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Unpopular Opinions with Tommy Caldwell: Politics for the People

Unpopular Opinions with Tommy Caldwell: Politics for the People

By Tommy Caldwell
Politics used to be for insiders, but citizens have taken a peek behind the curtain of global bureaucracy in the wake of the pandemic. We elect politicians to serve the people's best interests, but it is evident our 'leaders' serve their interests instead. Let's change the system by getting involved in the conversation and returning the power to the people.

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Men's Health Special with Dr.Mike #1- Mindset for success

Unpopular Opinions with Tommy Caldwell: Politics for the People

Ep.10- Race, Sex, and Gender Identity in Kindergarten.
If you'd like to help support Tommy's Political Efforts, follow this link here
May 05, 2022
#9- What is happening with the Ontario housing market?
In this episode, I sit down with Justin Konikow of Prime Real Estate Brokerage to discuss what is happening with Ontario's unsustainable housing market. If you want to get in contact with Justin, you can find his website at and follow him on Instagram here If you'd like to help support my political efforts or just stay in touch with what is happening in our communities, join my newsletter here
April 29, 2022
#8- Will the Carbon Tax Save Our Planet?
Implementing a rising Carbon Tax has been proposed as a way to punish giant polluters while funding green solutions, but will it work for our Country and is it the best solution at our disposal?
April 28, 2022
#7- Charter Rights, Mandates, and the Ottawa Protest with Phillip Millar
In this episode, I sit down with Phillip Millar of Millar's Law. Phillip has been a strong, rational voice for legal advocacy throughout the pandemic and gives us his thoughts on battles worth fighting as well as hills we shouldn't die on. To learn more about Phillip or to take up his legal services, go to Just a reminder that I am running for MPP in the June Ontario election. If you're an Ontario Resident and would like to show your support, please donate here You can also support me on other ways and join my Campaign email list my following this link
April 18, 2022
#6- What is happening with Boosted Ontario Citizens?
When you're expected to take a vaccine in order to retain your freedom of mobility, you have every right to ask questions about the public facing data. Public conversation is what holds public health and other government organizations to account. It's not only your right, it is your societal duty to force these conversations to the top of the news cycle. I am not making claims on the data. I am not qualified to do so. But please, Ontario Public Health Officials: explain to me why boosted populations are by far more likely to contract COVID-19 over the past 30 days. To support my political efforts and engage in conversations like these, follow this link
March 24, 2022
#5- The Ontario Medical System with Dr.Andrew Appleton
In this episode, I sit down with Dr.Andrew Appleton to discuss the politics of healthcare. We cover topics like the bureaucracy of Ontario Hospitals, financial incentives for COVID-19, the potential loss of Physician/Patient Autonomy, and the notion that Physicians profit from keeping people sick. Dr.Appleton is an Internal Medicine Specialist with a Master's of Health Administration. He works at University Hospital, London, where he was team lead for the COVID-19 unit, and he is also an Assistant Professor at Western University.  If you'd like to learn about or support my political efforts, please follow this link
March 16, 2022
#4- Trudeau drops emergency power, but continues to push for ultimate authority
Trudeau remains the ultimate democratic hypocrite as he silently seeks greater authority while using an overseas war as cover. The CDC continues to bury meaningful data while CV19 hysteria rolls on. If you'd like to learn about or support my political efforts, please follow this link ***My apologies for the mild echo for the 15 minute chunk in the middle of the podcast. I accidentally switched on my second microphone.
February 25, 2022
#3- Trust Us. It's for your own good.
The Emergencies Act has passed the floor and will likely clear senate, Member's of Parliament can blatantly lie as long as it serves the preferred narrative, and Bill C-11 and Digital ID's are on the Horizon. My intro got cut off, but today I announced my official candidacy for Member of Provincial Parliament. Follow this link if you'd like to learn more or support me If you'd like to see my regular political postings, follow me on Instagram @tcfitnessmentor
February 23, 2022
#2- Trampled Underfoot
In the weekend edition of the podcast I cover the chaos of at the Ottawa Protests, updates on frozen bank accounts, and the damning FDA executive director vaccine leak.   Rating, reviewing, and subscribing to this podcast is one of the easiest ways you can help spread the message of reason in politics.    If you'd like to support my political efforts, please follow this link
February 19, 2022
#1- Where's the Emergency?
Justin Trudeau has invoked Federal Emergency Powers under the justification of dangerous and illegal protests. Has he met the criteria? Is he acting as a dictator? Where's the emergency? *note, I keep calling Klaus Schwab Charles Schwab out of habit in connection with the WEF. Apologies, Chuck. To support Tommy and join his occasional email list, follow this link
February 16, 2022
My Interview with Dr.Mike Hart- All things COVID-19
Here is a recording (video available on Spotify) from my appearance on the Hart 2 Heart podcast. Dr.Hart and I discuss the shortcoming of public health systems to manage the COVID-19 pandemic at the level of fundamental health, and how failures in communication and flat out lies have eroded our trust in public health. 
February 10, 2022
Important Case, Hospitalization, and ICU data Updates
You are more likely to be infected with COVID if you are Vaccinated. The rate of hospitalization, while still modestly higher in unvaccinated individuals when controlled for demographic, has accelerated drastically in vaccinated people. While you are still significantly more likely to end up in the ICU if unvaccinated, the rate of ICU admission increase for vaccinated has almost doubled the rate of unvaccinated admissions. Lastly, COVID-related ICU and hospital admissions are moving in lockstep with the increased positive testing rate. Could a significant portion of the hospital rate increase be due to rises in incidental testing? Yes, some variables could be at play here (i.e. vaccinated out and about more, unvaccinated having natural immunity etc.). But those are assumptions, and while relevant, they aren't measurable facts. These are important data points to note as places like Quebec are now fining unvaccinated citizens and our Prime Minister refers to over 4 million Canadians as racist and misogynistic. It isn't OK to treat fellow citizens like this under any circumstance, let alone when the data is murky at best and public health officials worldwide are being caught in brazen lies. Stand the Fuck Up. Follow along with me on Instagram here
January 12, 2022
COVID-19 Lies That Are Provably False
Ontario is entering lockdown #4, and both public health, the government, and special interest groups are using fear campaigns and fudged data to justify the measures. Here I break down four provable lies we were collectively told that should upset you and lead you to rethink the validity of lockdowns. From false hospitalization records to scaring parents into fearing COVID-19 more than the flu when it comes to kids, I walk you through the Federal and Provincial Governments' own data.
January 06, 2022
Misleading stats, vaccination vs natural immunity, and saving our children
My intention in this recording is not to persuade anyone. I am merely presenting the current data as it stands without the politics, public health, and media biases that should be obvious to us all by now. The data and research can change, but as it stands right now, this is my best interpretation of what is happening with vaccination status and naturally acquired immunity. I have also added my personal opinion on these matters which should not be taken as fact. I believe I have done a good job of separating the data from my thoughts on the data. I am open to being wrong and/or misunderstanding the data, so as long as you are cordial I encourage you to push back on what I present here. If you'd like to WATCH THE VIDEO, FOLLOW THIS LINK
August 26, 2021
Excessive Hand Sanitizing and The Silo of Public Health and Medicine
This is a follow up to my recent post where I shared concern over excessive hand sanitizing in our children. This matter is also a signal to the deeper issue of lack of transparency and discourse in our public health systems. You cannot get to the best strategy by shutting out those who push back against your narrative, and governmental health and medicine has become a silo of like-minded individuals who can't see beyond their narrative. Citizen scientists need to step up and criticize actions taken by our government with reasonable points of view and solid evidence. Debate and dialogue is the only way to better a struggling system. If you are interested in direct study links, you can find them below. They are all from credible sources and show A- the inability to show surface level transmission and B- the potential downside of excessive hand sanitizing in kids. As always I appreciate commentary that goes against my point of view. All I ask is you bring evidence to the conversation, not anecdote.
July 28, 2021
My Interview with Inside Fitness Radio
Today I'm posting an interview I had with Chris Mercanti of Inside Fitness. We discuss the effects of COVID-19 on our wellbeing, how to influence your children to be healthy, and what we need to do as citizens to affect governmental change and get healthy as a community. 
June 16, 2021
Why We Need Citizen Scientists
The back-and-forth regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is an emotional, narrative-driven battle between conspiracy theorists and the status quo. Both of these groups are unhelpful. Everyone who puts their best effort toward being informed deserves to publicly share their opinion and be involved in the discussion. Those who prefer to be informed by narrative (on both sides) should go join a reddit subgroup instead. Able citizens need to be interested in reading, viewing the data, and opening up a conversation about what it all means. Suppose the average citizen continues to be educated by social media and traditional news outlets without looking more deeply into the matter. In that case, We will never push public Health to find the best solution. Whether you agree or disagree with the lockdown method, you don't deserve to share your opinion unless you have done your absolute best to understand the data. That means reading reports, testing definitions, and other publicly available information that allows you to form an educated opinion. It doesn't have to be perfect, and none of us have to agree on what it all means- but if we are not willing to step up to the plate and assess this crisis at a ground level, we don't deserve the most favourable outcome. Links to what was discussed in this video: if you aren't willing to read them, please don't DM me with your opinion
April 24, 2021
Your Government Does Not Care About Your Health
The Outlaws of Health Show returns. The madness of COVID-19, Lockdown Mentality, and proof that the government never has, and never will have the best interest of your health in mind. 
April 18, 2021
COVID's Collateral Damage
At what point do the actions taken to prevent a crisis do more harm than the crisis itself? I don't know, but it is time to ask the question with a certain level of seriousness. Mental, emotional, and physical health are being overlooked. Deaths of despair are rising. Obesity is skyrocketing. Small businesses are dying. And kids can't even play outdoor sports, gyms can't guide outdoor exercise, and 30,000 square foot gymnastics clubs can't have 10 kids inside. All while retailers like Costco can have 1500 people in their stores at anytime while making record profits.
April 11, 2021
FM Short: Why aren't we talking about lifestyle interventions for COVID-19?
To watch in video form, follow this link
November 19, 2020
Coronavirus- is it time to panic yet?
If you go on social media you'll be told that the COVID-19 outbreak is either going to kill us all, or less deadly than the common cold. What are the chances that it is neither of these things?
March 10, 2020
Men's Health Special with Dr.Mike #1- Mindset for success
In this special episode of a Men's Health series, Tommy sits down with Dr.Mike Hart to discuss how men struggle to put themselves in a position to succeed in health, and in life. 
October 04, 2019
The Trauma We Ignore
To get a copy of Tommy's Bestselling Book, Heavy Brain, follow this link Tommy uses a combination of historical data and his own personal experiences to shed light on the trauma that we all have and all ignore.
December 07, 2018
Confessions of a Fast Food Addict- Pt.2
In part 2 of this powerful episode Tommy continues his conversation with a former fast food addict who has taken full control of her health.
November 24, 2018
Confessions of a Fast Food Addict- Part 1
To get a copy of Tommy's Bestselling Food Addiction Book 'Heavy Brain', follow this link To join the free food addiction and emotional eating support group, follow this link Tommy sits down with one of his coaching clients to discuss how she successfully overcame her severe addiction to fast food.
November 23, 2018
My Interview with The Improvement Project
Heavy Brain was the book of the month for the ladies at the Improvement Project, so this is an interview I did with Dr.Peggy Malone about all things fitness psychology. Enjoy!
October 19, 2018
Food addiction
Heavy Brain is now available on Audible! Follow this link to get your copy. If you are outside the U.S., just search 'Heavy Brain' in Amazon, Audible, or iBooks. In this episode Tommy discusses what food addiction is, how it plays out in our lives, and how we can begin taking control of our food addictions for better health.
March 22, 2018