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Social Media Unlocked

Social Media Unlocked

By Heather
It's time we had an honest conversation about social media. Social Media Unlocked brings to light different perspectives from influencers, brands, content creators, and more. Learn more about how brands and influencers have navigated the social media waters including stories, successes, failures and strategies.
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9: International differences of social media with Australia’s Lachlan Kirkwood

Social Media Unlocked

Creating a new social media platform with Bookshlf Co-Founder Justin Cadelago
What does it take to create a new social media platform? In this episode of Social Media Unlocked, we peal behind the curtains of how the emerging social media curation platform Bookshlf to find out how it went from idea to platform with it's Co-Founder, Justin Cadelago.  Check out  Bookshlf now: 
October 6, 2020
The Relationship between Design and Social Media with Anthony Wiktor
We're kicking off season 2 of Social Media Unlocked talking about branding and design. It's all about the brand right? Well, what part of your budget should be designated to branding? How important is branding to social media? Creative Brand Director for Ad Victorem, Anthony Wiktor joins me to understand the relationship between creative/branding directors and social media. 
August 11, 2020
17: Using courage as the foundation of your strategy with Ryan Berman
While almost everyone in America is being affected by the coronavirus, the brands that have stood out the most have made it known how they are helping the cause. Those brands are spreading the word through social media (their marketing plan), taking a stand and putting off their full potential revenue to help others. That courage starts from the top of the company and comes all the way down to each social media post during this time. Founder of the change consultancy Courageous Brands and author of the book Return on Courage, Ryan Berman, joins this episode to speak on how companies can change to be more courageous. Find Ryan's book 'Return on Courage' here:
May 4, 2020
16: How Experiential Marketing could fit your brand & plan for events during COVID-19 with Joey Steger
As companies have now started to get in the rhythm of how their company will be taking on COVID-19, what now? Time to start planning for the future and investigating new strategies for your company as you or your company may have more downtime now. Experiential marketing still reigns as one of the strongest forms of marketing and social media strategies. Now more than ever is the time for companies to look into experiential marketing and assess how they could plan for something like this in the future. In this episode, I talk with CEO of Lions Head Marketing, Joey Steger about how companies should be utilizing their time to do this during COVID-19 and how to run a successful experiential marketing event. 
April 7, 2020
15: How to tackle your brand's social media through the Covid-19 crisis
In this episode, social media expert and CEO of PinkDear LLC Heather Pink provides some best practices, ideas, and insights on how to navigate through the Covid-19 crisis from a social media perspective. 
March 19, 2020
14: Use Brand Collaborations into your next social media strategy
There’s so much talk about influencer strategy, that I feel like people aren’t talking about another really important strategy that I believe is stronger than a direct influencer strategy and could bring so much more longevity to your brand. And that’s brand collaborations. In this episode, I’m gonna go into detail about what it is, who’s doing it, how they’re doing it, advantages and the keys to brand collaborations.
March 17, 2020
13: Why some brands miss the mark on social media
Social media has become a crowded space, and growth is harder than ever to attain. Now more than ever, brands have to keep up with all the social media trends while also not losing their identity. It's a tough balance, and not everyone does it well. That's why some brands miss the mark, and this episode is about just that. 
March 3, 2020
12: Balancing Fashion and Social Media with Grungy Gentleman’s Jace Lipstein
There is almost an infinite number of ways to market a product. But, what about a fashion line comprising of multiple different products that are supposed to defy new trends? The age of social media has accelerated fashion in one sense, but also made it harder to stand out in another. With the opportunities endless, it has forced some companies to downsize or totally re-strategize the balancing act of having an online presence versus a physical presence. So, how does someone a successful fashion business and balance their marketing presence? In this episode, I go behind the runway with Grungy Gentleman’s Jace Lipstein during their fashion week about his business, his partnerships and their social media. Make sure to check out Grungy Gentlemen: Along with their founder, Jace Lipstein:
February 4, 2020
11: Understanding Paid Social Media with CJ Pasley
While most people dabble in organic social media, paid campaigns through social media are a HUGE part of the industry. It is intricately more complicated than seeing how many engagements your most recent post gets. Paid social media is different kind of numbers game that involves money, reach, audience, and statistics. It can be dangerous to your business if you’re not spending the money wisely and efficiently. I bring on Paid Social Media Expert CJ Pasley to help navigate through some of the intricacies of the paid social media space.
January 6, 2020
10: Influencer Success Story with NFL Network's Adam Rank
One of the best ways to learn about social media is to hear from a successful case studies. So, I present to you…Adam Rank. A long-time friend, former coworker and now blazing influencer in the fantasy football space is one of my favorite examples of how hard work can get you where you want to go in social media. Whether you understand football or not, the learnings from Adam’s social media journey are those that can be applied to any field. In this episode of Social Media Unlocked, you’ll get behind the scenes of how Adam has built his brand on social media, how he gets help with content and receives value from social media.
December 2, 2019
9: International differences of social media with Australia’s Lachlan Kirkwood
Australia is one of the first countries that has had likes removed from Instagram and Facebook. But, how has it changed their social media space? In this episode of Social Media Unlocked, I pick the brain and digital maven of Brisbane’s Lachlan Kirkwood. We dive into a like-less Instagram, personal branding, and practices that all employers should try on their employees about social media.
November 5, 2019
8: When The Co-Founders of PinkDear Sat Down to Talk Social Media
During the day, Christian 'CJ' Dear is Creative Producer for FOX innovating social media within their broadcast formats, and by night he's Co-Founder of PinkDear LLC. For the first time, we give people a look behind the curtain as to a conversation between 2 Co-Founders of a social media consulting agency, PinkDear LLC, which involves guidance, storytime, and the state of social media.
October 1, 2019
7: The Perspective of a PinkDear client with Katie Wildhagen
One of the biggest challenges that a brand must try to overcome is execution. On this episode, I interview my company's first client, Katie Wildhagen, Founder of The Bakeshop. Katie takes you through the journey to bringing her idea to life along with the mental and physical obstacles that she's faced along with the challenge of building a community that's based basically within social media.
September 9, 2019
6: How social media has evolved with Laurence Holmes; Sports Radio Host, Podcast Creator and Professor
Social media and sports have almost gone hand-in-hand since the beginning of Twitter. On this episode, I talked to a well-known Chicago sports personality who's seen it all when it comes to sports and media. Laurence Holmes is part radio host, part podcast creator/host, part professor, and other jobs I know I’m forgetting. I chat with Laurence on how his perspective of the evolution of social media in sports and he also provides interesting insights regarding how his students deal with social media.
August 27, 2019
5: Where TikTok stands in social media with Denver McQuaid
It’s not everyday that a social media platform starts to be a main staple in popular, everyday culture. TikTok influencer and content creator Denver McQuaid joins Social Media Unlocked to share his thoughts on the popularity of TikTok, the power of the Generation Z on the platform, and how he creates his extremely creative content. If you haven’t heard of TikTok, all the more reason to learn about it because some of the successes can be applied across platforms.
August 13, 2019
4: Creating a brand from scratch with Nikki Hendry aka ThatHangryGurl
Building a brand from the ground up these days is NOT easy. On this podcast, I chat with TMZ Senior Producer Nikki Hendry about not only how social media has affected TMZ..but also Nikki’s new food brand @ThatHangryGurl. We talk about what it takes to create a brand from scratch, the roadblocks, the fails, and even a few stories from Nikki and Heather’s past
July 30, 2019
3: Building Engaging Communities with Influencer Amina Marie
Creating engaging communities can be tough, and it’s key for brand-influencer relationships. Amina Marie is a dominant influencer in the natural hair space, that’s truly been DIY with her social media career. In this episode, Amina navigates us through how she got her start to brand collaborations to building the type of community that brands are itching to have and more. You can follow Amina on her natural hair journey on Instagram @aminamarina or YouTube at Also feel free to drop in and DM Heather on Instagram @heatherpink27 or @pinkdearllc.
June 19, 2019
2: Content Strategy with EA Sports' Matt Franciscovich
It’s hard enough when you’re a brand selling 1 product. EA Sports has multiple games, different sports and all under the same social media umbrella. This episodes takes you behind the scenes of EA’s social media through the eyes of a Content Strategist, Matt Franciscovich. As more and more companies are producing content, Matt gives an inside perspective on the relationship between strategists and social media along with EA’s strategy on game promotion.
June 11, 2019
1: Influencer vs Content Creator with Jordan Kahana & the Adventure Squad
If you think everyone on Instagram over 100K followers is an influencer, think again. On this episode, Jordan Kahana talks about how rescuing 2 puppies has changed his life and social media landscape forever. Once helping to run social media for Pepsi and the NFL, he left his corporate job to head up the Adventure Squad and now Co-Founder of Staymo. We discuss the true differences between influencers and content creators, along with stories of his journey navigating through social media. Follow Jordan & the Adventure Squad on IG:
May 29, 2019