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MeetFounders with Andrew Bott

MeetFounders with Andrew Bott

By Andrew Bott
In-depth interviews with the founding teams of successful startups and VC funds giving their advice, reflections, and stories.
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Episode 2: Rafael Badziag on interviewing Billionaires and writing a bestseller

MeetFounders with Andrew Bott

Episode 4: Robin Bonn from Co:definery
Interview with Robin Bonn, Founder of Co:definery We chat about Robin’s advice to help his clients become more successful small-medium business owners and bring them to the next level ✔ Robin worked with brands to pitch companies like Skype, Spotify, Facebook, and Microsoft. How can startups compete with big budget brands like this in marketing and market to them? ✔ Once your business is successful, how do you “change the wheels on a moving bus” to bring it to greater speeds/success? ✔ How to shift things to help the company strategically, and at the same time improve the day-to-day operations ✔ Growing your business from one “personality” to a real team by empowering employees. ✔ How to get your first, second and third clients. How to test your sales process and improve it. Some key quotes from our chat: ❝Running any type of business, you are disproportionately limited by your attitudes more than your capabilities❞ ❝Tell me what problem you solve... People buy solutions to problems❞ ❝Lead to your offer, don’t leave with your offer❞ Robin can be found on LinkedIn here: Check out Robin’s twitter: Search for Robin Bonn here for some of his articles:
November 09, 2020
Episode 3: Ioanna Karelia from Performance Ground
Ioanna Karelia is the Founder and Managing Director of Performance Ground, London's first boutique performance gym for busy corporates, world class athletes, and lifters. Unlike commercial gyms that see you as a number and do not provide any structure, support or a personalised, science driven service, Performance Ground focuses on delivering a completely bespoke service, utilising sports science and state of the art equipment and provides our members with a premium, all round performance experience. Website: Youtube channel: Instagram:
September 20, 2019
Episode 2: Rafael Badziag on interviewing Billionaires and writing a bestseller
I had the opportunity to interview best-selling author Rafael Badziag about his entrepreneurial experiences, and what he learned while writing the book "The Billion Dollar Secret" where he interviewed 21 self-made billionaires.  Link to a full interview transcript:  Check out Rafael’s book here: Twitter: @BillionairePal LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube Channel: The Billion Dollar Secret
August 06, 2019
Episode 1: Jeff Lynn from Seedrs
Interviewer: Andrew Bott, Founder of Jeff Lynn is the Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Seedrs (, one of the pioneers of Equity Crowdfunding. He created Seedrs as part of a business project while attending an MBA program at the University of Oxford, and spent 3 years on getting the idea approved by European regulators. After getting regulatory approval in 2012, Seedrs received a first round of £1M and now has over £48M in funding from investors and is now considered the leading online platform for investing in startup equity in Europe.  Here is a link to the transcript of the full interview:
July 17, 2019