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By Hollow Moon
Hollow Moon podcast is here to explore a blend of science fiction, fantasy, history, and social justice to imagine a liberated future through a black lens. Catch interviews with authors, stage performers, professors, activists, screenwriters, and more as we come together. Also, look for solo episodes discussing creative content and how it applies to Afrofuturism.

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Updating the Hollow Moon Family with what’s to come and checking in! 🌙Giveaway update 🌙Revisit any missed episodes 🌙In other news
August 28, 2021
Rorie Still, Flashbang
In this episode, I pre-recorded an interview with Rorie Still. She is a screenwriter, and author of “Flashbang” - a collection of SciFi stories, researcher, marketing liaison, as well as an Executive producer of The Flashbang Ep 1 on YouTube. She also runs “Artist Live” interviews on her IG page, so be sure to check those out. She joins the Hollow Moon podcast to discuss her work and brainstorm ideas on how BIPOC creatives can contribute to Afrofuturistic work and speculative literature with Afro-descendant characters. You can follow Rorie on Instagram at @rorstll. If you enjoyed this episode, please follow on: Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker, & more! You can also follow the Hollow Moon Podcast on social media. Twitter: @PodcastHollow, or leave a comment on the blog!
August 14, 2021
Episode: Damon Glatz
Our guest today is Damon Glatz. He is an author of 2 books in a fantasy trilogy called End of Legends & runs a YouTube channel called Pen & Sword with a passion for fantasy, writing, and gaming. He is going to brainstorm with us ...ideas on how non-BIPOC creatives can contribute to Afrofuturistic work or spec lit with Afro-descended characters. You can follow Damon on Twitter: @DamonGlatz If you enjoyed this episode, please follow on: Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker, & more! You can also follow Hollow Moon Podcast on Twitter: @PodcastHollow
July 26, 2021
Moon Girl and Devil Dino, #7-12
Let’s continue on to find out what Lunella Lafayette is up to in the Marvel world. 🚨IG Giveaway coming soon!!!🚨
July 17, 2021
Mike Costa, Screenwriter
After successful stints with NBC in Research and ABC in Broadcast Operations and Engineering, Mike Costa was accepted into the Guy Alexander Hanks/Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program sponsored by the USC School of Cinema-Television. He was then hired as a staff writer and story editor for the hit television show “Roseanne.” Mike later went on to write for Warner Brothers television on several projects, a pilot show for Sony Television, and for NBC. He stays busy developing and writing projects for various producers, and freelances as a writer/producer for Isis Films; a production team in Marina Del Rey that produces music videos and commercials for some of the industry’s biggest names: Time-Warner Corporation, Miller Brewing Company, Motown, and General Motors. Inspired by his drive to preserve his culture, he wrote, produced, and directed a documentary film – “Proud to be Cape Verdean – A Look at Cape Verdeans in the Golden State,” through his production company Side Door Entertainment which has been seen around the globe. You can learn more here:  His signature says it all! "If we don't tell our story, who will?" This episode is us continuing to do that work. Stay tuned.
July 10, 2021
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1: BFF
What happens when the literal past helps you discover what you want in the future? Let’s travel into the Marvel universe and meet Lunella Lafayette, a 9-year-old black (female) genius. We’re going to see how she fares in NYC when prehistoric tourists and a fire dinosaur terrorize the city. If you enjoyed this episode, please follow on: Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker, & more! You can also follow Hollow Moon Podcast on Twitter: @PodcastHollow
June 26, 2021
Kareem McJagger
In honor of pride month & Juneteenth, our guest today is Kareem McJagger. Over the last decade, Kareem has entertained audiences as a drag performer, songwriter, producer, host, and blogger. Apart from the pandemic’s effect on Drag Night Life, we also discuss the importance of race & gender representation in the future, and how it also plays an important role in representing Afro-descended people. Follow them at any of these platforms: Instagram Twitter Drag for fans YouTube Reddit If you enjoyed this episode, please like and subscribe. You can also follow Hollow Moon the Podcast on Twitter: @PodcastHollow Check out the blog at
June 19, 2021