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Dude, Let Me Tell You

Dude, Let Me Tell You

By Helen and Ashley
In a judgement free zone, join us, Helen Ross and Ashley Martins, your two washed up, recent college graduates, as we bring you our honest advice and opinions! Sit down, crank up the podcast, and Dude, Let Me Tell You, that humor can be found in life’s cringiest or even seemingly normal moments.
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#25 Black Lives ALWAYS Mattered 🗣
Guess which of your favorite duos is back and ready for action, Dudes and Dudettes?! 👀  Helen and Ashley break their podcasting hiatus for something that is so important to discuss now and in the future - racism.  During this episode, the girls discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement and how we as a society can help shape what the world should and will look like.  Dude, Let Me Tell You that the world we are living in is a little chaotic, but Helen and Ashley are here to shake things up in a positive way by continuing to learn about the movement and sharing their findings with you.  Let's be the force that ends racism in the USA together!
June 30, 2020
#24 Quick Quarantine Update 😷
When the going gets rough because of quarantine, the rough get to listening to Dude, Let Me Tell You, of course!  Seriously though, we hope everyone is being safe during this time of COVID-19 and at-home quarantine, but we are here to make your days a little bit brighter!  Catch up with us for a quick podcast letting you all know how we are holding up during this time!  Stay safe Dudes & Dudettes!  Wash those hands! 🙌
April 7, 2020
#23 Video Game Cheats and Quarantine Trends🎮
What to do when you're doing nothing?? Video games... and the trends of quarantine.. Dude, Let tell you coronaviruses their way into the minds of us all hopefully providing some distraction in these times.
March 24, 2020
#22 What to expect when you're expecting... QUARANTINE 😱
It is time... we were thinking about going for a funny episode but we decided to go with the sign of the times as Harry would say. How to keep yourself busy during staying at home. We believe in you all, we know it's going to be rough but you'll get through this.
March 17, 2020
#21 It’s Corona Time 🍺
Hey Dude and Dudettes, Ashley and Helen are back after a mental week hiatus! They are discussing what EVERYONE is talking about- CORONA! What have they heard, what is it, how to prevent it? So sit back and relax with your two fav ladies!
March 10, 2020
#20 Crafts & Krafts 🧶🍜
Sporadic and messy... just the way we like it! Ashley and Helen spools their way into your heart with craft and krafts. Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and rate us 5⭐'s ... OR ELSE.
February 25, 2020
#19 Involvement Fair 🎡
Dude Let Me Tell You it's easier to get involved in school than you think! Ashley and Helen give you their personal experiences and advice to make the most out of your education. Feel free to ask questions or message them via email or social media if you want more information.
February 18, 2020
#18 Life Bro ✌️
We’re back! Some how lol... tune in this week for a special one on one with Helen as she going into Goal updates for 2020 and some recommendations for you to keep up with yours!
February 11, 2020
#17 Galentines Day?... or Valentines Day?💕
It's that time of year where all the couples of the world celebrate their love on this day, and now with social media in the mix it has become an even more extravagant event as well... but what about for all those single people out there? Amy Poehler from Parks and Rec made the solution. GALENTINES DAY! So put those ear buds in and listen, whether it's on 3X speed or not to our love story.
February 4, 2020
Meal Prep... what is it? Are you able to do it?... Yes and yes, Dude Let Me Tell You sautés their way into your kitchen giving the tips and tricks to be able to succeed in cooking. Are they experts no, are you? No, but Ashley and Helen provide the confidence you need to start.
January 28, 2020
#15 Oops we blooped again
Do you want hear us sound even more “authentic”... our blooper reel #2 is out! So get ready to listen to our comedic outtakes😂
January 21, 2020
#14 Sports Sports Sports⚽🏐
Are we super athletic? Yes of course, we're superstars at everything we do. This episode is not for the weary of heart you have to have one of a lion to HEAR US ROAR... meow. So get up off the coach go play a game of pickup basketball and tune into Dude, Let Me Tell You.
January 14, 2020
Are these bloopers... no, is this fire content? Well yes of course, always. Here’s us being us, with a special guest... TUNE in to find out❤️
January 7, 2020
#12 New Year, New You! ✨
2020 requires a happier, healthier, even more amazing you, and Dude, Let Me Tell You, we are here to help you with tips, tricks, and even more musical interludes to achieve those goals! Join Helen & Ashley as they strut their way into the new year in style (just kidding, we are still as goofy as ever!) and get inspired to create vision boards and actually accomplish your New Year's Resolutions!  Happy Roaring 20s, Dudes and Dudettes!
December 31, 2019
#11 Bodylicious👑
Dude, Let Me Tell You the body positivity is a hot topic today! Tune into this weeks episodes as they dive into the woes and personal stories of being in a “body positive” society!!
December 24, 2019
#10 Blue Christmas 🎄
Dude, Let Me Tell You dives into the fact that during the winter it’s hard not to get sad! Our two hosts completely understand your feelings, in this episode they’ll give you advice, personal stories, and maybe that little bit of motivation to help get you through the day!!!
December 17, 2019
#9 Is Fine🌲
Here we are again Dude and Dudettes... for some reason we loving rhyming episode titles instead of ones that actually tell you what we’re talking about. Anyways this weeks episode is EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS!! What to buy, who to buy for, typical holiday plans and so much more. So sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the sleigh ride🤗
December 10, 2019
The turkey debate is done and we are officially out of our Thanksgiving coma’s! This weeks episode our host’s bring you weird noises, excitement, and their own stories... as they said “Maybe you can relate to us or maybe you think we’re just big idiots but either way you should listen”!👂 So sit back and crank it up!!
December 3, 2019
#7 Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobbbblelelelelel 🦃
We’re back and slightly better than ever! Dude and Dudettes were helping you get ready to have your best feast yet. Giving you tips and tricks on eating to make the most of your Gobble Gobble dinner... we also may add some weird sounds in there as well per the usual! So sit back and go into a turkey coma 🦃
November 26, 2019
#6 Blooper Droppings🎙
Anyone one else want to hear Ashley and Helens first time trying to use their mic equipment?? Or recording their very first episode EVER... Dude, let me tell you we know you want to listen! Laugh at our stupidity and revel in the fact you’re not alone being the “weird” one in the world! Here comes the blooper droppings.
November 12, 2019
#5 Let’s Get Ready to Mumbo
Move and groove with us as we explore the wonderful world of music. Dude, Let me tell you there is so much to talk about from tastes to up and coming artists to why you like what you like. Sit back and listen to our off key singing as we blow your socks off! 🎤🎼
November 5, 2019
#4 May the Fourth be with you... or it’s your time of the month💋
Dude, Let Me Tell You that StarWars references are really cool... but have you experienced a period?? NOW that’s the tea honey ☕️ Ashley and Helen dive into when Moses parts the Red Sea, sit back, and let us be your mural... or Gandhi...
October 29, 2019
#3 Prioritizing your time... or you??
Dude, Let Me Tell You that you are not alone in this nonstop world! Taking a step back from their last episodes, slightly calmed down, Helen and Ashley are here to give you the support you need! Tips, tricks, and that little boost of encouragement for time management ❤️
October 22, 2019
#2 To Bunny or not to Bunny?🐰
We didn’t give up yet! ‘‘Tis the spooky season, Dude, Let Me Tell You gives the boo down on the low about Halloween fashion!
October 14, 2019
#1 Dude, What Were We Thinking????
During one wild night in Philly, two girls embarked on a podcast making journey. Dude, Let Me Tell You stars Ashley and Helen , a dynamic duo, sure to make you feel better about yourself.
October 14, 2019