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 H&H Group Podcast

H&H Group Podcast

By H&H Group Plc
Operating across the North of England and Scottish Borders, the H&H Group is a diverse range of companies serving the agricultural and rural community. The aim of these podcasts is to educate, inform and engage in light discussion. They are not scripted so in each one we will just have to see where the discussion takes us. Enjoy!
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What's in your Soil? Be in with a Chance of Winning a Complete Soil Analysis!
Tracey Jackson, Associate Director & Chartered Surveyor for H&H Land & Estates chats to Felicity Elder, from Leeds University.  Felicity is undertaking research on behalf of SPADE (Soil Pollution Assessment Delivery) into the environmental impacts of organic soil amendments.  She will explain why they are undertaking the research and how farmers can become involved by supplying soil samples from their fields. Organic soil amendments offer a means of meeting crop nutrient demands in a sustainable way. However, the practice is not fully understood in terms of environmental impacts; the SPADE project is designed to better understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of using organic soil amendments such as Slurry, Manure, Wastewater-derived products (sludge or liquid fertiliser), Compost and Urea These amendments can contain a wide variety of chemical pollutants including human and veterinary medicines, personal care products, pesticides and industrial chemicals which can affect living organisms, and their fate and persistence is poorly understood within the soil environment.
June 22, 2022
The Purposeful Strategist
Belden Menkus is the founder and Managing Director of MenKus & Associates, a consulting and CEO advisory firm that helps leaders fully activate their organisation’s potential to succeed. Belden personally helps top teams develop purposeful strategies and then turn their intentions into action and results. His approach is to be a strategic catalyst and thought partner, creating alignment, clarity and action. He recently invited Richard Rankin, H&H Group plc CEO, to share his thoughts on his own podcast "The Purposeful Strategist" on why it’s more important to make sure you’re heading in the right direction than knowing exactly what your destination is.  Richard also talks about his biggest challenge as a new CEO in a sector he didn’t know and the role kindness and empathy have played in his success. We are delighted to share this interview with you on our H&H Group podcast. 
May 05, 2022
H&H Land & Estates Introduce New Partners Harraby Green Associates
Tracey Jackson, Associate Director for H&H Land & Estates introduces and welcomes Angus Hutchinson, Director of Planning and Georgie Cray, Director of Architecture for Harraby Green Associates (HGA). H&H Land and Estates have recently partnered with HGA to strengthen the Planning and Architectural services which can be offered to clients. Both Angus and Georgie share their experiences to date, offer an insight into their available services, share current planning trends and the ‘call for sites’ for potential development opportunities.
April 12, 2022
Audio Recording of the Rural Grants & Schemes Webinar
In case you missed the webinar hosted by H&H Land & Estates, we have uploaded the audio version of the Rural Grants & Schemes webinar held on Tuesday 8th February 2022.   If you have any queries relating to the topics call 01228 406260 or visit for more details and contact information.  All facts relevant to the grants and schemes were correct at the time of the recording of this webinar, recorded on 8th February 2022. NB: there is a slight delay before the recording commences...
February 16, 2022
An overview of the 'Farming Transformation Fund' and how it can assist farmers to improve and transform their businesses
Nick Mullins and Jonathan Hird, both Chartered Surveyors from H&H Land & Estates chat through what the Farming Transformation fund entails, the process and how it can benefit agricultural businesses.  Jonathan also caught up with Richard, a farmer from Plumpton, Cumbria who applied for the funding during the last round to fund the installation of robotic milkers on his farm.  Richard explains how he found the application process and the benefits he has seen since the robotic milkers were installed which include not just happy cows but happy staff too!  
February 16, 2022
UK Borderway Dairy Expo Special
Glyn Lucas from H&H chats with Laura Millar on what visitors may expect this year when they visit the 10th UK Borderway Dairy Expo, to be held on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March at Borderway, Carlisle. He also chats to a couple of important guests: Brent Carruthers, Toi Toi Genetics and MilkTech NZ who have been big supporters of Dairy Expo over the years, both as a sponsor and an exhibitor. This year MilkTech NZ sponsor a new award for the expo: the UK Dairy Expo Rising Star Award; and Michael Dennison, National Sales Coordinators for Semex UK and son of the late John Dennison, whom the John Dennison Lifetime Achievement Award is named after.
February 11, 2022
Countdown to Agri Expo on Friday!
Scott Donaldson, Managing Director for Harrison & Hetherington chats to Tim Sedgewick, Associate Director for H&H Land & Estates based in Durham.  With Agri Expo happening this Friday 29th October, they discuss the seminar speakers and topics plus livestock entries, the competitions happening on the day and more.   It's definitely not the Expo to be missed! 
October 25, 2021
The Auctioneer's Word Special: "The Next Generation attending Borderway Agri Expo"
Laura Miller, Livestock Scheme Manager chats to three young generation speakers: James May (farmer from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and livestock exhibitor at the forthcoming expo, showing two of his best heifers), Isla Campbell (professional photographer who has been asked to take the general action photographs during the expo) and Robbie Tuer (Northern District Chairman of the Cumbria YFC who also works for Aspatria Farmers).  In this episode, Laura finds out a little more of their backgrounds, why they got into the agricultural world and why they are looking forward to attending the Borderway Agri Expo. 
October 08, 2021
The Auctioneer’s Word, A Borderway Agri Expo Special Podcast on the Future of Livestock Farming
Scott Donaldson Managing Director Harrison & Hetherington chats to Dr Mark Cole, Managing Director for Carrs Billington and Chris Dodds, Executive Secretary FLAA for the Livestock Auctioneers Association on "The Future of Livestock Farming". Listening to their conversation will give you an insight into how the Carrs Billington business operates today together with how as a company they are looking to reduce their carbon footprint both across their retail stores and manufacturing plants whilst working alongside farmers to assist them with their businesses. Chris discusses how the livestock industry is getting back to some normality following both Brexit and the Covid pandemic, the difficulties of trading with Northern Ireland, together with an update on the export situation and how the emphasis has positively switched on the uptake by the UK consumer to eat homegrown lamb, beef and pork.  Scott and Chris also discuss the publication ‘More Than A Mart’ commissioned by HRH Prince Charles and The Prince’s Countryside Fund.
October 01, 2021
The Auctioneer's Word from Harrison & Hetherington
In this episode Laura Millar, H&H Livestock Scheme Manager chats to Louise Forsyth (WTS Forsyth & Sons Butchers, Peebles) and known as 'The Butchers Wife' on her Facebook page and Suzanne Mullholland, a chef and an award winning recipe book author based in the Ettrick Valley, Scottish Borders known as 'The Batch Lady' on her social media channels. Louise can often be seen at our St Boswell's market on a Monday, selecting the best cattle for Forsyths.  Suzanne likes to promote British food, use seasonal produce and demonstrates batch cooking techniques to be time efficient, leaving more time to do the fun things in life!   
April 30, 2021
Treat Public Rights of Way the Right Way
Tracey Jackson, Associate Director for H&H Land & Estates chats to Nick Mullins, Graduate Rural Surveyor to provide key advice on footpath use for farmers and the public, to avoid damage to crops, livestock and the local environment. As a result of people staying at home this past year and exercising locally, many farmers and landowners have experienced dramatic increases in the use of Public Rights of Way (PRoWs).  With warmer weather now on the way, it is anticipated footpaths will see greater activity and Nick highlights the importance of acting responsibly on footpaths and PRoWs.
April 15, 2021
Farmstock Futures Update
Continuing the Farmstock Futures story, in this episode Glyn Lucas, Senior Pedigree Dairy Auctioneer and Laura Millar, Livestock Scheme Manager from Harrison & Hetherington chat with Sue Howorth and Dave Clarkson, Family Business Network about the key topics raised following research and discussions with the 2020 Futures group and how the team will develop these themes into working projects and achieve meaningful results going forward.     The topics covered are Technology, Education, Having a Voice, Health & Wellbeing together with the Future of the Marts. If you would like to be part of the 2021 Farmstock Futures programme please do get in touch via Glyn or Laura at Harrison & Hetherington.
April 01, 2021
The Auctioneer's Word from Harrison & Hetherington
Laura Millar, Livestock Scheme Manager chats to Michael Diamond, Pointhouse Herd Limousin Breeder from Londonderry, Northern Ireland about the challenges he is experiencing, within the farming industry, following Brexit. 
March 01, 2021
Farmstock Futures Episode 3
Dave Clarkson and Sue Howorth of The Family Business Network in conversation with Farmstock Futures Alexandria (Alex) Nutter and Harriet Wilson, both farmer's daughters and now working in the beef and lamb meat industry. In this podcast key topics discussed include Career Progression (traditional educational route vs life experiences/work placements), the Future of the Agricultural Sector (have we lost the romance of this industry), Collaboration within the industry and across the sectors to combat the perceived Negativity within agriculture as well as Diversity. An interesting listen from the younger generation's personal perspective!
February 25, 2021
Farmstock Futures Episode 2
Dave Clarkson and Sue Howorth of The Family Business Network in conversation with Farmstock Futures Molly Westwood and Laurie Brunskill.  In this podcast, key topics include interests and passions leading to their subsequent career choices, creating opportunities within agriculture, work and life lessons learned from working abroad before starting their current career path and touching on how to market products and influence buying behaviour in this ever changing world.
February 17, 2021
The New Electronic Communications Code, Telecom Masts Negotiation and Your Rights
If you have been approached by an Operator to install a Telecom Mast on your land, it is wise to understand the new Electronic Communications Code and your rights. Robert Jauneika, Chartered Surveyor from H&H Land & Estates Durham office has been successfully working with many landlords over the past couple of years and shares his experience on this podcast with Tim Sedgewick, Associate Director.
February 15, 2021
Farmstock Futures Episode 1
Harrison & Hetherington and H&H Group led an innovative research programme which engaged figures under 40 from across the agricultural industry to voice their views on the future of farming. Through the ‘Farmstock Futures' project, CEO Richard Rankin initiated a much-needed conversation well before lockdown, with work on this comprehensive review of young perspectives across the agricultural sector moving online following the pandemic. Given the changes that COVID-19 has forced in terms of the functioning of the Marts, a discussion on the direction of travel for the younger generation within the agricultural sector was more than timely.   This episode was recorded on #TimetoTalk day and in this episode, our partners from the Family Business Network Sue Howorth and Dave Clarkson, chat to two of the individual champions from the Farmstock Futures project about aspects of working within agriculture which are close to their hearts.  Harry Huddart, works as Farm Manager for Beeswax Dyson Farming in Lincolnshire, farming his own block of land and being responsible for the livestock enterprises of beef finishing and sheep.  Richard Walker, married with a young family, is self employed working as a Contract Shepherd and Farm Relief in the Dales and North Yorkshire.  They chat today about the importance of networking and communicating with each other, mental health and the lack of social interaction during these unprecedented times, raising awareness of the wide scope of jobs available within the industry and just how the Farmstock Futures programme is providing them all with a voice to air change and influence the agricultural industry sector going forward.         
February 10, 2021
“Farmstock Futures” helping to shape the Future for Farmers and Agri Businesses
The UK’s largest livestock trading company Harrison & Hetherington, and parent company H&H Group, have led innovative research which engages figures under 40 from across the agricultural industry to voice their views on the future of farming. Through the ‘Farmstock Futures Project’, CEO Richard Rankin initiated a much-needed conversation well before lockdown, with work on this comprehensive review of young perspectives across the agricultural sector moving online following the pandemic. Given the changes that COVID-19 has forced in terms of the functioning of the Marts, a discussion on the direction of travel for the agricultural sector was more than timely. How the project came to fruition, the results and the surprises which came out of the research and the direction this pioneering programme is heading in is all discussed in this podcast, with partners Sue Howorth and Dave Clarkson from The Family Business Network together with H&H Chief Executive Richard Rankin. This podcast sets the scene, to be followed up with further podcasts involving current members of the Farmstock Futures community team. If you are interested in joining this programme and are aged between 21 and 40 years, look out for a dedicated Farming Futures website, due to be launched shortly or call 01228 406332 to register your interest.
December 16, 2020
The Auctioneer’s Word: November Monthly Roundup with James Little as Host
In the lead up to the Black & White dairy sale, Glyn Lucas chats to Consignor Graham Kirby (Absolute Genetics) about how best to present the animal for this elite show and sale. Jimmy Little, Auctioneer also chats to Joe Bowman, Trainee Auctioneer about how/why he wanted a career within this industry and finally Jimmy wraps up with details of the forthcoming sales, including the quirky items put forward in the Laggans Outdoor Equipment Online Sale which could be your fun Christmas present sorted!
November 27, 2020
An Insight into the book ‘Great Livestock Salesmen’ written by Andrew Humphries MBE
This week’s H&H Podcast explores the history behind John Swan & Sons through the short history book entitled ‘Great Livestock Salesmen’ by Andrew Humphries. This account of John Swan & Sons describes how one of the companies that became part of the H&H family, sensed the direction of change within agriculture during the 19th Century and identified the key skills which were required for success. One reader, John Huddart, chats today to. Andrew about his book...
November 24, 2020
Farm Diversification | Planning, Pitfalls and the Practicalities.
In this podcast Tim Sedgewick, Associate Director for H&H Land & Estates talks to Barbara Huddart, Glendale PR about the importance of planning a farm diversification project, together with tips and advice on marketing the new business. Next Tim chats to Greg Hall, a Cumbrian farmer who is diversifying from poultry and is setting up an indoor electric motorbike track and facility. Tim’s third guest is Richard Laing, East Grange Farm, Durham who is several years into selling Christmas trees and in his second year of a Pick Your Own Pumpkin enterprise. The podcast discusses planning legalities, grants and available funding and top tips for anyone considering a new diversification enterprise.
October 26, 2020
“A Day in the Life of a Helicopter Pilot”. Our Podcast interview with Phil Lambert, GNAAS.
The Great North Air Ambulance Service brings pioneering pre-hospital care to the emergency scene, rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every year throughout Cumbria, the North East and North Yorkshire. GNAAS is the H&H Group’s sponsored charity for this year and in this podcast, Nina Oxley talks to Phil Lambert, a full time pilot based at Langwathby, Penrith to learn more about his work as a pilot, the aircraft he flies, latest GNAAS projects and just general chatter about the work the charity do. Enjoy the listen and if your u do, please share!
October 07, 2020
The Auctioneers’s Word: September's Monthly Round-up
In this month’s episode, auctioneers Glyn Lucas and Jimmy Little talk to the ‘new kid on the block’ Colin Smith at our Wooler mart to find out how the sales on the east side are going. Glyn and Jimmy also give a round up of the recent dairy and sheep sales...
September 30, 2020
Tracey Jackson talks to John Sanderson, a Planning and Architectural Consultant working with H&H
John shares his experiences of growing up in Hong Kong and Southern Yemen before moving back to the UK. Following a six year career in the Royal Navy as a Mine Clearance specialist he changed careers quite dramatically to become a Planner and moving to Cumbria. Tracey finds out what services John can help with, current trends and gains an insight into John’s views on the Government’s aim to strengthen the current (and complicated) planning system with a view to getting Britain building.
September 11, 2020
The Auctioneer’s Word: Monthly Round-up from Harrison & Hetherington
The first Auctioneer’s Word includes updates from our Senior Auctioneers. Glyn Lucas gives an overview on the marketing of dairy sales; Grant Anderson chats through commercial cattle, Beltex sheep and the revised Kelso ram sale arrangements. Last but not least, James Little gives an insight into prime sheep sales, pedigree cattle and sheep sales. The Auctioneer’s Word is a monthly Podcast, due out on the last Thursday of each month. The intention is to share the highs/lows, market trends, forthcoming sales and all things Farmstock related. More info available on
August 27, 2020
A Property Focus from the Estate Agency Team, Insurance Brokers and Auction Rooms
Tim Sedgewick, Associate Director from H&H Land & Estates talks to Piers Morton, Estate Agency Branch Manager, plus Sarah Gemmell, Lettings Manager about their sectors within the property market. Chris Clement, Commercial Director with H&H Insurance Brokers explains why having the correct property insurance cover in place is so important. Finally, Tim talks to Stephen Farthing, Senior Auctioneer for the H&H Auction Rooms on their new way of working since the return to work after lockdown.
August 13, 2020
The H&H inaugural podcast and interview with Richard Rankin, Chief Executive on 20th July 2020
Tim Sedgewick, Associate Director for H&H Land & Estates invites Richard Rankin to share his experiences and future plans following the Coronavirus lockdown, together with learning how the varied H&H companies coped with their individual challenges and their preparations for the future.
July 27, 2020