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Hey Fightin' Podcast

By LSU Football
The official podcast of LSU Football, Hey Fightin' Podcast takes you inside LSU Tiger football all year long. Featuring interviews with players, coaches, and staff, as well as in-depth analysis and a rotating cast of guests, HFP combines unparalleled access with quality storytelling to bring your ears closer to Tiger football than they've ever been before.
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The Future is (Merry and) Bright ft. Kayshon Boutte, Max Johnson, and Shea Dixon
Freshman standouts Kayshon Boutte and Max Johnson hop on the podcast just minutes after their record-breaking performances in LSU's 53-48 win over Ole Miss on Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium.  After that, Shea Dixon of Geaux247 returns for a big picture view of LSU's 2021 recruiting class. Enjoy the 40th and final episode in Season 2 of Hey Fightin' Podcast. After all the challenges of 2020, the future remains bright for LSU Football. 
December 20, 2020
Hurry Up: Victory for L-S-Shoe (Live Postgame Reaction)
A different flavor this week for The Hurry Up. I hopped on Zoom right after the game and took questions to break down LSU's 37-34 win over Florida. The result was a less analytical approach to the game and a more emotional, raw conversation about joy and fandom and grit and culture.  But we did talk Cade York's 57-yard game-winner, Max Johnson's moxie, the freshmen playing like vets, and, yes, The Shoe.  With guest appearances from the Away Game Press Box, Andrew Lopez of, Van Lathan of The Ringer, and, best of all, some loyal listeners. (Man, I really hope I edited out all the stuff I was supposed to.)
December 13, 2020
Fight All the Way
Hey Fightin' Podcast has opted back in for the 2020 season. A month-long hiatus ends today. We're talking about the struggles of November, the opportunities of December, and where things stand at quarterback, receiver,  and offensive line. We also talk Terrace Marshall's opt out, the defense's improvement, and what's at stake in the final three games of the season. 
December 3, 2020
Ty Davis-Price and John Emery
Call them Thunder and Lightning. Call them Honey and Mustard. Call them the best pair of running backs in the SEC. Call them what you want: John Emery and Ty Davis-Price call themselves brothers.  This is an emotional episode. It's a funny episode. It's timely -- the two just combined for 223 yards and two scores against South Carolina. It's evergreen, too -- they go deep on their stories, their families, their bond. I walked away from this conversation amazed by their resilience, grateful for their vulnerability, and inspired by their friendship. I hope you feel the same way by the time it's done.  Stay tuned for more from this conversation on our other media feeds, including Inside LSU Football with Ed Orgeron and LSU's YouTube and social media channels. 
October 29, 2020
Hurry Up: That Was Fun (TJ Finley, Terrace Marshall, Jabril Cox)
52-24. I know we went 15-0 and won a national championship last year, but that was fun. The unknowns entering the game. The performances during the game. The freshmen standouts. The veterans rising to the occasion.  This team has a lot of work to do and bigger games ahead, but that -- that was just good times. This is one of my favorite Hurry Ups, and not just because the game was so interesting and gave us so much to talk about. First, Hester joins for a break down. Then we hear from TJ Finley, Terrace Marshall, and Jabril Cox. Finally, I get to your mailbag questions.  As always, thanks for listening, leave a rating/review if you haven't already, and Geaux Tigers. 
October 25, 2020
TJ Finley and Max Johnson: What to Expect + Zach Von Rosenberg on Audacity, Belief, and Catalyzing Failure into Future Success
LSU punter Zach Von Rosenberg is today's guest (23:46).  But before we talk with the 30-year-old former MLB pitcher/walk-on QB/walk-on tight end turned national champion, we break down Coach O's announcement that TJ Finley will get the start at QB for LSU. What can we expect from Finley? What's the latest on Myles Brennan's health? Where does Max Johnson fit in. Plus, discussion on third down offense, young players likely to see more snaps Saturday against South Carolina, and more. 
October 23, 2020
Ali Gaye's Incredible Journey
Ali Gaye has an incredible story to tell. LSU's defensive end, the SEC's pressures leader through three weeks, is already making history. He's one of the first college football players from The Gambia, a small country on the west coast of Africa, and his journey from there to here, from then to now, is one you have to hear for yourself. It's an amazing story of parental sacrifice and personal dedication.  Ali sat down with us for 30 minutes after his debut against Mississippi State to talk about his story. We also learn why he wears No. 11 and the improbable intersection of his life with another that inspires him daily. To read the feature story based on this interview and others, click here: To watch the video feature from this interview, click here: (Note: this interview was recorded after LSU's season-opener against Mississippi State).
October 14, 2020
Hurry Up: Gut Check Time
LSU is 1-2 for the first time since 1994. The Tigers head to The Swamp next week. It's gut check time.  Hester joins the Hurry Up as we break format and break down LSU's 45-41 loss to Missouri. 
October 11, 2020
Speak It Into Existence
LSU got an improved quarterback, a breakout running back, and a returning star on defense Saturday. What did that fix, and what does it affect moving forward? Hester and I break down those questions and more, including the right way to prepare your toothbrush for optimal dental cleaning. We also start setting the mood for Florida Hate Week and try, in vain, to keep the weather at bay for Saturday's kickoff with Mizzou. Subscribe! Rate! Review! Beat Mizzou! (Note: this episode was recorded before the SEC's announcement that LSU's game against Missouri would be moved to Columbia for an 11 a.m. kickoff Saturday).
October 7, 2020
Just What the Doctor Ordered
LSU rebounded from its Week One loss to knock off Vanderbilt 41-7. Was it perfect? No. Was it much improved? Yes. We talk John Emery's breakout, Myles Brennan's development, Derek Stingley Jr.'s return, the defensive improvements, and much more. 
October 4, 2020
Learning From Failure
The cereal talk comes at the very end.  Before that, the serious talk.  We look forward to Vanderbilt by looking back at Mississippi State. What can LSU fix from the loss? What can LSU build on? And why is T-Bob trying to intimidate us?  Plenty of discussion on Derek Stingley's return, Ali Gaye's breakout, Myles Brennan's ups and downs, and of course we answer your questions as fast as we can before Hester has to do his radio show. 
October 1, 2020
The Hurry Up is Back, For Better or Worse
That wasn't pretty. But there's a lot to talk about.  LSU's 44-34 defeat to open the 2020 season revealed a lot of weaknesses and a few things to build around. We talk about the broader impact of football's return, the bad news on the Tigers' struggles to get going offensively and get stops defensively, the good news on the offense's second half adjustments and the defense's takeaways, and where things go from here. 
September 27, 2020
You Ready?
After a longer-than-usual wait and after an unprecedented offseason that came on the heels of an unprecedented season, the Tigers are back.  You ready? If not, we will get you ready with today's episode, previewing LSU's 2020 season opener against Mississippi State (even though we don't actually mention the Bulldogs until like 45 minutes in...whoops). There's plenty of talk about the Tigers, though, including the new 7 and 18s, a depth chart break down, over/unders for key players, and some mailbag questions we hurried to answer at the end.  See y'all after Saturday's game. 
September 23, 2020
No. 7 JaCoby Stevens, No. 18 Damone Clark, and No. 18 Chris Curry
LSU announced its newest members of the No. 7 and No. 18 clubs Friday, and we sit down with the newest bearers of two historic Tiger jerseys. First up is JaCoby Stevens, who will wear No. 7 this season as the Tigers' most prominent playmaker. Next up we sit down with both Damone Clark and Chris Curry (14:05) to talk about their induction into the No. 18 lineage of leaders. And with all three, we call up their parents to break the good news.
September 21, 2020
What I Saw at Preseason Game No. 2 + Why Coach O Loves Bo Pelini's Defense
I took in last Friday's final preseason game for LSU, so me and Hester breakdown how good the offense looked, Myles Brennan's improvement outside of the pocket, and how the running game could be special in 2020.  We also discuss Coach O's recent comments on how excited he is about Bo Pelini's defense, Neil Farrell's decision to opt back in and its impact on the defensive line, plus more questions from Instagram and Twitter.  Back next week to preview LSU-Mississippi State. 
September 18, 2020
Inside Preseason Game No. 1, Tiger Stadium's 2020 Changes, Secondary Adds Depth, Get the Cat, Mailbag, and more with Hester
Hester is back to break down LSU's first preseason game, featuring breakout performances from Arik Gilbert, Kayshon Boutte, and the pass rushers. We also discuss the newly announced Tiger Stadium guidelines for 2020, the transfer of cornerback Darren Evans, answer Mailbag questions, and bring back Get the Hat for a special Big Cat edition. 
September 10, 2020
Next Man Up
On today's show, we recap Coach O's 9/1/20 press conference before sitting down with Jacob Hester (17:00) to talk about Ja'Marr Chase's decision to opt out, who emerges at receiver, LSU's Friday march, how to pronounce Arik Gilbert's name, and which Nicholas Cage film is the best of all.  (Note: conversation with Hester recorded Monday before Tyler Shelvin's decision to opt out was made public).
September 1, 2020
Camp Talk with Hester
LSU wrapped up its first week of practice Friday, and Cody and Hester discuss some of the storylines from early days on the Ponderosa. Topics covered include an improved running game, a loaded receivers room, an impressive freshman, edge rushers, depth up front, and Coach O's emphasis on not looking back at 2019. 
August 22, 2020
The Transfers: Liam Shanahan and Jabril Cox
You might say LSU's had some success with transfers in recent seasons. Liam Shanahan and Jabril Cox may not win the Heisman for the Tigers in 2020, but Ed Orgeron is counting on both players to step in and make an immediate impact on their respective sides of the ball.  First up on today's show is Shanahan, who talks about his journey from Harvard to Baton Rouge, his father's journey from Ireland to the States, working in Fenway Park and winning a World Series ring, the value of a Harvard Economics degree, and adjusting to SEC football. After that we talk with Cox (22:16) about winning three (!) national championships before making his way to Louisiana. He talks about bypassing a shot at the NFL for another year of college, getting settled in Bo Pelini's defense, getting used to Fargo's frigid winters, growing up in St. Louis, seeing the Chiefs win a Super Bowl, and more. 
August 19, 2020
Terrace Marshall Has High Expectations
Terrace Marshall quietly grabbed 13 touchdowns last season, proving himself as one of the most talented receivers in the country. If anyone's still sleeping on his abilities, it's because they're not watching closely enough. The junior wide receiver joins the show today to talk about coming back from a midseason injury in 2019, missing his senior season of high school football, and his goals for 2020. Be warned: they are lofty. But also be warned: if anyone can exceed them, it's Marshall. 
August 11, 2020
10 SEC Games, Locked In Superstar, and Mailbag with Jacob Hester
Hester is back to talk about the SEC's decision to play 10 conference games, Ja'Marr Chase's decision to be "locked in" for 2020, and to answer your questions. Topics covered include running backs by committee, who steps up at defensive end, young WRs, and another round of Get The Hat.
August 6, 2020
Ja'Marr Chase and Derek Stingley Jr.
A special two-interview episode.  Ja'Marr Chase (1:30) talks about emerging as a leader and getting in shape, while also breaking down the talent in the receivers room. Derek Stingley Jr. (14:38) then hops on to discuss getting back to football, how DBU's swagger is now a quiet confidence, the one athletic feat he's not very good at, his go-to fast food order.
August 1, 2020
JaCoby Stevens Has Unfinished Business
JaCoby Stevens watched 14 teammates head to the NFL Draft, and he knew he could've been No. 15. But he had other ideas in mind. LSU's senior safety joins the show today to talk about why he came back for one more year in Baton Rouge, how he stays motivated after winning the national championship, and what the difference on defense will be, as the Tigers prepare for a more attack-minded approach under defensive coordinator Bo Pelini.
July 28, 2020
The Hunger and Patience of Myles Brennan
Myles Brennan has been waiting for his moment. No one understands patience or hunger like the fourth-year quarterback, who has bided his time in the quarterback room. His opportunity has arrived, although, as always, it has not arrived as planned.  If anyone can handle the wait and anxiety of the current moment, it's Brennan, who has known the emotions well in his time as a Tiger. He makes his Hey Fightin' Podcast debut to talk about his weight (hopefully for the last), his wait, what he's learned, and what he expects.
July 22, 2020
LSU Gets Its Rings, and We Get the Hat
Jacob Hester and Cody Worsham catch up after some time away from the microphones by recapping the debut of LSU's 2019 championship rings. They also debut a new segment and discuss some replacements for departing stars. Back next week to answer some of your questions and more football talk. 
July 9, 2020
Derek Stingley Jr.'s Next Play
Derek Stingley Jr. made history as a freshman, and he had no idea. He had no idea that his Consensus All-American honors were the first by a true freshman defensive player in college football history, or that he joined only Herschel Walker, Adrian Peterson, and Rondale Moore as first-year players to make three of the five All-American squads.  That's because Stingley doesn't look back, unless he's studying film. Even that, with everything else he does, is about getting better. It's all about the next play.  Stingley joins the podcast today to talk about his historic 2019 season, how he's managed to stay on his game during COVID-19 lockdown, and what's up his sleeve for 2020. Over the course of the conversation, you'll hear a young man who isn't just physically gifted. He's also wise beyond his years, a craftsman and a student of the game.  To read the story that accompanies this podcast, click here. 
June 1, 2020
History Made: Recapping LSU's Epic 2020 Draft with Jacob Hester and Emily Dixon
LSU saw a record 14 players taken in the 2020 NFL Draft, with six more former Tigers signing free agent deals shortly after the draft's conclusion. Cody Worsham, Emily Dixon, and Jacob Hester recap the historic weekend with some reaction from players taken on Days 2 and 3. 
April 27, 2020
2020 NFL Draft Round One Recap with Jacob Hester and Emily Dixon
LSU saw a school-record five Tigers taken in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Jacob Hester, Cody Worsham, and Emily Dixon recap a memorable night for Joe Burrow, K'Lavon Chaisson, Justin Jefferson, Patrick Queen, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. We find out why Hester's seven year old was so excited, why Joe makes everything less dramatic, talk about Justin's babyface, lament the Saints passing on Queen, and more. 
April 24, 2020
Forever Linked: Jeff Marx on the Bond Between Joe Burrow and Ed Orgeron
Before Joe Burrow goes No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft, Pulitzer Prize winner Jeff Marx joins the show to talk about his three-part series on Ed Orgeron and his Heisman winning quarterback. Forever Linked: The Story of Heisman Joe and Coach O is the story you need this week. It goes deep on Joe's recruitment, how he won over the team, and the connections he formed with Coach O. On the surface, the two are opposites -- the introverted QB from the Midwest, the outgoing Cajun from down the bayou. At their core, however, they're made of the same stuff. 
April 23, 2020
Road to the Pros: Lloyd Cushenberry
Lloyd Cushenberry went from overlooked recruit to potentially the first offensive lineman drafted in 2020. He sits down to talk about wearing No. 18, an epic pregame speech before Alabama, and more. Full YouTube video ( Twitter highlight ( 
April 21, 2020
Road to the Pros: Blake Ferguson
Former LSU longsnapper Blake Ferguson talks with Emily Dixon about his career in purple and gold and his NFL dreams. "I know that wherever I go, I'm going to have to beat somebody out, I'm going to have to compete for the job," Ferguson says. "I'm not just going to walk in and be a starting longsnapper on an NFL roster. That's something I've been mentally preparing for." Watch the Twitter video here ( or check out the full YouTube interview here (
April 19, 2020
Boot Up: Will Wade Breaks Down LSU Basketball's Elite 2020 Recruiting Class
A special crossover episode, as Will Wade takes over the HFP feed for the day to break down LSU's 2020 hoops class, currently ranked No. 5 nationally. The group features the son of an LSU legend, the best scoring guard in the country, a point guard with Tremont Waters' passing ability and explosive length, Louisiana's Mr. Basketball, a 17-year-old high-flyer from Vegas, a rebounding machine from California, and a versatile, defensively-gifted transfer who practiced all spring with the Tigers. Subscribe to Boot Up: The LSU Basketball Podcast here: Read the recap of LSU's 2020 class here:
April 16, 2020
Road to the Pros: Kristian Fulton on Winning the Natty in His Hometown, Coming Back for Senior Season, and Being Up Next for DBU in the NFL
Kristian Fulton could've gone to the NFL a year ago. But something called him back for his senior season. Turns out, he made the right decision. Not only does he leave LSU with a national championship and a degree, but he also enters the NFL Draft as a projected first round pick. He sits down for the latest installment of Road to the Pros to talk about winning it all in his hometown, how his yearlong suspension is a strength versus a weakness for NFL scouts, and more. Watch the full interview here ( or the condensed interview here ( 
April 15, 2020
Road to the Pros: Breiden Fehoko
The NFL Draft is right around the corner, so we're sitting down with some of the former Tigers who are looking to make their NFL dreams come true this month. First up, Emily Dixon sits down with defensive lineman Breiden Fehoko, who talks about his journey from Hawaii to Texas Tech and LSU and how he plans to carve a path for himself at the next level. Watch on YouTube ( or a condensed version on Twitter ( 
April 13, 2020
Tigers United: Russell Brock and Kristen Nuss, Beach Volleyball
When you've spent years building something, and crisis brings it to a halt, what do you do? LSU Beach Volleyball was at the apex of the sport when the shutdown stopped their pursuit of a national championship. No. 1 in the country. Two wins over defending champions UCLA. A historic home meet the likes of which the sport has never seen. On today's episode, head coach Russell Brock and senior/No. 1 court player Kristen Nuss talk about not letting the break stop the program's momentum, maintaining peak form while in quarantine, staying mentally engaged and connected with the team, and more. 
April 7, 2020
Tigers United: Fran Flory and Sarah Rumely Noble, LSU Volleyball
Coaches need contact, communication, and interaction. So how do you manage a program when all of those things are impossible? LSU volleyball head coach Fran Flory and assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Sarah Rumely Noble join today's show to talk about the challenges, opportunities, and adjustments brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown. Their conversation touches on topics anyone working from home, parenting, or leading during these difficult times can learn from, including how to prioritize what matters, maintain communication, and stay organized when it's never been harder.  If you're a coach, a student-athlete, a leader, a parent, a spouse, or simply working from home, there's something here for you. 
April 2, 2020
Tigers United: Cole Henry and Eric Walker, LSU Baseball
LSU Baseball's pitching staff was off to a historic start in 2020. Then, the outbreak of a pandemic changed everything. Today's episode of Tigers United features Cole Henry and Eric Walker (6:58), two of the Tigers' top arms, who check in from their homes on how they're adapting to life in the social distancing age. They talk missing the day to day grind of a baseball team, living meal to meal, finding ways to work out and throw, the uncertainty of their futures, what they're watching, and how difficult it is to cut off a championship chase before it even really gets started.  Watch the interview on YouTube:
March 31, 2020
Tigers United: Skylar Mays and Ruby Harrold
A new podcast series from LSU Athletics: Tigers United. So many times in life, we're defined by the things that divide us. But sometimes we all go through something together. And we're reminded of the things that unite us. Right now, in some form or another, we're all going through the same thing. And we're all united by a sense of loss and how to cope with it. On one end of the scale, there are those who are fighting for their lives, fighting for their health, fighting for the lives of other people. And wherever you are in that fight, know you're not alone.  But up and down the scale, from most serious to least serious, we're all dealing with some sort of loss. Maybe it's a job. Maybe it's school. Maybe it's time spent with loved ones or the ability to go work out in a gym or eat out at a restaurant for dinner. For Ruby Harrold and Skylar Mays, one of the losses they're dealing with right now is a loss that so many other student athletes across the country are figuring out how to cope with. Both of their collegiate careers were cut short because of the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus. Neither got the chance to finish their careers at LSU the way they deserved. After all the hard work and the heartache. After all the sacrifice and the celebration. They just ended. Earlier this week, they joined me for the first in a series of conversations we're calling Tigers United.  Each episode we're going to hear from LSU student athletes, staff, and coaches, on how they're navigating this new world we're all living in. We'll talk mental health and physical health. We'll look back on the past, and we'll look forward to the future.  You can find every episode at, as well as on our Hey Fightin' Podcast and Boot Up: The LSU Basketball Podcast feeds.  We all come from different places. We all play different sports. We all have different obstacles to overcome. But now as always, we're all Tigers, and we're all united.
March 27, 2020
Shelly Mullenix, Senior Associate AD for Health and Wellness, on LSU's Fight Against COVID-19
Today's episode is a different one, because we are all currently living in a different world that's changing every day. COVID-19 has altered everything for us all, and LSU Athletics is no different.  Shelly Mullenix (6:10) is LSU's Senior Associate Athletic Director for Health and Wellness, and she's helping make crucial decisions for -- and providing information every day to -- LSU's student-athletes and staff, who, like the rest of the world, are in a state of limbo as the world stops to fight this virus.  Shelly isn't just an expert on so many subjects related to this virus -- health and wellness, mental health, and administrative decision-making. She's also a compassionate, thoughtful leader, and she is working tirelessly to make sure LSU's student-athletes stay healthy, mentally and physically, at a time when that mission is fraught with challenges.  Today's conversation isn't just applicable to student-athletes, though. We can all learn from Shelly's expertise, involvement, and information.  Resources: CDC: World Health Organization: Louisiana Department of Health: National Institute of Mental Health: LSU Coronavirus Updates:
March 20, 2020
Why Ja'Marr Chase Craves the Challenge of Wearing Number 7 + Ed Orgeron Previews Spring Practice
Ja'Marr Chase walked into Football Ops this week on a mission. He wanted No. 7.  It took him time to track down Coach O, who bounces around the building like a man on fire, but eventually, he found his head coach and asked for the jersey. "Alright," Coach O said, "let's do it." On today's show, we sit down with Ja'Marr to discuss why he wanted that number, what it means to him, and how he's working to set new goals after surpassing the many he set in 2019.  "I look at 7 as a competitive number," Chase says. "I think 7 at LSU is like a challenge for people. There's a lot of things that goes on in the year when you have 7 on, a lot of critics, a lot of people, a lot of expectations from 7, and I want to have that challenge upon me." That's a mentality that's taken Chase to the top of college football, and it's the mentality that fuels his desire to go even higher, still.  Show Notes 1:45 - Recapping Coach O's Spring Football Preview Press Conference 2:02 - Position changes 3:14 - Spring absences 4:32 - Depth Chart 10:24 - Why Coach O thinks Myles Brennan is about to explode 11:51 - What Coach O liked about Scott Linehan in his interview 14:01 - Coach O on Bo Pelini 16:23 - Coach O's vow to work even harder than last season 17:22 - Ja'Marr Chase Interview 18:31 - Why Ja'Marr wanted 7 19:44 - Ja'Marr's mentality after winning the Biletnikoff 21:33 - Who gets No. 1 now?  23:27 - Ja'Marr's Combine Numbers (40, bench, squat, etc). 24:41 - Where Ja'Marr's love for the weight room comes from 25:16 - Meeting Lou Holtz 26:24 - Life without the Joes 27:15 - Working with Myles Brennan 30:00 - Setting new goals for 2020 31:24 - Fitting in to a new offense 32:51 - National championship game memories
March 5, 2020
Jack Marucci: The Brain Behind LSU Football's Technological, Intellectual, and Cultural Innovations
Jack Marucci is the Brain of LSU Football.  He'll push back on that, because he's humble and brilliant. But Marucci, who just finished his 24th season as LSU's Director of Athletics training, is the driving force behind so many innovations and ideas inside of the football program.  He has the trust of Ed Orgeron, who leans on him for research, analysis, technological advancement, player health, character evaluation, and much more. He also has the trust of Orgeron's players, who spend hours in his training room rehabbing, venting, relaxing, seeking counsel, and debating whatever topics of the day should arise in the Barbershop. On today's show, we look back at the 2019 season through the eyes of Marucci, who was there every step of the way, as well as looking ahead to the future of Tiger football. Throughout the conversation, the same topics converge: character and trust, the blending of objective data with subjective analysis, the balancing of hard work and efficient work, and more.  6:30 - Jack Marucci 8:20 - How character affects recovery 10:38 - Marucci's character study and how it helped predict the 2019 national title 14:20 - SportSense testing and how LSU learned how its players process information 18:00 - Why guys bust in the NFL 19:24 - Why an above average arm is better than an elite rocket of an arm at quarterback 20:45 - Defensive line reaction timing 21:55- Picking which areas of the team to study in the offseason 24:34 - Ed Orgeron, college football's foremost innovator 26:57 - How Coach O built a culture of excellence from top to bottom 31:17 - How the 2019 exuded character in all areas 34:41 - How EA Sports is helping LSU's QBs work in virtual reality 35:38 - The one question every MLB team asks Marucci about LSU 37:25 - Balancing objective data with subjective interpretation 38:38 - Why the human element matters most 41:50 - Sustainability  Links:  Jack Marucci, LSU Bio: SportSense Testing/S2 Cognition: LSU’s Eye Dominance/Eye Tracking Testing: Seeker Machine: Inside The Barbershop:
March 3, 2020
All Gas, No Brakes: Season Review and Offseason Preview with Jacob Hester
We're officially over the National Championship hangover and on to an offseason full of new storylines. Hester stopped by the office to recap the national championship, put the 2019 season in historical perspective, and start looking ahead to 2020. We talk:  - The greatest college football team of all time - Favorite moments of the season - LSU's consistency and machine-like approach in 2019 - Coach O's tone-setting and culture-building - Replacing outgoing players and coaches - 18 and 7 - Myles Brennan And much more.
January 24, 2020
Hurry Up: Get the Nat, Get the Nat, Get the Nat
LSU won the national championship. That's what this episode is about.
January 14, 2020
Championship Week: 60 Minute Drive for a 60 Minute Game
It's the last preview episode of the national championship game from New Orleans.  Jacob Hester and I sat down Friday in his studio to talk about hype videos, high IQ offenses, LSU's contagious culture, and matchups to watch in LSU vs. Clemson.  Thanks to 104.5 for allowing us to cross-promote with this audio.  Stick around until the end for a special treat. 
January 12, 2020
Championship Week: Media Day Mayhem
LSU went through the ringer of College Football Playoff Championship Media Day, and I came back with an episode that covers a lot of ground and features a lot of voices. - Dave Aranda on Clemson's offense vs. Alabama's defense, coaching with leads, and evaporating fires - Steve Ensminger on what Clemson's defense offers - Joe Brady on coming back to New Orleans and his future at LSU - Joe Burrow on how smart this offense is - Derek Stingley Jr. on no longer being a freshman - Maurice Hampton on emerging in the secondary and balancing football and baseball - Terrace Marshall Jr. on being slept on and staying hungry - Kristian Fulton on finishing his career at home
January 11, 2020
Championship Week: Kirk Herbstreit and Tom Rinaldi Preview the National Championship
Really excited to be joined by two of the best in the business, Kirk Herbstreit and Tom Rinaldi, on today's show. Both were in town to shoot some interviews for ESPN ahead of Monday's championship game, and both were gracious enough to carve out some time for a special podcast episode. First up is Kirk, who spent an hour or so with Joe Burrow before sitting down for this interview having one of the most detailed and intelligent football conversations I've ever overheard. Kirk gives us all the analysis and insight you'll need before Monday's game, from both an LSU and Clemson perspective. We talk Joe's genius, the high IQ of the entire offense, what he's learned about trying to slow down LSU's offense, and what Clemson can do to beat LSU. We finish up with Tom, who indulges some of my own questions about storytelling and interviewing (when you sit down with the master, you pick his brain) before jumping into some of the narratives he's eyeing ahead of this game. We talk Ed Orgeron, native son and redeemed coach, but we also talk Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Steve Ensminger, and the two Joes.  Very happy with how this episode turned out, as the tactical talk with Kirk and the narrative discussion with Tom gives a good picture of all the angles of interest for this game. Back later this week with more episodes. 
January 9, 2020
Championship Week: Semifinal Rewatch Recap
As Championship Week gets underway and LSU enters the final stages of preparation for Clemson, I wanted to go back and rewatch both semifinal games to see what I could learn. I learned a lot. Starting with LSU-Oklahoma and wrapping up with Clemson-Ohio State, here's a recap of my rewatch and some of the notes I took while watching both games. This one is light on guests (as in none) but heavy on numbers, and it's a statistically-loaded appetizer for the week to come. Topics covered: - Why LSU's defense is playing like the best unit in the country - Freshmen finding niches - Juniors coming into their own - What LSU's offense did differently against Oklahoma - Keys to attacking Clemson's defense  - Where Clemson's offense can be slowed down Hope to be back with more episodes this week, so stay tuned. 
January 7, 2020
Hurry Up: On to the Natty
In its first ever appearance in the College Football Playoff, LSU dismantled Oklahoma in historic, record-breaking fashion, a 63-28 win to move on to the national title game.  A day that started with sorrow ended with football joy, and we focus mostly on football today, as the Tigers are making a case as maybe one of the best teams of all time.  We talk Joe Burrow's record day (again), how Justin Jefferson went off for 14 catches and 228 yards and 4 touchdowns, Chris Curry stepping up for Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Thad Moss being still underrated, Terrace Marshall being a stud, the O-line stepping up, K'Lavon Chaission wreaking havoc, and the pass defense becoming the best in the country. A slightly different edition of the Hurry Up today: no player audio. Just 50 minutes of analysis and Mailbag questions, because, now, I head to the hospitality room.  See y'all in New Orleans. (Actually, we'll have more episodes before then) .
December 29, 2019
CFP Semi Preview with Jacob Hester
Enough talk. It's time to play football -- after just a little more talk. Me and Hester sit down for one final preview of LSU-Oklahoma in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl/CFP semifinal.  We talk about LSU's confidence-borderlining-on-cockiness, Clyde's status, Alex Grinch's defense, matchups we're eyeing, and more.  See you Sunday. 
December 27, 2019
Heisman and Signing Day Recap with Shea Dixon
I'm back from the Heisman, and I brought a friend with me to the podcast. Friend of the pod and recruiting guru of Geaux247 Shea Dixon joins today's show to recap all the Heisman festivities and give us a break down of the 19 signees LSU landed Wednesday during the early signing period.  Shea and I were around all weekend as Joe Burrow took home the first Heisman trophy for LSU in 60 years, so we recap what that experience was like from the inside. Then, Shea breaks down LSU top-five ranked class, how it can get better, and who can make an impact early. Hope to be back from Atlanta for a Peach Bowl preview on the 26th or 27th. 
December 20, 2019
Live from Atlanta: 1-on-1 with Ja'Marr Chase
Ja'Marr Chase is shocked to be where he is. We're in Atlanta for the College Football Awards, and Ja'Marr is a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award, given annually to the nation's best receiver. In my opinion, he's the clear favorite, and by the time you're listening to this episode, he may very well have taken it home. After he finished up his media duties this morning, we sat down for 15 minutes to talk about his season, his development, and his dancing.  What you'll hear is a humble, low-key kid who makes big plays on the field but prefers to stay in his hotel room away from it. He's like so many of his teammates: he loves playing football, but he hates talking about himself. That's okay: I made him do it anyway, and we talk "The Mop," his basketball career, how much fun this offense has been to play in, and why I was afraid I might cost his teammates a half of football and get yelled at by Coach O.  Stay tuned for more updates from the postseason awards tour. 
December 12, 2019
Hurry Up: Anybody, Anywhere
LSU is the best team in the SEC. They look like the best team in the country, too. Lots to get to on today's show. Interviews with Joe Brady, Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Terrace Marshall, Derek Stingley Jr., and more. Breakdown of the Tigers' 37-10 win over Georgia. Burrow's Heisman moment, again. Stingley's stellar showing. Brady's future. And why we should all savor every moment of this magical season.
December 8, 2019
Jacob Hester Looks Back on an Unforgettable Senior Night and Previews the SEC Championship Game
Count on a No. 18 to deliver his best performance when the stakes are highest. Hester is back, and we dive deep into the 12-0 Tigers, their 50-7 win over A&M, and their upcoming matchup with Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. We talk Joe Burreaux's incredible Senior Night tribute, his development in two seasons at LSU, this Clyde Edwards-Helaire run, take a Clyde victory lap, quickly discuss Joe Brady's future, break down the defense's dominance vs. A&M, and go all in on a LSU-UGA preview. This is my favorite Hester episode of the season. Enjoy!
December 3, 2019
Hurry Up: Joe Burreaux
An iconic moment for an iconic player.  Joe Burrow ran out for Senior Night wearing a custom jersey with Burreaux on the back. Then, he re-wrote the SEC passing record books and exacted a little revenge on Texas A&M. We talk about LSU's 50-7 win, Burrow's moment in LSU lore, the defense's rebound and answer of the call, Cade York crushing kicks, and more. We also hear from K'Lavon Chaisson, Ja'Marr Chase, Rashard Lawrence, and, yes, Joe Burrow.
December 1, 2019
Before Joe Burrow's explosion this season, before his rise from Heisman afterthought to Heisman frontrunner, before Ohio State's surplus became LSU's superstar, there was almost no one who could've seen it coming.  Except for Burrow, his family, and everyone in The Plains, who saw it coming all along, because they'd seen it before.  A special episode of Hey Fightin’ Podcast, this is the extended audio version of That’s Joe, a story previously published in text form at This episode contains extended audio cuts and dives just a bit deeper than its written companion.  Special thanks:  - Jimmy, Robin, Joe, and The Burrow Family  - Nathan White, Ryan Adams, Sam Smathers, Sam and Tom Vander Ven, Jeff Skinner, and everyone at Athens High  - The folks at GiGi’s Country Kitchen in The Plains, Ohio  - Ray Kostohryz for providing the Joe Burrow musical mix at the beginning of the show - Matt Tornquist, the Joe Burrow of college football video production - You, the listener
November 27, 2019
Hurry Up: Business As Usual
It was a 56-20 win, the program's first SEC West title in eight years, and the scene for yet more offensive records. Or, in Joe Burrow's words, "business as usual." It was also the pre-Thanksgiving appetizer for next week's main course. Unfinished business with Texas A&M. We start today's show by discussing the unexpected tone in the wake of the win over Arkansas. Ed Orgeron switched it up, and his players followed suit. There wasn't a big celebration. There wasn't a lot of joking around or joviality. There was, instead, a sense of supreme focus that had already turned its attention to the Aggies. You can read about that here, or you can listen to it on this episode.  Later, after we do eventually break down the victory and the records and the offense's show and the defense's improvement. Then, we answer some listener questions, and we also hear from Clyde Edwards-Helaire, JaCoby Stevens, Jacob Phillips, and Thad Moss.
November 24, 2019
Zach Von Rosenberg on Radical Transformations, Pitching and Punting, Overcoming Failure, and Taking the Micro View
No one's story is quite like Zach Von Rosenberg's.  The 29-year-old punter played six years of professional baseball before joining LSU in 2016, where he bounced from quarterback to tight end to, finally, punter. Now, he's one of the best in the country, a field-flipping weapon who consistently pins foes deep in their own territory and who holds field goals and extra points for one of the top-scoring offenses in SEC history.  His unique journey has given him unique insight into LSU's rise to the top of college football, and we dive deep into both. We discuss all things special teams – Greg McMahon's impact on the room, Cade York's development, his breakthrough in 2017 at Tennessee – but we also dig into his story: how he overcame the first failure of his life after six years of college baseball; how he bounced between positions and gained and lost weight to try and find his role with the Tigers; how he's watched Joe Burrow turn into the best quarterback in college football from the front row. This is one of the most interesting and unique conversations I've had on this show all season. Sit back, grab a glass of red wine, and enjoy.
November 20, 2019
Hurry Up: Keep on Dancing
LSU moves to 10-0 after another offensive explosion in a 58-37 win over Ole Miss. On today's Hurry Up, I break down why you should worry less about the defense and focus more on the Tigers' offensive juggernaut and their place atop college football. While the defense has work to do, there's plenty of reason for dancing after a 10-0 start.  We also hear from Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase, Thad Moss, and Coach O after the win. 
November 17, 2019
Mailbag: Joe Burrow Feature, Joe Brady's Future, Ja'Marr and Justin's Wrinkle, Non-Burrow MVPs, and More
Fresh off a win over Alabama and the release of our Joe Burrow feature (finally!), I'm taking your questions for the first ever mailbag edition of Hey Fightin' Podcast. I did my best to answer your questions about Joe Burrow, Joe Brady, Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, as well as my non-Burrow MVP, when I realized this team was going to be special, and how LSU's offensive line adapts this week. Check out our Joe Burrow feature here (Chapter 1 of the video is here, too; more Chapters to come in the coming weeks): Send in voicemails for me to answer in future episodes here: (or just record a VoiceNote and email it to me: Subscribe! Rate! Review! Beat Ole Miss!
November 14, 2019
Hurry Up: Here Come the Tigers
"Lead with the heart, and the body will follow." Clyde Edwards-Helaire said it best, and he and his team lived it out on Saturday night. LSU lead with the heart in Tuscaloosa, and they came back with a 46-41 win and an inside track at the SEC West title and the College Football Playoffs. We get away from the stats and tactics today, and we dig into the emotions. There were tears and laughs and smiles and shouts after the game, from the field to the locker room to the plane and the airport in Baton Rouge. I want to make sure you experience all that. We'll come back later in the week with the analysis. Today is about something bigger than that.  We also hear from Clyde, Joe, Coach O, Jets, Ja'Marr, and JaCoby. Here Come the Tigers. 
November 10, 2019
Marty Smith on the Humanity, History, and Authenticity of LSU-Alabama + LSU defensive line coach Bill Johnson
Stay away from brick walls while listening to this one, because after hearing Marty Smith, you'll want to run through one. No one in sports has more passion or compassion than ESPN's Marty Smith, today's guest on the show. He views sports as a vehicle to understand people, and big games – like LSU vs. Alabama – are, for him, stages on which we see the very best qualities humanity has to offer. Authenticity. Vulnerability. Passion. Pride. All of that comes through in today's conversation with Marty, and I'm grateful to have been able to get him for a few minutes. We talk about, among many other things: - Ed Orgeron as an American treasure - Joe Burrow, the ultimate competitor, something Marty saw long before Joe wore purple and gold - The magnitude and rarity of No. 1 vs. No. 2 - His incredible book, "Never Settle: Sports, Family, and the American Soul," and how the proceeds are benefiting students across the country After that, we sit down with LSU defensive line coach Bill Johnson and run through the men in the trenches who will help determine Saturday's outcome. 
November 7, 2019
Big Stage, Small Margins: Previewing Bama Week with Jacob Hester
Hester's back to preview LSU-Alabama. 1 vs. 2. Heisman hopeful vs. Heisman hopeful. Tigers vs. Tide. No biggie. First, we recap Coach O's Monday press conference, including: - Joe Brady's impact on the offense - Dave Aranda's vast playbook on defense - Burrow's historic impact on the program - Personnel updates on defense Then, we sit down with Hester to talk: - The most important matchup of the game - Bama's knack for YAC - Burrow's insane preparation - Burrow vs. Tua under pressure - Red zone O's and Red zone D's  - Special teams No better place to start your week than here. Back later this week with more content. Subscribe! Rate! Review! 
November 4, 2019
Hurry Up: 8-0
There's pretty wins, and there's gritty wins. Saturday's 23-20 win over Auburn was the latter for LSU, but it was a top-10 win in which the Tigers will feel like they have plenty of room for improvement. Not a bad place to be heading into the bye week. Plenty to talk about on today's Hurry Up, including: - Auburn's surprising defensive scheme - LSU's defensive dominance - Playing to strengths vs. taking what's given - Joe Burrow being tougher than nails - Derek Stingley being a dude - Clyde Edwards-Helaire being a dude Back later in the week with some bye week stuff. Until then: Subscribe! Rate! Review! Share!
October 27, 2019
Derek Stingley Jr. talks Mannequins, Ballet, and Having an Elite Mentality
Not much gets under Derek Stingley Jr.'s skin. Traffic. A perfectly thrown back shoulder pass. Department store mannequins. Other than that, the young man is as unflappable as he is humble.  LSU's freshman cornerback sat down for our latest episode to talk about his fast start to college football and how he's handling the spotlight of being one of the best players in the country, regardless of age. Among the topics covered: - How he bounced back vs. Florida - Basketball and ballet - What scares him about department store mannequins - His grandfather's paralyzing football injury never deterring him from playing the sport he loves - Fiesta Bowl practices - Handling stardom at 18 years old After that, we hear from LSU safeties coach Bill Busch, who talks about his players' performance against Mississippi State, as well as an older interview with cornerbacks coach Corey Raymond from after the Utah State game.  Subscribe! Rate! Review! Send to a friend! Link: Derek Stingley Jr. on Inside the Huddle with Emily Dixon
October 23, 2019
Hurry Up: That's When the Genius Comes Out
Well, we all knew this day would come.  The day when LSU's offense would score only 36 points, tally only 400+ yards of offense, and Joe Burrow would only throw for 327 yards, 4 touchdowns, and set the school record for single-season touchdown passes. Somehow, LSU survived. The Tigers knocked off Mississippi State in Starkville despite, yes, a blunt offensive start -- particularly in the red zone. That's because, as Grant Delpit said after the game, Dave Aranda's "genius comes out." The Professor threw out some new defensive looks, and the Tigers got stops and turnovers aplenty, buying time for the offense to find its feet. On today's show, we break down all the action from the game and the audio from the postgame. We cover: - Joe Burrow's record day - JaCoby Stevens and Delpit's combination - What went wrong in the red zone - Kristian Fulton finally breaking the ice - Bunch formations - Cloud 3 - And more
October 20, 2019
Breiden Fehoko on Growing up in Hawaii, Haka, and his LSU Ohana + James Cregg on LSU's Offensive Line
Breiden Fehoko joins us for the 23rd episode of Hey Fightin' Podcast on his 23rd birthday. Breiden's story is incredible, from growing up in Hawaii to transferring to LSU and everything in between. On today's show, he talks about meeting Dave Aranda in middle school, lying on a permission slip to get his butt whipped at football camp, being the youngest (and the most spoiled) Fehoko, and how his family has come to love LSU. He also talks about the Haka, mana, ohana, $9 milk, and, oh yes, LSU's win over Florida last weekend. After that, we talk with LSU offensive line coach James Cregg, who breaks down what made the Tigers' front so successful against a talented Florida defense. Coach Cregg talks about Lloyd Cushenberry's leadership, Damien Lewis' love for the game, Adrian Magee's emergence, Ed Ingram's return, the development of Saahdiq Charles and Austin Deculus, and the depth behind those guys in Dare Rosenthal, Chasen Hines, and others. Subscribe! Rate! Review!
October 16, 2019
Hurry Up: Don't Let Good Enough Get in the Way of Greatness
LSU's offense proves itself against an elite defense, and LSU's defense makes the necessary adjustments and crunch time plays to knock off Florida in a statement-making win. On today's Hurry Up, we break down the offense's pedal to the metal mentality and the defense's critical tweak to get off the field in the second half. We talk about the offensive trio (soon to be quartet) no one has an answer for as well as the incredible performance of LSU's offensive line.  We also break down Derek Stingley and K'Lavon Chaisson's second half contributions and hear from a ton of players, including Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Lloyd Cushenberry, Glen Logan, Chaisson, and Burrow. All that and more on a Hurry Up following a 42-28 win over Florida. 
October 13, 2019
Bonus Episode: Garrett Brumfield on LSU's Offense, the Florida Rivalry, The Barbershop, Joe Burrow's Weirdness, Lloyd Cushenberry's IQ, Comedy, Movies, Aliens, and So, So Much More
When I started this podcast, I had one regret: that it wasn't around when Garrett Brumfield was a current player.  Bruiser is one of the smartest, most eclectic, and most talented athletes I've ever covered, and he is the perfect podcast guest. So, lucky me, I bumped into Bruiser in football ops the other day, and we made it happen. He joins me today for a bonus episode, and it wanders all over the place. Yes, we do talk about LSU's offense, including Joe Burrow – who is as odd as Brumfield – as well as the rivalry with Florida and being a part of the #ForeverLSU family.  But, we also dive into some of Brumfield's passions: writing, comedy, movies, podcasts, aliens, and, of course, football. This is a wide-ranging episode, but I think it's one you'll enjoy.  LINKS: The Talented Mr. Brumfield For Ja'Marr Chase and Derek Stingley Jr., Iron Sharpens Iron Colton's First Game Follow Garrett on Twitter and Instagram
October 10, 2019
"It's Just Different When These Two Teams Meet"
Who better to preview LSU-Florida than noted Gator destroyer Jacob Hester? Your favorite No. 18 returns just over a decade after he ran over Florida in a legendary win in Tiger Stadium. Yes, we talk about that game, including a mistake Hester made which he considers the greatest of his football career, but we also talk about Saturday's matchup between two undefeated SEC rivals and what we learned from LSU's win over Utah State. We talk K'Lavon Chaisson, Derek Stingley, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, slowing down Florida's pass rush, cornerback depth, and much more. Rate! Review! Subscribe! 
October 9, 2019
Hurry Up: Defense Goes Warp Speed, Offense Pumps Brakes in 42-6 Win Over Utah State
LSU's defense had its best outing of the season, holding the nation's ninth-ranked offense without a touchdown. The Tiger offense slowed things down a bit, but other than a few loose plays, continued their dominance, and Joe Burrow stayed right at the front of the Heisman race. On today's Hurry Up, we recap the win with plenty of player and coach audio. - The Number: 7 - The Play: Goalline Stand (sorta) - Game Balls: Jets, Queen, and ZVR's Cab - Press Play: Burrow, Thad, Chase and Fehoko on Stingley, and more - Questions: Coach O's and Yours Back later in the week with another Hester episode.
October 6, 2019
Hester's Back with a Look Back on Act I and a Look Ahead to Act II
Act I is a wrap, the bye week is over, and LSU is on to Act II of the 2019 season. It's episode No. 18 for HFP, so we bring in our favorite No. 18 to talk LSU football. Jacob Hester is back to break down everything we've learned about the Tigers through four games and what to keep an eye out for over the coming weeks. We talk Joe Burrow's historic start, the running game's growth through four weeks, Ed Ingram's return to the offensive line, getting healthy on defense, Kristian Fulton in the nickel, Derek Stingley doing unprecedented things, and the confidence LSU's special teams is exuding. We also talk Arsenal, Everton, Florida, and Utah State.
September 30, 2019
Hurry Up: Broken Records
That sweet, sweet sound you're hearing in your ears on today's show might sound like the gentle rise and fall of the ocean's waves, but it's really the sound of a broken record. That's right: I feel like I've recorded this podcast before. I haven't, of course, because LSU just beat Vanderbilt 66-38, and I break down all that actions, as usual, with some help from the locker room sound and the box score. But I'm starting to repeat myself, because every time we talk, the Tigers are breaking offensive records, and I'm talking about how incredible they're performing. Today, it was Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase teaming up for the fireworks in Nashville. We talk about that, and we also give out game balls to a special teams standout who scored once and nearly twice, a freshman defender whose legend can't stop growing, and we hear from Burrow on that sideline confrontation. We also take a crack at what questions Coach O will face at his next presser, including injuries and defensive lapses. Enjoy this episode, then enjoy the bye week. We'll be back before Utah State. 
September 22, 2019
Jacob Phillips and JaCoby Stevens on High School Rivalries and Going Home + Tommie Robinson on LSU's Running Backs
Who is the real Mr. Football for Tennessee in 2017? LSU went into the Volunteer State three classes ago to pluck a pair of five stars in JaCoby Stevens and Jacob Phillips from the Nashville metro area, and both Tigers will return there Saturday for a clash with Vanderbilt. They talk (9:00) about going home for a road game, but they also talk a little trash about a high school rivalry that turned into a college friendship. They also talk about the growth each has seen in the other, as well as the development of LSU's 2019 defense.  After a great chat with Jacob and JaCoby, we sit down with LSU running backs coach Tommie Robinson to talk about his vision for the Tigers' backs in this new offense, the fit of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, the experience of Lanard Fournette, the development of the younger backs, and how recruits have responded to the system. We also update, early in the show, the status of a few defensive players who've picked up injuries in recent weeks, and we hear from Ed Orgeron on the improvement of Joe Burrow. 
September 17, 2019
Hurry Up: Don't Scream. Scheme.
A 65-14 win over Northwestern State showed us a few things about LSU. The offense has its identity. The defense is still finding its, but learned a lot Saturday and showed its adaptability. And Coach O is having a lot of fun. On tonight's show, we talk about Joe Burrow continuing to build a Heisman resume, Terrace Marshall stealing touchdowns, and Dave Aranda fixing things at halftime. We talk about killer instinct and playing up to standards, and we hear from Burrow, Marshall, Jacob Phillips, and JaCoby Stevens. I also posit a theory: it's better to start slow and get better than dominate early and let up late. 
September 15, 2019
Pursuing Perfection with Blake Ferguson + Special Teams Coordinator Greg McMahon on Cade York, Derek Stingley, Avery Atkins, and Special Teams Stars
Senior longsnapper Blake Ferguson joins today's show for a wide-ranging conversation that starts with LSU's win over Texas and ends with Chelsea-Arsenal banter. In between, we get into some fascinating stuff: Blake's craftsmanlike approach to his trade, how he and his brother got into the longsnapping game, how his parents have been at every LSU game since 2012, and the inner workings of the special teams room. He talks about Cade York's poise, Zach Von Rosenberg's work ethic, and which special teamers came to football from soccer backgrounds. After that, special teams coordinator Greg McMahon jumps on to break down York's recruitment and early success, Ferguson's leadership, Avery Atkins' consistency, and the culture of special teams at LSU as a launchpoint for young stars in the making.  LSU fans know as well as anyone: special teams gets overlooked until it starts making mistakes, and since McMahon's addition to the program before the 2018 season, mistakes have been few and far between.
September 11, 2019
Hurry Up: Fireworks in Austin as LSU's Offense Rewrites the Record Books in the Air
Joe Burrow threw for 471 yards. Justin Jefferson, Terrace Marshall, and Ja'Marr Chase all went for 100+ receiving yards.  The defense got two goalline stops and a few big performances, doing enough to get the win, 45-38, over Texas.  WHOOOOOOOOOO BOY. We touch on that and more in today's hurry up, with sound from Joe Burrow and, later, interviews from (in this order) Chase, Jefferson, Marshall, and Cushenberry. It's 3:14 a.m., so I'm going home now. See y'all later this week. 
September 8, 2019
Grant Delpit on Milk, Media, Music, Fashion, and Texas + Jacob Hester on the X's and O's of the Longhorn and the Tigers
A lot has changed in the last year for Unanimous All-American Grant Delpit. His breakout sophomore season has transformed him from precocious talent to media darling. We talk about the spotlight always shining on him in the latest episode of Hey Fightin' Podcast. We also talk about his milk-fueled high school growth spurt and preview the Texas game.  Before that, Jacob Hester dives deep on the X's and O's of Saturday's game. How will LSU handle Todd Orlando's defense? What does Dave Aranda have up his sleeve for Sam Ehlinger? What are the matchups to look out for?  Didn't do the housekeeping on the episode, so don't forget to subscribe/rate/review/share. 
September 6, 2019
Justin Jefferson on Breaking Out, Moving to the Slot, and Following in His Family's Footsteps + Mickey Joseph and Georgia Southern Wrap Up
Fresh off a breakout season in 2018 and a stellar start to 2019, junior wide receiver Justin Jefferson joins the show (22:45) for an extended sit down.  Justin dives deep into being the third Jefferson brother to wear the purple and gold, growing up around the program, and breaking out as a sophomore after showing up late as a freshman – when half the team thought he was a walk on. He also discusses some of the outside-the-box approaches the wide receivers implemented this offseason to make sure they're catching more passes and dropping fewer.  Before that, I put a bow on the win over Georgia Southern with some deep statistical dives into the passing game, the offensive line, and a couple of surprising defensive standouts. We also sit down with LSU wide receivers coach Mickey Joseph (15:20) to break down the success of the passing game in week one, when 14 players caught passes.
September 3, 2019
Hurry Up: Everybody Eats in LSU's 55-3 Win over Georgia Southern
Welcome to the first installment of The Hurry Up, a name I came up with five seconds before recording.  LSU opened the season with a 55-3 win over Georgia Southern in which the Tigers' spread offense shined and the defense shut down the triple option attack of the Eagles. I talk about a couple of things that stood out to me in the game, and we hear from Ed Orgeron, Terrace Marshall, and Justin Jefferson -- but not Joe Burrow, who was swarmed by a startling number of reporters after the game.  If you liked this concept -- quick reaction to the game immediately afterward, with less focus on production value and more focus on timeliness -- let me know, and I'll keep it up for the rest of the season. If you didn't like it, let me know that, too, and I'll happily head home after the game an hour sooner. 
September 1, 2019
Bonus Episode: Revolutionizing the Health & Wellness Movement with "Mama Shelly" Mullenix
Before she was Mama Shelly, Shelly Mullenix was TiTi. Mullenix’s titles, nicknames, and job responsibilities seem to be in eternal competition to outnumber the other, each reflecting the need she serves to the population that wields it. Mullenix, LSU's Senior Associate Athletic Director for Health and Wellness, is a pioneer in an area of athletics that is growing in importance and recognition, in college sports and beyond. For more than two decades, she's been ahead of the curve with mental health and performance, nutrition, counseling, drug testing, and athletic training.  Today, she sits down for an extended interview to talk about her new role, paving a path for women in athletic training, yoga, suicide, social work, her dreams to build a Health and Wellness Center at LSU, and so much more.  To read the full article on Shelly at, click here. 
August 30, 2019
It's Here! + Chris Blair Previews Georgia Southern
It's that second when you wake up, And, sometime between the moment your eyes open And your feet hit the floor, realizing It's here. It's that feeling in your gut, It's Christmas morning and the first day of summer, And just a hint of a fall breeze. It's being a kid again. It's packing up the ice chest And firing up the grill. It's spirit and sunshine And Victory Hill. It's stopping by Mike's cage Just to say hello. It's four familiar notes And zero chance of rain. It's screaming for the Tigers And coming home with a sore throat. It's the glory of the Purple Gold And victory for LSU. After that, Chris Blair joins to preview LSU vs. Georgia Southern and talk about his new podcast, "Hearing Voices." 
August 29, 2019
Camp Standouts with Jacob Hester + Beer and Wine in Tiger Stadium with Robert Munson
Camp is over. Football season is here. The Tigers are less than a week from opening the season against Georgia Southern at home, and today's focus is on LSU. Camp is over, so which players stood out in the practices and closed scrimmages? We discuss that and more with former LSU running back Jacob Hester. After that, LSU senior associate athletic director Robert Munson hops on to talk beer, wine, and spiked seltzer in Tiger Stadium. After passage of a new SEC policy allowing universities to sell alcohol to the public inside stadiums during games, LSU has worked endlessly to get ready for game day. We talk with Robert about the questions, logistics, and preparations for a new era inside Tiger Stadium. We also talk about my dad. So, there's that. 
August 26, 2019
JaCoby Stevens on Changing Positions, John D. Rockefeller, Perfectionism, Opening Up, and Breaking Out in a New Defense
JaCoby Stevens bounced around between positions for the better part of two seasons at LSU, before breaking out late in 2018 as a star safety. His transformation at LSU, however, extends well beyond defensive schemes. The junior safety sat down for a wide-ranging, eye-opening 30 minute conversation on everything from Rockefeller to the LSU Barbershop (where he has recently ascended to first chair) to considering transferring and finally finding a home where he started all along.  JaCoby also talks growing up an LSU fan in Tennessee, inventing the College Football Playoff, his top five cereals, and he constructs an offense made entirely of Tiger defensive players. Trust me: you don't want to miss this conversation with one of the smartest football players – one of the smartest people, period – you'd ever be lucky enough to sit down with.  Back next week with a camp wrap-up and, believe it or not, the first game week of the season.
August 22, 2019
Preseason Game #2 Recap + ESPN's Rece Davis
LSU completed its second preseason game of the fall on Saturday, and we were there to take in all the action and hear from Coach O afterward. We talk about the depth at receiver on a day where the offense shined and take a look at the battle at left guard. Later in the show, ESPN College Gameday host Rece Davis joins us to give an outsider's perspective on the Tigers, as well as a look at the College Football Playoff race. Rece also talks about growing up in the South as a college football fan and what it's like to work in his dream job. Come back later this week, when we'll have more conversations with players and plenty of news to break down from the last week of fall camp. 
August 19, 2019
Thaddeus Moss + Dave Aranda's Aggressive Changes on Defense
On today's show, we sit down with LSU junior tight end Thaddeus Moss (16:33), who is healthy and producing this fall for the Tigers. Thad talks about growing up in the limelight of his father, Randy Moss — the greatest receiver of all time. He also dives deep into the frustrations of an injury-riddled 2018 campaign that kept him off the field, his offseason focus on getting healthy for the 2019 season, and his success so far this fall in LSU's new-look offense.  Before that, we take look at Dave Aranda's new-look defense, which features a more aggressive approach. After three seasons on the job, Aranda realized he needed to alter his tactics to get the most out of a 2019 unit full of versatile athletes.  Here's a link to the article referenced in the podcast: While you're here: rate, review, subscribe, and share with a friend. Back next week with a recap of Saturday's second preseason game. 
August 15, 2019
Recapping Preseason Game #1, Plus Clyde Edwards-Helaire on LSU's New Offense, Growing up a Tiger Fan, and Military Discipline
The Tigers completed their first preseason game of the fall on Saturday, and we recap all the action from the closed-door scrimmage with audio from Coach O's post-scrimmage press conference. Later, junior running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire sits down to discuss his role in the new offense, his breakout game against Georgia in 2018, growing up with military discipline, and running routes all summer. We've stuck around the top 10 in football podcasts in America, thanks to all your ratings/reviews/subscriptions. Thanks so much for the support, and if you haven't yet, please rate us, review us, and subscribe to get every episode in your feed. If you have, share us with a friend. Back later this week with more camp talk and conversations.  Show Outline: 3:13 - Preseason Game #1 Stats 4:05 - The Defense's Dominance 6:30 - Defensive Standouts 8:00 - Damone Clark's Rising Stock  11:20 - Myles Brennan's Outing 12:55 - Ja'Marr Chase's Outstanding Performance 15:30 - Cade York's Potential  17:40 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire    
August 12, 2019
Stephen Sullivan: From Sleeping Under a Bridge to Walking Across a Graduation Stage
Stephen Sullivan never imagined he'd graduate from college. But that's what LSU's senior tight end did last week. He sits down on this week's episode of HFP (18:39) to talk about his life. From sleeping under a bridge and in hotel rooms to becoming the first in his family to graduate high school and college, Sullivan enters his final season more motivated than ever and ready to break out in a new position.  Before that conversation, we break down some early storylines in camp, including the improvement of the offensive line, the impressive wide receivers, and the impatient freshman. Also, we hear about one LSU player who has been carrying bricks in his back pack all summer.  Don't forget to leave a five star rating, write up a short (or long) review, and share HFP with all your friends.  Back next week after Saturday's scrimmage in Tiger Stadium. 
August 8, 2019
Fall Camp Preview with Jacob Hester + Interviews with Lloyd Cushenberry and K'Lavon Chaisson
On the first episode of Hey Fightin' Podcast, digital media reporter Cody Worsham and former LSU running back Jacob Hester preview fall camp. We talk LSU's new offense, the chess pieces on defense, and improving at the line of scrimmage. We then break down a few position battles to keep an eye on for the next few weeks. After that, Cody sits down with the two newest members of the No. 18 fraternity: center Lloyd Cushenberry and edge rusher K'Lavon Chaission. Cushenberry talks growing up a Tiger fan, flipping on Signing Day, and being an LSU football historian, while Chaisson talks overcoming last season's knee injury and his grandmother's unfortunately timed preseason purchases. While you're here, go ahead and give us a five-star rating, write a short review, and share HFP with your friends and family. Back next week with plenty more content from fall camp. 
August 2, 2019
Hey Fightin' Podcast: Trailer
The official podcast of LSU Football...coming soon
July 26, 2019