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Hella Tired Podcast

Hella Tired Podcast

By Bubba McComb
Welcome to the Hella Tired Podcast. This is a place for all walks of life, and all levels of success. From local artists with 70 total plays, to World Renown artists including comedians, musicians, visual artists, etc. Hosted by Bubba McComb, a Stand Up Comedian, Host, and Actor from Phoenix, AZ. A "Hangout" style podcast with almost no structure, gives me the ability to open up completely to my guests... and open the opportunity to return the interest. Listen, Support, Share, and Spread the Love! Sponsored by Coava Coffee Roasters & MANSCAPED Intro: Grass Kingdoms
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Episode #55 - Jesse Lobell
Long time friend, producer, songwriter, director, actor, comedian and overall BADASS Jesse Lobell is our next guest. We have known eachother for the better part of 14 years now, and couldn't have had a more comfortable time talking with someone. We talk about everything from his past project "Nintendo Story" all the way to his newest music project "Megaflower." If you enjoy the episode, please share with your friends! And if you REALLY enjoy the podcast, feel free to subscribe through Love Ya'll! 
January 24, 2021
Episode #54 - Bubba McComb
In this episode of the Hella Tired Podcast, i give you all an update on my life, and it's not much. Enjoy. I love you all. 
January 6, 2021
Episode #53 - Mike Lean
This week, I was lucky enough to sit down with local artistic LEGEND Mike Lean. Mike has been killing it in the alternative art scene for god knows how many years. From guitars, analog televisions, vocal experimentation, etc... to being a great husband and all around A-1 American citizen. Hailing from the Bay area, Mike has been cornering his artistic market for years and it's time to fully appreciate this Instrumental Surgeon for what he is. Make sure you give him a follow on his social media platforms! Reach out for commissions and compliments as you see fit! Instagram: Sidewalksurfer66
February 23, 2020
Episode #52 - Lexis Sharde
This week, I sit down with the very insightful Lexis Sharde. She is a comedian, podcast host, and full time badass. Lexis just recently performed at the Portland Comedy Festival, and will be putting on her first live installment of her therapy style podcast "Life Coaching Comedians." The show is on March 15th, and you can find ticket links below. Make sure you keep an eye & ear out for everything this woman is doing, and support in any way you can! Enjoy the episode! Website: Tickets to Live Show:
February 1, 2020
Episode #51 - LIVE from Off the Cuff w/ Tristan Bowling & Josh Harrison
This week, I bring you an extra special LIVE episode straight from Off the Cuff in Glendale, AZ! We have special guest Tristan Bowling for the podcast. Everything from podcasting, roasting, standup comedy, music performances, etc. I greatly appreciate everyone that came out to support, and all of my guests for being such an integral part of the shows success. Keep an eye out fo future dates at The full roster for the Live Episode can be found below. If you would like this live show to come to your city, please send an email at Host: Bubba McComb | Guest: Tristan Bowling Roast Panel: Missy McComb | Dustin Cade | Courtney Wahlstrom Roastee's: Chelsea Rideout | Stephen Settanni | Alice Valpey Musical Guest: Joseph Bills Standup Comedy: Joshua Harrison I do not own the rights to this music.
December 28, 2019
Episode #50 - Stephen Settanni
This week, I sit down with local podcaster, comedian, and occasional book reader... Stephen Settanni. He is 1/3 of the amazing "HYPERBOLE PODCAST" a podcast about advice, and anything else that comes up! Stephen was also a part of the Hella Tired Podcast Live show, and couldn't have done any better. Stephen and I have had a effortless chemistry as soon as we conversed for the first time. I couldn't be more excited to share this episode with you all, and please don't cancel me
December 21, 2019
Episode #49 - Bubba McComb (Pt.2)
This week, I give an in depth update on how life has been since the last solo episode. Last episode I was unsure of what to do at my dead end, lifeless, pointless job. Well, I have an update! So enjoy the episode, let me know how you like it.. and feel free to support the podcast! I love you all, and thank you for rocking with me.   New Intro: grasskingdoms Mascaped: Code "tired" for 20% off + Free Shipping Coava: Code "coava5" for $5 off your first order.
December 21, 2019
Episode #48 - Mike Enders
The time has come, Sadboi Sashimi and the Chicago Kid join powers to bring you episode 48 of the Hella Tired Podcast. Enders is a heavy hitter in the comedy scene, and has an amazing podcast called "Somewhere Over the RainBro. We talk about everything from comedy, deepest darkest desires, and much more! Make sure you give this episode a listen, and leave a rating and review if you want to spread some love. Super shout out to Mike for being a BDD. Website: Instagram: mike_enders_ Youtube/Podcast:
November 17, 2019
Episode #47 - Danielle Arce
We sit down with one of my favorite comedians out of Los Angeles, Danielle Arce! We talk about everything from comedy, podcasting, merch, do's and dont's, you name it. Make sure you give this a listen, and share! Danielle will be performing in Arizona in the month of October, so be sure to check her website to see where she will be next! Website: IG: Danielle Arce New Standup Special:
October 16, 2019
Episode #46 - Zack Lyman
In this weeks episode, I got to hangout with comedy veteran Zack Lyman! Host of the "Zack Lyman Podcast," Writer, Superhero, and Comedian... Zack comes into the studio with nothing but god like aura. His voice carries through the mountains of sorrow, and through the rivers of mourning. Uplifting all that shall hear his blessed voice, he is an Arizona wonder. If you don't love Zack Lyman by the end of this episode... the problem is 100% you. IG: Zacklymanpodcast Website:
October 11, 2019
Episode #45 - Peter Jordan
This week, I sit down with local comedian, and entrepenuer, Peter Jordan! Peter is a new comedian like myself, and we've been grinding trying to figure out this comedy shit all year long. We talk about everything from pinata's, to white people, the police, and lots lots more. You can catch Peter performing at clubs and bars all over the valley. So be sure to follow him on social media and keep up with DA BOI! Shout out to Manscaped for sponsoring the podcast! Be sure to hear over to and enter code "TIRED" for 20% off and FREE shipping. Every item purchased with the code, helps out the podcast immensely. So thank you!  Extra shout out to Coava Coffee Roasters for sponsoring the podcast. These peeps have believed in us since about day 1, and have shown nothing but love and respect since we've partenered! Head over to and enter code "COAVA5" for $5 off your first order. You will not be disappointed! If you're feeling generous, please feel free to subscribe to the podcast for as low as $1 a month. That's literally 3 cents a day. Don't be a cuck. ILYSM. Peter Jordan IG: freshhorseraddish Business IG: loopvintagephoenix
October 3, 2019
Episode #44 - Chelsea Rideout
This week, I sit down with an honorary member of the "America's Lowest IQ Club" Chelsea hails from the true north (ND) and has made her way back to civilization. To her surprise, almost everyone had gotten smarter and left Chelsea feeling left out. So I decided to have her on my podcast. We talk about everything from Porn, Comedy, Music, and more! Make sure you hit her up in January when her digital art commissions open back up. Be sure to support Chelsea, she doesn't even know how to use a computer. Links Below
September 26, 2019
Episode #43 - Savannah Hernandez
On this weeks episode, I got to sit down with one of the most naturally gifted performers I've ever met in my life. Between Standup Comedy, Improv Sketch, Impressionist, and being an all around badass, Savannah was kind enough to grace us with her presence. We talk about everything from where/how she got started on her standup comedy journey, we discuss favorite cereals, and a whole bunch more. Be sure to follow Savannah on all social media platforms, and support her eventual rise to the tip top. Once again, thank you to our brand new sponsors over at Head over there, load up your cart, and enjoy 20% off with the code: TIRED IG/Twitter: savannahrulex Facebook: Savannah Hernandez (Booking Only Please)
September 18, 2019
Episode #42 - Mary Upchurch
This week on the Hella Tired Podcast, I sit down with comedian Mary Upchurch! She has been blazing a hot trail out here in Arizona with her comedic styling, and has a very popular podcast called "Wings With Friends." Be sure to give us your undivided attention, and feel free to leave some feedback if you have any! Follow the links below to keep up with what Mary is doing, and where she will be next! Love you all mucho Wings With Friends: Facebook: Youtube:
September 11, 2019
Episode #41 - Ashlyn Victoria
This week on the greatest podcast in my entire house, I sit down with a local artist known as ASHLYN VICTORIA. She is nothing short of an incredibly talented vocalist, hailing from the most prime childhood neighborhoods. She has a single out on all streaming platforms Ashyln Victoria - Ego (Link Below) We talk about everything from her start in music, to her amazing times in the trailer parks, favorite potato chips, and more! Be sure to listen, share, and subscribe if your heart allows. I love ya'll mf! Enjoy! EGO: Bitch That We Talked About: for dates
September 2, 2019
Episode #40 - Tristan Bowling (BaBy BoY)
This week, I sit down with local comedian heavy hitter, and hip hop artist TRISTAN BOWLING. Tristan has been performing standup comedy since he was 16 years old, and has now made quite the name for himself in the comedy community Nationwide. Tristan is one of approximately 4 people in the world to have received a "Golden Ticket" from the #1 Live Podcast in the world "Kill Tony" Tristan has also released a new hip hop cover track for the popular song Old Town Road, and you can find the link below. I hope you all enjoy the episode, and don't forget to leave a voice message for the next episode! Music:
August 19, 2019
Episode #39 - Chum Chum
This week, I sit down with local DJ/Producer/Swag Lord.... CHUM CHUM. We talk about everything from his origins as a DJ, to his transition into a full time producer AND DJ, to everything else you would like to know. We sprinkle in a little ASMR, and hope to make you guys laugh! Go check out his music, and check out his brand new release on Spotify as his Alter Ego!    CHUM CHUM:   EL Muhc:
August 13, 2019
Episode #38 - Avery Jhingree
This week, I sit down with Arizona's most beloved delinquent Avery Jhingree. He has been doing comedy since he was even younger than he is now, and continues to do shows all over the valley. Avery is the first person I had ever seen perform at an open mic, and we've been cool ever since. We talk about everything you wanted to hear about, and everything you didn't think you wanted to hear about. Check out the episode and show some love! Instagram: Cheeseburger_bandit 
August 2, 2019
Episode #37 - Derek McFarland
This week, I sit down with local comedian, show runner, and roommate Derek McFarland! Derek has been involved in the comedy scene for over half a decade now, and has featured/opened/hosted for some of the biggest names in comedy. His persistence and passion towards comedy has come off strong the day I met him. Derek ran arguably the most popular open mic Phoenix has ever seen for over 4 years, which recently got shut down due to some very sensitive sallies. We discuss that, his time as a comedian, and many other things. Be sure to follow him on Instagram, and add him on Facebook to keep up with all his ventures. Below, is a link from Phoenix Voyage Magazine article on Derek McFarland, which might even give you some more insight on who this man is! Enjoy! 
July 4, 2019
Episode #36 - Opus Loops
This week, we sit down with the loop lord himself... Cole Travis aka Opus Loops. Cole is an artist/performer out of Phoenix, AZ. He mainly delves into the art of live looping/singing and has been able to captivate handfuls and handfuls of people everytime he sets up to perform. He is also involved in Standup Comedy, Comedic Storytelling, and a plethora of other things. This man is one of the nicest, most talented people I had the pleasure of sitting down with. Make sure you listen to the whole episode for a live performance, and make sure you leave feedback + Love! Enjoy! 
June 28, 2019
Episode #35 - Jim Perry
This week, I sit down with retired police officer, veteran, actor, comedian, father, husband, and a plethora of other things! We talk about everything from the current state of police affairs, to weed, to how Jims retirement from the police force came about. Jim Perry known as “The Cop Comic.” is a former Police Officer who has served as a Law Enforcement Trainer, DARE Officer, Media Relations Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, Regional President of the Crime Prevention Association and was awarded “Officer of the Year” in 2004. He was also an Adult Safety Facilitator in the corporate environment and the private security industry. Jim is a Military Veteran and served in the Persian Gulf. He has a Masters Degree in Adult Education, which helps him easily translate his humor and funny police/military stories to the public. Jim admittedly has said he has seen a lot of tragedy within his 20+ career in the Law Enforcement, Military and Security industries. Jim believes he can make a difference by making people laugh and helping the public understand that law enforcement and military men/women are just regular people too. Jim has been featured on local television and radio broadcasts throughout his career. Jim has additionally given back to his community by volunteering, teaching and hosting at various adult and children’s programs on a consistent basis. Jim Perry “The Cop Comic” continually supports disabled veterans, fallen police officers’ families and various local not-for-profit organizations every time he does a public or private performance. - Taser Video: - Youtube Channel: - Website:
June 17, 2019
Episode #34 - Steve Byrne
This week on the Hella Tired Podcast, I get to sit down with comedy heavy hitter Steve Byrne!  Steve Byrne has risen through the ranks of the comedy world to become one of the industry’s most innovative and sought-after performers. He has evolved throughout the years into an extremely versatile entertainer that delivers on a day-to-day basis. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Steve Byrne was born to a Korean mother and an Irish father. His unique background gave him the base comedic material for his first television show, Sullivan & Son, which aired for 3 seasons on TBS. Byrne is getting ready to release his fourth hour stand up special entitled "Tell the Damn Joke" in early 2017. He previously released his third comedy special, Champion, on Netflix in May 2014. His popular podcast, The Gentlemen’s Dojo, premiered in late Aug. 2015 on All Things Comedy and is a passion project for Steve along with his co-host, Gary Cannon. He's currently in post production of a documentary he's directing on comedian/magician The Amazing Johnathan entitled "Always Amazing". Byrne is also developing his next venture into scripted television and a feature film script he's written based on his early years in stand up. Enjoy my sitdown, and meltdown with the incredible STEVE BYRNE! Website:
June 10, 2019
Episode #33 - Courtney Wahlstrom & Dana Whissen
This week, I sit down with two of the most talented performers out of AZ! Courtney has a background in spousal abuse & standup comedy. While Dana has a strong background in improv, unwanted movements, and standup comedy. These two talented individuals co-host the "Bro Show" and are hosting/producing "Bro-Chella" this year as well. I couldn't have had more fun with these two crazy mf's. Blunts, Trippy Dippy, Shit Talking, and more on this episode. Tune IN! IG:bonecrusherqueen IG: Whisstopher 
May 2, 2019
Episode #32 - Bubba McComb
This week, I sit down with me, myself, and I. I talk about my current feelings towards my life, new show announcements, a little bit of crying, and a little bit of laughing! I hope you all enjoy this special episode and cannot wait to hear some feedback! Love ya'll mf so much
April 27, 2019
Episode #31 - Flick Chicks
This week on the Hella Tired Podcast, I sit down with some extremely talented individuals... who just so happened to start their own movie review podcast called FLICK CHICKS. Hosted by Chelsea Rideout and Sheridan Wood, these two bring an extremely comedic and informative take to the movies they get into, and make it easy to listen to a podcast about a movie you haven't seen. Both Chelsea and Sheridan are super talented vocalists, while Chelsea is a BEAST with the digital art, and Sheridan being a true Thespian an performer, Flick Chicks was a match made in heaven. Make sure you follow them on Facebook, IG, and everything else on FLICK CHICKS. ENJOY!
April 18, 2019
Episode #30 - Craig Shoemaker
This week, I sit down with Hollywood heavy hitter Craig Shoemaker. This man has too many talents to credit, and a radio voice like silk river. Listen, Give Feedback, and show some love! Craig Shoemaker is a modern day renaissance man, with a show business career spanning over three decades as a stand up comedian, actor, author, writer and producer. He was named Comedian of the Year at The American Comedy Awards on ABC and garnered two NATAS Emmy awards.  His 90 minute stand up special Daditude, aired prime time on SHOWTIME Network and was on the front page on Netflix for several months.   “Shoe’s” stage, film and TV acting credits are extensive and wide ranging. Recently, he co-stars as Bandit in the critically acclaimed movie, Middle Man. He recurred as the character Wilson Gromling, the head of Pawnee’s Liberty or Die Party, on NBC’s Parks & Recreation, and had a five episode run on The Bold & The Beautiful.
April 12, 2019
Episode #29 - Jorge Marroquin
This week I sit down with standup comedian and extremely talented artist Jorge Marroquin, We talk about his sick ass jacket, how he got into comedy and more. Feel free to share, subscribe, and leave some feedback! All Love.  Jorge has been featured on TBS, Showtime, MTV, Mun2 & showcased on the STARZ Network comedy series “STAAN DUP”. Jorge has been spinning as a DJ for over 20 years having created numerous remixes and produced several house tracks. He is considered one of NBC/Universal’s personal DJ’s representing them throughout the country at many award shows, concerts and high profile events. Whether you find him in a comedy club behind the microphone or a nightclub behind turntables, there seams to be no limit to the talent of this versatile performer.
April 5, 2019
Episode #28 - Tom & Steph Clark
Tom and Steph are absolute KILLERS in the comedy scene, as they are both seasoned veterans in the business. Ranging from appearances on Conan, HBO, Just For Laughs, Comedy Central, I'm a Rescue Podcast, Funny Girl Events, and more. They co-host a podcast together called "I'm a Rescue" involving rescue animals and the lovely individuals that make their mark in that world. We sit down and talk about some extremely taboo subjects, and got to make Tom slightly uncomfortable. Which is a personal acheivement of mince since the podcast first aired. If you're not uncomfortable, how are we supposed to grow!? Anywho, please enjoy the podcast and feel free to subscribe, donate, or spread the word! Find links to Steph and Tom's internet presence below! Love you all! Tom Clark: Steph Clark: I'm A Rescue Podcast:
March 27, 2019
Episode #27 - Tony Tripoli
Tony Tripoli is an American Standup Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Director amongst many other things. Tony has been touring and performing standup comedy all over the United States, and is also know for being head writer/director of Joan Rivers' "Fashion Police" on E! Tony is one of the most pleasant people I've had the pleasure of speaking with, and am now a forever fan. Keep up with all of his happenings, and hilarious Twitter feed in the meantime. I hope you have enjoyed! I love you all. 
March 6, 2019
Episode #26 - Courtney Dickerson
Courtney is arguably the most talented makeup/beauty artists in the Southwestern Hemisphere. Her constant inclusion of diversity in her makeup skills, make her all the more reputable in that community and it SHOWS. We talk about everything from Barefoot Wine, Positive Manifestation, OCD, Love, and more! Please make sure you are following her on all social media accounts, and don't be scared to reach out for some beauty tips and recommendations! Without further a due, here is episode #26! Subscribe, Share, Like, and/or tell me how you liked the episode! I love you all.  IG: @courtneydick
February 13, 2019
Episode #25 - Brad Williams
Brad Williams is a world renown standup comedian, television actor, and a local SWANK LORDE. Between the Degenerates on Netflix, his long tenure-ship on Mind of Mencia, and Pit Boss, Brad has won over the likings of some of the most well known celebrities in the world. Brad also hosts a podcast along side Adam Ray, which is called "About Last Night" podcast. Please be sure to support this man in anything and everything he does. Catch a show, buy some merch, or send him a message about how awesome this podcast episode was! Brad started his standup carreer in one of the most unorthodox ways I've ever heard of, and the story of his beginnings are right inside this podcast episode! Please share, subscribe, favorite, donate, and/or just show some love if you enjoyed yourself. Thank you all so much for the continued support throughout these months. I love you all
February 6, 2019
Episode #24 - Paper Foxes
I sit down with the lead guitarist/vocalist and Bassist/vocalist for the incredible band from AZ, PAPER FOXES. These dudes and their band make some of the most enjoyable music coming out of the valley right now. With sounds influenced from Bloc Party and other UK influenced alternative pop, they are taking the "Good Feel" community by storm. Keep an eye out for these dudes to be releasing new music, tour announcements, merch and more! Head over to Spotify or iTunes and support Paper Foxes!
January 30, 2019
Episode #23 - Dela Preme & I-Dee
Two of the most insanely gifted young men on the mic these days, came by the studio to talk music, anime, video games and more. We solidify our stance on saying F**K Swisher Sweets, and no one can say otherwise. Dela Preme and I-Dee have been making music for quite a while in the Hip Hop scene, and are considered to be no less than heavy hitters in the game by now. With their brand new release "Black Uchiha" out now on all streaming platforms, they plan to take the anime scene by surprise with 5 songs littered with amazing anime references. Somehow they still manage to keep it sounding hard af, and catch the ears of even the most seasoned veterans in the game. Nothing but respect for these two, and go check out Black Uchiha out now. Link Below.
January 24, 2019
Episode #22 - Angela Crawley
This week, I sit down with Food Networks' Cake Wars winner and full time mommy, Angela Crawley. Between being a cake mami, and overall badass, Angela came by the studio today to discuss her time on the show, and how it felt to win. We go further into talking about her second appearance on the Food Network was a horror show, and Angela tells it all! We dive into the worst Tinder dates she's had, and how NOT to dress on a first date. I had so much fun sipping mimosas and talking to this ever so talented young woman. Keep an eye out for him in upcoming cooking shows, and be sure to head over to her business page for all of your cake/cupcake requests! Instagram: Indulge Cakes 
January 16, 2019
Episode #21 - Jack Acid
Jack Acid is in the studio for this week's episode, and couldn't be more excited to share it with you all. He has been simmering in the music scene for the majority of his teenage/adult years, and is now starting to get the traction and recognition this level of entertainment deserves. Every move seems calculated, yet none of it seems non-genuine. Entertainers/Artists like Jack only come around once so every often, and you hear tales and lore about the one crazy white dude that everyone can't stop talking about. We talk about everything from Music, Old Bands, Fake People, and most importantly of all... FUCK REDDING, CA. Give this young man your attention, and be sure to support him in any way you seem fit. Click the links, go to the shows, share his music, whatever you gotta do. I love you all
January 9, 2019
Episode #19 Jane N' the Jungle
This week, I sit down with rock and roll heavy hitters Jordan White, and Brian Tully. These two are members of the extremely talented band known internationally as "Jane n' the Jungle." We talk about everything from their new upcoming album, to sponsorships, Grammy After Parties, American Idol, Bullying, and so much more. This was one of my favorites for sure, and I am so happy to be able to share these two talented minds on my platform. You can find the links to all of their music and upcoming shows below. If you are enjoying the podcast, you have the ability to support the podcast for only $.99 a month! Thats about 3 cents a day! So if you love me, and my guests, and want to see me grow and grow, there ya go! Love you all so much. Enjoy!
December 19, 2018
Episode #18 - Wolfzie
This week I get to sit down with local musician, and entrepreneur Brandyn Jenkins aka WOLFZIE. His new company Homebody and Friends has such a cool meaning behind it, and the thought process behind this company is quite impressive. From running the Brunch Collective, Producing his own music, starting a clothing company, the list goes on. He and his crew are some extremely talented individuals, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store. We also get on mic with Cesar, and he gives us a run down on his part in this all. Be sure to buy some gear, and bump some Wolfzie! Love ya'll
December 12, 2018
Episode #17 - Steve Simeone
Milestone number 1 in the books. This week, I got to sit down with one of the most personally inspirational people/comics in my life. Everyday I make a conscious effort to better myself, and Steve's presence and words are more than enough to keep me headed in the right direction. Steve has performed Stand Up Comedy all over the world, including multiple Armed Forces entertainment tours. His stage presence and story telling abilities are on a legendary level. People from all ages and from all walks of life will find genuine humor in his performance. Steve has been referred to as one of the most highly respected comedians in the game, and I would challenge you to make a valid argument on that one. He's befriended and performed with some of the greatest comedians of all time. Such as the late great Ralphie May, the world renown Joe Rogan, The bes podcast duo in the world with Lee Syatt and Joey Diaz, the list could go on for quite a while as you could expect! We talk about everything from my first bomb as a comedian, to Shrek, to changing your mindset about life. Tips and tricks to combat the negativity that resides in all of us, and how you might apply them! Realizing you get along with one of your role models is one thing, but realizing how similar our peaks and valleys has felt, and how much he truly cares about humanity and the world, makes me feel like I made a true friend. It is beyond my pleasure to introduce Episode 17 with mu new buddy... Steve Simeone. Website: Good Times With Steve Simeone: Episode Photo: Matt Santos of The Mile High Podcast
December 9, 2018
Episode #16 - Maeby
One random fateful night at a mostly music open mic, my buddy Eric Hula was celebrating his birthday at the Rebel Lounge. I get up, do my standup set, and was followed by a gentleman named Jared. He was super talented, and sang an acapella version of one of his songs and was incredible. What happened next is still a mystery to me. This tiny little blonde girl get's on stage, and her acoustic guitar is certainly more than half of her size. She starts playing the first note and I am immediately intrigued. BUT THEN SHE OPENED HER MOUTH and the whole fucking world stopped. MVE's voice is so utterly captivating, and I was in such disbelief as to what I was hearing. I had never met Mae before this, and was too scared to approach her in person, as I am an introvert to a fault. I reached out to her over Instagram asking if she would like to come be a part of the podcast and she was excited to! So without further a due, here is MVE's episode number 16
December 5, 2018
Episode #15 - The Place To Be
On this episode of the Hella Tired Podcast, I sit down with internet legends Adam Stalmach and Brew Panda. Adam is mostly known for his most public stunt by streaking fully nude at the Pro Golf Tournament here in Arizona. His internet fame has been a rollercoaster, and he's here to talk about that, and a whole bunch of other Scandalous stuff! Brew Panda is the co-host of the internet show "The Place To Be," and a local "Brew Lord" here in AZ. He smells lovely, but hates people, and has something to say about it. YOUTUBE:
November 28, 2018
Episode #14 - MURKEMZ
On this episode of the Hella Tired Podcast, I sit down with Hip-Hop heavy hitter MURKEMZ. He has been constantly grinding in this game since he was a virgin. WE talk about everything from the future, to not letting F*CK boys have any say in your day to day. Make sure you listen to his music, subscribe to the podcast, and share the love! YouTube: Spotify:
November 21, 2018
Bonus Episode - Friends & Memories
This week(end) I sat down and went over some of the responses on my Facebook post that asked my friends to comment their favorite memory with me. The rest is self explanatory. NSFW I love you guys!
November 17, 2018
Episode #13 - Allen Carstensen
This week, I sit down with EDM Lord Allen Carstensen, aka AL-N, aka Awwenn. Me and this dude have been friends for a long ass time, and seeing his growth has made me so very proud. He's on the up and up, so pay attention lil sleepies
November 14, 2018
Episode #12 - Aaron Trujillo
This week, I sit down with the man behind the lens... LION LENS that is hehe. This young man is so unbelievably talented, and as humble as they come. Aaron is an AVID supporter of local creatives and talent. We get into everything from Local Hip-Hop, to White People having no culture. Listen, Share, and leave some feedback! I love ya'll!
November 10, 2018
Episode #11 (Pt.2) - Rebecca Coss
This is part 2 of the 2 hour mental health special. We go into everything from therapists, and how to find them, to medications, relationship advice, Star Wars, and Fuck Donald Trump. Please feel free to reach out with feedback, questions, etc. Thank you all for listening, I love you my lil sleepies
October 31, 2018
Episode #11 (Pt.1) - Rebecca Coss
Mental Health is the focus for this weeks episode with long time friend, and highly respected/educated humanoid Rebecca Coss. She has always been an overachiever, and has ultimately accomplished just about every goal she's set out for herself so far in life. But this episode focuses on the fact that no matter where you are in life, whether it's 10 steps ahead, or hanging on by a thread, depression comes for everyone. We get open about therapists, medications, alternative treatments, fuck Donald Trump, and a whole lot more. We are all in this together, and hope our conversations can help at least 1 person. I love all of you!
October 31, 2018
Episode #10 - Mike Crowe (Southwest Mushrooms)
This week, I sit down with local entrepenuer and mushroom lord Michael Crowe. Mike has been a friend of mine for about 5 years now, and have never met someone as passionate and knowlegable about their field of study. Mike has been running Southwest Mushrooms a little over a year now, and has absolutely nothing but a bright future, and a great fan base supporting his growth. Find Mike at the Phoenix Public Market in Phoenix AZ, for 50% your first purchase when you mention the podcast! [Facebook]( Instagram: Southwest Mushrooms
October 24, 2018
Episode #9 - Durs Swenson
This week, I sit down with local ginger legend Durs "Dirty Dick" Swenson. We have been friends for many many years, and I couldn't be more hyped to sit down and talk about life. Everything from buttsex, to repenting, temptation, twitch streaming, and good coffee. Listen, share, and donate if you can spare $1 a month! Love ya'll, stay tired my sleepies
October 17, 2018
Episode #8 - EMVNNING
I sit down with the ever so talented Elliot Manning, aka EMVNNING. He is a DJ/Producer out of Phoenix Arizona, and has an extremely saturated past when it comes to music and music production. He just released his first official mix on Soundcloud earlier this year, and continues to put out LIT ASS MIXES. Check him out, show some love, and don't forget to Subscribe! 15% off your first time order at with the code "hellatired" EMVNNING Soundcloud:
October 10, 2018
Episode #7 - Natalie Das
This week, I am bringing you one of the most active, and compassionate members of the Arizona skateboarding community, Natalie Das. She is a professional skateboarder with Silly Girl Skateboards, and represents a plethora of other notable companies. She has been putting her time into empowering women in skateboarding, and spreading the love and joy of the sport any time she gets. I am so excited to release this episode! Listen, Donate, and Spread the Love
October 3, 2018
Episode #6 - Tanner Swift
This week I sit down with long time friend, and EXTREMELY talented friend Tanner Swift, also known as his work under the artist name "JVDAS." Tanner has been in and out of successful bands and side projects since he was a literal child, and has honed his craft to create what you hear and see today. He is involving himself in a lot of different creative avenues, and all of it is top tier. Listen to his music on Spotify or Apple Music under Tanner Swift or JVDAS. Give him your time, money, and love! Feel free to donate by clicking "Support this podcast" to help with equipment updates
September 27, 2018
Episode #5 - Turt Franklin & Najee
On this episode of The Hella Tired Podcast, I bring you two of the most fashion forward, and influential people in Arizona. I had to get flood insurance cause these mf's came in here DRIPPING in sauce. We talk about everything from their up and coming fashion lines, to me realizing I have swag potential. Listen, share, love, donate, and thank you for tuning in!
September 20, 2018
Episode #4 - Chris Garrett
This week, I sit down with longtime friend, and extremely talented individual by the name of Chris G. Aka Tour GS aka Swag Daddy Magnificent. We talk about his first ever standup experience, and have a couple of morally questionable conversations. Enjoy, share, and leave some feedback. If you love it enough, subscribe to the podcast and help us grow! Love ya'll!
September 9, 2018
Episode #3 - Slumpedgoddess
On this episode of the Hella Tired Podcast, I sit down with my sister Missy, aka slumpedgoddess. We talk about everything from her non-PC use of words, and her vision to continue setting up local hiphop shows here in Arizona. Listen, share, and provide some feedback or questions!
September 4, 2018
Episode #2 - Lady Quasar & Sage Rideout
In this episode, I sit down with long time friends Chelsea, and Trevor. Aka Lady Quasar, and Sage Rideout. These are two extremely talented individuals, and I couldn't be more stoked to have sat down with these two. We talk about everything from "homemade" mashed potatoes, to a woman getting mauled to death by a pack of weiner dogs. Share, Favorite, and Donate to help the sleepy cause
August 29, 2018
Episode #1 - Guyv3r
What is up my sleepy babies. This week, and the first official episode of the Hella Tired Podcast is officially here! I sit down with AZ Hip-Hop heavy hitter, and my partner in crime, GUYV3R. We go over everything from doing stand up comedy, to Guyv3r's vision with his music, and much more. If you're feeling it, make sure to favorite and keep updated! Love Ya'll.
August 20, 2018