Heatrick Heavy Hitters – Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning

Heatrick Heavy Hitters – Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning

By Don Heatrick
Muay Thai has become your passion.
You know there must be a more effective way to train.
You want to leave your mark.
You are a Heavy Hitter!

Please get involved at whatever level you choose, and help me in my mission to take the sport of Muay Thai to the next level and build the next generation of complete fighters.

This means helping you (or your fighters) reach the top of the sport, and one day become champions.
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I won the fight, but nearly lost everything
I won what turned out to be my last fight, but was taken by ambulance to hospital immediately afterwards to spend the night under observation. Of all my fights, this one felt the most physically gruelling… my trademark strength and physical fitness had suddenly abandoned me – as if my opponent was wearing Kryptonite... Full text transcript at https://heatrick.com
June 11, 2019
What Other Exercises Should I Use With Your Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint?
I’m often asked, “What other exercises should I use with your Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint?” If you’re listening to this and you’ve not seen the free blueprint and the supporting three part video series, here's the link: https://heatrick.com/12-week-fight-camp/ Please get involved at whatever level you choose, and help me in my mission to take the sport of Muay Thai to the next level and build the next generation of complete fighters. This means helping you (or your fighters) reach the top of the sport, and one day become champions.
March 24, 2019
Astonishingly EASY (S&C) Goal Setting Logic!
Astonishingly EASY Goal Setting Logic! Video, text transcript, LINKS and more at https://heatrick.com/2018/09/22/muay-thai-astonishingly-easy-goal-setting-logic/ Following the last Heavy Hitters Podcast (looking at post-fight reviewing and goal setting), this video explains my logic for selecting what your next Muay Thai S&C goals should be! And it's simpler than you think!!
September 30, 2018
15 Winning Questions To Ask Yourself After Every Fight (So You Never Lose)
It maybe a bit of cliché in the fight game that either you win a fight or you learn… but that doesn’t mean it’s not true! However, you can seriously increase your rate of learning (even if you won the fight) if you follow up by reflecting on the answers to certain questions. And in this episode, I’ll share with you the 15 winning questions to ask yourself after every fight (win or lose) so you never lose! Full text transcript and links at https://heatrick.com/2018/09/14/15-winning-questions-to-ask-yourself-after-every-fight-so-you-never-lose/
September 14, 2018
Reflecting on Muay Thai S&C After Speaking to Dr Yessis
Recently I spoke to legendary sports scientist, educator, and S&C coach Dr Yessis on Lawrence Kenshin's podcast... And ahead of that going live, here are my reflections on Muay Thai S&C as a result of that chat! Full text transcript and more at https://heatrick.com/2018/09/01/reflecting-on-muay-thai-sc-after-speaking-to-dr-yessis/
September 1, 2018
You DON'T Need More Training Time!
Are you struggling to fit all the training you want into the week? Well you’re not alone! And in this episode let’s dig into why you don’t need MORE training time! Video transcript page with all the links! https://heatrick.com/2018/08/17/you-dont-need-more-training-time/
August 17, 2018
The 5 Exercise Categories in a Resistance Training Session
"Heavy Hitter", Bob Wansink audio messaged me some great questions regarding speed and power training via Anchor.fm, and this Heavy Hitters Podcast is a direct reply. In this episode, I share the 5 exercise categories I use in every resistance training session that I program. Full webpage with text transcript and extra links at https://heatrick.com/2018/08/04/the-5-exercise-categories-in-a-resistance-training-session/
August 3, 2018
My Own Funeral?
My OWN funeral? And I seem pleased about it?? "Once the fear of regret is greater than the fear of failure, then you can really start living."
July 20, 2018
Muay Thai... Strength First!
Muay Thai strength training is a recurring question, so let’s take the opportunity to clear things up a little. We’ll look at how to build strength in the first place, and how fighters can get stronger when strength gains dry up! Text transcript with further links: https://heatrick.com/2018/07/06/muay-thai-strength-first/
July 6, 2018
How to make it BIG in Muay Thai!
Many Thai boxers that dream of making it big in Muay Thai, but in reality not many will. And not because they aren’t physically capable of doing so, but simply because they lack the motivation or the process to do so! Full text transcript at https://heatrick.com/2018/06/22/how-to-make-it-big-in-muay-thai/
June 22, 2018
Muay Thai Balance Drills and Exercises
There are many reasons why a fighter can struggle to maintain balance, with the most obvious being poor Muay Thai technique… but let’s look at this with a more complete understanding of the individual fighter... Supporting page with further links to topics mentioned in the podcast: https://heatrick.com/2018/06/09/muay-thai-balance-drills-and-exercises/
June 8, 2018
Discussing Carbs For Fighters
Carbs For Fighters 1-Page reference sheet: https://vh206-557cba.pages.infusionsoft.net/ My last podcast, discussing the Keto diet for fighters, proved really popular. And I hadn’t intended to, but it looks like you all wanted a follow up… "if I recommend that carbs are important to a fighters performance, what type, how much and when, etc.. etc…" So in today’s podcast, here are my thoughts on Carbs For Fighters!
May 26, 2018
Discussing Keto (Diet) For Fighters
I shared a post on our facebook page of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr Andy Gaplin discussing the keto diet, and I commented, “As a combat athlete, your primary fuel source will always be carbs – nothing else releases energy fast enough!” Now there are a ton of opinions on this! And I thought in this first dedicated podcast, I’d explain why, with my current level of understanding, I believe this.
May 12, 2018
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