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ALTAR: The Podcast with Heather Briann

ALTAR: The Podcast with Heather Briann

By Heather Briann
Guided Practices. Life Explorations. Expansive Conversations.

A podcast for the open-minded spiritual seeker and mindful mover. Join Heather, founder of ALTAR movement studio, for guided instinctive meditation practices, life explorations in a variety of topics that will enhance your vitality and growth and expansive conversations with movers from across the globe.
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Episode 2: RADIANCE - The Meditation
Building upon the teachings of ‘RADIANCE’ explored in the first episode, Heather uses this episode to guide the listener through a meditative practice. Heather invites moments of inquiry asking, ‘What are these dancing particles of condensed radiance?’. She encourages the listener to drift into this mindful practice, to allow themselves to BE in their multi-sensory understandings of the world, and to grant themselves FREEDOM during this practice. For more guided practices and expansive conversations, visit our website or find us on YouTube at ALTAR Digital.
October 14, 2021
Episode 1: RADIANCE
Welcome to the first episode of Altar: The Podcast - a space that aims to evolve the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness! This is a space dedicated to asking great questions of ourselves and our guests in order to weave a variety of tools into our lives that support our vitality and overall health and wellbeing. In our first episode, Heather introduces the text known as the Radiance Sutras, written by Lorin Roche, and asks the listener to consider the question, ‘What are these dancing particles of condensed radiance?’. Reading the Banter Verses 1- 6, Heather inspires curiosity and expansive awareness. Through guided meditative practices, ruminations about movement, and grounded mindful stories, Heather encourages the listener to find radiance in their existence, to welcome all of the parts of themselves, and to be in awe and wonder of all that life offers.
September 27, 2021
Welcome to ALTAR!
Welcome to ALTAR: the Podcast with Heather Briann. Together we will explore guided practices and intimate conversations with mindful movers from across the globe in order to inspire more movement in your life. Here, you are invited to evolve the practices of yoga, meditation and mindful living with us. Heather will use the text known as the Radiance Sutras, as written by Lorin Roche, teachings from Instinctive Meditation and the 19 years of teachings and experiential lessons she has absorbed from a variety of the most amazing teachers and guides from across the world as a foundation for all we move through together. You are invited to grow and learn to love deeper with us.
September 27, 2021