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By Heiwa No Bushi
Heiwa no Bushi walks us down the Bodhichristo path, showing us how the teachings of Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha expand into our world in the present moment.

Hosted by Andrew Brooks
Produced by Jeremy Fiebig
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Tacit Knowledge
Bushi goes into the subject of knowledge, it's three varieties, and why tacit knowledge is so essential yet many times overlooked within religion. This is part 2 of a Dharma talk given at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, NC.
June 14, 2021
Big Mind, Big Heart
Sensei Bushi answers a question about obstacles on the spiritual path. Prepare yourself for equal parts devastating logic and compassion. This is part 1 of a Dharma talk given at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayettville, NC.
June 06, 2021
The Six Medicines of Bodhichristo
This episode covers Heiwa no Bushi's personal and student based practice of "volunteering." These daily medicines for oneself challenge us to go well beyond our conventional perceptions of the world around us. Bushi radiates a clean, loving, and deep connection to human beings, animals, and nature, due to his cultivation of bodhichitta (lovingkindness). The Six medicines are his daily mental and community based practices that enrich ones life.
September 10, 2020