Hilarious Halifax

Hilarious Halifax

By Mission Critical
This podcast will put a smile on your face, and a pep in your step.

I'm sure you can remember a time when you've laughed so hard that you just have a permanent smile on your face. That gives you the feeling that nothing can rain on your parade. That's the feeling we're striving to create in you with this improv podcast.

Listen to an episode or two, and experience the power of laughter.

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More places to listen

#10 Baba Anya from Russia talks World Cup & Trump
On this episode of the podcast PM Mark gets to interview a wonderful Russian woman Baba Anya. We chat about her grand nephew Denis who's on the Russian National Soccer Team and get the inside scoop on Russia / Trump debates. Follow @MissionCriticalComedy on Instagram / Facebook. Signup for drop in improv classes at Neptune Theatre every thursday.
July 20, 2018
#9 Shooting the Skeet
Adrianne and PM discuss making decisions and trying to say no to things. Go poll on facebook to change the name of this podcast! https://www.facebook.com/MissionCriticalComedy/
July 13, 2018
#8 How to WINE taste (Nova Scotia wines)
The lovely and talented Alana Steele joins us to teach Adrianne and PM how to taste wine like a pro! Thankfully Alana put up with our ridiculousness. If YOU would like to meet Alana check out the Ostrich Club in Halifax Opening June 6! Bring Alana over to your next event to bring amazing wines and teach you how to taste and pair wine with your friends. Email her at: Alanasteele.wine@gmail.com And of course follow Mission Critical Comedy on IG @missioncriticalcomedy Checkout the weekly Neptune drop in improv classes!
July 6, 2018
#7 News on MCC and teaser of our up coming guests!
in this episode p. m. producer mark jumps on the mic and fills you guys in on some important mission-critical comedy news and I also tell you guys about a few of the very exciting upcoming guess we have that will be coming on the show. follow @missioncriticalcomedy on Instagram
June 29, 2018
#6 Mandy Bo Bandy
In this episode we have a special improviser guest from the big apple, Chicago! The improv duo Day Drunk goes into characters and does some longer form improv. Mission Critical Comedy: facebook.com/missionCriticalComedy/ IG: @MissionCriticalComedy email: missioncriticalcomedy@gmail.com
June 22, 2018
#5 Behind the scenes of the Improv Jam
Special episode where PM (Producer Mark) goes behind the curtains of Neptune Theatre and gives you the inside scoop on the Neptune student Improv Jam show. Mission Critical Comedy: facebook.com/missionCriticalComedy/ IG: @MissionCriticalComedy email: missioncriticalcomedy@gmail.com
June 15, 2018
#4 Drug dealing lobsters & Erin goes Jersey Shore on us
Part 2, in this episode Erin and Adrianne do a couple characters, play some improv games. And find out how Adrianne got into a drug dealing lobster situation. VERY east coast episode here. Enjoy. Mission Critical Comedy: facebook.com/missionCriticalComedy/ IG: @MissionCriticalComedy email: missioncriticalcomedy@gmail.com
June 8, 2018
#3 Work life in the entertainment industry with Erin
Part 1 of 2. In this episode Adrianne and Erin discuss what it's like trying to carve out a career in the improv and comedy entertainment industry. Please share this podcast with a friend. Just one, PLEASE.
June 1, 2018
E2 - In Depth with Mission Critical Comedy Improv
Hilary from Coastal Country Halifax joins us to reverse the interview and asks Adrianne questions about improv and Mission Critical Comedy. Upcoming Events: Improv Jam at Scotiabank Stage (Neptune Theatre) May 31, 9:15pm Coastal Country Beginner Dance Course https://coastalcountry.ca/product/beginner-course/ Mission Critical Comedy: https://facebook.com/missionCriticalComedy/ IG: @MissionCriticalComedy email: missioncriticalcomedy@gmail.com Coastal Country Halifax: coastalcountry.ca IG @CoastalCountryHalifax https://www.facebook.com/coastalcountryhalifax/
May 25, 2018
#1 Sid from Host Often explains womb backpacks
Ever heard a talking racehorse give his jockey some SASS? Sid from Host Often joins us to play some improv games and shares some interesting events happening around the city. Special Guest: Sid K. the Entrepreneur behind HostOften.com IG: @HostOften Photographer: Graeme Gillis IG: @instagraeme_photography Upcoming Improv Events: Improv Jam at the Stages Festival May 31, 9:15pm Tickets: sales.neptunetheatre.com Selecte May 31 from the calendar for Improv Jam tickets. Links: Mission Critical Comedy https://facebook.com/missionCriticalComedy/ IG: @MissionCriticalComedy Keigan Fortune Rapper - https://soundcloud.com/good-fortune-264556608 Collab Group - https://facebook.com/groups/622299271455176 Art Pays Me - artpaysme.com Moments in Culture - May 19 7pm https://artpaysme.com/products/moments-in-culture-tickets Halifax Social Network - https://www.facebook.com/halifaxsocialnetwork/ P4G - https://www.p4g.ca/ TNT Obstacle Fest - http://www.tickethalifax.com/events/54977266/obstacle-fest
May 18, 2018
Hilarious Halifax NEW PODCAST TRailer
Subscribe to this podcast to hear improv games with guests that we grab from around the city of Halifax. Then we'll have some good old Canadian banter with our guests and maybe find out something new about the city.
May 14, 2018
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