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Higher Development

Higher Development

By Colton Swabb & Gavin Abeyratne
"What are you truly capable of when nothing is holding you back?"

Answering that question is the heart and soul of the Higher Development podcast, where your hosts, Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne, along with frequent experts, explore all topics relating to reaching higher levels of development and living happier, more fulfilling, and inspired lives there.

At higher levels of development, consciousness and awareness you can achieve your full potential in your personal and professional life. And the perspective offered on this podcast will help you integrate your higher ideals with the rest of your life, while you pursue your most meaningful goals in the world.

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How to Step Into Your Purpose
What is purpose? Is it real? And if it is, how does it affect our lives? In this podcast episode, your hosts, explore these questions and more.  - How to discover your purpose and uncover what keeps it hidden from you. - The process of defining your purpose and what that means for you, now, at this time in your life and as who you are now. - How to step into your purpose and align with it through all areas of your purpose-driven life And much more!  Listen to this amazing episode to learn more. And to learn more about the workshop described in this podcast episode, go to:
October 20, 2021
Solar Lunar Psychology with Dr. Howard Teich
In this exciting episode co-host Colton Swabb is joined by Dr. Howard Teich. Howard is an expert of archetypal psychology, dream psychology, mythology and neurobiology—specifically interested in their effects on human consciousness. He is well known for his book: Solar Light, Lunar Light: Perspectives in Consciousness and his work as a leadership development specialist. And in this podcast he shares his insights into: - How individuals can tap into the power of their gender and integrate their shadows.  - The role of masculine and feminine quantum energy and the effect it has on psychology, development, and life satisfaction.  - The journey of the Twin Heroes within and how you can balance your own polarities. And much more! You'll love this one. Listen to Solar Lunar Psychology with Dr. Howard Teich now. 
September 28, 2021
Understanding Complex Trauma and ADHD with Shannon Bowman
Did you know there is a connection between complex trauma and ADHD?  More people deal with ADHD than they realize, and it's only becoming more popular.  On this episode of the Higher Development podcast, Australia Psychotherapist and Founder of Create Balance, shares how complex trauma can create ADHD.  As well was: - What complex trauma looks like in adult lives... - How to heal the root of the trauma to reduce the symptoms - Advanced therapies for healing complex trauma  - And much much more!
September 20, 2021
The Neuroscience of Belief for High Performance
Do high performer's brains function differently, or better than others?  What do they believe, that sets them apart? And what can you do to perform at a higher level?  In this episode of the Higher Development podcast join neuroscientist and hypnotist, Gwen Bach, and co-host Gavin Abeyratne, in this interesting conversation on on the neuroscience of belief for high performers. You can find the image being referenced on the Higher Development Podcast Resources site using the link in our description. 
September 14, 2021
Status Games with Loretta Breuning
Loretta Breuning, PhD, is the author of Habits of a Happy Brain and The Science of Positivity. She is the Founder of the Inner Mammal Institute and Professor Emerita of Management at California State University, East Bay. As a teacher and mom, she was not convinced by prevailing theories of human motivation. And in this episode she joins host, Gavin Abeyratne, in discussing authority, status games and the way these forces influence human behavior. 
August 31, 2021
Embracing Uncertainty with Carl Harvey
"How can you embrace uncertainty and the unexpected, and no matter what, come out on top?" This very special episode of the Higher Development podcast covers many vibe-raising, heart-centering lessons on everything from how to keep your vibration elevated during times of uncertainty... to the how to tune into intuition and adapt to the unexpected.  Join host, Colton Swabb, and VIP expert guest, Carl Harvey, in this exclusive episode and discover:  -> What it REALLY takes to follow your dreams at any age... -> What it means to live a life of purpose, flow, and inspiration. -> How to live authentically as you are and step up to be a force for good in the world. -> And much, much more! Carl is a movie star (find him in Beyond the Secret on Amazon Prime), Founder of the Abundance Book Club, and coach to over 100,000+ lightworkers all over the world. And anytime you have a chance to learn from him for free—my best advice is to take it :-) Listen to this episode of the Higher Development Podcast now. 
August 24, 2021
Anger is a Change Agent
"How Does Anger Lead to Positive Change?" Conflict is inevitable in life. When we have low awareness of ourselves and of ourselves, miscommunications happen.  And more often than not, when we need to change in life, it starts as a feeling that most people reject... Anger. What is your relationship to anger like? How do you handle conflict and confrontation?  Are you afraid of change?  Most people don't embrace anger or conflict, because most people are not truly comfortable in conflict. But as it turns out, that's exactly what is required in order to prevent it and create relationships and environments that don't experience as much of it.  In this episode of the podcast, discover why conflict and anger are the agents of positive change, and how to navigate your own personal evolution when anger shows up for you.  
August 16, 2021
Overcoming Overwhelm, Distraction and Burnout
How do you live a happy, fulfilling and high-functioning life in a world that values different things than you do?  How do you find focus, and perhaps peace, amongst the noise and endless distractions of modern life?  What is the source of stress, and how can you quickly curb impending burnout?  In this episode, we explore what is the normal, waking state consciousness of most people. A state that is simultaneously "wired and tired." And like J. R. R. Tolkien once described through Bilbo Baggins as feeling like, "Too little butter over too much bread."  And get straight to the point for strategies you can use to prevent stress and actually going beyond that to cultivate peace as well.  Listen to: Overcoming Overwhelm, Distraction and Burnout now. 
August 9, 2021
Are You Afraid of Success?
You've likely heard of the fear of failure, and it's not unreasonable to be afraid of losing everything. Even if it is unlikely to actually happen.  But there is another fear, which is just as common and affects most people even if they aren't aware of it. And that fear is the fear of success.  But could you really be afraid of success? After all, why would anyone be afraid of success and getting what they want? As it turns out, there are several reasons, and none of them are without cause. And until you understand this fear that affects most people, and see it in yourself, this fear will limit your potential subconsciously. If you like peeling back the layers and going deep, deep beneath the surface—this episode is for you! 
August 3, 2021
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
What is Imposter Syndrome? Where does it come from? And how does it limit your potential? In this episode, we share our experiences with Imposter Syndrome, and that of those we've worked closely with. Which reveal the true nature of Imposter Syndrome. And at the end, we share the steps for overcoming Imposter Syndrome by working on yourself at the level of identity. 
July 27, 2021
Becoming Influential and Wielding Influence
Another taboo topic, which is becoming the norm on the Higher Development podcast... Influence. What is the true nature of influence? Why do some people have it, and others don't? Can you influence yourself?  Is it ethical to influence others? Can influence be used for good and if so, how?  We dive in deep in this short episode on becoming a person of influence. 
July 20, 2021
Unlocking Higher Development
Is their one true path to unlocking higher development and achieving higher states of consciousness? Or are there many?  In this podcast episode we share our take on the paths many take, and the paths we guide others down, which are designed to unlock higher states of consciousness and accelerate personal growth.  As well as how to help you avoid the problems that come about when the method becomes more important than the outcome.   
July 12, 2021
How to be a Conscious Leader
How do you lead others authentically? How do you show up more fully at your current job or business? How do you discover your leadership style and succeed your own way?  We answer these questions and more in the newest episode of the Higher Development podcast, check it out here now. 
June 29, 2021
Spiral Dynamics and Levels of Consciousness
In this episode of the Higher Development podcast, your hosts break down the extraordinary Spiral Dynamics framework... Used for understanding both the levels of development of individuals as well as civilizations... And how you can use this framework to understand: - Your own levels of development and personal growth. - The levels of consciousness of the people around you. - Illuminate your own personal shadows and limitations. - Reverse engineer the states you need to accomplish your most meaningful goals.  We're excited to bring you this epsidoe and hope you enjoy it! And we've included a graphic for you to follow along with in the podcast resource are on the podcast website. 
June 22, 2021
Healing the Healers with Sean McCarthy
Many of the people who listen to the Higher Development podcast, and take our courses and ask for coaching are healers. That is, their main goal on this planet is to improve the lives of others and provide a unique service to the world.  They go by many names: lightworkers, change-makers, conscious creators.  Generally, they are the good people who are well-meaning and want to not only live a good life but leave the world better than they found it in the process.  The problem is, it is these good people, the healers, who have the hardest time taking care of themselves. Sound like you? If so, you’ll love this episode of The Higher Development podcast, with a coach to Olympians, Sean McCarthy, on Healing the Healers.
June 11, 2021
Are Your Goals Your Goals?
Most people have goals they are chasing in life… Things they are always working towards and looking forward to.  They are constantly asking themselves… “What is the best way to achieve this goal?” “What is the fastest?” And if they are being cautious, they might even ask themselves… “What’s going to stop me from achieving this goal?” This is a good line of thinking… But the truth is most goals are doomed before they even begin for one crucial reason… Most people when setting a goal never ask themselves the most important question there are about goals, which is, “Are my goals my goals?” And how would you know? We answer this question on our most recent episode of the Higher Development podcast.
June 3, 2021
How Risk Tolerant Are You?
When it comes to knowing yourself… So, you can leverage your strengths, compensate and collaborate your weaknesses, and live a better life as yourself… Perhaps the most important thing to learn about yourself and start conditioning yourself for is also one of the most ignored aspects of modern life… And that thing is: Risk tolerance Specifically, how tolerant to risk are you? Are you risk averse, playing it safe and smaller than you should be? Or are you risk prone, and just seeking thrills and novelty when you should be seeking results?  We cover it completely in this episode of the Higher Development podcast—out now! 
May 26, 2021
Awakened Peak Performance with Lindsay Briner
Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a legend behind the scenes… Who advises many household-name brands how to create the Transformational Technology of the future… How to use technology as a tool to achieve greater levels of well-being and higher levels of consciousness… And of course, her specific field of expertise: Awakened Peak Performance States Her name is Lindsay Briner, and she is the guest on episode #5 of the Higher Development podcast—out now! Answering the question... how can you achieve your potential from a place of peace, while performing at a higher level?
May 25, 2021
The Right Balance of Inner and Outer Work
When it comes to personal development there is one question you should be asking yourself… Which almost no one does consciously… And results in so much mis-alignment and unnecessary trouble in life. That question is, “When should I focus on doing the inner-work, and when should I pivot to outer work?” To find out now... Listen to this podcast today.  If you haven't yet, you can access all episode updates and free resources from the Higher Development Podcast resources and bonuses page: >> You can access that here now 
May 24, 2021
Illuminating Shadows with Shadow Work
As more and more people dive into psychology, more and more people will come into contract with their shadows. And you not only coming into contact with, but accepting and growing beyond your shadow… By bringing more awareness to these aspects of yourself outside of your awareness, and where you dormant power lies… Is the key to you unlocking your full potential. We explore it all and the phenomena of modern psychology bleeding into the mainstream in this episode of the Higher Development Podcast. 
May 24, 2021
The Necessity of Wisdom with Dr. Roger Walsh
This episode is an intimate sit down (as much as one can during a pandemic), conversation with the one and only Dr. Roger Walsh. Esteemed international Australian professor of psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology.  And in this conversation, which is episode #3 of The Higher Development podcast, Type One Media co-founder Gavin Abeyratne interviews Dr. Walsh on the nature of wisdom, human behavior, and living in a higher-consciousness civilization. Dr. Walsh is an expert on altered states of consciousness in relation to religious/spiritual experience and has been quoted in many featured publications regarding psychology, spirituality and the medical effects of meditation. Which is why it comes as no surprise how natural, spontaneous and illuminating just this one conversation with him turned out to be.  In this podcast, Dr. Walsh shares secret insights to his upcoming book on unlocking the ancient code of wisdom…  Like what he’s found all thriving ancient cultures shared within this core value and how we can live more empowered modern lives through modern wisdom.  We’re grateful to have had him on the podcast, and excited to be able to give you this rare glimpse into his upcoming works and research!
May 23, 2021
Is Leadership Ethical?
The next episode of the Higher Development Podcast is slightly controversial… Where we answer the question:  “Is leadership ethical?” No matter what you do, or who you become, you need to interface with leaders… Become one yourself… And even then, you still have to deal with other people in authority.  Authority, leadership and status is so engrained in not just our culture, but our very DNA… Which is why probably no one asks the obvious question… “Is leadership really ethical?” It’s a given, and it’s something that one needs to adapt to, if they want to grow as an individual and achieve their goals. But that doesn’t make it ethical. So, how does one lead not just oneself? But also influence others, while still remaining true to what’s best for all? Find out in this episode. 
May 22, 2021