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My Wine Fit

My Wine Fit

By heather
2 Friends talking about fitness, fun, reality, and of course wine.
Life needs more laughter so join them on their quest for more...
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Wine-OH-Limp-ics 008
Heather and Stephanie explore a recent viral video where a couple women at a party, reel in a wine glass with toilet paper. They have questions What toilet paper should you use? Do we really want to fill it with wine- we are not wasting good grapes. Cabbage bowling? Trivia for Wino's  Don't miss this holiday episode where Heather is definitely broken but making the most of this cheer! Watch the episode here Answers to our Trivia  Have a great day and always drink responsibly. -Heather and Stephanie
December 18, 2020
Workout Gear and Wine 007
The ladies tackle what we call "hot crotch" and other spandex snafus. Thanks to Lauren over at Cape Camo for wagering in and giving us a little of the special sauce at Cape Camo
December 7, 2020
Lemons and Grenades 006
Heather and Stephanie explain what they mean when they talk about dealing with "grenades." They address the "monkeys" in your brain and how we all don't care for ourselves the way they should. #monkeys #grenades #lemons #falmouthroadrace #thehelp #women #wine #begoodtoyourself
November 20, 2020
Affordable Thanksgiving Wine 005
Heather and Stephanie take a field trip to The Brown Jug in Sandwich and talk with Michael the owner about affordable wines for your Thanksgiving Dinner. They learn you should always have a "bubble" for your turkey day and a good red to have with any meat. How do you calculate exactly the right amount of wine? Listen and Learn
November 13, 2020
Holiday Havoc 004
Heather and Stephanie talk about swaps to make in recipes and avoiding the pitfalls of seasonal eating!
November 6, 2020
What is MWF 003
What the heck is My Wine Fit? This episode Heather and Stephanie talk about this new fitness group and what is the motivation behind it. They talk about the SMART approach that the American Council on Fitness lays out.
October 30, 2020
You First 002
Heather and Stephanie talk about moving the excuses aside and putting yourself forward one piece at a time
October 23, 2020
Excuses 001
We all have challenges that are impeding our goals. Heather and Stephanie are starting from ground zero with Stephanie's fitness; again lol! Facing yourself and making small changes is do-able and we are tackling all of it in this episode!
October 16, 2020
Introduction to "My Wine Fit"
Join Heather and Stephanie on their quest for sanity, fitness, fun, reality! Finding your way through life with laughter and some wine time- making the most of life with grenades...It's My Wine Fit.
October 6, 2020