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By Heartsprained Podcast
Breakups aren’t always a clean break. Your heart’s not broken, it’s just sprained, and you need a little support. This is your breakup wake up call.
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21 How to REALLY Move On After A Breakup
Mich and Nadine discuss a surprisingly jaw-dropping article, "Six Questions to Ask Yourself After A Breakup So You Can Let Go and Move On" that covers every angle of closure and growth post-breakup; what to do when your ex reaches out once you're on the mend; the scientific explanation for why Mich's #1 get-over-them-fast tip works; "The Dog Ate My...Plans?" this week's [made-up] millennial dating term. *Heartsprained in the news!* References:
November 10, 2019
20 HELP! I'm Still Not Over My Ex
Mich and Nadine discuss the reality checks that hit you post-breakup; finding out your ex has moved on and is with someone new; getting into a new relationship before fully getting over your ex; dating and hating it because you keep comparing everyone to your ex; the myth of "keeping busy" after a breakup; how to know when you're really over someone; "DM CPR," this week's made up dating term.
November 3, 2019
19 Curated Authenticity: Are People Staging Instagram Breakups?!
Mich and Nadine have their most candid episode yet--no, really candid, unlike everything you see on Instagram (this is so meta); "curated authenticity," our made up term of the week that nails those "So, I know I don't usually post this..." posts that--shocker--are not as real as they claim to be; Instagram-proofing your relationship; social media and external happiness; "plandids" and other posts that mess with your head; Mich and Nadine's new favorite shows, Modern Love and Couples Therapy.
October 27, 2019
18 Break Up With This Breakup Advice
Mich and Nadine discuss the best and worst breakup advice they've ever received; dissecting popular breakup quotes and memes; "emotional geology," this week's millennial dating term that they may or may not have made up; dating app advice and ideas; a roasting of one of the lamest excuses to call off a date. 
October 20, 2019
17: 50 Shades of Breakups
Mich and Nadine discuss the most common types of breakups--from ghosting, to the one that fizzles out on its own, to the one that comes out of left field, to the one where someone does something awful--and the best ways to get over them; the worst breakup methods (um, don't even think about doing it in public); whether or not you have to give an ex their stuff back; returning gifts and--gasp--engagement rings after a breakup; "relationship burnout," this week's millennial dating term.
October 13, 2019
16 Red Light, Green Light: The Dating Edition
Mich and Nadine challenge each other to different dating scenarios to see if they think something is a red light (a red flag/reason to dump someone), a green light (go right ahead and keep on dating them)--or maybe something in between that makes you want to pump the breaks and slow down a bit. A few examples: they swapped Instagram handles with someone at a bar; they say I love you for the first time drunk but don't bring it up again sober; they eat sushi with a fork; you find out they have a criminal past; they are five figures in debt -- and so many more! Plus, “murder-suicide ghosting,” this week’s millennial dating term. Take our polls this week at @Heartsprained on Instagram!
October 6, 2019
15 Making the Friend Zone Your Comfort Zone
Mich and Nadine talk about the awkward (and sometimes inevitable) situations between friends who catch feelings; the likelihood of maintaining a friendship once feelings enter the picture--especially if they are unrequited; what to consider before dating a friend; Mich's idea of relationship resumes; the most random, well-intentioned habit guys have that can really turn a girl off; why telling a guy who is hitting on you that you have a boyfriend (whether you do or don't) may be the worst idea; the mind-blowing love language hack that can prevent you from catching feelings; "textual assault," this week's millennial dating term (another one we came up with!); Mich's shares her husband's hilarious Breakup Breakdown that will make you check your surroundings the next time you're on the phone with someone you're dating.
September 29, 2019
14 Just Don't Get F*cking Bangs: Navigating the Post-Breakup Blues
Mich and Nadine discuss that post-breakup funk we've all been in fresh out of a breakup; the best ways to cope (should you wallow or keep busy?); how to handle being rejected and how to reject someone kindly; the steps to follow post-breakup to hit your reset button and feel good again; "soft-ghosting," this week's millennial dating term; Nadine shares a friend's wild breakup story that will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor.
September 22, 2019
13 Ex Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts of Post-Breakup Manners
Mich and Nadine help you navigate the murky waters of the post-breakup period.  Deleting old photos of you and your ex (Always? Never? When you're dating someone new?!); remaining digital friends and following or unfollowing exes; liking posts and wishing exes happy birthday; the cliche coffee meetup with an ex; Mich's #1 Secret Stalker Tip (hint: you CAN stalk your ex's IG Stories freely without them knowing); staying friends with your ex's friends; dating your ex's friends and dating your friends' exes; Rebounding 101; "the ex flu," this week's millennial dating term that we made up and you will totally relate to; Mich tells her friend's INSANE Breakup Breakdown, a Black Mirror-esque cautionary tale of technology gone wrong (...or right).
September 14, 2019
12 Friendship Breakups
Mich and Nadine discuss why breaking up with friends can be worse than romantic breakups; the main reasons friendships end; signs you should break up with a friend; having a friend "type;" how to break up with a friend (and the BEST thing you can say to do so); whether or not 'hoes before bros' is the best approach, and how to navigate friendship changes when you enter a relationship; Nadine shares a friend Breakup Breakdown that everyone can relate to.
September 8, 2019
11 Abusive Relationships: Spotting Them, Leaving Them & Healing From Them
Mich and Nadine break down a heavy topic: abuse in relationships; the typical profile of an abuser/victim (hint: not what you think); how 'trauma bonds' can keep you stuck in the cycle; gaslighting; whether or not mutual abuse is possible; the cycle of abuse (the most important part of this episode); how to process and recover from an abusive relationship; Mich shares a Breakup Breakdown about how she finally left her abuser.  *One thing left out of this episode: If you fear for your life or safety, please contact and stay with someone you trust or a women's shelter and alert the police* If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please head to or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
September 1, 2019
10 WTF IS HE THINKING?! The Male Perspective On Dating & Breakups
Mich and Nadine welcome their first male guest, Manny Muñoz, to hear the much-needed male perspective on dating and breakups; what it *really* means when a guy isn't defining the relationship but treats you like his girlfriend; why a guy who ghosted you still watches all of your Stories; the Rolodex of modern dating and why that "hotation/brotation" can be a good thing; exactly how men assess women's dating app profiles (and what social media platform they judge you on); the one type of dating app photo that drives them nuts; hacking situationships; Manny weighs in on our "busy is bullsh*t" mantra; what guys do to get over breakups; being direct vs. looking desperate vs. playing games; how a men decides he does/does not want to date someone; "dogfishing," this week's millennial dating term; Manny shares a wild Breakup Breakdown.
August 18, 2019
09 The Cheating Episode
In their most-requested episode, Mich and Nadine take a hard look at the facts behind everyone's worst relationship nightmare: CHEATING. Why people cheat; the two main types of cheating (WTF is 'can opener' cheating!?); who really benefits from confessing to cheating; when to take someone back and when to dump; grey-area cheating; going through your partner's phone; how to trust again; telling someone else that their partner is cheating; "cloaking," this week's millennial dating term; Mich shares her Breakup Breakdown from when she caught her boyfriend cheating.
August 11, 2019
08 You're the Sh*t, but He Won't Commit: Closing the 'Love Gap'
Mich and Nadine welcome author and journalist Jenna Birch to the show to discuss her book The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love. She shares her concept of the "love gap," which explains why men say they want one thing (a smart, successful woman), but go for another; the truth behind the theory that for men it's the right time, but for women it's the right guy; why you think you had a great connection with someone but they ghost you; how to date smarter and filter through the BS to find a good match; what goes through men's minds when they won't commit to a great girl; trusting your gut vs. self-sabotaging; the psychological theory that ties into both timing and finding the perfect mate; dating app burnout and the secret to app happiness; why it's okay to be on the backburner (sometimes); "curving," this week's millennial dating term; Jenna shares some Breakup Breakdown wisdom of her own.
August 4, 2019
07 Why "Busy" is Bullsh*t & Other Dating Myths vs. Facts
Mich and Nadine take no prisoners as they break up dating fact from fiction; topics include: Is the adage “once a cheater, always a cheater” true? Is she really too busy with work to date you? Is this magic formula the secret to how long it will take you to get over a breakup? Can you be friends with an ex? The truth about couples who gush about each other on social media; exactly what it feels like when you’ve found The One; "kittenfishing," this week's millennial dating term; Mich shares another Breakup Breakdown that will make you want to pour a Natty Ice out for college bros everywhere.
July 28, 2019
06 Love Language Linguistics
Mich and Nadine discuss the five major love languages and how love language barriers lead to breakups; the relationship between expectations and resentment; Mich's theories of the "Seven Month Itch" and the "swipe society" we live in; learning to navigate through the power struggle phase of relationships (without breaking up); "zombieing," this week's millennial dating term; another(!) Breakup Breakdown from Nadine that will make you cringe (and turn off photo sharing on your phone - yikes).
July 21, 2019
05 The Biggest Predictor of A Breakup
Mich & Nadine tackle Dr. Gottman's "Four Horsemen of Divorce" --the four common behaviors that lead to the end of a marriage or relationship; reflecting on what relationship issues are really about (never what you think they are); a discussion of relationship states vs. traits (i.e. rough patches vs. crappy relationships); "microcheating," this week's millennial dating term; Mich finally shares her Breakup Breakdown and the #1 lesson she learned from it.
July 14, 2019
03 Why Your Soulmate Probably Isn't 6 Feet Tall
We welcome our very first guest, Alisa Purifico, "The Date Whisperer," a professional matchmaker who bitch-slaps us with some refreshing empowerment and behind-the-scenes perspective. She teaches us dating hacks (read: what you're probably doing wrong--oops), explains why dating apps don't work, breaks down some hard truths about what we think we want in a partner, discusses how long to heal post-breakup before dating again, and shares the most eye-opening breakup/dating story we've ever heard. 
June 29, 2019
02 The List, the Ick, and the Ultimate Ultimatums
Breaking down a major player in relationships issues: attachment styles; good vs. bad ultimatums and non-negotiables; attempts at negotiating a breakup (hint: you can’t); Mich’s foolproof plan to get over someone; what it means to catch “The Ick;” and another unfortunate Breakup Breakdown from Nadine.
June 23, 2019
01 Welcome to Heartsprained
Heartsprained is a podcast by two bicoastal best friends about breakups. We know that breakups aren’t always a clean break, and in this episode, we break down the science behind heartache; our take on calling your ex, if closure is a real thing, and whether or not to block someone you broke up with; “Gatsbying,” our favorite dating term of the moment; and Nadine’s Breakup Breakdown.
June 12, 2019