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HI-TV Cannabis News Now

HI-TV Cannabis News Now

By Hemp International
This Cannabis Podcast is dedicated to bringing you news, info, and fiery opinions with a dab of funny. Enjoy medical marijuana updates. Hemp industry news. CBD oil company reviews and much much more. Stay Tuned, Stay High. HI-TV
*Cannabis News Now
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Which Pot Stocks will IPO if Joe Biden Wins? Cannabis vs OCD
Check out which companies are planning to IPO if Joe Bidden is elected. Learn why the consistently un-funny Saturday Night Live is a perfect metaphor for our current Political environment. #safetyOFF. Hear what Diddy plans to do for his people....and last but certainly not least Cannabis study results show what effect CBD has on OCD patients. This episode does not contain my normal animated persona...recorded this at 1am and my energy was non existent. If Brian Gumble was raised in the Boogie down Bronx and inhaled frequently... This is what you would hear. Funnier episodes soon come. Gotta give my back to business listeners some love. #top30 #cannabis #podcast #googleit #bih
October 19, 2020
Weed side chat: Why Trump is so popular & #1 thing that ruins the restaurant experience 🤬
Here I dive into how and why Trump is able to attract voters so DEEPLY...via logic and inappropriate humor. What ALL restaurants gets wrong when serving you food....and this Only Fans phenomena. Enjoy y'all this was a fun episode on a slow news cycle. Laugh. Learn. Question my sanity. Oh almost forgot listen to the end 😈😂
October 08, 2020
Cookies Cannabis coming to FL? MIAMI post COVID celebration
Listen and guess how many times I said "cookies" this episode. Winner gets 💰💰 via cashapp. I'm gonna go get some rest. Great episode. NYPD cop fired because of MMJ 🤬. COOKIES cannabis brand coming to the 3rd highest population in the U.S. SMART MOVE BERNER. Miami Heat 🏀 going to the Finals! The day after bars and Clubs COVID ban was lifted in Miami... One word PANDEMONIUM. I smell a sports bar in my future
September 29, 2020
Is LeBron Jr smoking that serious? Accountability. MORE Act. Elections.
Weed side chat 09/21. Look, these elections are getting out of hand... I'm getting text messages left and right asking if I'm voting and I'll tell you all about my weird, unwanted, and disrespectful experience 🤦🏾‍♂️ Bronny jr. does what every sixteen-year-old does...yet the world must speculate.... Including this podcast... I'll share my thoughts on the matter. Is it that serious? What LeBron should do as a parent? I GO IN on *accountability* and get things off my chest. Last but not least we talk about the MORE act being.... you know ...delayed again and you guessed it. Why? The election. Enjoy the show. Suggested Use: Smoke while listening to this podcast for best results
September 22, 2020
Grandma sues Disney for CBD oil arrest? Cannabis News 08/10/09
On this episode we discuss the Disney CBD oil police brutality on a grand mother looking to sooth her arthritis. Texas bans smokable hemp flower, I tell you my thoughts on why and where Taxans can secure their now hard to find CBD flower.  You're not gonna believe why a Michigan Cannabis company has a recall...very nasty especially during this pandemic. Tune in to hear these stories and more! Follow us on TikT-- I mean Instagram: @hempinternational  If you love CBD Hemp flower and need an easier way to get quality products:   Subscribe to this podcast or your cousin twice removed you've seen once at a BBQ will catch the RONA. Keep all cousins safe by subscribing and sharing this episode you've just enjoyed.  Stay tuned, Stay HI HI-TV
August 10, 2020
Weed side chat. Where the XX chromosomes at?!
Weed side chat for ya head is a sad day. I'll tell you why... just updated their podcast analytics. THE NUMBERS DONT LOOK GOOD AT ALL. I'm in utter shock, taken a back, and upmostly flabbergasted. I DONT even like breakfast sausage with my eggs. Where are the egg makers? Listen to learn what the hell I'm taking about. Damn shame. If my podcast was a house party it'll look like a J Cole concert. Lots of people with at high risk of prostate abnormalities. I'm mad because y'all didn't tell me before it was too late. #worstbouncersever club looking like a insta thot follower count. 2021 goal 30% 70% split then 60/40. Enough is enough. Diversity is key #kanyeinspiredrant #someonegethimhismeds.....see you next week fellas 🤣
July 28, 2020
Kanye for president? Mask gate 2020. Big Willy getting jiggy
Canna news has been few and far between but in other news...
July 11, 2020
Medmen founders peace out ✌️. Louisiana bans CBD flower? What happens in Vegas...well you know
This episode goes back to the bread and butter of HI-TV Cannabis news. Looks like Corona sped up what should have happened a long time ago goodbye duces & sayonara Beirman. Louisiana is this week's "Reggie of the Week" aka the shittiest seediest weed in an opaque dirty baggie. Question HI-TV do your corner your bowl everytime you light your bud? Or do you only do it when your with people? Guess some people like green hits every. single. time. What I hate is when the first person torches the whole bowl like Australia in 2020 and all you get is a hit that tastes like you left it in the toaster too long. Have some courtesy people others will like to taste their weed too. If you read this I hope you're apart of the curtious smoker club. We'll see you next week
June 22, 2020
Canna industry "window dressing"
INSERT LONG TEXT...comeback later for full description
June 15, 2020
Cannabis News 06/08: NEW Canna-consumer data! The end of warrantless police raids😲🤔. COVID
On this episode of HI-TV we let know what study found cannabinoids help COVID patient's...but why there may be a secret agenda👀. Learn how Democrats aim to enforce police reforms that Cannabis users will absolutely LOVE. Lastly we deep dive this week on NEW cannabis consumer data that informs us (ganjapreneurs) to know what weed smokers want, look for when buying, how they spend, and MUCH much more. Feel free to share this podcast with your friends, family, and colleges. BUT please mention the HI-TV podcast name. See you next week HI-FAM 🤗 (funny how I end this with a hug but really I'm agressive and not a hugger in real life ahh the irony for those special few of you listeners who know me...this is going way too far but if you're still reading I want you to know you're a HI-TV MVP I'll graciously give you your medal but youre far away :/ hmm 🤔 maybe I'll pass you a joint instead lol here's a joint CBD joints that is *snaps* finger guns 😎🤣🤣 iight I hope you're not reading AND LISTENING at the same time. Bye! Focus fam go listen to the podcast ya show-off over achiever) Can you believe I have 2,000+ more characters I can type to you? TWITTER COULD NEVER ok bye subscribe & follow @hempinternational on IG hope you enjoyed this 2020 quarantine isolation toilet paper deficiency induced the TP fund below okay okay I get it bye forreal, gosh
June 09, 2020
HI-TV: Live after 5
June 07, 2020
What's the right @#!$'n way to protest? How to fix U.S. police in a logical way
This episode is from the heart. It's about the late May 2020 riots, why there is confusion & MOST IMPORTANT....How to fix this mess... Please share this episode with those who may relate & empathize with my points this episode. Stay safe out there HI-FAM #nojusticenopeace. If you'd like to help out during these truly crazy times these websites below are how: Brooklyn Bail fund. ----------- Prorestors bail donation ---------- Covid donation ---------- ---------- NATIONAL PROTEST BAIL FUND
June 01, 2020
Cannabis News 5/11/2020. *FIXED* High Times IPO WTF? 420 sales results.
This episode has been re-uploaded to include the UPDATED first half of this this is what happens when you upload a podcast at 2AM...... half awake.....with work you have to clock into 6 hours later. Sorry HI-TV fam. 🤣See what happens when you stop supporting the podcast via the link below like you used to *evil laugh*? JKJK 🤔...or am I😈 Enjoy the NEWLY UPDATED 1st half of the episode. Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the Canna-Moms out there. Before you go, check out Premium Indoor Hemp Flower. See you next week. Stay Tuned & Stay HI .. HI TV
May 11, 2020
What's one of your Cannabis memories? Corona conspiracies & more
Just wanted to kick it with y'all and share some of my Cannabis memories. Like the time we broke someone's weed virginity & how it went BAD + I address some of the backlash from Instagram. Enjoy!
April 30, 2020
Happy 420
Let's sesh this episode. Light up and listen it's time to celebrate
April 21, 2020
Anti Viral Cannabis terpenes?
April 07, 2020
Quarantine Week 3
IDK....this episode is a reflection on what 3 weeks of quarantining sounds like. If this is your first episode, excuse this and enjoy the others. Thank you
April 06, 2020
Top Quarantine shows, Cannabis legalization delayed due to Corona Virus & more
Wash up. Stay inside. & buy LikeWeed hemp flower.
March 29, 2020
Cannabis News + Quarantine week 2
City's shut down yet Cannabis deliveries thrive...for now. Celebs in jail with the Virus? Cannabis company layoff and more
March 25, 2020
Corona Virus Part 3: Quarantine Update
Looks like we're in this for a couple months. Here's some laughs and some facts. We need some extra smiles at times like these. Enjoy the update, stay safe & remember it's okay to be ashy at a time like this. No judgement. ....well maybe a little lol
March 19, 2020
CORONA VIRUS PART 2: Quarantine coming?
Listen it's bad but not all bad. If you want to know more about what to expect here in the U.S. look how Italy and Iran has been affected. Just note this is the U.S. and we "normally" handle things much better than other countries. Limit your exposure. Eat foods that raise your immune system and stay positive. Enjoy your Quarantine.
March 14, 2020
Corona Virus vs. The Cannabis industry | CANNABIS NEWS NOW
The Corona Virus caused many Chinese factories to shut down in order to protect employees and products from contamination. This has caused many U.S. goods including those used in the Cannabis industry to be limited in supply. Prices are going up and it is still unknown when the Corona Virus threat will cease. Stay safe HI-Fam. Wash your hands, eat more vitamin C, & try to buy N95 Mask if you can. Stay HI
March 03, 2020
ADHD cure? Cannabis in Space? Colorado made $1.75 billion. NFL Player + 157lbs of marijuana = ?
Uber ride: (price was unavailable) most likely because of this trafficking case
February 24, 2020
How will the 2020 election affect cannabis? Special guest | CANNABIS NEWS NOW
Informative, entertaining, worth the wait. Enjoy HI-FAM! Guest info: Email - | IG: @The.Green.Baker | Podcast: The Green Baker podcast | Her up coming event: Feb 29th vagina monologues Orlando FL please see IG or email her for more info.
February 17, 2020
RIP Kobe Bryant. MedMen woes continue. This state wants a 10% THC limit. 🤦 Here's why
TBD.....Episode descriptions will be held hostage until you start supporting the podcast again 😂 click link below to support this podcast 👇 IG: @hempinternational      Midroll ad 1: 1606Hemp                                Midroll ad 2: Please support:  All natural CBD Cigars aka "Green & Milds"  Smokable Hemp re-imagined
January 28, 2020
FIXED** New High Times Dispensary🤔? Binge Drinking Down Cannabis Use Up. | CANNABIS NEWS NOW
TBD.....Episode descriptions will be held hostage until you start supporting the podcast again 😂 click link below to support this podcast 👇
January 22, 2020
Will smoking flower become obsolete?
The Cannabis culture is going through an evolution. The more available cannabis becomes the more nuance consumers will have. Time will only tell
January 15, 2020
Merry Christmas HI-fam
Merry Christmas, have fun, eat good, smoke better from HI-TV & Hempinternational! Hope Santa brings you the fattest of sacks
December 25, 2019
Cannabis Industry vs. POC | HI-Rant
We received quite a polorizing response to our recent post on Instagram (@hempinternational) about POC, Blacks and Latinos, lack of inclusion in the Cannabis industry despite rampant persecution. Some don't believe the issue exsists and others agreed with the video sentiments. Here's my response to it ALL. Sorry to long time listeners for the 1st botched attempt to upload. BTW if you're pissed off at this topic/episode then you probably are an undiagnosed racist. Unsubscribe if you are. Thank you Goodbye - managements. If you're not a racist enjoy the episode got mad love for you😁
December 21, 2019
How CBD helps with inflammation. Why thats important & CBD acne? | HI-SCHOOL
CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent here's info on how CBD helps inflammation
December 19, 2019
CBD products & faulty lab tests. Let's talk about it. | HI.5
Good Morning! 🌞 As our last post (@hempinternational) on Instagram mentioned, many CBD OIL products when tested show little to no CBD in them. How can we fix this issue? The obvious answer is regulation. However in this mini-sode we explore what more could be done by CBD companies and CBD enthusiasts alike. Let's start the conversation. Have a good day HI-FAM
December 11, 2019
The FDA said CBD shrinks testicals.😲 RIP Hightimes. New 🤦Brick of the week | Cannabis News Now
The FDA just released some WILD warnings on CBD: Testical shrinkage, fertility threat, liver problems, and mood changes. I'll tell you why I think these findings are invalid. New Brick of the Week inducted. The worst CBD idea I've ever heard. Hightimes may NOW be our family member who lived an amazing life of accomplishments but is on their death bed. Fading away one beep at a time
December 09, 2019
CBD gummies. What are they. How to choose the right kind for stronger effects Part 1 | HI-SCHOOL
CBD gummies are popular these days. Some take CBD gummies for sleep, CBD gummies for anxiety, or CBD gummies for pain. However which kind is the best for me? I give you my experience on what kind feels the best. Can these gummies replace medical marijuana products? No. But they're good for casual users. Part 2 of this episode tomorrow.
December 06, 2019
Michigan legalized Cannabis Dec 1st. Cannabis Scam. What is Green Wednesday? Part 2 | Cannabis News Now
Michigan legalized Cannabis for adults December 1st. However 80% of the state don't allow it. Scam alert! Buyer beware. Cannabis Talk 101. What is Green Wednesday? Part 2. Cannabis News Now
December 03, 2019
Florida legalization. Which group will win? Cannabis study on pain makes new discovery. Part 1\u000A | Cannabis News Now
Florida may legalize cannabis soon. Make it Legal Florida vs Sensible Florida. Who will win? My money is on the team with the most money. Enjoy. Stay tuned and stay high
December 02, 2019
Insta Beef: Short version | HI-STORIES
If you were on Instagram on Sunday instead of signing hymns at bible study. You probably witnessed the tension created by a wedding photo posted on the @hempinternational page. Here's the short version of the story. If you want more details check out the long version posted later today/tomorrow. @coralreefer420 next time use respect & diplomacy to get what you want not your IG lady mob😂Enjoy HI-FAM
November 30, 2019
Insta Beef: Long version | HI STORIES
Long version of Sunday's Insta squabble
November 28, 2019
CBD Flower revisit. How has it changed sinced 2018. What will come in the future | HI-RANT
CBD flower has exploded in popularity. In this episode I tell you why. Even some Doctor offices have added hemp flower to their over the counter CBD options. Why? Some users rather enjoy Cannabis for the relaxion without the high. I know I've been enjoying hemp flower more and more these days. Now that Hemp is legal the QUALITY of hemp flower has exploded. It's a part of the industry many will look over and regret not taking part. Enjoy
November 26, 2019
The MORE Act. California raised legal weed taxes, here's why. Joe Biden 😠| Cannabis News Now
The MORE Act has an ability to make Cannabis legal throughout the United States BIG NEWS. Listen to hear more. Just when you think the Cannabis taxes in California couldn't get any higher, they just increased it....again🙄. Blackmarket dealers will have a field-day. Florida bill to make Veteran's MMJ card free? Tune in we'll talk all about it. Stay tuned and stay high, HI TV! If you made it this far in the description lol you might as well join the HI-FAM by becoming a supporter today. Link below
November 24, 2019
CBD Anxiety. Why CBD helps lower anxiety + bonus scientific tips to decrease anxiety | HI-SCHOOL
Ever wondered🤔: How Cannabis affects my anxiety? OR What can I do to lower my anxiety? This episode of HI-School answers both! We went IN DEEP on anxiety details. Like that AP Bio notebook from 11th grade deep. You know the one with 😍 notes from your crush on the front cover lol 😂. Listen, I have anxiety and found relief in not only by adding Cannabis (CBD/THC) into my weekly routine but other healthy habits that keep my over-active brain in check. This is the best HI-TV episode yet. Hope it helps...see you on Instagram 😁✌ @hempinternational
November 20, 2019
Cannabis jobs: Medmen lays off 200, Top 20 Cannabis employers & more | Cannabis News Now
List of Top 20 Cannabis industry employers! *hint hint* you may want to apply to these companies if you want to work in the industry.. Looks like the unemployment line is a bit longer today, a lot of red shirts aka ex-MedMen employees. Listen to learn more. Upload a bit late, but enjoy today's XL episode.
November 19, 2019
Hemp Straws vs Paper Straws
Paper Straws are sustainable but they dissolve in drinks and do not have a very comfortable mouth feel. Hemp Straws are sturdy, don't dissolve in your drinks but are biodegradable. Which would you rather? Drink out of deforestation or drink out of Cannabis? The choice is easy.
November 14, 2019
HI-Stories: NBA Player + Edibles= panic attack🤣. My 16 y/o Edible story😥. Popeyes part 2??🤦
New format this episode. Centered around storytelling of real events. Inspired by the NBA's Dion Waiters getting a panic attack on the plane after eating an edible. Edibles are ONLY for the "chosen"....Last but not least we have bonus content that includes thoughts on the Popeyes fiasco and Kanye's transition to an alter boy. Stay HI folks
November 13, 2019
Drake: Hotline Mids? NYPD nabs Hemp thinking it's weed. 394 Cali permits suspended 😳. Weed degree?
Yes. Listen. We're back, thank you for your patience HI-Fam. On thiss weeks episode we give you the scoop on Drake's new Weed brand, Tell you how the NYPD has became the laughing stock of police precincts everywhere, Are Cannabis degrees worth it? Why Cali SHUT DOWN many people's Cannabis entrepreneurial dreams...and more. This is CNN (Cannabis News Now). Stay Tuned & Stay HI. THIS EPISODE HAS NO ADs, FOR THE LOVE Hope you enjoyed last week's HI-Stories episode...hopefully next time it's one of your stories shared on the pod 🤔 *cough* *cough* DM @hempinternational on IG....Enjoy
November 12, 2019
Top 10 Cannabis consuming cities $95 million Florida MMJ license? Why the VA wants Cannabis research
This episode will do a deep dive into the TOP CANNABIS CITIES IN THE WORLD. Explore why the Veterans Association wants Uncle Same to now research medical marijuana. Two licences, Florida MMJ, $95 million😕 Enjoy this weeks Cannabis stories of the week! Be sure to like our IG page: @hempinternational. Rare us 5 stars on Apple & tell a friend! Stay tuned & Stay HI. HI-TV
October 21, 2019
Hemp Market $23 Billion by 2023. Why MedMen Pharmacannn failed and MMJ now legal in K-12?
This has been a very busy week in cannabis news. Firstly, Cannabis business shout out our #POTSTOCKS fam!...Stocks nosedived more than 40%📉. The would be largest cannabis merger got cancelled like a celebrity after a bad tweet😂. Listen to learn why a Cannabis company has gotten a class action suit by the SEC😯 no bueno. Lastly new statistics predict the HEMP CBD market to be $23 Billion by 2023! Remember to SUSCRIBE to remain informed on all things Cannabis. Enjoy HI-Fam. Stay Tuned & Stay HI. HI-TV
October 14, 2019
HI-Rant: Hemp Harvest Szn, market segments & more
HI-Rant is just as it sounds a raw unscripted pod about one subject or a series of subjects. Though not pre-planned pockets of true insight emerge. Enjoy HI-FAM & as always stay tuned & stay HI. DM's on Hemp International are always welcome 😁✌
October 11, 2019
Why Canada 🇨🇦 is winning weed Legalization and what it means for the U.S. market
Winner 🏆 winner Popeyes chicken dinner 😂 Congrats to IG: @karre_bearr for guessing the 🐄 sound featured in one of our recent podcasts. It pays to listen HI-Fam!!!!! Today's episode will feature some post Legalaization stats that show that Cannabis has NOT affected the workplace and how it generated $8.26 Billion to the Canadian 🇨🇦 GDP, potstocks, job growth and more! Stay tuned & Stay HI, HI-TV
October 07, 2019
HI-Rant: Legal Cannabis future and Cannabis Now ....... Happy National Podcast Day 😁
Enjoy today's HI-Rant episode! Unfiltered, no pre-show setup, just raw honest freestyle episode about the Cannabis Industry now and what would be great in the future. Listen to the WHOLE episode... thank me later.
October 02, 2019
HI-Rant: Is Big Tobbaco behind the Vape hysteria?
With the expedited ban on vaporizers BOTH THC & has to wonder....who's pushing the button? Looks like an all out effort to reclaim market share to me 😒 Like the pod? Join our HI-Fam today link below😬 👇
September 27, 2019
Neilson predicts: $40billion Cannabis market in 2025
Listen to stats that analytics companies have comprised as well as their 2024 predictions! Enjoy this minisode. Slow week & an exhausting episode. Fell asleep while editing 🤦.
September 23, 2019
VAPE epidemic update. New stats and vape research. Dog THC treats? California vs Black market weed.
Today's episode will reveal the results from a new vaping mice study.🤓 SCIENCE alert! Cannabis market trends after the vape epidemic goes mainstream🙁. Why Cali will soon legalize Dog THC treats. & Jamaica MMJ exports. Laugh. Learn Stay tuned & Stay HI. HI-TV ...... Never miss an episode Suscribe and become a supporter today! As promised link to Mice🐁vape study:
September 16, 2019
Vitamin E Cannabis Vape Lung Disease. What is it, Why it's making you sick &my BigPharma theory
Welcome back HI-Fam! Today's episode we tackle the BIG Vitamin E cannabis vape story....My thoughts on why it happened |--> Wu Tang - CREAM explains it all
September 09, 2019
The Hurricane🌀episode: Why Cali OK's weed for K-12 students? Minorities vs. Legal industry.
Sep 2, 2019 -- This episode features the top cannabis stories of the week. Then a deep dive into the topic of the issues with Minorities vs. Legal Market..... next up a hilarious take on James Jenkins from Kentucky Hemp farm getting robbed 😂. The robbery isn't funny but James sure is. This was a pre-hurricane episode I uploaded this episode at the buzzer behind the 3 point line fading away @4:18 am. Play hard. Work harder......Real quick I want to SHOUT OUT this weeks HI-Fam MVPs: @myepicholiday @alexio_samuel
September 02, 2019
Why WEEDMAPS wised up & Burner's Cookie 🍪 Brand threw up mom's spaghetti 🤔| Cannabis News Now 8/26
Last week consisted of A LOT 😲of content, so consider this week's episode as HI-TV 'lite' w/ a Quick run-down of Last week's TOP Cannabis stories: Burner's "Cookies 🍪" Brand headed to 8 mile aka MICHIGAN (moms spaghetti) ......Canada 🇨🇦 set to legalize: Edibles, extracts, & topicals...a lil late to the party EH?....Thoughts on CBD Coffee?.... What is Endo cannabinoid deficiency ... and MORE! "Stay tuned & Stay HI folks, HI-TV"
August 26, 2019
WARNING: This episode may contain 💎Gems. You might learn somethin'........ Have you ever wondered "How do I start a Cannabis company?" Well so have we, in fact, we've saved you time on Google to condense that info into 1 podcast episode. From what to do in the LEGAL industry to tips for NEW gray/black market weed sheesh vendors. Laugh, Learn, & above all...Stay HI. 😀✌ Link below TOP STATES TO START A CANNABIS Biz:
August 23, 2019
Part 1: Mike Tyson makes $500k a month selling weed. Shadow banned on IG. Nate Diaz & more
Cannabis News Now: How Mike Tyson smokes $40,000 worth of weed a month AND makes half a million a month with Tyson Ranch cannabis products. ........So we got Shadow Banned on IG. via @hempinternational Here's how we worked around it........ Nate Diaz smokes weed during a pre UFC fight press conference..... Part 2 of this episode drops WEDNESDAY @4:20 AM: "How to start your own weed company" . Stay HI & stay tuned folks 😁✌ ...Sorry HI-fam had to split the episode it was Waaay to long. It was Netflix movie long lol hope you enjoy this episode.......... I really appriciate y'all supporting this podcast HI-Fam ❤ link 👇
August 19, 2019
AriZona Ice Tea has entered the Weed Chat❗Will Bernie Sanders legalize weed?CBD toothpaste is real😂
Cannabis News Now: It's been a wild week but rest assured Cannabis News Now is back & this episode is 🔥 Trust. 1ST story...Bernie Sanders said he will legalize weed via Executive order his FIRST DAY in office on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast...clip added...We'll see about that 😒 hope we all in the Cannabis community don't get "Burned". *BA DUM TSS* Next.2ND....AriZona Iced Tea partners up with this Cannabis brand to make THC infused EVERYTHING. Very exciting News. 3RD.... Austrialian MMJ company 'Impression Healthcare Limited' will conduct a study on how CBD can help gum disease ...Cool stuff. Last.....we briefly mention the Princeton's review 'Top 20 Cannabis friendly Colleges' ---> link here: --- Enjoy HI-FAM. Learn, laugh, & above all stay in the know. Cannabis News Now. If you like this program please support it's creator 👇Link below👇
August 12, 2019
Tips on how to get a JOB in the LEGAL Cannabis Industry | HI-SCHOOL
So our posts last week on @hempinternational Instagram resulted in a flood of emails/DM's okay maybe deep deep puddle lol...of questions on How To Get Into The Cannabis Industry...Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. Now because it's illegal to refer listeners to black market weed oppurtinies. Here I tell you MY experience and some tips/stratagy to enter the LEGAL part of industry😉. (have to stress this so this episode isn't flagged)......................... Also the last leg of the episode mentions pre-harvest hemp flower purchasing and leasing acres of hemp. Enjoy HI-Fam....WE are ALL in this together. If you read this far you might as well subscribe, follow & rate 5 stars ⭐. Click the link below to become a supporter today! Your $1 a month will help me FIX my speech impediment 🤣
August 05, 2019
WTH is Cannaflavin? Potstocks: UFC x AURORA Cannabis. Impacts of Federal Decriminalization & more!
Welcome to Cannabis News Now! ***Todays show will explore how The University of Ontario discovered Cannabis flavinoids 30x stronger than Asprin. How will this affect the weed industry in the future? ***UFC & Aurora Cannabis plans to partner up to both research and give their athletes access to quality CBD for recovery -- discover why this important for BOTH companies -- ENJOY POTSTOCKS FAM ***The MORE act aimes to not only DECRIMINALIZE WEED but expunge criminal records as well as impose a 5% tax that will give grants to minorities to enter the industry...What does this all mean? ENJOY 😁 If you like the podcast become a supporter today! Link below👇👇
July 29, 2019
New #1 Cannabis company in the world? How Hemp can save the Bees. New Cannabis club in Hollywood?
Info on ********'s $875m acquisition making it the largest cannabis company in the world! University of Colorado discovered how hemp can save the Bee population. Cannabis Banking may come sooner than we think. & more! follow us: @Hempinternational
July 19, 2019
Canopy Growth CEO fired, Bruce Linton explained why. "Business as always."
The largest Cannabis company in the world, just fired its CEO. Here we explore why, what impact it may have & more.
July 05, 2019
CBD ban in Massachusetts? Illinois legalize weed. CHINA disapproves...
Stay in the know on everything Cannabis on Instagram. @hempinternational
June 26, 2019
Weedmen of the future
What if we gave our dealers a Postmates like service for the legal market
June 03, 2019
Why 2018 was the biggest year for Cannabis | Cannabis News Now
Happy Birthday! HI-TV turned 1 today. This episode we dive into why 2018 was the biggest year in Cannabis history since 1996! California: 1 year after legalaization Canada🇨🇦/UK 🇬🇧 legalization Mexico, Hemp, Thailand, why YOU shouldn't wait to enter the industry & more!
January 08, 2019
HI-TV Returns in 2019!
Everything you love about Cannabis, Hemp, CBD & more! See you soon Follow @hempinternational
December 28, 2018
Cannabis Legalization Dominos | Cannabis News Now
Will Madmen own the word 'Cannabis™'? Mexico 🇲🇽legalized Cannabis. Thailand 🇹🇭legalized MMJ. & much more! lay back. relax. & enjoy envol😊✌
November 03, 2018
Cannabis Studies \uD83D\uDC4Dor\uD83D\uDC4E?
Thoughts on new controversial Cannabis studies & are these studies good for the industry
October 07, 2018
Cannabis News Now 9/29/18
September 29, 2018
Coca-Cola CannaDrink?
September 18, 2018
GMO weed made in labs with yeast
Company to begin research to extract cannabinoids from tesdt
September 11, 2018
HI-School: THC Vape Pods -- The future?
Experience level: Senior
August 14, 2018
HI Rant: Shopify's😠Hypocrisy 🇨🇦Cannabis POS
For all of those CBD merchants who felt Shopifys wrath. I feel your pain. It's ironic they are now set to be the largest Cannabis Point-of-sale company
August 14, 2018
HI-rant: Californias Black Market a better choice?
Californias Black Market, revenue-wise is seemingly unaffected by legalization...some say it may grow stronger. Tune in to hear my take
July 26, 2018
Cannabis News Now: 🇨🇦 Weed IPO, Edibes consumer behavior, & Kush Politics
1. Canadian Bacon: Tilray IPO 100% Cannabis (non alcholic) Beer ____ 2. Kush Politics: NJ decriminalize weed, may soon legalize? Underage cannabis use in legal states stats. ____ 3. 🚨Cannabis Marker Alert!🚨 Insider on edibles, Who's more likely to buy them? Male or Female, educated or non educated. etc. ___ Enjoy ___ If you love HI-TV remember to share with a friend & Subcribe _ Check us out on Insta: @hempinternational
July 25, 2018
NY ready to legalize Cannabis
7/17/18 New York Gov. Office reccomends legalizing cannabis. My thoughts on why NY has changed their views
July 17, 2018
Smokable CBD flower part II
What's the deal with this CBD flower trend? Is it here to stay? California's anti Hemp CBD(deeper dive episode) How I use CBD Flower
July 16, 2018
Monsanto quietly enters hemp industry. Big beer enters canna-drinks industry
1. Why I think all this 'Good' hemp news is one big Conspiracy. A wolf in 🐑's clothing. 2. Big Beer aims to chug the cannabis beverage sector. 3. Indiana new CBD QR Code rule. Subscribe✅ if you enjoy staying in the loop on everything Cannabis. Rate us✅ if your listening on Apple Follow us✅on @Hempinternational Stay HI ✌
July 06, 2018
About the July 4th upload..
Tune in 12am tonight Why I think everything was legalized in June...wolf in 🐑's clothing
July 05, 2018
Epidiolex AKA Thanos. Will small CBD brands 'disappear'?
Will Epidiolex Thanos snap small CBD companies out of existence?
June 18, 2018
Why MedMen is playing Chess & everyone else is playing Candyland
CBD Quality Control Coalition MedMen's End Game Hotel goes 100% CBD food menu...even the water. Enjoy HI Fam
June 12, 2018
Will Trump Federally legalize weed? 6/9 (E81)
HI Noon: Trump on his way to the G7 summit stated he will lift the federal blanket ban on weed. But will he actually do it?
June 09, 2018
HI Try: Hemp Pre-rolls (E. 80)
Are Hemp pre rolls good? Is its CBD effective? & more
June 08, 2018
Canna jobs short
June 04, 2018
CBD Market UPDATE |CNN 5/31|
CBD Beer Prohibiton. NCAA CBD backlash. CBD Hemp Pre-rolls trend?
May 31, 2018
Listener love
Much love & thank you very much, we should record an episode some time
May 31, 2018
Do Cannabis Strains Matter?
Will Cannabis strains matter in the future? Are they accurately labeled?
May 26, 2018
The Future is now (CNN 5/16)
1. Mothers day/710 Dab day event 2. Aurora Cannabis enroute to be the largest Cannabis Conpany in the world 3. Yoube vs Weed 4. Hemp legalized in Arizona
May 16, 2018
710 Dab day Rolling Pounds Canna-event
Listen to Cody co-partner of 710DabDay. Explaining his passion for the industry & an insider about his event & how Rolling loud in Miami, may have rained out but rolling pounds event featuring many brands in the industry was amazing.
May 14, 2018
Smoking weed while pregnant
Smoking weed while pregnant Negative or positive?
May 08, 2018
Red eyes banned in Vegas
Why Vegas Casino's don't want high people on the premises. Zimbabwe legalizes medical marijuana Seattle expunges weed convictions Lowell farms hires people newly pardoned for weed convictions
May 03, 2018
Canna News Now 4/24
1. Top selling THC product on 420? 2. What's up with Epidiolex & FDA? What it means for us 3. ?
April 24, 2018
Trump supports Cannabis legalization?
Just days before our weed holiday 4/20. Politicians are publicly supporting weed. Genuine or pandering?
April 14, 2018
Lamar Kardahian Odom
Cali rec weed struggles No lighting up at Coachella Lamar got out
April 11, 2018
Cannabis news now 4/7/18
Cali Social use in Hollywood - Smoking with the Stars? Is Canada Legal weed packing anti-branding? 2018 CBD brand 2018 instagram winner CBD 2018 recap
April 11, 2018
Ways to work in Legal Cannabis
There are much more ways into the Cannabis industry than owning a dispensary. In today's Easter eve episode we tell you how
March 31, 2018
Round 1 - 2018 CBD 🏆 Tournament
Find out who moves on to the next round of this year's 2018 CBD oil Tournament. To Vote: @Hempinternational On Instagram click profile pic & vote for your favorite!
March 30, 2018
Round 2 of the 2018 CBD 🏆 Tournament
Half-time scores Vote for your favorite CBD on Instagram: @Hempinternational 3/29/18
March 30, 2018
2018 CBD Tournament
Vote Now! IG: @Hempinternational
March 27, 2018
Brick of the week: NEW ENGLAND
Why Massachusetts blocked CBD like its last name was admin Mutumbo? & Thoughts and Prayers for New Hampshire 😞🙏
March 27, 2018
Cannabis News Now 3/23/18
What weed does to your hormones Chicago voted for rec weed Nevadas weed market stable
March 23, 2018
Cannabis News Now 3/20/18
We give you the run down on NY pets using MMJ Canna-Pharma partnership? Michigan Dispensaries riding dirty & more! Enjoy
March 20, 2018
Brick of the week 3/20/18
This weeks brick is more popular than Jeff Sessions but just as Bricky😷
March 20, 2018
Cannabis News Now! 3/16
California stole the show. Lowering taxes & allowing social use. In retrospect I missed the chance to play California in the outro Enjoy!
March 17, 2018
Pre-Canna News Now 3/16
Pre show
March 16, 2018
Part 2 Cannabis News Now 3/14
Happy pie day
March 14, 2018
Should prisoners be allowed to smoke weed?
United Nations does not approve legal weed, MMJ trouble in Maryland, Allowing Prisoners to smoke weed?
March 14, 2018
Brick of the week: Benjamin Wolf
Mr Wolf shame shame shame....allegedly*
March 10, 2018
How Cannabis improves relationships?
Alcohol is known to be linked to decreased 'performance efficiency' & has been linked to many domestic violence/reasons relationships end. However there is an alternative: Cannabis Increased communication Better Health More Laughs More love & many more mentioned in the podcast
March 08, 2018
Cannabis News Now! 3/5
Billion $ investments in the Cannabis industry? Infused 🍕? UFC fighter Sean Sugar O'Malley OG Strain
March 06, 2018
Jeff Sessions smoking papers?
Good ol Mr Jeffery got him some rolling papers CORRECTION: AIRBNB not Alibaba
March 05, 2018
Celebrity cannabis branding\u000AGood or Bad? Puff or Pass?
#JeffSesh New rolling papers feature good Ol' Jeffery on the front high & with a joint in his mouth
March 04, 2018
Hi-TV 12am rants: What the first Pot-Stock on NASDAQ means?
Good thing or bad thing? Entering the light or falling into darkness?
March 02, 2018
Cannabis News Now! 2/28
Listen to end for my movie trailer voice😂 1. Pot head Illinois Senator? 2. First ever Social-use weed license issued in Denver. 3. Euro study shows 36% of patients see improvement from medical marijuana
February 28, 2018
Cannabis News Now 2/27
Nevada making Dr. Evil money daily Jeff Sessions lawsuit update Social use Future cannabis projected 57BILLION Gl🌍bally
February 27, 2018
Trump executing drug dealers? 😡😡
My RAW reaction to this, & how it may effect the cannabis culture in America
February 27, 2018
Canada sets the bar 'Higher' yet again
Canadian Pot stock NASDAQ official? Canadian univeristy approves Medical marijuana under student health insurance cost
February 27, 2018
🧱🧱🧱Why Kevin Arnold might have the highest Canna-IQ
Brick of the week comes from Tennessee police cheif Kevin Arnold
February 25, 2018
Muchies - Cannnabis fast food
Future go to
February 23, 2018
HI-TV Cannabis news now! 2/12
New England has been very active in Cannabis news today Canna-Banks Social canna-club debate
February 22, 2018
NBA To Allow MMJ For Players
NBA cannabis past & present
February 20, 2018
Hi-TV Cannabis News Now! 2/20
Pennsylvania MMJ rollout, Philly decriminalization, Canada legalization postponed & Girl scout dispensaries
February 20, 2018
The CannaDoc Knox Family
1 Family 4 Doctors in the Cannabis industry. Part 1 • CannaDoctors part 2
February 16, 2018
Maine Proctects High Employees
Maine has begun the movement of protecting employees from personalization if cought with Cannabis outside of work or high at work
February 14, 2018
Dame Dash Weed - BlkHstryMnth
"Dame Dash" First segment for African Americans in the Legal Cannabis industry Black History Month
February 14, 2018
Hi-TV Cannabis News Now! 2/15
How I almost get into an accident recording this 😅😒 Weed sales outpace alcohol for the first time New York & Fox news Poll Cannabis 18% decline in Opioid use
February 12, 2018
Woes Of Cannabis Content Cre8r
Being a Cannabis content creator is risky • Cannabis Content Creation is risky business
February 08, 2018
Water Soluble CBD
CBD that's meshes well with your body
February 08, 2018
CannaNews Today 2/5/18_Hi-TV
Dogs + CBD = Game Chabger. Will NJ allow adults to grow pot @home? Texas & Germany cannabis news. Bonus: ganjaprenur rant
February 06, 2018
CBD🍫Chocolate - Honest Review
What happens when the amazing effects of CBD is paired with 🍫Chocolate? Listen to hear our HONEST review
February 05, 2018
Fake-weed Kills 90 & Superbowl
90 Soldiers have died in Janruary ALONE from 'k2' or 'Spice'. Superbowl and its relationship with weed
February 02, 2018
CBD Takes an L In Mid-America
Both Kansas & Indiana has banned CBD in their states. Here's why we think they did it
February 02, 2018
February 01, 2018
Weed Edibles In The Future!
The days of easy bake oven edibles are now ancient practices. Enter the new ways to eat up & get mediated
February 01, 2018
NYs Unfair MMJ+Opioid Disorder
Why NYs new MMJ qualification is unfair to many living in the 90s. What is Opioid Disorder?
January 31, 2018
MMJ In NYC. Is It Fair?
Is NY MMJ fair? - Whales coming for Legal Pot
January 30, 2018
HI TV - Ppl Plzer
Lettuce Blunts, Organic weed, & what sports teams are now accepting cannabis treatments for their athletes
January 27, 2018
\ud83c\udf78Liquor $ales Fall Due 2 Weed
The alcohol industry is worried. Sales fell 15% last year. Former alcohol investors are now more attracted to legal cannabis. Listen to what this means for your future
January 25, 2018
Advise To Future Growers
Don't just grow weed. Grow a community. Grow a culture.
January 19, 2018
Older Generations Are Blazing
Pass Grandma tha GAS
January 18, 2018
Jeff Sessions+BigTobbaco = ?
Jeff Session's affair with Big Tobacco
January 18, 2018
Weed Allowed In Middle school?
A judge in Illinois ruled in favor of medicine - medical marijuana - to be allowed on school grounds. An 11 year old with epilepsy should be allowed to find relief.
January 16, 2018
Cannakids Solving Opioid Issue
Cannabinoids are known to decrease anxiety & depression. Depression & isolation are commonplace with BOTH drug addicts(opioids) and mass shooters. Lets nip it in the bud shall we? No pun intended
January 16, 2018
Weed Gets Gold @2018 Olympics
Will cannabis produce gold medal athletes? CBD & 2018 Olympians
January 13, 2018
HiTV-Why This State Is Winning
This state has the best legalization laws. EVER. Tune in to find out why. + California's prop64 isn't all blue dreams & girl scout cookies
January 11, 2018
Mike Tyson's 'Knock Out' Kush
Mike Tyson's new 20 acre Cali Cannabis grow op & Some of mikes hilarious quotes
January 08, 2018
January 8, 2018
January 08, 2018