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We provide mental training & sports psychology services for businesses, athletes, coaches, + nutritional guidance, and meditation techniques to improve by growing your higher mindset. Mental Mind Set services are now more accessible than ever. Join the movement of raising your MINDSET! Without the right nutritional guidance, it will always be a battle with health and fitness. Mental strength is as, if not more important then physical fitness. Your mental toughness will help you get up each day and take on new adventures. Start today and Raise yourself to a new level.
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Overcome Athletic fear by changing your Mindset with 11 tips | Growth Mindset
In life we are raised and conditioned individually different because everyones' experience will be unique no matter how similar it may seem. We have 2 fears when we are born... the fear of falling, and loud noises. Everything else after that is learned or conditioned into us by parents, teachers, close family/friends, t.v and social media. These influences affect our subconscious mind more than we realize, and slowly we develop fears or insecurities that we never had before. Including fear of heights, confined spaces, failure, status, beauty, confidence... because our mind believes it is deemed helpful to our safety and or life choices. However, much of these fears and insecurities are projected onto kids, teens, and young adults, whom other wise would not have these fears. Fear may help you stay safe, but it also limits your potential for experiences and growth. Fear as stated from before is an illusion... It is only there to keep us "safe" but if we understand how to train our mindsets to overcome fear, we will perform to our highest potential. Fear can paralyze us if we allow it to control us. It is just as powerful as confidence, yet in the opposite effect. But, when we have complete confidence in our selves, we can accomplish amazing feats with perfect precision that most people other wise would say is "impossible" or "crazy". Again, when people are generally conditioned to have more fear than confidence, it is no surprise that majority of people will not reach their potentials because they believe a successful life is achieved without taking risks... But, nothing could be further from the truth... If we don't take calculated risks, we will not be able to grow. Risk creates growth and necessary lessons in life so we can improve and be better for tomorrow. Of course not every attempt we are going to succeed, but we will be able to learn and make adjustments that will create better results in the future efforts. The key word is "calculated", we definitely need to be thoughtful of how far we want to put ourselves into danger for a "thrill" or "experience". But, that is subjective to each individual. Some have better talents or experience to perform dangerous activities with poise and confidence, which is A MUST if attempting dangerous acts or skilled tasks. No matter what comes our way Fear is always going to be there because it's a part of life. It helps keep us alive at times, and is only meant for our safety. But, it just means we need to know how to harness this energy and use it to our advantage. That untapped adrenaline can be used to achieve amazing feats that otherwise would go wasted if the fear overtakes the confidence. Majority of people who are professionals or masters of something, still get nervous before games, shows, performances, etc, because it's human nature to want the best outcome. But, once we learn to stay in the moment, have fun and resort back to our training, the butterflies go away, and the energy is harnessed into confidence. So find what makes you face your fears and level up to the best life you can achieve. Use these 11 tips to maximize your athletics, business, schooling or whatever comes your way. Just be willing to try, and open up to new adventures that could change your life forever for the better. Looking for a coach to push your performance, don't hesitate to contact us Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
September 09, 2021
Benefits of Cold Water Therapy for Athletes | What you should Know?
Ice baths are a bit more specific to advanced muscle recovery and blood circulation. But, cold water in general is great for hair and skin, plus circulation, burning bad body fat, and improving mood and alertness. Cold water creates a meditative effect on the body due to the deep breathing technique that naturally happens when the body feels cold water. Think of the first gasp of air you take when you feel cold water... Now imagine having to control your breathing while staying under or in that cold water. This deep breathing that the body naturally does is to control the heart rate and deal with the shock since our body temp is much higher than the water. However, once we control our breathing and allow our mind to relax and embrace the water, it slowly starts to feel not so bad, and usually after 5 minutes it doesn't seem that bad. But, getting through the first 2-3 minutes is the challenge of dealing with cold water.  Many athletes are starting to clue in that ice baths and cold showers are great for recovery and muscle repair. In my athletic career, coaches would recommend ice baths after each hard and long training days, so we can make the most of spring training or off-season training everyday. Without the worry of over training and muscle fatigue hindering the next day's performance.  Cold water therapy has been around for thousands of years because its benefits are astounding. It's just something we don't always think about because in many countries we are very fortunate to have hot/warm water to make showers more pleasant. However, if anyone is like me from a multi-season country such as Canada, it will change the desire we have for cold or hot water. Of course in very hot climates or the summer it will feel pretty refreshing; but, in places that have winter it may be less appealing to jump into cold water after being outside in negative degree weather. Either way, adding in some form of cold water therapy into your routine will help immensely with boosting your physical well being, and help with improving mind body connections that are needed for proper meditation. Start small and work your way up in duration, I guarantee if you try and stick with it, you will feel the benefits very quickly! Looking for a coach to help push your performance to that next level, don't hesitate to contact us for a Free trial Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
September 02, 2021
Athletic Benefits of Yoga & 9 Reasons why it is so effective
Yoga for athletes is just another part of the routine that is needed to enhance all aspects of the body and mind. The wonders are amazing, and this is definitely needed for everyone, not just women and elderly people... More and more men are realizing the benefits of practicing Yoga, and are starting to embrace the eastern philosophy while adding their own twist to the focus. I've taken part in power Vinyasa's where a male instructor lead us through a very intense "practice" that connected core strength, stability,  endurance and mindfulness. Possibly one of the hardest workouts to do, but so rewarding after, as it feels like a breath of fresh air after. Of course I wouldn't recommend anyone jumps straight into advanced Yoga, but start with the basic poses and techniques and build yourself up to whatever level you desire. Either way give it a try! As well, majority of professional sports teams have their athletes partake in Yoga a couple times a week to really emphasize body awareness, mobility, flexibility, and mindfulness. The more an athlete can be in the moment the better, and the more an athlete can control their emotions and logic, the better they can perform. So Yoga has been an excellent addition for myself and other elite athletes, and I hope you join the movement too! Hopefully, this gave you some good insight on why you should be practicing Yoga a few times a week if not more, to maximize your bodies capacities, and overall body and mind connections. Mindfulness practices are very helpful in these stressful times, either from the ongoing pandemic or work, school and relationships that can all take a toll on our psyche. Life is stressful, but we can control and manage how we respond to it for better or worse. Yoga teaches us how to mange ourselves better, and always make the most of any situation. Remember Yoga is a way of being, and much more than just poses or exercises. It is a deep connection between mind, body, and soul that uplifts our quality of living and boosts our complete health. Deeper health is definitely needed more than ever with all our daily stimulation, and finding just 15-30 minutes daily to unwind and release unwanted energy and induce positive mental and physical, is crucial for being at our best. Looking for a coach to push your performance, don't hesitate to contact us Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
July 22, 2021
Nutrition & Athletic performance: How an athlete can recover faster & perform better
Why is Sports Nutrition so important? Good nutrition can enhance sporting performance. A well-planned, nutritious diet should meet most of an athlete’s vitamin and mineral needs, and provide enough protein to promote muscle growth and repair. The key to performing successfully is fueling consistently at the right time. If you eat too late, it'll not be absorbed in time and can create stomach issues. But if you eat too early, then potentially you've burned off some of that fuel before training or competing. So finding the perfect timing and specifics of what elevates your performance is vital for competing against elite competitors. A well balanced diet is crucial for maintaining strenuous training and recovering consistency. Everyone's body needs a certain amount of calories and macros to either maintain, gain or lose, and athletes burning more than the average person on the daily, definitely need a lot more fuel to keep their body growing or maintaining. Athletes are always needing to intake higher protein and carb levels as they need to repair muscles, and constantly fuel to move. But, just because they need more calories, does not make it o.k to refuel with highly processed or junk food. Some believe calories in calories out, but definitely having more nutrient dense choices are going to boost all functions in the body to it's highest potential. which should be the goal right...? not just getting by. Nutrition is a KEY separation amongst athletes because some do it better than others. When we focus on giving ourselves the best opportunities to perform, it creates better results and consistency. Think if a Formula 1 car was given regular low quality unleaded gas... it probably will run, but no where near as efficiently or maximal power output. But it's still a formula 1 car. It will go fast, but not fast enough... The same applies to athletes, their bodies can be elite machines, but if they fuel improperly then they can't function at their highest potential. So taking pride and discipline in your routine is crucial if you want to compete against the best, or be a step ahead of your competition. Either way, you will feel the difference when the correct food sources are consumed compared to junk. Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
July 15, 2021
How does your mindset affect your immune system?
Our immune system has a direct correlation with our mindset, because through studies it has been proven that the "placebo effect" is possible. For those who might not know what a placebo effect is it's when two or more people are given a pill that is told to fix or improve a symptom or issue, and then they actually give 1 or more of the individuals a sugar pill instead of the supposed "real" pill. And in these studies, it is proven that a strong belief in something working within the body, can actually make the body start too improve it's own repairing ability on the system and can be more efficient than a so called pill... So imagine if people realized they could heal themselves just with strong belief and meditation. Now of course, age, genetics, your current health level and fitness capacities will play a factor in the bodies ability to repair better or faster than others. But, it is definitely true that our conviction and beliefs can boost our immune system and the ability to repair the body. I truly believe some people have become very impatient and want the perfect quick fix pill that will solve issues from years of unhealthy living. Because of this it has created a market for pharmaceutical companies to prey on the uneducated and unhealthy people who want to look like athletes or models who set the standards for looks and aesthetics. It's unfortunate that this has become the norm in society, but if we all start to awaken to the truth and reality of health and fitness, we can change this stigma and create healthier generations to come. We should always be trying to improve and better ourselves, but definitely our kids. If we aren't advancing and modifying how we approach health and fitness, then why are we so focused on improving efficiency of technology or vehicles, but less people are trying to improve their body's. Sad... Our minds are more powerful than we have been conditioned or educated to know. So, it is up to us to find the truth and be our best doctors. I am no doctor, but I know what's best for my body so I highly suggest you find out what's best for yours... Remember most doctors are just trial and error for medication and dosage levels, so clearly they don't always have the answer either, so trust your gut instincts and focus on having a healthy & strong mind/body. The more you focus on your health, the better you will feel and perform in athletics or daily living. If being the best version of yourself is what you want, then look no further and level up your MINDSET! Looking for a coach to push your performance, don't hesitate to contact us Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
July 08, 2021
The Importance of Rest, Recovery & Rejuvenation for Athletes - Athletic Performance
"Sleep is extremely important to me- I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body" - Usain Bolt   Rest is when our body grows and muscularly develops after our training or competition. This is of course a natural part of our life cycle, and is a very crucial part for ensuring tomorrow's athletic performance is consistent.   Athletes tend to understand the value in adequate recovery as they always perform better. Therefore, the incentive of having better results, has begun to drive athletes into focusing more on better recovery and nutrition. Plus, the level of competition is encouraging athletes to find every way possible to maximize their recovery.   As well, just as much time needs to be put into mental rejuvenation, which is vital for clarity, memory and focus. Getting deep sleep and not over training the body, can ensure the parasympathetic nervous system can be used effectively for repairing the brain. Cognitive function and nervous system efficiency are all linked to proper rejuvenation and recovery. This is why a 20 min nap can make us feel 100% more alert.   The KEY takeaways from this topic, is to find the best ways for you to recover and rejuvenate so that your performances are improving and or maintaining consistency of where you want them to be. We can not grow or develop in all regards without proper recovery. How ever hard you train, you need to rest just as balanced. If not, then you can begin to "overreach" and this can promote fitness gains, but also increase chances of injury or performance decrease from over training. Find the techniques that work best for you, and if their is anything new you learned today, give it a try and see if it can help level up your recoveries. Focus on the little things, and watch the bigger picture take care of its self.   Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team Text Transcript:
July 02, 2021
How to handle failure as an athlete in sports - Athletic Performance Coaching
"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying again" - Michael Jordan Life is designed for us to encounter tons of challenges and failures in order to improve and gain wisdom along this journey. But without these learning curves, could we ever really improve? If everyone was born with the same gifts, talents and work ethics, would anything really separate us or our abilities...?  Well the hard part about failure is not getting deterred from bad results, and maintaining focus and effort for achieving the desired results. Of course depending on the level of mastery one is trying to reach, i.e Olympic, collegiate or professional sports, then it will take even more years of ups and downs with constant adjustments and mental resilience to ensure consistent success is possible.  When we deal with failure it all starts with our perspective of it. Do we see it as as bad, or "helpful". The goal is to be a master of something, but can we expect to master something overnight, in a month, maybe a year, probably not... Now everyone is different, and their learning curves can be faster or slower depending on the individual. But, no matter what it will take at least a minimum or 10,000 hours or 10,000 consistent reps in order to be around the ball park of what it takes to master a craft.   Failure is a great teacher and element in life that we can't run away from. So embrace it! And learn to make the best from a "negative" result. It's only negative if you perceive it to be. If you see it as a positive growing moment, than it won't affect your psyche negatively. At the end of the day it's all about our mindset, anything can be thrown at us, but it's up to us how we react to it. As long as we keep our focus positive, we can thrive in all situations and maintain forward progress in improving our potential and performances. Come check out MINDSET and support the movement: 💰 Support the Channel Merch: 🎙 And check out our blogs post: 🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content: #mindset #mentaltoughness​ #mentaltoughnessinsports #mentalstrength​ #mentaltraining #mentalgrowth​ #athleticperformance #athletictraining​ #personaldevelopment​ #selfimprovement​ #handlingfailure​ #peakperformance #sportsperformance​ #growthmindset
June 26, 2021
Mental Conditioning Training: Why this is a KEY part of mental toughness
Conditioning, in physiology is a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response. This means the more we do something, the better we can be prepared for specific events, and the better we can respond to the situations. When athletes train to improve fitness levels it typically involves specific weight lifting programs and cardiovascular training. For example, if training to be a gymnast than  calisthenics and powerlifting will be majority of the training. Now compared to a Tour Cyclist, who needs long hours of endurance workouts and VO2 Max training. Both athletes need to do physical conditioning, but the type varies depending on their sport. One way of "conditioning" is not better than the others, it just matters what techniques will enhance their performance. Mental "conditioning" is an aspect that is definitely a by product of physical conditioning, but there is even more specific techniques that can enhance this overall capacity. Such as meditation, ice baths, mind games, puzzles and anything developing cognitive functionality. The focus of this type of conditioning is to improve decision making, problem solving, breathing techniques, mental focus and patience. When we enhance these skills, our ability to push our physical conditioning increases and has a butterfly effect for the potential of improvement. Remember, conditioning means so much more than just physical training, so focus in on all these components and see where you can improve to level up your performances. Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
June 17, 2021
Importance of Routine for a SUCCESSFUL ATHLETE - Sports Performance
Consistent Routines leads to consistent performance. Routines are quite possibly the most important part of sports that athletes can create to improve their preparation and mindset. The major worth in routines is that they guarantee complete planning in athletes' endeavors. Routines empower athletes to be totally strategically, and intellectually prepared to play at their best. I don't know any elite athletes in any sport who doesn't utilize routines in some piece of their competitive lifestyle.  Routines are frequently utilized before competition to ensure that athletes are set up to play at their best. They can likewise be significant in two different areas. Routines can be created in preparing to guarantee that athletes benefit from their training time. Routines are likewise significant between performances of competition to assist athletes with preparing for resulting performances   There are a great deal of things in sport that athletes can't handle like climate conditions and their competition. The only thing they can control is themselves.   Other Blog/Video to Note:   ▶NOT SURE WHAT MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS? -  ▶LOOKING FOR SOME HABITS TO CHANGE WITHIN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE THAT CAN HELP -  💰 Support the Channel Merch:  🎙And check out our blogs post:  🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content:
June 11, 2021
Athletes & Mental health: How to stay Mentally Positive in Sports plus 12 Tips
Can't quiet that destructive self talk and negativity while in competition?  Mindset coach provides 12 tips to eliminate it and help you stop negative thinking in sports. Positive mental health is important for everyone, and should not be overlooked by athletes, who on the outside seem to have it all figured out, and probably look VERY confident and happy. But inside that could be a completely different story. Athletes are amazing at creating a bubble around themselves and protecting their deep emotions and thoughts, but often this can build up and add to the strenuous lifestyle of training and competing, and eventually the mind can't take all that stress no more. Sports are consistently tapping into the sympathetic nervous system which is our "fight or flight" mode. When we consistently are in this nervous system, it is hard for our body to properly rest and repair. This means our brain can sometimes become dehydrated or lacking nutrients because the expenditure and needs of athletes is much higher than the average person. And in return this can create hormone imbalance that create mood and thought swings. Nothing external may of triggered these events, just lacking certain vital necessities changes our brain chemistry.   So understanding the balance of how much stress is good vs bad and what is helpful for growth in training is CRUCIAL for staying physically and mentally healthy. The mental capacity is always being pushed to the limit for many athletes, and this makes mental health issues an even higher risk potential. Good or bad stress is still stress... and if other issues are going on while your stressing your body out, it can become even more difficult to deal with issues. Sometimes taking a break from training for a few weeks and getting the mind back in the right place, is more beneficial for training in the long run than trying to push through the issue and ignore it. You can never run away from yourself, and the body follows the mind, so if we want to function at our best, than our mindset and mental health need to be in tune and healthy.   ▶Blog Transcript: ▶NOT SURE WHAT MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS? -  ▶LOOKING FOR SOME HABITS TO CHANGE WITHIN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE THAT CAN HELP -  💰 Support the Channel Merch:  🎙 And check out our blogs post:  🎥 Follow us on my socials for more content:  #mindset #mentaltoughness​ #mentaltoughnessinsports
June 03, 2021
7 Mindset qualities of elite athletes & How to develop them by M!NDSET
Athletes sometimes get overly focused on the physical training variables and forget to maintain training on their mental capacity. More athletes fail at reaching their highest potential because they lacked care or understanding towards their Mindset. The number 1 piece that creates the drive for these qualities to be heightened is PASSION. Without it, the desire and pursuit for elite performance will only reach a sliver of the individuals potential.   People must understand the reality of sports... If you're pursuing athletics to an elite level, expect it's going to be a long a difficult road, tons of twist and turns with ups and downs, and if your Mental toughness and Mindset are not staying up to par, it's going to be a tough road to endure. For this reason a lot of athletes can struggle with their mental health in a different way. Potentially because of failure and set backs, or high expectations and low self-confidence, even over-training and under delivering. This is why many will not make it through the whole process of the journey. The mental grind is MUCH more difficult than the physical grind, for the most part. But, like any other masters of their craft, time and effort are the components of success in a career. See the pursuit as a way of life with no rush or desire to achieve the results right now. Except its about enjoying the experience and having as much fun as possible. I guarantee you will perform better if you're happier. Muscles are more relaxed, and the mental approaches are way more patient and precise.  That's what sports are all about... competing and having fun. But, as we develop and get older, the games get more serious, with higher implications towards our future opportunities to continue playing and make a career out of it. When fun becomes work though, it can start to feel like a chore and create a sense of burnout or roller coaster emotional stability. Because of this controlling our Routine and Mindset are vital for consistency and maintaining enjoyment of the athletic process.    Original Blog publication: Other Blog to Note:   ▶NOT SURE WHAT MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS?  -  ▶LOOKING FOR SOME HABITS TO CHANGE WITHIN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE THAT CAN HELP - 💰 Support the Channel Merch: 🎙 And check out our blogs post: 🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content:
May 27, 2021
Mental Toughness Training for Athletes - Sport Performance tips
The Key to maximizing full potential and every opportunity will improve your mental toughness within sports. The mastery of our mind in key moments is due to resilience, self discipline, and on going adjustments. When we focus on what we can control, the external factors trying to add pressure or doubt will be ignored. Being able to stay positive, stay in the moment, and stay with the process, is the KEY to a strong mind. Many aspects of our self talk, routine, daily habits, and focus, lead into our success, but overall our mindset is what changes that focus. When we are invested in the moment with passion, and complete trust, the only aspect left to do is let it flow... If we do not get the desired results, then we must keep working hard on our craft. It takes time and dedication to create our dreams, but we have to be consistently working on ourselves. "Rome wasn't built in a day". So, focus on maximizing every day. Because "hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard". Even if we have all the talent in the world, without mental toughness, our true abilities will never shine. Work hard, trust the process. As athletes we are always trying to improve our skills and be better than our competition. But, our focus tends to be on the physical attributes and sometimes we leave out our Mindset. After going through the process of being an Elite athlete, it wasn't until later in my career that a huge emergence of mental toughness training and motivational mindset speakers started to emerge. For the most part coaches and parents would say "work on your swing", or "make sure your arm is loose" but they wouldn't say "envision yourself hitting a homerun", or "picture yourself stealing 2nd base". However, now a days at the amateur and elite level this type of thought process is starting to take precedence to be just as important as the physical warm-up. Mental imagery is CRUCIAL for seeing positive results and staying positive in pressured situations. It's easy to believe everything will go well, but when the game turns full speed, only muscle memory and split second decisions can alter the results. If you want your subconscious mind to respond correctly, then pre-game mental imagery is VITAL! When it comes to training our mind for success in athletics, we must have the mental resilience in order to push our physical body past the points of fatigue or soreness to ensure maximum performance and results. Usually, this can be improved on by conditioning and consistent efficient hard training, but we can not leave out mental toughness training through other means than physical conditioning. These include: meditation, yoga, mindfulness techniques, breathing techniques, problem solving riddles/games, puzzles, and more. Just like any other component of physical training, it takes time to improve on mental toughness skills. To help anyone improve their routine and athletic performance we have 7 Mental toughness techniques that are guaranteed to boost performance. Stay Strong...Stay Healthy...Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team Transcript:
May 20, 2021
9 Simple ways to cope with COVID-19 stress & understand our mind set
Life naturally has its challenges with ups and downs, but our Mindset ultimately can flatten the curve to be more consistent and less mentally unstable. With the struggles of Covid-19 upon us at the moment, many new issues like lockdowns, job lay offs and school closures have created an increase in mental health problems. These factors are out of our control, but the effect it creates is very difficult to ignore. Not being able to physically socialize with family and friends or even just staying busy and keeping your mind preoccupied with all the extra free time. Much of our mild symptoms of mental health is stemmed from our overall Mindset and how we approach life. The main terms we often hear about is: anxiety, depression, insomnia, bulimia. These core issues typically have some prior experiences or conditioning that leads to either of them taking place or combinations of each arising. Before getting too far let's understand what each of these terms really mean.  Hopefully, this could give you more insight on the deep connection between our Mindset and our mental health, in hope that working on these aspects will give your life a boost or turn for the better. Life is a journey and always a process. But, find the ways that keep you positive and grateful to seize another day. Challenges and stress will always come our way, but how we handle it and control what we can control will ultimately dictate how we manage our health. Focus on the 10% we can control and watch the 90% manifest in your favor. More more about self-control check out our blog "Importance of Self-Control. 15 ways to Develop a Stronger Mindset"    Stay strong...Stay healthy...Stay consistent & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
May 13, 2021
How our Mindset affects Weight Loss & Steps Towards Change
The KEY component of weight loss is your mindset. Without changing the way one thinks, the less potential that an individual will stay on track and see the whole process through to the end goal. This challenge is not easy and takes a lot of discipline and consistency. Many people jump into new diets and exercise plans while being very focused on instant results, which will set up anyone for failure. Some people who are beginners may see a quick jump in weight loss due to the body making rapid adaptations from drastic lifestyle changes, but eventually the curve will flatten and the incremental losses will decrease. A lot of people try to lose weight with the worst state of mind and trying to instantly "fix" themselves. Out of self-deprecation they have very negative self-talk calling themselves "fat" or "soft" and feeling depleted nonetheless. People get too obsessed with results, with the focus on quick fixes and no sight on sustainability or even proper health in general. This overall thought process is destructive, and the reason majority of people fail at weight loss. Instead of seeing the benefits of a healthier quality of living, the potential for a longer life, and more opportunities of activities to partake in. Even reducing chronic health diseases like heart disease and diabetes. They still focus on the negative side of what they haven't achieved yet. Therefore a negative mindset is the ultimate downfall... A mindset shift takes more than just feeling "good" about yourself, it takes results. The amazing power of our brain is that when we think or highly believe something is true, the more likely it will manifest in our lives. Studies have shown that people who are more dissatisfied with their body, are more likely to exercise less, as they feel it is unnecessary. As well, possibly just thinking you are overweight will lead to future weight gain. The mind must believe it before the body will achieve it. Psychologist stress that how we see ourselves and our core identity, directly predicts our actions. Biology comes into play as well, as our genetics can lead to different body compositions because of hereditary traits, metabolic rates, and environmental conditioning.  Research published in Psychosomatic Medicine even show that the stress hormone cortisol, which your adrenal glands secrete every time you get down on yourself or worry about the numbers on the scale, increases distribution of fat around the abdomen. So, changing your thoughts directly affects hormones released and the overall opportunity for forward progress. Stay Strong...Stay Consistent...Stay Healthy... & Keep developing yourself Level Up! Love M!NDSET Team
May 06, 2021
The Importance of Self Control. 15 Effective Ways to Develop this Strong Mindset
Self-control is the ability to regulate and alter your responses in order to avoid undesirable behaviors, increase desirable ones, and achieve long-term goals. Research has shown that possessing self-control can be important for health and well-being.  Self-control is a foundation of our mindsets, and without it we have no structure and support to maintain direction on our path. So many people have all the skills and talents to achieve their goals but they lack self-discipline to ensure they stay on track. No one is perfect, and we all take steps backwards at times, but it's about minimizing those steps backwards, and taking more steps forward. Very successful and healthy individuals prioritize discipline just as important as anything else. Without it, our consistency will be lacking and can easily be swayed away from our goals. Create a routine that is full of these habits that will set you up for success and a much happier quality of living. Mastering self-control is a difficult task, but take it slow and steady and eventually you'll become a resilient individual.   No matter what is thrown your way, remember to try and remain in control of the 10% that we can control. If you manage self-control of that 10%, the 90% will start to align itself with your manifestations. Take it one day at a time, one task at a time, and keep striving to be better!   Stay strong... Stay healthy... Stay consistent... & Keep developing yourself   Level Up! Love MINDSET
April 29, 2021
27 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset Podcast
A growth Mindset is such a vital tool in becoming our best self. The ability to consistently learn willingly, is something you would think most people would try to pursue. But, many people tend to get fixated on one way of thinking or seeing life around them. This issue hinders so many peoples potentials because they're only doing what they were taught or conditioned to do. Many people honestly don't know any better; therefore, we must guide each other and try to see everyone uplift themselves. Having a coach or mentor is priceless in ensuring smooth learning curves and consistent positive growth. Having an outside view and opinion can enlighten your perspectives in ways you never thought of. As well, having certified and experienced individual in this field is definitely going to decrease wasted time and effort. An individual who can see any person, experience or failure as a learning opportunity is definitely going to grow. Living with this mindset allows for higher efficiency and success in any endeavors. No matter if it's health or business. Any avenue will become brighter and smoother with a growth mindset. The reason is due to better open-minded thinking, and increased self-awareness. Those two traits create butterfly effects that positively effect aspects such as relationships, work, business, health, routine, and consistency. As well, this allows for smarter improvements and quicker adjustments along the way. The more we learn, the more we can apply... The more we are open to learning, the higher we can go... We will never know everything, and nor should we. But, consistently staying hungry for new knowledge in the process will ensure steady forward progress on the journey. A growth mindset opens so many opportunities for careers, relationships, finances and much more... But, it all stems back to your mindset. Focusing on the little things creates the work of art we are all trying to paint. And remaining open minded will allow every person, place or thing to be a learning opportunity for improvements in your lifestyle. Nothing great comes easy, and nothing fast will ever last. So live like the tortoise and plan, prepare and act with purpose and sense to ensure no time or energy is wasted in over stepping the process. Remember when you were a kid and you had such open eyes to new things around you? Imagine you never lost that gift... even if it's not being overwhelmed by the daily nuances, but being appreciative of whomever of whatever crosses your path. Everything tends to happen for a reason, either by karma or butterfly effect of what we project into the universe. But, how we control what we can control, will completely change the outcomes of the opportunities we will receive. Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep Developing Yourself!
April 22, 2021
Change Your Mind, Change Your World Soundtrack By MINDSET
Mindset here to have put a smile on your face and on your MIND during these uneven times. Change your Mind, Will Change Your World. Hopefully this fun track puts a smile on your face and changes your World for the brighter. Level Up and Stay Safe Love MINDSET
April 18, 2021
13 Effective Ways To Level Up Your Mindset. Changing Your Mind, Will Change Your World.
 Our Mindset is connected to so many aspects of our lives because it is the root for much of our life choices. The way we plan, think, act, asses, completely gets affected by our mindset. If we control what we can control, and focus on the process, we will constantly be striving for betterment and efficiency. We must realize that our world is a manifestation of our mind. Everyone is seeing it in their own way, and some better than others. But, how we perceive life can completely change our perspectives of our situations or surroundings. If you want to see your life grow, start with the roots, and make a strong foundation that supports growth, good stress, developmental set backs and success. Having routine and consistency will always be the most effective way to achieve any feat. Develop a Mindset that is going to elevate your lifestyle to next level. ARE YOU READY TO UPGRADE YOUR MINDSET? Get Started with Us Today or Read our Blogs for Free tips to Self Improve yourself.
April 15, 2021
Resilience: A Key Skill For Mental Toughness, In Times of COVID19
Covid-19 has become a large global issue and a hardship that we must learn to manage and overcome for the present and future to come. Resilience is a word we hear time after time associated with mental toughness and the ability to endure. Having the tenacity to push through hardships and challenges is true resilience. Not only physically, but mentally for sure. Anything difficult physically, is first experienced in the mind. The body listens to the mind, and if its the other way around than unfortunately compulsiveness has become a habit that needs to be fixed. When we have true resilience, we can Bounce Back from tough situations and make quick adjustments to strengthen our mind and body in order to achieve our desired results..   Many people believe resilience is a personality trait, but this is not true. Like any other skill, it is learned and mastered, but it will take time and effort to create this skill. Some individuals may have grown up in different environments that pushed them to become more resilient in order to survive. But, that does not mean you can not reach their level of mastery. Everything is a process, it's just a matter of time and energy. With proper intention and practice, you can become more resilient, no matter what your age is.
April 08, 2021
COVID and our Sympathetic nervous system. 11 Tips to Tune your Bodily Functions
Life has definitely changed, and a new normal has taken over. Wearing masks, social distancing, staying home in lockdowns, all has increased many peoples stress and depression. As well, the fear of potentially falling victim to this pandemic is of course a cause for concern nonetheless. But, we have to control what we can control. And no matter what the situation is, we can focus on different aspects in order to make the best of anything.    We need to understand that our body recovers and repairs best in our parasympathetic nervous system, that's how are body is designed to function. Sympathetic for protection, and hunting, and parasympathetic for recovery and rest. But, because of this pandemic, too many people are not getting out of their "fight or flight" mode, and feel very anxious, depressed and tired, because they can't let go of the uncontrollable aspects. We can not change this situation, only how we look and approach it. So when the mindset is focused on fear or negative energy, the immune system actually lowers, and the confidence that you're actually healthy will be lowered in result. It is proven in studies with a placebo effect, if you are told you will receive 100% results from a pill, you'll believe it works. This strong belief causes the mind to become more at ease and truly heals itself on its own. This is due to brain waves associated with confidence and belief that allow for the parasympathetic system to tap into deep brain waves that are associated with repairing the body. We tap into these by meditation and our deep confident mindset. Original Publication:
April 01, 2021
Meditation breathing techniques and tips to reach a deeper level of tranquility
Breathing is at the core of ancient mindfulness practices, from Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation. However, studies suggest that breathing exercises alone, derived from those ancient yoga practices, can be excellent for the body, mind and soul. Beginning with the basics, lets understand the most simple method of creating mindfulness and relaxation in the body and mind, by using a 1 by 2 nasal breathing technique. Simply breath in slowly and deeply through your nose, hold for 1-2 seconds, then exhale through your mouth twice as long as it took to inhale. This is mostly focused on the pause and exhale as it is a key method proven to lower heart rate and tension. Original M!NDSET Publication:
March 25, 2021
Why Meditation is important? 5 Brain wave frequencies we can tap into.
Today Mindset is explaining Why Meditation is essential in our lives and what you can do to enhance it. Mindset explains 5 brain wave frequencies we can tap into and how each represents a specific action. Your Brain waves change depending how you feel or the state you are in. 💰 Support the Channel Merch:  🎙 And check out our blog posts:   🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content:
March 18, 2021
What is a Mental Strength Coach
MINDSET believes mental strength is a key attribute to our daily lives. Today science research is showing how your mental toughness plays a part in how some athletes or CEOs push past the crowd and make it to the top. Where others with the exact same skills, don't get to the same place in life, and feel unhappy about their lives. Unlike therapists, coaches do not specialize in treating complex clinical problems. However, they do help clients manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety — all of which boosts our mental health.  Published by MINDSET. Complete article published here:
March 11, 2021
Is Mental Toughness A Skill?
Today's post we get into the question. Is Mental Toughness a skill you can learn or something people are born with. In our lifetime, we tend to recognize individuals who stand out with poise and confidence in themselves, because they have a strong personality. However, all this poise and confidence could possibly be a skill mastered from within. So here are 11 tips to develop this skill. Original Publish: #mentaltoughnesstraining #mentalstrengthtraining #mentaltraining #selfhelp
March 04, 2021
Powerful ways to Develop Mental Toughness
Can anyone development toughness? Yes, anyone can develop the mental strength to be a tougher individual. It just takes the right Mindset. As scientists do more research into Mental health, they find how important mental strength training can help benefit our day to day lives. Support the Podcast Merch: Follow me on my socials for more content:
February 25, 2021
What is Mental Toughness
Many ask What Is Mental Toughness? In our video, we cover Mental Toughness and how micro failures help you become mentally stronger individual and build your personal growth. Mental Strength will come along with building your self development. Special Feature Jason South, a European Pro athlete. Video Posted here:
February 18, 2021
Intro to M!NDSET by Julian Service
Join the movement of raising your M!NDSET! Without the right MINDSET, it will always be a battle with health and fitness. Mental Health is as, if not more important then physical fitness. Your mental health will help you get up each day and take on new adventures and seize the day. Start today and Raise yourself to a new level.
January 28, 2021