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By Robert Corr
A podcast about law and legal issues
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2×01: Handsome Litigants and Hangry Judges
In this episode of Hearsay, I’ll share with you some of the research on implicit bias in judicial decision-making. Do judges really favour handsome litigants? Do they really lock people up when their football team loses? And how easily can they be bamboozled by big numbers? >> Full show notes
April 13, 2020
2×00: Hearsay is returning soon
Just a quick hello, to let you know that Hearsay will be returning after a long hiatus… Make sure you subscribe before the second season begins later this month!
March 13, 2020
1×03: The Antiquity of a Prejudice is No Reason for its Survival
In this episode, I’ll talk about an issue that has been bubbling away on the political agenda for a very long time now: should two people of the same sex have a legal right to be married in Australia? How have other countries come to legalise same sex marriage, and what is the current status of the debate in Australia? Full show notes
March 23, 2017
1×02: Idle Persons and Incorrigible Rogues
In this episode of Hearsay, I’ll dig in to the issue of homelessness, looking at how a media campaign can lead to new criminal laws, how we have criminalised poverty and homelessness through history, and how the City of Melbourne is empowered to create new crimes (even if the Lord Mayor doesn’t really understand that’s what he is proposing). Are we returning to the old days of locking up “idle persons” and “incorrigible rogues”? Full show notes
February 15, 2017
1×01: Mr Trumble goes to Washington
In this episode of Hearsay, I’ll take a look at the international legal dispute that led to our Prime Minister being dubbed “Mr Trumble”. I’ll also talk about some of the other controversies surrounding Donald Trump’s fledgling presidency, and explain how they have parallels with issues in Australia’s legal system. Full show notes
February 08, 2017
Welcome to the Hearsay podcast
Welcome to Hearsay, a podcast about law and legal issues for students and everyone else. The first episode is coming soon… Full show notes
February 05, 2017