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We're a global community for women who build, design and create with a mission to elevate women in their product careers. Learn more about us at
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Crowdsourcing Product Ideas that 'Hack Menopause' with Sheila Collins

Her Product Lab

Investing In Yourself - Keep Learning with Antonella Avogadro
In this episode, we spoke to Antonella Avogadro, a Computer Science student pursuing a Bachelor of Science, an aspiring Software Engineer, and a former illustrator and apparel designer. She's an advocate for diversity within STEM, and for justice-oriented design practices within technology that no longer continue to discriminate against people based on their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or cultural background. Antonella discusses how to always keep learning both in and out of school. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
February 25, 2021
Product and Parenting with Shelly Kalish
In this episode, we spoke to Shelly Kalish, a Digital Product Leader at American Express where she leads the development and growth of its mobile app.  She’s focused on incorporating value-added benefits onto the app, digital servicing, and growing the digital active user base. Shelly discusses how to balance work life and parenting, especially during the pandemic when we are working from home. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
February 8, 2021
Interview + Resume Tips for Product Managers with Blair Presley
In this episode, we spoke to Blair Presley, a Product Coach who a strong supporter of women and especially helping women rise in this male-dominated industry. Blair teaches us how what to do in an interview, how to create a more effective resume and make the most of our LinkedIn profiles. Find Blair on Instagram @BlairPres. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
January 15, 2021
Building a Product Management Career without Burnout with Lilia Gorbachik
In this episode, we are joined by Lilia Gorbachik from Intermedia. Lilia has 15 years of experience in tech as a QA Engineer, QA Lead and Project Manager.  At some point, she realized she wanted to be a Product Manager and quickly pivoted into that role.  She currently works for a global company, Intermedia operating in the US, U.K., Canada, and Russia, developing digital chat channels.  She’s also a coach, mentor and author, working on writing a book on Product Management.  Lilia is influential on social media too, check her out on Instagram @Effective_Product_Manager. In this session, Lilia will discuss how to identify and rectify burnout. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
December 27, 2020
The Power of User Discovery with Allison Sebastiani of Feedback Loop
In this episode, we are joined by Allison Sebastiani of Feedback Loop. Allison is a product manager at Feedback Loop, the agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback. In this session, Allison will discuss the power of user discovery and its role in creating a culture of continuous learning and innovation within your organization. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
December 1, 2020
Strengthening Your EQ Skills with Denise Olivares Strategy and Business Development Executive
We were joined by strategy and business development executive Denise Olivares. She has served as Vice President, Marketing and Product Development at Prudential, The Union Labor Life Insurance Company, and AXA Equitable Life. Denise has held executive positions in marketing, product, and strategy with other finance and insurance industry leaders. Today she will be discussing how to strengthen your EQ skills for personal development. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
November 21, 2020
Product Marketing with Evyn Staley of Square
We were joined by product marketer Evyn Staley. Prior to working for Square, Evyn started her career in the creative agency world, running integrated campaigns for brands like Smirnoff and Nature Valley. Evyn spoke to us about the importance of having women in key-roles in male-dominated industries, how to better understand your customers, and how to get into product marketing. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
November 15, 2020
Pivoting into Entrepreneurship with Louise Macnab Co-Founder of Moxie Health
We were joined by co-founder of Moxie Health, a digital platform for all things gut health, Louise Macnab. Prior to co-founding moxie, Louise was Chief Legal Officer of a U.S health-tech company. Previously, she spent 9 years in corporate private practice, advising companies including Google, Uber, KKR and the New York Stock Exchange. Louise spoke to us about making the risky transition from a "safe" job to creating her own business. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Masterson. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
November 11, 2020
Mentoring on a Global Scale with Moriya Kassis Founder of Product League
On our latest podcast episode, we were joined by the founder and general manager of Product League. Product League is a mentoring program in more than 20 countries worldwide. Moriya discusses how to rethink how we look at challenges and how mentoring can thrive on a global scale to allow product managers to learn from others around the world. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Corrine. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
November 5, 2020
UX Design for Non-Digital Products with Kat Vellos Senior UX Designer
On our latest podcast episode, we were joined by the Senior UX designer and author Kat Vellos. Kat has worked at Slack, Pandora and multiple Silicon Valley startups. Her book We Should Get Together is helping people live healthier lives through the cultivation of deeper, more fulfilling friendships. Kat shares with us the important tools and resources needed to design and develop a product from scratch, as well as the key elements to consider when creating a non-digital product. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Corrine. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
October 31, 2020
Starting From Scratch with Osnat Benari VP of Product and Head of WeWork Labs
On our latest podcast episode, we were joined by the VP of Product and Head of WeWork Labs, Osnat Benari. Osnat not only is a product creator, but also an active mentor to entrepreneurs. Before joining WeWork, she headed partnerships for BBG Ventures and led the product groups for AOL Video and Studios. Osnat shares with us the importance of developing the product mindset to “start from scratch." She also shares the impact that being a creator can have on mental health. Our podcast is hosted by Chelsea Corrine. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit
October 22, 2020
Crowdsourcing Product Ideas that 'Hack Menopause' with Sheila Collins
On this podcast episode, Senior Innovation Catalyst at AARP Innovations Lab Sheila D. Collins shares how she ran a successful crowdsourcing campaign to get new ideas for products that help women during menopause. The innovation accelerator works with startups, investors, and industry leaders to bring forth disruptive technology to fulfill the organization’s mission of empowering people to choose how they live as they age. Earlier this year, they launched the Hacking Menopause Challenge at the Consumer Electronic Show to raise awareness of the 35 symptoms of Menopause and crowdsourced solutions for the one in three women who are in some stage of it. The podcast is hosted by Chelsea Corrine. 
October 7, 2020
Product Inclusion with Deena McKay, Founder & Host of Black Tech Unplugged
Deena McKay is an IT Consultant for Kin + Carta and the Founder & Host of Black Tech Unplugged, which she launched after feeling like she was the "only one" in the tech industry. On this episode, Deena joins us for a discussion on D&I and Product Inclusion that goes far beyond a conversation on metrics. Here we chat about what Diversity and Inclusion actually mean, and how a lack of diverse thinking can make for some embarrassing product fails.  She also shares with us a few resources on where to go to diversify the applicant pool and find top tech talent, including: • • • To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit our website.
July 29, 2020
Pivoting Into Product with Forbes Sr. Director of Product Nina Foroutan
Nina Foroutan started her career in journalism at WHDH-TV/Channel 5 during an economic downturn. She then went on to earn her MBA and took a job as a technical product manager at Hearst before landing her role at Forbes. On this episode of Her Product Lab, Nina will share what it was like to pivot from journalism, seemingly a world apart from product, and the skills she learned from that industry that has helped her move up into a product director role. To learn more about Her Product Lab, visit 
June 30, 2020
How to Lead With Influence as a Product Manager with Shilpa Singh
On this episode, Sr. Director of Product Management at ADP Ventures Shilpa Singh joins us as we talk about the art of influence. As a product manager, we are trained to be the expert of our product, market, customer and competitors. However, one of the most important soft skills that we need to master is to lead through influence. Learning this skill is often not taught in the classroom, but is equally, if not more, important than being the experts of our domain. In this session, Shilpa will discuss some of the strategies to maximize your ability to influence across your various stakeholders and partners, be it an engineer or an executive. Shilpa will also share her story of building a product that is a breakthrough innovation in an established industry, where the success of your product is dependent on changing the norms of thinking. To learn more about the Her Product Lab community, visit 
June 12, 2020
How to Brand Yourself as a Product Manager with Abbe Cohen
In the same week Abbe Cohen was laid off due to COVID-19, she got 14 job interviews (more if you count the ones she has turned down) and received an offer just days later. And it wasn’t pure luck. In this episode, Abbe will share several strategies to get noticed in the industry, including crafting your story, refining your LinkedIn page for the right opportunities to come to you, and tapping into your networks in more meaningful ways.  Abbe started her career in the music industry creating opportunities for smaller businesses to work with Live Nation and  finding unique ways to engage artist fans with brands. She went to work at BuzzFeed during the rise of video and brought Tasty to profitability generating $35M in the first year and then scaled lifestyle brands like Nifty, and Goodful to build what is now the largest revenue generator there. She joined Splash to build a new business unit where she shipped many revenue driving products and ultimately led a redesign of the web design platform. And recently Abbe joined to work on the next generation of product! Abbe is part of the Her Product Lab community. To learn more about us, visit 
June 10, 2020