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The Heart Man Podcast

The Heart Man Podcast

By Preston Howell
Discovering how to be a person after God's own heart
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What is Spiritual Formation?
I've written on this before, but the question is coming up again. Simply put, spiritual formation is a new buzzword and perspective on the one thing the Church has been doing since the very beginning, discipleship. However, this new perspective (some may even argue an old perspective) is not the kind of discipleship that you may find in many mainline churches. The discipleship programs that I see most often involve getting you to commit to attending church weekly, go to Sunday school or join a small group, tithe (can't forget to get our money!), and commit to personal Bible study. To me, this feels a lot like the "Gospel of Sin Management" that Dallas Willard talks about in The Divine Conspiracy. True discipleship is not about ticking the right boxes and saying "I am a disciple of Jesus." Rather there is something different that is called for. Enter the perspective of spiritual formation. This episode is also available as a blog post: Important links: Blog Patreon Twitter Twitch (from random gaming content!)
May 23, 2021
Oh goodness, I'm actually starting a podcast! On this episode I wanted to introduce you a little to me and speak give you my thoughts on what I'd like to do in this space. Editors Note I'm so sorry about some of the audio changes and such. I'm learning and we'll get better together! Important links: Blog Patreon Twitter Twitch (from random gaming content!)
May 22, 2021