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By Nina Paley
Heterodox dorks Nina Paley and Corinna Cohn talk about whatever they feel like.
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The Gender Critical Movement is Dead. Long Live the Gender Critical Movement!
Nina considers the history of creepy fetishists in comics, leading to a discussion about “perverts” and attempts to normalize them to children. Then Nina blathers about Eunuchs for a while. Suddenly, Corinna takes the conversation in a different direction by declaring the Gender Critical Movement over. This gradually leads to a scrappy argument filled with tension and suspense! Who wins? Listen and find out! Women’s Human Rights Campaign: Save Women’s Sports:
February 28, 2021
Personality Disorders Are Valid
Nina gets a GitHub account, and the first thing she worries about is whether a mob will cancel her there. Corinna debates coming out as non-binary. Is "human" a gender, or still a species? After some discussion, we agree that all identities, tribal affiliations, cult memberships, and personality disorders are valid, so please don't cancel us. Nina's new art/software project:
February 22, 2021
TERF-War Inside Baseball and Rural Intersectionality
Trans-identified female Scott Newgent, who just released an important (dare we say heroic) article in Newsweek, is praised by Nina on feminist social media site, only to be met with harsh criticism from radical feminists who argue trans gender critics must detransition to be taken seriously. TERF-war inside baseball continues as Corinna brings up the Biden Administration’s endorsement of boys in girls’ sports. Corinna suggests drawing a Rural/City axis into Intersectionality, to which Nina responds cynically. Nina is in fact unusually cynical and sarcastic throughout, perhaps because she’s being cancelled by yet another cultural institution, again. Scott Newgent’s Newsweek article: Nina’s Spinster discussion: Newsweek article on Biden’s exec order/boys in girl’s sports/trans rights are human rights pr: Original Atlantic piece that evolved into the Coddling of the American Mind
February 13, 2021
Everyone Expects the Spanish Inquisition
For no reason in particular, Corinna wants to talk about the Spanish Inquisition, which was originally the Inquisition of Heretical Depravity. Since we strictly forbid any form of heresy in this safe space, it hardly makes sense on why the Inquisition would be germane. In completely different news, Corinna and Nina talk about the New York Times parting ways with David McNeal, its foremost science reporter, after he was overheard uttering a blasphemous word in the company of children from wealthy families. Nina talks about the importance of courage, especially as it reflects on mental health, and Corinna challenges the idea of whether courage even exists. New York Times fires Donald McNeil: Shelby Steele’s documentary “What Killed Michael Brown”
February 7, 2021
Senator is a Slur
After discussing some feedback on Episode 1, corinnA and ninA use the word "senator" as a slur. They name some other slurs, so listener discretion is advised. corinnA asserts the importance of Liberal Democracy, while ninA implies they don't live in one. Then ninA shares some details about a Very Retarded Breakup, and corinnA invites listeners to send feedback to , or comment at Note: ninA's mic sounds pretty bad here. She will return to her USB desktop mic in our next episode.
February 6, 2021
TERF vs. Tranny
Corinna and Nina make their very first recording together, discussing slurs, radical feminism, pronouns, porn, and more. Corinna dazzles Nina by revealing, superhero-style, that he started what became .  Nina's essay, "My Sex-Positive Memoirs," is at Essays on Corinna's original (and anonymous) terfisaslur tumblr:
January 31, 2021
Microphones are Things
Nina has mic troubles. Will she buy a whole new microphone? Plus, lots of "transitions" canned music clips between segments!
January 26, 2021
Hey Stoners...
Nina tries to think and talk at the same time. Also, trying out a signature show greeting. What will Corinna think?
January 26, 2021
Uh, Um, Y'know...
Nina continues exploring musical options on This was recorded with my new audio splitter, which allows a separate mic and headphones to connect to the same single audio jack on my wee little Macbook Air. 
January 26, 2021
Double Ungood
Nina checks her recording equipment and learns how works.
January 21, 2021