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April 2021 Magazine - Editorial Review (Episode 6)
(April 2021 Magazine - Editorial Review) Our April Magazine is out and we are pretty excited. It has come with some beautiful reviews and we want to give you a little peep into the awesome content our team has put together. Listen to Ollie and Tomi as they do a review. You can download our magazine on our website,
May 01, 2021
Covid Vaccine: Conspiracies and Facts (Episode 5)
(Covid Vaccine: Conspiracies and Facts)The Covid19 vaccines are here in Nigeria, the first jab has being taken, banners were made, elaborate public events and the public seem not to be impressed with the shenanigans of some public health officials handling this process. Will you be willing to take this vaccine, listen to a few persons (both medical and non-medical) share their opinions about the vaccine and get better informed.
March 06, 2021
Toys/Anal Sex ??? Opinions, for and Against (Episode 4)
(Toys/Anal Sex ??? Opinions, for and Against) As a sequel to our last episode we narrowed in on anal sex, use of sex toys and the issues surrounding it as Munirah shares her opinion with Tomi. In our January magazine these two topics were featured and will surely make an interesting read. Visit and download a copy for 1000 naira or get the January issue and all the 3 other issues to be published in 2021 for 3000 naira. 
February 19, 2021
Let's Talk About Periods: Beyond the cycle (Episode 3)
(Let's Talk About Periods: Beyond the cycle) Listen to our no holds barred conversation about periods and the many issues surrounding it. Pharmacist Munirah Jibril Abubakar one of the contributors for our January magazine issue had quite a lot to share about this with some hard knocks for a popular international sanitary pad brand. This podcast is bound to leave you better informed about the female menstrual cycle.
February 08, 2021
Weight Loss: A case for slimming teas and waist trainers (Episode 2)
(Weight Loss: A case for slimming teas and waist trainers) Nazaberry and Innocentia (Tobe) delve into the weight loss conversation from a variety of perspectives. From diet to exercise, use of slimming teas, waist trainers and lots more. Throwing in a few practical experiences which bring the discourse to life, you are sure to gleans lots of information from this podcast.
January 11, 2021
From Lockdown to October 1st: Covid'19 at the Centre (Episode 1)
(From Lockdown to October 1st: Covid'19 at the Centre) In this episode Daniel and Tomi talk about the Nigerian response to the corona virus pandemic. From football to masks, social distancing, vaccines and the 5G conspiracy theory. They also talk about Nigeria's Independence Day celebration and the perceived coldness of many.  
October 02, 2020