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Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown

Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown

By Dale Dickins, Libby Murray & Heidi Carroll
Welcome to Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown, a conversation with embodied scientists, led by Dale Dickins, Libby Murray and Heidi Carroll. We dive deep into the Feldenkrais Method by exploring today’s relevance of the Feldenkrais Method. We inquire into how it is to truly embody our human potential in a world of constant change.

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Cynthia Allen shares business tips...
Cynthia Allen shares top tips for sustainable business success in the Feldenkrais world, including establishing and maintaining an online Feldenkrais presence. Foregrounding the importance of the practitioner-client relationship and drawing on her considerable management expertise, Cynthia applies business and marketing acumen to demystify some common fears of starting out or taking Feldenkrais business to the next level. Covering some pitfalls in navigating this path, Cynthia inspires confidence in building viable Feldenkrais communities and collaborations. Future Life Now Your Learning Body
September 23, 2020
Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan expand ideas...
Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan give a fascinating insight into the creative process of inquiry in both the writing of their new book ‘Moving from the Inside Out: 7 Principles for Ease and Mastery of Movement-A Feldenkrais Approach’ and in their individual styles of approach to learning, practising and developing good use of the self with the Feldenkrais Method. The quest to articulate their 7 organising principles is achieved with immense finesse, making them understandable with real life examples useful for the beginner, the movement enthusiast and Feldenkrais students and Practitioners alike across all learning styles. Lesley McLennan: Continue the conversation by visiting our twitter account @MovingIntoTheUnknown.
August 24, 2020
Larry Goldfarb flavours a conversation...
Larry Goldfarb takes us on a colourful journey with lived practice of the Feldenkrais Method, discussing its relevance in navigating the terrain of contemporary personal adaptability and responsiveness. Questioning how to create a functionally integrated Feldenkrais community of learners, Larry ponders how to further evolve the education of Feldenkrais Practitioners, including online. In line with Moshe Feldenkrais’ intention, Larry challenges us to actively be involved in collaboration and innovation to bring Feldenkrais forward into relationship with more people in the world. Continue the conversation by visiting our twitter account @MovingIntoTheUnknown. 
July 26, 2020
A profound conversation with Jeff Haller...
Jeff Haller offers a rich and profound understanding of what is the true nature of the Feldenkrais Method; expanding human potential. He discusses the Feldenkrais 1981 Amherst training, Moshe Feldenkrais, how to overcome a habit, emotional intelligence, the secret to teaching an Awareness Through Movement Lesson and a whole lot more. Jeff’s Links: Jeff’s website Practitioner Advanced Training: Taking ATM Teaching to the Future Jeff Haller on the Feldenkrais Method and Emotional Well-Being Jeff’s FREE Zoom ATM classes
June 19, 2020
Introducing Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown
Hi Welcome to Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown. A place where we dive deep into the Feldenkrais Method, chatting to "Embodied Scientists". We are Dale Dickins, Libby Murray and Heidi Carroll who are currently in training to become Feldenkrais Practitioners. Join us as we explore what it is to truly live in your own potential.
June 12, 2020