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Hidden Curriculum

Hidden Curriculum

By S.E.A.S Program @ URI
Out of the Science Education and Society Lab at the University of Rhode Island, Hidden Curriculum investigates the social context of students' college experiences. Join host Gyasi Alexander to explore the unwritten rules and networks that govern college campuses.
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#6 Me, Ed, & Society
First Generation College Students come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences. In the season finale of Hidden Curriculum we explore the challenges, strengths, and all around complexity at the intersection of first generation and underrepresented college student backgrounds.  Show Notes:  Music for this episode includes: Hardboil by Blue Dot Sessions  A Little Sympathy, Systematic, and Let's Start at the Beginning by Lee Rosevere  Backwater by Chad Crouch 
November 16, 2019
#5 Resources and the Secret Club
Have you ever heard of social capital? It's basically the information, support, and resources that we gain from our relationships and networks. It can play a huge role in establishing a sense of belonging, finding or changing careers, or just getting help when you need it. This episode of Hidden Curriculum explores the importance of social capital for First Generation College Students. We'll talk about resources, access and the not so obvious rules and networks that govern them.  Show Notes:  Music for this episode includes: HLice by Monplaisir  Alsinge by So I'm an Islander  Sanctuary and La La La by Aviscerall  Let that Sink in by Lee Rosevere 
November 16, 2019
#4 Adulting
College isn't just about coursework and networking, a large part of the college experience is learning to be responsible adults. That means finding work life balance, learning to manage time and stress, and building the resiliency to bounce back when times get tough.  Show Notes:  Music for this episode includes  A Little Sympathy by Lee Rosevere  Godspeed by J Roes  Production by Monplaisir  Production by NK Music: 
November 16, 2019
#3 Belonging & Persistence
Belonging is your sense of connectedness to a community, a program, or operation. It acts like a social anchor, keeping us steady and secure in ourselves and our abilities when things get tough. This episode of Hidden Curriculum uncovers the importance of this basic human need in the context of the first generation college student experience.  Show Notes:  Music for this Episode includes:  Dusk Cathedral by Lee Rosevere  I Care by Loyalty Freak Music  Good Times by Audiobinger  Looked Back Saw Nothing by Twinmusicom @ 
November 16, 2019
#2 The Study Jam
What's a college podcast without an in depth conversation about academics? This episode of Hidden Curriculum sheds light on some of the common, but not so talked about challenges faced particularly by first generation college students. Tune in for perspective navigating a nontraditional college path, insight on how social context can impact academic success, and  tips and strategies to really ace those courses!  Music for this episode includes: Marxist Arrow by Twinmusicom @ Let’s Start at the Beginning by Lee Rosevere I care by Loyalty Freak Music
November 16, 2019
#1 Who’s First Gen
First generation college students come in all shapes and sizes, let’s explore this identity!
January 02, 2019