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The Hemp Empowerment Project

The Hemp Empowerment Project

By Anthony and Nichole Lucido
Join us as we travel the United States and visit industrial hemp businesses. We will share how you can build a business within the industrial hemp arena and make a positive impact on the economy and environment.

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Introduction - The Hemp Empowerment Project

The Hemp Empowerment Project

Regenerative Farming and Inclusion with David Hill from First Crop
David Hill shares with us the importance of regenerative farming practices applied to growing hemp and how these practices help the health of the planet and ourselves.  David is a co-founder and head of regenerative agriculture and education at First Crop. First Crop provides certified organic CBD products and works hand in hand with member farmers to ensure the farmers have a place for their end product all while providing education on regenerative practices and assistance from seed to harvest for their member farmers. Through their farmer memberships, First Crop is able to spread their mission of healing people and planet. Hemp can be used as medicine, food, clothing, building, bio-fuels, and plastics. First Crop intends to spread the awareness of the importance of the hemp plant through their regenerative practices and member farmers. The industry is in its infancy and David shares the mission of First Crop and its place in our environment. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Email: 
April 14, 2021
Hemp Bio-Plastics: Bobby Ziner Talks Hemp Processing for Bio-Plastics with Integrated Automation Technology
With over 30 years in manufacturing and implementation of automated technology, Bobby Ziner has taken this expertise into hemp decortication and fiber optimization with the use of automated technology. The automated technology will track all data points, including but not limited to, output from farmers, quality of crops for production, strain specific data, geographical growing data, final output quality and uses...  Bobby's system will provide the figures that are not currently available in the hemp industry. Bobby implemented automated technology in the wood industry over 30 years ago. He optimized production, tracked quality and outputs, increased profitability and reduced costs of manufacturing. Bobby is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the automated production side of hemp for use in bio-plastics and bentonite clay. Hemp has a very positive impact on CO2 sequestering and the environment as a whole. With the data driven production of hemp bio-plastics, Bobby will be bringing something new to the industry as well as the data figures that are not currently present. The new production facilities will be large scale and the plan is to have multiple facilities open throughout North America. Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:
April 6, 2021
Cannabis and Hemp for Medicinal uses with Dr. Leah Johnson
Dr. Leah is a pharmacist that began researching cannabis and hemp as a medicine and integrating its uses with patients pharmaceutical protocols. Dr. Leah is passionate about helping her patients heal. She does a full evaluation of a patients current pharmacological protocols and integrates cannabis into their healing journey. She helps identify pharmaceuticals that may not be necessary, how each pharmaceutical interacts with different cannabis products and works one on one with a patients physician to determine the best path to recovery. In addition to being a medical cannabis consultant, Dr. Leah also reviews cannabis and hemp products on her podcast CannaWorks Showcase, which will be released soon. Dr. Leah and her partner research each medicinal cannabis and hemp product for safety and efficacy. They look at where the product was made and how it was made. Dr Leah shares wonderful information for the medicinal user and provides an outlet for patients to look at a different route than their standard pharmaceutical protocol. Each one of us is different and require individualized attention when we are healing. Contact Dr. Leah for a consult. Email:
March 14, 2021
Hemp Textiles: Susan Barnhardt from Shemp Yarn Talks Hemp Wool for Textiles
Susan from Shemp Yarn shares her many years of experience building strategic alliances and how building those alliances help build stronger business relationships and more successful organizations. Susan has taken her many years of experience into creating a product derived from hemp and wool in her new company Shemp. Shemp is focused on creating 100% USA made and grown hemp wool yarn that can be used in a multitude of applications from clothing to rugs. Shemp is currently in the final phases of development and eager to finalize their first product for commercial uses. Susan shows that taking an idea to fruition through perseverance and innovation is something that is highly possible in the hemp industry. This industry is in its infancy and has space for anyone that has the drive to make it happen. Website: Email:
March 9, 2021
Hemp Foods, Hemp Fiber and CBD with Dion Oakes from WO Hemp Food Processing and First Crop
Dion Oakes is an honest, integral, family loving man that has taken those values into the world of hemp. Dion is a multi-generational farmer that has incorporated hemp into his rotation and helps educate and assist other farmers that are looking to do the same. Through WO Hemp Processing and Wright-Oakes LLC, Dion Oakes and Shanan Wright grow and process hemp for nutritional food products. They provide wholesale bulk products for white labeling and retail operations that are interested in adding hemp food products to their products and shelves. In addition they have research and tested seeds that are available for anyone interested in growing. On the Wright-Oakes LLC farm, Dion partnered with Patagonia on a research project to grow hemp for fiber to be used in textiles. Bringing hemp back to the American Farmer with success driven processes and honest and integral players is of high importance to Dion. In addition to growing and processing hemp for food products, Dion also partners with First Crop. First Crop has incorporated regenerative farming practices into their operations, they have many partner farmers that receive a ton of support, and has CBD products that they offer to consumers. Our conversation with Dion was a great one and you can feel his passion and desire to help the farmer be successful and help grow this industry. If you're interested in growing or learning more about hemp, check out Dion's sites and reach out as he is available to assist and answer questions. Websites: WO Hemp Food Processing: First Crop: Facebook: WO Hemp Food Processing: First Crop: Instagram: WO Hemp Food Processing: First Crop: Dion's Contact info: email: Phone: (719) 849-1168
February 28, 2021
Hemp Growers: Large Scale Growing for CBD with Jim Dreischmeier from Shining Star Hemp
Jim is a co-founder of Shining Star Hemp and talks about leveraging with good partnerships and growing for CBD on a large scale.  Not only does Shining Star Hemp grow for CBD, but they have also developed special machinery to help with the harvesting of crops.  The folks at Shining Star Hemp help educate and provide harvesting services to their fellow hemp growers.  Jim has spent many years in corporate project management and has taken that expertise to start and run Shining Star Hemp.  Relationships, quality and partnerships are what is important to those at Shining Star Hemp.  Jim talks about growing on large and small scales and the research they will be doing for the future.  We talk about how to avoid the bad players in the industry, regulations and the like. Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 21, 2021
Hemp Bio-Fuels: Lifelong Researcher of Alternative Energy, Roger Ford, Shares the Possibilities of Hemp as an Alternative Energy Source
Roger Ford, from Eureka Energy Corp, has spent his life work studying alternative energy resources.  He has been researching hemp as a biofuel resource since the 90's and shares some amazing insights into how this can be that resource we've been looking for as an alternative to fossil fuels.  Hemp biofuel can be used in many applications that fossil fuels are used for and should be given more consideration in the discussions surrounding the switch from fossil fuels to a more green alternative.  In addition, Roger and his partners founded the National Hemp Growers Cooperative.  The coop brings together hemp farmers and encourages growing for fiber to be used for biofuels or other fiber use products such as textiles and building.  They work with each farmer that becomes a member of the coop and provides them a safe space to offload their product and they provide guidance through each process. Roger is extremely knowledgeable in this area and gives some great information on the possibilities of hemp as that alternative green resource so many are eagerly looking for.  He is optimistic about the future use of hemp as an alternative energy source and provides some in depth insights into the industry.  We learned a lot from our chat with Roger and hope you gain as much from this conversation as we did. Website: Eureka Energy - National Hemp Growers Coop - Facebook: Eureka Energy - National Hemp Growers Coop - Instagram: National Hemp Growers Coop -
February 14, 2021
Hemp Textiles: Hemp Hats and Giving Back with Sunny from Sunny Life Hats
Hemp hats keep your head cool and provide UV protection. But hemp hats aren't the only thing that are important to Sunny from Sunny Life Hats.  Sunny created Sunny Life Hats with giving back in mind.  He takes a Fair Trade approach to his operations all while providing heath clinics to those in the areas around Nepal that are part of the manufacturing process.  Sunny is the founder of Sunny Life Hats and he sources his hemp and labor from Nepal.  The people that manufacture the hats are paid a wage above the minimum standard and housing and food is provided for the staff.  Sunny captures the true essence of those that have a deep passion for all things hemp...thats providing a product that is not only good for the environment, but also being deeply socially responsible through every step of the process.  Follow Sunny's journey and become part of something greater - giving back to those in need.  Sunny didn't start his business to be rich, but rather to provide a good product, good working environment and safe and healthy space for all those involved.  Sunny is a truly altruistic and wonderful human being! Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 7, 2021
Hemp Construction: Cameron McIntosh from Americhanvre Talks Industry Direction and Building with Hemp
Cameron is the founder of Americhanvre, a Hemp Construction and Consulting organization.  Cameron is passionate about building with hemp and the positive environmental impact associated with the use of this amazing resource.  In this episode we learn about where the US is lacking in the industry and where we are posed for growth.  At Americhanvre, they not only provide hemp construction services, but they also provide consulting and design services.  Art and design are important to Cameron and Americhanvre; so they not only build functional hemp homes, but they also focus on the beauty of the end product.  We learned so much from our conversation with Cameron and know our audience will too.  Cameron exudes his passion for the industry and is focused on growing his organization in the right way and provides many resources for others entering or in the industry to do the same.  He is working on a new project this next spring that is so very exciting and will benefit so many in need.  A truly wonderful resource for anyone that is even a bit curious about building with hemp or understanding more about the industry as a whole.  Checkout his website to see what they're up to and for additional resources about building with hemp. Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram:
January 31, 2021
Hemp Growers: Get Quality Seeds and Seedlings through United American Hemp
James from United American Hemp shares with us the process involved in developing seeds that provide a consistent quality and output so the farmer can be sure they are planting quality, researched seeds.  Not only does United American Hemp provide seeds and seedlings to their customers, they also help the farmers with any question throughout the growing cycle.  They are a reliable resource for new and experienced growers alike.  James takes great pride in the research and data he pulls from his projects and is transparent with results.  They invite others to visit their farms to get the full United American Hemp experience. Their primary principles - Honesty, Integrity & Authenticity...great principles to have and you can feel the energy of those principles within our discussion with James on this podcast episode. Website: Facebook: Instagram:
January 26, 2021
Hemp Entrepreneurship at its Finest with Lawrence Serbin of Hemp Traders
Lawrence Serbin has been in the hemp industry for over 30 years.  He began Hemp Traders in the early 90's and has experienced all of the ins and outs and highs and lows of the industry.  Lawrence shares what Fair Trade really means, how transporting his products from China reduces the carbon footprint, and where he believes the industry is headed.  Lawrence has been working with private Chinese hemp farmers and processors for almost 30 years and takes pride in the relationships he's built with the people and organizations all while promoting Fair Trade.  Hemp Traders is a wholesaler of mostly hemp textile products.  They will be planting their first hemp farm for fiber this year.  Lawrence has so much knowledge and experience in the hemp space, everyone will learn something from this amazing conversation. Website: Facebook: Instagram:
January 17, 2021
Hemp Coop: The Importance of Relationships and Working Together with Marty Mahan from Heartland Hemp Coop
Marty is a 5th generation land steward that is going on his second year of planting and researching hemp for fiber purposes.  Marty and his partner Michael joined forces and began Heartland Hemp Coop.  The coop brings hemp farmers together to have a safe place to bring and sell their products.  The coop opened their doors in November of 2020 and will soon be accepting new memberships.  Marty shares with us the vision of the coop and how it came to be.  The coop has big plans for the future and is looking to possibly serve parts of Indian, Kentucky and Ohio.  Marty talks about the idea of hemp leading to organic, and the cost of entry to farm for hemp fiber purposes.  If you're in Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky or Eastern Ohio and are looking for a community to align your farming vision with, check out Heartland Hemp Coop.  Also, if you're looking to invest, the coop does sell shares to interested investors. Website: Facebook:
January 10, 2021
Looking to Start a Hemp Based Business??? - Beth AKA the Hemp Huntress is Here to Help
Beth aka the Hemp Huntress, has decades of entrepreneurial experience and has been helping small hemp and cannabis based businesses realize their dreams for the last 6 years.  Beth shares some important aspects of starting a business and how to have a successful partnership.  Beth's team wants to hear any and all ideas one may have in regards to starting a hemp/cannabis based business.  Her team cuts through the fluff and educates on the realities of your ideas and helps you partner with the right people to create a successful business.  Beth's goal is to have 1 million Americans growing hemp...this will not only help grow the industry, but will also put power back into the hands of the people and eliminate the stigma surrounding this amazing plant.  Beth's passion is infectious and so very inspiring!  If we all work together to realize a dream, and provide support to one another, we can all accomplish our goals and be successful. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
January 7, 2021
Hemp Education: Matt Baum from Ministry of Hemp Podcast and educating all he can!
We are so excited to release this episode with Matt Baum from the Ministry of Hemp podcast.  The Ministry of Hemp podcast focuses on education within the hemp industry.  Matt has been podcasting for over 10 years and had the opportunity to jump on the hemp train over a year ago.  The industry is growing and education is more important now than ever.  We love the Ministry of Hemp podcast and encourage everyone to give it a listen.  Matt has great guests that talk about CBD, CBN, CBG, farming, hemp plastics, textiles and the list goes on.  Let's keep the education going and follow the Ministry of Hemp and hear Matt's awesome conversations on his podcast. Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: Pinterest:
January 3, 2021
Hemp Animal Feed: Hunter Shares how Hemp Can Be a Nutritional Food Source for our Precious Loved Animals
Hemp Feed Coalition is a non-profit organization working with the FDA and policy makers for approval of hemp as feed for animals.  Many hemp farms have biomass that is destroyed when it can be used for many other things.  Feed for animals is one product that can be created from the extra biomass left over after harvest.  Hunter shares what the organization does and their goals within the hemp feed space for animals.  She is extremely knowledgeable about hemp nutrition and regulations that exist today and regulations we are wanting changed.  Hemp is not only nutritious for humans, but for animals too.  So much of the feed for animals is filled with many nasty and unhealthy ingredients so why don't we learn how this precious plant Mother Earth has provided can help feed us all.  Hunter is amazing and shares wonderful information! Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 31, 2020
Hemp Building with Wolf Jordan - All of the Benefits of Building Naturally from Start to Finish
Wolf Jordan has spent most of his life in the natural building world.  Wolf has a vast knowledge of all natural building practices and shares that knowledge with us.  We discuss hempcrete and natural paints and oils that can preserve and beautify your home.  Wolf discusses natural building in a way that isn't being fully used today.  He's experimented with natural building since the '70's and shares some thought provoking insights into the natural building world.  Wolf is also working on an educational program that will be open this next coming year.  He is an educator, gives lectures, and inventor.  We are pleased and feel blessed to learn from Wolf and share it with all of you! Website:
December 27, 2020
Hemp Logistics: Kevin Schultz from 357 Hemp Logistics - Hemp Logistic Successes, Ins and Outs, and How Partnerships Benefit Overall Success
Kevin Schultz took his knowledge of the medical device industry and hemp and poured that knowledge, along with strategically aligned partnerships, into the hemp logistics space.  Transporting hemp across the United States can be a daunting task if regulations aren't researched and followed.  Kevins company, 357 Hemp Logistics, has developed partnerships with state regulatory boards and all types of hemp organizations to safely deliver products from point A to point B.  There are many that don't understand the logistics side of running an operation.  Kevin and his team take all of the guess work out and help their clients understand all that is involved and safely delivers the crops, products etc to where it needs to go.  Kevin has been a hemp researcher for many years and is passionate about the industry and all that this wonderful crop can provide to the individual and the environment.  He helps clients understand what their insurance may or may not cover during the transport of their products and works with each states regulators and highway patrol to be sure they do not run into any transport issues while delivering product.  With the hemp industry being in it's infancy in the US, it's important to work with someone that trustworthy and reliable.  If you're a hemp organization looking to get your product delivered, 357 Company is the company to partner with! Websites: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:
December 24, 2020
Hemp Building: All Things Hemp to Save the Planet with Lorna Lyons
Lorna Lyons has been passionate about saving our environment and the impact of climate change for over 20 years.  Lorna is a Feng Shui professional and an advocate and researcher for healthy building products.  Lorna helped draft some of the 2018 Farm Bill with lobbyist Courtney Moran, is part of the US Hemp Building Association in Oregon and on the board for the Intentional Communities Organization.  You can feel Lorna's passion for switching to hemp as a sustainable resource.  With her many years in the natural building space we discuss the benefits of building with hemp and the impact traditional building products have on our environment and how hemp can be a solution.  Constantly learning and always involved in the hemp space, Lorna has invaluable information we must all listen to.  Check out to discover how you can be involved in the hemp building space. Lorna's Website:
December 20, 2020
Hemp Non-Profit: Aaron Reyes, Empowering Veterans Through CarmaCorps Hemp Initiatives
Aaron Reyes is a horticulture graduate student that focuses on growing hemp in Florida.  Aaron does this through the non-profit, CarmaCorps.  CarmaCorps initiative is to teach veterans how to grow and process cannabis for CBD.  Through this program, veterans are learning all things cannabis.  This program is not only educating our wonderful veterans, but giving them a safe space to learn, grow and heal.  Our veterans sacrifice so much for us and this is CarmaCorps way of giving back.  Please check out CarmaCorps website and donate to their efforts. Website: Facebook:
December 17, 2020
Cannabis Inventor, scientist and life long researcher with Carl Martel of
Carl Martel is an inventor at heart and a promotor of cannabis as a primary resource.  Carl has spent over a decade researching all things cannabis.  He has invented his own products throughout the years from building products, processing systems, plastics and more.  Carl has played an integral role in the start ups of multiple cannabis companies.  His passion is in spreading awareness and researching all possible uses of the cannabis plant at his organization  Carl shares his wealth of knowledge and passion with us and is also doing this in the creation of a cannabis program in Paraguay.  This is a must listen episode! Check out Carl's website at
December 14, 2020
CBD Farming and Processing: Tom Bobrowicz - Self-Made Successful Hempreneur
Tom is entering his 3rd year of farming hemp for CBD.  Tom grows organic hemp, creates his own clones, and has developed his extraction processes to extract the cannabinoids from the hemp.  Tom also bottles and sells his own products.  He shares with us how he started out, and the things he's doing now to be successful.  He also shares some important things to be aware of as a new hemp farmer for CBD.  Such a great conversation with a man that took his passion and created a successful business from scratch.  Tom knew nothing about farming hemp when he started out and he utilized all resources to help him learn the process and become more successful.  A true success story that we can all learn from! In addition, he takes great pride in the quality of the products he produces and brings value to all of the people he helps. Find Tom at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
December 10, 2020
Hemp/CBD Processing: Infectious Disease Scientific Researcher to CBD Scientist and Processor with Nick Malmquist
Nick Malmquist - a previous infectious disease researcher turned cannabis scientist and researcher.  Nick heard so many stories from friends and articles in regards to the many health benefits of cannabis, which inspired him to enter the cannabis space.  Nick was offered the opportunity to open a processing facility this year and is now processing hemp for CBD to be used in tinctures, salves, gummies and a variety of other products.  Nick shares with us his experience opening a new facility and provides ideas to others wanting to enter the cannabis/hemp space.  It was exciting and inspiring to have Nick share his knowledge and story with us.  And Nick can also provide consultation services to anyone looking to process for CBD.  Check out Western Tolling's website for more information on the services they provide and the project Nick has been working on. Find Nick at -
December 6, 2020
Hemp Documentary: Linda Royal, Documentary Film Producer, Shares Profound Experiences Producing Bringing It Home
Linda Royal is a documentary film producer and dove deep into hemp when she created the documentary Bringing It Home.  Bringing It Home is an amazing documentary about hemp and hemp building.  This movie has some amazing leaders in the hemp space that share their many years of knowledge and experience.  Bringing It Home is a must see documentary film.  Since creating Bringing It Home, Linda has begun to further her knowledge and research with hemp building through an amazing program offered through Parsons Healthy Materials Lab.  In addition to her passion for hemp, Linda has also worked on social injustice types of films and environmental films with her most recent production STRAWS.  You can feel Linda's passion in our conversation on this podcast.  It was so fun to talk about her projects and experiences! Find Linda and her documentaries at: LinkedIn: Facebook: Vimeo: Bringing It Home Documentary: STRAWS Documentary: Parsons Health Materials Lab - Educational Resource
December 3, 2020
Hemp & Accounting?!?!: Michael Knight - Hemp Accountant and Activist Shares his Passions
Michael Knight is a hemp accountant and involved in hemp activism. He's always had a passion for the cannabis industry and has been an advocate for quite some time. Michael shares how he can help businesses enter into the cannabis space, and maximize their deductions in this confusing financial space. Banking is a challenge and depending on the type of cannabis space you're in, different regulations in regards to accounting apply. Michael helps his clients navigate this confusing area and educates them on the best business practices. In addition, Michael is a hemp advocate and has begun deepening his research and involvement in advocacy.  Michael has seen and heard too many positive stories of how cannibis can heal and that helps drive his passion in the industry.  Listen to this episode to learn more... Check out Michael at: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Advocacy Groups: NORML: Last Prisoner Project: Vote Hemp:
November 29, 2020
Hemp Farming: Farming for CBD, Fiber and Grain with Melissa Nelson from South Bend Industrial Hemp
Melissa and her team are 4th generation farmers in Kansas and she shares her knowledge and experience within hemp farming.  Melissa is an avid researcher, hemp grower and producer, and is heavily involved in her community.  She shares her experiences with growing hemp on a commercial scale while continuing to use equipment used on the farm for their other commercial crops.  She documents each part of the growing process to compile data that can be shared with other farmers in the area.  Melissa loves to share what they are doing on their farm to help others either enter into the hemp space or become more successful.  She has a wealth of knowledge to share and is so inspiring with how she aligns herself with others in the community.  This is a must listen for anyone looking to get into farming or any commercial farmers out there adding hemp to their crops.  Check out Melissa's website to learn more about this amazing company and shop their products.  And their social media has loads of awesome information! Melissa can be found at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
November 26, 2020
Hemp Education: Founders of the Illinois Hemp Growers Association Chris & Rachel Berry
Chris and Rachel Berry are a powerhouse husband and wife team that founded the Illinois Hemp Growers Association to connect growers, manufacturers, processors etc in the Illinois area. The association lobbies for their industry and they provide a multitude of educational resources on their website. Chris and Rachel farm hemp and are regenerative farmers that bring their farming knowledge to the hemp space and connect others in that space through the association. This amazing team has a passion for growing the industry and educating others thinking of becoming part of the industry or are already there. It was a true joy to connect with these two and share in their passions. Check out their website for educational resources and future events. And if you're in the Illinois area check out the Illinois Hemp Growers Association to get involved and get connected! Website: Facebook: Instagram:
November 22, 2020
Hemp Architecture: Deep Insights into Natural Building with Jennifer Martin of HempStone
Jennifer has over 20 years experience building with natural and sustainable building materials. She brings her passion, drive and lighthearted excitement to our podcast to share her knowledge and experience in the hemp building space. She has a deep desire to convert the traditional building environment to one that is truly sustainable. Her passion has helped other builders change their practices to natural building and they have loved the benefits they have experienced. Join us as we chat it up with Jennifer and feel her excitement and passion. Also, check out her website where you can find many training videos to further your understanding of the hemp building environment. You can also purchase hemp building materials and/or book a consultation! Website:
November 19, 2020
Hemp Architecture: Influencing Change in the Built World with Taleen Josefsson
Many may not know that Architects can have a large influence on the products that are used when building structures. Taleen shares her knowledge and experience as an architect on building with hempcrete and natural building products. She has a passion for reducing the carbon footprint created from traditional building practices and you can feel this passion in our discussion. Taleen is working on an amazing project in Haiti to bring hempcrete homes to their communities. Such an awesome young woman with a passion to change the way we build for the health of our environment and the individual. Find Taleen at: Website: Instagram: the_holistic_architect
November 15, 2020
Hemp Foods and CBD: Natural Healing with Jenny from Jenny's Baked at Home
Join us as we are inspired by Jenny's journey through healing breast cancer with plant based foods and medicines.  She shares her experiences and knowledge about hemp based foods and CBD.  Jenny is the founder of Jenny's Baked at Home where she provides a variety of hemp based foods, oils and salves.  She takes pride in the quality of the products she delivers and is passionate about sharing her knowledge.  Jenny's baked at home is in the process of expansion and Jenny has great insights for someone new starting their hemp journey.  Such a wonderful interview with such a sweet and kind soul. Find Jenny at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
November 12, 2020
Hemp Building: Using Hempcrete to Reduce Building Inputs with Matt Marino
Join us as we speak with Matt Marino, the founder and owner of Homeland Hempcrete. Homeland Hempcrete began from a general interest in the hemp industry.  The company provides hempcrete construction and consulting services and also provides hempcrete construction products.  Matt’s goal is to grow the hemp industry through the US and is doing so through Homeland Hempcretes construction services and through education.  Matt has some exciting ventures happening and some awesome discoveries with the use of Hempcrete.  He also has instructional/educational videos on his website. Check it out! You can find Matt at: Facebook: Instagram:
November 9, 2020
Hempreneur: Opportunities Abound with Jean Lotus
We had the pleasure of speaking with Jean Lotus, who is a Hempreneur at heart and is a freelance investigative journalist.  Listen to Jean share her experiences with HempCrete, working as a hemp broker, and participating in the Colorado Department of Agriculture to create a Bio-Preferred program.  Jean has visited many hemp farmers throughout the state of Colorado and is extremely knowledgeable about hemp and the environment and shares about her next HempCrete project planned for 2021.  Jean has great ideas on how to become an entrepreneur in the hemp space and the opportunities that exist.  Jean can be followed on social media at
November 5, 2020
Hemp Building: Hempcrete, the Green Building Alternative with Mattie Mead
Mattie Mead is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hempitecture...a company that specializes in hemp building, consulting and hemp building products.  Mattie shares with us the benefits of using hemp as a building product and how it can be beneficial to our individual health as well as the health of our environment.  Mattie is extremely knowledgeable in the hemp building space and has been involved in many hemp building projects.  He is on the Ketchum, ID planning and zoning commission and is on the board of directors with Idaho Base Camp.  Mattie shares his love for hemp building, his passion and love for Idaho Base Camp and all the industry has to offer.  If you've dreamed about having a greener home, we encourage you to reach out to Mattie's company Hempitecture to discover how to make your dream a possibility. You can find Mattie at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
November 3, 2020
Thinking of Farming Hemp? - An Agriculturalists Inside View of Quality Farming and Regulations
Join us as we learn from Mark O'Farrell with Sierra Nevada Hemp Company.  Mark received his MS in Vocational Horticulture from Virginia Tech.  Mark taught agriculture at the high school level and served as an agricultural extension agent for North Carolina State and University of Nevada Reno for approximately 10 years.  For 15 years he grew organic produce for Whole Foods Market and local chefs in the Reno/Tahoe area.  He started growing hemp under an R&D permit in 2018; prior to the release of the 2018 Farm Bill.  Mark began experimenting with ultrasound extraction and developing a unique line of CBD products.  You can find Mark's products online at and can follow him on Facebook at Mark takes pride in the products that he produces and the entire process he uses.  He applies his agricultural knowledge and experience from years past in the production of hemp products and is always looking for ways to improve particular processes.  We hope you enjoy the wonderful information shared in this podcast and please share with your friends.
October 30, 2020
Bio-economy and Hemp - How Hemp can Play an Important Role in the Sustainability of our Environment
Join us as we speak with CEO and Founder of Hempoint, Hana Gabrielova.  Hana is a 20 year veteran in the hemp and cannabis industry. She is involved in a variety of hemp based projects, is an activist for the environment, is involved in hemp policy initiatives in the EU and internationally, and much more. Hana's company, Hempoint, grows and processes organic hemp for herbal tea production and distributes a variety of hemp food products. Hana has a wealth of knowledge regarding hemp and the environment and how hemp, grown responsibly, can benefit the future sustainability of the planet for generations to come. You can learn more about Hana at: Her company - Facebook - If you're interested in learning more about hemp, but don't know where to start, check out the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. This book has inspired both Hana and ourselves and can change your mind about this plant.
October 27, 2020
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) - A Deep Dive into ECS with Dr. Eric Olkkola
Come take a tour with us as we interview Dr. Olkkola on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), your body and how it functions. Buckle seat belts as Dr. Olkkola gives us a deep education on the functionality of our bodies and how the ECS plays a role. Please join our email list to be in the know Medical Disclaimer - This site cannot and does not contain medical advice. The medical information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate medical professionals.  We do not provide any kind of medical advice.  The use or reliance of any information contained on this site [or mobile application] is solely at your own risk.
October 22, 2020
Introduction - The Hemp Empowerment Project
Join us as we share our passion for Hemp and the wonderful possibilities for business opportunities and positive environmental impacts we can make when we come together and join forces.
October 13, 2020