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Her Loyal Sons: A Notre Dame Football Podcast

Her Loyal Sons: A Notre Dame Football Podcast

By Her Loyal Sons
Her Loyal Sons, an independent Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football blog, is proud you the best coverage of ND Football that we can deliver, and now, in podcast form!
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HLS Podcast Finale
Well, I thought about stretching this thing out until after the national title game, but considering how the Fiesta Bowl ended, it seemed like this would be a more fitting end to HLS. Shane & I hold one last therapy session in talking about what went wrong during the Fiesta Bowl and what hopes we have for the future. Be sure to stay around post-credits for Eddie and I to pick the national championship and send off the HLS podcast in quite literally the most fitting way possible. Enjoy our final show!
January 02, 2022
The Final Fiesta: Notre Dame vs Oklahoma State NCAA '14 Sim
The HLS Sim was born from my desire to do something different. In the vast sea of Notre Dame podcasts, I wanted to do more than stand out. I wanted to do something fun but also avoid our show being seen as a parroting of more popular Irish podcasts. So I sent a message with a wild idea to Shane: let's go on Twitch and stream a CPU vs CPU matchup of the week's Notre Dame game using a decade-plus old video game as our "preview". To my knowledge, no one was doing this (at best, they were playing NCAA '14 themselves) so I figured it was worth a season to experiment. The next thing I knew, the sim created a string of running inside jokes and we had people that legitimately made the sim appointment live viewing. Even though there were days I came to the stream completely exhausted and/or fighting a severe bout of depression, the sim always kicked me out of it. Something unbelievably stupid and hilarious would happen without fail--multiple times. Whether you watched live, on demand, or listened to the podcast, I can't thank you enough for making this a thing. The joy and laughter you heard was always was my utter disgust when virtual Notre Dame lost. The Fiesta Bowl sim was a perfect send off. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I hope you enjoy the final entry as well. Five Wide. DRINK!
December 31, 2021
Penultimate Picks Pod
After this episode, there will be only one more game to pick with Eddie: the 2021 National Championship. It's hard to believe this crazy picks journey is coming to an end--even crazier, we are still doing a damn good job. Despite opt-outs and COVID cancellations, Eddie and I went 7-2 last week, bringing our bowl totals to 13-10 and 12-11 as I keep my one game edge. Overall, we are 112-80-4. Yes, this means that we've hit the point in which we couldn't even screw up going over .500 if we tried! But like Notre Dame getting a good draw with Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl, it'd be silly for us to lose a bunch now. So come enjoy your last large batch of winners! #HAILGAMBLOR
December 30, 2021
2021 Bowl Picks: Week 2
The only thing rougher than week one of bowl picks was whatever in the hell happened to me and my family before recording this show. There...was a lot. However, the show must go on despite my lack of research. With that in mind I came up with some, uh, "creative" methods to pick these games. I'm particularly proud of what I came up with for the multiple bowl games in baseball stadiums, personally. Oh, and we have some fun with bowl sponsors too, including me trying to chat with a bot during the show as pictured below: #HAILGAMBLOR
December 24, 2021
2021 Bowl Picks: Week 1
It's the most wonderful time of the year: bowl season. After a ridiculously incredible regular season, Eddie and I are ready to ruin it all by throwing darts at bowl season. As we won't be recording until next Thursday, we have 14 bowl games to pick. More importantly, Eddie also has a list of bowl gifts ready to go. Even more importantly, we visit some of the websites to figure out what some of this stuff is and do we ever make some discoveries. Oh, and hang on past the closing song because you will hear Eddie and I try to figure out some confusing reference material only to find out...well, you will have to listen for yourself. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 16, 2021
Army/Navy & 2021 Futures Reviews
Yeah, yeah, Eddie won the $200 Extra Life bet. I will pay up once I finish the FFXIV: Endwalker main story/marathon on Friday (I hope!). Make sure to join that on my personal twitch channel. Thankfully, I realized that I run this show. I changed some rules. Gotta keep this interesting. After all, this isn't about the money now. It's about walking off this thing with a W. After taking some liberties with the Army/Navy pick, I go over this year's tiebreaker: our 2021 futures. Spoiler alert: they were real bad! #HAILGAMBLOR
December 09, 2021
Freeman Fiesta
College football's playoff and NY6 Selection Sunday came and went mostly as expected. Notre Dame has landed in the Fiesta Bowl and will face Oklahoma State. Shane and I do discuss our initial thoughts on this game, which has never happened before; however, the beginning of the podcast focuses on the wonder that is Marcus Freeman. Shane gives his thoughts on the hire for the first time on the digital airwaves. We are both very excited for the beginning of a new era for Notre Dame, even though we won't be here to cover it in the uh...unique...way that we do. It's great to see the Irish face turn and we are ready for it to start with a victory in 2022.
December 06, 2021
The Freeman Era Begins! Oh...and Championship Week Picks
Eddie and I were, understandably a little distracted by other things in this episode. We were ready to rant a lot about Brian Kelly abandoning the Irish, but we were blessed with news that was well with Marcus Freeman taking over the helm, along with several other assistants. Enjoy the picks, as well as me breaking in continuously to list of yet another assistant staying on board and not fleeing to Baton Rouge. I'm still three games behind Eddie in our annual Extra Life bet and I need to make up at least two here to make the Army/Navy game worth something. It all comes down to this. I'm not sure if I made the right picks, but I know I'll be able to sleep at night. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 02, 2021
EMERGENCY POD: The Fairy Godmother Is Real and BK's Gone
Yep. Title says it all. Shane and I work through the most shocking news of college football in...well, forever. I'm not worried about SEO. This is all the description you are getting.
November 30, 2021
Case Made: The Notre Dame at Stanford Recap
Another week, another victory recap episode in which there is very little to complain about for the Irish. The performance, especially in the first half, was as dominating as you will see in college football. Sadly, the no touchdown November streak died, Jack Coan had a bad interception, and the turf monster probably robbed us of a long TD or two. Despite all that, Notre Dame did what they needed to do to make their case to the playoff committee. Shane and I spend the second segment of the episode talking about the playoff picture, what we think needs to happen in order for the Irish to find themselves at the #4 slot (as well as what absolutely doesn't need to happen), and how we feel about this 11-1 effort by ND. It's hard to believe we've come to the end of regular season recaps, but we have at least one more to do!
November 28, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Stanford
It's hard to believe this day has arrived, but this our final regular season sim in HLS history. Thankfully we have (at least) one more sim to go, but Shane and I put a bow on the 2021 Sim Notre Dame Season with a visit to Stanford. All I will say is that the sim (hopefully) managed to be the most accurate thing ever--all the way down to David Shaw doing some bullshit. Oh, and I hope you weren't expecting serious play-by-play the whole way through in this one because you won't get it. The second half contains many an exquisite detour and Irish Elvis provides multiple sim updates from around the nation from the HLS studios (via Twitch chat).
November 24, 2021
2021 Rivalry Week Picks
It finally happened. I had a massive week and tied things up with Eddie in our $200 bet for Extra Life. This brings us both to 86-60-3 on the season. Talk about going out with a bang in the last year. In fact, I'm so proud of the record, that I did a bit a math at the beginning of the episode to let you know how much money we could've been making you this season. Granted, we have now tempted fate with the brag, plus picking games on a Tuesday morning, but GAMBLOR stops for nothing, including Thanksgiving. Neither Eddie nor I have no plans of stopping our hot streak now and, by the end of the week, we should have a new leader in the clubhouse. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 24, 2021
Prepare for the Heel Turn and Marshmallow Wars: The Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech Recap
Once again, Notre Dame has blessed us with a dominating performance that leaves little need for anything beyond gushing. Believe me, Shane and I are completely happy with how this is unfolding. Sure, gushing is fun, but we get to spend the majority podcast having ourselves a ball with a host of other topics. We talk preparing for a heel turn when the College Football Playoff Committee inevitably shoves ND into the top four and plan a literal marshmallow war for the senior section next season because, with NBC highlighting it, the University's efforts to halt it are now completely hilarious. In short, the theme to end the season is to lean in to being the obnoxious, arrogant college football heels. I can think of no better way to go out!
November 22, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech
Apologies for the day delay on this one. Believe me, I was in no condition to even attempt the live broadcast on Thursday night. Thankfully, I feel better, even though I'm sure you can hear some fatigue in my voice. However, I had to push through to get the last home sim in the books in HLS history. It's been a long, crazy ride, and, hilariously, this felt like a football game. Don't worry, there are still wtf moments, but overall, the sim stayed sober for senior day. We have two (maybe three?!) more sims to go. With next week being Thanksgiving, we are coming at you with a special sim Tuesday, November 23 9 PM CST / 10 PM EST for the final sim of the 2021 season. Enjoy them while they last!
November 20, 2021
The Calm Before the Rivalry Storm: Week 12 Picks
It's that time of year again, when teams across the nation run and hide behind some hilariously week games to prepare for their biggest games of the year. Thankfully, this year the concentrated FCS flood has been lessened than in previous years, giving us a rather solid slate of twelve games. Eddie still holds a two game lead over me in our Extra Life bet and he's still giving me hell for passing out during my 24 hour stream failure (and rightly so). I'm determined to catch up, but I'm running out of time! We have only a couple more regular season picks pods remaining. Come join the fun while it lasts!
November 18, 2021
Notre Dame @ Virginia Recap, Plus Big Picture Talk
Let's be honest, when a game is played so well, there is little more to do than gush over the performance. While fun, there is only so much gushing that can be done and still have an insightful show. Thankfully, Notre Dame was forced to play more of the depth chart than we've seen all season thanks to injuries and illness this week. With that look at the future of the Irish, Shane and I spend the second half of the pod talking about what we see as the big picture for this season and beyond. Oh, and there's a story about how I blacked out for charity and completely missed this game live.
November 14, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Virginia
I know I say this every week, but I'm absolutely positive the sim, and all technology, knows that we are wrapping this thing up soon. Troll job doesn't even begin to descript this mess. There are more turnovers than third downs converted by both teams. This game might have set a record for combined sacks. Neither virtual coach seemed to care to manage the clock properly nor call anything resembling a coherent gameplan. And, to top it all off, Shane's audio dies right in the middle of the sim. I'm not sure if I've ever laughed harder and had more despair than in any other sim. Enjoy the clusterfucks while they last.
November 12, 2021
2021 Week 11 Picks
It's hard to believe that we are now halfway into the month of November. The season is quickly coming to a close and there are only a handful of regular season picks pods remaining. Eddie still has a two game lead on our Extra Life bet (which, by the way, I'm doing a 24-hour stream on Friday night starting between 6-6:30pm CST--fun stuff is happening!). Both of us went 6-6 in the previous week and there is a solid slate of games, along with a couple true sicko matchups tossed in. There aren't many of these left. Enjoy each one! #HAILGAMBLOR
November 11, 2021
Notre Dame vs Navy Recap
There's no fancy/funny title this week. This was very much a Notre Dame/Navy experience for the most part. Boring as hell to watch, ending (thankfully) was never in doubt. Yet there were still some incredible highlights, mostly centered around Navy not scoring a touchdown which might be one of the wilder things we've seen in this series in some time. Apparently this was driven by Marcus Freeman making sure the scout team made life hell for the defense, which is some next level coaching evil. The offense largely did their job against a bad defense, leading to one of the shortest recaps of anything all time. Not going to lie: will not miss covering/recapping this series ever again--and it's going to keep going for at least another decade. Y'all have fun with that!
November 08, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Navy
It's rare that I can say that a sim is a quick listen, but when virtual Navy comes into town, the clock bleeds at a glorious pace. Unrelated, my eyes may have also bled at the same pace by watching...well, whatever this was. It was a sim. It was a Navy game. It felt dirty even though it was a good result. Perhaps the sim found a way to capture Catholic guilt in video game form. We'll never know the sim's ways, but we will enjoy it while it lasts. After all, we've hit the last month of the regular season and these little events will be coming to an end soon.
November 05, 2021
Monkeying Around with Week 10 Picks
Never in my life did I imagine I would (1) have a college football podcast and (2) spend a considerable amount of time talking about a monkey, owned by a stripper, and have it actually relate to college football. What a stupid, wonderful sport we follow. Anyways, I gained yet another game on Eddie and look to close the gap for our $200 Extra Life bet in the home stretch of the season. (Sidenote: Friday night, November 12, my 24 hour marathon stream will begin--start time TBA!) We both remain well over .500 despite some pitchy pitchy woo woo bullshit from Florida State, adding yet another awful bad beat to our ledger in an otherwise fantastic season. Even though this week's matchups don't look to bring the heat on paper, we all know better. If a Pole Assassin's monkey can steal headlines, anything is possible.
November 04, 2021
Welcome Back to the Top Ten: Notre Dame vs North Carolina Recap
Notre Dame defense certainly missed Kyle Hamilton in their tilt against North Carolina. The offense, on the other hand, missed nothing. Even with the knowledge that the Tar Heel defense is, well, garbage, Shane and I came away incredibly impressed with what the Irish did on the offensive side of the ball. We also fangirled over Kyren Williams' 91-yard touchdown run that looked like it came straight out of a video game. Even though the defense struggled, we don't have too much concern, especially considering the games remaining. We project a bit on what our defense will look like against Navy and also ponder if we perhaps jumped the gun on expectations for Marcus Freeman pulling off a lockdown defense in year one. The Irish just keep on winning and making these episodes very easy. It's hard to complain, even though we try.
November 01, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs North Carolina
The sim continues to surprise. Somehow this game managed to be everything all at once--a comforting nightmare. If your feelings about Notre Dame games hinge on the sim, I can only say that your feelings will be completely up to individual interpretation. I'm not sure I can explain it in any other way without giving too much away. Oh, and there's a very important discussion about people and chairs thanks to the Inside the Garage podcast. Very important.
October 29, 2021
2021 Week 9 Picks with 100% More Chicken F*&king
I promise, the title will make more sense when you hear Eddie and I make really stupid jokes at the beginning of the show. More accurately, it won't make a damn bit of sense, which is also far and expected for us. What is not expected, but certainly welcome in our last season, is just killing it with our picks. Both of us are well above .500 and I've managed to cut Eddie's five game lead down to three, as we continue to battle out who will drop a $200 donation to my Extra Life campaign, Gamin' 4 Aven. Degeneracy is good. Our picks are better. Fighting pediatric cancer is the best. Chicken fucking is weird, but makes us laugh. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 28, 2021
If Only We Had More Time: Notre Dame vs Southern Cal Recap
It's always a great day when Notre Dame beats Southern Cal. There's an entire graduating class that doesn't know what it's like to beat the Irish and, having been on the other side of that, I shed no tears. Overall the game was great, yet still contained a mix of things that have frustrated the hell out of us all season long. Shane and I air our grievances, but celebrate that all the headaches mattered not in a game that was never in doubt. We also discuss the stadium atmosphere and some of the potential scenarios that could await the Irish in the postseason that we'd like to see.
October 25, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Southern Cal
Every week, I feel like I write that the sim went peak sim. Yet every week, this video game simulation manages to exceed my wildest expectations. Unless you watched this live, there is no possible way you would come up with how this game unfolded. I'm sure you could get some pieces correct; however, I feel comfortable saying that no one would ever guess how this thing ended. I'm glad this happened in a rivalry game because it hits that much harder. Enjoy every bit of this stupid, bonkers sim of a stupid, bonkers sport.
October 22, 2021
#FSouthernCal Week Picks
We are truly blessed that this week's slate isn't loaded with bangers. All focus can remain where it needs to be: hating those bastards from Southern Cal. But while we await (read: heavily drink before) kickoff, we have our usual twelve pack of picks to tide you over on College Football Saturday. We continue to hit this year strong and Eddie and I aren't about to stop now. #FSouthernCal #FUSC #HAILGAMBLOR
October 21, 2021
Choo Choos and Tigers and Trash, OH MY!
Loyal listeners, you are in for a special treat. With the bye week, Shane and I delivered our weekly national recap episode, which is typically behind the $1/month (or more!) Patreon paywall, for free. Shane called it, were-dick and all. Purdue took out Iowa and it wasn't even close. While that was the biggest upset that landed, others gave a valiant attempt while Notre Dame took a well-deserved week off. Other teams established their dominance. Fans of other teams *cough*Tennessee*cough* littered their field with trash in most embarrassing display that I've seen in college football .Oh, and Coach O got fired after upsetting Florida. There are...some things...that have come out immediately since. Shane gets to hear them all for the first time too as I deliver the news to him live. This was initially planned as a short, 30 minute episode like our other recaps. Apparently, college football had other plans since we planned a non-ND pod. College football is gonna get real boring when we retire this super-power.
October 18, 2021
The Final Bye Week Podcast
If you know, you know. If you don't, well, be warned this pod is different. Jack Crosy from CBS Sports joins Eddie, Shane, and I on our annual foray into podcasting in the bye week. Topics go all over the place. We have picks scattered around. We talk video games. We talk wrestling. We talk about a whole lot of nothing. It's our favorite podcast every year and we hope you enjoy the last one under the HLS banner as well.
October 14, 2021
QBs, Lasers, and Heart Attacks, Oh My! Notre Dame at Virginia Tech Recap
Considering the way this season has unfolded, we should've never expected firm answers at quarterback. The twist this time: Tyler Buncher giving us all a tease that the future began Saturday night while Drew Pyne watched from the sideline. The additional twist: Jack Coan won the football game. We had the full range of emotions while the Irish escaped Blacksburg with a victory. BK apparently experienced some too as he came out firing in his post-game presser about the negative press of his starting, but totally not flavor-of-the-week, quarterback. We had a wild one and there's tons to talk about. Thank God we've hit the bye, we all need a deep breath after this one.
October 11, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech
Well, we had an all-timer in HLS technical issues. It took five attempts to get the sim fully rolling. That's a lot--even for us. Thankfully(?), massive HLS screw ups turn into premium content. If you are a Twitch Subscriber, you can see the full, unedited VoD here and a highlight of just the screw ups here. If you are a Patreon subscriber, you'll have access to the full unedited podcast version, as well as the VoD highlight as well. We also ran a bit of an experiment this time around. Below you will see and hear our usual work, in which we commentate a Drew Pyne start. However, we also ran another sim, but with Jack Coan starting (without commentary and podcast accompaniment). It's the hardest we've ever simmed--in every way possible.
October 08, 2021
2021 Week 6 Picks
Eddie and I keep going back and forth with this lead and our Extra Life bet. After last week, I have tied things back up. We remain above .500 mark as we approach the midway point of this chaos season. There's still definitely time for us to screw this up, but while things are still going better than Notre Dame's QB situation, we might as well keep this thing going. Come join us at the altar of GAMBLOR once again, degenerates. We ride again and we pick the sickest of all sicko games ever to boot. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 07, 2021
HLS Rantcap: Notre Dame vs. Cincinnati
Quite frankly, having a final season of HLS at least one "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" loss seemed unlikely. Granted, Shane and I didn't expect to go through every possible aggravating story line: bad coaching decisions, QB controversy, stupid turnovers, and screaming at the subset of fans that see their Notre Dame ticket as an investment opportunity. This episode got us so heated that even the Homefield Apparel ad read wasn't spared a rant inclusion. We are red, mad, and nude online. Thank Christ this is an audio format.
October 04, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Cincinnati
The sim wears green! It's a top ten matchup at Notre Dame Stadium as Notre Dame and Cincinnati duke it out. The Irish are still battling loads of injuries and with Brian Kelly being less than forthcoming, it makes it hard to set these rosters for maximum accuracy. However, Shane receives some breaking news from an inside source that changes everything…have we created a QB controversy?!
October 01, 2021
2021 Week 5 Picks
Eddie and I are very cautious about bragging too much before the altar of GAMBLOR, but y'all, we had a week. Sometimes, you have to celebrate and point it out. I'm glad we've hit one hell of a stride right now as week 5 is coming in strong with some absolute bangers, as well as some absolute degenerate sicko specials. This was the first week that I had a really rough time finalizing the 12-pack. This week is that damn good. So come get join the hot streak and/or hear the beginning of our crash down to reality. Either way, we both came into this episode spicy and are ready for this week to get insanely weird. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 30, 2021
Jump Around and Find Out: Notre Dame vs Wisconsin Recap
I wish I could take full credit for this episode's title, but that honor goes to @ndlauren who graciously let me use her comedic genius during Saturday's fourth quarter fireworks. There is very little to complain about in this one. Coan could find a bit more accuracy and the offensive line held together by the thinnest strands of duct tape could block better. But even with those issues, Notre Dame has this crazy confidence about them that has somehow filtered to Shane and I as well. It sure doesn't hurt that special teams put on a clinic and Marcus Freeman reminded everyone why he was the hottest name for defensive coordinator. That all being said, we understand there are some corners of the internet that still want to be mad about things, particularly about Brian Kelly eclipsing Knute Rockne's win record. Don't worry, we have something for your sour ass too!
September 27, 2021
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame "@" Wisconsin
This episode contains two things that are peak HLS: A cold open featuring the most unique possible technical meltdown we've ever had. Shane and I heard everything perfectly and the stream barely heard anything. Nearly five full minutes of scrambling while live. The sim delivered an absolute nightmare. When we thought we hit the bottom, the sim dug deeper and then dug deeper yet again. I'm honestly in awe of both happenings. We could've pulled either off if we actually planned it. This is the true magic of HLS: delivering the things you never asked for and never wanted. Enjoy?
September 24, 2021
2021 Week 4 Picks
Enjoy the cold open--it's easily one of our best train wrecks and it's not even my fault this time. It's fun being on the other side of things! Anyways, what you're here for: the picks! Eddie and I have gotten off to a solid start, remaining above .500 and staying .500 or better every week. As wild as the season has been so far, we aren't taking it for granted. We'll try to keep things rolling in week 4. Now that we are finally getting into the season, Eddie and I are disagreeing with each other more often, meaning the $200 Extra Life bet is about to get super-spicy. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 23, 2021
The Beat Goes On - Notre Dame vs Purdue Recap
Good news, everyone! Things are improving with Notre Dame! While the offense still has some things to work through, particularly Jack Coan having some odd accuracy issues, there are signs of an explosive offensive ready to break out. The offensive line, despite considering you, yes you, for LT, performed admirably. Marcus Freeman and the defense continued their path to improvement, featuring an actual smart us of the three lineman dollar formation that gave Purdue fits. Better yet, the whole giving up multiple 60+ yard plays each game died a wonderful death. All sides of the ball still have some work to do, but the positive signs are there. Come join Shane and I as we give our thoughts on Notre Dame's first spread-covering victory. This episode is brought to you by Homefield Apparel, where you can receive 15% off your first order with code LOYALSONS and If These Walls Could Talk - Stories from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Sideline, Locker Room, and Press Box by Reggie Brooks. Get your copy here and use code WALLSND25 for 25% off your order.
September 20, 2021
NCAA Sim: Notre Dame vs Purdue
You know, I was really proud of myself on this one. I thought I had everything figured out. Didn't mess up hitting buttons or anything this time around. And then the game audio didn't record right. And then the backup didn't record right. So y'all get the back up of the back up which has the entire audio. Thankfully, it's functional enough, and servers as a perfect metaphor for Notre Dame Football in 2021. Oh, and the sim definitely has tapped into that reality as well. I dare you to watch/listen to this and tell me if it's not maximum ND/Purdue. I DARE YOU.
September 17, 2021
2021 Week 3 Picks
Despite how crazy college football has been to open the 2021 season, Eddie and I have come out firing with above .500 records. Here's hoping we can keep the good times rolling over at the altar of GAMBLOR by taking on a slate that has some truly, truly sicko-quality games. But look, we don't hide our degeneracy here. My goal is to find a twelve-pack of games of some interest, and, by God, I'm going to deliver. Come for the picks. Stay to listen to Eddie break my brain and my spirit during the outro. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 16, 2021
Failure to Launch - Notre Dame vs Toledo Recap
Thankfully, the frustration within this episode comes from a win. While this season definitely seems to be of the caliber of "holy crap, is anyone even good?!" (which we go into detail in our Patreon Exclusive episode), there are some major concerns for Notre Dame going forward. We talk about whether Jack Coan or Tyler Bucnher should start against Purdue, if Marcus Freeman needs to burn part of his playbook to save his own head coaching aspirations, and question if Peacock actually wanted to broadcast another ND game ever again with the way they handled it. There's a lot of ground to cover and a lot of angst to get out. Buckle up.
September 13, 2021
2021 NCAA Sim - Notre Dame vs Toledo
After last week, it's clear that the HLS Sim is back as the most accurate prediction method in sports. It warned us the game against Florida State would be too close, and down to the wire. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the Sim this week--even if we decided that we would restrict the stream and VoD to paying subscribers of our Twitch channel. But, hey, the podcast will always be free (unless you are getting to ad-free version in the Patreon which also includes additional bonus content and pods). Show us the money. Show us an Irish victory.
September 10, 2021
2021 Week 2 Picks
Week 1 was full of surprises, sprung traps, and failed covers (looking at you, Notre Dame). Despite the insanity, both Eddie and I finished out at 5-6-1 to bring our records to 9-7-1 for the year. Reminder, Eddie and I are battling for a $200 donation to my Extra Life campaign, so every week matters. So kick back, relax, and open another 12-pack of picks with us. Like the Irish, it's time to bounce back. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 09, 2021
HLS Recap - Notre Dame at Florida State
Let's be honest, the game could have and should have gone a lot better for the Irish. After having an incredible dominating opening, Notre Dame sputtered to an overtime victory, watching an 18-point lead completely disappear in the fourth. Marcus Freeman watched his Notre Dame honeymoon come to an end by inexplicably putting his defense in a three man front. Notre Dame's rushing offense struggled, but Jack Coan had a record-breaking debut. And *checks notes* Brain Kelly wants to execute his team?! Also, if you miss the national recaps, make sure to head over to the Patreon to toss in $1 for exclusive access to those bonus episodes.
September 06, 2021
2021 NCAA Sim: Notre Dame at Florida State
Of all bits and ideas that I've created here at Her Loyal Sons, the NCAA Sim has, by far been my favorite. Not only do we, for some reason, put ourselves at the mercy of a game released eight years ago, but Shane and I also put ourselves at the mercy of technology that somehow goes insanely awry during these episodes and streams. Loyal Listeners, I am pleased to report that we've hit peak HLS in all aspects to kick off our final sim season. We have technical difficulties, I failed to hit proper buttons on my soundboard, the game glitched out, ate the roster I curated and made a flip card for, and, to top it all off, the sim delivered an absolute nightmare scenario of a game. In short, it's perfect. For video, head here.
September 03, 2021
Week 1 Picks
Week 0 was nothing less than a smashing success for Eddie and I. That being said, we know there is no rest for the degenerate. Week 1 is absolutely loaded with incredible games, plus Notre Dame's season opener. Enjoy a fresh 12-pack of picks as we look to continue the 4-1 momentum from last week. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 02, 2021
FSU Deep Dive
It figures that when I tease a guest, it falls through. However, I won't fault Jack Crosby of CBS Sports, who we scheduled to help us preview Florida State, as his first child decided to make her arrival. While we all give Jack our hearty congrats, the show must go on. Shane and I do a rare deep-dive into a Notre Dame opponent without video game assistance and discuss what Notre Dame will face in Tallahassee. We also discuss a major Irish injury plus--a head coach in waiting?!
August 27, 2021
2021 Futures and Week 0 Picks
Eddie and I return to the altar of GAMBLOR for one final season (well, publicly via audio at least). The season 2021 is officially upon us and there will be actual football played this weekend. That means there are future champions to predict and spreads to pick. Sure, our highlight is Nebraska at Illinois, but that ain't going to stop us. And, no, we don't have a problem--we've got it figured out! #HAILGAMBLOR
August 26, 2021
Top 25 Roster Countdown
Typically, I write a post explaining myself in the annual Counting Down the Irish roster ranking run by Douglas Farmer over at NBC's Inside the Irish. This year, knowing there was no way in hell that post was going to actually happen, I decided to save it as a podcast topic for Shane and I. Shane didn't see the rankings at all before this episode. The reactions are genuine as is the questioning of my sanity. Never fear, I have a defense and explanation for all of them. The top 25 ranking by the president of the Rocco Spindler fan club can be found below. Enjoy! Kyle Hamilton Kyren Williams Michael Mayer Jarrett Patterson Kevin Austin Blake Fisher Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa Braden Lenzy Kurt Hinish Jack Coan Isaiah Foskey Chris Tyree Cain Madden Clarence Lewis Jack Kiser Josh Lugg Drew White Rocco Spindler Jayson Ademiola Houston Griffith Lawerence Keys Cam Hart  Shayne Simon Lorenzo Styles Tyler Buchner
August 20, 2021
The Beginning of the End
Just because our run at HLS is ending doesn't mean Shane and I aren't ridiculously excited for this season. In fact, it only took two BK pressers and one media-viewed practice to whip us up into a homer frenzy. Slap on those blue & gold glasses and come sip on the Kool-Aid with us before the season gets rolling. Also, scheduling note for future podcasts: Picks Pod starts back up with an August 25th recording and the first Sim is September 2nd. Get. Hype!
August 13, 2021
2021 Schedule Preview
We are finally nearing the end of the offseason, meaning it is time for laser focus on the 2021 Notre Dame season. With that in mind, Shane and I give a quick preview on every game on the 2021 Irish slate, plus perhaps going off topic a bit on the Peacock home opener. Come for the massive preview, stay for the huge show news at the end of the episode!
August 06, 2021
Previewing the Irish: Magazines, Vegas, and SP+
Finally, an episode that has waited nearly a month in the wings! I bust out my 2021 preview magazine collection and discuss the projections with Shane, which seem to include the national media guzzling the Cincinnati and North Carolina Koolaid. The outlook from the magazine crew is largely good, including a projection that might be wearing blue and gold glasses. We then turn to Vegas and SP+ for a bit of a downer. Those projections were...not as kind. Next week, we will turn to our own projections for the Irish plus some big news for the pod that you don't want to miss!
July 30, 2021
Conference Realignment 2: Red River Boogaloo
Shane and I had plans of discussing the national previews of Notre Dame. Then Texas and Oklahoma decided they were off to the SEC. So, here we go again: it's conference realignment time. While we spend a fair amount of time making fun of Texas and laughing at the Big XII getting caught with their pants down, we examine what this means for college football's future, the planned playoff expansion, and if Notre Dame's independence still fits into all of this. We'll try that whole preview magazine thing next week.
July 23, 2021
Welcome to the NIL Era
Name, Image, and Likeness is no longer a concept or a wishlist, but reality. Shane and I discuss what that reality entails, how Notre Dame and its players have approached it, how much we still don't know, and the potential pitfalls along the way. Towards the end, this leads me to a few hilarious sponsorship ideas that perfectly encapsulate what we love about college football.
July 09, 2021
NCAA v Alston, Now on the Record
Yes, I put the incredible Zoom recording fail behind me. Moons and Shane graciously came back on to try to recreate our episode focusing on the Supreme Court decision on NCAA v Alston. Moons gives his legal expertise as to what the SCOTUS decision actually means in the grand scheme of thigs. Thankfully, he's also used his lawyering skills to show just how badly the NCAA bungled this entire case from beginning to end. We also talk about the Kavanaugh opinion, what that means to the big picture as well as the NCAA's spin to the 9-0 loss as a win for them. Finally, we conclude with irrefutable, legal proof that Michigan is full of tramps.
June 28, 2021
Tex Fucked Up
Background: NCAA v Alston happened. I thought I'd bring still-technically-HLS-staff Moons, an actual lawyer, on the pod with Shane and I to discuss this intelligently. We had a great time. Awesome conversation. I learned some things. I also learned Zoom didn't record a damn thing. I learned this after we finished the episode. We will re-rack again and give the episode another shot. That being said, I know we can't completely re-capture the moment like we did the first time. So, since Shane and I record our audio locally, I did some creative editing for Moons' audio. I clipped the end of the show which was easily the highlight.  If you are interested in hearing the entire Mt. Everest of Tex tech fuck ups, I have that available on my Patreon. You can unlock it for $1/month as I attempt to make lemonade out of the lemons I threw at myself. Enjoy?
June 25, 2021
Failure to Receive
After getting to avoid it last week, Shane and I dive into the position group causing the most angst within the Notre Dame fan base: Wide Receiver. You name it, it's gone wrong: horrid injury luck, transfers, and lack of production. With talk of Notre Dame needing to have a more dynamic offense, this position group simply has to step up not just this year, but beyond. With that in mind, I come up with an offensive strategy that might just hide some of the warts of this position group, plus some others that are stepping in a unique spot in 2021 for Notre Dame. Oh, the shameless plug because we are all too happy to sell out to the Good Brand: Be sure to use LOYALSONS for 15% off your first order at and be sure to let them know HLS sent you.
June 18, 2021
Leave the Bye, Take the Independence
Jack Swarbrick has consistently put Notre Dame's football independence above all else. Even when faced with a daunting prospect of playoff expansion, a move that could have forced Notre Dame, yet again, into conference membership, he found an out. Sacrifices have to be made to protect the ND family. A playoff by may have been left at the scene of the crime, but Jack executed any thought that the Irish would need to flock to a conference to preserve title hopes. In doing so, Shane and I see all kinds of potential for opportunity, incredible matchups, and even potentially chaos not just on the field, but off as well once conference TV contracts come to an end.
June 11, 2021
In the Name of Image, Likeness, and Fair Compensation
Shane and I touched on Name, Image, and Likeness rights in last week's episode, but this week we take the full dive into it. We first examine the broad picture as it stands right now, including a look at how money currently changes hands thanks to a confession by one Johnny Football. With that picture, we throw out how we'd like Notre Dame to approach this fast incoming radical change to the college football landscape.
June 04, 2021
The Five Year View
Shane and I have ended our offseason hiatus to kick off our fifth year of podcasting as a duo. To mark this occasion, we decided to take a look at our current expectations of Notre Dame as they are today and how they differ from our thoughts five years ago--both from the on-field performance as well as the recruiting and roster churn. Oh, and we also have a new partner in Homefield Apparel. Perhaps you've heard about the good news about The Good Brand? If not make sure you use that LOYALSONS for 15% off the ND gear you're going to buy on Saturday, June 5.
May 28, 2021
HLS Sim: Blue/Gold 2021
A new era kicks off for Notre Dame football this Friday as an Ian Book-less Irish take the field for the first time this Saturday. Get your self in the streaming mindset and join the always popular HLS Sim before you try to figure out how to get Peacock by 12:30 PM EDT on Saturday. All eyes will be on the Irish QB situation and the most accurate of all sports prediction methods will give you a preview of what we will all be talking about until fall camp. Don't worry, the HLS Sim still has that special "something" as it always does. In fact, we end up hitting a moment that I dubbed "peak sim" towards the end of the game. And if you're wondering whether or not a certain freshman QB ends up'll have to see (or hear) for yourself.
April 30, 2021
HLS Recap: 2020 Season Finale
It feels like it took forever to get to this point this season, but we've finally arrived at the end of the road for the 2020 college football season. Shane and I take a brief look at Alabama's coronation ceremony against Ohio State this past Monday and what it means for college football as a whole. That, of course, bleeds into talk of where Notre Dame stands among the college football elite and how they are talking the Alabama problem. The second half of the show recaps news from under The Dome. This includes the massive hire of Marcus Freeman as defensive coordinator as well as a truckload of roster moves from the past couple of weeks. We will be back at some point in the offseason, but we will take a break as I get all my tech fixed here at HLS HQ. I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone that has listened and we hope we've been able to give you some joy and an escape during this crazy year. Here's hoping for less stress and more vaccines & antibodies in 2021. I want to share a drink at a tailgate with y'all!
January 18, 2021
HLS Picks: 2020 Championship Edition
There have been just a few non-football things of more import happening this past week, but Eddie and I wanted to say farewell to the 2020 season the best way we know how, making one final trip to the altar of GAMBLOR. We give our thoughts on the winner, spread, and total, along with a brief preview of how we see this game playing out. Enjoy this brief episode and, when you hear my child crying and screaming in the background, don't worry. The tragedy was spilling his granola oats. He'll live. #HAILGAMBLOR
January 11, 2021
HLS Recap: Talkin' 'Bout The Narrative™
To end the Notre Dame football season, we decided to go with a single segment, no-ad stream of consciousness pod. Sure, there are a couple of major national things to hit, but the meat of this episode is talking about Notre Dame falling to Alabama and The Narrative™ surrounding the program. Just like BK in the post-game presser, we got a bit spicy on this one. There will be one final pod to put a bow on the end of this crazy, COVID-wrecked season. But for now, come commiserate the end of the Notre Dame season with us.
January 03, 2021
HLS Sim: Notre Dame vs Alabama - CFP Semifinal
Typically, we've done this year's sim under a complete separate, COVID-free reality. We are still honoring that spirit, as if ND made the playoff, they'd play in the actual Rose Bowl. However, with some PC upgrades, and using a different version of the game, came new, updated rosters with tweaked ratings. So, we decided to just roll with whatever those rosters and depth charts were. Injuries, as always are completely out. Yes, that means Bama has Waddle. We weren't sure what this new and improved version of the sim would bring (save for some crackling audio, sorry about that!), but I think it's safe to say that your nightmares are all still alive and well in this damned thing. We're so sorry, but can't stop the bit now.
December 31, 2020
HLS Picks: 2020 New Year's Six & Others
Eddie and I return after a bit of a break to pick the bowl games that matter (and a couple that don't). That means a lot of random topics while we catch up, followed by thoughts on the New Year's Six, playoffs, and yes, Notre Dame facing off against Alabama. In fact, the ND pick manages to turn into an explosive $100 Extra Life sidebet to kick of the 2021 campaign that I haven't even started yet. One of us took Bama and the other took ND. Tune in and fine out the logic behind the split. (And hang around for the most wheels-off outro I've ever done.)
December 30, 2020
HLS Recap: Over? Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It Is!
The last time that Shane and I had to deal with a post-loss podcast was 2019. Sure, it's been over a year, but I feel we made up for lost time in this rant-heavy episode. Notre Dame drops the ball against Clemson. Army, everyone in the group of five, and everyone not a brand name in college football gets screwed by the committee. Fans deciding to chalk up a loss to Alabama weeks before the game is played. Yeah, it's all covered. This felt good. Come get your audio therapy.
December 21, 2020
HLS Virtual ACC Championship: Notre Dame (8-3, 8-2) vs. Clemson (10-1, 9-1)
Friendly reminder: The HLS Sim takes place in an alternate, COVID-free reality in which Notre Dame is still somehow playing football in the ACC. All of the results and injuries are self-contained in this gigantic ACC simulation experiment. And this week that experiment comes to an end. Notre Dame, despite a horrid loss to Syracuse, found themselves in the Virtual ACC Championship thanks to long-time friends of the Irish, Miami. Will Clemson have vengeance on the mind? Or will virtual history repeat itself once again?
December 18, 2020
HLS Picks: The Champs Are...Here?!
In 2020, we are taking nothing for granted, especially in the wake of one conference championship game already having a substitute team due to a COVID outbreak. So, while we certainly hope for a full complement of conference champions come Sunday, we will assume nothing. That being said, we decided to end the regular season, and Eddie and I's $100 bet for charity with a 12-pack banger, picking every game of consequence this weekend. The tie will be broken, but definitely not in any way that either of us ever expected. And, because 2020 has been far too insane, Eddie and I will punt our usual bowl game podcasts in full anticipation teams will absolutely not give two shits about going. We'll be back for the New Year's Six, which absolutely should include Notre Dame unless...well, peak 2020 happens. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 17, 2020
HLS Picks: Mystery Bye Week!
We certainly didn't expect Notre Dame's (regular) season to be cut a week short, meaning this mystery bye week allows Eddie to toss another game into our typical 8-pack of picks. It's definitely getting harder to try and pull games for the weekly slate, especially with some more traditional games, like Michigan and Ohio State, getting the COVID axe. However, there are still stories to be told and games to pick. Can't stop. Won't stop. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 10, 2020
HLS Recap: Hardware Focused
Shane needed to deal with an unforeseen emergency, leaving me solo this episode. The best game of the weekend was a Group of Five game that wasn't originally on the schedule. The Big Ten is probably going back on their championship qualifying rules. There was a Sunday night college football game. Must be 2020. In the midst of all of this, Notre Dame had a weird game against Syracuse that looked oddly familiar. We've arrived at the point in which annoying games are wins by 20+ points and the only thing left ahead for the Irish is to add to their hardware collection. 2020 may suck, but the football is good and talking about it is still a joy.
December 07, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (8-2, 8-1) vs Syracuse (3-7, 3-7)
Friendly reminder: The HLS Sim exists in its own, COVID-free reality in which Notre Dame is still somehow playing in the ACC. The results and injuries all exist in this strange parallel universe. Almost every week I tell myself "wow, we really went peak sim this week" and every week the sim laughs at me. This is a mess Marie Kondo couldn't sort and it most certainly doesn't spark any joy. The Sim Irish are in control of their ACC destiny needing a win over lowly Syracuse to clinch the ACC Championship game berth and the ACC regular season crown. And uh...well...this happened.
December 04, 2020
HLS Picks: Freshly Squeezed
When we started this week, Eddie and I weren't expecting this to be the final week for Notre Dame's regular season. By the time you are reading and/or listening to this, one of the games on our board has very likely been cancelled. 2020 season in a nutshell, y'all. While the board doesn't have the most intriguing lines of the season, there are storylines a plenty. We dig into those and make our picks as we near ever closer to the end of our annual Extra Life $100 donation bet all tied up. This is the way. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 03, 2020
HLS Recap: Kicking Around Playoff Contenders and Pretenders
In a week where Vanderbilt made history (and then fired their coach), we still have some degree around just who can actually make a playoff run. While some teams were happy to play themselves out, situations in the Big Ten and Pac-12 have made things a little more cloudy and confusing than usual. So Shane and I decided to play a little game of Contenders and Pretenders around the nation in the wake of this week to see who might just have a legitimate shot and who is just hanging around because the Playoff Committee are required to fill out 21 more teams outside the top 4. Finally, we take a gleeful look at Notre Dame's victory in Chapel Hill, basking in the glory and confidence that this team shows week after week.
November 30, 2020
HLS Picks: The Sicko Slate
Traditionally, this weekend is full of the rivalry matchups that we all crave in this sport. In 2020, we get some of those games, but also others that make me question my own mental faculties when they ended up on the board. Meanwhile, Notre Dame heads over to the East Coast instead of the West Coast for their last major test before the ACC Title game against a Mack Brown led North Carolina team…on a Friday. This is all weird. But weird is 2020's thing and we will enjoy every bit of college football that we are blessed with in These Trying Times™. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 26, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (8-1, 8-0) @ North Carolina (7-2, 6-2)
Friendly reminder: The HLS Sim exists in an alternate, COVID-free reality in which Notre Dame is somehow still playing football in the ACC. The results, injuries, and everything in between exist solely within this parallel universe. Since next sim week would fall on a Thursday and ND has a bye this week, Shane and I decided to fire off the sim a week early. Along with that, I ran sims for the rest of the ACC to catch up properly as well. Quite frankly, that's probably the only thing that went right here. After two weeks of the Sim sparing us its usual torture, it came for our time-traveling hubris as if it needed to collect a debt. Consider this a cleansing before your turkey feast.
November 20, 2020
HLS Picks: Triple Cheeseburger
This week's board is a perfect summary of the madness that is the 2020 college football season. We have a team playing their first game of the season (potentially), a top ten matchup that no one saw coming, an undefeated Group of Five team that has a better record in the ACC than their ACC opponent, and Notre Dame is on their third bye week this season. Yeah, it's a lot and that only covers a portion of the storylines involved in this episode. So get your bye week burgers ready and come get your ND-stress-free weekend started with us. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 19, 2020
HLS Recap: The QB Controversy That Never Was
The big stories this week were the things that were never there in the first place: 15 games postponed or cancelled, SEC defense, Will Muschamp's job, wins for Penn State, and Michigan's title hopes. This extended to Notre Dame's matchup with Boston College, a matchup to give Phil Jurkovec the chance to prove that he was the true winner of Notre Dame's QB competition last year. Problem was, BC had as much of a chance of repeating a 1993 upset, as Phil did being ND QB1. But, much like ESPN with a narrative they clearly invested too much into, Shane and I press on and cover what did actually happen before Notre Dame heads off to a well-deserved bye week.
November 16, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (7-1, 7-0) at Boston College (6-2, 5-2)
Friendly reminder: The Sim exists in an alternate, COVID-free reality in which Notre Dame is still somehow playing in the ACC. All the wins, losses, injuries, and even depth charts, exist in the Sim's parallel universe. After we were all shocked with Notre Dame comfortably taking down #1 Clemson, has The Sim lulled us into a false sense of security? Does it know about 1993? Does it live in our minds and display our worst nightmares? There's only one way to find out. It's a Holy War and the Lepretron trophy must remain intact!
November 13, 2020
HLS Picks: Please Don't Cancel Everything
The title of this episode is the actual mood in the podcasting room. This week has not been kind in terms of COVID cancellations, leading Eddie and I to fear that quite a few of these picks may end up being meaningless by the time Saturday comes around. But, we persist, if for nothing else but to have another chance to talk about Notre Dame being Clemson once again. Seriously, that will never get old. Unless we lose to Boston College. Please don't do that. That would be silly. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 12, 2020
Notre Dame Beats Clemson Extra Life Supershow
What. A. Weekend. On Saturday, I started a 24-hour charity marathon stream, the beginning of which was completely devoted to Notre Dame's gigantic matchup, and, ultimately, a victory, against the (former) #1 team in the land, Clemson. What I could have never expected was that the guests and segments that I would have during this stream would create a time capsule of one of the most extraordinary Saturdays in ND history. A huge thank you to all my guests and especially all the donors to my Extra Life campaign. As of this episode's release, you have helped me raise over $12,000 for the Blake Shelton Cancer Research Fund at the Children's Hospital Foundation of Oklahoma City in honor of Aven. While the marathon is done, donations are open until the end of the year via hear donations of $47.40 are particularly popular these days. As this is a very large (and will forever be ad-free) show, below are the timestamps for all segments. Apologies for some audio being rougher than usual as all recording was on the fly and I need to go be a virtual teacher for my kiddos! 3:17 - Tailgating with Ty Hildenbrandt of The Solid Verbal 44:18 - Pre-game Show with FFXIV Streamer and Clemson Fan, Mizzteq 1:08:26 - Halftime Show with Notre Dame, Our Blogger 1:22:44 - Postgame Show with Shane (aka the usual HLS Recap episode)
November 09, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (6-1, 6-0) vs Clemson (7-0, 6-0)
Friendly reminder: The HLS Sim exists in an alternate, COVID-free reality, complete with it's own victories, losses, and injuries. Somehow, Notre Dame still plays in the ACC in this parallel world. Folks, this is the sim I've been dreading. With Sim Notre Dame constantly sputtering throughout the virtual season, including a mind-boggling blowout loss to USF, I've dreaded facing a mostly full-strength Clemson squad that includes a very healthy and very COVID-free Trevor Lawrence. Yet, this sim somehow actually resembled a real football game--by far the biggest upset of the season. Perhaps it will deliver one more...?
November 06, 2020
HLS Picks: Going West
Welcome back Pac-12! We missed your after dark insanity and our college football lives feel complete once again. Oh, and don't forget about the big thing going down on Saturday: Extra Life. 24-hour charity stream starts live at 6 PM Central, 7 PM Eastern. The stream will kick off with a live reaction stream about some game happening in South Bend this weekend. So get your picks ready for the weekend. I will be up all night, even past the final whistle of Hawaii's first home game. I couldn't be more excited and terrified all at the same time (please, Irish, win for the love of God).
November 05, 2020
HLS Recap: Ok, Let's Talk About Clemson
It's the week we've all been waiting for since the final whistle of the 2019 season: Notre Dame vs. Clemson. We shorten our typical national recap for an more in-depth discussion of the game, using the final two data points of Boston College @ Clemson and Notre Dame @ Georgia Tech. In fact, we were so excited, that we completely forgot about our ACC Sim recap, so that will have to wait until Thursday. Oh, and don't worry, we laughed at Michigan. Hard.
November 02, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (5-1, 5-0) @ Georgia Tech (2-4, 2-4)
Friendly reminder: The HLS Sim exists in its own COVID-free reality, in which Notre Dame is still somehow oddly playing in the ACC. At this point, Shane and I feel like that we've seen everything that the sim can possibly throw at us. Every week, we're proven wrong. This might just be the most bonkers sim we've ever run. If you check out the episode length, you can probably guess what happened. Oh, and a quarterback that Notre Dame will play soon in the real world had some rather major COVID-related news. We discuss that during the pregame because--yeah, that was just way too big to ignore.
October 30, 2020
HLS Picks: Let's Not Repeat Last Week
The universe must always be in balance. Apparently this means when Notre Dame blows out Pitt, GAMBLOR comes for our picks. It's been a good run this season, but Eddie and I are determined to get back on track. It's a new ballgame for the Extra Life charity bet (fundraising marathon next Saturday by the way!) as we are all tied up. This week's slate had a lot of shine and the Big Ten found out playing football can tarnish some of it. Despite that, we know IN THESE TRYING TIMES that we must appreciate what we get every week. So join us at the altar of GAMBLOR as we prepare for the final week before the big showdown with Clemson.
October 29, 2020
HLS Recap: Superweapon Malfunction
Wait...a Notre Dame/Pitt game can! What madness is this?! After witnessing a game that WE WILL NEVER MENTION AGAIN, this was quite a nice bounce-back for the Irish. The offense got right and Clark Lea put together another defensive masterpiece. Meanwhile, the Big Ten officially started their season, meaning Shane and I give some initial thoughts to the madness that included an improbable Indiana upset and a Rutgers win. Also featured this week: another ref bailout for Auburn, Florida State still real bad, Alabama still real good, and...*checks notes*...Clemson might have a Dino Babers problem?
October 26, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (4-1, 4-0) @ Pitt (4-2, 3-2)
Friendly reminder: The HLS Sim exists in an alternate, COVID-free reality in which Notre Dame is still somehow playing in the ACC. What happens when you mix the usual insanity of the sim with the usual pain and suffering of Notre Dame/Pitt? THIS. We apologize in advance. Please do not watch or listen with fragile or valuable objects as well as small children. Strong beverages recommended.
October 23, 2020
HLS Picks: Welcome Back Big Ten and Mountain West
It's been a while since our slate has really felt like it was truly stacked, but the return of the Big Ten and Mountain West are giving our Saturdays just a bit more of a feel of The Normal Times. We have a few top-25 matchups to talk about as well as the  glorious return of late night football from the West Coast. As we've always said, we need to enjoy these moments while they last. So settle in, get your winners, and get ready for a near-complete college football Saturday. Oh, and #HAILGAMBLOR.
October 22, 2020
HLS Recap: When the Sim Became Reality
We should've known that the Sim resembling something of a normal result via reasonable means would through the Notre Dame universe upside down. We can't take credit for what happened around the nation. After all, top 10 teams losing in 2020 seems rather normal at this point. We do, however, apologize for making your Saturday a bit more stressful than needed. That being said, we do not apologize for being happy about a win and embracing the Irish's new #3 ranking. Winning is the damn point and we are here to remind you of that in this episode.
October 19, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (3-1, 3-0) vs Louisville (2-2, 1-2)
Friendly reminder: the HLS Sim exists outside of reality. The records and results reflect an alternate, COVID-free reality in which Notre Dame is still strangely in the ACC. Unfortunately this week's sim did a get bit of a dose of reality as Shane had real life take him away from sim booth duties. However, the sim cannot be stopped. Enjoy (?) me flying solo as virtual Notre Dame has a game that...surprisingly isn't completely rage inducing?!
October 16, 2020
HLS Picks: Setting the Game Total at 6.5 This Week
Considering that, just a few hours before recording, we found out that LSU @ Florida was postponed, Ole Miss has a COVID outbreak, and Nick Saban has COVID--yeah, we're not overly confident that all eight games on our slate will happen. That being said, they weren't cancelled as of recording. They had spreads. GAMBLOR demands tribute. Who are we to argue? #HAILGAMBLOR
October 15, 2020
HLS Recap: Keep on Truckin'
Turns out not playing for two weeks and having a decent chunk of the roster bouncing around isolation and quarantine can lead to sloppy football. Despite that, Notre Dame flat out plowed through Florida State for a comfortable win, even with all the rest. While the Irish kept on trucking, others weren't as lucky. We were close to a blood weak with multiple ranked teams finding themselves on the wrong side of the score sheet. We were also blessed with what had to be the most insane Red River Shootout and Mike Leach setting a record he probably never expected to.
October 12, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame (2-1) vs Florida State (1-2)
Florida State, who has been just as bad in the sim world as the real world, is forced to start Jordan Travis due to injuries. What could possibly go wrong for Sim Notre Dame? If you've watched any HLS Sim, you know the answer to this. Everything.
October 09, 2020
HLS Picks: Hey, Notre Dame Is Back!
Don't look now, but Eddie and I are having a real nice hot streak going in this weird 2020 season. Somehow, in THESE TRYING TIMES™ we've remained consistent. With Notre Dame finally back on the docket for what feels like the first time in the decade, this is no time to celebrate or rest. Return to the altar of GAMBLOR with us and get your winners. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 08, 2020
HLS Recap: The Sober One
After our annual bye week gong show, it's time to get things back to normal and, hopefully, the Notre Dame schedule will as well. Considering that I had one hell of a time getting this audio together in a listenable form (please pray for my PC), those odds are good. Traditional technical issues aside, the rest of college football is keeping the straight up rollercoaster of 2020 alive and well. The Big XII continues to lobby their way out of the playoff, Mississippi State got the full Mike Leach experience in two weeks, leading Shane and I to try to figure out just what we actually know about the national picture at this point. We also take a look ahead to Notre Dame and Florida State and discuss the roller coaster of emotions of these last couple of weeks, including Notre Dame getting far more of a pandemic spotlight than either of us ever wanted.
October 05, 2020
The Actually Scheduled Pandemic Bye Week Podcast of Insanity
If you know, you know. If you don't, I'm going to say what I said to Mrs. Tex this morning: I'm so sorry. (Thanks for listening)
October 02, 2020
HLS Picks: The Actual ND Bye Week
We're bypassing the cold open on this on as we're going to have more than enough hijinks and stupidity on tomorrow's episode. So for this one, we stick to business and look to continue our winning ways as Eddie and I set at a solid 13-8-1. Will we agree on everything like last week? Will we disagree on everything? The only thing that is certain in THESE TRYING TIMES is that we will treat each game and pick as a blessing. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 01, 2020
HLS Recap: Sticking to Sports?
So how do you recap an unplanned bye week? Well, you can read some podcast reviews, laugh at the ones demanding you stick to sports. Next, you immediately pivot to Fr. Jenkins showing up at Washington D.C. without a mask. An act of "leadership" that I'm sure went over real well for every Notre Dame football player sitting at home this weekend as well as students that aren't allowed to go see their friends in any type of situation that resembles normal. Finally, you top it off with the most epic edition of #snacktalk possible as it was the true highlight of football this week. After that's all done, then, and only then, do you actually stick to sports.
September 28, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame @ Wake Forest
While we may not have actual Notre Dame football this weekend, the HLS Sim, safe in its COVID-free virtual reality, is here to provide. The 1-1 virtual Irish hits the road to take on 0-2 Wake Forest in an attempt to bounce back after an embarrassing home non-conference loss to USF. Can ND get back on track? Or will the Sim troll us all and kill all virtual ACC Championship dreams in week 3?
September 25, 2020
HLS Picks: Hopefully These Games Don't Get Cancelled
The only thing that Eddie and can guarantee is that whether you love to ride or fade us, we have you covered. Also, our audio actually sounds great for a change?! Sadly, we don't get to pick a Notre Dame game, but we do get to enjoy the SEC coming back to this glorious mess. Here's to an unplanned double-bye in which everyone gets healthy, has no long-lasting COVID issues, and we can actually see some more football this season. Oh, and #HAILGAMBLOR
September 24, 2020
HLS Recap: Exorcising Demons
That. Felt. GOOD. Sure, not a soul on the active Notre Dame roster was around when South Florida kicked 2011 off into hell, but Brian Kelly, Tommy Rees, and all of us sure were. 52-0 heals a lot of wounds. We reminisce about the Irish blowout and also discuss the Big Ten finding new "medical data", Navy finding their mojo, FSU finding COVID, Miami finding their swagger, and Phil Jurkovec finding his game. Oh, and the ACC Sim came for blood, y'all. It was not messing around this week!
September 21, 2020
HLS Sim: Notre Dame vs. South Florida
Our drunkest sim ever. That's the description for this. There are no other words. Well, save for that the audio quality is a little below what I'd like because I tried to tinker with things. But it doesn't matter. It matches this perfectly. We apologize for nothing.
September 18, 2020
HLS Picks: Week 2
Fresh off a very successful week one of--well, whatever this season will be--Eddie and I head back to the altar of GAMBLOR to keep the hot hand going. We have more ACC, more Big XII, and some kind of weird non-conference game for Notre Dame. It's the last week before the SEC joins the fray, so come get a taste of this weekend's dual power conference slate with us!
September 17, 2020
HLS Recap: This Conference Thing Is Easy
Notre Dame fans have been constantly told that the Irish should just join the conference and play real football. Well, ND did and we've yet to lose a conference game. Wear it. Seriously, what's so hard about this?  No, Big XII, you can sit down after getting trounced by the Sun Belt and the powerhouse that is *checks notes* Houston Baptist. FSU can take a seat as well after blessing us with a hilarious ACC opening loss to Georgia Tech. Oh, we talk a bunch of ND football against Duke too. Actually, we spend the majority of this episode doing so (much less talk of other games this year, so I gotta keep throwing the jokes in where I can).  Finally, we take a quick look into sim-land to see how the rest of our virtual ACC counterparts fared as well. Oh, and enjoy the cold open where I talk about the audio issues that I create for myself.
September 14, 2020
HLS Sim 2020: Notre Dame vs Duke
As we mentioned earlier in the week, the 2020 HLS Sim season will be in its own universe. Fans are in the stands, Notre Dame Stadium still has grass, and Kevin Austin magically has no injuries to speak off. Virtual Notre Dame begins their road to the virtual ACC title against Duke in an opening tilt in the rain. Y'all know the drill by now and if you don't...well, prepare for an experience unlike anything else. (Also, if you hear occasional pops/clipping on my audio, that isn't your speakers. Not sure what happened, but for whatever reason my recorded audio feed went to hell. Was able to mute/lessen it, but it's not the HLS podcast without some kind of issue.)
September 11, 2020
Week 1 Picks...What We're Still Doing Picks? Guess We're Still Doing Picks
Honestly, if it weren't for the $100 gentlemen's wager, aka a donation to Extra Life to fight pediatric cancer, between Eddie and I, the picks might have gotten canned this year. In fact, the headaches began 24 hours before recording in which a game on our original slate got cancelled. This is going to be fun... Anyways, every week Eddie and I will attempt to bring you our "expert" opinions on Notre Dame's matchup, six games from around the country, and one bonus game picked by Eddie since he's been at my mercy of picking the games for years. Let's get weird(er). #HAILGAMBLOR
September 10, 2020
Welp, Here Goes Nothing
Much like the ACC, SEC, and Big 12, the HLS podcast is charging ahead with the 2020 season. We have no idea what to expect, how to feel, and even how to schedule a podcast around this. The only thing that we know for certain is that the sim will exist in its own separate, COVID-free world and we will freely talk about any and everything that is on our minds this season. Y'all know the drill at this point, and if you are new here, welcome aboard, stay a while, and hopefully we can provide you with some entertainment to complement whatever this 2020 season will be. You can catch these podcasts live over on Twitch if you so choose, which is highly advised for the gong-show that is the HLS Sim on Thursday nights. But be sure to download the podcast too if for nothing else than to enjoy the cold open that accompanies most of our shows.
September 07, 2020
Notre Dame Virtual Blue-Gold Game 2020
Just because the actual 2020 Notre Dame Blue-Gold game was cancelled doesn't mean we still can't enjoy spring football virtually. Enjoy our annual spring game only HLS can deliver... (Seriously, we have a peanut gallery piped-in via Zoom, #LittleTex interrupts repeatedly, we have a technical meltdown right off the bat, the sim graced us with over 1,000 yards of offense, and the game came down to the wire!)
April 19, 2020
St. Patrick's Pandemic Emergency Pod
Shane and I weren't planning on doing any podcasts until the Blue/Gold game came near in April. That decision seems like decades ago rather than a couple of months. COVID-19, aka the Cornoavirus, wasn't even a blip on the radar. When it was clear spring football would be cancelled last week, we made plans to find a time to get back on the podcasting devices. Not even a full week has passed and it already seems like that was a year ago. And now, on night of St. Patrick's Day, we hit the Twitch streaming airwaves to talk about all that had transpired in the world of sports. As the conversation progressed, it quickly turned into a discussion of how we are dealing with our new reality. Hopefully, it can provide a bit of comfort and/or entertainment to our loyal readers and listeners who are dealing with these adjustments as well. We will find some more ways to entertain during this void. The Blue/Gold sim will be an absolute, must-happen event. We are cooking up some other things as well. In the meantime, if you have the financial ability, please consider donating my charity campaign benefiting Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund. Much like I do with Extra Life, I will have charity streams over on my personal Twitch channel Mondays and Fridays at 9pm CDT/10pm EDT.
March 18, 2020
Welcome to the Offseason, Everything's Crazy
Shane and I thought we'd have a nice, short relaxing show about the national title game to cap off our 2019 season podcasts. Then all hell broke loose before the offseason aged 24 hours. Notre Dame promoted Tommy Rees to offensive coordinator. Penn State found their way into a brand new scandal. Southern Cal fired everyone in the athletic department besides their football coaches. Joe Brady bolted to the NFL after extinguishing his victory cigar with LSU. Phil Jurkovec saved me from having to memorize the spelling of his name by transferring to Boston College. Hilariously, that's all only scratching the surface. Enjoy a longer than usual episode (if you're looking for the ND stuff, head to the 49 minute mark) as we take our long winter podcast nap. 2020 is going to be one hell of a ride.
January 15, 2020
National Championship Sim: #1 LSU vs #3 Clemson
The 2019 Sim Season has come down to this. One final fever dream from my XBox, victimizing two teams that, thankfully, Shane and I do not care about. I think I now have no choice but to check my XBox into rehab after this one. Enjoy!
January 10, 2020
Back to the Futures Plus National Title Pick
All good things must come to an end. Our weekly trips to the altar of Gamblor are no different. Come join Eddie and I as we look back at our pre-season futures picks. Come enjoy how wrong we were as well as discovering that I may just have a Madden Curse-like superpower. Plus, will Eddie and I join the fake bandwagon of Clemson disrespect that lives in Dabo Swiney's head? Come join us and find out! #HAILGAMBLOR
January 09, 2020
Remaining 2019 Bowl Picks (Dec 30 - Jan 6)
It's hard to believe, but, with this podcast now in the books, there will be only one more game to pick: the National Championship. Before that happens, Eddie and I still have a rather large slate to get you through the end of the year and to kick off your 2020. So come join us at the altar of GAMBLOR before it's too late and the clutches of the offseason ensnares us all. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 30, 2019
First New Year's Six and Camping World Bowl Recaps
The last real college football Saturday went out with one hell of a bang, kicking off with a convincing Notre Dame victory in the Camping World Bowl, and follow up with a great run of three New Year's Six games. The evening was capped with what was, easily, one of the better semifinal matchups that we've had the pleasure of witnessing in the young history of the college football playoff. Shane and I hopped on the mics shortly after the final whistle of Clemson's defeat of Ohio State to recap the entire wonderful day. Come join us and savor the final Irish victory of 2019.
December 29, 2019
Camping World Bowl NCAA Sim - Notre Dame vs Iowa State
Shane and I often say that our NCAA Sim is constantly on drugs, but I feel like a special delivery was made over the holiday. I'm not even sure how to describe this one beyond the fact that, as seems to be tradition, all your worst "Hold Me, I'm Irish" fears come through in this virtual mayhem. It's the last Notre Dame Sim of 2019, so buckle up and join us one last time as Notre Dame takes on Iowa State in the Russel Ath--err, Camping World Bowl.
December 27, 2019
'Tis the Season for Bowl Picks
Post-Christmas and pre-New Year's would, generally sound like a time in which non-major bowl games would take place. College football, however, is a weird place. Half of the New Years Six, including both semifinal games, will take place in this period, plus Notre Dame's foray into the Camping World Bowl. There are some awesome matchups to dive into, so, after you are done with your holiday cheer, come join Eddie and I at the altar of GAMBLOR once again. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 24, 2019
From the Bahamas to Hawaii - Bowl Picks Part 1
It's been a while, but Eddie and I are back! Bowl season is upon us and we are ready to head back to the altar of GAMBLOR. Come join us as Eddie and I pick every game up to the Hawaii bowl on Christmas Eve. Also, be sure to join the HLS Bowl pick 'em for your chance at some HLS swag via #HAILGAMBLOR
December 19, 2019
Extra Life 2019 Special
I wasn't planning on releasing a podcast. In fact, the interviews that you are about to hear were initially planned to debut during my 24-hour Extra Life marathon. But then Chip Long and Notre Dame decided to break up. In a happy accident, one of my guests, Ty Hildenbrandt of The Solid Verbal, already had a scheduled interview just a mere 24 hours after the news broke. So it seemed rather appropriate to get our thoughts on the situation in your podcast feeds ASAP with the added benefit of promoting my pediatric cancer fighting efforts. Along with Ty, I am joined by Vicki Lews-Enrst from the Children's Hospital Foundation of Oklahoma City, the Children's Miracle Network I raise money for and where my inspiration for all this, Aven was treated before he passed from leukemia. I can think of no better person to bring on to give everyone insight on where they money goes and also shed some light on the other awesome Extra Lifers that raise money for the CHF of OKC. My marathon kicks off at 7pm CT on my personal Twitch channel ( As a part of this effort, I do terrible things to myself and we will kick off with two payoffs: (1) a terrible booze concoction and (2) a chest waxing, performed by Mrs. Tex. Yes, I might be insane, but it's all in the name of fighting pediatric cancer! Please join my effort by donating via All donations are tax deductible, made securely, and handled directly by the Children's Miracle Network. Every dollar counts and, if you aren't in a position to donate, please spread the word! #ForTheKids #ForAven
December 13, 2019
Going Camping with the Championship Week Recap
The regular season has finally ended, the playoffs seeded, bowls assigned, and coaches shit-canned. Come join Shane and I as we discuss a rather chalky championship weekend, initial reactions to the bowl slate, the silly season, and Notre Dame's upcoming matchup against Iowa State in the Camping World Bowl.
December 10, 2019
Conference Championship Picks
We've finally hit the final week of regular season picks. After this, it's bowl season, but before we move to that chapter I have to find a way to pick up one more game on Eddie to finally beat him head-to-head. There's a lot of fun football on the slate and some final chances for chaos. Don't let the moment pass you by and join us at the altar of GAMBLOR one more time. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 05, 2019
Final Week Insanity, Notre Dame at Stanford Recap
The final week of the college football season never disappoints. Notre Dame's easy win against Stanford certainly didn't raise too many eyebrows, but to be fair it's hard to compete against Ole Miss losing because of a dog urination celebration and Nick Saban losing due to have twelve men on the field. We have loads to discuss this week, including multiple coaches showing their asses in post-game pressers, finding the true definition of accepting mediocrity, and discussing the start of the silly season that is the coaching carousel. It's the last regular season recap, so be sure to tune in!
December 02, 2019
Notre Dame at Stanford NCAA '14 Sim
It's the final Notre Dame NCAA Sim of the regular season. We got rain. We got crosswinds. We got a stadium that neither virtual or real Brian Kelly has ever won in. Will the streak of nightmares continue? Or will ND exorcise multiple demons? Come take some time out of your turkey hangover to come find out as we close out the sim season.
November 28, 2019
Week 14 Picks
We've finally arrived at both the greatest and saddest time of the college football season. It's the week in which everyone around the nation stops pulling their scheduling punches and goes all-out--the final week of the season is upon us. The Iron Bowl. The Game. Bedlam. The Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe. And that's just scratching the surface. Oh, and Notre Dame needs to end a freaking decade-long streak of failing to beat Stanford at the farm. It's the final regular season trip to the altar of GAMBLOR, and we even gave you a bonus pick in the cold open. Come join us. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 27, 2019
Week 13, Notre Dame vs Boston College Recap
While this week typically doesn't have wall-to-wall excitement, it was far from boring. A top ten team fell, some games got spicier than expected, and even Notre Dame's blowout of Boston College was elevated by the fantastic, and Flutie-free, Notre Dame Fan Feed. We hit the major stories of the week, including some additional opining from yours truly about a couple Texas teams. Plus a look at the ND/BC game that might just talk more about the broadcast than the actual game.
November 25, 2019
Notre Dame vs Boston College NCAA '14 Sim
I'm not sure if there is a more frustrating combo for a Notre Dame fan than to have to deal with than consecutive weeks featuring Navy and Boston College. The Navy sim eased fears and was a solid predictor for a good time this past Friday--perhaps we run it back again? There's only one way to find out. Come join us in the most accurate prediction method in all of sports, the NCAA '14 sim. After all, it's senior day against BC, what could possibly go wrong?!
November 22, 2019
Week 13 Picks
This is always the toughest week of college football to find decent and entertaining games to put on the board. Shoutout SEC for your FCS habit and damn near every other conference working overtime to skirt rivalry matchups and fun. Despite the frustration, it's still college football y'all. There are only two Saturday's of full season goodness left to consume. Don't abandon it. Cherish it and come with us to the altar of GAMBLOR as the good Lord intended. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 21, 2019
Week 12, Notre Dame Blows Out Ranked Opponent Recap
Yes, we realized that ranked them that Notre Dame blew out was Navy. Further, this beatdown will likely bar Navy from returning to the rankings. We don't care. It was fun. It was cathartic in a way. 50-burgers are never a bad thing However, there were loads of other important stories from around college football. The upsets were few, but the storylines many. Shane and I kick off your week by getting you up to date on everything. Come join us and enjoy the mental image of Chase Claypool still torching the Navy secondary.
November 18, 2019
Notre Dame vs. Navy NCAA Sim
The Notre Dame NCAA Sim returns this week, bring Shane and a cold open back with it. With our virtual booth back to full strength, we turn to the most accurate of all prediction methods in sports to see just how much we need to worry about a ranked Navy team. After all, we've seen Notre Dame struggle against offenses deploying option concepts this season, so it's not like the number next to Navy's name is the only thing to worry about. We also discuss recent NCAA compliance cases featuring Chase Young & Ohio State, as well as Memphis' James Wiseman in our tailgate. We also have a brief discussion about Notre Dame's sellout streak coming to the end before we dive headlong into virtual triple option football, which, I dare say got...!
November 15, 2019
Week 12 Picks
Last week was wall-to-wall glory. Despite the chaos Eddie and I found ourselves batting .500 for the week and look to improve upon that performance in week 12. While this week's slate isn't as insanely loaded on paper, the potential for chaos to continue is certainly present. After all it's college football in November and, despite our best efforts to predict, we all know anything can and will happen. We're running low on college football Saturdays. Come join us at the altar of GAMBLOR while you still can. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 14, 2019
Week 11, Notre Dame at Duke Recap
Could it be? Did we really all just witness a solid Notre Dame football game with minimal headaches? It seems too good to be true, but in a week in which many teams saw their seasons take a nose dive, Notre Dame strolled into Duke and came out with an easy W. It's a shorter episode for all the best reasons. It's the last time I roll solo this week, so come join for a recap of one hell of a week in college football and ND's second road victory of the season.
November 10, 2019
Notre Dame at Duke Sim
This weekend I'm rolling both solo parenting and solo on the pod. With Shane out on a trip, the sim and the chat serve as my co-host. The past couple of weeks this sim has had some insane moments of prophecy and I look for that to continue this week. I actually spend some time during this virtual fever dream trying to figure out exactly what those moments might be. I spend even more moments dancing to Epic Sax man. Trust me, this all makes sense. It's perfectly normal.
November 08, 2019
Week 11 Picks
Y'all, it's finally time for college football to take off. With the calendar fully settled into November, we find ourselves with a loaded slate this weekend.  The first college football playoff rankings are out. We have a top five game. We have multiple top 25 games. We have teams with fired coaches. We have teams with soon-to-be-fired coaches (hi, Southern Cal!). You've had a couple months to prepare for this insanity. Eddie and I are ready and at the altar of GAMBLOR as always. Come join us and get hype for the weekend. #HAILGAMBLOR
November 07, 2019
Week 10, Notre Dame/Virginia Tech Recap
A bad win is always better than a bad loss, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a hard look at how Notre Dame gave us all a heart attack this past Saturday. Plus, we had a far amount of crazy go down this week, especially in the Group of Five. Come start your week off with Shane and I as we take a look at everything that went down as college football enters the all-important month of November.
November 04, 2019
Notre Dame vs Virginia Tech Sim
Running the sim on Halloween seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. After all, it predicted, with far too much accuracy, the hell that awaited Notre Dame in Ann Arbor. However, this time around, dare I say it gave us hope?! Also in this episode a bit of chatter about name, image, and likeness rights for college athletes, plus an iTunes review that I somehow missed for over a month!
November 01, 2019
Week 10 Picks
I think Notre Dame may have broken Eddie, but that's not going to stop our weekly visit to the altar of GAMBLOR. All of a sudden we are in the final month of the season and the only thing that will make us sadder than a game up north that shall not be named will be when this is all over. So we shall attempt to savor it and move forward. Even if it hurts. Plus, I have a three game lead on Eddie and dammit, I'm finally going to win one of these years. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 31, 2019
We're in the Bad Place (Notre Dame/Michigan Post-Game)
I hope everyone gets a chuckle from the cold open. There's definitely not a whole lot of room for any other laughs in this episode after Notre Dame finds themselves absolutely embarrassed in Ann Arbor. Right off the bat, Shane and I deem this loss the worst of the Brian Kelly era. There's no sugar-coating it. This episode is probably less than a pod, but more of an hour-long therapy session on trying to deal with this. So come join us and try to start the healing--or come listen and get even angrier. Whatever works.
October 27, 2019
Reliving Nightmares from Under the Lights, The Notre Dame @ Michigan Sim
Remember every nightmare that you had as a Notre Dame fan about the 2011 Under the Lights game. Well, do we have a sim for you! (I'm sorry.) (But the chat went hard in the paint with the new ability to play drops and that makes it all worth it!)
October 25, 2019
Week 9 Picks
We've finally arrived a Michigan hate week after the bye. While the hate is absolutely flowing through Eddie and I, we due our due diligence and visit the altar of GAMBLOR as we do every week. This slate is LOADED. Oh, and there's potential for blood week in the waters as well. It's gonna be a fun weekend. Come get your degenerate on and preview what's to come this weekend with us! #HAILGAMBLOR
October 24, 2019
Week 8, Bye Week Recap
This bye week teased all kinds of chaos. While we didn't have a full blood week, we had what I'd like to term as a flesh would, with Wisconsin playing the part of the Black Knight, finding his limbs quickly dismembered. I roll solo on this show to break down everything that happened while we were all eating cheeseburgers, including Notre Dame sliding into the top spot of a rather impressive statistical category.
October 21, 2019
The Undisputed Bye Week
I'm not really sure how to describe this episode as it went even more off the rails than our typical bye week endeavors. Jack Crosby of CBS Sports joins Eddie, Shane, and I for an audio adventure of epic proportions. We talk football, how to cook a steak in a beer cooler, pro wrasslin', Baby Metal, anime, and seemingly everything under the sun for far too long. The only thing that we can guarantee is that I stayed up far too late editing the podcast because Jack's audio somehow time traveled repeatedly. Thankfully we have a coherent copy after far too much work. coherent as this insanity can be.
October 18, 2019
Week 8 Picks
Notre Dame may be on a bye, but the picks pod takes no weeks off! Eddie and I look to continue riding our October hot streak by picking another 14 games. The slate may not be loaded, but you need to enjoy something while enjoying your cheeseburgers and, hopefully, watching all the chaos erupting all around the college football world. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 17, 2019
Week 7, #BeatSC Recap
As we have with any Notre Dame night game, Shane and I hopped on the channel for a true post-game show. This week, there was loads to talk about as the chaos has truly begun with Georgia falling, the SEC being involved in an actual entertaining shootout, and Notre Dame ending up in a dog-fight with their biggest rival. Start off your bye week with us, bask in the glow of beating SC for the third year in a row, and get that Michigan hate brewing.
October 13, 2019
A Beautiful Disaster - The Notre Dame/Southern Cal Sim
Yes, there is three full minutes of a cold open in this episode. Clearly, we've had far too much success and smooth sailing, so everything came crashing back down in spades during our live recording. Those three minutes are a small sample of the sheer panic I had while trying to get everything working again. Thankfully, I managed to not just get the live stream audio fully functioning again, but somehow managed to edit a coherent (well, for HLS anyways) episode and sim. ...and now that the sim has ended, I wish I had just rage quit. Enjoy?
October 11, 2019
Week 7 Picks
The last week of college football was the calm before the storm. There are four top-25 games, one of which is a top ten affair, and another which is a heated rivalry. Oh, and to top it all off, Notre Dame takes on Southern Cal. It's going to be a big week. Get ready with us. #FUSC #HAILGAMBLOR Don't forget, this picks episode is sponsored by our friends over at DraftKings. Get a risk-free bet up to $200 and ALL USERS will also get a deposit bonus up to $500. Act quickly, this offer ends on 10/28. 21+. IN Only. Deposit bonus: requires 25x play-thru. Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details.
October 10, 2019
Week 6, Notre Dame vs. Bowling Green Recap
With seven teams in the top 25 on a bye, a handful more involved in non-competitive blowouts (including Notre Dame!), and multiple top 25 teams falling out of the rankings due to upsets, it was a weird week. It wasn't a blood week nor was it boring, but more a calm before the storm for what looks like a loaded week 7. Shane and I navigate our way through the week, a cathartic blowout of BVG, and set our sites toward Southern Cal.
October 07, 2019
Notre Dame vs. Bowling Green Preview and Sim
The most accurate prediction tool in all of sports had…well, let's just say it had some surprises. There's really no explaining or even teasing this. It has to be seen or heard.
October 04, 2019
Week 6 Picks
With a double bye week season we were bound to have a week or two with a bit of a lighter slate. This week is one of those weeks with only 10 games on our docket. But it doesn't matter if the weeks are jam-packed full of games of the week of the year of the century, a blood week waiting to happen, or just a scattering of interesting matchups. Picks must be made and the altar of GAMBLOR must be visited. #HAILGAMBLOR
October 03, 2019
Week 5, Notre Dame/Virginia Recap
After a noon slate that was just full of weird and ugly, we were treated to a tease of an upset of #1 (and they aren't #1 anymore so kinda happened?), and then transitioned to straight murder in the prime-time slate. I'd like to think that the Notre Dame defense really kick started the massive destruction in the second half against Virginia. The argument would probably be a little bit stronger with some better offensive execution, but I guess Irish fans can't have everything that they want. Come join Shane and I on this journey of blowouts, sacks, and Pat Fitzgerald struggling to figure out how math works.
September 30, 2019
Notre Dame vs Virginia Preview & NCAA Sim
It's that time of the week once again. Time for the most accurate of all prediction and preview methods in sports today, the NCAA '14 Sim. For the second week in a row, Notre Dame finds themselves in the game that features the two highest ranked teams. After a rough road trip against Georgia (both real and Sim-wise), the Irish return home to face the #18 Virginia Cavaliers. Virginia may be for lovers, but the Sim has no love for anyone...especially when it goes on full drugs like it did this week. I fear it's all too damn realistic this time around.
September 27, 2019
Week 5 Picks
After a less than optimal weekend in Athens, Eddie returns to the pod with, thoughts. It's time to move forward once again as college football stops for no one. So come join us for our weekly picks, aka the things that you are going to fade all weekend. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 26, 2019
Notre Dame at Georgia Recap
As we plan to do for all Notre Dame football night games, Shane and I hit Twitch live a few minutes after the final whistle blew in Athens. Kirby Smart tried to let the Irish back into it, but ND ultimately fell short on their final drive, losing 23-17. What went wrong? What went right? Can Notre Dame ever win these kind of games? What does this mean for the rest of the 2019 season? We tackle that and much more off the cuff and raw from the heartbreaking loss, including many questions and comments from an incredibly active live chat. Have thoughts yourself? Be sure to leave us a message and sound off.
September 22, 2019
Notre Dame at Georgia NCAA Sim
The most accurate of all sports preview methods takes on one of the most anticipated games of the season! It's time for Notre Dame at Georgia. With such a highly anticipated matchup, Shane and I jump straight into the action. No long previews or big news recaps needed. It's time to get straight into the action...right after a cold open in which Shane is the unfortunate victim of technical issues and not me for once!
September 20, 2019
Week 4 Picks
The week that we've been waiting for has finally arrived: Notre Dame at Georgia. As we start looking forward in earnest to one of the biggest matchups of the season, Eddie and I also get our picks in for one hell of a slate of college football that also features two additional early season top-25 games before a certain marquee game in between the hedges. It's go time. I'm fired up (despite the absolute disaster that was a total false start of the show which I captured in the cold open). Let's do this. Go Irish. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 19, 2019
Week 3 Recap
While it wasn't a full blood week, week 3 definitely held its fair share of surprises. Stanford and Southern Cal took hilarious losses. The entire ACC sans Clemson face-planted, including something that may be worse than an FCS upset. Even Notre Dame had its fair share of things to dive into this week after yet another slow start on offense and a **checks notes** camera that drew the rage of many an Irish fan. Georgia is just around the corner, but take a bit of time to savor this week with us before you start getting your mind set for a showdown between the hedges.
September 16, 2019
Notre Dame vs New Mexico Preview and Sim
It feels like it's been ages since Notre Dame faced off against Louisville thanks to the rare second week bye. Now with actual Saturday football approaching (also a weird thing to say), it's time to get back into the swing of things. For us, that means only one thing: our own unique method of previewing Notre Dame Football, the most accurate predictive method in all of sports, the NCAA '14 Sim. With a slow news week we were able to jump right into the fun. Yes, Notre Dame was a heavy favorite even in the virtual world, but the Sim still had a few surprises in store for us, providing loads of entertainment as only the Sim can.
September 13, 2019
Week 3 Picks
In the cold open, you get an insight into how insane I've gone with the technical side of things recently. You name it, I've seen it, including the pure user error just being plain dumb with my mixer. Anyways, after laughing at my brain malfunction, enjoy another week of picks from Eddie and I. Week 3 may not have the so-called marquee matchups, but it's college football. You should cherish every week before the cold offseason returns. We're here to help make you care if for nothing else than to laugh at our over-confidence in our picks. Oh, and weeks like this are absolutely ripe for major upsets. So buckle in and let's get weird.
September 12, 2019
Hot Dog Bye Week (Week 2) Recap
I'm not sure we could've asked for much better during the first ever (and probably only) Hot Dog bye week. The marque game was incredible. We got a top-15 upset while everyone was asleep.  Some of our favorite punching bags managed to somehow steer their games into more hilarity. And that's not even taking the Michigan/Army game into account. We also discuss the fact that Southern Cal may have found themselves a QB and an offense as well as the return of the Knight's Watch. Just because it was a bye week doesn't mean it was a slow week. Come on board and get New Mexico week started right with us!
September 09, 2019
Week 2 Picks
Notre Dame may be on a bye but the picks never take a week off.  After a week one in which *checks notes*, yeah let's not talk about week 1. Perhaps much like a certain Irish QB, we need a week to get our heads right and get back on track and we have eleven games of interest for this weekend. Also, don't forget to drop in on the pick 'em and sign up before the two week grace period ends. People not named Tex are absolutely bringing it this season and it's going to be fun to watch this competition continue. #HAILGAMBLOR
September 06, 2019
Introducing the Hot Dog Bye Week, Featuring Jessica Smetana
Typically during a bye week, we all fondly remember Charlie Weis and his infamous cheeseburger comments. However, with New Mexico and Bob Davie looming on the horizon, I moved to shelve the cheeseburgers and switch to hot dogs in honor of a certain incident that is detailed in this episode. With the hot dog focus, Shane and I naturally wanted a solid round of #snacktalk. So, naturally, we brought on a guest, Jessica Smetana of Sports Illustrated and the Most Valuable Podcast, to join us in discussing hot dogs of all kinds. Oh, and we ask her about Notre Dame things too. I guess that's important and of interest as well.
September 05, 2019
Week 1 Recap
Week one games are often sloppy and Notre Dame, unfortunately, was not an exception. While the Irish came away with a 35-17 victory at Louisville, sloppy play, especially from the offense and Ian Book, gave many a ND fan some Monday night heartburn. As we will attempt to do after all night games this season, Shane and I hit record shortly after the final whistle. Come for the level-headed, we got to sleep on it recap of the national scene in week 1. Stay for the knee-jerk reactions about ND's less-than-optimal performance.
September 03, 2019
Week 1 Preview, ND @ Louisville Sim
College football has returned and that means the most accurate of all preview methods, the NCAA Sim, is back! While we can't ever promise much here at HLS, we can promise that this prediction will be completely unique from anything else that you read or hear up until Monday's kickoff. Plus, Shane regales us with tales of a Chicago trip done to perfection. We debut a brand new segment for the season. We revel in college football's opening kickoffs. We have an unbelievable technical meltdown because I decided to turn off my XBox to reduce background noise. This pod has everything.
August 30, 2019
Week 1 Picks
We've finally made it. Week 1 is upon us and that means Eddie and I have our altar to Gamblor prepped and ready for a full slate of college football picks. Don't forget to join in on the fun at the HLS Pick 'Em for a chance to win all kinds of free swag. Week 1 was 29 games to pick. It's gonna get weird immediately and I'm unbelievably pumped. #HAILGAMBLOR
August 29, 2019
Putting on Blue and Gold Glasses with the Rakes Report
Can bad things happen during the 2019 Notre Dame football season? Absolutely! But with only a few days away from Irish football, we decided to have Chris (aka Rakes of the Rakes Report) on and convince ourselves that ND will go 14-0 while taking potshots at our rivals and Michigan. Come join us as we talk about the upcoming season, what we are looking forward to, and just how many points we want Book to put up on Brian Van Gorder and Bob Davie. Also, be sure to sign up for the Rakes Report newsletter and subscribe to the Rakes Report pod as well.
August 26, 2019
2019 Futures and Week 0 Picks
There is actual college football this Saturday! That means it's time to pick against some spreads and get our futures picks on. Plus, enjoy a treat in the cold open of me unexpectedly having to drink an Extra Life milestone drink to celebrate $2,500 raised so far. #HAILGAMBLOR
August 22, 2019
(Re)Introducing Technical Difficulties Featuring Ty Hildenbrandt and Sean Bass
I can think of no better way to properly kick off our regular podcasting schedule than an episode with loads of technical issues. Thankfully, the majority of these were limited to the live stream as the amount of control I had over our Twitch stream degraded to zero midway through. Thankfully, we pulled the episode off and, despite Audition also throwing errors at me, the podcast audio will be devoid of (most of) the headaches we saw on the stream. It's a good thing too because I attended the Solid Verbal's Fantasy Things Draft live. The event gave me a chance to interview Ty Hildenbrandt of the Solid Verbal and Sean Bass, Sports Director of The Ticket, DFW's top sports radio station, who, much to my surprise, grew up a Notre Dame fan. Shane also runs the most important #SnackTalk segment that we've ever done, recapping his life-changing experience with a certain chicken sandwich. Friendly reminder: We are doing a private stream of an NCAA sim for charity this Thursday, August 22. Any donation of $5 or more made to, benefiting the Children's Hospital Foundation of  Oklahoma City, will get you a "media pass" to the stream. Every dollar is a point/vote to ND's opponent. Currently, Boise State is in the lead at $70.37, with Alabama trailing close behind at $70.
August 19, 2019
ND Insider Preview with South Bend Tribune's Tyler James
College football preview magazine season is the first sign that the wonderfully stupid sport that we all know and love is right around the corner. As has now become tradition for the past couple of years, Tyler James from the South Bend Tribune joins the pod to discuss Notre Dame football and the ND Insider preview magazine (which you can and should purchase here). Come get your fall camp hype on as we talk about magazine cover-boy Julian Okwara, Ian Book, how we feel about the 2019 season, and of course, all the hot and spicy fast food takes you can handle. Additional Important Charity Note! @bridgetgoirish is taking her desire to get Brady Quinn into the NBC broadcast booth to the campaign trail--for a great cause! Each purchase of a campaign sticker or mug at our store will see all proceeds go directly to my Extra Life campaign, which benefits the Children's Hospital Foundation of Oklahoma City--a cause near and dear to my heart in honor of Aven who was taken far too soon from this world because of Leukemia. We've worked the price out in which each purchase will guarantee the profits total at least $5, and 100% will go to my Extra Life campaign.
July 16, 2019
Talking Sports Year with Jamie Reidy
Do you have a sports bucket list? Could you imagine trying to cross off everything in say a single year? How about attending a sporting event every day for a year? Your answers probably went from yes to no rather quickly, but Jamie Reidy attempted to do just this (keyword: attempted). Jamie joins the podcast to talk about his book Need One! and the various sporting events that he saw along the way--from tailgating in the grove, to hitting a local bowling league. After the interview, I discuss a bit of what would make up my Sports Year and how Jamie's journey reminded me of what is by far my favorite thing about sports: the people. If you'd like to read about Jamie's incredible and ridiculous journey, head over here and purchase Need One!
June 21, 2019
We Drink and We Know Things
On the heels of Notre Dame getting one of their biggest commitments in years, we decided to do a podcast that has absolutely nothing to do with football. It's the offseason and we have Game of Thrones thoughts that we are itching to get out. Come join us as we...uh, bid farewall to our watch. Yeah, let's go with that.
May 24, 2019
2019 Blue/Gold Sim
With the annual Blue/Gold game on Saturday, Shane and I felt it was a perfect excuse to pull out the 'ol NCAA '14 sim once again. Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. The most accurate prediction method in college football returns to entertain and terrify you into a world of possibilities best described as Pandora's Box. Also in the show, The Shirt returns to a Blue-Grey Sky, but mostly grey and a preview of the #BKHomeboyMadness Championship.
April 13, 2019
The Madness Returns
Yes, the Madness is back. No, not March Madness, but #HLSRecapMadness. This time, we are going full #BKHomeboy style. 64 of the best #BKHomeboy photoshops will duke it out for internet glory. Shane, Garrett, and I have our own Selection Sunday and reveal the field of 64 and break down each entry with the hard-hitting analysis that only we can deliver. Voting is now live. Vote early. Vote often. Yes, this might just be the dumbest thing that we've ever done, but you can't spell "dumbest" without best. Therefore, the best thing that we've ever done.
March 18, 2019
Crootin' with Kevin Sinclair of Irish Illustrated
With another signing period officially in the books, Shane and I enlist an actual recruiting analyst, Kevin Sinclair of Irish Illustrated, to join us on the podcast. Kevin helped break down the class as well as some of the major storylines in this cycle--including something about vultures and Huskies. Or maybe that was Asa Turner just trying to figure out his future as he said in his own words. I donno, crootin' is weird and people get mad. So come join us on a fun episode looking into the future of our beloved Irish and try and pretend that football hasn't left us.
February 08, 2019
National Championship Recap
In this podcast, we get back to our roots: a complete technological mess. Thankfully the podcast audio went off without an issue because the Twitch live stream and the backup recording somehow failed. Honestly, the season can now truly end in appropriate fashion. We laugh at Michigan. We laugh at Southern Cal. We laugh at AP voters. We laugh at Bama. Come join us for some last moments of college football before it fades away.
January 10, 2019
The National Championship Sim
By popular demand, we bring to you virtual Dabo and virtual Saban locking horns in NCAA '14 for our national title preview. There is a bit of Notre Dame in this show as well as we recap recent departures (up to the time of recording on Friday) and I have a little bit of a rant in response to some of the initial fallout of the Cotton Bowl Loss.
January 07, 2019
HLS Bowl Pick 'Em: The 2018 Finale
All good things must come to an end, and much like Notre Dame's perfect season, it's time to bid farewell to the picks pod. But before Eddie and I head into that long, cold offseason, we go over the futures picks from the beginning of the year as well as picking Bama and Clemson. There's a tussle at the top, so make sure to get your picks in at and close out strong. We hope you had the time of your life, y'all. Go Irish, #HAILGAMBLOR.
January 04, 2019
Cotton Bowl Recap & HLS Tailgate Interviews
Yes, the Cotton Bowl was awful. Shane and I dive into the mess with a very active chat. However the highlight, in my opinion at least, was absolutely the interviews that I conducted during the HLS tailgate. Jessica Smetana from Sports Illustrated, and former ND O-linemen, and current ESPN personality, Mike Golic Jr. take top billing. However, don't sleep on an ND fan attending his first game, the HLS OGs, NDEddieMac, and some of my fellow Otters. Enjoy!
January 02, 2019
HLS Bowl Pick 'Em - Week 6, New Year's Six
The New Year's Six is finally upon us. This means that it's time to round out the bowl picks, and finally talk some Notre Dame vs Clemson in the Cotton Bowl. Make sure to join in on the fun via for your chance at some free HLS swag. Enjoy the show. Go Irish. #HAILGAMBLOR
December 28, 2018
The Cotton Bowl Sim
It's been far too long since we've been able to deliver the most accurate of all college football preview methods: The NCAA '14 Sim. Shane and I took advantage of an unexpected bowl cancellation to deliver a sim of Notre Dame vs Clemson in the Cotton Bowl. Did this turn into a complete disaster or has virtual BK used the break to finally coach normally? ...if you've seen or heard any of these sims, you already know the answer. However, I can promise that this sim absolutely delivers on every entertainment level!
December 27, 2018
HLS Bowl Pick 'Em - Week 2
The podcast may be a day late, but damn near everyone is .500 or above, so we're definitely not a dollar short! Make sure to join in on the fun via to have your chance at a free piece of merch from the HLS store. Only eight games are down and going on heater can easily win this thing. Oh, and we have all the bowl games available to pick because we know the holidays are here. We cover all the bowl games up to Thursday, December 27 in this episode, so make sure you join us again live over at at 9:00 p.m. CT/10:00 p.m. ET next week for the remaining bowl picks.
December 21, 2018
HLS Bowl Pick 'Em - Week 1
The HLS Bowl Pick 'Em has returned! Apologies for the delay, but Yahoo decided to can their pick 'em game so I had to create one from scratch. That, plus being in home repair/renovation hell caused this to be delayed. But no matter, Eddie and I are here for the first week of glorious bowl picks and you can join in on the fun at as always. This time, it's winner-take-all in the bowl season for a piece of merch from the HLS Store. So come join us in the picks because, before you know it, the games will be gone.
December 14, 2018
Cheeseburger Championship Week Recap (aka THE IRISH ARE IN!)
We knew it would happen last week, but now it's officially official. Notre Dame is in the playoffs and, years later, will have their chance to avenge a loss to Clemson on a gigantic stage. Thankfully, no hurricanes will be involved this time. Shane and I give our initial reactions to the news as well as a quick recap of the conference championship games around college football.
December 03, 2018
Week 14 Picks
It's time to enjoy the best kind of bye week. While we kick back and have Thanksgiving round two with cheeseburgers, it's time to watch everyone else sweat it out to play in their conference's cash grabs--I mean, conference title games. Eddie and I pick every single one from the Sun Belt to the SEC. Oh, and by the way, only a single game separates Eddie and I in our Extra Life donation bet. To quote Eddie, let's goooooooo baby!
November 29, 2018
The title says it all. The recap of the world of college football focuses in on the playoff picture as Notre Dame has practically punched their own ticket. Plus, we take a look into Notre Dame capping off their perfect season against Southern Cal and how they overcame a sluggish first half. It's time to enjoy the ultimate bye week while everyone else plays in a conference title game that doesn't really matter. Start your cheeseburger party with us.
November 27, 2018
Week 13 Picks
Happy Turkey Day, y'all! Here at HLS, I know what you really need to get through your turkey-induced naps and that uncomfortable moment when your uncle decides it's time to start talking politics: degenerate gambling picks. Fresh off my Vegas trip, we bring you the glory that is rivalry week with 14 (!!) games. Be sure to join in on the fun at for your chance at free HLS swag.
November 22, 2018
Super Show! Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Preview
With the combination of a long weekend in Vegas and the Thanksgiving holidays, we figured it would make a lot more sense to just cook up one big 'ol feast of an episode. We have the recap of week 12, Notre Dame's victory over Syracuse, and of course the ever-popular NCAA sim between Notre Dame and Southern Cal. Enjoy the holidays and this perfect excuse to escape from your family and/or drown out the eventual and uncomfortable politics discussion at the dinner table.
November 20, 2018
Eye Sore Saturday (Week 12 Preview)
Between damn near every team in college football trying to take a week off with a terrible matchup and Notre Dame/Syracuse trying to blind us all with poor uniform choices, week 12 will likely not be a treat for the eyes. However, college football is college football and we will miss it dearly when it is gone. And so we press on, eager for another Saturday and another NCAA Sim which may also make you blind.
November 16, 2018
Week 12 Picks
This weekend, I will kneeling at the altar of GAMBLOR in Las Vegas. I can think of no better way to prepare than with another round of picks with Eddie. Sure, the national slate for this week is meh, but when you are a degenerate, there are no weeks off. Don't forget to join in on the fun by visiting
November 15, 2018
Week 11 Recap - A Certain Shade of Green
Week 11 was a week of chalk around college football, but there's still lots to cover as the conference and playoff pictures continue to come into focus. Of course, we also talk a lot of Notre Dame crushing Florida Sate as we wonder if we can can put the "green jersey curse" to rest and...should we start talking more about comparisons to Clemson rather than Michigan?
November 11, 2018
Irish Sim Green (Week 11 Preview)
The Irish are now #3 in the nation, controlling their own playoff destiny. With week 11 bringing interesting, yet not-quite-overly-epic matchups, the Notre Dame hosts hapless Florida State in the blistering cold on Senior Day. As we do every week, we use the most accurate preview method in all of college football, NCAA '14, to sim this home finale. Senior day. Snow. Green jerseys. Brandon Wimbush. What could possibly go wrong?
November 09, 2018
Week 11 Picks
The end is near. Well, at least the home season for the Irish is. Week 11 is full of loads of interesting games that could shake up the playoff and conference championship picture. Eddie and I do our level best to find the best twelve to pick as November rolls on. Don't forget to head over to to come join in on the fun!
November 08, 2018
Week 10 Recap of Chicago's Team (and the Rest of College Football)
With week 10 now in the books, the majority of the playoff picture is coming into focus. Unless you are in the Pac 12 or Big 12, in which case, things are still insane. Speaking of, anyone want to win the Pac 12 South? How about the ACC Coastal? Meanwhile, Notre Dame, even after a terrible Navy-hangover of a first half, dispatches Northwestern by seven more points than some other school up north while never trailing. It was a big week of football and there's lot to talk about. Come join us!
November 06, 2018
Week 10 Preview - The Battle for Chicago
Yes, I'm aware Northwestern is in Evanston and Notre Dame is in South Bend, but like a ND band director, I'm going to shoehorn Chicago in here. There's a ton of news (hi, Maryland!) and playoff-picture worthy games to discuss. Oh, and of course, the most accurate preview method in all of sports: the NCAA sim between Notre Dame and Northwestern.
November 02, 2018
Week 10 Picks
Notre Dame is in the playoff hunt and week 10 looks to be the start of a major shakeup within the playoff rankings. Join Eddie and Ryan as they try to continue their winning ways on another twelve-pack of games.
November 01, 2018
Cruising into November - Week 9 Recap
Shane dubbed this week "Shit the Bed Saturday" and if you were a top 25 team on the road, you likely did. Lots of upsets to discuss plus Notre Dame's blowout win over Navy. Went a little bit longer in this one talking about the future of the ND/Navy series as well as the upcoming initial college football playoff rankings.
October 28, 2018
Week 9 Preview - Setting Sail to San Diego
The bye week is done and Notre Dame football is back and that means it's time for the most accurate prediction and preview method in sports today: the NCAA sim. Yes, folks, the sim is back as are Shane and Ryan as they preview a week in college football that could get a little spooky.
October 26, 2018
Week 9 Picks
Join Eddie and Ryan for another 12-pack of picks around the world of college football. Come join in on the fun via
October 25, 2018
Bye Week Recap
It's hilarious that a week in which a top-five team goes and another top-25 is upset is a little boring in comparison to last week. Such is college football in which the "boring" is still awesome. Come check out the recap of the major headlines around college football while Notre Dame feasted on cheeseburgers.
October 21, 2018
Gold Elite Bye Week Takeover
The bye week insanity is back and in place once again. The Elite makes its evolution into the Golden Elite for a very special bye week episode that covers...well, whatever we all felt like. SUPERKICK PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!
October 19, 2018
Surviving the Pitt of Blood Week
Winning is hard. This week, that was all too true as multiple teams in the top ten teams tasted defeat this week. Join Shane and Ryan as they examine the bodies and talk about Notre Dame surviving a similar fate against Pitt.
October 15, 2018
Week 7 Preview - Rumor Has It
What could possibly ruin a wonderful season of Notre Dame football? Perhaps a game against Pittsburgh who always seems to play spoiler. Or maybe it's an internet rumor running wild. Well, both of those are on the table this week in the midst of an impressive slate of college football games.
October 12, 2018
Week 7 Picks
Week 6 was an absolute bloodbath for everyone involved. Bad beats were everywhere, but sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to GAMBLOR and keep going. We're back for 13 more picks in week 7. Come join the fun by heading to Get a perfect week, get free swag (releasing after the bye week--I hope...). $100 Bet For the Kids Eddie: 4-9Ryan: 3-10
October 11, 2018
Week 6 Recap - Gobbled 'Em Up
In a week in which multiple top ten teams fell, Notre Dame came into Blacksburg and silenced Lane Stadium in a very convincing 45-23 win. Shane and Ryan bask in the morning glory of another victory as well as breaking down where other top teams around the nation stumbled.
October 07, 2018
Enter Irish - Week 6 Preview
Once again, the Irish are under the lights in a nationally televised game. The last time this happened, things did not end well. But will Blacksburg be different than South Beach? Come find out with the most unique and most accurate preview method on the internet: the NCAA '14 sim.
October 05, 2018
Week 6 Picks
Eddie and Ryan are back with your weekly college football picks. This week we are coming out with a lucky thirteen games, including Notre Dame's visit to Lane Stadium against Virignia Tech. Plus, it wouldn't truly be a season without Eddie and Ryan having some kind of head-to-head wager. This time, the wager is unique and there probably really isn't a loser in this one. Be sure to join in on the fun via Slowly but surely the released standings are becoming more robust as well, so be sure to check out for the latest!
October 04, 2018
Week 5 Recap - Catching Fire
Notre Dame's victory over Stanford was the very definition of a statement win. Shane and Ryan recap the week that was in college football with a focused discussion on the utter domination in South Bend and how things currently are laid out for the Irish for--dare we say--a playoff run?!
October 01, 2018
Week 5 Preview - Buzzsaw
It's time to cut down some damn trees y'all. Tex runs solo in this episode/NCAA sim that has an ending that you have to see/hear to believe.
September 28, 2018
Week 5 Picks: Break Out the 12 Pack
Week 4 was the classic, under-the-radar choas week, but week 5 is chock full of top 25 on top 25 violence with two top ten matchups to boot. Oh, and Notre Dame just happens to be one of them. Come check out the picks and be sure to join the fun at
September 27, 2018
A Reading from the Book of Chaos: The Week 4 Recap
Repeat after me: there is never a boring college football week. Notre Dame promotes QB2 to QB1, effectively throwing the Book at Wake Forest on the road. Upsets were the name of the game around the top 25. Teams blew leads. Teams made stupid mistakes. This week had everything.
September 23, 2018
Previewing Bad Week 4 Football
Yes, the week 4 slate isn't one that just jumps out on paper, but it's still college football and there are still some great games going on around the nation. As for Notre that Ian Book's music?!
September 21, 2018
Week 4 Picks
Yes, the week four slate isn't great on paper, but we've all learned our lesson by now that we shouldn't sleep on these games, right?! Join Eddie and Tex for a full slate of picks and join in on the fun at and get a chance to win some (soon to be released) HLS swag!
September 20, 2018
Week 3 Recap - Winning is Hard
We're probably going to sound like a repeat of The Rakes Report, but that's not just the theme for Notre Dame, but college football as a whole. Join us as we take a look at the biggest storylines from around college football and our breakdown of Notre Dame vs Vanderbilt.
September 17, 2018