Heart of Azeroth

Heart of Azeroth - Episode 1 - Interview with Creator of Controversial Classic LFG Mod.

An episode of Heart of Azeroth

By Gareth Cales
From the creators of Azeroth's first podcasting group Warcraft Radio, join Athalus, Mango, and Slanik as they discuss the latest and greatest happenings in World of Warcraft.
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Heart of Azeroth - Episode 6 - Who Died and Made You Warchief?
On this week's episode of Heart of Azeroth, Athalus is away at TwitchCon - but we still manage to capture his full range of emotions. Slanik and Mango discuss 8.2.5's big reveal! Original air date 09/29/2019 3pm EDT on twitch.tv/WarcraftRadio
October 4, 2019
Heart of Azeroth - Episode 5 - RUSSIAN COLLABORATION & BREWFEST!
Discussion on 8.2.5 releasing this week including Worgen and Goblin character models, Party Sync and more. Brewfest makes a feature, with Athalus discovering collaboration with Russians. -- This episode originally aired 9/22/2019 live at https://www.twitch.tv/warcraftradio, airing Sundays at 3pm EDT.
October 1, 2019
Heart of Azeroth - Episode 4 - Shadowlands Speculation, The Book of Ghostcrawler, and more!
In this week's episode, which originally aired September 15th 2019, the team discusses the latest expansion speculation. An image has been circulating that lends credence to the Shadowlands expansion theory, and the team discusses the implications. Also, an unintended side discussion uncovered a difference in opinion about the direction class design has taken over the past few expansions. The team discusses former Game Designer Ghostcrawler's approach vs the way classes are designed in modern WoW. As always, this episode originally aired at twitch.tv/WarcraftRadio. Give us a follow and tune in live as we record these podcasts on Sundays at 3pm Eastern Time.
September 22, 2019
Heart of Azeroth - Episode 3 - Two weeks of Classic: Are We There Yet?
On the third week of Heart of Azeroth, Athalus, Slanik and Mango discuss two weeks of playing Classic. One of us didn't last! Original air date 09/08/2019 3pm EDT on twitch.tv/WarcraftRadio
September 16, 2019
Heart of Azeroth - Episode 2 - Live Q&A with Minus 50 DKP Dives & First Week of Classic
This episode was recorded live at twitch.tv/WarcraftRadio on September 1st, 2019. Heart of Azeroth is recorded live every week at 3pm EDT on Sundays.
September 8, 2019
Heart of Azeroth - Episode 1 - Interview with Creator of Controversial Classic LFG Mod.
On the first episode of Heart of Azeroth, our hosts Athalus, Slanik, and Mango interview the creator of the controversial Classic LFG UI mod. Classic LFG aims to make it easier for players to find groups, but ran in to hot water over the prior week due to accusations it "ruined" the WoW Classic experience. The team also reminisces about Vanilla WoW and talks about expectations for the Classic launch.
September 3, 2019
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