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I Can't Make Bread So I Made a Podcast

I Can't Make Bread So I Made a Podcast

By Helen King
If you can't bake bread, make a podcast! In 2020 while New Zealand was in the midst of a flour shortage, Helen King decided to make a podcast. A year later she founded HK Productions, a podcast strategy, and management company for businesses who want to amplify their brands through podcasting.

I Can't Make Bread so I Made Podcast is short, bite-sized episodes of insights to help you make the best podcast you can for your brand.

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EP 2: How to avoid podfade

I Can't Make Bread So I Made a Podcast

EP: 4 How to use your intuition in your business
In this episode, we're doing something a little different. Do you know the difference between your intuition and your ego? How do you learn to listen to your intuition in your business? My guest coaches high achieving fempreneurs align to their highest timeline and to live the life and create the business they desire. Natalie Woodman ran a successful physio practice in London for decades. Recently she felt a desire to move, now she's giving away her belongings to take a leap of faith!  During our conversation we cover:  - what it means to listen to your intuition  - how to tell if it's your ego talking  - why do we need to start working in harmony with our natural cycles  - how to take a leap of faith and chase your dreams And more. Get your ticket for the Real You Summit here.  Natalie's website: Work with Helen 
May 05, 2022
EP: 3 How to choose the right podcast microphone for your voice
A microphone is at the top of my list of essential tools for a podcaster. If you have any budget that's what I will always recommend people invest in first. It's not always easy knowing what mic to choose, a lot of online resources are geared toward male or deeper voices. Heather Welch is a fellow Kiwi podcaster. She launched her first podcast in 2017 and quickly developed a love for audio gear. She created the website The Women On Mic Project' to help other women hear how microphones sound on other women's voices.  Heather shares her experience of off-grid life on Sunshine and Powercuts and other parts of her life on Just Heather. In this episode we cover:  - How to choose the right microphone for your voice - Recommendations for podcast microphones - How to minimise distracting noises in your audio And more!  Check out HK Productions @hkproductions_podcasts  Heather's links Women on Mic @iamjustheather
April 26, 2022
EP 2: How to avoid podfade
In this episode, Helen talks about how to avoid podfade and why it's taken nearly five months to release another episode!  Podfade is a common phenomenon among podcasters. After the initial shine disappears and the reality of producing a podcast sets in, many podcasters abandon their shows.  Podcasting is a long game and there are ways you can set yourself up for success. Helen's strategies include:  Be passionate about your topic Understand why you are making your podcast and what you want to achieve Most importantly, have fun! Don't miss this episode for bite-sized tips for creating a sustainable podcast.  Follow Helen on social media: Instagram LinkedIn Work with Helen
March 31, 2022
EP 1. A discussion from my kitchen table: Elina Ashimbayeva talks about diversity
Why is diversity important to the stories we tell? And how do white folks become better allies? These two questions I tried to tackle at my kitchen table with the wonderful Elina Ashimbayeva.  Elina launched Storyo in 2019 with her partner to tell people's stories who aren't represented by the mainstream media.  They wanted to celebrate people who are social workers, local artists and local politicians, sex workers, and teachers. To celebrate diversity.  At the time of recording a Hollywood producer had announced they were going to make a film about the Christchurch Mosque Attacks, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the central character. We sat down over cups of tea and biscuits to discuss why it is problematic when you move the narrative away from being victim-centered. Which was a great springboard into a conversation about diversity, privilege, and getting uncomfortable.  Topics covered:  How to be an inclusive storyteller  What diversity looks like in practice How to be a good ally  I Can't Make Bread so I Made a Podcast is a podcast made by HK Productions. A podcast for podcasters!  Elina's Links Storyo website Storyo Instagram HK Productions Links Website Instagram The C Word Radio Podcast  Music: This Podcast Opener, NoahSound 
November 04, 2021