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Talking Shit with Heather Gray FDN-P

Talking Shit with Heather Gray FDN-P

By Heather Gray
Empowering you to take charge of your physical and mental health. I will be talking with folks who do other complementary modalities to see how you can heal your body, mind, and soul more naturally. We will be talking shit as we tell our stories of the shit that got us here. And literal shit, as with certain guests we talk about gut health, and sometimes shit comes up.
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Talking Shit with Heather. Special guest Sarah Anderson Nurse Practitioner
Talking Shit with Heather. Special guest Sarah Anderson Nurse Practitioner The sad truth about living in survival mode. Join us with Sarah Anderson NP. Mother of a kiddo with special needs, Entrepreneur and stressed AF. Can you relate? Tune in and find out why we have stress? Is it always a bad thing? The answer might surprise you. The website for the DNA special is www.peakintegrativewellness/playbook
June 26, 2022
Talking Shit with Heather. Special guest Kate Vazquez PA
Can we really trust blood tests for accurate hormone levels? On this episode of Talking Shit with Heather we have Physicians Assistant Kate Vazquez. A recovered perfectionist she explains her lifelong journey to figure out why she had migraines as a kid, gut issues and so much more. We really went into a deep dive on why Estrogen is a Bitch!! And what you can do about it and WHY you should care. Kate is a sweet, amazing person, and I hope you learn something from this awesome episode. Check out her book with the same name Get her free download, How to Use Your Cycle As Your Super Power
June 19, 2022
Talking Shit with Heather. Special guest Dr. Jenn Simmons
My Answer to Breast Cancer.  My Answer to Breast Cancer. On this very special episode of Talking Shit. Dr. Jenn tells her amazing story of starting over at 50.   And she teaches us to take back control over our health, and how to overcome our fears.  She was born into a breast cancer family, and she learned without change, there is no change!   She blows the lid on how traditional medical training lacks nutrition training. The very foundation on which health is built.   Dr. Jenn really brings the heat and heart in this episode.   If you are someone you know is dealing with breast cancer.  This episode is a must-watch.   You can find Dr. Jenn here
June 05, 2022
Talking Shit with Heather. Special guest Isabella Braveheart. Healing your darkness
On this episode of Talking Shit with Heather, we have the amazing, talented, funny, beautiful Isabella Braveheart.     Join us for her story and how she composted her own shit story to help people heal in amazing ways.  She is a self-expression coach who helps you find your deepest, truest version of yourself!   Listen as she tells her story of sexual abuse, drugs, and alcohol, and how she healed her own darkness and started her own one-woman show.  Wow! Truly inspiring.  Make sure to hit subscribe on my YouTube, and never miss an episode.
June 05, 2022
Talking Shit with Heather. Special guest Buddy AKA The Gallbladder Guru
Get ready to have your mind blown! In this episode of Talking Shit with Heather, our special guest is Buddy AKA the Gallbladder Guru. In this very special episode, Buddy goes deep into the gallbladder, how it works and how doing those gallbladder flushes that are touted for all their many health benefits almost killed him. You will not want to miss this incredible, mind-blowing episode.  Buddy is a straight shooter and he does not sugarcoat it folks, if you’re curious about the gallbladder or have issues with yours or know someone who does. I would not miss this episode if I were you. He goes through the anatomy of it all and he does it in an educational and entertaining way. He made me look at those flushes differently that is for sure. Don’t miss this episode!!
May 27, 2022
“Conscious Healing in Today’s World.
I am thrilled to share with you that Tomorrow, May 25th at 9am Pacific, I will be a guest with another holistic wellness experts Deborah Myers for a special Humanity’s Team Live Event! Combining both of our expertise on diet, healing touch, and sustainable routine, we will be having a fascinating conversation on “Conscious Healing in Today’s World.”
May 26, 2022
Talking Shit with special guest Kristina Amelong
All Things Healing and Detox with Coffee enemas Why are coffee enemas are so beneficial and why you should try them too!! Do you deal with chronic constipation? Do you feel sluggish and toxic? Are you sensitive to chemicals and perfumes? Do you have chronic headaches or migraines? Coffee enemas might be your next healing tool. This has been a game-changer in my healing journey. Join me and special guest Kristina and let’s talk about some real shit!! Coffee enema style. You won’t want to miss this amazing story and what this practice can do for you in your healing journey. We had a great time on this show and I hope you will enjoy it. If you need help with weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anal fissures, chronic constipation, celiac disease, multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, colitis, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, or many other health challenges, Kristina offers you clinically proven tools that will assist you with healing. Kristina Amelong created the Optimal Health Network as an in-depth educational resource for health protocols as well as an online store for high-quality enema equipment and other colon cleanse supplies, including non-toxic silicone colon tubes, enema coffee, enema soap, exclusive products such as Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleanse Kits, and value-added enema kits with detailed instructional materials Find Kristina at
May 10, 2022
I Challenge you!! Do you dare except it???
Do you dare rise up to the challenge??? Nothing changes if nothing changes It starts with you.  Check out this little challenge and I dare you to try it out for 10 days.  You can do anything for 10 days,  #1for1challenge #discoveringhealthfdn #talkingshitwithHeather #mentalhealthawareness #traumahealing #selflove #nothingchangesifnothingchanges
May 01, 2022
The Realities of Lyme Disease
Are you sick of dealing with chronic pain, embarrassing gut issues, depression, and anxiety?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Don't lose hope! I have reversed 3 out of 4 of my autoimmune issues and do not have symptoms of Lyme or Mold anymore.  I can do it! You can too.  Watch this short, funny inspirational story! 
April 25, 2022
How to take a holistic approach to addiction and mental health. On this episode of Talking Shit, our special guest is Dr. Adriana Popescu.
Do you suffer from addictions and mental health issues? Have you tried therapy, and medications, only to still struggle with these issues? According to an article in MedAlertHelp "Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, overdoses have increased by 50% in the US." And "18 million people have abused prescription drugs at least once in their lives." Since the pandemic mental health issues are also on the rise. Research is starting to show that there are other factors to take into consideration when truly healing mental health and addiction issues. Like diet, stress level, genetics and so much more. In this episode, Dr. Adriana talks about rewiring your nervous system so you can experience more happiness, ease, and peace in your life. She also shares her experience with Lyme and Chronic Fatigue. She has truly walked through her own shit storm of a story and wants to help elevate the world and end this suffering! Connect with Dr. Adriana here on Facebook You Tube
April 22, 2022
Warning signs that Toxins could be causing your Autoimmune and Mental Health Issues.
Have you struggled with brain fog, lack of energy, hormonal issues, depression, anxiety, or been diagnosed with Autoimmune disease? You will not want to miss this episode. Research is starting to show that a major factor in causing diabetes is…you guessed it. Toxins! Toxins can also contribute to a leaky gut which can lead to autoimmune issues and mental health issues. In this episode of Talking Shit with Heather my special guest is Nika Lawrie she is our Toxins 101 expert. We talk about the real root cause of many of the mystery illnesses that cause imbalances today. Nika is so freaking awesome that I couldn’t just stop with this episode. In fact, we are putting on a free workshop, with another expert in the mental health field on April 27th diving in deeper on this subject. Reach Nika here: Website Facebook Insta
April 18, 2022
Winning the War with Your Mind
Mindset Freedom: Winning the War with Your Mind. Luke will free you from the myths, misconceptions, and bullshit stories you tell yourself holding you back from taking control of your life!   Learn more about Luke, his programs, and free resources here:
April 03, 2022
Catch me on a live show with Julie Mayer, Let Food Be Thy Medicine
JOIN US: March 31st @ 4pm Pacific/ 7pm Eastern Heather Gray is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner.  She found this work after 27  years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease, Hashimoto's, and Endometriosis she was depressed, anxious, and in chronic widespread pain, bad skin, bloated, constipated, exhausted, weight gain, and had horrible periods to name a few things, she set out on a path to healing herself.  She has now lost over 100lbs, lessoned her  pain, no more suicidal thoughts, and she has all day energy. She now has a practice where she teaches others how to take care of themselves and get the inflammation off their body and brain.  So they have control over their health journey. She helps you destroy brain fog, moodiness, chronic inflammation, and pain. To watch on via Web Tv on the e360tv app: Download the e360tv app from your device store. Go to the "Health, Wellness, & Beauty" area to view Live. Julie Ann Meyer's, Own Your Wellness show will be airing Monday & Thursday Live at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern! You can find past shows in the "Health, Wellness, & Beauty" on Demand area.  It is also available on ROKU, AppleTV, AndroidTV, and Amazon Firestick as well. To watch on Facebook: Own Your Wellness Page, @julesannmeyer To watch on YouTube: You can also find past episodes of Own Your Wellness on YouTube TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HEATHER: IG: FB: YouTube:
April 01, 2022
Taking Control of Your Anxiety and Depression Natually
To many folks are suffering from depression, anxiety, and autoimmune issues these days!!  There are things you can do now to start your healing process.  I will share with you what worked for me.  
March 13, 2022
Dr. Popescu Interviews Heather Gray on Hidden Stressors that can contribute to mental health symptoms.
How does unresolved trauma impact how your whole system is functioning? How can we identify and remove hidden stressors, toxicities, and inflammation?  What is the body’s true capacity for healing? ✨   And discover this essential information for living in the latest episode of Kaleidoscope of Possibilities Podcast with our guest  Heather Gray! You will hear about how Heather overcame physical and mental struggles to find possibilities for healing, detoxifying, optimal nutrition and reducing inflammation.
March 08, 2022
Using your physical scars to unlock your unique healing transformation!
I do these podcasts to help bring difficult conversations into the light.   That is how we heal. I don't want to see people suffer any longer!!  This episode's guest is Kendra Toothill and she will be explaining how you can use your physical scars to unlock your unique healing transformation! Stay tuned! We had a lot of fun, laughed, and learned a lot from this episode. I am super excited to share this with you! Listen here  Here is how you can contact Kendra #talkingshitwithHeather #discoveringhealthfdn #healingscars #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealt #rootcause #radiantlyalivewoman #kendratoothill
February 21, 2022
The power of the subconscious mind. Helping you to remove your blinders and get you unstuck!
The power of the subconscious mind. Helping you to remove your blinders and get you unstuck! On this episode of Talking Shit with Heather.  Special guest Dawn Livingstone shares her special gift and how she shows her clients that life is a choice and we can choose to overcome the shit storm that got us stuck!! #discoveringhealthfdn #TalkingShitWithHeather #selfcare #rootcause #gratitude #traumarecovery #energywork #bodycanheal
February 07, 2022
Trauma and how the energetics of trauma can keep us stuck, and sick today.
Join me with special guest Lois Thompson as we Talk some Shit about past trauma and how the energetics of that trauma can keep us stuck, and sick today. Lois Thompson is a certified Life Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner who turned things around when she was told she had 2 months to live when her kids were still young. She is still with us and is thriving and helping others overcome stuck energy. Catch this episode of Talking Shit with Heather Gray on Jan 24th. A new episode comes out every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.
January 24, 2022
Ouch!! That was a mistake
Have you unconsciously done some self-sabotage?  Well I just learned about a new lifestyle change I need to make, and the diet I need to follow.  I made a mistake and boy did I pay for it!! LOL 
December 27, 2021
Tired of Depression and Anxiety running the show?
Tired of Depression and Anxiety running the show, you don't have to suffer. Lets chat to see if this test would be right for you. 
December 07, 2021
5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays
I want you to have a happy, healthy and stress free holidays.  Have more energy, more Joy.  
November 22, 2021
The Imperfect Parent
An open and honest conversation with Heather Gray about Functional wellness. What is it? What you can do to start being curious? What works. What doesn't. What's Next If you have any questions please reach out and just ask! We got this!
September 24, 2021
So She Did Functional Wellness
I was interviewed by the amazing Kristin of the So She Did Podcast.  Talking about sleep and leaky gut and everything in between 
September 13, 2021
6 steps to a better nights sleep
Some easy sleep hacks to make sure you are getting your zzzz's 
September 13, 2021
Vulnerable share, Could be triggering
trauma and how it gets passed down and stored 
September 13, 2021
Hormonal Weight Gain. And all the frustrations that come with trying to lose weight. With Jenn Melcha, Clesie Ward and my self Heather Gray
Have you tried everything to lose weight to no avail?  Are you sick of yo yo dieting?  Listen to this episode and find out why you can't lose weight. 
September 10, 2021
How diet can effect your ADHD, specially in teenagers
Have tried medications and still having issues with ADHD or ADD.  Listen now to find out what else you can do. 
September 01, 2021
Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain. How your food choices effect, Depression, Anxiety and mood disorders
What you eat effects your whole body, including your brain.  100% correlation between Wheat and Autoimmune diseases.  What!!?? Yep you heard me.  Want to heal.  Listen now 
August 31, 2021
Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy 
August 30, 2021
Health Coach Real Results Show: Uncovering Mental Health Contributors with Heather Gray, FDNP
Health Coach Real Results Show: Uncovering Mental Health Contributors with Heather Gray, FDNP
August 29, 2021
Interview with 93.5 Pirate Radio
Interview with Sue Sutton talking about how our lifestyle and food choices affect our health.
August 17, 2021