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What the Liq Read?

What the Liq Read?

By Hollywood TheDoll
Hello to the rich hoes, the broke hoes and the bitches in between! If you’re looking for unfiltered entertainment, your search ends here. We provide the scoop on current events, tea on your favorite celebrities and relatable discussion topics every Wednesday. So, pour a strong drink and tune in for a good time!
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Give Me My Six Feet, Please!
We’re back with a few surprises! A hot theme song, longer episodes, a weekly IG live (Wine Down Wednesday) and more! We hope everyone is staying safe and continuing to practice social distancing. 👄🍹
May 20, 2020
Sorry for the Wait
Did you miss us? Sorry for the wait! Let’s get into the Andrew Gillum scandal, Lil Boosie’s live shenanigans and more.
March 25, 2020
Classy. Boujie. Ratchet.
With new music by the boatload, DaBaby slapping fans in DaFace and planning our extended Coronavirus-cations, March has a new surprise every day! Enjoy this regularly scheduled episode and prepare for our Election Special. 👄🍹
March 12, 2020
March Madness
Between Megan Thee Stallion, Mrs. Petty and men cheating on their baby mamas, March is starting off rocky! Listen and laugh as we get into this week’s discussion topics. 👄🍹
March 5, 2020
Dis Tew Much
We’re closing out February 2020 with a bang, cousins! It seems like Miss Lizzo took our advice... she knows what the liq read. Tune in for a good laugh and wise words of encouragement. 👄🍹
February 27, 2020
Mind Your Business!
This year won’t take her foot off our necks, we’ve had enough! With everything that’s going on, the last thing we have time for is grown folks not minding their business. Take a sip as we tell people like Lil Boosie and Wendy Williams what the liq read. 👄🍹
February 20, 2020
What’s Going On?
We were ready for January to be over, but we didn’t know February would hit like this! Let’s get into it. Get your life as we discuss Zaya Wade, DaBaby Mama Drama, Okra and Kale and more! 👄🍹
February 12, 2020
We’re Gonna Need a Longer Month
HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! February is already bringing the heat, so you know this tea is sweet. Tune in for our take on Nicki Minaj’s recent posts, Megan Thee Stallion, the Stripper Bowl and Mo’nique’s letter to Oprah! Enjoy! 👄🍹
February 6, 2020
Is January Over Yet?
Whew chile, the longest month we’ve ever experienced is finally coming to a close! What better way to close out all the chaos than an episode of What the Liq Read? Tune in for a good laugh and discussion. 👄🍹
January 29, 2020
Let’s Get Into It
Hey cousins! Thank you for tuning in to What the Liq Read. This is just a cute introduction to the hosts, the show and what’s in store. Pour a good drink and listen as we weigh in on Aaron Hernandez, Lori Harvey, IVY PARK and Tyler Perry. Get to know the hosts of the hottest podcast coming out of Florida! Enjoy! 👄🍹
January 23, 2020