive. Join my free Facebook group Music provided by lesFM
August 28, 2021
R.eject Extremisms Ep.5
The first part of the REBEL's Oath, and probably the part we need to shout the most. This one is in direct opposition to common fitness trends and proclivities. But today I'm sharing why this is such a crucial step towards your long term health. Come hang out with me in my FREE Facebook group Music in this episode provided by LesFM
August 27, 2021
The Health REBEL's Oath Ep4
"Keep the Oath" What oath? Why do I say this? What does it mean? What is the Health REBEL's Oath? Well, this is one of the powerful tools I use in my coaching practice to empower REBELs like you to not only determine what is healthy for them, but to also create a shield from the unhealthy chaos and misinformation we're surrounded by. Join the Health REBELs Training Camp group on Facebook at Music in this episode provided by LesFM
August 26, 2021
Why Health REBELs? Ep3
How did I come up with the idea for Health REBELs? Why not "Fitness Butterflies?" Why not "Happy Go Lucky Fitness?" What is so important about the Health REBELs idea? Come hang out with me in my Free Facebook group for more health tips! Music provided by LesFM
August 23, 2021
My Flawed History as a Coach. Ep2
Yeah, I could thump my chest and tell you I'm incredible, but what good would that do you? Instead, let's talk about some of the failures I've had over my career -- mistakes that are common to every fitness journey -- so that you can avoid them and have a healthier, happier life. Join my free Facebook community and hang out with me, get support during your journey, and join our challenges. Music provided by LesFM.
August 23, 2021
What is this? Who am I? Ep1
Welcome to The Health REBELs Podcast! Today, learn who I am, what I do, and what this podcast business is all about. Hey! Wanna join my free Facebook community? Join here Music courtesy LesFM via Pixabay Music
August 19, 2021