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Higher Education, Human Employment

Higher Education, Human Employment

By Heather May Morgan
A podcast channel featuring conversations about journeys through education, university learning and teaching, graduate skills and attributes, professional and personal development, employability, careers and life. With contributions from University colleagues, students, graduates, employers, friends... and anyone who wants to join in (you can volunteer!). It’s mainly here to dispel the myth that everything always goes to plan - and to show how that’s just great!

Idea: Gabi Lipan (Twitter: @GabiLipan)
Cover art: Heidi Gardner (Twitter: @heidirgardner)
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S1:E1 Dan Brunsdon - The Anthropologist
In the first episode of this series, in fact the first ever episode, Heather asks Dan about his experiences of studying and doing anthropology. You can follow Dan here on Twitter: @Dan_Brunsdon
September 24, 2019
Intro: Heather Morgan - The Host
A quick introduction and welcome from your host, yours truly! You can follow me on Twitter here: @hm_morgan as well as the channel here: @higher_human
September 20, 2019
S1:E2 Heidi Gardner - The Experimenter
In this second episode, Heather talks to Heidi about her academic career in clinical trials and her creative industry, Science on a Postcard. You can follow Heidi on Twitter here: @heidirgardner and buy cool sciency merch from her business here: @ScienceOnA
September 20, 2019
S1:E7 Andrew Sage - The Imagineer
In episode seven, Heather and Andrew walk along Aberdeen beach front and reflect on Andrew’s life and work in IT and the early World Wide Web, through digital tech development and creative industries. You can follow Andrew on Twitter here: @SymboticaAndrew
September 20, 2019
S1:E5 Alan White - The Solutions Architect
In episode five, Heather explores what it means to be a solutions architect for Alan, who has an arts background, experience in production and now works on developing tech solutions for health in developing countries. Unfortunately, a glitch has led to some issues with the recording early on - apologies - but I hope what we did capture still offers interesting insights into the education and employment experiences of Alan!
September 20, 2019
S1:E6 Nyssa Craig - The Superhero
Heather and Nyssa catch up over Skype in episode six to discuss Nyssa’s background as a scientist and current work as a doula, placenta specialist and fertility massage practitioner. Follow Nyssa on Twitter here: @TheWellNyssTree
September 20, 2019
S1:E8 Jude Nwokeji - The Anatomist
Here, in the final episode, number eight, of the first series, Heather has a conversation with Jude about his background and training in medicine, military service, recent Master of Public Health degree and future plans.
September 20, 2019
S1:E3 Victoria Kinkaid - The Adapter
In the third episode, Heather chats to Victoria about embarking on a career in military medicine, being a feminist and her advocacy work for women and girls globally. Follow Victoria on Twitter here: @vkinkaid11
September 20, 2019
S1:E4 Kirsty Kiezebrink - The Nutritionist
Heather asks Kirsty about her journey through universities and degrees, as well as her current work as an educator and innovator in episode four. You can follow Kirsty on Twitter here: @KirstyKiezebri1
September 20, 2019