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Hold The Standard

Hold The Standard

By Rebel Talk Network
Logan Gelbrich invites listeners to untangle life’s most important ideas by taking up leadership. Each episode of the Hold the Standard podcast elegantly challenges listeners who want to grow with the help of real people demonstrating leadership in the real world.
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4: Resilience to Adversity
Episode 4 addresses that which binds us: adversity. Logan offers that we all experience adversity, but some people are better at it that others. Could pursuing your peak expression make you more fit for unknowable life struggles?Listeners will hear from Hollywood’s hottest new director, Tyler Nilson, as well as Chef Antonia Lofaso and photographer Vava Ribiero. This episode not only features the unexpected troubles sustainable toothbrush company founder, Christina Ramirez, had to overcome when her first batch of product had to be trashed, you’ll also hear never before heard audio recordings from Logan Gelbrich as he and his DEUCE Gym team navigated the most challenging moment in the history of the fitness business. Thank you for choosing leadership and enjoy the show. Text HTSPOD to 855-909-1350 for supporting materials.
June 14, 2021
3: A Large Body Of Deep Work
Episode 3 unveils the mechanics of mastery while pursuit of one’s peak expression: a large body of deep work. Logan asks listeners to transcend the 10,000 hour rule with quality. Listeners will understand the mechanics of deliberate practice with the help of real interviews with BBoy Kid David, Chef Antonia Lofaso, USD Baseball coach Rich Hill, and 3-Time World Latte Art Champion, Nicely Abel. As always, Dr. Cara Miller, will help listeners integrate the notion of practice in arenas of life where “practice” doesn’t seem obvious. Thank you for choosing leadership and enjoy the show. Text HTSPOD to 855-909-1350 for supporting materials.
May 31, 2021
2: Commitment
Episode 2 is the foundation for the pursuit of one’s peak expression: commitment. Logan investigates unique levels of commitment in rich interviews with one of the winningest NCAA Division I baseball coaches alive, Rich Hill, and Top Chef All-Star, Antonia Lofaso. Episode 2 also features BBoy Kid David, Brazilian photographer Vava Ribiero, and award-winning writer/director, Tyler Nilson (The Peanut Butter Falcon). Supporting ideas from developmental psychologist, Dr. Cara Miller, push the listeners’ thinking throughout the episode. Thank you for choosing leadership and enjoy the show.
May 17, 2021
1: Curiosity
Motivated people only. 'Season 1' of the Hold the Standard™ Podcast addresses one of life’s most important questions: “How shall we spend out time here?” Logan Gelbrich offers a hypothesis that the pursuit of our peak expression affords those willing to take the plunge a set of progressive, invaluable attributes outlined in his book, ‘Going Right’. Before you embark on your journey, however, you’ll need to know where you want to go. Yet, most don’t have a clue where to start. Episode 1 offers that the road map to the attributes of ‘Going Right’ is paved first with curiosity. Logan uses supporting interviews from the late Dr. Richard Feynman,  Dwolla CEO, Ben Milne, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Chris Wire of TEDxDayton to get to the bottom of curiosity. This episode also features exclusive interviews with famed Brazilian photographer, Vava Ribiero, developmental coach, Dr. Cara Miller, world renown coach, Carl Paoli, and PlusUltra founder, Christina Ramirez. Thank you for choosing leadership and enjoy the show.
May 3, 2021
Welcome to the Hold the Standard Podcast! 
April 20, 2021