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Hey Dimmu

Hey Dimmu

By Antanika Muscaria + Projected Twin
Life is wayyyy too short for things we can't say. So... We say them. Sometimes it's scary, sometimes we think we might get in trouble. But honestly, all we want to do is get closer to what's 'real'. We laugh... a lot... too ;)
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STOP loving someone else!

Hey Dimmu

Relationships... that's what!
We are potentially one day away from coming out of our 7 day lock-down! Why are Projected Twin's eyes so wrecked looking.. what has he been doing? Antanika Muscaria has a revelation to share with him... what could it be? Is it going to be revealing and expose another nerve? Probably. All that plus our LIVE chat, Live card readings and our regular silliness of serious THINGS! Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple and ANCHOR! (Leave us a voice message! )   RSS Feed  Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters! ​​​- Learn more from our Official Website  You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
July 26, 2021
The TRUE pay-gap revealved, a sneaky look at the 'Hey Dimmu'(Everything you Want) music video for Projected Twin and of course LIVE card readings at the end with Antanika Muscaria 
July 19, 2021
STOP loving someone else!
If we cannot find a way to actually come to terms with ourselves enough to develop a relationship within that is built on support on nurture, then should we be subjecting other people to us? Why is it that we think the only way to be ok with ourselves is going to be because we find someone ELSE to put our love into? No wonder monogamy is dying!   Projected Twins album GoFundMe:   Projected Twin's new single 'Migrate':   Sing on Projected Twin's album!:   Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)   - Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple and ANCHOR! (Leave us a voice message! )   RSS Feed  - Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)   - Thank you to our Patreon Supporters! ​​​ - Learn more from our Official Website   You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify And Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)   Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
June 28, 2021
Schools are a HUGE mistake
We're already the weird homeschool people, but when 3 Adelaide High school girls staged a protest that sparked a national conversation about the sexual harassment rife throughout educational institutions, our minds started racing through all of the content we've learnt from psychology, psychotherapy, psychedelics and culture studies. The theory that emerged totally rocked us. And it's maybe a bigger problem than any one school or schooling system, could ever hope to tackle. Maybe Schools aren't worth the risks they have no hope of mitigating 🤔   Will a bigger House make us happier?   Tarot Card Readings (magic or not, you decide!)  Projected Twin fund-raises $1000+ toward manufacturing costs of the new album in less than 48 hours!    Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple and ANCHOR! (Leave us a voice message! )   RSS Feed - Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters! ​​​- Learn more from our Official Website  You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
June 21, 2021
Maybe... we shouldn't do this anymore.
Projected Twin plays his most challenging and horrible show of his entire career... and it had nothing to do with his playing. However, it did leave him incredibly frustrated and kind of questioning everything. Like? Why ARE we so polite to people who don't care at all about our time?  This is probably the best episode we've recored in a long time (which is lucky, because we were just starting to wonder... 'why are we doing this?' Today? We remembered why. To tell the truth. Even when it feels gross to say.   Streamed and recorded LIVE Mondays at 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple and ANCHOR! (Leave us a voice message! )  RSS Feed  Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters!​​​-  Learn more from our Official Website  You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
June 15, 2021
Internet Killed the Streamio-Star
Can we continue to survive Australian Internet? Is the livestream portion of our show doomed?! Will this destroy our marriage?!   Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple and ANCHOR! (Leave us a voice message! )   RSS Feed Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters!​​​ Learn more from our Official Website You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify And Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
June 11, 2021
Good news blues
When three became two. Adam Birchmore is no longer with us! Our heart hurts, but! we will go on (Adam is alive btw... i made that sound weird). We're getting into the 'real shiz' today, Family, communication, Neeks orders crystal eggs for her vagina... I think she's training to try and beat Shaun in an arm wrestle using purely just her pelvic floor... Updates on. the new Projected Twin album as well as Neeks' Tarot readings (they may not be magical, but they could still be useful ;) Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and more -  Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters!​​​ -  Official Website   You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify And Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)   Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
May 31, 2021
When do we Shut Up?
What do we really know? We live in a time now where information is shared faster than ever before. But how good is the information? How is what happens on the other side of the globe really meant to affect us and are the voices that need to be heard being drowned out by those that have appointed themselves the spokesperson of oppression they couldn't understand. Oh, and some weird sex jokes and stuff probably...   Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and more -  Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  @yyiam1 (Adam) -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters!​​​  Learn more from our Official Website You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify And Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
May 23, 2021
Enough just isn't... Enough
By now we've probably come across the idea that 'Happiness' is a side effect of our life, and not the 'goal', Then we hear that we're meant to be content... but that's also another emotion right? So aiming for a "content over happy" life is probably just as unrealistic... right?... Now what?   Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and more -  Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  @yyiam1 (Adam) -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters!​​​-  Learn more from our Official Website   You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)   Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
May 12, 2021
Maybe it's Me...
In what ways are we responsible for the behaviours around us, that we don't enjoy?   Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)​  -  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and more -  Instagram  @projectedtwin (Shaun)   @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)   @yyiam1 (Adam) -  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters!​​​​-  Learn more from our Official Website​  You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify​And Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)​  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society
May 10, 2021
Turns out... you have to?
Remember the other week when Projected Twin was all like... 'If I don't wanna do that job, maybe I just don't have to!'... Yeahhhh, well this iss how well that worked out :S
April 28, 2021
Close the Schools!
School. Does it create more longer lasting issues than it resolves? We think so...
April 19, 2021
Death, after life...
Today's episode may contain triggering and challenging content for some viewers. Pleaser contact mental health professionals if so and also feel free to contact us privately to address any issues that may surface as a result. There's also some fun talk about nudity, language, drugs and Projected Twin + Adam Birchmore try their hand at doing card readings for YOU without our resident oracle, Antanika Muscaria
April 12, 2021
Do we HAVE to?
What does anyone really ever have to do? Like... really. What do you have to do? You're probably making a list right now, aren't you? Well go on! Make your list. Now let's have a closer look at it. How many of those are true or just belief? And now... we dive in ;)
April 5, 2021
The Breakup.
Breaking up sucks. It doesn't matter if you are initiating it or being broken up with, it's usually intense and emotional. But what can be learned? What can a break tell us about ourselves, our own issues and how can we use a situation like this to better our lives?
March 30, 2021
Not Offended
What offends you?
March 22, 2021
What are we going to do with MEN?
Men, we can't live with them, and we apparently can't live without them, and the current narrative online is pretty negative, and for good reason. However, tonight a man tried or even did take his life in the park where my kids play. Right across the road from my house. This changes nothing about what men do. But, as I sat there on my porch watching emergency services do their thing, I thought about that man and how dark that space feels. And it prompts me to ask, if we have a problem, even though I know we are all angry, what do we do? What do we do about men, and the problem of male violence and suicide? How do we help? We don't know either but we believe the best way to find solutions is to talk about them. Understanding is the key to anything.
March 15, 2021
I think it's 130?
Good luck to you! Enter if you dare :P
March 14, 2021
Money! A great friend with so many mixed feelings. Spend a lot of time together, it feels great, but when we haven't seen our old shiny buddy for a while it can be hard to not feel a bit like we've been ghosted! And! Why is it possible to be MORE jaded about money the more we have?! We discuss. All that plus your weekly card readings (remember, they're not magic... but they could be helpful)
March 1, 2021
Today on the podcast Adam and I got deep on DMT, psychedelics, meditation and ET. Shaun "met" young Adam on the insight timer a few years ago and I adopted him as my new friend shortly after on Instagram, the place where dreams are made. Two years on, he's my new co-host till he's sick of me, while Shaun runs the back of house production so I can have my very own shitty googler just like Nadav from Your Moms House Podcast. I can't wait to throw things at Projected Twin when he gets it wrong. Everyone say "Hai Adam!!! Welcome to the shit show."
February 20, 2021
Go to your mums!
Today... Neeks is kicking Shaun out... yeah not kidding actually...
February 8, 2021
What's with the Glove?!
From breaking rules at a Sit-Down rave to the strange sounds that come from people's bodies when they don't know what to say... We went out, we don't get to do that much, now we feel..... effected :P | We learn about life from Marvel's WandaVision | 'It's not magic' card readings and the Dimmunity
February 1, 2021
Imposter !
She's a little teapot, he's a little spout. Look at their faces, when truth comes out :P Imposter Syndrome! That's what. Heard of it? got it? How do you live with it? | Projected Twin LIVE | It's not magic Tarot readings | And your favourite Australian Couple
January 25, 2021
Our Breakup
What would our lives look like if we weren't together? Neeks thinks that we'd probably still have sex 🙃
January 18, 2021
Musician attempts Stand Up Comedy
Unbeknownst to us, a recording of Shaun's first crack at stand up comedy has surfaced... and we're going to play it to you ;) | Where does the internet come from if it's not aaaactually a cloud? | Do psychedelics fix people? Or can they make narcissists 'Shamans'? | All of that, a bit more and of course, some fun with Tarot cards just you YOU!
January 11, 2021
Benford's Law
Who is Benford? And has he really discovered that we are all living in an inevitable system of natural design? And if so...
January 6, 2021
Marital Roles
What are they? Do we have them? How did we even work those out? or are we still putting them together? How about you?
January 6, 2021
Fill our like-hole
you heard me...
January 5, 2021
Shove that needle in yo FACE
Neeks finds herself deep in cosmetic-self-worth-funnel as we debate Facial Fillers: The new makeup? or Gateway to low self esteem? | Sexy dancing with Jay Kimber | Tarot readings | Projected Twin | Stand up comedy | the Dimmunity + more!
December 14, 2020
Tradition under what Condition?
Another rhyming episode! So you know you can trust it ;) We're well deep into the Tradition section of the year. Do we need one? What are they for? Are they worth keeping? Why? Why not? | Shaun! You really don't have time to go into any more food comas... do you need more help mate? | Card readings | Our new book and more!
December 7, 2020
We don't fit in our house anymore | Neeks has moved on to Tarot!... what does this mean for our readings? Did they just get more magical?! | Projected Twin's album announcement | Why having a goal that's meaningful can help you from falling into the trap of goals that aren't ours.
November 30, 2020
Lies are not the problem, the truth is...
What does it mean to tell the truth? What are the consequences of giving it? Is lying aaaaactually a safer option? Let's explore! | Adelaide Lockdown Controversy | Australian Military controversy | Earth to World LIVE + Your FREE Oracle card reading
November 23, 2020
Drugs fix EVERYTHING...
... sometimes even other drugs! What is our obsession with drugs? Not ours, but "ours"... you know what we mean? Some drugs are "quick fixes", others are "shortcuts". Hang on... isn't that like... the same thing? It isn't? whycome?! | Balaluke | The difference between Tarot, light, oracle cards | Projected Twin | Australian Psychedelic Society | A Trip of Compassion AND! | Non-magical Card readings for YOU!
November 16, 2020
If it Rhymes, You can Trust it!
Twas the day shortly after their 10 year wedding anniversary. That they palmed off the kids without any adversity. They watched a movie of war, ate strawberries galore and pondered what the idea was all really for! There was something coming from underneath, in fact a personal realisation around Projected Twin's teeth! We laughed, we didn't cry and like always it was filled with Neek's interrupted sighs. Happy 10 years of marriage, learning and growth to our Dimmus. But... you knew that this was really only just the beginning... Didn't you ? ;)
November 10, 2020
Why'd I Even Marry You For?!
It's a good question... why DO people get married? We've all heard about the propaganda surrounding it, there's the fairytale, the contract, the 'union'. But what good actually is it in today's intellectually charged world. And... is it even worth it? | Projected Twin news | Halloween | Attention Spans and fidgeting | Why it's important to have a vision for your life, even a ridiculous one | Your Oracle Card Reading | | And some light bickering from YOUR favourite married couple, homeschool educators, Psychology enthusiasts and Artists Antanika Muscaria & Projected Twin!
November 2, 2020
What is love? don't hurt me. So what IS it? And how do you know it when you see it? Who knows how to love the other better? Neeks or Shaun? This was a really really fun episode to tape and we highly recommend it
October 26, 2020
Just how much of an influence over ourselves and the relationship ecosystem we're connected to does Premenstrual dysphoric disorder have? | Oracle card readings, Projected Twin and the Dimmunity!
October 19, 2020
Is Santa REAL?!
When how or why do we make the Santa reveal to our youth? Is Antanika Hoberg a wizard? ...why does she have a staff now...? ...We're weird. Shaun tries his hand at Stand up Comedy with Alan Catman AND on today's episode we also get raided by highschoolers... and weeeeee liked it!
October 12, 2020
All the button...
... and a little distracted :P
October 12, 2020
The Ghost of SLUT Past
What is conditioning? Is it always being done to us? Is it intended, does it just happen? | Neeks gets all the details on Shaun's slutty past | Dancing police | What is community, why do we need it and is it the same as 'family? | And of course our regular magic free card readings!
September 28, 2020
Shaun got... FAT
Look, it's been a developing thing, we know you all noticed (you've told us! haha), How does Shaun feel about his new shape? | Neeks leaves University to pursue podcasting and drugs! Light card readings and our super awesome Dimmunity also inside ;)
September 21, 2020
This is NOT for everyone
When are we parenting out of fear? Is that the best idea? | Should everything be made for everyone? Is it possible? or does making something for everyone result in creating something unlikeable to most? | Shaun has been struggling with his self and public image as his binge eating and weight gain have reached new lows. Is this the price we pay for being who we are? | Plus our non-magical card readings (or are they) and most importantly, YOU, the Dimmunity!
September 14, 2020
EAT the feelings
We got a special delivery live on air that had us bouncing around. Shaun figures out the root of his body issues as Neeks considers alternative sleeping arrangements. Plus! Should we get arrested for online activity? Card readings, fun times and good learnin' vibes!
September 9, 2020
Naming and Shaming...
Neeks has been cursing at Shaun alllll night whilst he sleep. Howcome? Clue... It's not snoring, it's far worse. Name and Shame gag-orders for Victoria PLUS magicless Card Readings and Coffee!
September 1, 2020
We watched 'that' Documentary
We watched the "doco that can't be named"... is it a dangerous propaganda piece? Are we AWAKE now? Plus celebrity conspiracies, MORE lol dolls, card readings and our pretty faces... if that's, what you're into...
August 24, 2020
Wap wap wap the HECK did we just watch? The sexualisation of society. Grand plan? Or Natural consequence? What's Neeks and Shaun's sex-life like? Neeks gets banned from facebook AGAIN! And are LOL surprise dolls the end of childhood safety as we know it? All that, plus our non-magical card readings and the Dimmunity!
August 17, 2020
Why "self love" Doesn't Work!
Does preaching to others about finding faith and hope in god, or whatever it is you align yourself with really help? Do we have a need to convince others to put their faith where we keep ours? Is 'loving yourself' enough? Today on the pod Neeks and Shaun also get into the core of Neeks' psyche and explore her metaphysical "sponge squeezing" and inability to let go of the things that no longer serve her. But why? Plus as always! Non-magical oracle card readings, our live audience AND.. you!
August 11, 2020
We did a 100
Holy heck this is our 100th podcast! We talk about the impact this podcast has had on our lives, your lives in our growing Dimmunity and our future together! Plus some totally dope card readings, an acoustic performance by Shaun and more :)
August 3, 2020
Are we virtue signalling?
The most fun we've had making one of these to date :) What is virtue signalling? What kind of impact can we actually have on social media? How do you resolve arguments about chores in your relationships? Card readings and a whole bunch of other fun ;)
July 31, 2020
This one got shadow banned...
I'm not going to tell you anything about this one... Warning, it may have triggers, you should at least be allowed to know that. But I intentionally held back on uploading the audio version of this one, because the videos.. well, the view count and interaction across platforms was low (even for us :P ) Interesting.
July 31, 2020
BANNED from socials
Neeks has really done it this time :S
July 24, 2020
Life is like a Box of Netflix
It's been building up to this for a while, but Neeks finally has to tell Shaun 'You've let yourself go'... Shaun has also discovered that life is a giant Netflix subscription...
July 20, 2020
It's our togetherversary! How the HECK have we managed to make this marriage last 11 insane years?!
July 20, 2020
How to be yourself...
It's really not that easy. But, it is simple. And of course it would be, life, ya tricky bastard!
July 14, 2020
The world owes you nothing... but you might get something ;)
The world may never go back to the way it was... and... should it have to? What can we expect? Shaun has a hunger tantrum & Neeks tells you your future as we all prepare to 'leave the nest'
July 10, 2020
Not all Vegans... uh oh.
Today we hold an intervention for Shaun... who is eating his way toward divorce. Being married to Shaun is eventful, but I draw the line at waking me up with snoring and farts because he has eaten a ltr of ice-cream to himself again... And today i'm making him an ultimatum!
July 6, 2020
Nobody's gonna rain on my internet
It was raining today... so that means that in Adelaide the internet becomes dial-up :P So! Cause I know a bunch of you rad Dimmus watch these after we do them, i've uploaded the version that usually goes to YouTube. In this one I talk about the fight Neeks and I had this morning, how she's not on the podcast anymore... she comes back. Oh! And on this one I talk a bit about how we're all still actually just a strange species of animal, in a hut, hoping the rain doesn't get in. It's fun, it's egotistical, it's psychic (because I do the card readings that Neeks normally does, but she ac... she actually comes back at that point and takes over. funny how she shows up when I start doing her own segment better than her....).
July 6, 2020
I was only 90
We are 90 today! Holy gawwwddd. How much the world has changed in just 90 episodes and one year of podcasting. Where is this all going anyway? Not just our show :P, but human discourse, public gatherings, police presence, cultural harmony... what is the end goal of all this... and... what's a reasonable expectation for our hopes toward the continuously developing drama that is... Earth.
July 6, 2020
Podcasts replace therapists
I've been really quiet with Neeks this week. I realise it's because I really HAVE replaced my therapist with our podcast Dimmunity... There are things I don't want to talk to her about without the podcast present... today's issue is a great example of that... plus Neeks hates it when I go quiet on her... transitioning into homeschooling our kids has been interesting to say the least.
June 26, 2020
Our marriage isn't enough for us | No. 88
2020 has been a decline on the globe's mental health. How do we as people cope with that? How do we do more good than harm? Also; Our relationship. People tell us they think it's great, they tell us they wish they had it... but, is it enough for us? Engagements, card readings, bad internet and DIMMUS!
June 22, 2020
We are ENDING school! | No. 87
We explore the education systems uniform policy's and how we believe this impacts students, parents and society on a broader perspective. There's a group chat happening on Instagram, it's totally out of control, but we can't stop watching @Emilieknowseverything Our thoughts on the latest Chris D'Elia news. As well as our 'non-magic' card readings and general "us"ness
June 21, 2020
No. 85 | Allow me to interrupt
In this one, Shaun finally admits that he DOES interrupt all of the time, and then proceeds to make the rest of the episode about him...
June 15, 2020
No. 84 | How racist?
How racist are we? How racist are you? What do we do with it? How to we heal from it, where to we go from here? As two slightly ignorant white people, what is our responsibility in this moment in time? Can that even be answered?
June 9, 2020
No. 83 | Neeks has 5 new boyfriends
Neeks has just revealed to Shaun that she's hitting up other men... and she's extorting them for money.. can't wait to get her to explain this to me 😐 And! As the industry pulls itself back together Shaun has to consider if he's happy to play for food vouchers (as the Adelaide musician community aren't too keen on the idea) Do your life's work and become 'unpopular' or abandon an industry that put food on my tables for 15 years?... All that plus more
June 5, 2020
No. 82 | Come on, (white) people!
Need a break from riot-watch for a sec? We're probably going to address it (... cause you were totally like... "I wonder what two cushy white Australians think of all this :P ), but without the freak out? I dunno, if you need a warm cuppa and some good convo. We're here for 2 hours
June 2, 2020
No. 81 | No... you look after ME!
Podcasting when one is sick and the other is catching it! When you're a parenting partnership, who has to look after who when BOTH need looking after?! Also, wth is going on in some of these facebook groups?
June 2, 2020
No. 80 | How to lose a guy in one day :P
Shaun went out into the woods free agent and then he DID NOT COME HOME! How annoyed wa Neeks? What did he ruin now? All that and some waayyyyyy spiritual stuff mannnn ;)
June 2, 2020
No. 79 | Education Vs the Education system
This is what it sounds like, when dads cry. Shaun may have gotten a little emotional and told of the Education system a little today. "Put them on blast?" I believe the youngsters put it? When you think your kid's mental health is compromised, you do :S
June 2, 2020
No. 78 | EmilieKnowsEveryThing
Shaun made some friends on the Gram last night and found himself in the middle of a Universe he didn't even know existed! Not only that, he brought that world into the DimmuSphere where the conversation exploded into an exposé of the SECRETS of meditation!
May 18, 2020
No. 77 | Disabled for a day
Shaun was challenged to be disabled for a day, and what he learnt from that experience taught him less about himself and MORE about one of our long-term listeners and friends. This is a hearty episode.
May 18, 2020
No. 76 (Neek's Dark Night of the Soul)
Neeks had a bit of surprise for Shaun on Friday night. It turned out to be a bit of a surprise for herself as well. One that had them both in tears on this episode. It's kinda beautiful really.
May 11, 2020
No. 75
"How do you know?" ... How do you argue with that? When we're all just using 'links' like they're proof? Is this a civil 'link' war where instead of bullets we launch 'link'-siles! Do police make you feel safe? Where do we get a sense of that from? Shaun debuts a new song PLUS, the healing power of sadness and vulnerability!
May 8, 2020
No. 74
Neeks has tabs on Shaun's 'misdiagnosed' bipolar disorder... she no longer believes it was wrong... the dude's clearly bipolar! How do we decide what we believe? Plus! The governments are using the pandemic threat to control us?
May 4, 2020
No. 73
Neeks has been bullying people who post about conspiracy theories... not really, but some of them think she is :P She isn't! Really! How do we figure out what 'facts' are anyway? A dog attack AND! Is there a psychological reason behind why so many Hollywood mega-stars are so awkward on social media?
May 1, 2020
No. 72
It's late at night, the kids are in bed, Neeks rolls over to sleep. Shaun goes to the toilet all weird like, so Neeks goes to check it out, what happens next leads to much... much shame. Home schooling, plus Shaun starts to fine-tune his musical goals.
April 28, 2020
No. 71
So... Shaun has this idea that he's going to become the biggest singer, entertainer, musician and songwriter on the planet... how stupid is that?!... Is it? Oh and some stuff about the Kardashians and us putting on weight.
April 24, 2020
No. 70
Due to the 20 or so litres of ice-cream we've eaten in the last... 48 hours? (Yikes!) Our clothes are starting to get a liiiiiii'll tight... all over. But what's more important? Feeling good? Or looking good? Can we have both? Shaun messes up the lyrics to the worlds biggest song. Also, what are 'weekends'? do they still even exist?!
April 20, 2020
No. 69
Isolation life is making us LAZY! We woke up today with less than 30 minutes to get ready for this episode, the result? A giggly, hilarious hangout with two dopey idiots :P
April 17, 2020
No. 68
Lock-down sexy time? How well are you getting to know your significant other? OR How well are you getting to know your OWN body? Perhaps finding the time to even feel good about that thing we get around in? It's a win either way. We're also going to dive into racism during a global crisis plus our usual self disclosure ;)
April 13, 2020
No. 67
Are you guilty yet? You've been home a lot. How's your schedule? Are you being productive enough? Are your kids learning enough? ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH?! Are you being kind. to. your. self. enough?
April 13, 2020
No. 66
Neeks gets tested today! Well, we've had an emotionally intense weekend in captivity. Now we're starting off our week with a Corona scare. What will we have to do, how do we feel about it? all that on today's Hey Dimmu! PLUS! Married at first sight, Big Brother, Tiger King and more!
April 6, 2020
No. 65
Whoa.. Yup, don't worry, it's not ALL gloom, there's our usual'ness in this episode too. I'd like to pretend we've been spending the corona virus self isolation naked and romantic... but it's actually mostly farts, hoodies and track pants. What have you done with your days since self isolation, how have you entertained yourself? What new skill did you learn? Can you wank with the other arm now? Or did you try a new coffee flavour...
April 3, 2020
The Void
When life goes back to 'normal', will we even want it to? Also, BIG fines now for socialising in public now, that came quickly. So! If we can't change it... who are you going to be getting to know during this time?
March 30, 2020
Pick a Lane!
In a time where you make your own... Shaun is struggling with an overflow of idea 'corridors'. Ok :P And we dive deeper into the relationship dynamics of isolated life!
March 27, 2020
Lock-down SEX... and other activities | CoronaFiles
Here it is! We've been preparing our minds for this moment and now it's here as we enter the early stages of a Covid-19 Baby boom!
March 23, 2020
How to Stay Calm | CoronaFiles
Today we explore what happens now covid-19 is taking the world by large. What happens to our environment, our relationships, our general ability to work together as a society? And how do we keep our socialite teenagers home? How will Neeks get her uni work done with the kids at home? All this and more!
March 20, 2020
Toilet Paper Crisis | CoronaFiles
If you're currently in a Toilet Paper crisis melt-down, let us know.... what's the best story you've seen so far? So far my favourite is the man that was tasered in Big W over an argument about toilet paper...
March 17, 2020
Corona Files
Corona virus... can't avoid it! What do we do? Do we send the kids to school, do we stock up on random items, should we be doing things with family at all? All that, and probably.. well, definitely our usual "ness"
March 16, 2020
Not Enough Passion!
Today we talk about passion, how do you keep passion in a relationship after long long long.years of being together? When you know the smell of their farts among others, when you see their deepest darkest secrets, when they leave doors open all the time... Streamed live Monday and Friday 10am (gmt +9:30) Thank you to our Patrons! You make our dreams possible :) INSTA: @ProjectedTwin (Shaun) @hey_dimmu (Neeks) For more info, Merch and ways to support she show please visit us at:
March 13, 2020
Free Money!
Shaun: "So what are we talking about? Neeks: ... No idea... I literally have no idea. It's the no idea show! Nah, we talked about drugs on the weekend, people are still legging it out of hops with butt-roll AND there's a new stimulus payment coming for Australians?!
March 13, 2020