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Healthy Church Growth Show podcast

Healthy Church Growth Show podcast

By Madge Obaseki
I am Madge Obaseki Author, Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator and the founder visionary of I specialise in retention solutions for ministries, churches and businesses.

The Healthy Church Growth Show is a podcast featuring pastors, clergy and experts in their field who offer practical insights and tips.

Join me and fellow leaders and ministers as we discuss strategies and find solutions for Healthy Church Growth
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Episode 26 - Leading through a crisis - church new norm
What is this Episode all about? Pastor Paul Ilo was in Episode 5 of the Healthy Church Growth Show podcast back in May 2020. He spoke eloquently about leading through crisis. We wanted to see what happened next 7 months in. This time he is with his wife Pastor Debi. They will share what they have learnt and offer insightful tips and advice to other pastors. Transcript – Timestamp 4.00 How can they be excited about the opportunities the pandemic presents? 5.00 Percentage of congregation who’ve returned to the place of worship since lockdown. The procedures used to control the attendance of the congregation. Test and trace UK and encouraging attendees to ‘check-in’. Hygiene procedures. Risk assessments for place of worship. Contingency plans for every risk. Working closely with the hired venue to ensure everyone’s safety. 10.00 Surveying the congregation for opinions on in-person worship services. The hybrid model – an increase of platforms where online services are streamed from with the in-person service. Multiple ways of keeping in touch with the membership base and followers online. The importance of doing online well and to a standard. Whether online or in-person, people are treated the same. The mission field just got bigger. The danger of being ‘building centric’. 14.30 Couples in ministry – how does it work. Knowing where the boundaries are, strengths and division of responsibilities. 17.00 Core Ministry team leaders, communications and training. 19.00 The challenges faced for example; adjusting to a new normal; faith journeys of individuals in the pandemic. Managing the faith journey of those who’ve made a decision for Christ with social restrictions still in place. Financial challenges. 22.30 Overcoming church financial barriers, during a pandemic. The importance of not depending on congregants and members to contribute to the coffers. Applying for funding from outside bodies. Raising funds from supporters. The hands and feet of Jesus. The Church and the potential to be a social change agent. 27.00 The hybrid model of Church. The importance of rethinking the model of ministry and doing church. 30.00 Advice for church leaders. Stay FOCUSED – drawing reference from Elijah on Mount Carmel and the remnant God has preserved. 1st King 19: 10-15 2nd Kings 6 – an encouragement for Church leaders not to be afraid of the times we are in. The importance of keeping one’s mind open. LINKS The Higher Place UK - EPISODE 5 Healthy Church Growth Show podcast – How church leaders can lead in a crisis  EPISODE 11 How-to-fund-raise-for-local churches mission Part 1 EPISODE 11  Part 2 How to fund raise for local churches mission 
October 18, 2020
Episode 25 - FIVE ideas to adjust to the New Church norm
What is this episode all about? This episode will provide 5 ideas on how you and your assembly can adjust to the New Church Norm.  2020 has been a challenge to every strata of society including the Church at large.  The mission of the Church has not changed, however, our methods of engagement and discipling people must adapt. Once we recognise that fact, we can begin to address the  societal changes and keep focused on mission even through the pandemic. Transcript Timeframe 2.00 How the mission has not changed, but the methods need to. 3.15 The 5 ideas you can discuss with your teams 3.30 Proverbs 4:23 - resistance to change may = holding God's mission back 5.30 Go where the people are - internet, smartphones, social media, text messages and the relevance in our society. The importance of delegation. Research shows between 30%to 50% of congregants have returned to in-person services. What the most successful local churches have done to alleviate this challenge. The hybrid church model. 7.30 Keep your mind like an umbrella i.e. open.  9.30 We should not present ourselves as an exclusive club. How are we communicating our faith to those who've never been exposed to it. 12.30 What are the most popular search terms when people are looking to engage or explore their faith? ABOUT MINISTER MADGE OBASEKI LINKS
October 11, 2020
Episode 24 - What Discipleship IS and IS NOT
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? Rev Dr Hugh Osgood uses Matthew 28: 19 (the so-called Great Commission), to remind leaders in the Church of the importance of making disciples; what it is and what it is not. This was recorded as part of Grow The Church Now 12 Keys for Healthy Church Growth programme. Timeline Transcript Making, Baptising and Teaching and their relevance to discipleship The significance of Jesus sharing this command right at the end of His life. MAKING disciples – why we should not be doing the moulding i.e. the potter’s wheel in Jeremiah. Why we are not making people our own disciples, but Jesus disciples. BAPTISM – alive in Christ then helping them to develop through prayer, fellowship, bible studies. Water baptism is the starting point, but also alive in the spirit. TEACHING – teach accurately to observe all Jesus commanded. Being careful not to teach things which are irrelevant so as not to turn into a Sadducees or Pharisee with irrelevant rules and regulations. ABOUT REV DR HUGH OSGOOD Rev Dr Hugh Osgood is a UK based Church Leader who is the CEO of Charis Communications, Free Churches Group moderator & Churches in Communities. He is also one of the presidents of Churches Together in England. Hugh specialises in developing Christian leaders. He is also passionate about people gaining better biblical literacy. LINKS
October 4, 2020
Episode 23 - Can a Man Run a Women's Ministry?
What is this Episode all about? Can a man really run a women’s ministry? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Yet there is a man called Eric Austin Sr. who has been running a thriving women’s ministry for a number of years. The ministry is called The Pearl in You outreach and addresses many of the social problems’ women face. Here you’ll learn about his why and journey in this most unusual of positions. Timeline Transcript 1.00Eric’s background, strict upbringing faith journey and ministry call 6.25 How God made a way for Eric in an unexpected way 10.25 Eric’s Fractious relationships with men, his insight into domestic violence and what led him to start The Pearl in You Outreach, ministry for women. 15.20 The significant reason the ministry called The Peal in You. The social problems in the society which The Pearl in You outreach encounters 21.28 Helping ANYONE means just that no matter their race, creed, religion or not economic standing or sexuality. Learn how the ministry does not discriminate between people of different life choices & experiences. The difficulty of preaching at people. 24.34 The types of activities and programmes the Pearl in You outreach are involved in. For example: · Finances · Sex Education · Health · Youth Programme plans · Prison Ministry 27.00 Street Revivals and what they are 31.00 International Women’s week and who the line-up of speakers are. 37.00 What is Eric’s role in the conference? The relevance of Samuel’s mother, Hannah, and the plight of the women who are being helped by The Pearl in You outreach. 41.00 Advice from Eric on being chosen for an unusual ministry. Mentoring and the importance of not rejecting someone you may not like at first. The imbalance of fatherlessness. LINKS The Pearl in You Outreach celebration of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S WEEK WILL BE HELD AT: Eric Austin Sr. Biog Eric Austin Senior is the founder of The Pearl in You Outreach. Eric established The Pearl in You Outreach, when he observed a woman who had gone through years of domestic abuse. The Pearl in You Outreach, is a ministry focused on encouraging women (whether they are Christian or not) to see themselves as more than their circumstances. Eric, has experienced his own life challenges, but despite that he remains resolute in a achieving his purpose in life. Eric loves to travel (when he can) and also enjoys fishing and camping. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky where he is based with his son and family.
September 27, 2020
Episode 22 - A Different way to do Church
What is this episode all about? With the continued restrictions around the world due to the global pandemic, churches need to be creative in how they reach and continue to disciple people. Steve and Pip Higgins discuss their use of the Alpha course based at their home and how any local church can adopt the same principles to achieve our collective purpose. Transcript 2.0 Steve and Pip’s marriage and faith journey 5.00 Why they use the Small Group Model. Why larger church assemblies need to operate small. 7.00 The Alpha Course – a game changer for Steve and Pip. 10.55 The irony of the rich harvest field 12.00 What is the Alpha Course and why would churches want to access it? Fundamental Christians and why the Alpha course helps to create a balanced approach. 15.00 The strength of knowing what you don’t know. 17.00 The difference between ‘doing church’ and being the Church 19.00 How to operate an assembly despite lock down restrictions & the importance of creativity. 20.45 Training for trainers/facilitators. Mission shaped ministry course. 22.15 The importance of mentoring for leaders/facilitators in the church “spiritual mothers and fathers”. Pete Scazzero Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. 26.05 The advantages of operating a “small church model”. The restrictions of a traditional church setting and the conventions which could restrict people engaging further. 30.00 The difficulties with operating as a leader in fresh expressions. A lack of understanding of the calling. 36.25 Advice for anyone thinking of setting up an assembly or small group 42.45 The importance of moving on with grace and maintaining a relationship About Steve and Pip Higgins Steve and Pip Higgins have been married 31 years and have recently retired from teaching. They first heard about fresh expressions of church in 2005 and since then have been exploring how they can do church differently. For the last 25 years they have been living in a rural setting just outside Colchester and love being part of this community. They both taught in the village Primary school but in 2013 Steve took a sabbatical to explore what life would look like if he wasn’t a teacher whilst Pip continued to work full time. They started running The ALPHA Course from their home and from that has grown a Life Group. They continue to engage with their community wherever they can, run The ALPHA Course and are seeing God’s Kingdom grow. LNKS Mission Shaped Ministry - Pete Scazzero Emotionally Healthy Leader & Church resources:
September 21, 2020
Episode 21 - Establishing a New Church the 2nd time around
Episode 21 – Establishing a New Church the 2nd time around WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? Pastor (Dr) Shana Wise is the Senior Pastor of Wise Choice Ministries. In 2016 she started the assembly, however in 2017 she gave it up. In 2019 she restarted the assembly in a different and some would say a radical way. We discuss why she gave her local church up, why she restarted and what lessons she has learnt. It is a frank and authentic conversation. Show Notes Timestamp 1.45 Summary of starting the church, what went wrong  & the mistakes Pastor Shana made. Burnout and discouragement. 4.08 Delegation and the importance of re-evaluation accountability training and developing people in an assembly before delegating. The importance of slowing down as a leader. 7.00 The spouse and running ministry or a church. What is the dynamic? The importance of opposite opinions. 9.45 What happened in between the 1st and second time of running the church? The importance of humility and learning importance lessons. Taking responsibility for mistakes to build integrity as a leader (14.00 – 14.44). 14.59 Doing church the 2nd time around; how is it different? Completely Digital Church. The importance of patience. Changing times mean methods have to adapt. Old methods pre-2020 may no longer be effective in the church. 19.33 Exponential rise in google & YouTube searches for terms such as #prayer #faith #God. Importance of assemblies positioning themselves for those who have not experienced the Christian Faith. 20.59 Leadership structure. Examples of training delivered to leadership. Apostolic work. The importance of leaders recognising each person’s gifts and mission which may not be connected to the local church. 29.52 The debate and discussions of women operating in ministry.  33.42 Advice for those struggling in ministry or running a church and those thinking of setting a church up. About Pastor (Dr) Shana Wise Dr. Shana Wise is the Pastor and CEO of Wise Choice Ministries (est. 2016), a non-profit church ministry. She is the founder of The Well Christian Women’s Network (est. 2016). Dr. Wise is the author of women’s devotional, Acts of Intercession, and The Impact of Your Election which are both available on Amazon. She received a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2019 from St. Thomas Christian University. Her passion is to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, equip others to apply the Word to their lives, and demonstrate the Word through the power of the Holy Spirit. Shana is married to Deacon Ron Wise and is the mother of four children. LINKS
September 11, 2020
Episode 20 - Highlighting your cause by improving your church video
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? Nik Read founder of the Big Picture talks about highlighting causes by improving church videos. Nik has over 20 years-experience and runs a non-profit serving non-profits. It is a practical episode which will provide insights of what people do wrong and how they can improve. Meanwhile, Nik will be running in the London Marathon to raise funds, so visit to support him. Show Notes Timestamp 2.00 – What does the Big Picture do for charitable/non-profit organisations? 3.30 - The importance of a professional video for charitable causes – why that will do won’t do (4.00) 8.30 Adapting film making in Covid 19 environment & social distancing. Covid update films and why communication is key in this environment. Covid got the church out of the church (9.45) 12.15 Live Streaming and its growing importance to the church & why Zoom is not always ideal. Zoom and Google Meet 14.15 15.30 What can a good video do for a church assembly? Bringing the church to the world. Why people are daunted about walking into a church. Normalising the church experience. 17.45 The common mistakes made by leaders in the church when filming or streaming video. 22.45 The importance of preachers keeping it real and authentic in the pandemic. Remembering you can’t please and reach everybody. Recording services in the church and the physiological effect of doing so and the importance of changing the background environment when filming. 25.10 Subtitles – are they an enhancement? 27.00 Nik and the London Marathon & innovative reasons for raising funds (LINK BELOW) 32.00 How to film in a socially distanced way. Having a enough space to facilitate this. Why going live is not always the best idea. Services Big Picture offer. Why the Church needs to learn from the pandemic. Physical attendance may be down for some time, and how the Church can adapt. 34.45 CHURCH IS 24/7 NOT JUST A SUNDAY MORNING (TO 35.30) 36.14 Clarity on what organisations Big Picture can help. Registered charities & non-profits e.g. CIC, Companies Limited by Guarantee. In the USA 5013c can apply ABOUT NIK READ Nik Read is the Head of Production at Big Picture Charity Films, the UK's only registered charity that exists to promote the work of the third sector through visual media. The charity was formed in 2012, after more than 20 years working in film and video, realising the growing need for charities to embrace modern methods of communication. He is a churchwarden at St. John's in Colchester, a vibrant modern church, where he also leads a building project that supports a Romany gypsy community and orphanage in central Romania. He is passionate about seeing the church in action, mobilising its people to be active in their communities and beyond. LINKS The Big Picture - London Marathon Fundraising for the Big Picture - Book mentioned in this episode - Half Time by Bob Buford
September 6, 2020
Episode 19 - UPDATE Healthy Church Growth Show Podcast
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? This is just a quick update to let you know what is coming up next on the Healthy Church Growth Show Podcast. Nik Read from the Big Picture will talk about Highlighting your cause by improving your church video. Nik has over 20 years-experience and runs a non-profit serving non-profits. It is a practical episode which will provide insights of what people do wrong and how they can improve. Meanwhile, Nik will be running in the London Marathon to raise funds, so visit to support him. Dr Shana Wise will be on Episode 21 of the Healthy Church Growth Show. She is the Senior Pastor of Wise Choice Ministries in Florida. She will share he journey through opening an assembly, closing and then re-opening again. If you are experiencing challenges in your leadership listen to this very authentic account. Please consider subscribing to the Healthy Church Growth Show podcast on whatever podcast platform you listen on. If you can please leave feedback to help too. LINKS LINKEDIN - FACEBOOK -
August 30, 2020
Episode 18 - Getting Back in the Church Building Safely
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ABOUT? With 2020 global focus on the Covid 19 pandemic, and Governments starting to lift restrictions on public worship, how can the local church plan to return to their buildings safely? Dr David Sollis from Faith Action  Links to resources appear on this page below. EPISODE 1.50 What is FaithAction?   4.30 Dr Sollis role in for FaithActioN 7.10 Church leaders concerns during the pandemic? Including lock-down, accessing and supporting people including the vulnerable, online presence & training. The lack of normal life passage rituals i.e. weddings, funerals etc. Financial burden, shrinking donations. All festivals happening online in 2020. Mental health of clergy, church leaders, pastors. 14.45 General differences between some denomination’s liturgical practices. Case study of an American assembly & their examples of social action despite the pandemic. “Church has left the building” 20.08 The importance of local churches having clear values and mission particularly in times of crisis 21.56 How can churches prepare to open safely? What is risk assessment for churches? Risk assessment legal mandatory linked to insurance acceptance. 27.00 Breaches in the guidance and rules in local churches 28.50 How to control who walks into the local church during Covid restrictions – booking systems 29.20 1 and 2 metre rules & guidance on face masks 33.33 Case study of an assembly returning to their building pre booking and use of track and trace technology 38.00 Awareness and availability of information. Do all assemblies understand what to do? The responsibly of church leaders for health and safety of their congregants. 43.13 The church building and the 1-way system. 47.15 Advice to church leaders from Dr David Sollis Dr David Sollis Biography ‘Dr David Sollis - A launcher and leader of innovative services, engagement & research aimed at capturing the 'Lived Experience' of service users, Carers and professionals. David had a strong career in the Insurance industry before undertaking an academic career achieving a PhD around HIV/Aids. David has spent the last 18 years working in the third sector with charities such as Whizz-Kidz, Rehab UK and Sported. David has worked the last 8 years as the engagement manager and then CEO of the National award winning Healthwatch Essex. David has recently joined Faith Action as part of the charities COVID response team as Partnership Coordinator and has been delivering focus groups, webinars and partnership discussions. David is a committed Christian attending St Johns Church in Colchester, Essex. LINKS FaithAction – United Reformed website - HMCLG – The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government - Church of England guidance - Episcopal Church of America -
August 23, 2020
Episode 17 - Why ignoring theology gives half the picture
What the episode is all about Episode 17 - Why ignoring theology gives half the picture. This conversation with Dr Carol Tomlin, will explore Theology and its importance to church leaders AND why resisting the knowledge of theology could be a disservice to our communities and congregations. Timestamp 2.30 Why most people engage with theology without knowing it 3.00 What is THEOLOGY? 6.30 Jesus is enough – is that the whole picture? The bible as a historical document. Understanding the bible in context. If its in the bible it must be right, surely? 11.30 The importance for leaders to study the bible in the systematic way 12.30 Other resources available to help the study of God’s word e.g. Craig Keener ( 15.15 the importance of understanding theology to defend the Christian faith. 17.00 Dealing with modern day issues from a theological stand-point – a real life example 19.00 The thirst for faith and God has risen exponentially 20.00 Resistance to formal Christian Education – what the reasons are. Some of the reasons behind it and why this affects Pentecostal denominations. 23.00 Why some ministers do themselves and their communities a disservice by resisting theological education. 26.30 College of Theology Kingdom School of Theology and why it is an online resource. Why it is geared to International Pentecostal Charismatic ministers. Why it is not only for ordained leaders. 32.30 Theological Ministry Studies course 36.00 Theological reflection & its importance. FURTHER INFORMATION ON COMMENTARIES WHICH HELP WITH EXEGETICAL STUDY OF THE BIBLE · The Tony Evans Bible Commentary · Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible, 6 Volumes · Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament · The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old and New Testament BIOGRAPHY She is an award-winning academic and educational consultant who is currently a visiting fellow at the University Leeds. She is the author of several academic publications, including her most recent book, Preach It - Understanding African Caribbean Preaching Dr Tomlin is the Principal of Kingdom School of Theology. Rev Dr Tomlin senior leader of Restoration Fellowship Ministries which has branches in Leeds and Birmingham. She has been involved in training ministers which include courses at the Queen’s Theological Foundation, Birmingham. She’s also taught in Universities, in the UK and further afield. LINKS Kingdom School of Theology - PREACH IT (Understanding African and Caribbean Preaching - Healthy Church Growth Show Group KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE HOST AND GET SHOW UPDATES Facebook – Minister Madge Obaseki @madgeobasekiofficial Website  - Facebook - Grow The Church Now @growthechurchnow2
August 16, 2020
Episode 16 - A Church Leaders experience of the pandemic effect
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? This is one pastor’s honest account of his assembly’s experiences during lockdown and the Covid 19 pandemic. Pastor Chase Brown of Kaleo Church, Phoenix Arizona, shares some of the strategies used, the challenges arising in their community and members and his personal struggle. He also shares how he works alongside a co-pastor with equal responsibility. A not to be missed episode! Timestamp 2.30 What does Kaleo mean for the uninitiated? 3.15 How Kaleo Church was founded 4.30 Church getting out of the habit of listening and why it is important. Why the lockdown has been so hard for some people. 7.00 How Pastor Chase is coping with lockdown. The importance of acknowledging feelings in crisis. 9.00 The Table strategy at Kaleo Church – what is it? 12.00 How meetings are taking place in lockdown. Spiritual practice guides. The reason Kaleo does not use streaming services. 14.45 Missing opportunities to reach a wider audience? Why evangelism means building friendships with community. Christian language understood by only Christians and why it would be intimidating to those outside the community. The ‘Dry Farming analogy’ 18.00 demographic of Kaleo, Millennials and why the assembly starts late because of them. What is a Millennial? 19.0 Kaleo Church and multi-culturalism. Why no efforts in this period are wasted. 20.0 How to work in partnership with a co-pastor. Vision for shared Church leadership. The reality of human interaction and the importance of communication. Splitting responsibilities between leadership. 24.10 Changes in church members and the challenges. Resistance to Zoom meetings. Meat & milk believers 29.45 The challenge of being a vocational pastor and the struggles in keeping focused. The importance of being authentic and empathise with congregants. 36.10 Final advice for church leaders from Pastor Chase Brown. How to avoid burnout. LINKS
August 9, 2020
Episode 15 - Strategy for Church Volunteer Management
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? Following on from Episode 14 when the operational aspects of Volunteer Management were discussed, this episode will address strategic volunteer management for local churches. This episode is practical and you might want to take notes of the key points. EPISODE TIMESTAMP 1.20 Subjects to be covered: How volunteers contribute to achieving mission Matching suitable volunteer roles Setting out clear expectations & responsibilities Providing support and training Clear Communications Giving and receiving feedback to volunteers 2.05 About Madge Obaseki background in ministry 5.50 The importance of volunteers in the local church. The frustrations around volunteer management. 7.25 What is a volunteer? The holistic approach. 8.50 How volunteers contribute to achieving mission. What does mission mean? What is mission in the local church? The importance of making mission known to all your assembly. What is Vision? 12.10 Matching volunteers to suitable volunteer roles. The right and wrong way to source volunteers. 16.49 Setting out clear expectations & responsibilities. What is a role description? 20.18 Providing support and training for volunteers. Ephesians 4: 12-15. Volunteers may also need discipleship. Different ways of training. 24.06 Confident and clear Communications with volunteers. Why the lack of clear communication can lead to confusion and conflict. Using multiple levels of media to communication to all. 29.25 Giving and receiving feedback to volunteers. The importance of feedback. The feedback sandwich! 33.55 Horses for courses. i.e. not everyone is suitable for a role or situation. The importance of honouring your volunteers. ABOUT MADGE OBASEKI As an ordained minister, and author, she's served  in the Church and ministries for over 27 years. She has done most jobs in the Church and has a passion to see the Body of Christ grow spiritually and physically. Led by her calling, she has established Grow The Church Now. As a result Madge is Commissioned by Church Leaders to review their processes and identify the reasons they might not retain members. She is also invited to speak at conferences about retention challenges.  She has over 30 years industry experience HR/Organisational Development and advanced trainer. Additionally she has also run several businesses. Madge holds a degree in Theology and a Post Graduate diploma in Management from Middlesex university. She is also a CIPD qualified Human Resources professional. Madge lives in London with her pastor husband and family. LINKS Linkedin Instagram Facebook @madgeobasekiofficial W W
August 1, 2020
Episode 14 - Managing Volunteers in the Church
Episode 14 - Managing Volunteers in the Church ABOUT THIS EPISODE The Church is generally dependent on the good will of its volunteers to achieve mission through local churches. Church Leaders have often bemoaned the fact that they don’t have enough volunteers to carry out the practical aspects of running a ministry. This episode will explore the practical, operational aspects of volunteer management in the local church. In Episode 15 the strategic management of volunteers will be covered. EPISODE TIMESTAMP – TRANSCRIPT 3.30 Identifying volunteers. Pastors as Chief Servants. Church Leaders and Pastors exemplifying a servant’s heart. 5.20 Creation Fest and why volunteers are the heart of the ministry. Leading 500 volunteers. Team leader’s responsibility for volunteers. Demonstration of Chief Servant. 7.00 How to attract volunteers for ministry of church. Testimonial from previous volunteers and using social media, and networking at churches. Getting the best fit for each volunteer. Application forms and skills audit. Reference checking. The significance of the return volunteers. Background checks, including DBS or Life Skin for working with vulnerable groups. 12.45 Training and developing volunteers in ministry or church. Importance of prayer. 15.15 Why volunteers return year after year. Building relationships. Feedback to volunteers given with grace, build them up and prayer. Role descriptions and expectations for the week. “Philippians 2:17 18.00 Team Leader training 19.45 The importance of looking for and developing leaders 20.30 The importance of reflecting on what worked and what did not work LINKS
July 26, 2020
ABOUT THIS EPISODE This episode is about how we can best carry out digital evangelism given the current global circumstances. We talk about what the traditional approach has been and how we as a church can capitalise on the situation. Andy Frost from Share Jesus International provides practical insights. EPISODE TIMESTAMP - TRANSCRIPT 5.00 Why the digital space is more important than ever for evangelism. Why do people fear sharing their faith? research from Church of England. The difficulties of articulating our faith. 6.00 Becoming insular with God rather than seeing the bigger picture. Looking in rather than out of our church home or assemblies and why the message is not shared as it should be. God is a God of all people not just for Christians. 7.15 What does CHURCH really mean? Our meeting places may have closed but we are still the church body. We can’t GO to church because we ARE the Church. The importance of knowing when to gather and when to scatter. It is beyond Sunday morning between 10 & 12noon! 9.45 Steps to engaging with non-believers across digital platforms. Theological framework – based on Daniel. The church potential to grow in lock-down. People are looking for answers in the midst of the pandemic. 12.00 The safety of checking church out online. Why church online is inevitably more appealing to those who’ve never previously engaged with it. The importance of going where the people are. As a Church we seems to be playing catch up. 15.25 Practical evangelism. WhatsApp for outreach. Alpha Course online. Portable Priest! 19.50 How to build community outside our church homes. How to be more relatable with non-Christians. 24.50 Converting non-Christians – should we – is it our job? 25.00 What are church assemblies experience of digital church during lock-down? Research on the subject. Changing the culture of our churches now. The importance of reaching out to a select amount of people, building relationship, praying and interceding & the importance of following through. LINKS Share Jesus International - The Adventures of the Ginger Bishop and the Balding Vicar YouTube Channel - ABOUT ANDY FROST FROM SHARE JESUS INTERNATIONAL Andy Frost has been the Director of Share Jesus International since 2008. Share Jesus leads scores of projects At the heart of all that he does, he wants to help people follow Jesus. He is a popular speaker who loves telling the stories of Jesus.
July 19, 2020
Is digital church here to stay?
ABOUT THIS EPISODE Reverend Terrell and I talk about: Is digital church Plan B until we go back? How do church leaders engage with their congregation outside the main event? What tools are used for digital church? Is online church all about streaming, engagement or both? EPISODE TIMESTAMP - TRANSCRIPT 4.10 What is a digital pastor? 6.00 The world has shifted and the Church had to be on board with the shift. How churches have had to change and adapt to a new norm. Now is not our church, we have a world-wide stage. 8.15 The reaction of the congregation in a previously traditional church setting 10.30 Helping people and navigating the new norm – practical steps 13.00 Leaders and why they are reticent about online church & the mistake of comparison. Going where the people are. 16.00 The idea of people coming to the church building has changed radically. Opportunities for more options in the way the local church gathers. The Church and the World stage its beyond the local congregation. 18.30 The Netflix comparison. Watch the language used. 20.30 The importance of developing relationships. Nona Jones from Facebook and her views. The possibility of there being greater engagement on than off line. 22.15 Multi-Generational congregation & the surprising discoveries since lock-down 26.00 What technology is being used to operate the local church presently ABOUT REVEREND TERRELL W. CARTER He has served in various capacities in Non-Profit & Christian organisations including Youth Pastor & currently serves as Digital Pastor of Antioch Missionary. Baptist. Church. Study of social media & marketing strategies, and being a student of culture and commitment to the call of God on Terrell’s life has birthed a deep desire to “close the gap” and aid churches in communicating effectively to this present age. Terrell is committed to sharing the principles of the faith to all, encouraging a radical acceptance of self, and inspiring all to live a fully expressed life.  One of his anchoring scriptures is Ephesians  3:20, “Now unto him, that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us". Social media: terrellwcarter (Facebook, IG, & Twitter)
July 12, 2020
Episode 11 (PART 2) How to fund raise for local churches and mission
ABOUT THIS EPISODE This is part 2 of How to fund raise for fundraising for local churches and missions. EPISODE TIMESTAMP - TRANSCRIPT 0.20 Simple practical activities the local church can carry out to maximise fundraising and improve connections & ongoing communications with their congregants 5.00 the importance of growing relationships during times of crisis 5.30 organisation social change agent and lack of systems which inhibit local churches from responding effectively & engaging expertise in the congregation 7.45 Money follows a strong vision. The pastor and their role strengths and how they might not necessarily be the strategist for fundraising. Inviting other gifts 9.15 Churches spreading their selves thin with limited capacity trying to do too much & how to understand your community needs first 11.15 using stories and testimonies of success led by a gifted communicator and the importance of transparency so congregants know how the church is using their money to change lives 12.45 The importance of creating space during the church service to communicate efforts in terms of community activities and fundraising 14.10 Working in silos and why it does not benefit your fundraising activities 16.00 areas of stress for leaders – identifying leaders and letting go 17.00 The importance of having the correct legal structure for your local church & abiding the laws of the land wherever you are & organisations in your country which can help you set up a structure. 18.45 The purpose of a Stewardship Committee which goes beyond just accountants including young people, good communicators, New members who have fresh enthusiasm 19.30 The importance of putting a biblical perspective in your quest for stewardship 2nd Corn 8: 5, consistent spiritual practices and planning 23.40 Tithing and why it has become so legalistic in some local churches 26.00 Sourcing Fundraising practical opportunities & ideas. Clear presentation of the needs in the community. Match funding and raising funds elsewhere. 31.30 The importance of claiming your place at the heart of the community. Networking with other local Christian communities and local politicians. The importance of relationship building with local politicians and networks in the community. 33.00 Finding sources of funding from various networks and organisations 34.00 Why you should use a professional fundraiser, how stewardship can increase by 35% and the biblical perspectives. Why your congregation could be giving to other organisations because of their stories of impact. 37.15 The process of fundraising 38.15 Summary of the content of this episode on Fundraising for Churches ABOUT REDINA KOLANECI Redina is the Senior Fundraising and Stewardship Consultant based in Colchester, UK. Find out more at: ORGANISATIONS TO HELP WITH LEGAL STRUCTURE Stewardship UK Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability USA Christian Management Association Australia GRANT MAKING BODIES (UK) Church Urban Fund - Capital Mass
July 5, 2020
Episode 11 (part 1) How to fund raise for local churches & mission
Episode 11 (part 1) How to fund raise for local churches & mission ABOUT THIS EPISODE This is part one of 2 episodes addressing fundraising for local churches and missions. EPISODE TIMESTAMP - TRANSCRIPT 11.30 Redina’s fundraising research 12.00 The imbalance of Christian education as far as fundraising is concerned (to 13.30) 13.30 preaching and teaching stewardship 14.30 Some Christian Ministries operate around the paradigm of sacred & secular divide hence a reluctance to fundraise. Poverty Theology, Prosperity Theology, Suburban Theology 15.00 – 15.45 WHAT DOES SACRED & SECULAR DIVIDE ACTUALLY MEAN? 20.00 Lack of understanding about fundraising 20.30 What is the Steward’s identity? 21.30 what the bible says about Steward’s identity 26.15 what mistakes have local churches made in lock-down? ABOUT REDINA KOLANECI Redina is the Senior Fundraising and Stewardship Consultant for McConkey • Johnston international based in Colchester, UK. Since 1998 Redina has undertaken various research and consulting projects focusing on the relationship between churches and Christian charities, giving patterns of under 35’s and the effects of socio-demographic factors on Christian giving. She has also trained hundreds of church leaders and fundraisers in Christian organisation in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA on a wide range of fundraising and stewardship topics. During the last five years Redina has served as a consultant or trainer to: London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), Initiatives of Change UK, Evangelical Alliance UK, CMS Australia, Derek Prince Ministries UK, European Christian Mission, Food for the Hungry UK, Church Urban Fund, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Friends International, Samaritan's Purse UK and other charities. She has a special interest in communications, research and training that enable charities to build long term partnerships with their supporters and develop funding strategies that combine best practice, leading edge professional knowledge and biblical principles. Redina lives in Colchester, Essex.  Specialities: Fundraising, strategic planning and management, marketing for non-profits, market research, research on trends of giving, capital campaigns, new donor acquisitions Redina is the Senior Fundraising and Stewardship Consultant for McConkey • Johnston international based in Colchester, UK. Since 1998 Redina has undertaken various research and consulting projects focusing on the relationship between churches and Christian charities, giving patterns of under 35’s and the effects of socio-demographic factors on Christian giving. She has also trained hundreds of church leaders and fundraisers in Christian organisation in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA on a wide range of fundraising and stewardship topics.  During the last five years Redina has served as a consultant or trainer to: London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), Initiatives of Change UK, Evangelical Alliance UK, CMS Australia, Derek Prince Ministries UK, European Christian Mission, Food for the Hungry UK, Church Urban Fund, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Friends International, Samaritan's Purse UK and other charities. She has a special interest in communications, research and training that enable charities to build long term partnerships with their supporters and develop funding strategies that combine best practice, leading edge professional knowledge and biblical principles. Redina lives in Colchester, Essex. Specialities: Fundraising, strategic planning and management, marketing for non-profits, market research, research on trends of giving, capital campaigns, new donor acquisitions. Contact Information
June 27, 2020
Episode 10 - How churches can support their communities in a downturn
ABOUT THIS EPISODE This is the 1st of 3 episodes on finance. Next week I’ll be talking to Redina Kolaneci is a fundraising expert. She will share how churches can raise funds for mission. But in this episode, I talk to Chris Cupples from Christians Against Poverty & the work they do around debt management through local churches in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand & Canada. This episode was recorded in the middle of May 2020 while we were still in lock-down. Economies across the world have been impacted by the pandemic in turn has impacted your communities in terms of redundancies, loss of income & business closure. Debt was an issue before the pandemic, BUT what will the impact be as lock down eases? Chris and I will discuss those issues and and how local churches can engage and partner with CAP to achieve mission. EPISODE TIMESTAMP - TRANSCRIPT 5.00 How CAP Started with John…….. the CEO who found himself in debt 6.30 CAP’s Celebrity Advocate – Martin Lewis 7.00 Christians and Non-Christians can access the service 8.30 Including the name ‘Christian’ in the name of the organisation and how some organisations might have hidden that. What their core values are and how staff pray every day as a team 10.50 What are the main reasons people get into debt? Lack of budgeting, income expenditure, 11.46 CAP Money Course in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and UK 13.00 Life Circumstances causing debt and the pandemic 13.55 God’s forgiveness around debt 16.40 Christian’s Against Poverty Helpline - 0800 328 0006 17.00 Advice is FREE for individuals 17.30 How Churches are trained and developed to offer Debt Counselling Services 19.30 How the CAP system works for the local church 20.15 Assessing your community needs and how to do that 21.15 Avoiding duplication of effort 21.21 STRENGTH COMES AS LOCAL CHURCHES WORK TOGETHER 21.42 What you might need to consider if you want to work with CAP 23.36 How is training delivered 24.30 Funding how CAP can work with churches to raise funds for this work 25.15 Who has benefited from the service? 29.15 Long Term Impact of the pandemic on communities 34.50 How counselling might be delivered long-term i.e. online? 38.15 The poverty trap 42.00 What Churches can do if they are interested in learning more about CAP & why sometimes they are discouraged from starting the process 43.50 Other CAP services churches can engage in for their local communities - Job Club, Life Skills & Fresh Start ABOUT CHRIS CUPPLES AND CHRISTIANS AGAINST POVERTY Chris Cupples is the Director of Church Networks with Christians Against Poverty. Chris started his career in international sales, working for a medical diagnostics company across the Middle East. A passion for his local church and seeing lives transformed through Jesus led him to set up a CAP Debt Centre in 2010. This was foundational and began a deep passion for CAP’s church network that continues today. Chris gradually stepped into leading CAP in Northern Ireland and, in more recent years, has taken on responsibility for CAP in Scotland and Wales too. Chris also spent a year working as Head of Network Operations, working closely with the CEO and senior team. He is passionate about seeing churches equipped in their local mission. LINKS Christians Against Poverty UK - CAP USA - CAP AUSTRALIA - CAP NEW ZEALAND - CAP Canada
June 21, 2020
Episode 9 - How Young Adults & Millennials Struggle
ABOUT THIS EPISODE Erin talks about the struggles the millennial generation are facing. Why people are questioning their commitment to church at this present moment. We also discuss what we feel discipleship should really look like. EPISODE TIMESTAMP TRANSCRIPT 3.24 Starting a Tax Preparation business AND working FULL-TIME and running a podcast in a pandemic! 5.40 Efficiency and Time Management for Leaders & Team Work 7.20 Retention in the Church & Delegation 9.40 What are Millennials and Gen Z generations? 12.40 IS CHURCH NECESSARY? 14.27 – Millennials and their growth through church 17.43 – The link between discipling and success with millennials 21.30 - Why the church has a responsibility 24.49 How can the church practically help build young adults and millennials – it’s about balance & trust 27.48 Who is responsible for discipleship? 30.00 The problem with discipleship programmes 32.30 Being Judgemental 39.09 Millennials in Ministry & Pay it Forward Taxes 41.15 A message for church leaders from a millennial BIOG Erin Lashley is an entrepreneur, podcast host for Millennials In Ministry and works remotely as a Brand Strategist for The Smithee Group, a small business growth agency in New York City. With over 15 years in full-time ministry experience, Erin has dedicated the rest of my life to inspiring people to live with a heart that burns with passion for Jesus. She has recently started her own business with a partner and team called Pay it Forward Taxes to manage the tax affairs for US citizens. WEBSITE PODCAST PAY IT FORWARD TAXES
June 15, 2020
Church - How to bring young adults to Christian faith
ABOUT THIS EPISODE How do we reach young adults effectively and why is it so important? What does it really mean to be unequally yoked….. what did Jesus say and do? Who is really doing the evangelising? Is it the Church Evangelist or the ordinary people in our congregations? I spoke to Phil Knox Head of mission to young adults at the Evangelical Alliance Phil is a trained lawyer. He is also a performance poet (The Comeback), as well as a passionate evangelist! It was a stimulating and exciting conversation, he exudes joy! He answered the above questions with grace and clarity and I think you are going to absolutely LOVE this episode! EPISODE TIMESTAMP TRANSCRIPT 1.00 Phil’s multiple gifts & journey 3.00 - Viral Video featuring Phil – 6.00 Story Bearer – the roots of evangelism and why people are uncomfortable sharing their faith 9.15 Phil’s confession about fear 10.10 Friendship Evangelism – what does it mean? 13.45 What is the Evangelical Alliance? 16.10 Phil’s work as Head of Mission for Young Adults 16.45 What age group young adults are 18.00 The Connected Generation – what it means and why it’s important 20.45 Missing Generation Evangelical Alliance Research 21.35 How Phil works with and helps churches 22.00 Why the Gospel is more contagious than corona virus 22.55 How do churches invite young adults to ‘come home’ 23.50 What your ‘house’ portrays to a young adult 24.20 The online search for Church, and Jesus has gone up exponentially – how can churches capitalise on that? 24.55 What is our welcome like? 25.25 Resources Available to the church from the Evangelical Alliance 28.25 Re calibrating and seeking God’s will for our local churches 29.38 It is not JUST the connected generation i.e. the young people, it’s about EVERYONE 30.00 Some of the reasons we might be missing a generation according to research 31.30 We will see revival through the generational remnants 32.15 As churches – what are the core things we must be doing? 32.30 Idolatry of Individualism & why the church needs to address it 37.15 Hearing the voices of young adults Idolising clergy and pastors – does it happen? 41.15 Leaders who are authentic, talk the talk and walk the walk 42.00 Authenticity & the older generation 43.15 What Phil can do for your assembly – Story Bearer the book, programme and website ABOUT PHIL KNOX Phil Knox is the head of mission to young adults at the Evangelical Alliance. He lives to see people come to know Jesus and Christians inspired and equipped to share their faith. He is the author of Story Bearer, has a passion for the local church, loves learning and has degrees in law mission and evangelism. Phil is married to Dani and they have two sons, Caleb and Jos. He is an avid runner, aspiring water skier, and a proud Aston Villa supporter. He is also a performance poet, The Comeback and the Book and resource -
June 8, 2020
Managing grief and loss support in local churches
WHAT THIS EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT When this episode was recorded we were marking Mental Health Awareness month and mental health week. As this episode goes out, we are still in the midst of a pandemic too. So it seems apt to release this episode at a time of heightened loss and anxiety for many. As a Church Leader you will learn how you can obtain support to help your congregation. Loss is not just bereavement. Loss and a sense of grieving can manifest through redundancy, business demise, divorce, losing a home etc. Most recently people's liberty with the lock-down could represent serious challenges to their mental health and again a feeling of loss of contact with their loved ones. The good news is you don’t have to do it all yourself. My guests Reverend Sharon Townsend and Dorothy Dwyer from will share their extensive experience on helping people deal with loss and how they can help your local church or organisation. EPISODE TIME STAMPS 3.00 - What does living & loss mean in context to the services offered by 5.28 - Reverend Sharon's dual role as Senior Pastor, Chaplain and founder of Living-Loss 7.25 - the Future of Church & surprising benefits of digital communications 9.30 - How bereavement support turned into Living Loss 16.15  - Defining the impact of mental health and how collaborative work can lead to interventions 18.50 -  10 week sessions and how they work within groups 22.00 - Tapping into the resources, gifts and skills in your congregation. What training is available and investing in it so leaders can look after themselves too 23.32 - Leaders letting go and delegating more, burn-out and investment in development 25.00 - Why not all pastors called to be counsellors or even provide pastoral care 30.54 - Confidentiality (client and leader/counsellor) ABOUT THE FOUNDERS OF LIVING-LOSS.ORG Rev Sharon Marcia Townsend Sharon is a qualified psycho-dynamic Counsellor registered with ACC and BACP and has more than 20 years’ experience of counselling. She also has a BA in Theology. She set up the charity Living Loss in 2011 to help churches respond to the broad spectrum of grief experienced by their communities. She is also an National Health Service (NHS) Mental Health Chaplain and Senior Pastor of Junction Community Church in South London. Dorothy Dwyer Dorothy has worked in adult education and training for 20 years, training students in colleges and in the workplace enabling them to qualify in vocational subjects. Personal Coaching has been of particular interest to Dorothy and she uses these elements within Living Loss, when supporting those going through a loss or bereavement. She is joint founder of Living Loss, along with Sharon Townsend. They have been working together for 9 years to support loss and bereavement in churches and in the community.
June 1, 2020
How local churches & its leaders can deal with mental health issues
WHAT IS THIS EPISODE ALL ABOUT? Patrick Regan OBE is CEO of, a non-profit which provides support for organisations who want to address mental health issues in their communities. In this episode Patrick will share his own experience of mental health challenges, and what local churches can do to be better equipped to deal with issues.  EPISODE TIMESTAMPS 2.00 What Kintsugi means 3.50 – how Kintsugi Hope Helps Churches 5.10 – where Kintsugi Hope operates 6.00 – Reason Kintsugi was started, stemmed from personal angst and pain 7.15 Why people said they’d never read a book from a Christian that is honest 8.15 Establishing XLP, a non-profit organisation serving urban communities impacted by crime. The impact of poor mental health on the young. Why he passed on the organisation 9.30 Patrick Defining his own anxiety and how it can manifest differently for people & how people with anxiety are not necessarily weak people & his claim that we all need some anxiety 11.45 – Churches and the theological approach to mental health 14.00 Mental Health in the midst of the pandemic and the impact on households such as children’s education, stress on home schooling, poverty and job loss, domestic violence 15.15 Why after lockdown mental health issues will manifest and why churches need training 16.30 Church Leaders mental health and 2nd hand smoke 21.10 The Road to On the Road to Emmaus & how Jesus handled the disciple’s anxiety 23.00 Why dealing with mental health starts with the leadership 31.00 Honesty over silence – why he wrote it – what do we need to let go of in order to be FREE 36.00 who ministers to the minister – 3 levels MORE ABOUT PATRICK REGAN “Patrick is CEO and co-founder of Kintsugi Hope which came about following a series of personal trials and ill health affecting Patrick and his family. Prior to that, Patrick led urban youth charity, XLP which he also founded in 1996 and ran for 21 years.  Patrick is a passionate communicator and equally at home on the main stage at major UK political party conferences, engaging in robust debates in the media, connecting with business and community leaders, speaking to inmates in a maximum security prison or gang leaders in Jamaica.He is the author of five books. In this latest book, “Honesty Over Silence”, Patrick opens his heart on very personal issues, while exploring the importance of holding onto our faith and God in challenging times WEBSITE -
May 25, 2020
Episode 5 - How church leaders can lead in a crisis
How church leaders can lead in a crisis Luke 14: 28 encourages us to plan and prepare.  This episode is key at a time when the world is experiencing the worst challenge in living history. This young pastor will outline how contingencies and structure have allowed him to lead through crisis. EPISODE NOTES TIME STAMPS 7.00 Forward planning and how it prepared the assembly 7.30 Be the church NOT god to church focus on making disciples even though not in the same location 11.15 About Pastor Paul and his background including being a Pastor’s son, being a “seed”, his career, 14.00  On writing several books including  The Waiting Room’  with wife Debi after experiencing infertility and how they overcame it. 16.26 His leadership journey and what he has learnt 17.40 The realisation that as a leader he cannot change people. 1st Corn 3: 6 - I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 19.15 – Change and management in crisis – inspired by Jesus leadership & how engagement is the new church attendance, including life groups (small groups or house fellowships).  22.45 Leveraging, maximising and managing online platforms to engage and communicate. 24.15 why repetition is a weapon when it comes to preaching, teaching and disciplining 27.00 difference between attendance and engagement 27.30 Focus on unchurched and de-churched 30.00 How the team is made up and functions 32.00 Navigating changes made in the team in the digital space 34.00 How decisions made today, will determine how we come out of crisis 34.50 Steaming Tools OBS or One Stream 36.30 Inter generational congregations and why they are part of the plan ABOUT PASTOR PAUL ILO - THE HIGHER PLACE ‘Paul Ilo is the Lead Pastor at The Higher Place UK, a multicultural and multi-generational church in the heart of Greenwich, London. The Higher Place exists to see ordinary people transformed into passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul has been involved in ministry for several years and is also the founder of Royal Diadem Care and Empowerment Network, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of people through books, conferences, social welfare and capacity building. He holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and has written a number of books. He is currently based just outside of London, where he lives with his wife, Debi and two children.’
May 17, 2020
What church leaders need to hear
This episode is little like the medicine you really don't want to take, but you need to make you better. Bishop is candid in his assessment of where some church leaders are and what he feels they ought to be doing. It is an episode with so much gold and practical advice! More about Bishop Ceirion Dewar Bishop Ceirion Dewar is the founder of CDTV, author, activist, media consultant, political strategist and adviser, news correspondent and business mentor/life coach. He is also a volunteer for the N.H.S in the UK and a Chaplain. As well as being a member of clergy, he is able to navigate the business world in various projects. For example, he has 25 years-experience, and a track record for proven success and engagement including government, corporations and SME's On a personal level, Bishop lost 75 lb in weight within 5 months after a heart attack. Started riding 120kms a week, 3 days after being discharged from the hospital. CONTACT HIM THROUGH Podcast: The CDTV Podcast with Bishop Cei Dewar, available on, Apple Podcasts and Spotify Website: - free eBook for subscribing to e-community!
May 9, 2020
My leadership journey, discipleship and why small groups are important to growth
In this bonus episode, I was invited to talk about my academic research and work with churches around retention challenges. I am grateful to Esther Littlefield and Holly Cyr Cain from the Purposeful Leadership: Christian Woman leadership podcast (link below). I talk about why people could be leaving the global church, the importance of Small Groups, styles of leadership which might lead to retention problems. We also discussed whether people should be serving as soon as they commit to a home church before discipleship and indeed what discipleship actually is? Seems some think it is a course, rather than a life-long learning. I believe Jesus set the example we should all be duplicating. Enjoy this episode & please support Esther and Holly in their work. The links are below. It’s all about the Kingdom!
May 4, 2020
My early upbringing and how it has influenced me
I was born at the end of the 1950s and I have 9 other siblings.  My parents were incredibly strict even by standards at the time let alone now! Like other kids I had chores to do and went to school, however, outside that I don't really remember having a lot of fun as a child or establishing a relationship with my mother (God rest her soul). As a result of not really having a traditional childhood, I believe I went off the rails to try and catch up on what I lost....I was closer to my father who has also passed on. We shared a love of music, being creative and gardening.  Informed by my parents own early experiences we were treated to the Victorian idea of parenting i.e. speak when you are spoken to, do as you are told and don't expect explanations! Unfortunately for me, I was not down with the plan and questioned everything, which got me into trouble. I got familiar with the end of a leather belt. I think some might call that child abuse, but at the time for me that was the norm! I see now that my formative years experience has influenced the way I operate in business and ministry. I am very reliable, do what I say I am going to do and I am never late!!. I am focused and I am am also able to build contingencies in to almost anything I do. Thank for God for my ability to build contingencies at this moment in time. As I write the world is upside down partly due to the lack of contingency planning due to the pandemic.
May 1, 2020
What is the Healthy Church Growth Show?
Madge Obaseki hosts the Healthy Church Growth Show. The podcast provides practical insights and tips for Leaders in the Church and Ministry. She speaks to experts in their field who share their knowledge to the benefit of the Global Church.
April 27, 2020