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Boost Your Creativity - Hey Mimi EP004

An episode of Hey Mimi!

By Michele Gaylor
Daily monologue from an overextended, sometimes overwhelmed woman... raising children, running a business from home, and managing a household.
Which Digital Planner is Right for You? Digital Planner Series - Hey Mimi EP008
Which digital planner should you choose? Here are some suggestions... You can find me online here - https://mimigaylor.com or in my shop here - https://everydayawesometv.com
September 4, 2018
Long Weekend - Hey Mimi EP007
It's Labor Day... That means that today is a holiday for many people here in the US. How do you spend your day? || You can find me online at the blog- https://mimigaylor.com or the shop- https://everydayawesometv.com
September 3, 2018
End of Summer - Hey Mimi EP006
It's the unofficial end of summer.... How does this make you feel? Visit me at the blog - https://mimigaylor.com or the shop - https://everydayawesometv.com
August 31, 2018
Just Breathe - Hey Mimi EP005
My experiences with just stopping to breathe.... Visit me online at the blog: https://mimigaylor.com or the planner shop: https://everydayawesometv.com
August 30, 2018
Boost Your Creativity - Hey Mimi EP004
Today's episode is all about what I do to boost my creativity and get myself out of a slump! I need to stay on my game... especially when it's time to start working on new planner designs! You can find me online at the blog: https://mimigaylor.com and you can find my digital planner designs in my shop: https://everydayawesometv.com
August 29, 2018
Why Digital - Digital Planning Series #1 - Hey Mimi EP003
This is the first in my Digital Planning Mini Series..... Why digital? If you are thinking about switching to a digital planner, here are 8 reasons why I think it's fantastic! Be looking for future episodes of this mini series on Tuesdays.... Digital planning is gaining in popularity. If you have a tablet or iPad, this would be a great option for you. You can always check out my YouTube channel to see how I use my planners on the iPad: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUh9nhqzjw_Uu1p9gWJB4g You can also visit my shop to see all the digital planners I have available. There is an option for everyone! https://everydayawesometv.com
August 28, 2018
Back to School - Hey Mimi EP002
Today I am talking about back to school does it make you happy.... does it make you sad?Let me know in the comments or call into the show on Anchor and just give me a chat about it. I personally will be focused on work now that the kids are back in school. I’ll be designing a new planner so you can visit me at the shop to find those: https://EverydayAwesomeTV.com
August 27, 2018
Why Podcast? - Hey Mimi EP001
This is the very first episode of the Hey Mimi show! A place for me to talk and talk about anything and everything that may be affecting your life today. Join me for my almost daily chats! You can find me online at my new blog: https://mimigaylor.com - You can also find my digital planner designs at: https://everydayawesometv.com -
May 18, 2018
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