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Here's What I Think About White Feminist Media and Netflix Having Triggering Content

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Hello. . I am college student who created online content and trying to be supported through these trying time. "Here's What I Think" is my weekly podcast that I post every Friday. I talk about pop culture, news, politics, and new recommendations. If you have any suggestions for topics to talk about during my podcasts or if you have any questions or you guys need some advice, please email me at Don't forget to share with your friends. Stay blessed
Here's What I Think About New Zealand, JessHilarious, and College Admissions
March 19, 2019
Here's What I Think About Jussie Smollett, the Oakland Teacher Stike, White Nationalists and Their Hate Crimes, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Dianne Feinstein, and R Kelly
  Jussie Smollett  White Nationalist Coast Guard  Kardashian Drama Teacher’s Strike Senator F and Children
February 23, 2019
Here's What I Think About Tiffany Haddish, Predators, and Jazmine Barnes
  Tiffany Haddish  Kevin Spacey  Louis CK  Government Shutdown 
January 17, 2019
Here's What I Think // Episode 14$ManikaDulcio1 Podcast:'s-What-I-Think-id1074558?country=us My Blog: Tumblr:
April 26, 2018
Here's What I Think About Slavery Fan Fiction and Transphobia
Hey guys! Sorry this is so late! I hope you guys like this new podcast. I talk about HBO's new show Confederate and Number 45 investigating "discrimination" against white people in college admissions. And about Number 45 joking about police brutality. Moreover ,we talk all about TRANSPHOBIA!!! Stay blessed ya'll
August 5, 2017
Here's What I Think About the White Women Being A Mess Once Again Part 2
Hello you guys! Here is the second part of my podcast! In this episode we just go into Emilia Clarke's comments and other white women who are getting on my last nerve. I also rap it up with some recommendations on Netflix. Please be sure to donate to my PayPal and share this podcast to others. Stay blessed!
July 1, 2017
Here's What I Think About Sexual Assault Perpetrators And Injustice In America Part 1
Hey guys! So this is the first part of my podcast this week. I know that it is late and I am very sorry about that. This podcast is talking about Rihanna's new man, the injustice in America regarding the treatment to black people, and other things. Please be sure to donate to my PayPal and follow me on Twitter. Stay blessed!
June 30, 2017
Here's What I Think About White Feminist Media and Netflix Having Triggering Content
HEY! I got you a bonus episode. Don't forget to donate to my paypal and be sure to like and follow my tracks you guys!! Here I talk about how I am sick of white feminist movies and tv shows that are getting to be very popular. Just wanted to get these things off of my chest. Don't forget to follow me on twitter you guys!! Stay blessed!!
June 22, 2017
Waving Through A Window Cover
Hey guys! This is my cover of Waving Through A Window from the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical Dear Evan Hansen. Don't forget to donate and stay blessed!!
June 21, 2017
Here's What I Think About Vic Mensa, Charleena Lyles, Nabra Hassanen, Elizabeth Banks
Hey guys! So this podcast is really late. I get really tired of all of these people dying this week. It is super sad and depressing. It makes me feel really sad and down. I'm sorry!! Some of the things I have talked about are alright. Please be sure to donate to my PayPal. Stay blessed!!!!
June 20, 2017
She Used To Be Mine From Waitress the Musical
This is my cover of She Used to be Mine from Waitress the Musical. I know that this cover probably sounds pretty off and that's because my voice was struggling ya'll. I had to practice like five times before choosing this cover to upload. Don't forget to donate to my PayPal! Stay blessed!
June 18, 2017
When We Were Young by Adele Cover
This is my cover of When We Were Young by Adele. I love this song so much. And in all honesty I picked this song because I thought it would be easy. Also, if this sucks then I will stop making cover forever. I promise. But if you like this please donate to my paypal on my profile. Stay blessed!!
June 17, 2017
Million Reasons by Lady Gaga Cover
Hey guys! So, the podcast is going to late for you guys. I am so sorry. I will try to record it soon as I can. Please be sure to listen to this cover and don't forget to donate to my PayPal ya'll! Stay blessed
June 13, 2017
Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur Cover
This is my cover of Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur. It does sound pretty weird and I am sorry. I'm going to get a better microphone and I will try to use Audacity better. Please donate to my Paypal ya'll. Stay blessed
June 8, 2017
Here What I Think About Kat Blaque, Wonder Woman, Megyn Kelly, Terrorism, and New Recommendations
Hey guys! Here is an earlier podcast for your eager ears. All five of my listeners. Please give it a quick listen and don't be shy! Donate if you'd like. Follow me on twitter and let me know if you'd like me to talk about anything else on my podcast. Stay blessed ya'll
June 5, 2017
Here's What I Think - 003
Hello, you guys!! It has been too long. Here is a new podcast that is two weeks late. So sorry! I will be trying to upload a lot more so please let me know what you think. In this podcast, we talk about the Baywatch movie, lots of sad news happening this week, and my new Netflix recommendations. Also, I ramble on about how I don't like Emma Watson. Fun stuff right? I promise things will be better soon. Be sure to donate to my PayPal and follow me on Twitter
May 30, 2017
Lost In The Brass From Band Geeks Cover
My cover of Lost in the Brass from Band Geeks the Musical
May 18, 2017
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