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High Education

High Education

By Amelia Day
High Education is a podcast for teachers, parents, and concerned citizens to tune into for fresh perspectives on controversial education topics. All episodes are thoroughly researched, with guest speakers often appearing to provide different perspectives. -- --
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Media Literacy: A Foundation of Democracy - #9
We will be discussing the importance of media literacy in a democracy and how teachers can ensure they're helping their students guard against being manipulated or misinformed. Why is media literacy important to a democracy? How can teachers ensure they are assisting students in the process of becoming literate in media?
October 05, 2020
Encouraging Community Engagement for our Students - #8
We will be discussing community engagement, why it's needed, how the law has impacted it, and how schools can encourage growth in this area. Why should we focus on creating a healthy relationship between schools and the community at large? How has U.S. law impacted educators ability to engage their community? How can schools begin building strong relationships within their community?
September 28, 2020
Interview with a Foster Parent (Interview) - #7
I'm joined by Megan a foster parent who has experience working with students in an emotionally disturbed unit. We will be discussing the foster care system, how it affects families and students, and how teachers can help families and students find educational success even during trying times.
September 21, 2020
The Growing Need for School Counselors (Interview) - #6
Today I'm joined by Jill, a school counselor serving students kindergarten through 8th grade in her Californian school district. We will be discussing the impact a counselor has on their school community, how resources have influenced the effectiveness of counselors' efforts, and best practices for helping our at-risk populations find success in school and life.
September 14, 2020
Promoting Social Justice in the Classroom - #5
We will be discussing what equity has to do with social justice, how injustice has have affected American schools, and how schools and teachers can combat Injustices within their schools. Can you briefly define equity and how it relates to social justice? How have Injustices affected schools within America? Systemic Injustices are such a complex issue, what can our schools do to combat this? How can teachers as individuals address social justice and equity in their classroom?
September 08, 2020
Making the Move to Home Schooling: Tips for Parents - #4
We will be discussing what to consider when deciding to homeschool your kids, how to do it legally, and how to plan for effective lessons. What should families consider when deciding whether to home school their kids? What legal hoops do families need to jump through to home school? What tips do you have for families on how to plan effectively for their student's education?
August 30, 2020
Distance Learning: Best Practices for Teachers - #3
Schools are doing their best all over the nation to open safely and responsibly for their students. Some schools are opening entirely in person, while others are opening using distance learning. Distance learning is the use of technology, such as Google Classroom, Seesaw, Schoology, Class Dojo, Zoom, and many more platforms to teach students remotely. Another model is the hybrid model, where schools combine these two methods in a unique way. Today we’re going to be focusing on distance learning, and ways to encourage best practices for all involved. How can teachers make their workload easier? How can teachers attract more engagement from their students? How can teachers make things easier for parents or guardians trying to help their students or students who are trying to do it alone?
August 24, 2020
Empathy: The Emotional Toll Teachers Pay - #2
We will be discussing empathy, how it relates to trauma-informed instruction, and how we can combat secondary trauma as educators. What is empathy, and what does it have to do with teaching? How does empathy relate to trauma-informed instruction? What are some signs that a teacher should look out for to know that they are starting to burn out? How can teacher’s become more resilient in the face of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma? How can schools help teachers?
August 16, 2020
Trauma-Informed Instruction: What it is and why we need it - #1
This episode we will be discussing the following points: What is trauma-informed instruction? Why do we need trauma-informed instruction? What classrooms are most effected by students who have had trauma in their background? How can we improve our implementation of trauma-informed instruction? What are some examples of situations teachers might find themselves in where trauma-informed instruction could help?
August 10, 2020
High Education Trailer
Welcome to High Education! I'm your host, Amelia Day, Lifetime Educator, and Weed enthusiast. High Education is a podcast for teachers, parents, and concerned citizens to tune into for fresh perspectives on controversial education topics. All episodes are thoroughly researched, with guest speakers often appearing to provide different perspectives. We'll cover topics such as social justice, funding issues, trauma-informed instruction, and much more. A new episode will be released every Monday following the traditional school schedule with Summer and Winter breaks. Be sure to tell a friend and subscribe now so you don't miss out on important topics. Visit us at to learn more about what we all can do to support local communities.
August 03, 2020