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By The Hollywood & China Doll Evening Show
The Hollywood and China Doll show features James "Hollywood"Macecari and Co-Host Ann China Doll Macecari. Thoughts, conversations and advice. Topics range from relationships and dealing with failure , to raw intimate fun. Nothing is off limits (seriously, anything goes) Mon-Fri a new episode drops at 7pmcst.
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Ep. 31 Why do woman fall for bikers ? Women fall for bad boys because it's in their nature

The Hollywood & China Doll Show

Ep. 31 Why do woman fall for bikers ? Women fall for bad boys because it's in their nature

The Hollywood & China Doll Show

Ep. 34 The many wonders and uses for the cannabis plant/ aka marijuana /aka mary jane
EP. 34  The many wonders and uses for the cannabis plant aka marijuana aka mary  jane  Today, more than 150 million people regularly smoke cannabis, making it  one of the world's most popular recreational drugs. But when and where  humans began to appreciate the psychoactive properties of weed has been  more a matter of speculation than science Cannabis, also known as hemp or marijuana, evolved about 28 million  years ago on the eastern Tibetan Plateau, according to a pollen study  published in May. A close relative of the common hop found in beer, the  plant still grows wild across Central Asia. More than 4000 years ago,  Chinese farmers began to grow it for oil and for fiber to make rope,  clothing, and paper. Cannabis can be found in various forms, and the health benefits of  cannabis is ever growing, here Tara Leo of Cali Extractions gives us an  insight regarding the diverse benefits of the plant. Cannabis contains CBD which is a chemical that impacts the brain, making  it function better without giving it a high along with THC which has  pain relieving properties. Both substances can be extracted and enhanced  for use through short path distillation. Users can get the following  health benefits of cannabis:
October 21, 2020
EP.33 Surviving a sexless marriage /Why You’re Having Less Sex with Your Partner — How to Get Back Into It
Ep.33 First, determine whether a sexless marriage bothers you What’s  essential for you and your partner, besides figuring out whether you  meet a specific frequency, is to define what sex means to each other.  Stop relying on internet stories or other couples’ experiences to  dictate what’s “normal.” No one, except for the individuals in the  relationship, should decide if being in a sexless partnership is  concerning. Everyone is different. If you and your partner are content  with having sex every quarter or once a year, then that’s fine. But  if one of you is feeling hurt from not having your sexual needs met,  then this is a sign the relationship agreement isn’t working and needs  to be modified. Sometimes an escalation in fantasies or actions can  be a result of feeling less intimate with your partner. For example, if  you’re starting to feel resentful and fantasizing about having sex with  your co-worker, it might be because you haven’t connected physically  with your partner for a while. Dr. Becker-Warner outlines other factors to consider: You can’t remember the last time you and your partner enjoyed sexual intimacy.    Sexual intimacy is the last thing you want to think about, or your  heart hurts when considering the state of sexual intimacy with your  partner.    There’s hesitancy and/or avoidance of initiating  physical touch, either because of the potential rejection or the  possibility that it’ll lead to unwanted sex.    Other forms of intimacy (touching, love languages, etc.) are also lacking in your relationship.    You feel disconnected from your partner.    You feel that sex is only when the genitals (particularly the penis and penetration) are involved.
October 20, 2020
EP.32 The case of Walter McMillian -We have a new way of looking at the death penalty
EP.32 The case of Walter McMillian -New way of looking at the death penalty Walter "Johnny D." McMillian (October 27, 1941 – September 11, 2013)[1] was an African-American pulpwood worker from Monroeville, Alabama, who was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to death. His conviction was wrongfully obtained, based on police coercion and perjury; in the 1988 trial, under a controversial doctrine called "judicial override", the judge imposed the death penalty, even though the jury imposed a sentence of life imprisonment. From 1990 to 1993, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals turned down four appeals; in 1993, after McMillian had served six years on Alabama's death row, the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the lower court decision and ruled that he had been wrongfully convicted. The controversial case received national attention beginning in the fall of 1992, when it was featured in the CBS News program 60 Minutes. Two books have been written on the case, including Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, which was adapted into a feature film of the same name in which Jamie Foxx portrays McMillian.
October 17, 2020
Ep. 31 Why do woman fall for bikers ? Women fall for bad boys because it's in their nature
EP.31  Women fall for bad boys because it's in their nature. Science says that  when a woman is in her ovulation stage, her hormones influence who she  sees as a great father figure for her future children. Near ovulation  time, girls are attracted to good looking, charismatic, and rebellious  boys. Bright Side is sharing scientific proof of why women can easily become  blinded by men who have characteristics of a “bad boy” personality. These wicked boys wouldn’t have the power to attract girls if their  level of confidence was low. The point is that the level of confidence  they possess is so high, it seems like their attitude is overflowing  with it, which can be seen in their friends, the vehicle they drive, the  food they choose to eat, and so much more.
October 16, 2020
EP.30 Woman get Smart - Signs a guy isn't into you -STOP THE PURSUIT!!!! MOVE ON!
EP. 30 Knowing how to recognize that a guy isn’t into you is often harder than it might seem! There is just something so addictive about fantasizing and chasing after a guy who acts unavailable and hard to get… I’ve had crushes on guys, who just weren’t really interested in me. Some of those guys even made the first move, asked for my phone number, arranged for dates, etc. But something just FELT OFF for me from the beginning. When a guy you like doesn’t like you back it feels like rejection. And being rejected is always painful. That’s why it’s important to catch it as early as possible. BEFORE you get too emotionally involved in the relationship. Here are some clear signs that the guy you’re dating doesn’t really care about you:
October 15, 2020
Ep 29 How to Convince Your Girlfriend/Wife to Agree to having a Threesome
Ep 29. How to Convince Your Girlfriend/Wife to Agree to Have a Threesome Sometimes in a relationship, you're not sure how to phrase a delicate subject or tricky topic. Sure, saying nothing at all is easy, but avoiding the subject doesn't do anyone any good. Awkward Conversations provides you with a template for what to say — and what not to say — and why, so you can have those difficult discussions without them turning into full-blown fights. It's a phantom thought that has occurred to most people in a long-term relationship: What if we had a threesome? That super sexy scene from that movie I watched last week — could I recreate that with my girlfriend? It's the ultimate fantasy, but it's definitely not an easy thing to bring up with the person you're dating! Here are some tips you can use to ensure that the dreaded Threesome Conversation goes smoothly.  
October 13, 2020
Ep 28. How to get out of a bad relationship- Here are 9 steps you can take
Ep 28 How to get out of a bad relationship- Here are 9 steps you can take Some say love is the meaning of life. After all, it’s one of the most written about topics of all time. The Indian film industry itself churns out more than 1500 films a year, all of which stereo-typically contain at least a subplot of love (1). Music, too, is filled with lyrics of love, from courtship to heartbreak. It is often said that there is someone for everyone. However, it can be difficult to find the right person. It’s no wonder that we tend to hook onto relationships that we get into, with an eager willingness to stay with the other. However, sometimes, it’s best to leave. Only therapists that offer relationship counseling seem to profit from people staying in bad relationships.
October 10, 2020
EP 27 How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy in Marriage
#SEXLIFE #SEX #HEALTHYMARRIAGE   EP 27   How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy in Marriage  ex does not have to get boring in a long-term marriage. As the years go  by and you get older, your intimate relationship should get better. Sex  with your partner can become more satisfying because you know each  other's likes, dislikes, habits, and preferences.   We know that life can get in the way. Chores, kids, finances, and other  issues can put a damper on romance. These everyday factors can interfere  with both your desire for sex and finding the time to put in the  effort. But don't put sex last on the to-do list. There are ways to  prioritize sex and keep it exciting.  🔔Listen on Spotify  -  🔔 DON"T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ITS FREE!!   ✅ For business inquiries contact me at
October 9, 2020
Ep 26 How Common is Cheating & Infidelity Really
#CHEATING #CHEATINGSPOUSE #INFIDELITY EP 26 The general thinking about why people cheat on a committed relationship partner is that there is a problem with either the cheater or the relationship. Often, we assume that cheaters have a pathology, some unresolved trauma or dysfunction, or at best a form of emotional immaturity, that pushes them into infidelity. Other times, we assume that the primary relationship is flawed in some significant way that creates a perceived need for external sex and intimacy. Either way, we tend to view infidelity as symptomatic of underlying problems. The cheater and/or the relationship is troubled, and cheating is the result. And guess what, more often than not, this is the case. Sometimes the cheater has an attachment deficit disorder. Sometimes the cheater has unresolved childhood trauma and uses the excitement of illicit sex and romance as a distraction from painful feelings. Sometimes the cheater knows that he or she is in a lousy relationship and uses those feelings to justify the infidelity or to locate a new partner before abandoning the old one. Sometimes the primary relationship lacks sexual fire or emotional intimacy, so the cheater has a one-night stand or an affair to fill the void. And so it goes.
October 8, 2020
Ep. 25 Parental Alienation: Using Your Kids as Pawns in Your Battle Against the Other Parent
#DIVORCE #CHILDSUPPORT #FATHERSRIGHTS Ep 25. The use of children as pawns in an ugly war between parents is a common issue that family law attorneys deal with. Either their own clients engage in it or the other parent is playing emotional games with children to seek revenge for a divorce or ending a relationship. It’s a no-win situation for the parents and the children.  Heartbreaking though it may be, you could find yourself in this situation.  Even if you think your spouse is the last person who would do something like this, people can be unpredictable when tensions are high and everyone is hurting. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is using kids as pawns, seek legal help right away.  The longer the games continue, the harder they can be to sort out and the more difficult it can be to find a solution. 🔔Listen on Spotify -
October 7, 2020
EP 24 Female Serial Killers throughout USA History
#FEMALESERIALKILLERS #SERIALKILLERS   EP. 24 Since men perpetrate about 90 percent of the world’s homicides, it makes sense that nearly all of history’s most notorious serial killers are men. But they do have a small number of female counterparts, and they are just as deadly. Today, we look out some of the most horrifyingly ruthless female serial killers ever. Many used arsenic as their deadly weapon, and some killed over 100 people.   🔔Listen on Spotify -  🔔 DON"T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ITS FREE!!   ✅ For business inquiries contact me at
October 6, 2020
Ep.23 Breast Cancer Awareness Month - What is Breast Cancer?
#BREASTCANCER #BREASTCANCERMONTH #LIVINGWITHBREASTCANCER  EP.23 According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1 in 8 woman in their life times will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. In 2020, an estimated 276,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S. as well as 48,530 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.    64% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at a localized stage (there is no sign that the cancer has spread outside of the breast), for which the 5-year survival rate is 99%.    This year, an estimated 42,170 women will die from breast cancer in the U.S.    Although rare, men get breast cancer too. In 2020, an estimated 2,620 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in the U.S. and approximately 520 will die.    1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, except for skin cancers. It is estimated that in 2020, approximately 30% of all new women cancer diagnoses will be breast cancer.    There are over 3.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.    On average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States.
October 3, 2020
EP 22. 10 Most Deranged Serial Killers of All Time
EP 22. 10 Most Deranged Serial Killers of All Time #SERIALKILLERS #JOHNGACY #TEDBUNDY  Episode 22- Many serial killings seem to be completely devoid of meaning  or motivation on the part of the criminal. In actuality, however, there  is great diversity in the needs and desires of serial killers that lead  them to extinguish the lives of others. Sometimes, the act or process  of murder can be an end in itself for them.  One aspect of popularly held beliefs and media stereotypes that often  holds true is that most serial killers derive great satisfaction from  the act of killing. The gratification they receive from the act of  murder differentiates them from one-time murderers who kill  incidentally—that is, to help commit or conceal another crime. Stated  differently, serial killers have a chronic and overwhelming need to  commit murder that distinguishes them from those who kill one time  because it serves other criminal interests.
October 2, 2020
Ep 21. LGBTQ Discrimination and how to accept a loved one coming out
#LGBTQ#LGBTQ Discrimination   LGBTQ Discrimination and how to accept a love one coming out  Ep21. New research from the Center for American Progress shows that LGBT  people across the country continue to experience pervasive  discrimination that negatively impacts all aspects of their lives. In  response, LGBT people make subtle but profound changes to their everyday  lives to minimize the risk of experiencing discrimination, often hiding  their authentic selves. 1 in 4 LGBT people report experiencing discrimination in 2016 Over the past decade, the nation has made unprecedented progress toward  LGBT equality.  But to date, neither the federal government nor most  states have explicit statutory nondiscrimination laws protecting people  on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. LGBT people  still face widespread discrimination: Between 11 percent and 28 percent  of LGB workers report losing a promotion simply because of their sexual  orientation, and 27 percent of transgender workers report being fired,  not hired, or denied a promotion in the past year. Discrimination also  routinely affects LGBT people beyond the workplace, sometimes costing  them their homes, access to education, and even the ability to engage in  public life.
October 1, 2020
EP 20 Lets talk sex- Undeniable Signs You're INCREDIBLE In Bed
#SEX #SEXADVICE #SEXADVICEINARELATIONSHIP Lets talk sex-Undeniable Signs You're INCREDIBLE In Bed EP 20 Article was written by Amber Madison and repurposed with permission from YourTango. It's something everyone has wondered: Am I good at sex? Sure, like kissing, much of it may have to do with compatibility—but no matter what your guy's preferences, here are seven signs you're rocking his socks off! Want to spice things up in the bedroom and learn how to make a woman have intense orgasms? There's no better way than by learning new sex tips and techniques from experts. We have rounded up the best sex positions for men that guys not only love for their own pleasure, but that also give girls amazing orgasms as well. Win-win! Ultimately, knowing how to have great sex is about creating feelings of love and intimacy, so while learning new positions and trying out different ideas in bed is part of the fun, the real payoff is the way various maneuvers allow you to connect and explore each other in different ways.
September 30, 2020
EP-19 Roe vs Wade Amy Coney Barrett and the Supreme Court stance on Abortion
#ROEVSWADE #AMYCONEYBARRETT #SUPREMECOURT EP 19 - Roe vs Wade Amy Coney Barrett and the Supreme Court stance on Abortion If  you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering an  abortion as a solution to your situation. Because we care about your  health and well-being, we want you to know the facts. Abortion is not  just a simple medical procedure. For many women, it is a life changing  event with significant physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences.  Most women who struggle with past abortions say that they wish they had  been told all of the facts about abortion and its risks. Since the  Supreme Court handed down its 1973 decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v.  Bolton, states have constructed a lattice work of abortion law,  codifying, regulating and limiting whether, when and under what  circumstances a woman may obtain an abortion. The following table  highlights the major provisions of these state laws.  More detailed  information can be found by selecting the table column headings in blue.  Except where noted, the laws are in effect, although they may not  always be enforced.
September 29, 2020
Episode 18 The Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty - The Great American Debate
#Deathpenalty #Prosofdeathpenalty#Consofdeathpenalty Episode 18- Christopher Andre Vialva, 40, was the seventh federal inmate  and the first Black man put to death since federal executions resumed  in July. Convicted of murdering two youth ministers when he was 19 was  executed on Thursday, the seventh federal inmate and the first Black man  put to death since Attorney General William P. Barr announced the  resumption of federal executions last year. Since 1977, one year  after the Supreme Court reaffirmed the constitutionality of the death  penalty, more than 1,480 people have been executed, primarily by means  of lethal injection. Most death penalty cases involve the execution of  murderers although capital punishment can also be applied for treason,  espionage, and other crimes. Proponents of the death penalty say it  is an important tool for preserving law and order, deters crime, and  costs less than life imprisonment. They argue that retribution or “an  eye for an eye” honors the victim, helps console grieving families, and  ensures that the perpetrators of heinous crimes never have an  opportunity to cause future tragedy. Opponents of capital punishment  say it has no deterrent effect on crime, wrongly gives governments the  power to take human life, and perpetuates social injustices by  disproportionately targeting people of color (racist) and people who  cannot afford good attorneys (classist). They say lifetime jail  sentences are a more severe and less expensive punishment than death.
September 26, 2020
Ep 17 How to Save Your Marriage From Your In Laws and 15 things a girl likes a man to do in bed
#inlaws #Howtosaveyourmarriage Your spouse may not agree that there's a problem, or he may want to manage things differently. You may need to negotiate how your in-laws will be a part of your lives, and how they will be put in their place. ... In-law issues are too important not to get professional help. Agree on the boundaries that you'll establish Sometimes, being married to someone also means you're marrying each other's family. So, not only that you would have to adjust yourself with your new spouse, but you should also try to build a good relationship with his parents at least. But what if you find yourself clashed with both or one of your in-laws? Don't give up yet, because today we're going to help you identify the in-laws' problem you might be having and share tips on handling it in a positive and healthy way. Hopefully, you'll find the solution to these domestic problems and able to make peace with them.
September 25, 2020
Ep 16-How to have good experiences in the Swingers Lifestyle
#Swingers#Swingerlifestyle #Swingers Ep 16 "Lifestyle." When used in mainstream culture, most think of the latest fashion trends, but the Lifestyle is a term used to convey the adventurous sexual practices of couples and singles that enjoy recreational sex with other consenting adults, otherwise known as swingers. Swingers are everyday people Lawyers, doctors, bankers, writers, athletes, software engineers, computer programmers, marketing executives, CEOs and sales people who are very comfortable in their skin looking for new, exciting ways to explore their sexuality. Some stumbled into the Lifestyle because they were bi-sexual or bi-curious, some for the desire to have sex beyond pro-creation and some through marital issues, which in most cases, ended up enhancing their communication and relationships.
September 24, 2020
Ep.15 The Real Reasons Men lose interest in woman and vice versa how woman lose interest in men.
#Whydowomanleavemen #relationship #menleavingwoman The Real Reasons Men lose interest in woman and vice versa how woman lose interest in men. Ep  15 -When a woman starts dating a man, she completely surrenders to her  feeling. She likes everything in him – his appearance, manner of  talking, and behavior with her, and then feelings literally overshadow  her eyes. She sees only the good in him and tries not to notice the bad. Sometimes  it happens that such love of a woman makes a man better, but it often  happens that a woman loses interest in a man after some time of dating. Are you wondering whether a specific man has lost interest in you? Does it feel like everything is going swimmingly in your relationships, then it suddenly goes downhill? Maybe you’re worrying about your current partner losing interest in you? When men lose interest in their partner, they often begin to look elsewhere for potential alternatives. Sadly, many of them stay with their existing partner until everything is prepared for them to ‘jump ship’ to a new girlfriend.
September 23, 2020
EP. 14 - 18 Things He's Secretly Dying for You to Try In Bed-How to Please Your Man Tonight
#havebettersex #howtopleaseaman #guidetopleasingyourman Episode 14 What impresses a guy most in bed? Surprisingly (or maybe not so, guys do have a reputation for being lazy), most confessed that they're not all that interested in theatrics or trapeze acts. In fact, many men told us that they're simple creatures who basically just want their wives to show up. But if you're looking to give him something extra-special, they'd love a little bit of this.
September 22, 2020
Ep13 10 Unfiltered Sex Tips for the Best Action You've Ever Gotten
#CoupleGoals #Educational #SexTips Episode 13 When it comes to knowing what makes your partner tick in the bedroom, Googling "mind-blowing sex positions" only get you so far. Stimulating and gratifying sex is all in the timing, the communication, and the spontaneity, according to Dr. Bea Jaffrey—a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist based in Switzerland—and Mary Jo Rapini, a Houston-based psychiatrist and sex therapist. But what does that mean you should do, exactly? Fortunately, Rapini shared tips with Marie Claire about what actually works in the bedroom (lots of her tips are backed up by research, to boot!), and Jaffrey gave us some pointers from her book on overcoming common sex issues (159 Mistakes Couples Make in the Bedroom). 10 Unfiltered Sex Tips for the Best Action You've Ever Gotten 🔔Listen on Spotify -  🔔 DON"T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ITS FREE!!   ✅ For business inquiries contact me at
September 19, 2020
EP 12 Take notice men - The Future is Feminist-Feminist Boys are our Future Men
#Feminist #Womensrights #TEDxTalks Ep-12 Take notice men - The Future is Feminist Definition “Being a feminist means that you fight for the equality of all people. It's important that your feminism is inter sectional; it should not exclude people based on their gender, race, socioeconomic status, ability, or sexual orientation. Feminism allows people to look at the world not as it is, but how it could be. First half of the show we talk about how this ideology isn't realistic 2nd half of the show we talk about special needs children 🔔Listen on Spotify -  🔔 DON"T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ITS FREE!!   ✅ For business inquiries contact me at
September 18, 2020
Ep 11. Will you be taking the COVID- 19 Vaccine or having your kids vaccinated with the COVID-19 Vaccine?
#COVID19 #COVID19Vaccine #Wheniscovid19vaccineready Ep-11 It has been announced that the COVID-19 Vaccine might be available as soon as the end of October. The question of the show and the discussion will be, Will the Covid-19 vaccine be safe? Final second half of the show we talk UFOS, GHOSTS and Religion   🔔Listen on Spotify -  🔔 DON"T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ITS FREE!!   ✅ For business inquiries contact me at
September 17, 2020
Ep.10 - How to hit that woman's sweet spot and the importance of having sex for the both of you
#Sexeducation #Betterrelationships#Safesex Episode 10 - Hollywood and China doll evening show- We take on the importance of educating yourself about STD's as well as get into the nitty gritty on how to satisfy a woman. Most men when it comes to sex are always making it about their pleasure while leaving the needs of the woman behind. Time to find that woman's sweet spot and we're going to tell you how.
September 16, 2020
Episode 9- Chinadoll gets into Hollywoods personal space with a bunch of personal questions- 11 Red Flags in a relationship you need to pay attention too.
China doll asks Hollywood 25 questions about their relationship- These questions will help couples better understand each other and hopefully keep the man out of trouble. 11 Red Flags you need to pay attention to in a relationship- Noticing something is off in a relationship, if caught early, can maybe save said relationship. Don't ever ignore these Check out and Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube
September 15, 2020
EP 8 Learn how to deal with the loss of a loved one- It's Okay to let yourself grieve
#911 #dealingwithaloveonesdeath #grievingprocess Episode 8- Thoughts on 9-11 19 years later- How that day effected people all over the country and how the country stood as one. Today's society in this country could really learn something on how everyone banded together. China Doll gives her very personal experience on the loss of her father and how she made it through the grieving process so many do not get to experience on their own terms.
September 12, 2020
EP 7 Do's and Dont's to avoid in a relationship for men and woman I wish someone told me about
#DOSANDDONTS #RELATIONSHIPS  #MAKEAMARRAIGELAST   On Episode 7 of the Hollywood and Chinadoll Show- 7 Things both men and  woman need to do in order to keep a healthy relationship.  Here are the Do's and Dont's to avoid in a relationship for men and woman I wish someone
September 11, 2020
Episode 6 Does the size of a mans junk really make a difference to a woman in their love life-Things Women Need During Sex for the Most Intense Orgasm
Segment 1- Hollywood and China Doll take on the age old question, Does the size of a mans privates really make a difference in the bedroom? The verdict is out with many woman says it does and many that say, "as long as they know how to use it."  Segment 2- How to keep your kids out of a street gang. The importance of parental involvement in their childs life is one of the best things a parent can do to keep their kids from getting involved in a street gang Segment 3- Social Media has altered the human experience forever- Most of the effects of Social Media can be seen in our kids, especially when it comes to depression and bullying. How to Have Better Sex - Sex-ed for everyone,Want to have better sexual relationships,does the size of a mans penis really make a difference,How To Have Great Sex,How to Have Better Sex,How to Stroke Properly,Things Women Need During Sex for the Most Intense Orgasm Ever,How To Make Love To A Woman,Want to have better sex Stop doing these,The Biggest Mistake Men Make During Sex,Howcast,OneHowto,Sex Tips For Men Check out and Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube
September 10, 2020
EP. 5 Men are from Mars and Woman from Venus Women TAKE CARE OF YOUR MEN
Men are from Mars and Woman from Venus-The Tattoo Experience-Being Adopted Segment  1- Men are from Mars and  Woman are from Venus. Chinadoll and Hollywood  have a discussion on how woman can make a better partner for her man.  Everything from in the bedroom to interaction in public. Segment 2-  The Tattoo experience- What you should look for in a tattoo shop before  getting a tattoo. What is it like to own and operate a tattoo shop Segment  3- What it's like to be adopted- China Doll explains how she was told  she was adopted. How was it to finally find out about her paternal  parents. Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube-
September 9, 2020
Episode 4 Gender Gaps equality issues Anxiety Depression BiPolar Mental Health Challenges facing men
#ANXIETYDISORDERS #GENDEREQUALITY #MENTALHEALTHISSUES #PTSD Segment  1- A discussion on women's inequality- Does this exists? How as a father  and grandfather do you feel about the issue? Woman are shown to make  less money in the workplace, not to mention facing obstacles in society  that you thought would all be gone by now.  Segment 2- Anxiety,  Depression, Bipolar and the impact of mental health issues. Personal  stories of living with these issues and how they effect the family as a  whole. More then ever now kids are now living in times where these  issues are coming to the forefront.  Segment 3- Issues facing males in society Check out and Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube
September 8, 2020
Ep 3. What is the Swinging Lifestyle? Does it really save relationship like people say?
Segment 1 What Is Swinging? We talk about it on Today's show The swinging lifestyle is one in which couples – usually married couples  – engage in sexual activities with other couples. Frequently, partner  swapping is involved. Segment 2 Is America's educational system failing our kids Check out and Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube
September 6, 2020
Hollywood Chinadoll show Episode 2 Sturgis wasn't a Covid 19 Disaster Race Relations and Hypocrisy of the rich
#COVID19 #CURRENTEVENTS #BREAKINGNEWS Segment 1- Many of the media outlets said that the Sturgis Motorcycle  Rally was going to be a disaster in terms of spreading COVID-19. This  wasn't the case at all- Out of 460,000 attendees, only 1 person who had  underlying conditions has died. The infections from the rally will also  be discussed. If the spread was not a problem, why then did the media  over hype it?  Segment 2- Pew Research conducted a poll of Americans with questions  about Race Relations. This poll is discussed  Segment 3- The hypocrisy of the COVID-19 Lockdown. Many Americans and  Businesses are suffering from the restictions governments are placing.  Why is it then that two set of standards are in full display? The rich  and powerful get one set of rules and then the rest of us get another Check out and Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube
September 6, 2020
Hollywood and Chinadoll Show EP 1 COVID 19 Protests and current events
#POLITICS #COVID19 #PROTESTS  Download The Spotify App for free and type in Motorcycle Madhouse Radio  to listen to the show . Available on all major podcasting platforms . Hollywood and Chinadoll Show EP 1 COVID 19 Protests and current events  The Debut of the Hollywood & Chinadoll Show that will be premiering  Mon-Friday 7pmcst over on Spotify, Apple   1st Segment- How COVID-19 affects everyday working men and women  2nd Segment- BLM Protests happening around the country  3rd Segment- A very personal story Check out and Subscribe to Hollywood & Chinadolls New Evening Talk show channel on YouTube
September 6, 2020