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Matters of the Heart & Soul

Matters of the Heart & Soul

By Janie Charlot
Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast is inspired by Love, God, Relationships, Spirituality, Justice, Culture, Family, Children, Finances, Freedom, Personal Growth, Energy & Vibrations, Universal Principles, Health, Education, Masculine & Feminine, Music.... and ALL THINGS of the Heart & Soul!! Our goal is to reconnect our hearts with our minds. We want to be a beacon of Light on your life journey! Follow us on Instagram @mattersoftheheart_andsoul @nursepractitioner_hired
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Importance of Safety & Security For The Divine Feminine
We tap into the deeper reasoning on why Safety & Security is so important for the Divine Feminine. It is actually the very foundation on if she will be able to surrender to the Divine Masculine! Continuing our sacred/divine feminine series! Matters Of the Heart & Soul Podcast #FeminineEnergy #divinefeminine #SafetyAndSecurity
September 30, 2022
Twin Flames: The Deeper Mission
The twin flame journey isn't for everyone. But for many, it is apart of their soul's blueprint. It is apart of their cellular memory long before descending into matter. When the call to activation is prompted, the souls come into union for a deeper mission. Check out this podcast to learn more and about our own personal story!
September 25, 2022
Self Mastery
Self- Mastery is a process of evolution where we no longer respond to the outside world in which we cannot control, but get re-connected to the ever-expansiveness of our inner world, in which we have full reign over. We chat about some ways/steps that can help you achieve Self-Mastery. 
September 18, 2022
The Black Madonna
As part of our Sacred/Divine Feminine Series, today we speak on and bring honor to the Black Madonna. How she represents the womb of creation, the depth and darkness of the cosmos, her divine link to love and healing, and her representation of the feminine principle right now in humanity. #divinefeminine #blackmadonna #mattersoftheheartandsoulpodcast #cosmicmother #subconsiousmind #darkness #depthsofearth #podcasts #heartandsoul
September 13, 2022
Hidden Teachings of the Sacred Feminine
As all things that ebb and flow, Divine/Sacred Feminine Energy is once again on the rise as we get very comfortable in the Aquarian Age. Because she has been suppressed for way too long, her rise can feel like destruction, chaos, anger, and even turmoil.  As her energy arises in all, we have to first UNDERSTAND it, SAVE SPACE for it, HEAL it, and then HARMONIZE it.   Check out this video as we unveil this beautiful energy that is well and alive in us all. This video will be a part of the "Sacred Feminine Energy" Series that we plan on doing.
September 06, 2022
Living From The Inside Out
Do you Live by internal or external control? Never thought about it? Well, we are bombarded daily with tons of external stimuli bidding for our attention. If we don't place it in it's proper order, it can literally take over our lives! On this episode we chat about tons of ways to start gaining control over the life you want to live by Living From The Inside Out. 
September 01, 2022
The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness with Elisabeth Hoekstra
On this episode we chat with Elisabeth Hoekstra about her healing journey, overcoming the trauma of abandonment, her new book, raising consciousness, motherhood, her current projects with 4BiddenKnowledge, and so so so much more! Watch the interview on Youtube: Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast.  If this message resonates with you, get plugged in with Elisabeth @elisabethihoekstra @4biddenknowledge. 
August 26, 2022
Divine Alignment
Enjoy this brief divine alignment meditation. Surely to open you up to the higher vibrations and energy of love, peace, and gratitude. Much Love & Light.
August 19, 2022
Father, Mother, & Child— The Circle of Life
As we all navigate this new time of the rise in Feminine Energy in ALIGNMENT, BALANCE, & HARMONY with masculine energy, we wanted to shed light on how we can all better serve each other in the times to come for true unity. Balance is when different elements are equal or in the correct proportions; Recognizing the true elemental differences in both energies but harmonizing them for the greater good of both. You will surely gain nuggets in this podcast!
August 07, 2022
Creating Your Path
On this episode we discuss how to create your own path when one is not laid out for you. Where do you begin? Everything starts in the mind. We chat about enjoying the journey versus focusing on the destination, overcoming the obstacles along the way, knowing that your journey is to help you evolve in some way, you are never alone on the journey, and soooo much more! 
July 24, 2022
Overcoming Barriers to Self Love
One of the greatest barriers of awakening to the Universal, Unconditional Divine Love available to us all is the lack of Self Love. Humanity has generationally evolved to seek truth of self on the outside of self. But this has been one of the greatest causes of our infliction. Check out this episode to get some nuggets on overcoming the lack of Self Love.
July 17, 2022
Service To Others vs Service To Self
A big part of this 3D reality is making the conscious choice between service to self or service to others. Service to others is seeing a need, and fixing the need. It has nothing to do with manipulating the situation to get what you want out of it. It is actually serving others with no other motives other than wanting to raise the vibration of humanity as a whole
July 14, 2022
I AM….
“I Am” can be seen as our internal God/Goddess. Therefore, anything we say after these 2 words is what we are willing into our soul to be or to become. This episode gives a little deeper insight into how these words helps us to program the subconscious mind and create all that we have a hearts desire for.
July 08, 2022
Trusting Your Intuition
Intuition is the immediate knowing without the need for logical reasoning or proof- You Just Know! As we move further into the Age of Information where the data and science will be used more and more, Intuitive thinking and decision making will be extremely important, or it could set you back!
July 04, 2022
How To Go Within
Perhaps you are seeking the solitude your spirit so desperately needs. If so, this episode is for you! We’ve been cultured and programmed to seek clarity and healing outside of ourselves, but going within is truly the route to take. Check out this episode for some great tips on how to go within.
July 01, 2022
Words Have Power
Words set forth the energy that shapes our beliefs, perceptions, behavior, and they actually create the world we live in. Words can help, heal, harm, hurt, grow, inspire, humble, humiliate, etc. the power arises from the emotions we put behind them or when we read, speak, or hear them. Check out this episode to better understand the power of your words!
June 28, 2022
Harmonizing the Left & Right Brain for Wholeness (Whole-Brain)
We have functioned in a very left brain dominant society for many years. However, hemi-synching, or using the Whole Brain will be very important to come into harmony not only for SELF, but also others, especially interacting in relationships, with children, and in the work environment. Watch this episode on you tube:
June 25, 2022
I Don't Know How To Be A Boyfriend- Russell Bruce (No Good Men Podcast)
“I Don't Know How To Be A Boyfriend…” Russell Bruce talks with The No Good Men Podcast. It was a great conversation among men about relationships, healing, marriage, growth, and so much more! What do men talk about? They talk about being better men… Connect with the No Good Men Podcast: #nogoodmenpodcast #mattersoftheheartandsoulpodcast #whatmentalkabout #mentalkmarriage #mentalkhealing #mentalkrelationships #mentalkgrowth
May 03, 2022
"Lord, I Don't Want To Die A Christian" with Chandrika Phea
Chandrika Phea grew up in a devout religious family, she's the daughter, niece, and grandchild of Christian Clergy, she gained a bachelors degree in biblical Studies, and was also an Ordained Reverend. But her journey to China to teach students forever changed her and she realized Christianity was hindering her experience of God, Life, & Humanity. Her Book: Lord, I Don't Want To Die A Christian" shares her journey.  We touched on Christianity(religion) and the oppression of people of color... In Jesus Name.... Did Jesus really die for our sins..... Fearing God.... When & Why was Christianity formed.... And much much More! Plug in to Chandrika and her new book @
April 26, 2022
Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs For Continuous Growth
On this episode we shed some light on how to overcome those self-limiting beliefs that sometimes keeps us stuck in areas of our lives that we really don't want to be in. For continuous growth and evolution, we must face our self-limiting beliefs with faith, perseverance, and a fearless energy. Check this episode out for some amazing jewels! 
April 14, 2022
Human Trafficking: The Story of Theresa Caldwell Jenkins
The exact number of boys and girls that are being enslaved in the Sex trafficking trade is difficult to determine, but about every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim. This is a GLOBAL concern and billions of dollars are involved. We wanted to shed light on this topic. We speak with Theresa Caldwell Jenkins who was beaten, starved, locked away in a closet, and sold for sex to men by a family member at the age of 7yrs old. She is now a survivor, published author, and activist through her nonprofit for other victims and other individuals looking to escape the adult entertainment industry.  This podcast is one you definitely want to sit with your young teenagers, and allow them to hear Theresa's story. National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888.373.7388. Theresa's IG: @hautstalons & @theresajenkinsatl Theresa's website:
February 19, 2022
7 Chakras Explained- 101
Chakras refer to various energy centers in the body that correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organs. The 7 major chakras run the from the base of your spine to the top of your head. If these energy centers get blocked or unbalanced, you can experience physical and emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. These energy wheels are important in distributing our life for energy, and a very balanced and harmonious flow of this energy is paramount for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual alignment! 
February 08, 2022
Earth Volunteers
Ever heard of star seeds, wanderers, walk-ins, or earth volunteers? What if you volunteered to incarnate on Earth for a deeper mission of raising the vibrations during a very pivotal time in human history? What if you were tasked with anchoring down higher frequencies to help others realize that they are more powerful than they could ever imagine, and all the power is already within them! Have you always felt different than the people around you? Check out this powerful telepathic conversation about Earth's volunteers.  Follow us on YouTube: Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast - YouTube Original video source from Everyday Masters. 
January 29, 2022
Are you ready for the new Aquarian Age Energy?
On this episode we talk about a few things to do a self assessment to see if you are ready for the new energy that is marching in. As the Earth shifts into a higher frequency, we will all begin to feel it. Are you equip and in alignment with the shift? Check out this episode to see if you are!
January 22, 2022
Spiritual Warfare in Music with J.T. Bruce
On this episode we interview up and coming artist, J.T. Bruce (Johnathon Bruce). He is a 22yr old native of Anderson, South Carolina, Student at Kennesaw State University, and very multi-talented. We chat with him about issues of his generation. J.T. speaks on his authentic expression through his music, mental health, and his mission to bring God & Spirituality back into music. Stay tuned to the end of the interview to get a glimpse of J.T's hot recent single on social issues. Be sure to plug into his platforms to support him! You can watch the live recording at:
January 20, 2022
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
On this episode we read a small excerpt from the book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. The subconscious mind can lead us to infinite intelligence where we can tap into all things we choose. Or it can keep us in old programming we sometimes are not even aware of. Have you tapped into the power of your own subconscious mind? Check out this episode!
January 15, 2022
What is Shadow Work?
What is shadow work? Shadow work is truly coming to terms with our own blind spots! These are all the different aspects of ourselves that we would deem as our “dark sides”. It’s important to be able to recognize our shadowy sides, love and heal those parts of ourselves, so that we can operate more fully into our full integrated wholeness! As we become more healed and balanced individually, we collectively become more healed and balanced. Are you doing your shadow work? Check it out!
January 08, 2022
What is Time?
What is time? It’s a new year and a new season. We wanted to kick start our first episode of the season talking about TIME. We discuss time according the the perception of 3 concepts: 1) Time is a measure 2) Time is an illusion 3) Time is currency. Are you using your time wisely? Are you currently wasting time? Are you staying stuck in time? Check it out!
January 01, 2022
Season 3! - Opening & Happy Holidays!
We are excited to be headed into the 3rd Season of Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast! We appreciate all of our subscribers and the support! We are being heard in 32 countries and there’s really no words to express our gratitude! The divine plan always prevails if you just trust the process! Keep growing with us in Season 3!
December 23, 2021
A Paranoramal & Extraterrestrial Conversation with Freyr Thor
We have all heard the terms Paranormal, Aliens, and UFO's. We have heard about government disclosures in regards to it all. So what is it all about? Are we alone in the universe? Are there other Beings out there? Check out this amazing interview with Freyr Thor, native of Iceland who immigrated to the US in his early twenties. Freyr has worked in the film industry since the inception of digital media. Growing up, Freyr was surrounded by spiritual belief systems, psychic family members, and the ideas of people from other dimensions that was considered as normal as morning coffee. Be sure to check out, Freyr's platform to grow in knowledge of many matters of the unexplained. 
September 12, 2021
Return of the Sacred Womb
We all know that no human being can get here without going through the womb of a woman(womb-man). It’s imperative that SHE understands the sacred, feministic, creative power of her womb. By doing so, ALL humans (men and children) must do the same- it’s only the natural order! Link to the article:
September 09, 2021
Overcoming The Fear of Physical Death
On this episode we talk about overcoming the fear of physical death. Death is the biggest fear of humanity, but it's hardly ever talked about. So we wanted to bring this topic to light! There is a natural death & rebirth cycle in everything of this universe. Biological death is no different. We shed some insight on a few things we all should consider to gain better understanding. 
August 14, 2021
7 Steps To Enlightenment
On this episode we wanted to discuss the steps to Self-Enlightenment/Self-Actualization/Self-Realization. This process is all about getting to the True Self! We have defined these steps as: 1)Purification, 2)Healing, 3) Separation, 4) Integration, 5) Deeper Connection, 6) Application, 7) Oneness. Let us know if any of these steps resonate with where you are on your journey! #Mattersoftheheartandsoulpodcast #Enlightenment
August 02, 2021
From A 12yr Old Perspective: The Pandemic
On this episode we chat with 12yr old Miles Whitaker. Miles is a 7th Grade Student at Imhotep Academy in Atlanta, GA. We chat with him on his thoughts and opinions of all things regarding the pandemic. It is so important that we keep the dialogue going with children about their social, academic, and emotional concerns during this change of time. Miles also gives some great advice to other kids his age!
July 10, 2021
Co-Creating Your Reality!
On this Episode we discuss how we are always co-creating the reality that we experience. There is a greater force that is always at work helping us to co-create our experiences both good and bad!
July 05, 2021
Diversity & Inclusion with Vashene Barfiled
On this episode we catch up with President and Licensed Occupational Therapist of Inpatient Rehabilitation of Post Acute Services- Ms. Vashene Barfield. Vashene shares her experiences of maneuvering through the field of occupational therapy with unconscious racism and lack of diversity. She gives amazing insight on being "the only black in the room", reflections of her own self-identity, and powerful advice to others dealing with diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace by "using your voice". As of 2019, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that for Occupational therapists 80% are white, 6.61% are Asian, 6.23% are Black, and 1.56% are 2 or more races. #mattersoftheheartandsoulpodcast #diversityequityinclusion #occupationaltherapy #Healthcare
June 22, 2021
Heart & Mind Alignment
On this episode we discuss what is the heart & mind alignment, signs when you are not in alignment, and why keeping this alignment is important!
June 16, 2021
Walking In(Embodiment) of Divine Masculine & Feminine- Redefining High Value!
We go deeper into the embodiment of the divine masculine & feminine energies! Be sure to watch Awakening The Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy Within so that you can have a FOUNDATION to this podcast. It’s time to go from Awakening to Embodiment & from Knowledge to Wisdom! You determine your OWN HIGH VALUE FROM WITHIN! #MattersOfTheHeartAndSoulPodcast #DivineMasculine #DivineFeminine #Divinity #HighValue #NowIsTheTime
May 31, 2021
The State of Black Manhood with Bro Takuna El Shabazz
On today’s podcast, We have a candid 1 on 1 conversation with the esteemed elder, activist, author, entrepreneur Takuna El Shabazz. A few things we discussed were: When does a boy become a man if there is no Rites of Passage?;The state of black manhood; Male / Female relationships;  Religion and spirituality;  Economics and much more.....  
May 23, 2021
Interview with Lakesha Sings(singer/songwriter/actress)
We caught up with sultry singer/songwriter/actress Lakesha Sings in Shreveport, A. We wanted to get down to the heart and soul of what inspires Lakesha! We discussed the current state of music today, the messages being put out in regards to women, current music and the programming of our youth, her newest album Deeper, Love & Relationships, her message to humanity, and so much more! Check out this episode of Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast! 
May 21, 2021
How going within creates AUTHENTICITY with Lois Wagner
We were invited on the platform of Lois Wagner, speaker and author of Walking Without Skin. Lois has an amazing story of forgiveness and freedom as she was attacked, raped, and left to die. We joined Lois in Johannesburg, South Africa. Check it out!
May 07, 2021
Having Balance In Life!
On this episode we chat about why balance in life is important? We give a few tips on how to maintain balance while being happy in the process!
May 03, 2021
God Consciousness Vs Body Consciousness
We are happy to be back after a small vacation! On this episode I speak on God Consciousness Vs Body Consciousness... Check it out & Raise Your Vibration!
April 24, 2021
Financial Literacy with Tamela Joyce
On this episode we chat with Tamela Joyce on Financial Literacy. Tamela Joyce  has over 20yrs experience in international treasury, she has worked for several Fortune 500 corporations, and she has a huge knowledge base of cash principles, disciplines, and financial workings inside emerging global organizations. She touches on what we all should be thinking about in regards to our financial currency. 
March 10, 2021
Capacity to Love with Oluremi Sano- Part 1
On this episode we share our interview on the Each One Teach One Podcast hosted by Oluremi Sano. She invited Russell an myself on her podcast to talk about the Capacity To Love which is a Co-Authored Book that Russell and I been working on and will be released pretty soon. We get a lot more personal on this podcast. Enjoy! 
March 07, 2021
Everything Is Always Working Out- 10min Meditation
Listen to this 10min Meditation for 21 Days and Know that everything is Always Working out for you! 
February 26, 2021
Tapping into the Heart & Soul Through Musical Expression with Shelita White
On this Episode we speak with founder of Just Rock Enterprises, Shelita White. Just Rock was founded to inspire independent artistry through musical experiences. We chat with Shelita about her own musical inspiration, the impact of music on the world, the effect of the pandemic on the musical industry, confidence building in children through the arts, and a whole lot more! Check it out! 
February 12, 2021
Signs you are shifting into 5D (5th Dimension)- Your Higher Self
On this Episode we discuss the signs that you may experience when starting to shift into the 5D (5th Dimension) of Consciousness/Awareness.
January 30, 2021
Infant Mortality: The Story of Baby Moxie
Black infants die at a rate of 10.7 per 1,000 births in the United States. Black babies die at a rate of 11 per 1,000 births in the state of Louisiana, which is where Baby Moxie was born. Louisiana's black infant mortality rate is second in the nation to Mississippi which is leading  with a rate of 12 per 1,000 births. (CDC, 2017).  Take a listen to this mom's story as we shed light on this topic that often goes under the radar. #BabyMoxie #InfantMortality
December 23, 2020
Overcoming Obesity & Depression with Kylie Ross
On this Episode of Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast we talk to Kylie Ross on how she overcame Obesity & Depression. She gives insight on what was her wake up call, how she did it, and how this led into her manifesting her own thriving Fitness Company.
December 19, 2020
Capacity to Love
On this episode we discuss the capacity to love at its deepest level..... unconditional. This episode is inspired by our co-authored upcoming book: The Capacity to Love.
December 16, 2020
Getting Into Alignment!
In this Episode We discuss why it is important to get into Alignment with the Universe!
November 28, 2020
Are you an Empath with Reiki Practitioner Cara Sevier- Part 2
We continue the conversation with Cara Sevier about being an Empath!
November 15, 2020
Are You an Empath with Reiki Practitioner Cara Sevier- Part 1
This is part 1 of a 2 part Podcast! We chat with Reiki Practitioner & Empath Cara Sevier on everything you need to know about being an Empath!
November 07, 2020
7 Steps to Mastering Emotions (Emotional Intelligence)
Why should we learn how to master our emotions(energy in motion)? If we cannot recognize and identify the emotions in ourselves, we cannot identify the emotions in others! On this episode we give 7 Steps to Mastering Emotions & gaining the emotional intelligence to live a fulfilling life!
October 31, 2020
Are We Living in the Matrix?
This is the first episode of Season 2! We are going deeper! Are we living in the Matrix? Do we just accept packages of ideas that has been passed down to us through generations of time without ever questioning the authenticity?🤔Do we take the time to see how beliefs and principles resonate with our own inner compass?🤔Do we go within to figure out Reality or Myth for ourselves?🤔 Listen to this full episode to break down the Matrix!
October 23, 2020
Season 2 is Loading: Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast!
Wow! Our First Season(1yr.) was nothing short of amazing! We are preparing for Season 2! Thank you Tribe for your contributions! 🙌💫💫 Please Catch up on all 35 episodes of Season 1 of you haven’t already done so
October 08, 2020
Understanding Universal Laws including Sexual Transmutation!
On this Episode we discuss 7 Universal Laws to Master including explaining Sexual Transmutation. Premiered YouTube Link:
September 20, 2020
10 Ways that will Always Relieve Stress!
On this Episode we discuss ways to relieve stress! 1. Quiet The Noise 2. Breathing Techniques 3. Set Affirmations 4. Sounds (music, ocean, nature) 5. Visualize 6. Read & Write 7. Cook & Eat Healthy Meals 8. Walk/Exercise 9. Work on a Project 10. Communicate with Loved Ones Full YouTube Link: Follow us on Instagram @mattersoftheheart_andSoul
September 13, 2020
The Ego-Self Vs The True-Self
On this Episode, We discuss: 1. What is the ego 2.Pros / Positive of ego 3. Cons / Negative of ego 4. Death of the ego / Dark night of the soul 5. Heart-Space / True-Self
September 06, 2020
10min Morning Meditation for Positivity, Setting Intentions, & Raising Vibrations
Listen to this short 10min meditation each morning for about 21 days and see how your vibrations, thoughts, and energy is amazingly changed and lifted!
September 03, 2020
How Thoughts Become Things!
On this episode of the podcast we discussed HOW THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS........ Everything you see in this physical reality was once a thought in the mental / spiritual realm before it manifested. We must carefully guard our minds so that it produces positive fruit / thoughts. “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” ~ Blaise Pascal Please listen, share and subscribe to our youtube channel:
August 22, 2020
State of the Black Race: Black Wall Streets Everywhere with Oluremi Sano & Dr. Malik Douglass
The 2 Day Conference, State of the Black Race: Black Wall Streets Everywhere, is happening in Dallas, TX on September 26th & 27th! On this Episode, we speak with Oluremi Sano & Dr. Malik Douglass Who have partnered with 19 others in the Fihankra Development Fund. We speak to them on the importance of African American communities pulling together during such a pinnacle time in history. We highlight goals of the conference as it pertains to the black family, black economics, & black health.
August 08, 2020
How to Eat to Live!
HOW TO EAT TO LIVE! In this episode, we discuss: - The effects of the population explosion on the American diet - The effects of slavery on the African American diet - Electric foods - Alkaline vs Acidic foods (PH scale) - "Food is your medicine and medicine is your food" - Moderation is the key.......And more! YouTube Link:
July 30, 2020
Life & Legacy of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis with Personal Friend & Political Mentee Paul Debnam
Civil Rights Icon John Lewis just passed on July 17,2020. On this episode, We have a really heartfelt chat about the Life, Legacy, & Personal Memories of John Lewis from his personal friend & mentee Paul Debnam
July 20, 2020
Awakening the Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy Within!
On this episode we discuss: 1. Masculine vs Feminine Energy 2. The Wounded/Unbalanced Masculine & Feminine Energy 3. Reaching the DIVINE Masculine & Feminine Energy
July 06, 2020
10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Energy
In this episode we give 10 excellent ways to raise your vibration & energy and lead a life of positivity!
June 29, 2020
8 Things to Attract Goodness into Your Life!
In this episode we give 8 ways to attract Goodness into your life and live the life you were born to have! It is your birth right to live a good life!
June 22, 2020
It’s Time to Heal! Recorded Live from the Atlantic Ocean
Recorded live from the ocean breeze & waves of the Atlantic Ocean, on this episode we discuss ways to heal emotionally & spiritually on an individual & collective level.
June 12, 2020
Higher Consciousness- Your Soul’s Evolution
In this episode we trim the surface of Higher Consciousness and how old programming & thinking both on a physical and spiritual level can be barriers to reaching the highest levels of Love & Compassion for all of Humanity.
June 04, 2020
Interview with Artist New Cupid (Bryson Bernard) creator of song/line dance #CupidShuffle
An amazing conversation with Artist New Cupid (Bryson Bernard) on so many things that matter! Music, Using his platform for good, current racial issues in America, His health challenges, Men’s health, fatherhood, balanced living, and sooooo much more!
May 28, 2020
Amazing Interview with Singer/Songwriter Sirena Grace
We had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful Sirena Grace! We talked about her journey as a minority artist, her inspiration, how she’s using her platform for activism, what messages she wishes to convey through her music, and just so much more! She even let us hear her amazing voice! This was a great interview! Check it out!
May 20, 2020
Political Activist Paul Debnam chats with us about the Ahmaud Arbery Case While in Brunswick, GA
Paul Debnam is a Political Activist, CEO and founder of the Debnam Group. Paul has been in politics for 30 years and has worked with John Lewis, Jessie Jackson, former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, & former presidential nominee John Kerry as a Campaign strategists in Ft. Myers Fl. Paul has also worked with professional athletes and entertainers in different capacities. While in Brunswick, GA working on the Ahmaud Arbery Case, Paul took some time to chat with us to connect us to the atmosphere.
May 13, 2020
COVID-19 Frontline Worker, Tammy Rowe-RN,MSN shares her experience
Assigned to Englewood Medical Center, in Englewood, NJ; Tammy Rowe shares her 6 week COVID-19 frontline experience as a Registered Nurse caring for COVID19 positive patients.
May 11, 2020
Overcoming Addictions & Getting the Best out of Life with Evan Tinstman
Entrepreneur and Girl Daddy who’s mission is to be a Purveyor of Hope and Optimism in an effort to encourage others how to find and use their own unique talents and abilities so they can make their own impact on the world, Evan Tinstman chats with us about his own personal story of building a company from the ground up and then destroying it with addiction. He shares his journey of hitting rock bottom, accepting reality of the need to heal his own voids, and now using his experience to help others while continuing to unleash his own greatness.
April 26, 2020
The Mass Awakening
In this episode we dig a little bit deeper of the current mass/great awakening of humanity. We touch on signs of spiritual awakening, the pineal gland, the third eye, synchronicities, dreams, changing of that ages, and much more!
April 20, 2020
Love & Relationships with Mary Jo Rapini
In this episode, We talk everything of Love & Relationships with Psychotherapist, author, speaker and Fox26 expert specializing in intimacy, sex, & relationships- Mary Jo Rapini!
April 10, 2020
Law of Attraction with Constance Arnold
In this episode we speak with Ms. Constance Arnold who is a motivational speaker, author, leadership trainer, and success coach. For 25yrs she has been a private training consultant, and has literally transformed the lives of thousands of men and women around the world. She currently hosts The Think, Believe, & Manifest Show on the law of attraction radio network. Her show broadcasts on 27 internet stations and in 300 countries. She has 10 million listeners and over 500 archived inspirational, motivational, & empowerment shows. We speak with her about how our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and words create the life we see!
April 02, 2020
COVID-19 Positive, Vaughn Showell of Atlanta, GA shares his experience
In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s our mission to share true, authentic information that will lead to peace and love while releasing fear. In this episode, we speak with Mr. Vaughn Showell who is COVID-19 positive. He shares signs/symptoms, his hospital visit, treatment he received, and just his overall emotions regarding it all.
March 29, 2020
Shifting the Atmosphere During COVID-19 with Kina Reed
In this episode we discuss ways that all human beings can stay in a place of peace as we witness the changes in our everyday lives that the Corona Virus has caused
March 19, 2020
What is Love/God to you?
We wanted to know how the rest of the world defined Love & God for themselves.... so we did an audio survey! Here’s what everyone had to say.....
March 16, 2020
Near Death Experiences with Scott Moesta
In this Episode, we speak with Scott Moesta on Near Death Experiences and what he believes is the overall message that those who have had a near death experience wants the rest of us to know. Scott Moesta is An entertainment executive for over 30yrs, Film production consultant, and the CEO & Founder of a producer representative company helping independent filmmakers secure domestic and foreign distribution deals.
March 13, 2020
The Impact of the Life & Death of Kobe Bryant with Jason Rankin
In this episode, Co-Hosted with Russell Bruce, we speak with Jason Rankin on the impact of both Kobe Bryant’s Life & His Death. Jason speaks on his experience of being a basketball coach to both males and females, being a girl dad, the Mamba Mentality, and how we all can be more impactful in the lives of others daily. Jason has coached basketball for 30 years both boy and girl teams from ages 12 to 18. He was Assistant Head Coach for 6 District Champions 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2007 and 2009. In 2009, he became the first African American Head Coach in history of New Castle sports. Jason Led the New Castle Girls team to 2010 District VII title (WPIAL) in his first year as a Head Coach. In 2011, he was Section Coach of the Year. Jason has Coached 17 players who have scored at least 1000 points, and many of his Former players went on to play at the college level.
March 02, 2020
How Historical & Racial Issues Affect Black Relationships with Kina Reed
A Communication practitioner, researcher and educator; We speak with Kina Reed on fostering better black relationships. Kina’s research focuses on race and gender identity constructions and she believes true societal change can only occur when each individual in any given society is empowered to find their voice in the world.
January 20, 2020
Love Vs Fear with Russell Bruce
Are you living in Love or Fear? Are you allowing your inner light and authentic truth to guide you, or is fear paralyzing you and keeping you in darkness? On this Episode, Russell Bruce returns to speak on it!
January 06, 2020
You Got it Right: It’s About Love! A Message from Janie Charlot
A small but special message from the host- Janie Charlot
December 26, 2019
Overcoming Rejection: A personal testimony of Raushaunda Roy
Facing our pain head on, recognizing that we must do our own personal soul work, and making the changes within ourselves, often lead to the healing that’s been waiting for us on the other side of our pain all this time! We have a candid conversation with Raushaunda Roy about facing her rejection and coming out on the other side healing!
December 04, 2019
Helping Our Young Girls Survive The Real World with Julie Zeno
In this episode, we talk with Julie Zeno, Author of A Young Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Real World from a Christian Perspective. Social Worker by Profession, Julie give some valuable insight on her book and also on how we can foster the growth of our young girls into amazing young women of purpose.
November 17, 2019
How I Retired At 38yrs old with Sherrel Charlot.
Clearing the path for others is important and it allows those coming behind us the necessary tools to win too! On this episode, We talk to Sherrel Charlot about how she retired at 38yrs old! Sherrel, Thank You for your service!
November 11, 2019
Spiritual Awakening: A Soulful Talk With Russell Bruce.
An amazingly stimulating conversation about the spiritual Awakening and Journey of Russell Bruce. Russell Bruce is a senior network engineer, father, former college athlete, motivational speaker, mentor, and chef. On this episode, he takes us down the path of his own spiritual evolution, gives us some nuggets on energy & vibration, and totally introduce some thought provoking concepts about our own soul evolution.
November 03, 2019
Foster Care Saved My Life- The story of Ashton Lewis
For the first time Publicly, Ashton Lewis Speaks about his Childhood Abuse, Foster Care, and how this experience has set him on his journey to purpose today.
October 26, 2019
Get Ready! Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast is coming!
We wanted to drop a quick trailer to let you know Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast is on the way! On this podcast we will be discussing ALL Things of the Heart & Soul! We are talking about it!
October 18, 2019