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Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson

Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson

By Kylie Larson
Join me on my journey away from perfection. We'll cover High Performance, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle and mental health.
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Transitioning Off Birth Control with Ali Damron
Today on Far from Perfect I'm chatting with my good friend Ali Damron, once again and we are talking about transitioning off hormonal birth control. You guys this is a short and sweet one jam packed with great information. We talk about what exactly birth control is and what it's doing in the body. We talk about what happens when you transition off of birth control and what things can be done to help with that process. The best part is we talk about how resilient our bodies really are and how to not dis-empower yourself! I even ask the question 'what would you do if you're daughter asked to be on birth control'. Want the answer?? You're going to need to give it a listen. This information is going to leave you empowered. As always you can find Ali on instagram @alidamron or Facebook at Ali Damron LAc. or
September 21, 2022
The Me I Don't Know Anymore - My Disordered Eating Story
While I prefer to keep the podcast educational and inspirational, this episode is me sharing my personal experience with you. My personal experience with disordered eating and a dysfunctional relationship with exercise. While I don't recognize that person any more and I have evolved into someone new, that experience shaped me and is why I am so passionate about what I do today.  Thanks in advance for letting me share my experience with you. 
September 16, 2022
The Link Between Sleep, Alcohol and Weight Loss with Dr. Jennifer Horton
Today on Far From Perfect, I’m talking to Dr. Jen Horton, who started her career in family medicine and eventually shifted her focus to functional medicine. Dr, Jen also speaks regularly to our LTGL VIP  group & I’ve been dying to get her on the podcast. Today we are talking about Pillars of health, sleep being a huge one and what we can do to better it. We also chat about alcohol and it’s effects on our sleep and gut. Then we talk all about gut health and how important it is to our whole body. I really think after listening to this podcast you’re going to want more information and to book an apt with Dr. Jen. You can do that through her website @  About Dr. Jen: After practicing for 16 years in the traditional model of health care, I felt my days were spent putting out fires and giving out band-aids. So much of what I saw every day in my patients is actually preventable, or at least modifiable by diving deep into meaningful lifestyle modification. Telling a woman to, “manage your stress…lose weight and eat healthy…” without the HOW and WHY seemed incomplete. So in 2016, I began to explore holistic approaches through functional/integrative medicine. This is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.
September 12, 2022
Far From Perfect with Holly Baxter Norton
Today I'm talking with Holly Baxter Norton, who is a Nutritionist, Dietitian and Coach, as well as co-owner of Biolayne. We are talking about releasing perfection and what that looks like for Holly. I know so many women who struggle with this. If you know and follow Holly, she really gives us insight into her life growing up and the path she chose in life to letting go of perfectionism that was holding her back from her own happiness. Holly took the time to work on her mindset and found what is right to her in order to find peace. She talks to us about her healing process of understanding and learning what it looks like to forgive and glorify what the right thing to do is. Holly is a mother, a business woman and just like so many of us. I know you're going to enjoy this podcast and walk away feeling as empowered as I did.  You can find Holly on instagram @hollytbaxter Try Outwork supplements here! You can save 10% on your first order. Check out the Biolayne Workout Builder. Sign up for the next round of Lift to Get Lean or LTGL REVIVE!
August 02, 2022
Emerging From A Personal Hell. Truth Wins, Love Matters with Alex Kuisis
Alex Kuisis was wrongfully accused of sexually mishandling a child in her care. This sounds like an episode of Law & Order SVU, but it was a real life event for Alex. For almost three years, she was in a battle to prove her innocence.  I know Alex in real life and knowing that something like this happened to her, opened my eyes to the fact that something like this could happen to anyone. In her memoir, Truth Wins, Love Matters: a memoir of choosing faith over fear in the face of false accusations, she explains in detail what happened to her and how.  Today on the podcast we get into what she was thinking and feeling and how something like this could happen, even to the LEAST suspecting person on the earth. She shines a light on some issues with our judicial system and gives us an idea of what something like this costs a person. This sounds unbelievable, but Alex lived through it.  This best-selling book is a must read. Grab it on Amazon or from your local bookstore.  Connect with Alex on Instagram at :
July 25, 2022
Lies We Tell Ourselves - Fat Loss and Nutrition Edition
Look, we all do it! Even me! The LTGL coaches and I had a fun time putting this list together. Check it out for a little "real talk" regarding what we tell ourselves when we feel like we're not reaching our goals. . As humans we are so smart, we can rationalize anything! Unfortunately, that rationalization might be the very thing holding you back.  . Join the waitlist for August Lift to Get Lean. Join the waitlist for August REVIVE!
July 01, 2022
Tough Love for Fat Loss with Aram Grigorian
Today on Far From Perfect I’m talking with Aram Grigorian, who is a fellow nutrition coach, and he gives it to you straight. We discuss compassion and accountability and how failure is most likely noncompliance. We also talk about adaptation, metabolic flexibility, and body dysmorphia. One of the biggest takeaways is that it all takes time, your body and your psychology and it’s never too late!! This really is a great listen! You can find Aram on Instagram @4weekstothebeach
June 22, 2022
Ask the Expert with Dr. Joey Munoz
Today's guest on Far From Perfect is Dr. Joey Munoz who is an expert in nutrition and exercise science. Currently, he is a physique coach with Team Biolayne and is as scientific advisor for my favorite supplement, Outwork Nutrition.  Since Joey is an expert in both training and nutrition I did not hold back. We covered the different training goals (strength, hypertrophy, power, endurance), how you know if your training plan is effective, should we be taking creatine, can protein damage your kidneys and ho to mentally manage changes in your physique. Joey has a gift of breaking down complex topics into easily understandable concepts. I know you'll learn something in this episode.   Find Joey on Instagram: Try Outwork Nutrition supplements yourself:  Join the waitlist for the August round of Lift to Get Lean:  Join the waitlist for the August round of REVIVE:
June 16, 2022
Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson
Welcome to the first episode of my newly branded, Far From Perfect Podcast! Today I'm sharing why I'm making this change. Stay tuned for more amazing guests next week!  . Also, the summer rounds of Lift to Get Lean and REVIVE are in full swing, but you can join the waitlist for the August rounds now at my website: 
June 07, 2022
What's the Deal with the Oura Ring?
I get asked once a week if my Oura ring is worth it, so in this episode, I break it down for you. I compare it to the Apple Watch and fill you in on all the data it gives you. I also make recommendations for who is NOT a good candidate to get the ring. 
June 01, 2022
Healthy Leadership with Kareen Turner, MPH, RD
Today on Here's The Deal I'm talking with Kareen Turner, who is a leadership and operations expert, Registered Dietitian and has her MPH. She helps leaders build influence in order to eliminate overwhelm. We are talking about the power of healthy leadership and with that we also have to talk about the toxic traits. We also discuss clarity, because 'common sense isn't common practice' and compassion of compatibility. As a leader you have to show up everyday and bring your 'A game', whether you're feeling it or not. As females we don't have to put on masculine energy, we can show up by having a conversation that is kind! Clearly we go into detail with all of these topics and you're going to have to give a listen to find out. You can find Kareen on instagram @kareenvturner Her podcast is called Leadership Untitled and you can find wherever you listen to your podcasts. Support the podcast: Save 15% with this link. Outwork Nutrition Supplements - Save 10% on your first purchase.
May 10, 2022
Overcoming the Overwhelm with Nutrition with Ali Damron
Today on Here's The Deal I'm chatting with my good friend, Ali Damron and we are talking about Health. If you don't already know Ali is an acupuncturist that works with women and teens with their hormones. Health can be simple and we don't have to do all of these crazy things. Are you ready for this....the basics aren't mareketable, there isn't money to be made when you're shifting your focus on; eating nutrient dense foods, moving your body, sleep and managing stress. The health and wellness industry can and is sending mixed messages and sadly in this day and age you've got to be a savvy consumer. You've got to sift through the health food products that aren't serving you. We also talk bout intermittent fasting and how Ali says its expensive for your body to go through this. She also talks to us about supplements and how a lot of things can come from actual food sources. This is such a great conversation and I know you're going to leave it feeling empowered. Connect with Ali: Support the podcast: Save 15% with this link.  Outwork Nutrition Supplements - Save 10% on your first purchase.
May 03, 2022
One Woman's Tale of Burnout with Katy Widrick
Today on Here's The Deal, I'm talking with Katy Widrick, who is an entrepreneur and founder of Make Media Over, and we are talking about burnout. We discuss what lead her to her burnout and what she's doing a year after the fact. She had to ask herself How do I better manage being #2 and not #1 and setting herself up for different expectations. We discuss what signs she had pre or during her burnout, the biggest one being that she woke up angry and losing her temper. She tells us what led her to realize it was happening and what changes she made. One of the big take aways for her was being able to set and honor boundaries you have in place. So many of us are going through this and maybe by listening to this, you'll be able to help yourself, if you have this feeling that has taken over your persona. You can find Katy on instagram @kwidrick
April 26, 2022
The Science of Success with Candy Valentino, Serial Entrepreneur
Today on Here's the Deal, I'm talking with Candy Valentino, who is a Founder and Serial Entrepreneur. She started her own business at the age of 19! We are talking how she got to where she is today, business, and what fuels her. She gives some great advice on how to intentionally build a business and not just build yourself a job. She likes to say that She never did anything extraordinary, she did the ordinary and drowned out all the noise around her. We talk about delayed gratification in terms of business and health. She says that success is a science just like in anything, you need to apply the information. This is an empowering podcast that you're not going to want to miss. You can find Candy on Instagram @candyvalentino TikTok @candyvalentino 
April 19, 2022
Physical vs. Emotional Hunger with Stephanie Mara
Today on Here's the Deal, I'm talking with Stephanie Mara about Emotional vs. Physical hunger. I actually had this conversation with Stephanie and our VIP group, but asked her if I could go ahead and publish as a podcast because i believe its an empowering one. Stephanie is a Somatic Nutritional Therapist and we discuss how to 'normalize' emotional eating episodes because it's our bodies way of communicating to you that something is going on. Food is one of the things that regulates your nervous system. Stephanie talks about other tools you can use to regulate your nervous system. Keeping in mind that every eating experience is related to an emotional experience and by labeling it as good or bad, is the issue. This is a great episode and I know will resonate with so many of you. If you are interested in working with Stephanie or knowing more, you can find her here... Instagram @_stephaniemara 
April 14, 2022
Stop the Nutrition Fear Mongering with Dr. Adrian Chavez
I'm talking with Adrian Chavez, who is a nutritionist and a father. He wants to break through the noise of nutrition and how it's more simple then what marketers want you to believe. We talk about artificial sweeteners and how they are just getting a bad rap, which boils down to the Appeal to Nature Fallacy, which just says that natural is better, when really it's not. We talk about what really matters when it comes to nutrition and it's how much we eat and the quality and we talk about this in more detail. We discuss the difference between health and body composition and how focusing on habits will allow your body to regulate.  The best way to find Adrian is through instagram which is, @dr.adrian.chavez and from there you can also find his podcast and how to work with him.
April 06, 2022
Creating A Sustainable Movement Practice with Katy Lush
Today on Here's the Deal I'm chatting with my college friend Katy Lush, who is a Movement Teacher. She specializes in adapting Pilates to real life movement, with Pilates and Gyrotonic Method. We talk about teaching and its sustainability in today's world. Katy owned her own studio in Chicago for 18 years and then sold it and moved to Kansas City and now teaches in person and online. She explains the difference between Movement, which is what you need to get your life accomplished, and Exercise, which always has a goal or purpose behind it. We talk about your feet and how they don't get nearly the love they should. You can find Katy on instagram @thekatylush and or her website
March 29, 2022
What Is Metabolic Resistance with Vince Pitstick, Functional Nutritionist
On Here's the Deal I'm talking with Vince Pitstick, who is a Functional Nutritionist, and we are talking about metabolism. He provides so much amazing information in such a short time. We talk functional medicine and how the scope is too small. 5 out of 10 people have lifestyle related conditions, crazy right?! For those of you who may not know all disease is metabolic. He has a method to attack complex systems, and the body is a complex system and you can't approach it with a small scope and as humans we are inherently opposed to what healing requires of us. We talk about birth control and the effects it has o had on women and how we are seeing that now. This is such an eye opening discussion, you really don't want to miss it. You can find Vince on instagram @vince_pitstick, from there you can find all the other ways to reach him via linktree. His website is and for coaches its 
March 22, 2022
Intermittent Fasting Transformation with Cynthia Thurlow, NP
Today on Here's the Deal, we are welcoming back Cynthia Thurlow, who's new book Intermittent Fasting Transformation comes out 3/15/22. We are discussing the book and what lead Cynthia to where she is at this point in her life. Cynthia and I talk about how she feels passion can drive purpose and her passion of food and serving women. She talks in detail about the things she wished she'd known when she was 40ish. As women its been ingrained in us that 'more is better', we need to lead with integrity! We also talk about how you just can't do all the things and eat all the things you did in your 20's now that you're in your 40's plus. This is a must listen! You can find Cynthia on instagram @cynthia_thurlow_ On her podcast, Everyday Wellness Podcast, wherever you listen to podcasts. ABOUT CYNTHIA THURLOW: Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, CEO and founder of the Everyday Wellness Project, and international speaker, with over 9.6 million views for her second TEDx talk "Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique". With over 20 years experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and nutritional health, and has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW, Medium, Entrepreneur, and The Megyn Kelly Show. Cynthia developed her Intermittent Fasting plan after entering her forties and experiencing a health breakdown. Intermittent fasting didn’t just help her lose weight; she had more energy, fewer cravings, and lower blood glucose levels. She has now worked with thousands of women in her private practice to make her unique program of intermittent fasting work for them, too. Her upcoming book, Intermittent Fasting Transformation, (March 15, 2022) offers a customizable nutrition guide to feeling your best at every stage of life through hormone balancing, lifting brain fog, weight loss, detoxification, and much more.
March 04, 2022
The Skinny On Reverse Dieting
I get asked A LOT about reverse dieting. Reverse dieting was the best thing I ever did for my physique, along with strength training. In this podcast I cover: What a reverse diet is How you do it Why you do it How long you do it The benefits Reverse dieting is your exit strategy from yo-yo dieting and the solution to fat loss forever. We touch on reverse dieting in Lift to Get Lean and it is one of the primary focal points of our VIP community. Reverse dieting can be scary at first because you are eating more food, but I promise it will be totally worth it once you experience the freedom that comes with eating at your maintenance calories.  I will do a follow up episode on what you can expect to happen in your reverse diet and why some people lose weight during their reverse diet. 
February 23, 2022
Sustainable Training and Mindset with Coach JK McLeod
Today on Here's The Deal, I'm talking to JK McLeod, who is a performance training coach, who builds training programs based on their lifestyle. This is referred to as neurotyping, which is the science of understanding ones personality and how the different neurotransmitters react to stress and then building your training program based on that. We discuss sustainability and how it pertains/fits into your life. We dive into doing the 'same things' and how that makes it trackable, which is a good thing. There are some great gems here that you're going to have to listen to get. instagram @coachjk_themusclefeed
February 15, 2022
How to Train Your Body To Get The Results You Want with Jordan Lips
Today on Here's The Deal I'm chatting with Jordan Lips, who is an online coach, personal trainer and nutrition coach and we are talking about training. We discuss the limiting factor, which is the the thing being trained, and spoiler alert you're not getting this in your group fitness class. We talk about progressive overload and the importance of it and flipping your prospective in regards to it. He mentions that he would love for people to have a goal that's "aimed at a lifestyle and a body that you enjoy."  We also have a in depth conversation on reverse dieting and the risks vs. the rewards that present themselves through that process. Make sure to tune it to get all the details. You Can find Jordan on Instagram @jordanlipsfitness He also has a podcast called: Where Optimal Meets Practical, you can find where you listen to all your podcasts.
February 08, 2022
Our Collective Mental Health with Joe Eiben
Today on Here's The Deal I'm chatting with Joe Eiben, who is a Licensed Integrative Psychotherapist, Professional Coach, Public Speaker, Holistic Nutrionist and we are talking about Mental health. I think we can all agree it's been a challenging few years. We must keep in mind that the only thing we can control is how we react to it. He talks to us about how the nervous system has three settings, activation, rebound, and collapse. Often times we are moving from activation to collapse and not allowing our nervous system to rebound. You've got to find the balance. This is such a great episode and we dive way more into mental health and what that looks like right now. You can find Joe at... Instagram @joesdailycup
February 01, 2022
Why Everyone Gained Weight in the Pandemic with Ali Damron
I'm back with my podcast best, Ali Dameron and we're breaking down why so many people gained weight over the last two years. This conversation was inspired by an Instagram post made by Dr. John Ruskin, check in out here: The graph that the shared shows the average weight gain in America since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you think you're alone in gaming weight, you're not. The graph shows that men averaged a 37 pound weight gain and women gained 22 pounds. As much as I don't want you to be a slaved to the scale, I'm pretty sure that this wasn't all muscle being built.  As Ali and I breakdown the changes that we all went under, it's really not surprising what happened. We discuss the following: working from home less daily movement new habits picked up working in the kitchen gyms being closed increased stress coping mechanisms used I promise this episode is not all doom and gloom. It's actually full of helpful, actionable items that you can take right away to start the trend move in the other direction. If you're feeling defeated after the last two years, have no fear. You can take back control of the situation.  If you want to connect with Ali, check out her website: Her podcast: The Ali Damron Show Instagram:
January 25, 2022
Your Relationship With Food and Yourself with Stephanie Mara Fox
Today on Here’s the Deal, I‘m talking with Stephanie Mara Fox. She is a Somatic Nutritional Counselor, which is a body oriented, sensation approach to eating. You learn to listen and observe your body’s eating. A lot of times what your body is missing is safety, we aren’t feeling safe and regulated in our own bodies. We talk about trauma, healing, your internal dialogue, and how to shift your energy.  We talk about intuitive eating and why it may not be working for you, the internal dialogue that you have with yourself and how that dialogue started and how being preoccupied with your weight is protecting you and why it may feel safer than processing what else may need your attention.  Stephanie Mara Fox, MA, CMBEC, CHC, CYT, is a Somatic Nutritional Counselor and Mentor with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy. She is the creator of Somatic Eating™, a body-oriented, sensation focused therapeutic approach to eating. She’s supported women, coaches, and wellness professionals all over the world, helping them to heal from disordered eating patterns, emotional eating, chronic dieting, and digestive and body image concerns. She has been working for the past decade to guide women in feeling empowered in their relationship with their food, body, and business, to step into their innate confidence, and go after what they want in life. Stephanie is published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal, featured in Somatic Psychotherapy Today, VoyageDenver, Elephant Journal, Authority Magazine, and Your Recovery Revealed Summit. She is a teacher at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and has supervised thousands of Mind Body Eating Coaches. You can learn more about Stephanie Mara Fox at You can take her What Is Your Relationship Status With Food? Quiz here: Book a free 20 minute Connect Call here: Follow Stephanie Mara on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Satiated Podcast:
January 18, 2022
What is Animal Flow with Creator, Mike Fitch
Mike Fitch is the passionate creator of the movement modality called Animal Flow. In this episode I ask Mike about his background as a personal trainer and how he came to develop this phenomenal movement that is Animal Flow. We discuss how learning a new movement is a fantastic way to create change not only in our physical body, but also our mindset and how it will also improve your general wellness. Animal Flow is a Stand-alone modality or it can supplement what you are already doing to make you the best mover you can possibly do. In addition to creating this amazing modality, he also created a documentary, We Invite You To Move, which you can view on the Animal Flow website. The purpose of the documentary is to inspire individuals to find the form of movement that they LOVE to do so that they start moving and keep moving. There are so many ways you can move your body, there's no sense in doing something that you do not enjoy. And then you can allow the benefits of movement to trickle into the other areas of your life.  I asked Mike the question, "do people confuse Animal Flow with yoga and Mike explains how the two have similar movements, it's about the intention behind the movement." While some of the movements and shapes may LOOK similar, they are completely different. It might look like yoga or capoeira or parkour or calisthenics, but is it's own style of movement.  You can try Animal Flow on your own (I highly recommend) at the website: And also check also check out Mike and his amazing flows on Instagram:
January 13, 2022
Learning How to Change with Kasey Orvidas, Ph. D
Today on Here's the Deal I'm talking with Kasey Orvidas who is 1/2 Psychologist and 1/2 Fitness Coach. We are talking about mindset and how important it is. In your mindset work, you have setbacks, feedbacks, and success, Kasey breaks each one of these down for us. We also discuss stress and self control and how they aren't friends and how they operate at different levels within the brain. A big one we also discuss is your social circle and how it can affect growth. Be aware and accept that you can change your mindset! This is such a great one! Find Kasey on Instagram @coachkaseyjo and on her website
December 28, 2021
Cut the Crap with Kim Schaper
Today on Here's The Deal, I'm talking to Kim Schaper, who is a Women's Wellness Expert. She's helps women heal their hormones and master their metabolism with fitness, exercise and testing. We are discussing how she got here, after experiencing her own issues with disordered eating. We discuss the kind of tests she thinks are important for women to determine what's going on with their bodies. We talk about adrenal fatigue which is actually low cortisol. That's all I'm going to give away for now, so you listen! Kim offers a couple of services, one called Cut the Crap. It's a monthly program that includes workouts every month, master class, nutritional tips, and a private fb group. She also does 1:1 coaching while working with her own team. You can find this and more information on her instagram @kim.schaper.
December 15, 2021
Embodiement and Aligned Action with Jaime Morocco
Today I'm talking with Jaime Morocco who is a body transformation mentor, she helps her clients manifest their dream body using science, mindset and energetics. This is actually the second time I've had Jaime on the podcast, we are diving into how she helps her clients and some of the common themes she sees with her clients. She and I align in the fact that it's not just about losing weight, their is a mindset shift that you need to learn or you're going to keep repeating the same habits over and over. I think Jaime's perspective is so fascinating and I think you're going to see that also. You can find Jaime on her website or  instagram: @jaimemorocco
December 08, 2021
The Future of Fitness with Jonathan Goodman, The Father of Online Training
Today on Here's the Deal, I'm talking with Jonathan Goodman, who owns the PTDC, Personal Trainer Development Center. He started the PTDC in 2011 and has written 11 books for personal trainers. We talk about the likes and dislikes of the current fitness industry and how the global pandemic has affected it. We align in so many ways and this is a must listen you guys. Not only is he down to earth, but he's relatable, did I mention he's written 11 books?? One of which is a textbook! You can find Jonathan on instagram @itscoachgoodman. He has lots of cool things coming up, including a free software tool for fitness and health professionals. He also offers a high end mentorship and a digital learning platform(skills that trainers should have learned from their certification). 
November 30, 2021
The Metabolic Fix with Ashley Fillmore
Today I'm talking with Ashley Fillmore, who is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and has her own business called Metabolic Fix. Ashley started her business after her own journey, when she noticed that her happiness was attached to how she looked on the outside. She would punish herself for eating a bowl of oatmeal. She knew what she had to do and still managed to get trapped in this cycle. She had to start with healing her metabolism, it had gotten so out of whack with all the diets and not eating. This is ultimately what lead her to start Metabolic Fix, healing your metabolism. We talk diet breaks, reverse dieting and how you can't live in a fat loss, I don't want to give it all away, so you're going to have to listen for the details.  You can find Ashley on Instagram @ashley_fillmore1 , she offers one on once coaching, group coaching and a workout program.
November 23, 2021
Perimenopause with the Leading Expert and Researcher Dr. Stacy Sims
Stacy T. Sims, Ph.D., is an applied researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur in human performance, specifically sex differences in training, nutrition, and environmental conditions. She has a TedTalk titled, Women Are Not Small Men, is the co-author of Roar: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life and is the leading researching in women's physiology and performance. I recently completed one of her amazing courses, Menopause for the Female Athlete and just started her other course, Women Are Not Small Men. To say this woman is an expert is an understatement. She's not only doing the research, but she is also getting the word out, and in my opinion changing the world and the way we view aging as females. In this episode we are specifically talking about perimenopause, what is happening in the perimenopausal body and what you can do from a training and nutrition standpoint to work with your body's changing physiology. We cover: Strength Training Protein High intensity training Gut health Stress management You WILL learn something in this episode and you will walk away feeling empowered to feel and look your best in the second half of your life. Make sure you pre-order her new book, Next Level Your Guide to Kicking Ass, Feeling Great, and Crushing Goals Through Menopause and Beyond on Amazon.  Follow Stacy on Instagram at @drstacysims and check out her courses at
October 26, 2021
Working With Your Perimenopausal Body
Today on Here's the Deal, I'm talking with one of my coaches, Lisa DeLuca about tackling perimenopause. Here's the deal (pun intended) we have premenopause, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause, we are going to break down what each stage means and dive a little deeper into perimenopause.  This is so important, because most women don't even know about it and it's their body. This is also why we decided to create a lift to get lean program designed especially for women who are currently in perimenopause. You're going to want to give this a listen. This program starts October 25.
September 29, 2021
Owning and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Leadership Coach, Jordan Pendleton
Today on Here's the Deal, I'm chatting with Jordan Pendleton, leadership and mindset coach and we are discussing Limiting Beliefs.   A little background on Jordan, she started as a Financial Planner and she felt she got sucked into chasing all the things, money, happiness, success and she didn't feel she was being her authentic self. She switched gears and became a leadership and mindset coach, but first doing her own work in order to get here. Limiting beliefs are the things that can get in your way like what's your story? What are you carrying? Can you unwind those limiting beliefs and rewire from the inside out. Sometimes we have to fall apart to come back together. We will discuss the core values of acceptance and authenticity and the idea of building off who you are and not who you aren't. This is another must listen. You can find Jordan on instagram @jordanypendleton
September 20, 2021
Why You're Really Not Losing Weight. Hint: It's Not Your Hormones.
Today on the podcast I'm chatting with Ali Damron, who's an expert in woman's health. I've had Ali on the podcast before, Today we are talking about why you may not being seeing results. There are a few things you're either doing or not doing that are leading you to this point. We are talking about a few of those. Limiting beliefs, eating off your kids plates, consistency, and lifestyle factors. I think the biggest take away is that we've heard them all and we can relate. As women we really need to trust our intuition, because it's good! We've been gaslit to 'trust the process' even if and when that process isn't working for us and our body is screaming it. I think you'll find this conversation as very relatable and you're not going to want to miss it.
September 07, 2021
On Becoming Me - How I Got Here
You asked, so I'm telling you. This is a solo-sode with just me telling you about my journey to where I am right now. From college graduation, to first job, to moving to Colorado and changing careers to going from a group exercise instructor to an entrepreneur with a thriving business. I decided to make a separate episode on my history with food and exercise. This one is all about becoming the business woman that I am today.  If you have any follow up questions, reach out to me on Instagram @thekylielarson.
August 31, 2021
Coming Back From An Injury
Today we are talking to my bestie and fellow coach Leanne Lang about coming back from an injury. Leanne has suffered not one, but two ACL surgeries on each knee. She didn't want to favor one, so she did it to both, just kidding. For those of you who may not know, ACL stands for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, its literally part of a trio of ligaments holding your knee together. When there is a complete tear of the ACL, surgery is the best possible answer in order to regain full movement of the knee. Leanne tells us about each injury and her mindset as the accidents occurred and her mindset post surgery. She even shares her words of wisdom for those experiencing an injury and how it shockingly makes you a better 'all the things'. You're going to want to give this one a listen.
August 25, 2021
Breaking Down Nutrition Basics with Registered Dietician, Toni Marinucci
Today I'm chatting with Toni Marinucci, who is a Registered Dietitian, Tedx Speaker, author and business owner. We are talking about the differences between a Dietitian and a nutrition coach, protein, emotional eating, intermittent fasting and her new book. Toni's business (Tips with Toni) focuses on helping people with emotional eating and disordered eating. Emotional eating, to put it simply, is to eat when you're not physically hungry! In order to get to the bottom of this you have to simplify and be consistent, stay observant and aware of how it makes you feel, easy right? She breaks down her steps to getting to getting a handle on it. I also wanted to get Toni's take on intermittent fasting, and she shares her insight. Her book, Once Upon a Diet, is an extension to her Ted talk, which discusses the parallel between dieting and dating. I don't want to give it all away, but you're going to want to listen. Here's where you can find Toni... insta: tips_with_toni Podcast: @tipswithtoni podcast Book: Once Upon a Diet
August 17, 2021
Demystifying the Metabolism with Dr. Jade Teta
Jade is a personal trainer mixed with science nerd, mixed with natural medicine geek, along with part philosopher and a little bit of hip hop. He is also an expert in female metabolism. For his full bio check out He's got quit the impressive background!  I could have talked to Jade for HOURS. We start by diving into the four jobs that we have as humans: To earn a living To care for our bodies with health and fitness Personal relationships Personal development Then we dive right into the topic du jour: the metabolism! Jade explains what a healthy, optimized metabolism looks like. He reminds us that the metabolism is speaking to us all the time. We just have to interpret what it is saying. Lucky for us Jade explains how we can read the signals that our metabolism is sending.  Jade came up with a great acronym: SHMEC Sleep Hunger Energy Cravings If SHMEC is in check, all systems are firing! And if they aren't he tells us what we can do.  One of my favorite quotes from the podcast is, "We have to stop being dieters, and start becoming metabolic detectives." As you start to understand your metabolism, you can implement the four toggles that Jade explains to us: Eat less, exercise less Eat more, exercise more Eat less, exercise more Eat more, exercise less.  Jade explains that the metabolism is not a calculator, it's more like a barometer. The job of your metabolism job is to manage stress. It's simply responding to the signals that you are sending.  To drive home the point of using the different toggles, Jade reminds us that attaining weight loss and maintaining weight loss ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THIGS. What you do to attain it, you have to do to maintain it.  Next we start talking about my FAVORITE topic: personal development. "You have to change who you are emotionally and mentally before you can change who you are physically." You have to change on a deeper level for that change to stick around. You have to give up old patterns and thought processes.  And finally we have a discussion on intuitive eating and I love Jade's perspective on it. I can't wait for you to hear it. Make sure you check out Jade's podcast, Instagram and website for all he has to offer. He's one of the good guys! Instagram Next Level Human Podcast
August 11, 2021
Change Your Mind to Change Your Body with Natalie Newhart
Talking with Natalie Newhart, owner of FitAddicted Nutrition and former professional CrossFit Athlete.  I first heard Natalie on a Mike Milner podcast and she was talking about her disordered eating and I just felt this instant connection with her.  A little bit about Natalie, is/was a professional athlete, she did cross training and then moved on to body building. She was training 5-6 hours a day and once she stopped competing that's when the binging began, she legit couldn't NOT do it. One day she was at a friends and couldn't fit her leg into her bathing suit, she had gained 20 pounds in two months. She went to get a glucometer and realized she was at diabetic levels and she was getting fat even though she was working at 5-6 hours a day. She went to see a doctor and they said stress and the female body, do things that restore your body. This led her to coaching, so now she coaches women how to train their minds and their bodies. You take your own behaviors everywhere you go, so you need to find awareness and create what it is you want. Where you can find Natalie: coming soon: (
August 04, 2021
Ancestral and Cultural Trauma Surrounding Diet and Body Image with Krista Day-Gloe, LCSW
Today we are talking with Krista Day-Gloe, who is a licensed clinical social worker. She started working with children and realized the nutritional component, they would come in all over the place and it was because they weren't nourished and they were essentially hangry. That's when she realized that there is this mind body connection and she began researching how to become a dietitian. She ended up discovering  a residential treatment center for eating disorders, where she worked with mostly woman.  Eventually she turned to private practice and that's where she is now. Her husband became sick with chronic health issues and food intolerance and she began to devour mind/body and realizing how important it is. Can't treat as separate entities, but rather integrate it and think of it has a highway and rather then have each doctor, therapist, health coach stay in their own lane, they should all merge and work together.  It's a process and you've got to take small steps. Ancestral/Cultural Trauma is when a group of people have a negative long lasting experience which undermines values and purpose of their world views and manifest into hopelessness and despair. To hear more on this topic and how we can communicate better with our children take a listen. You can find Krista at
July 27, 2021
Coach David Mathas on Mental Health, Eating Disorders and Long-Term Success
Today I'm talking with David Mathas, who is an online strength and Physique Coach. He has his Masters In Exercise Science. David talks to us about eating disorders and reverse diets! David, himself had an eating disorder and almost died in the ICU, while he was in the army. David is the first to tell you that most eating disorders aren't about food or exercise. They usually stem from something deeper rooted then just your body image and can be due to past issues that may have arose while you were a child. Eating disorders are classified under mental health and David is the first to admit that he needed help. Once David was able to nourish his body and mind he was able to accept and move forward, which changed his trajectory into coaching. David and I also talk reverse diets. He shares a great analogy about reverse diets with me, that I don't want to give away here. The take away is your body can't always be in a caloric deficit. The process is the point! You can find David: instagram: @mathasfitness YouTube: David Mathas Podcast: The David Mathas Podcast You can find his book on amazon A Shell of Myself: Fighting the Invisible Enemy
July 20, 2021
Blazing Your Own Trail with Sara Wiles, Entrepreneur & Online Business Mentor
Today i'm talking with Sara Wiles, who is an Online Business Mentor for done for you service providers. Think training virtual assistants and business coach for people with online businesses. Sara started out in corporate america right out of college, traveling and working wild hours while climbing the corporate ladder for 8 years. Then she had a baby and it rocked her world, can anyone relate?? She quit, tried her hand at a few other business ventures and none seemed to be the perfect fit for her. She talks about not having to stay stuck in something that's making you miserable. We, as woman, really society in general, are living with this extreme all or nothing mentality. She talks about balance as a moving target, perfection isn't the goal, you can just make one little change towards finding 'your' balance. You can find Sara... On Instagram @Sara_wiles or
July 13, 2021
Empowered Women Empower Women with Cathy Savage, Queen of Digital Fitness
Cathy Savage is an internationally recognized Fitness and Brand Confidence Strategist who is located in Boston. She has been featured on MTV, ABC News and Fox News and she has been a contributor and board member of the prestigious advisory panel for Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine. Since the early 1990s, Cathy has been the digital fitness pioneer and the leader for successful coaching for women. Her online wellness program is the first and most prominent all-inclusive global training program of its kind. Cathy has coached and mentored celebrities, athletes, television personalities for leadership, lifestyle changes and business strategies. Her clients span the globe from the US, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. As a Boston College graduate, Cathy has used her education and experience of building a wellness empire, to develop into a women’s empowerment service where she coaches women on life strategies, and how to be more confident and business savvy. In addition to all fo that, Cathy is a woman in love with the fitness and wellness world and pioneered the way in the digital fitness/online coaching.  She started in the competitive fitness world in the early 90's in Boston with the desire to connect woman all over the world. She would purposely arrive 5 min early to a training so that she could introduce the woman she was training to one another in hopes that they would support one another through the process. Her goal in training in competitive fitness was to not just focus on winning the trophy at the end, but to do it in a healthy way, so they would be able to have children if that's what they wanted.  Family is huge for Cathy, she has two children. She says that they are the centerpiece, and everything she did revolved around them. To this day she will tell woman to pad their schedule, if they have children, so that you can deal with the unexpected. Now Cathy has shifted her focus/business more towards marketing and branding. She wants to help woman who want to build a strong brand/presence online and teach and educate them the right away. With the pandemic this last year she feels an even stronger pull to help woman emerge through the crisis and teach them how to shift into a state of well being while chasing that business they are wanting to build. Cathy hopes to help woman build their brand by being clear, confident and creating an energy that is the essence of who they really are. Every woman has it, but not everyone uses it. How you can find Cathy
June 28, 2021
Mindset Over Macros & Metabolic Priming with Coach Mike Millner
Coach Mike Millner joins us to talk about neurotyping and metabolic priming. Neurotyping is how your personality fits in, we are all different, therefore not one 'diet' or one set of macros works for everyone, its an individual approach. He talks about how you can mold your brain to create new patterns, we do have the ability to change and it starts with your mindset.  Mike's podcast is called Mind Over Macros, because your macros aren't the end all, be all. There isn't one set of macros for everyone, they are unique to an individual. He also discusses his book, The Personality Diet. He was one of those people who would spend the week trying to make up for his weekend indulgences, until one day it hit him...'What if my weekend indulgences are a direct result of my weekday restrictions??" This is how Mike got out of all or nothing thinking, now he incorporates a drink or two during the week or more or none, he finds the balance. Metabolic Priming. Why it's hard to get people to eat more but it's exactly what they need. What's the difference between "reverse dieting" and "metabolic priming". Think of metabolic priming as preparing your body for next years fat loss. He mentions that he didn't know how bad he felt, until he felt better! You don't want to spend your time in a fat loss phase, it can mess with your sex drive, mood, energy, hunger.  Mike discusses the different toggles for our metabolism so you can find the balance. Lifestyle lean is going to look different then photo shoot lean and no one quite understands what can go into 'photo shoot lean' he's moody, hungry all the time, his gf hates him, no sex drive. Mike also talks homeostasis, this is when your body sees no immediate threat to its survival. Our bodies crave it, because your body wants to keep you alive and the biggest treat to your body's survival is stress!!! We need to learn how to send a safety signal to let our body know we are ok, rather then the stress signal.  Mike believes what we need more of in the state of nutrition coaching/weight loss industry is communication, awareness and education. Ask the open ended questions in hopes that your client or an individual might come to a realization of their journey on their own. Connect with Mike here: Instagram: Facebook: Website: His boo: The Personality Diet 
June 22, 2021
Why Stress Is Making You Fat with Ali Damron
Here's the Deal BFF Ali Damron is back to talk to us about stress and what stress is ACTUALLY doing to your body, your hormones and why it's holding you back from your physique goals.  All year there has been a theme...stress and mindset. I didn't plan it this way, but that's the way things are shaking out. What you need to remember most is: 1) it's not the stress that gets you, it's your perception of it and 2) you are resilient and you can handle any stress that is thrown your way so long as you have recovery practices in place.  Ali breaks down for us the different types of stress: mental, emotional and physical and explains what exactly that stress does to our hormones and why that can lean to more anxiety and this is a never ending cycle of dis regulation.  One of my favorite take-home messages from Ali was, "it my job to send messages of safety to my brain and body." Remember, your body only cares about keeping you alive and in homeostasis. So any hormonal or physical change you have is do to a message that your brain received. Your body is responding in the way you are telling it. Are you constantly sending your body messages of S.O.S?  Of course this leads to the discussion of how can I test my hormones and it really a matter of two things: Which hormones should I be testing? What is the right test? When should I be testing? It's important to work with a provider that can help you navigate all of this. In addition to the testing, Ali describes the 5 Pillars that she uses to help clients feel and look their best: MINDSET Nutrition Sleep Exercise Supplement, vitamins and herbs This episode is FULL of actionable things you can start doing TODAY to feel your best and support your body. Do not miss this episode. Please connect with Ali on social: Instagram: @alidamron Facebook: ali.damron Website:
June 15, 2021
Reaching Weight Loss Goals with PCOS and Mindset Matters with Dr. Breanne Kallonen
This episode started about PCOS, but really turned into something so much more. I love having Dr. Breanne Kallonen on the show because she is so intelligent that she can break down complicated topics and make them digestible and understandable.  To begin, we dive into what is PCOS (polycyclic ovarian syndrome), what are the indicators that you might have PCOS and what course of action you can take to alleviate your symptoms. Oftentimes, doctors are only treating symptoms with birth control, but Breanne tells us what we can do with our diet, exercise, supplements and other lifestyle factors. If you know you have PCOS, you know how hard it can be to reach your weight loss goals. If you're not sure, or you have never heard of PCOS, but you have irregular periods, acne, hair loss and insulin resistance, this is something you want to look into. As we dive into insulin resistance, we discuss gut health and how to optimize the gut microbiome. This is what leads us to discuss mindset and stress management and this is what EVERYONE needs to listen to this podcast. Again, you have to look at your PERCEPTION of your environment, your limiting beliefs and what is driving your food cravings.  "Your thoughts about your environment impact your gut health, but your gut bacteria also impact your thoughts."  So are your thoughts your own, or is your gut making you think this way.  Again, it all comes back to mindset, even when it comes to gut health, PCOS and weight loss.  For a link to Dr. Breanne's recent talk on PCOS and insulin resistance click here: Website: Instagram:
June 08, 2021
Breaking Free From High Functioning Anxiety/Depression with Health Coach, Katie Skouse
Katie Skouse is a retired nurse turned health coach who guides women with high-functioning depression and/or anxiety to take back control of their life so they feel FREE and experience JOY on a daily basis. Katie describes to us what a high functioning person with anxiety and/or depression looks like and how she helps them. She also tells us about her experience with depression and how she found her way out and is now able to help others. Her 20 year nursing career led her down this path and we also talk about why she made the transition from traditional western medicine into taking a more holistic approach to how she wants to help people. If you are feeling stuck in your career, you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.  Of course we have to talk nutrition and I was happy to hear that the first thing she addresses with clients is nutrition. If you want to feel good, you need to eat good. This doesn't mean that you never eat tacos or cookies again, but what you do MOST of the time matters most. If you struggle with anxiety or depression and it's affecting your behaviors you will feel hopeful after listening to this episode. Reach out to someone for help because it's too hard to navigate and break out of it on your own.  To connect with Katie, check out her website and her social media: Instagram: She offers both 1:1 and group coaching and I cannot recommend her enough! 
June 01, 2021
The State of Mental Health As We Emerge from the Pandemic with Joe Eiben
Here's the Deal favorite, therapist Joe Eiben is back to talk to us about the state of our mental health as we emerge from the pandemic. But not just as it pertains to general mental health, also our body image, our routine with fitness and eating habits. Whether you are experiencing anxiety about getting back into the swing of things, or guilt because your life wasn't affected that much, you have been impacted by the events of the last 18 months. It's important to acknowledge that we collectively have gone through profound trauma.  Joe and I discuss that current state of mental health affairs, how it has affected our interactions with other humans, why we may have gravitated towards old familiar patterns and what we can do to move forward.  Please follow Joe on Instagram: And his website:
May 25, 2021
Why Gut Health Matters for All Your Goals with Julie Davey
Julie is a Christian, wife, and mom of teenage twins. She is also a nurse practitioner and natural health educator with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. She received her undergraduate degree from the Medical College of Georgia and graduate degree from Emory University.  She holds a faculty position at Emory University educating future nurse practitioners. In 2013, Julie became interested in a more holistic approach to wellness.  She began educating others on the power of food and natural medicine to heal the body. Today,  Julie owns a virtual consulting business helping clients get to the root cause of their symptoms through innovative clinical testing.  She is passionate about gut health and is the co-founder of Mastering GI MAPPING, a course teaching medical practitioners how to incorporate GI MAP testing into their practice. She takes a holistic approach to healing the issues uncovered through proper testing in order to restore energy, mental clarity, promote better sleep, skin, immunity, weight loss, and so much more! Julie is also the founder and co-owner of a Natural Shift, a lifestyle brand that helps women upgrade their habits.  And, she is the co-host of the podcast “Take the Upgrade” which allows her to share this message with the masses.  Julie loves empowering women with the necessary tools to live a healthy and vibrant life. She believes that with the right support and daily habits, you will experience real progress and lasting change! In this episode we discuss why and how if your gut isn't healthy, you will have a very hard time reaching your goals, not matter what they are. From weight loss, to mental health, to general well-being, gut health is paramount. Julie explains to us the gut-brain connection, what leaky gut and SIBO are and what we should be looking out for.  We also remind you to "test don't guess" and always take ownership of your health.  You can find Julie on Instagram: And on her website:
May 20, 2021
Coming Home to Yourself with Julianne Vaccaro
Julianne Vaccaro is a Somatic Sexologist, Spiritual Mentor & Women’s Holistic Health x Life Coach. She helps powerful, purpose-driven women self heal, awaken their feminine, and come home to their body to reclaim an abundant life of freedom & pleasure. In this episode she discusses how and why she transitioned from a traditional fitness and nutrition coach into taking more holistic approach with her clients to help them access deeper levels of transformation.  As someone who struggles with embodiment, I asked Julianne to explain to us what exactly embodiment is and how we can move out of our heads and into our bodies. She guides us through a helpful exercise.  I was also very excited to hear more about Somatic Sexology, what that entails and how it helps women take their power back. I asked Julianne how to balance doing versus being, how she personally balances out the masculine and feminine energies in her own life and how she knew she needed to stop competing and switch gears into coming into her body. I end the podcast asking Julianne more about her personal journey and how she protects her energy when she is constantly giving so much. Please check Julianne out on Instagram and her website. She has so many amazing programs. Instagram - Program offerings:
May 12, 2021
Getting Lean Post Menopause, Reverse Dieting and Owning your Health with Lisa Deluca
Lisa Deluca is one of the fabulous Lift to Get Lean coaches and in this episode she is sharing her not-so-secret secrets to getting lean after menopause. Lisa also explains to us how she took ownership of her health when her doctor simply wanted to put her on birth control to manage the hormonal issues she was experiencing. Upon working with a naturopath and wholistic nutritionist, Lisa started hormone replacement therapy and eliminated several things from her diet. Within six months, Lisa was feeling better and dealing with SIGNIFICANTLY less inflammation.  Since I can't go an episode without talking about therapy or reverse dieting, we sing the praises of the reverse diet process and share clients' and personal wins. We break down what it really takes to reach your goals in any stage of life and give you actionable items you can put into place today. 
April 20, 2021
How to Lose 100 Pounds and Keep it Off with Rich Bracken
Rich Bracken is a keynote speaker, podcaster, television personality and author. We connected years ago over social media and met in person the summer of 2017 when I was visiting Kansas City for the summer. We became fast friends and have stayed connected ever since supporting one another.  While Rich looks like the vision of health today, that wasn't always the case. In this episode he describes what he did to lose 100 pounds over 20 years ago, and keep it off. For those of you familiar with my podcast, you may be surprised to hear that no macros were involved. And guess what!? They don't need to be. Simple lifestyle changes can help you reach your weight loss goals as long as you are consistent. 
April 13, 2021
What's the Deal with Hashimoto's with Ali Damron
When I started nutrition coaching 5 years ago, I had not clue what Hashimoto's was and I didn't work with any Hashimoto's clients. Fast forward to today and now in each round of Lift to Get Lean, I can always count on a handful of clients dealing with this autoimmune disease.  From the Mayo Clinic: Hashimoto's is a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck below your Adam's apple. The thyroid gland is part of your endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of your body's functions. Symptoms include: Constipation Always cold Weight gain or stubborn weight loss Thinning hair Joint pain Fatigue Heavy or irregular periods In this episode, Ali explains not only what we should be looking for, but also how can heal from the disease, what our nutrition needs to look like and should one try to lose weight while dealing with Hashimoto's.  The take home message is, gut health is extremely important and lifestyle factors play a huge role in how you look and feel. Find Ali online in the following places: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
April 06, 2021
Mindset Matters
Short episode talking about my most favorite subject: mindset. Listen and discover why your mindset is so important, then learn how to adjust as needed. Look for more episodes on mindset as this is my most favorite topic! 
March 22, 2021
Fat Loss Simplified, Not Sugar-Coated with Aram Grigorian
Aram Grigorian is a fellow nutrition coach who serves up the best no-nonsense advice. You will get that same advice in this episode where we cover what it really takes to achieve fat loss, where you can start if you feel you have a lot of work to do, and how you should periodize your nutrition.  We also serve up some real-talk reminding you that if you are a grown adult, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Aesthetics aside, you should be doing a handful of basic things to make sure you are healthy.  You will end this podcast with actionable items that you can put in place today to get started, or keep going on your journey.  You can find Aram here: Instagram
February 23, 2021
Pelvic Floor Health is More Than Kegels
Amanda Fisher and Morgan Clark are pelvic floor physical therapists with Empower Your Pelvis, a pelvic floor physical therapy clinic in Kansas City, Missouri.  They both enjoy educating people about pelvic health issues and helping them achieve their goals. In this episode we start by asking, "Who needs pelvic floor PT?" Spoiler alert: most people.  If you experience pain with sex, peeing your pants or prolapse, you should definitely see a pelvic floor PT. We need to take the stigma out of talking about pelvic floor health, help clients know what is common, but not normal so they get back to life without pain.  We also talk about what to expect at pelvic floor PT. Sharing is caring and nothing is TMI.  As with any therapy, it takes time to make changes. You need to give it 8 - 12 weeks and  consistently do your homework like internal stretching in your pelvic floor. News flash: there are trigger points in your vagina! My mind was blown! Other questions I had for Amanda and Morgan: Why is peeing your pants a thing? It's not just something that happens to women! It can be helped with finding pelvic floor muscle, changing how they breath, they can improve this condition. What changes with perimenopause and menopause? Look at yourself down there. Be aware so you can pass that info on to your providers. As estrogen changes, so does the environment in your vagina.  What are the best things we can do to understand what's going on with our pelvic floor? Finally, because I love talking to fellow entrepreneurs, Amanda shares how she juggles running a PT practice, being a mom to three young boys as well as take care of her own health and well-being.  Connect with Amanda and Morgan here: Empower Your Pelvis Instagram
February 18, 2021
Fit at Any Age with Susan Niebergall
It's never too late! No matter what your age, this is a must listen because we're all getting older, but that doesn't mean we can't be fit and strong and reach our physique goals, even as we go through menopause. Susan Niebergall is a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach. She is 60 and living proof that anything is possible at any age. She has a passion for helping people, specifically helping people attain their fitness goals, and she loves empowering people in the gym and in their life–especially middle-aged women! In this episode we discuss Susan's fitness journey, which really got serious only 6 years ago. She tells us how she was "doing everything right", but thought menopause was holding her back from reaching her goals. As it turns out, that was NOT the issue, she just had to get brutally honest with herself and what she was doing. We also dive into her philosophy when it comes to nutrition. I love how she simplifies it in a way that is doable for everyone.  My favorite part of the podcast is when Susan explains that people need to be more focused on the effort they are putting in, rather than the results they want. And also why the generation we work with (40 - 60 year old women) is the hardest group to coach. Other highlights include:  How she uses the scale and how her relationship with the scale has changed How she came to be partners with Jordan Syatt Why rest days are so important, especially as we get older What exercises do we need to be doing as we get older (spoiler alert, nothing different) Why it's OK to have physique goals How training in the gym helped her feel better through menopause This episode is a reminder that you are in control of your life, if you simply take complete and extreme ownership. Connect with Susan here: Website: Instagram: Her Book: Fit at Any Age: It's Never Too Late Her Podcast:
February 10, 2021
Body Comments, Diet Culture and Critical Thinking with Joy Parrish
Joy Parrish of the popular podcast, This is Joy & Claire, formerly Girls Gone WOD, joined me in a conversation about diet culture, body image, and the work we need to do to rise above it all. Please note, there is no quick fix for any of this. It is a constant practice which we are both fully immersed in.  In true Here's the Deal Fashion, we start the episode discussing the importance of therapy. Joy is a therapist by trade and getting her perspective on therapy is enlightening.  We then move into body image, commenting on people's appearance and ask the question, "what is it we are really afraid of?"  I think several people (myself included) will benefit from asking themselves that question. Not only what are we afraid of, but also, where are we getting or ideals from? Why are we so fearful of changing our ways? Key point: You will NOT automatically be happier in a smaller body.  Joy tells us about her recent diagnosis of Graves Disease and how it is affecting her life and how she felt guilty for taking her health for granted. And to be clear a thin body is not a healthy body. Health markers have very little to do with your physical appearance.  Finally, one of the best messages in this episode is the reminder to a critical thinker through all of this. Who are you getting your information from? Who are you following on social media? Are you coming from a place of desperation or contentment?  We all have work to do and I want to do it with you. I don't think we'll ever get totally out of it because we are humans in society today, but we can keep striving. Resources: This is Joy & Claire Podcast 10% Happier Podcast with Evelyn Tribole
February 03, 2021
Getting Curious About Hunger with Stephanie Mara Fox, Somatic Nutrition Counselor
I'm pretty sure this is the first of several episodes with Stephanie. We dive deep into hunger, body image and our relationship with food. I can honestly say, anyone who eats food (so, everyone) needs to listen to this episode.  Since 2009 Stephanie has supported individuals with weight and body image concerns, emotional eating, binge eating, digestive issues, relationship issues, and creating peace around old wounds. She has her Masters Degree in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University, is also a certified Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, and Yoga Instructor. We cover so many topics from our broken relationship with food, our judgmental view of our bodies, honoring where we are on this journey and why getting curious can be the path to feeling whole again.  Please check out Stephanie and all she has to offer at and also tune into her podcast, Satiated on Spotify. 
January 30, 2021
Leveling Up with Amanda Tress, CEO & Founder of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss
This episode is so inspiring!! I had the privilege of sitting down with Amanda Tress, CEO and Founder of the FASter Way to Fat Loss. Since its creation in 2016, the FASTer Way has served nearly 200,000 clients and was recently named the #1 fastest-growing digital fitness plus nutrition company in the country by Inc. Magazine.  Amanda and I have a very candid conversation of what the past 5 years have looked like for her own personal growth and the growth of her company, The FASTer Way.  One of my favorite Amanda-isms is "you can have control or growth."  We don't just talk about the growth, we also talk about the growing pains and Amanda is very open in sharing some of the hardest parts of the journey.  In addition to running her company, she is also a wife and mom to 4 children. She talks about all the support she has so she can focus on doing what is most important to her both in business and in her personal life.  Finally,  the main reason I wanted to invite Amanda on the show was so she could talk about her mission to be even more authentic on social media, not only showing the successes (but not holding back from sharing the success), but also the real and hard stuff. Apparently, it is paying off!   Of course there's a ton more to listen to, so grab your ear buds and get some steps in. You'll walk away from this episode excited and inspired. 
January 25, 2021
Training and Living with Intent with Bobby Impson
What does it mean to "train with intent?" Bobby Impson owns and operates Intent Sports Performance. He works with individuals and teams for sport specific training. I met Bobby when he was a coach at a local gym where I was also teaching yoga. I witnessed Bobby's expertise first hand watching him train young athletes.  In this episode we dive into what it mean to train with intent and why is it important.  Bobby also shares with us how Intent Sports Performance came to be and what his path has looked like so far.  From ending his professional athletic career as a ruby player, to finding himself OFF purpose and then what it took to come back to himself and his purpose.  This episode is full of helpful nuggets like: Why is adaptation so important. Why who you surround yourself is paramount for success. What makes traditional bodybuilding different from sports performance training. How  the nervous system impacts your performance and overall life. How your habits make up your life. The importance of sleep and recovery. One of my favorite quotes from the podcast: "It's not about how hard or how long you go in your training. It's how fast you can you recover?" Finally, Bobby shares some of his favorite books with us: Spark The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau Laws of Human Nature by Robert Green Live Wired by David Eagleman Breathe by James Nestor
January 19, 2021
Thriving Through Perimenopause and Menopause with Cynthia Thurlow
Ladies, you do not have to settle for anything less than feeling your best as you age. Cynthia Thurlow, Nurse Practitioner and Intermittent Fasting Expert joins me in this episode.  She tells us everything we need to know in order to THRIVE, not just survive during perimenopause and menopause.  As you have heard in several other episodes on different topics self care plays a huge part in this. Tune in to learn how to adjust your diet, your lifestyle and you workouts to continue to feel your absolute best.  Check out Cynthia's amazing podcast, Every Day Wellness, connect with her on Instagram and view her TedTalk on Intermittent Fasting  on Youtube that has gone viral. 
January 08, 2021
The Lessons of 2020
What a year! In this solo episode I discuss what I learned over the last 12 months. 
December 30, 2020
The Pleasure Revolution with Dr. Jordin Wiggins
Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, and women’s sexual health disruptor. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver, educate and talk about sexual health and pleasure. As the author of The Pink Canary, Dr. Wiggins has unlocked the hidden secret to optimal wellness and the real-life ways you can start to welcome pleasure back into your life & relationships.  I found Dr. Jordin via my friend Breanne Kallonen who has also been on the show. In this episode we discuss why so many women are experiencing anhedonia, or loss of joy and what we can do to start getting it back. Women today are overwhelmed by life and it's putting a real damper on our pleasure. We're not just talking about sexual pleasure (although we do go there), but the simple pleasures of getting your nails done or getting your hair done. Speaking of pleasure, most women don't know what they want let alone feel that they can ask for it. Again, this isn't just in the bedroom, but in life in general. You will see how this is all connected and it's time for a pleasure revolution. Dr. Jordin is leading the way and I have appointed myself co-captain!  The discussion leads us to the bigger point that our current healthcare system fails women. So many women visit their doctors only to be told that their hormone are in the "acceptable" range and they are left feeling tired, run down and can't lose weight. Dr. Jordin reminds us that we deserve (yes you are worthy) to feel optimal, our very best. Please listen and love this episode and join the revolution with us!   Social Links & Website:  Link to her FREE online community:  Link to my the Pink Canary on amazon:
December 22, 2020
Taming the Bully Inside and Out with Marilise De Villiers
Marilise de Villers is a mindset and performance coach and best-selling author. I met her in 2018 at a High Performance Coaching Certification. I was drawn to her kindness and soft spoken energy. Little did I know the hell she had just endured.  In this episode, Marilise explains why she wrote Roar, Taming the Bulling Inside and Out and how you can deal with your own bullies. She describes the toxic work environment she was in and the narcissist that eventually demoted her in front of her entire team. This was the catalyst that pushed her to finally leave this job and start writing this book.  As it turns out, Marilise had also used her voice in the past to call out the bully who sexually assaulted not on her, but her younger sister as well. In the latter part of the podcast she talks about how this sexual abuse led to years of eating disorders and how she was able to crawl her way out of th black hole.  The thing with bullies is, they aren't just outside of us, there is also a bully within. We have to know when to recognize when that voice is speaking too loudly to you can stop that self-sabotage. According to the research that Marilise has done, this is a very familiar scenario that often gets brushed under the rug because those who are being bullied know they can find a job elsewhere and would rather quit while keeping their dignity in tact. About 30% of workplace bullies are females, but Marilise shared that the shocking majority of women who speak to Marilise about their personal bullies, are dealing with a female bully. She goes into talk about why women in the board room start to take on more of an masculine energy and how in the board room, if they are not confident, they don't like to let other women in because they feel special as the only woman. I found this part of our conversation extremely interesting. In the middle of the show we dive into the sexual abuse that Marilise experience and how that led to her eating disorders and we commiserate about our college experience and the pressure we put on ourselves. I know many of you will be able to relate. Finally, Marilise talks about her experience working with a coach to learn how to track her macros, strength train and get her confidence back. She knew that after leaving that toxic environment the had to prioritize getting her mental, physical and emotional health back on track. For Marlisise, food and exercise is now about being able to show up the way she wants to, full of energy and vibrant. Showing up and having energy for life so she can be her best.  One of my favorite quotes, "I still push myself, I've always got a new challenge and a new level to reach .But the conversation is more self-compassionate these days. Find Marilise here: Read her book here: ROAR! Taming the Bully Inside and Out And get ready for the audio version to come out in January!!  
December 13, 2020
Why Working Out Is Making You Fat
We've been lied to. Eat less and exercise more is getting us absolutely nowhere. In fact it has a .6% success rate. That's right, LESS THAN ONE PERCENT success rate. In order to lose fat and lose it for good you have to take a look at your life as a whole. Look at your job satisfaction, relationships, connections, perceived stressors and relationship with food and exercise.  Breanne Kallonen is back talking with us about what really matters when it comes to fat loss. WE have to look at lifestyle, hormones and nutrient absorption. But before you go and do a bunch of testing, or assume your hormones are a mess, make sure you're eating enough protein, getting enough sleep and eating a balance of macronutrients. Breanne talks to us about her program, Metabolic Reset and why it works to help clients lose fat WITHOUT exercise. Of course exercise is eventually added back in, but first she address the issues mentioned above along with your mindset.  We both agree, you have to think long-term, you have to have an exit strategy and you have to be OK with learning as you go.  Make sure you check Breanne out at her website and Instagram at
November 17, 2020
What it Really Takes to Run an Online Business with Digital Marketing Expert, Lindsey Murray
Digital marketing expert, Lindsey Murray is back to talk about not only what it really takes to run a successful online business, but also what is going on with current trends.  Yes, you've got to do reels.  We start off by discussion the current climate and why, despite political and and pandemic uncertainty, you still need to show up for your customers because your customers need you now more than ever.  One of my favorite take-aways was attract, engage and retain as it pertains to new customers and current clients. We also talked about "keeping the main thing the main thing" so people know what they are getting when they sign up with you. You can grow, adapt and evolve, but keep your main product and service your main product or service.  Most people start their online business as a side gig so we discuss the benefits of starting this way and when to start to scale back from your "real job." Finally, we talk about when it's time to hire other people so you can grow your business. This episode is a MUST listen for anyone wanting to start an online business in any industry!  Follow Lindsay on Instagram at
October 23, 2020
More is Not Better, Less is Not Better, Better is Better with Josh Levine
And what's better is highly individualized for each person.  In this episode Josh and I talk about what makes your training and nutrition  better. Sometimes we think we need to do more in order to improve, that's not always the case. Sometimes we think we need to do less to improve, like when it comes to our diet, but that's not always true either. What equals "better" varies from person to person and with the help of a coach, you can figure out what "better" is for you. This lends itself to a discussion on stress management because in order to improve, you have to be managing your stress. We do this by adjusting our training and nutrition and sleep. Finally, we dive into how you can get the most out of working with your coach. Communication is key so your coach can understand what all is going on in your life so they can adjust the toggles to make the best decisions for you. Make sure you're following Josh on instagram at
October 08, 2020
You've Been Brainwashed - Dismantling Diet Culture with Therapist Joe Eiben
We go deep in this one! Joe Eiben is back and he is helping us break down the collective unconscious of diet culture and the difference between that and living well. Whoa. Bottom line, we've been brainwashed. Brainwashed by the food industry, the diet industry, even our own parents. The old programming runs deep and it's time for us to wake the f*ck up. You will have so many lightbulbs go off as you listen and re-listen to this episode.  We have to take a close look at our patterns and why we keep doing the same things over and over, again and again. Often times we are justifying our actions because it's easier than actually changing.  This episode could very well be the very thing that helps you finally start to reprogram your mind. For more on Joe, check out his website:
September 30, 2020
Time Is On Our Side with Le Bergin, Head Trainer for FASTer Way to Fat Loss
Le is the head trainer for the fastest growing digital fitness and nutrition company in the nation, FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I had the pleasure of becoming friends with Le when recording yoga classes for the FASTerWay. It became immediately clear to me that this woman knows her stuff and has so much to share with the world.  In this episode we discuss how Le went from being a school teacher and runner to a trainer who now uses strength training as her preferred method of fitness. She shares her philosophy on training and nutrition and what really works in the long run. We also discuss the importance of women supporting women and also making sure you are getting your fitness and nutrition information from the right people.  Her perspective on life, training and nutrition are worth a listen. I trust this woman with all of my heart and I want the world to hear her point of view. Her experience in life and as a trainer and nutrition coach are extremely valuable and I know you will LOVE this episode. 
August 16, 2020
Getting to Know Coach Leanne - What it Takes to Let Go of Your Past & Create Change
Leanne Lang and I have been working together for about 3 years and if you've been following along for any amount of time you know her as Coach Leanne. She actually wears several hats and the woman you know and love today is not the same person she was 10 years ago.  In this episode Leanne tells us about her upbringing, how that impacted the way she navigated young adulthood and how she overcame several obstacles. Her story is much different from most people you have met growing up in the suburbs of Denver, or any other major metropolitan area. You will see how her childhood created the resilient woman you see today. My favorite part of the podcast is when Leanne shares what she believes it really takes to change as well as where clients are holding themselves back. You will fall in love with Leanne in this episode and understand why I am honored to call her my friend and colleague. 
August 10, 2020
Birth Control: Band-Aid or Best Option
After several years of working with women, I've realized that the more we can be in tune with our bodies, the better decision we can make. One thing that holds women back from knowing their own bodies is being on hormonal birth control. Breanne explains to us how the female menstrual cycle is our body's way of communicating to us and when our cycle is manipulated by outside forces, we are missing out on valuable information.  Breanne Kallonen has a Doctor of Naturopathy and Biomedical Science degrees. She shares her expertise with us and explains what actually is going on during the menstrual cycle. She is a huge proponent of testing over guessing so you and your doctor can get you not only feeling normal, but your absolute best. My favorite part of the podcast is when we discuss how diet and lifestyle factors can have a HUGE impact on the way we feel. As you've heard several times on Here's The Deal, our perception of stress and our recovery methods (or lack thereof) can really hinder us from feeling our best. You can find Breanne on social media here: Instagram - Breanne Kallonen Facebook - Breanne Kallonen
July 31, 2020
Ashley Wiens, IFBB Figure Pro - The Power to Change & the Freedom to Choose and What It Takes to Reach Your Goals
Ashley is a world-class trainer and coach who has had her own fascinating fitness journey. We start with a brief introduction of who Ashely is, but most importantly dive into how she got to where she is. Ashely talks about her typical clients, what their obstacle are and explains how she helps them reach their goals and change both their body and mind.  My favorite part of the podcast is when we dive into Ashley's nutrition strategies and how she educates clients about how the body adapt to what you give it (remember Episode 21 with Josh on Metabolic Adaptation), and how she implements diet breaks and reverse diets to get clients the long-term success they desire.  My second favorite part of the podcast is when we discuss why the number on the scale is a HORRIBLE indicator of progress. She explains that the longer you train, the more muscle you will have and it's going to be even harder to reach that low number on the scale. But what is that goal number about anyway? Ashely tells us about her journey with competing, what it takes and how her goals have recently changed. Most importantly, she reminds us that it's totally OK to change your goals as your life changes.  Finally, we wrap up with Ashley talking to us about having multiple streams of revenue to sustain her online and in-person coaching business.  I hope you find this episode educational and inspirational. If you'd like to reach out to Ashely, you can find her on Instagram at: FitFabAsh Her website is:
July 25, 2020
When Will It Ever Be Enough?
Writer Dave Pennington and I take some time to discuss the concept of "enough." When will you feel as though what you are doing enough? And when will what you have be enough? Both of us have found working with our clients (in totally different industries) that most people are burning the candle at both ends and still coming up short in terms of feeling what they are doing is enough. It affects all areas of your life. Our obsession with productivity is wreaking havoc on our quality of life.  When will you be lean enough? When will you have enough money? When will your business be big enough? We would love to hear your thoughts. 
July 21, 2020
The DUTCH Test, Hormonal Health and Holistic Wellness with Ali Damron
As usual, a great conversation with Ali Damron. We start our discussion explaining what the DUTCH test is, why I took this test and why you might want to consider it. We also dive into why you shouldn't settle for anything less than your best.  Being the hormone expert that Ali is, she describes to us how the hormones actually work in the body and how we can optimize this whole process if something is off.  As we discussed in a prior episode we discuss how several lifestyle factors actually have a HUGE impact on how we are feeling and how our body is performing.  Podcasts referenced: Meditation link:
July 16, 2020
What Does "Health" Look Like? Getting Lean vs. Getting Healthy with Kylie and Josh
Just because someone LOOKS like the picture of health on the outside, it doesn't necessarily mean they are healthy on the inside. In this episode Josh and I discuss what is health, what other factor contribute to your overall health and most important of all, what is the roll of mental health. 
June 22, 2020
Reverse Dieting with Kylie and Josh
As a follow up to our discussion on metabolic adaptation, Josh and I discuss reverse diets in this epidode. We cover: 1. What is a reverse diet? 2. Who should be doing reverse diets? 3. How do you implement the reverse? For more information, you can watch a recent IGTV that Josh posted. Click here. 
June 08, 2020
Cardio, Metabolic Adaptation & More with Josh Levine.
Grab a pen and paper because you are going to want to take notes during this podcast. Josh and I cover several topics that our clients frequently ask us about. We start off by addressing how much cardio should you do for your fat loss goals, what about HIIT vs. LISS and does fasted cardio matter.  We also explain what metabolic adaptation is, how you can work with your body to keep working towards your goals, even as your body adapts.  There are so many great nuggets in this epidote and I'm sure you'll have follow up questions. Reach out to either of us and we will help you! Find Josh on IG: Find the supplements he refers to here, use code LEVINE10 to save:
May 31, 2020
Training, Nutrition and Business with Jess Allen
After seven years of following Jess and doing her workouts, I finally had the opportunity to sit down and chat with her about all things training, nutrition and business. For years, I've been dying to ask her how she comes up with her workouts and really just get to know her better.  We start of by getting to know a little more about Jess and her journey from collegiate softball player at Standford University into a coach, trainer and entrepreneur. Our discussion includes the differences (and mutual appreciation) between our methods of training, both of our perspectives on tracking macronutrients and of course how on earth do you run a business, take care of your family and also take care of yourself.  This conversation is perfect for anyone who already loves Jess or anyone who is looking to take their personal training or nutrition coaching business online .  Make sure you are following her on Instagram at BlondePonytail and her website: 
May 27, 2020
Moving Out of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty Into Action with Tom Terwilliger
Tom Terwilliger, Athlete, Entrepreneur and Motivator sat down to talk mindset  with me. Tom won, (YES WON) the Super Bowl of body building, and was Mr. America. He transferred the skills it took him to become the world's best body builder and became an author, entrepreneur and coach. As you can see, he is my kind of people! A few of my favorite snippets/quotes include: How to create your comeback plan When you are focused like a laser on the problem, you can’t see any of the opportunities. Get out of fear doubt and uncertainty and into action. The perfect plan versus a good plan. Why you should be grateful for all of your emotions. Find your power through reframe. You will certainly be inspired to take action after hearing Tom speak. To learn more about Tom, his coaching and his books visit: Also, make sure to download your FREE COPY of his new book, The Seven Step Comeback Plan
May 18, 2020
What's Really In the Mirror? Body Dysmorphia with Therapist Joe Eiben
Where do I begin??? This episode with Joe is full of nuggets that will open your eyes and make you examine your relationship wit yourself and how you eat and exercise.  The main point of having Joe on the podcast was to discuss body dysmorphia, but it turned out to be so much more. Joe explains how the obsession with how we look is actually a distractor to what we are actually feeling. Our mind and our ego are trying to protect us from the feelings we don't want to feel. WE GO DEEP. One of my favorite quotes, "Fat is not a feeling." "When we really recognize that it's so much easier for us to believe a lie, than to believe that we were lied to." "The true essence of the healing is to recognize that the way that I choose to see myself will impact my life. The stories I believe about myself will impact my life." I can't possible summarize the goodnesses that is this podcast. All I know, you need to listen to it. Connect with Joe at his website: Or slide into his DMs on Instagram:
April 22, 2020
How to Put Words On the Page with David Pennington
David Pennington is a fellow entrepreneur whose business is built around his copywriting, content development and creative direction expertise. I invited him to be on the podcast to give all you fellow small business owner and entrepreneurs some pointers on how to upgrade your own copywriting.  I have personally been working with Dave for about six months now and have already learned so much. Whether you need help with social media posts, emails, blogs or branding, Dave is your guy.  We talk about: His jump from working for others to working for himself.  What it's really like to work for yourself. His top tips for improving your writing today. Why you don't want to be your clients' friend. Why you need to sell. Why you need to get over yourself. How to approach a daily writing practice. You can connect with Dave here:
April 20, 2020
How To Make It Harder - Training at Home with Josh Levine
In this episode we discuss how to get the most out of your at home workouts. We discuss: Creating a pre-workout ritual Time under tension Isometric holds Pulses Drop sets Supersets Utilizing bands Mind-muscle connection For videos of what we discussed, check out Josh's Instagram: Where to buy bands: Elite FTS West Side Barbell Dr. John Rusin Tom Brady XBands Most importantly, remember why you started working out/training in the first place. It's not the equipment that gives you a good workout, it's the intention you bring to it. Training is a gift, pushing your body is a gift and it needs to come from a place of love.
April 15, 2020
Getting Your Child to Talk to You About Their Feelings with Counselor Stacy Scalfaro
As a school counselor of 18 years, Stacy has several hands-on tools that we can use as parents to get our children to open up to us about what they might be feeling right now. This episode was recorded in April of 2020 as the world deals with the Corona Virus. Schools are closed, children are at home without their friends and they may need to get some things off their chest. But how do you get your child to talk to you about what they are feeling? That's where Stacy comes in! From bubbles to parking lots, Stacy has all sorts of tools we can use to get our children (whatever age) to open up. 
April 14, 2020
Managing Mental Health During a Global Pandemic with Therapist Erica Bonham
This episode is the therapy session you did not know you needed...or maybe you did! Erica gives us some things to keep in mind as we try to navigate these inprecidentented times. I believe her approach and tips will give you peace of mind, something we can all use more of. You can reach Erica at:
April 07, 2020
How to Be a High Performer with Richard Bryan, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Author
I wanted to have Richard on the show because in my opinion, he is the archetype of a high performer. In this episode we discuss how he manages his top three priorities, what his morning routine looks like, the difference between a coach and a mentor and what his definition of success is. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business person or someone looking to level up their life, you will learn something in this episode.  For more on Richard:
April 06, 2020
Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams Beyond Affirmations and Mindset with Keri Norley
WOW! Everyone needs to listen to this podcast. Keri educates us on manifestation, what it really is and how you can get out of your head into your body. Manifestation is more than the law of attraction. It's raising your vibration, and getting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all on the same page. This episode was particularly timely as we recorded it in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. We discuss how this pandemic might just be the thing we need to wake us up and shift what we are doing. At the end of the show we also dive into tapping into our feminine energy and why that is so important.  You can find Keri on Facebook at Her website: Look for her new course: Feng Shui for Cash:
March 31, 2020
Q&A with Dr. Layne Norton - No Extremes, Just Science
Dr. Layne Norton is arguably one of the BEST resources for nutrition information anywhere. His information is based in research and he calls 'em like he sees 'em. Layne is out on the inter webs fighting the good fight amongst extremist and zealots, always working to give us the best information possible. Can you tell I'm a fan? I've personally been working with Layne as my nutrition coach for over three years. I've learned to much not only from my work one-on-one with him, but also through his social media and his books. In this information age, where data is plentiful, Layne deciphers it and tells us what we need to know. No extremes. No dogma. Just facts. In this episode we talk about how he got to where he is now, who he respects in the nutrition and training space, can one stay mentally healthy while competing and how he juggles being a father, business owner and husband. Connect with Layne here: IG: @biolayne Twitter: @BioLayne Check out his new course:
March 26, 2020
Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life - From the Girl Who Didn't Know Anything to the Woman Who Knows Everything (almost)
Have you ever felt like you're the only one who doesn't have a special gift or purpose? Like nothing you have to offer is significant? My good friend Lindsey Murray, Director of Marketing for the FASTerway to Fatloss,  joins me in this episode to talk about how she turned her life around my changing her mindset. We talk about how she went from folding jeans and underwear at American Eagle to living her purpose helping other women grow and build their businesses.  Lindsey offers her perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur these days and how you can find your purpose in life as well.  She is one of the smartest women I know, she is a marketing guru and I know you will LOVE this episode and take at least ONE lesson away that you can apply to your life. 
March 21, 2020
Jaime Morocco - The MOST IMPORTANT Factor When It Comes to Fat Loss
Jaime is one of the best nutrition and fitness coaches out there. She is direct and to the point, yet compassionate at the same time. In this episode we talk bout her struggles as an overweight child, how she lost weight and gained self-discipline, what it takes to truly lose weight and lose it for good and also a key strategy to getting clients to make the necessary changes in order to be successful long-term. You can find Jaime on Instagram at @jaimemorocco.
March 13, 2020
Introducing Josh Levine - How to NOT Get Bulky and Finding Your Personal Trainer
Today was the first of many podcasts with Josh. In this episode we talk about how Josh and I met, how Josh transitioned out of corporate America into personal training and being his own boss, how hard it is to put muscle on your body and finally how to find the personal trainer that is right for you. 
March 12, 2020
How to Get Your Partner to Exercise & Overcoming Anxiety with Patrick Larson
What do you do when you're a former athlete, but have dedicated the last 10 years of your life to supporting your family and let your fitness fall the the wayside? Pat shares his story and advises those of you who you are trying to encourage to make fitness and nutrition a priority in their life again. He also shares with us his struggle with anxiety and how he overcame the dark spot he found himself in 3 years ago. You will be moved by Pat's strength and vulnerability. 
March 09, 2020
Resilience and Reverence for Life with Erica Valenzuela
Erica shares her inspiring life story with us, including meeting her birth mother, surviving a near death experience and raising her daughter as a single mother. We also talk about leaving what’s comfortable to create a life you love. You WILL be inspired.
March 04, 2020
How Stress and Other Lifestyle Factors are Holding You Back from Your Fitness and Wellness Goals
You might “be doing all the right things”, but if you’re putting too much pressure in yourself to be perfect, you will never reach your goals.
February 25, 2020
Entrepreneurship Life with Natalie Magee of Yogi Magee Expeditions
Tune in to listen to Natalie and I chat about change, living your dream, turning your passion into your career and entrepreneurship.
February 21, 2020
High Performance and Lifestyle Change with Colby Knepp.
Colby and I discuss the challenges faced by high performers when it comes to managing their time and their energy. We dive into how to create change, what really matters and how someone successfully created change in their life.
February 12, 2020
Entrepreneurship & Life with Chris Grimm, Founder of Kuhn Products.
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur, father and husband. Chris offers his helpful tips plus so much more.
February 09, 2020
Welcome to Here’s the Deal
A brief explanation of what you can expect from my podcast.
February 06, 2020