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By HeartEdge
Conversations about God and race with Azariah France-Williams, Winnie Varghese and guests.
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6: "Speaking truth to power was the path my faith led me on…" Sam Lindo
Singer and activist Sam Lindo joins Azariah and Winnie to talk God, race, and finding home. "I spent my whole school trying to minimise my difference..." This episode Sam talks connecting faith to activism, getting arrested and ending up in court. "I was asked to move, and I didn’t… I got to proclaim that truth… Speaking to power literally was the path my faith had led me on… " Stories and inspiration - including tips on cheeky, playful, non-violent resistance... and a song! 
July 8, 2021
5: "We hold each other up because of differences..." Mihee Kim-Kort
“You see us as perpetual foreigner…” Writer and Presbyterian minister Mihee Kim-Kort joins Winnie Varghese and Azariah France Williams for more inspired conversation about God and race ((G)race!). This time, anti-Asian violence and the response of the church; the 2017 Atlanta shootings, Rodney King and white policing … “… that’s what white supremacy does. It makes us enemies out of each other…” How do churches build diversity that go beyond ‘inclusion’, widening the communion table and deepening community? “We don’t stand in solidarity with each other because we have some common struggle… this ‘common experience’, but because of the complexity of our differences. We hold each other up because of those differences. Some things are not going to be easily translated.…” Mihee Kim-Kort is the author of ‘Outside the Lines: How Embracing Queerness Will Transform Your Faith’.
June 11, 2021
4. "God is not a white man..." Chine McDonald
"Our worship songs, the way that we do church are so wrapped up in this notion of Englishness..." Communicator and influencer Chine McDonald on home and Greenbelt, the power of personal story, redeeming white spaces, uncovering African spirituality and facing up to whiteness. Conversations about finding home, identity, God and race hosted by Azariah France Williams and Winnie Varghese.  
May 13, 2021
Trail New (G)race - now monthly!
(G)race returns for conversation about God and race! Azariah France-Williams in the UK, Winnie Varghese in the US plus guests digging deep into identity, faith and life together. Now monthly dropping early every second Friday. Tell your friends and subscribe!
May 10, 2021
3. Sharon Lewis 'Afro-Futurism and recovering faith'
"Your work, the spirit is pulsating through it... it's deeply spiritual..." Writer, director and award-winning film maker, Sharon Lewis in conversation about God and race with Azariah France-Williams and Winnie Varghese. "Black History Month perpetually keeps us in the past... in an iconography we're repressed... We did rebel! We did fight back! We survived and thrived! We were not decimated in terms of spirit... The very basis of Black Future Month is that we exist..." Sharon, Azariah and Winnie on Christianity colonised (and releasing colonial attitudes), coding the future, extending sci-fi, giving up Jesus and recovering Christianity and the church, being angry... and dodgy haircuts... 
March 5, 2021
2. David Neita 'Barriers, boundaries and finding home'
UK based poet and lawyer David Neita in conversation with Azariah France-Williams and Winnie Varghese. “I belong to the Lord – so this is my space…” How to build a space that is welcoming, diverse and hospitable. Plus, poverty, inequality and the importance of poetry to navigate the justice system… And birthing something creative into the world.
February 26, 2021
1. Broderick Greer 'Black imagination, white reactions'
Broderick Greer Canon Precentor at Saint John's Cathedral in Denver, Colorado US in transatlantic conversation with Azariah France-Williams (UK) and Winnie Varghese (US). Talking God and race - on black resistance, black dignity and joy - and 'being the allies'. Plus the ravages of white supremacy and finding freedom. And how do you pronounce (G)race?
February 19, 2021