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High on the Hog The Potcast

High on the Hog The Potcast

By Joanna Belson
A cannabis education podcast! Zagat editor and radio Host Merrill Shindler and Joanna Belson, Executive Producer, activist mom and cannabis enthusiast, chat about all things THC, CBD and everything in between. Listen in each week to her new topics and meet amazing people in the cannabis industry.
E58: Growing Up with Cannabis
Sysamone Paphon, head of growth of Vertosa, grew up in a home where her mother did lots of cooking…using cannabis as an herb. She later came to realize that cannabis -- wasn’t just to flavor the soup. And she turned it into her life’s work. As we discuss… right here, on High on the Hog: The Potcast! @vertosa
June 29, 2020
E57: Cannabis and Menopause
More Vag talk with cannabis! Hear and discover the amazing research and products…for menopause. We tell all with the ladies from Hello Again… right here, on High on the Hog: The Potcast! @helloagain
May 19, 2020
E56: Punani, Cooter, Muff....Your Quim and cannabis!
This week -- cannabis based… vaginal lube! Why? What for? And does it work? The medical basis, according to the founder Cyo Nystrom, of the vaginal lube brand Quim @its.quim. Your vag will thank you. Right here, on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
May 13, 2020
E55: Can cannabis make you vomit?
Sad…but true. And we’ve got the wonderfully named Alice Moon on this week, to tell us all about her adventures in cannabis and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS)…and working in the cannabis industry! Sounds crazy…but it’s true…as we tell you, right here, on High on the Hog: The Potcast! @alicemoon @CHS
May 5, 2020
E54: Cannabis in the Caribbean with Keiko Beatie
Yes, bunky, there really is a cannabis based resort on the island of Jamaica -- which is just perfect! Can you imagine a week spent sitting by the blue Caribbean, enjoying the ocean breezes -- and smoking a giant spliff? No need to imagine it -- it’s real! As we tell you, this week -- right here, on High on the Hog: The Potcast! Coral Cove Wellness Center!
April 24, 2020
E53: Can Cannabis Save Us From Covid-19?
The research is preliminary…but the hope is running high! The hope that medical cannabis can help to extinguish the Coronavirus. It would be a miracle -- but then, medical cannabis is filled with miracles. As we discuss… right here, on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
April 12, 2020
E52: Is Cannabis Christian? with Pastor Craig
It is according to Craig Gross, who says his use of cannabis has helped his encounter God in deeply profound ways. And led him to found a church where cannabis isn’t recreational -- it’s a sacrament. We’ve got him this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
March 3, 2020
E51: How Do We Know It's Cannabis....And Not Oregano?
What reputable THC and CBD companies do is hire CannaSafe. a cannabis testing company, that uses only the highest of high-tech methodology to determine that what they sell, and what you buy, is the real thing. We tell you all about this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
February 5, 2020
E50: The Ancient Secrets of Cannabis with Delaney Toups
How long has cannabis been used as a medical wonder drug? Simply speaking: As long as civilization has existed! It dates back to ancient China, and before. And we’ve got Delaney Toups to share the history of cannabis, along with the secrets of the terpine trade. Terpines are all around us. But what are they? This week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
January 28, 2020
E49: Building the Future of Cannabis with Maha Haq founder of Cannaclub at UCLA
Maha Haq is the founder of a remarkable group called the CannaClub @cannaclub.ucla -- the purpose of which is not to get high…but to create actual cannabis study classes for academic settings -- where a new generation of THC and CBD advocates can learn the ins and out of medical marijuana We’ll tell you all about it -- this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
January 16, 2020
E48: What They Fought For! And Why They're Going to Win with Eric Goepel, founder of the Veterans Cannabis Coalition
For millions of veterans -- brave warriors -- returning from wars protecting our freedoms, freedom has been taken away -- because they’ve used cannabis products to overcome dangerously addictive substances like opioids. And to give them their lives back. And it’s Eric Goepel who’s fought for veterans rights. He’s the founder of the Veterans Cannabis Coalition. And we’ve got his inspiring story -- this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
December 30, 2019
E47: Can Cannabis Be Kosher with Shifra Klein
And why wouldn’t it be? This week, we speak with Shifra Klein -- founder of Mitzvah Wellness -- who discovered the wonders of medical cannabis as she sought out a way of helping her son deal with his autism. And cannabis turned out to be a miracle of biblical proportions! It inspired her to create a product -- inspected by rabbis for its purity. An amazing -- and inspiring story -- this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
December 16, 2019
E46: He Fought the Law...and the Law Lost with 420 Attorney Bruce Margolin
The most powerful and influential cannabis attorney in the world is Bruce Margolin -- a superhero who’s dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of cannabis users -- and changing cannabis laws so that this highly beneficial plant is legal at last. He’s done so much -- and there’s still so much to do! His is an amazing -- and inspiring story -- and we’ve got it…and him…this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
December 2, 2019
E45: What's the News with LA Weekly Cannabis Publisher Michael Miller
Many newspapers flee from the notion of actually covering news about cannabis, fearful they’ll get in trouble with the Law. But not the LA Weekly -- a brave journal that actually has a Cannabis Edition with Cannabis Publisher! We’ll speak to writer attorney and Worldwide speaker in cannabis Michael Miller about dealing with late breaking stories on cannabis -- and getting behind the scenes of weed …this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
November 18, 2019
E44: Using Cannabis to Get Clean & Sober with Karin Clarke
The most powerful and influential cannabis attorney in the world is Bruce Margolin -- a superhero who’s dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of cannabis users -- and changing cannabis laws so that this highly beneficial plant is legal at last. He’s done so much -- and there’s still so much to do! His is an amazing -- and inspiring story -- and we’ve got it…and him…this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
November 8, 2019
E43: Are You A CannaSexual with with Ashley Manta Sexuality Educator and of course CannaSexual
Ashley Manta sure is! For Ashley -- America’s High Priestess of Pleasure -- cannabis is the key that unlocks a breathtaking, mind-boggling, knee-trembling world of sexual pleasure. And through her seminars -- both groups and personal -- she’s helped hundreds to achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction. Our hottest show ever! This week on High on the Hog: The Potcast. @cannasexual
October 22, 2019
E42: From Canada with Cannabis : Paul Rosen, Founder and CEO of Pantry Food Company
Paul Rosen is one of the biggest names in the cannabis business today -- cofounder of PharmaCan Capital and of the food company called Pantry Food Company @pantryfoodco. He learned of the wonders of cannabis in his native Canada…and has brought that casual Canadian style to his quirky neighbors to the south using recipes from actual chefs and then adds in the THC. Healthy Edibles? We’ve got him, this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!  
October 15, 2019
E41: Come Together...and heal with Cannabis with Rico Tarver
Every week, somewhere in America, a group called CannaGather @cannagather brings together people involved in the cannabis industry, on every level, along with interested civilians. The discussions are lively, timely, and vital. And at the center of them is the charismatic Rico Tarver suavecito_frederico. We ask him about this gathering of believers -- this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
October 8, 2019
E40: Healing...the next level with Healer, Scientist and Cancer Survivor Christopher Robin Hulliger
Not long ago, doctors had written off Christopher Robin Hulliger, telling him to go home, and get his affairs in order, because his time was short. Chris was dying. But he refused to accept defeat. With just weeks left to live, he developed a new world of medical cannabis products @qrenano9 . He survived. And he’s with us this week, to explain how -- and how his research can heal! This week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
October 1, 2019
E39: For the Children with Tracy Ryan from documentary Weed The People and Founder of CEO CannaKids
CannaKids  @cannakids was born out of the need to help children suffering from pediatric cancer. Necessity is the Mother of Invention…and in this case, it’s a mother whose involvement created a healing brand…and a lot of kids who have many years before them. We’ll tell you about it…on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
September 24, 2019
E38: Healer Heal Thyself with Dr Robb Flannery
Dr. Robb Flannery is a PhD, who needed medical cannabis for a condition that nothing else was fixing. He was dying. And so, he used his medical, and his agricultural expertise, to create high quality strains of cannabis that healed. The result…Dr. Robb Farms and Dr. Robb Products @drrobbfarms. It’s an amazing, and highly inspiring journey.Dr. Robert Flannery is the first PhD in the United States with certified technical expertise in growing commercial Cannabis. And he tells us all about it…
September 17, 2019
E37: Holy Hemp with The Sisters of the Valley
Can you imagine a religious movement built around cannabis as a sacrament? Well, you don’t have to imagine it -- because it’s real. They’re called The Sisters of the Valley…and The Sisters of CBD @sistersofthevalley. And they produce a line of products that will heal you…and make you feel one with weed! They heal your body,…and your soul. And we’ll tell you all about it, on High on the Hog: The Podcast!
September 9, 2019
E36: DNA tells no lies with CEO of EndoCannaHealth Len May
Several months ago, we sent saliva samples to @endocanna_health, to be analyzed for our response to cannabis products. The results are back. And they’re both surprising…and reassuring. What did the Hogs discover about their body’s relationships to cannabis, what are they going to do about it, and how can you discover your DNA response as well. Tune in to High on the Hog: The Potcast to find out. You will  be…amazed…@endocanna_health
August 30, 2019
E35: Everything you wanted to know about cannabis...and then some
Ever have a medical cannabis question-- and you didn’t know who to ask? What you need is a copy of “Cannabis & CBS for Health & Wellness” by Aliza Sherman and Dr Junella Chin. They’re not just experts in the world of medical cannabis -- they know how to boil it all down…into easily digestible, tasty nuggets of knowledge. This week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
July 30, 2019
E34: Getting the numbers down with Tamar Maritz of VP at  BDS Analytics
You may never have thought about while enjoying the pleasure of a CBD gummy or a THC vape pen -- but the modern world of cannabis is all about the numbers -- just like any other global business. And those numbers will astound you -- as we talk with Tamar Maritz of VP at  BDS Analytics -- this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
July 23, 2019
E33: Cannabis and Cancer with Dr. Bonni Goldstein
Especially, cannabis and pediatric cancer. Anecdotal evidence says…it works…it really works. And we’ve got one of the avatars of cannabis for the cure this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast. You’ll be amazed by the findings of Dr. Bonni Goldstein @bonnigoldsteinmd and amazing doctor from @weedthepeople, who’s committed to the healing power of medical cannabis…and who’s seen it help -- no save! -- so many. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!
July 15, 2019
E32 Navigating the Legal Maze
The world of cannabis regulations get more complicated, on a nearly daily basis! It’s enough to make you feel in need of a tike or three! Ruben Honig, Executive Director of the UCBA Trade Association, the largest licensed retail cannabis trade association in California, has dedicated his life to figuring it all out…and helping purveyors to work their way through a spider’s web of regulations! We’ve got him on this episode of…High on the Hog: The Potcast!
July 6, 2019
E31: Cannabis & Sex with Founder & CEO of Foria Wellness Mathew Gerson
Better sex, more satisfying sex, memorable sex, sex fueled by high quality medical cannabis products. But not just sex -- Foria is a lifestyle products. And the lifestyle…is deeply sensual.  Sex is what Foria products are all about. You’ll want to hear this episode of High on the Hog: The Potcast. But do send the kids off to bed first!
June 24, 2019
E30: Worshipping the Temple with Temple Mike!
Here at High on the Hog: The Potcast, we are obsessed with tracking down brands committed to the highest quality products imaginable. We’re committed to separating the mass-produced pigs, from the artisan hogs. And with Temple Extracts, we’ve found a product that’s worthy of its name. This is a Temple of Medical Cannabis. And we’ll tell you about it, on this week’s broadcast. Trust the Temple!
June 13, 2019
E29: Building a cannabis brand
Dixie Elixirs is one of the best known brands in the burgeoning world of CBD and THC. Not long ago, no one knew them. Now…they’re everywhere. How does a medical cannabis brand go from nothing…to everything…so fast. Building a brand, with quality and a commitment to excellence…and science… here on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
June 3, 2019
E28: The Opioid Crisis and how to fix it with Harry Nelson
Attorney Harry Nelson, author of The United States of Opioids, has dedicated his life to defining the roots of the opioid crisis -- and to finding a cure. He may have found one -- in the world of medical cannabis! Can CBD bring the crisis to an end -- and save many lives? We’ll discuss it, in depth -- here on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
May 28, 2019
E27: The Opioid Crisis...and how it happened with Author and Attorney Harry Nelson
We speak with attorney Harry Nelson, author of the brilliant volume, The United States of Opioids, about the crisis that’s crippling large segments of America, and leaving thousands dead and disabled. How did we get here? And can medical cannabis help? The answer is surprising…and deeply hopeful…here on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
May 22, 2019
E26: Seizing the Moment!
As a child, Anya Cravitz suffered from seizures that were uncontrollable, unexpected, and potently life threatening. She spent her lifetime on drugs -- and seeking an alternative. Which Anya found in the brave new world of CBD and THC. Medical cannabis has changed her life -- as she tells us on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
May 13, 2019
E25: Female Health: Cannabis and The Vagina with Survivor Brittany Van Gundy
When Britney Van Gundy was faced with a serious female condition, she tried every bit of traditional. medicine she could. And when nothing worked, she turned to medical cannabis.. The result is…almost beyond belief. Britney Van Gundy with the details -- the truth! -- on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
May 7, 2019
E24: Healer. Heal Thyself with Shannon Barnett LVN and founder of Sana Sana Formulas
Nurse Shannon Barnett’s life was falling apart. She had an incurable disease, that was effecting every part of her body and soul. Nothing worked. Until she turned to medical cannabis. THC and CBD made her whole again. And inspired her to start a medical cannabis company. Her journey exclusively on High on the Hog: The Potcast! @sanasanaformulas
April 26, 2019
E23: Dr Tim Shu: Pot for Pets with Pet Vet Founder of Vet CBD
We’ve been talking about the amazing things that THC and CBD can do for our health -- medical cannabis is the wave of the future! But how about about furry friends? Are there cannabis products to help heal our dogs and cats -- to say nothing of cats, fish, birds and even snakes? There sure are! And veterinary Dr Tim Shu of @vetcbd takes us through them. On High on the Hog: The Potcast!
April 24, 2019
E22: The Science is real..... and really involved! Dr Jeffrey Raber from The Werc Shop
Cannabis is just something people grow in a coat closet under Gro-Lights anymore. There’s a lot of testing, researching, quality control -- everything needed by the fastest growing medical industry in the world today! How are the labs that do the testing…tested? We’ve got Dr. Jeffrey Raber @drjeffraber of the WercShop @thewercshop and Cannakids @cannakids on High on the Hog: The Potcast, to describe the arduous, deeply technical world of policing those who make our THC and CBC. A deep dive into ho
April 15, 2019
E21: Botanicals? Naturals? What does it all mean in the the world of medical cannabis!
There are lots of terms randomly tossed around these days -- and most of us have no idea what they mean! That’s where High on the Hog: The Potcast comes in. Hosted by Food Writer Merrill Shindler, Cannaseur Janice Hardoon, and our producer Joanna Belson., we demystify the meaning of it all. Be a knowledgeable consumer of cannabis -- with the help of High on the Hog: The Potcast
April 14, 2019
E20: Beware of Spam…unless you want to spend a lot for canola oil!
Do you ever open your e-mail -- and find it filled with lots of announcements of The New Miracle Cure: CBD Can Heal You…If You Buy Sight-Unseen From Us! Is any of that true? Probably not! On High on the Hog: The Potcast, we speak about the importance of buying your medical cannabis from organizations and dispensaries that curate, test and know what they’re selling. Not getting taken -- this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
April 13, 2019
E19: Fighting the Good Fight
The battle for legalization of, at least, medical cannabis is a tough one. But it’s more than worthwhile -- THC and CBD can heal, sooth and help so much with so many ills. We speak with Sarah Armstrong of Americans for Safe Access @americansforsafeaccess, who’s leading the charge to make sure we can all have safe access to the power of the flower, this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
March 31, 2019
E18: The Upside of.......Upside with Co-Founder Gay Gelman
How did an event and party planner come to create an amazing fruit candy, laced with healing CBD? As is often the case, it grew out of a medical necessity in her own life. Necessity really is the mother of…medical cannabis products! And not only does it work…it tastes so good. Gay Gelman, Co-founder of Upside Edibles @upside_edibles is our guest this week on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
March 29, 2019
E17: Cannabis and Cancer: The Academic View
Can cannabis slow the growth of cancerous cells in the body? There’s lots of evidence it can. But it’s all anecdotal -- our government won’t allow real scientists to do real studies of the real effects of cannabis. THC and CBD might be able to save lives. What’s the hold-up? We’ll discuss that this week, and so much more, on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
March 29, 2019
E16: Real People, Real Questions, Real Answers!
This week, High on the Hog: The Potcast, continues on the road, speaking to real people about real problems -- and finding real solutions thanks to the healing power of medical cannabis -- of CBD and THC! Does CBD work for dogs and cats? Of course it does -- and there’s a whole world of products just waiting for us out there. When it comes to medical cannabis, there are not limits. And we explore the heights, here on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
March 24, 2019
E15: The Hogs Run Wild with Nurse Shannon
This week, the High on the Hog Team -- Merrill Shindler, Janice Hardoon and Joanna Belson -- go to a CBD Social -- a medical cannabis Tupperware party for dozens of wanna be users of the medical buzz of the decade…and maybe of the century. We demonstrate, we discuss…and we speak to a nurse, LVN Shannon Barnett of Sana Sana Formulas (IG SanaSanaFormulas, who shares her stories of amazing results, both on patients, and on herself. In her case, medical cannabis literally saved her life!
March 23, 2019
E14: Hall of Flowers Blooms with Rama Mayo
Every year, thousands of cannabis sellers and buyers gather in Northern California at the fabled Hall of Flowers -- where every strain, every variation, every new development in cannabis is to be found. For those like us, who have come to believe in the wonders of CBD and THC, it’s like being a kid lost in a candy store! We speak with Rama Mayo, his real name, founder of Hall of Flowers @hallofflowers and Partner in Green Street @greenstreetagency this week on High on the Hog.
March 22, 2019
E13: Well Worn Genes with Len May CEO EndoCannaHealth
Would you believe your tolerance of cannabis based products -- of THC and CBD -- is determined by your genetic makeup? And that’s not all! By testing your DNA, with a simple swab, and then sending to a super high-tech laboratory, you can get a report on how much of what to use for whatever it is that ails you! It’s a futuristic diagnosis tool -- for the medical solution of the future. Find out about Endocanna Health @EndocannaHealth this week from CEO Len May @lenmaycannadna…on High on the Hog: The Po
March 22, 2019
E12: Ophelia Chong and her Pretty Buds Ready For Their Close Up!
Medical cannabis isn’t just about the products. There’s a universe of promotion, packaging, marketing -- even photography and the focusing of medical cannabis for very specific ethnic groups. This week, we speak to the remarkable Ophelia Chong @stockpotimages, a multi-tasker who really does do it all! There’s more to medical cannabis than meets the eye -- including thousands of carefully curated photographs of every imaginable strain. It’s a new perspective on CBD and THC -- right here on High on th
March 22, 2019
E11: Can Big Weed Compete
Is medical cannabis about to be taken over by Big Business? By Big Pharma…and Big Tobacco. And how will that impact this business that literally has grown…from the ground up? We take an in-depth look at the fast-growing world of CBD and THC -- and how Big Business may be changing the whole landscape. For better…or not. This week, on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
March 4, 2019
E10: Weed The People
How powerful is medical cannabis? Profoundly powerful is the best way to put it! This week, we discuss a life-changing documentary called Weed the People @weedthepeople -- the gripping story of lives saved by medical cannabis. Specifically, it’s ability to deeply affect those suffering from pediatric cancer. The results have been amazing…and you’ll hear all about it…on High on the Hog: The Potcast!
March 2, 2019
E9: White Lab Coats and Green Miracles with Papa & Barkley's COO Boris Shcharansky
Think it’s easy to mix up a batch of healing medical cannabis balm. Just a dash of CBD here…and a spoonful of THC there? Not even close! The process is intense and demanding, like making fine wines, only more so. We’ll take you behind the scenes with COO Boris Shcharansky at the creation of the remarkable products made by Papa & Barkley, one of the leading names in the fast-growing medical cannabis world. You’ll be amazed! But then, we always strive to amaze you.
February 19, 2019
E8: Papa & Barkley Knows Best
How is a major medical cannabis brand come to be? Well, in the case of industry leader Papa & Barkley @papaandbarkley, necessity was truly the mother of invention. The founder’s father was in pain. And his son mixed up a batch of cannabis cream -- and the result was nothing short of miraculous. The further result is a line of products that’s hailed by many as a healing wonder. Join us this week, to hear all about it with COO Boris Shcharansky, on High on the Hog: The Potcast.
February 15, 2019
E7: Cannabis Cuisine!: Cooking with Weed
Does cannabis and food mix? We don't just mean with pizza, nachos and beer. But fine, highly quality cannabis with ultra gourmet cooking by Michelin award winning chef and master cannabis cook Holden Jagger (@chefholdenjagger @alteredplates) and cannasseur Rachel Burkons (@smokesipsavor)! It's an amazing new world of taste sensations. And we bring it to you here on High on the Hog: The Potcast. Get out your finest napkins and dinner ware -- and get ready to taste food like you've never tasted it before. The
February 13, 2019
E6: Tasty! And Good For You Too!
Can you imagine being a professional cannabis taster? A person who spends their days -- and nights -- sampling medical marijuana? Is it easy? Not a chance! But we've got a woman who's figured out how to do it -- and she never gets tired of finding new healing medications, made with THC and especially CBD! The sort of information you'll find only right here on this week's episode of High on the Hog: The Potcast!
February 8, 2019
E5: How Does Your Cannabis Grow?
Medical marijuana doesn’t just fall from the sky! The plants have to be cultivated and harvested. Then, the processing is long and complicated -- very expensive, and incredibly high-tech. This is not longer an industry built around a grow light and a spare closet. Cannabis is big business. And getting bigger by the day! Join our guest, Sam Liberatore, National Cannabis/CBD consultant, the man who knows the secrets of the industry, and spills them all for us here on High on the Hog: The Potcast. You will b
January 28, 2019
E4: Mad at Reefer Madness!
Has Reefer Madness returned? Or are we on the edge of a new age of healing -- an new epoch not unlike the years after the discovery of antibiotics. There were doubters. But those who believed -- went on to save the world! Cannabis heals -- and marijuana maven Camie Cutter @reeferrolls will be here to strip away the nonsense -- and give us the truth about what it does…and what it doesn’t do. Join food writer Merrill Shindler, along with owner of KTown Collective on Melrose Janice Hardoon and enthusiast J
January 25, 2019
E3: The Inventor Episode
What’s it like to work in the world of medical marijuana, to create products, to weigh and measure, to sample, to be on the cutting edge of the future of healing? We’ve got cannabis creative force Camie Cutter (IG reeferrolls), who strips away the myths and the half truths, to reveal what works, and what doesn’t. What she has to say may shock -- but mostly, it will inform! Join food writer Merrill Shindler, along with purveyor Janice Hardoon (IG ktown_collective & elevatecbdcosmetics & theantidotela)
January 25, 2019
E2: Giving Pain The Boot!
Do you have aches and pains that nothing seems to heal? Have you tried everything, from chiropractic to acupuncture to faith healing -- and still…nothing? It’s time to for a deep dive into the wonderful, and incredibly complex world of medical marijuana. Cannabis heals -- through THC, CBD and so much more. Join food writer Merrill Shindler, along with purveyor Janice Hardoon and enthusiast Joanna Belson, as we explore the wonderful world of medical cannabis! The future of healing is here now!
January 22, 2019
Join us for High on the Hog: The Potcast, as our resident Cannabis Consultants, our Marijuana Mavens, our Wizards of Weed, talk all things CBD, THC and more. The Medical Wave of the Future is here now...and we're loving the ride!
January 17, 2019