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Here in the Now Podcast

Here in the Now Podcast

By Here in the Now Podcast
Here in the Now Podcast is a podcast hosted by Mind Life Project's JG Larochette. In this podcast, educator and mindfulness champion JG explores wellness for educators, with tailored episodes throughout the school year dedicated to teacher personal well-being and how integrate it into working with youth. Episodes touch on topics such as stress management, gratitude, and non-judgement. Here in the Now is the go-to mental wellness podcast for educators!
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Letting go, Letting be: The Path of the Present
In Episode 6 of Here in the Now Podcast, Host JG Larochette from Mindful Life Project discusses how hard it is to let go of the past, especially when it has been hard parts of our past, but how important for healing and mental health it is to let go and let be. As Autumn is here we see how nature allows the letting go, and letting be and renewal come in its natural flow. We as humans can connect to that same pattern through a deepening mindfulness practice. Mindfulness allows thoughts, emotions, memories, joys, stressors, and trauma's to be witnessed with heartfulness which helps "shed" the past and come back to the renewal that the present provides. Don't miss this week's mindful sit that goes with letting go and letting be.
September 23, 2022
The Eye of the Storm- Navigating Being an Educator in 2022
In Episode 5 of Here in the Now, host JG Larochette talks about being "the eye of the storm" as educators. Being an educator during this time is being in a complex layered "storm" that is felt in so many ways. At the same time we are seeing how the mental and emotional health of our youth is an all time crisis. In this episode JG talks about how to not only counter the "storms" but also how to become extremely skillful in how we work with out inner experiences and how we skillfully start to respond versus automatically react. Once we can be in our full skillful presence we can help our youth and peers be in that space too. The goal is to then get even more clear on how to make education be the place students and teachers feel deeply connected to. Enjoy the Mindful sit that cultivates practices that build up our inner power and resilience.
September 17, 2022
The Healing Educator
Being a human is a journey that takes many paths and when we look deeply inward with compassion we can begin to unravel the joys, the sadnesses, the pain, the love, and everything in between. Being an educator means that we also do this yearly with our students. Healing is an all of the time thing that doesn't have a destination. Join host of Here in the Now on a discussion on healing, investing and working on this path with ourselves and our youth. Mindful sit of the week is not to be missed! Wheel of Skills practice is bound to help you on this path.
September 02, 2022
Emotions are just messages, are we listening?
Here in the Now Episode 3, Host JG Larochette discusses emotions, what are they, why are they showing up and how to navigate them with mindfulness. As individuals we have often been trained to avoid, neglect, and resist strong emotions which often create reactivity and mental and emotional health challenges. With mindfulness however, we welcome ALL EMOTIONs as "best friends", notice where they show up, and bring non judgment to them. The Mindful Sit on this episode is on mindful emotions and body awareness and you don't want to miss it.
August 19, 2022
Holding Space For Ourselves and our Youth
In this episode of Here in the Now Podcast, JG Larochette talks about what holding space for self and youth can look like with a mindfulness and compassion practice. As educators, we are constantly holding and creating space with our youth but often we get caught up in the assessing the external world/the class and forget to be consistently checking in on the internal world/our self and what is arising moment to moment. Today the practice to help us in creating more space and for ourselves and for our youth is mindful emotions, the awareness of emotions as they arise with a deep welcoming/befriending. The more we cultivate awareness of our emotions and bring compassion and understanding the more we can be able to create and hold space with others. We hope you enjoy!
August 13, 2022
Back to school already?! Emotions show up!
Join JG Larochette for a talk about what might be arising as we come back to school. Emotions show up and often they are connected to thoughts of the future or the past. Listen to some offerings on how to navigate back to school and then do a mindful sit to use breath and
August 07, 2022